Lindsay Lohan Back to Pole Dancing

E! Planet Gossip reports that doctors have given Lindsay Lohan (recently dubbed Drunky McFreckles on this very site — to wide-spread acclaim) to return to work on her film I Know Who Killed Me … the far too close to home tale of a stripper who develops a split personality aftter a brutal kidnapping … it’s a bit early in her career for her to be doing a bio-pic … and definitely too early to be starring in her own Drunky McFreckles: VH-1 Behind the Music.

Still if it ever gets finished it might be worth a watch – if only to see if it was Disney that brutally kidnapped her from her parents, Booze that brutally kidnapped her from a promising career, Wilmer Valderrama who bk-ed her from her sweet sixteenth, Brandon Davis who bk-ed her fire from her crotch, Michelle Trachtenberg who b-ked her from an ass kicking (see yesterday’s Celebitchy coverage) or of course Paris Hilton who brutally kidnapped her from her underpants …well the list just goes on and on and on …

The other main viewing attraction in I Know Who Killed Me will inevitably be the endless attempts to spot Drunky McFreckle’s infamous invisible appendix scar … a sort of post-surgical Where’s Waldo for the movie going public. The general assumption is that the appendectomy story was a cover for the generally drunken and dissolute LL behaviour that actually stopped production on the movie. As the part requires major pole dancing for young Lindsay (where is her agent?) neck strain may be an issue for dedicated scar spotters.

Here are some behind the scenes photos from Lindsay’s Miu Miu Photoshoot. Pictures from

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  1. Maritime says:

    I can’t hate this girl, I want to but there is something about Lindsay. A friend of mine had her appendix out this summer and it was done through her belly button. No scar in sight.

  2. Mr. T says:

    Linds is one messed up piece of female. I don’t think any man in his right mind will have ANYTHING to do with this ditzy chiclet.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Drunky Mc Freckles
    roflmao!!!!! ahahaha

  4. i heart lasagne says:

    Yuck, yuck and more yuck. Do the marketing geniuses at Miu Miu think this is actually going to sell their product?!

  5. Mick says:

    Lindsay and Britney are out driving, riding around in Brit’s new Jaguar. They come to a deserted spot outside of LA and 4 men jump out from behind trees and motion them over to the side of the road. The men demand money and jewels from the girls, but the girls deny having either. So after a brief conference, the men throw the girls out of the Jag and drive off.

    Lindsay pulls out her cell phone and calls for assistance from her minders. The 2 girls sit there by the roadside waiting for help to arrive and begin chatting.

    Brit: “Lindsay – they asked for all your money! I know you had several hundred on you when we left – what happened to it??”

    Lindsay (smiling): “Oh, I hid it in that little secret compartment between my legs! I knew they’d never find it!”

    They sit awhile longer and Linds turns to Brit.

    Lindsay: “Britney – they asked for all your jewels! I know you were wearing heaps when we left – what happened to them??”

    Brit(smiling): “Oh, I hid them in that little secret compartment between my legs! I knew they’d never find them!”.

    The girls sit silently for a few more minutes, then Brit turns to Lindsay.

    Brit: “I wish Paris would’ve come with us!”

    Lindsay: “What in god’s name for??”

    Brit: “Well, at least we’d still have the Jag!”