Lindsay Lohan tweets about Heath Ledger on the fifth anniversary of his death

Five years ago yesterday, Heath Ledger passed away in NYC. The anniversary is a sad one, and I’m sure the people who knew and loved Heath would have wanted to remember his life rather than his death. Like, remember him on his birthday, or on Matilda’s birthday, or on the anniversary of some special date which was close to his heart rather than the day that he died. But five years later, the cult of Heath and the posthumous worship of all things Heath Ledger still survives, especially in the hearts of the famewhores who want to desperately remind you that they were briefly connected to him in his last months. One of those famewhores? Lindsay Lohan. She tweeted this yesterday:

Is this a bitch move? Because my first thought was that Lindsay was equating her loss with Matilda Ledger’s loss – like Lindsay and Matilda (excuse me, “Mattie”) are the only ones who will properly remember Heath. And that’s just rude and obnoxious to Heath’s family and to Michelle Williams, who claimed ownership of “The Widow Ledger” mantle years and years ago.

This isn’t the first time Lindsay has angled herself into Heath’s life story. She apparently told her mother that Heath was “the love of her life” and Michael Lohan once taped a conversation between himself and Dina in which they discussed how messed up Lindsay was and is because of Heath’s death. Other ladies that spent time with Heath in his last months: Lily Cole, MK Olsen, Gemma Ward, and several others. I’m just saying… you can honor his life and still acknowledge that he was screwing every young starlet/model in those last months.

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  1. alons -y alonso says:

    On behalf of Australians everywhere, F**k off, Lindsay Lohan

    • Amelia says:

      Someone needs to put this on a billboard.
      This is disgustingly tacky and insensitive on the Cracken’s part, although really, why on earth should we expect more from someone who is essentially a prostitute?
      Side note, I didn’t you’re an Aussie, Alonso, I had you pegged as British because of the Doctor Who name!
      … *ahem* 🙂

      • alons -y alonso says:

        I’ve always been quite apathetic about this particular urchin, but this really goes to show just how awful a person she truly is. This is tasteless and disrespectful.

        As a side note to your side note, Doctor Who is incredibly popular down here in Aus. I love British tv. 😀

      • Stuart Horseley says:

        “What can you expect from a pig, but a grunt?”

      • Melons says:

        She’s a c*nt. End of story.

    • Nina W says:

      On behalf of Americans everywhere, Sorry Australia. Please know if we the people had the option the Cracken would not be running free (nor would we let her tweet unsupervised).

      • Nicolette says:


      • TG says:

        +1000 – Oh yes and hooray for British TV. I have seen some good Australian movies too and I remember way back in the day the Five Mile Creek series, which my family obsessed over. I was a little girl and was in love with Con and I remember a young Nicole Kiman playing in that series.

  2. serena says:

    This crackbit-h really doesn’t know when to shut up. She even put herself before his daughter ‘Matty’… this is one bad bad way to remember him, that is connecting him with Linnocent.

    • RocketMerry says:

      She just wants to keep talking until people will spit on her face and throw mud at her breasts, on sight, doesn’t she?
      This skank.

      • Crystal says:

        that would only make her constant whine about being a victim even louder. Ingnore her or throw rocks at her-you can’t win with this girl

  3. Kelly says:

    I can’t make fun of her anymore because her situation is just sad. It’s just not funny anymore.

  4. Faye says:

    Take this for what it’s worth, since it’s second-hand gossip and I have no way of proving it . . .I used to be friends with someone who was very close to Naomi Watts. At the time Heath died, my friend said Naomi had told her that Lindsay Lohan kept trying to contact Heath’s parents and wanted to attend his funeral, claiming she was his real girlfriend – to the point where they had a lawyer send her a threatening letter to back off. I though that sounded crazy at the time, but given yesterday’s tweet, it seems feasible to me.

    Also, on a more shallow level, how much do I love that yellow dress Michele wore to the Oscars (Golden Globes?)? And I don’t even like the color yellow.

