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15 Responses to “Katie Holmes shows her new face all over town”

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  1. G.P. says:

    She looks quite different. Has she had cheek implants as well as a new nose, or is that just motherhood making her look good?
    She was looking really drained a few months ago but now looks quite healthy.

  2. Action says:

    Personally, I think her shoulders look a bit skinny and unhealthy. She looks like she’s matured about 10 years overnight–she is still quite pretty though, but I liked her better when she looked ‘free wheeling’ and not always made up. She looked so fresh and real. Now I think she looks a little bit Barbie doll-ish the way a lot of you think Nicole Kidman looks.

    And what is up with that dress?

  3. Jenna says:

    She is beginning to look a bit like Nicole, and that’s creepy.

    It does look like she’s had cheek implants, you can tell when she smiles.

  4. Sorceressss says:

    Is that a girdle she’s wearing (pic 5)? Maybe she and Tom go shopping for them together, hee hee hee….

  5. kailie2 says:

    I think her control underwear is called Spanx ;).. she looks either very matronly (that suit made her look old) or very virginal. I start to think that Tom doesn’t want her looking sexy and young. She’s supposed to look pure and motherly.

  6. countrybabe says:

    Action, I agree. It’s something about her face. I bet its something like botox. She looks pale like Nicole as well. I’m sure Tom doesn’t allow sun bathing. I don’t see her having lot of surgery that fast. She used to have a lot of wrinkles across the forehead. I thought it was cute on her, but I’d imagine Tom or Posh saying get rid of those things. She’s always had cheeks. That’s sad she’s too young to need surgery.
    Do you think he’s trying to turn her into an(easier to manipulate)version of Nicole?

  7. MizLiz says:

    Definitely cheek implants. I’ll bet her own mother doesn’t recognize her anymore, not that she’s permitted to see her own daughter.

    Katie looks cold and hard, and totally unlike the pretty girl she used to be.

  8. Tiff says:

    She looks no different to me – I highly doubt she has had ANY work done

  9. Fabiola says:

    She looks very different to me. It could be a combination of things, make-up, lighting, weight loss, nip/tuck, etc., of course, but there is no doubt that she is dressing like a dowager on the gay midget dwarf’s orders. He’s trying to de-sex her.
    He’s evil. And stupid.

  10. Wendy says:

    Katie was much prettier before she started messing with her face. Her new nose looks awful.

  11. alarmjaguar says:

    I have to say that I like the top half of the black outfit from yesterday, but she does seem to be going for a matronly look. Also, she has definitely had a nose job – the previous links that showed the before and after made it pretty obvious.

  12. gg says:

    Sorry, but she looks like a little girl playing “dress-ups”. Everything she’s been wearing since she went on those prewedding buying trips look contrived. She really did used to look a lot more approachable and fresh and natural. Tom wants her to be hooked on cakey makeup instead of being herself.

    And I do believe he is replicating Nicole, as well. Tom. You’re busted. Stop being such a control freak. We’re on to you.

  13. disco says:

    audrey hepburn

  14. Keri says:

    I agree with the other comments — she has had (totally unnecessary!)cosmetic surgery; she wears too much make-up and looks artificial now, not fresh, young, and pretty like she used to; she dresses like she’s 60.

    Poor Katie.

  15. frewtloop says:

    Yes the photo with her head down highlights the difference in her nose. It seems to me like she’s had an implant in it to give it a straighter, more aquiline appearance as opposed to the cute-ish button nose she had before. Just a theory but I reckon its a deliberate attempt to look more sophisticated and maybe get offered different roles….

    Whatever, its fucked and does seem like it may have been perpetrated by an evil Svengali.