    • Lulu says:

      That sounds like Lindsey to a tee. So, yeah. I believe it. The height of social grossness as she has just proven through that tweet.

    • Bad Irene says:

      Thanks for the insider info. The sad thing is that whether its true or not Blohan is such a crack-mess that people are willing to believe she is capable of anything. Heck if my own grandmother told me that Lilo stole Christmas I would believe her ( on second thoughts its possible she would steal Christmas if it wasn’t nailed down)

      • Canda says:

        “She would steal Christmas if it wasn’t nailed down” OMG that made me laugh right out loud!! Haaahaaa!!

    • Mia 4S says:

      I wish this was hard to believe Faye, I really do. Look Ledger was no saint, and frankly I don’t think he would want to be remembered as one, but he was also very very private. That alone tells me there wouldn’t have been any great love affair with Lilo. Bringing up his daughter like you know her?…oh hell no Craken!

      • Faye says:

        Yeah, mentioning the daughter’s name was beyond the pale, even for Lilo. I mean . . . she is an innocent *child.* Thankfully she has seemingly very devoted and responsible family like Michele and her grandparents to shield her from garbage like this. Can you imagine the teasing from kids at school over being twit-cited by Lohan?

    • snappyfish says:

      faye, that sounds about right.

      i imagine blowhan has stalked many successful young actors, looking for a star to hitch her wagon, or…um…something or other to.

    • Relli says:

      IMO that yellow dress is iconic! I will never forget seeing her walk down the red carpet in it and thinking WOW! I have never seen Michelle Williams look more beautiful before or since!

      @ andy, YES! I have brought it up several time but no one else seems to remember that she was in hard core pursuit of James Franco for like a year, before her star died and right before his started to soar. She went like super crazy over him, buying him all kinds of stuff and looking like a total stalker. I wish i could find the story/stories.

    • Roma says:

      Can we all please take a moment and read Lilo’s year in review from 2006:

  5. brin says:

    Bitch move by a delusional crackhead.

  6. Evelyn says:

    It wouldn’t have been so blatantly tasteless had she not included his daughter in it. I doubt she had any significant relationship with her, if any at all. This crack roach is using a child whose father died before she ever got to really know him as a tool to get more people to pay attention to her, disgusting

    • K-rock says:

      ITA. She should have NEVER included his daughter with that transparent display. It just reeks of crack and desperation.

    • Diana says:

      Cosign. That’s what I was most disgusted about. I don’t think she have ever even met that little girl and here she is presenting herself like they are SO close. Ugh!

  7. Tanguerita says:

    She is the definition of low-class if there ever was one.

  8. OrangeBlohan says:

    Not even a shred of decency, common sense or social skills. She has no idea why this is wrong and how it makes her look.

    • MoxyLady007 says:


    • Nina W says:

      It’s sad but you’re right. I’m sure LiLo has no clue how sad, offensive and wrong this tweet was and she’ll be amazed by the negative backlash from it. She is clueless.

  9. La Calabaza says:

    Off topic. I LOVE MICHELLE RED CARPET LOOK!!! I think it is by far my favourite Oscar dress/look/whatever.

  10. SnarkySnarkers says:

    Move that headstone! Im Lindsay Lohan!

  11. Ms Kay says:

    LieLo is smoking class A bath salts imo.

    Anyhoo, gosh I remember these old days when Heath and Michelle were together, she was head over heels in love with him, and he loved her so much too it was so endearing to see the love… And somehow it made my heart flutter the story about the “Old Man River” tattoo on Heath arm, it was so beautiful.!.. Too bad their love story didn’t last… *sigh*

  12. keats says:

    Oh woof.

  13. Marty says:

    She is such a disgusting human being. I know celebs don’t like to throw down like this, but if I was Michelle I would smack the shit out of Lindsey for bringing her daughter into that bull. So disrespectful!

    • TG says:

      I agree with you but Michelle’s best option is to ignore this piece of excrement since she is obviously trying to get attention and if anyone in the media/celeb world makes a comment about this piece of trash then next thing you know she drags your name around until the next victim falls in her path. I mean she tried to ruin both the republican and democratic party during elections with her tweets. No one is safe from her.

  14. lucy2 says:

    Honoring/remembering a friend is fine. Bringing his young daughter into it? Not at all OK. That’s just terrible, yet not at all surprising.
    It’s really gross how she tried to insert herself into the whole story.

  15. bopit says:

    I hope Michelle Williams punches her in the face.

  16. Jules says:

    Heath is gone and we are still stuck with this no-talent famewhore.

  17. dorothy says:

    Lohan has no sense of what is appropriate and what isn’t.

    • Cool Phosphorescent Shimmer says:

      Nor does she care. As long as LL can turn his/their tragedy into attention for her, she’s happy. And it worked!

  18. Cecada says:

    My God, she sure is reckless about robbing the dead for attention, isn’t she? Doesn’t she know about a little thing called karma?

  19. Jennika says:

    TMZ just reported that Shawn DROPPED Linnocent!!! Uh Oh!!! hahahahahahhahahahhahahhahaha!!

    • Cecada says:

      PLEASE let this be true. It could just spell the beginning of the end of LiLo getting off easy…

  20. K-rock says:

    She should have NEVER included his daughter with that transparent display. It just reeks of crack and desperation.

    And isn’t the difference between the cracken and Michelle immense? Michelle is so soft and pretty looking. Then you scroll back up to compare the two and its night and day.

  21. Cathy says:

    Posting for yourself is onething. But using someone (a child no less) that you don’t even know is disgusting. Just go away crackenmonster, you’re the lowest of the low.

  22. Angelic 20 says:

    Okay I usually never post on Lindsay posts but I am forced to do so today out of my love for the amazing spectacular late Heath Ledger , Lindsay shut the fu*k up.

  23. Talie says:

    Of course, in her delusional mind, she thought she was his main girl. Her crack stalking dates back a long time.

  24. Skipper says:

    Do dead people read twitter?

  25. The Original Original says:

    I dont even know what to say anymore. Hasnt she outlived her shelf life? When are we going to get the big pay off from all these Shenanigans? Im so sorry that I have to say that but I really am waiting for it.

  26. snappyfish says:

    somewhere michelle williams is rolling her eyes so hard she’s giving herself a headache.

  27. Quinn says:

    Wow. That comment elevates her to a new level of horrible. I really wasn’t sure she had any higher to go. Good job being the overachiever, Lohan.

    Grammar…not Lindsay’s strong suit, I see. What a shock!

  28. Hannah says:

    Five years ago she still had a career.

  29. logan says:

    It’s like this sow goes out of her way to make people want to bash her. She has to be the stupidest person on this planet. She says the most disrespectful things at the most hurtful times. Like she was brought up by a pack of rabid, cross bred hyenas, oh wait she was.

  30. teehee says:

    Honest question: had someone else twitted (typo and it stays) this, would it be read so badly?
    I’d appreciate it if it could be elaborated- what makes this post so terrible? Again honest question, so please spare calling me an idiot 😉

    • Nina W says:

      It’s bad because she mentions his daughter and acts like her grief is comparable to Matilda’s loss. She probably has no relationship with the child and should not speak for her ever. If she had a relationship with HL why bring it up? Only to get attention and associate herself with someone famous and talented. She may sincerely grieve for HL but this doesn’t show it.

    • Mia 4S says:

      It’s a fair question Teehee and the answer I think is with a few exceptions it would be as bad if someone else tweeted it. Coming for someone like for example Jake Gyllenhaal would be more tolerable (he’s the daughter’s godfather); but what’s telling is that we saw no such quote from him or anyone else close to Heath. Those closest kept things private.

      If she had tweeted “RIP HL, forever in my heart”…I might roll my eyes but no big deal. It’s the tweeting as if there is some connection to his daughter (come on, you know there is not) that I find hugely distasteful.

  31. Murphy says:

    I really hope she’s not referring to Matilda.

  32. MoxyLady007 says:

    Heath died of a drug overdose. LL is constantly cracked out of her mushy twisted mind. Acting like Heath’s death touched her, but refusing to acknowledge that she has a drug problem or to do anything about it? It’s the most disgusting addict logic thing I have ever seen.

    You wanted attention, Lindsay about Heath’s death? The cops should look into your saggy freckled ass for supplying him with the drugs that killed him.

    If he ever did hang out with LL, it’s only because of how far he had fallen in his addiction. When he died, Michelle and he were broken up because of his addiction. And his visits with his daughter were close to having to be supervised. These are all signs of how far he was into his addiction.

    The biggest sign of how far he had fallen was that he would have anything to do with this orange poop stain of a person.

    • Nina W says:

      HL died of prescription drug toxicity. He died from a fatal combination of legally prescribed, FDA-approved drugs.

      • MoxyLady007 says:

        I thought he had prescription bottles not in his name? That he was recreationally using prescription drugs that weren’t perscribed to him? Am I wrong?

    • judyjudy says:

      “orange poop stain of a person”

      Ha haaaa! Love it.

      • Isa says:

        Prescriptions drugs can be abused,
        Especially in Hollywood where you can get doctors to prescribe you with anything or doctor shop. Just because they were prescribed doesn’t mean he didn’t have a problem.

  33. Audrey says:

    Yes, she’s a huge jerk, but I’m shocked at how pale Heath looks in that last picture. I’ve seen that photo before, but now I notice how sick he looks in it.

  34. grabbyhands says:

    Out of all the really shitty, famewhore things she’s done and continues to do, this is the one that disgusts me the most. Bad enough that she would co-op a dead man’s name to get attention, worse that she would drag his child into it.

  35. Mimi says:

    I have said it before znd I will say it again: Michele Williams needs to slap the crap out of this chick. Bitch has some balls to talk about Matilda.

  36. sillyone says:

    Has she ever met their daughter? To refer to her as “Mattie” as if she is part of the family or something. Just a new level of low for Lindsay Lohan, she is absolutely repulsive.

  37. apsutter says:

    Do we even have confirmation that she even knew him?! What a fame-whoring tramp. If I was Michelle I’d be pissed that she’s tweeting about her daughter and calling her Matty like she’s a close personal friend.

    Side note- I still love Michelle in that yellow dress. Usually she dresses too twee for me but she looked perfect in that dress.

  38. Diana says:

    This bitch! that was my first thought. Just STFU and go deal with your crap instead of doing such a d*ck move.

  39. Sassy says:

    She’s an asshole to the highest degree. Zero class and no ability to know what’s appropriate. Ugh.

  40. phantasmagorical badonkadonk says:

    Yesterday was my SIL’s birthday. My MIL and I lit candles at her grave. Neither of us “tweeted” about it.

  41. Leigh says:

    I love your choice of photos for the piece.
    Cracked out Lilo and her fame whoring tweet followed by Heath and Michelle looking fabulous at premieres etc..holding hands and clearly in a fairly loving adult relationship…Perfectly done. Point made.

  42. LeeLoo says:

    When it’s come to Heath, LL has never shown any class. I will say I think Heath was an awesome actor and I was heartbroken when he died, especially when it came out out that all he did was mix cold medicine and anti-anxiety medication.

    LL was crack stalking Heath when he was alive, so is anyone really surprised that she said what she said?

    • Mira says:

      Hmmm…anti-anxiety meds can be fatal if more than the prescribed dosage is consumed. Didn’t he overdose on these meds? I used to take anti-anxiety meds for a while in the past and that shit can get addictive. Thanks to the control freak in me I stopped taking it after two weeks.

  43. Marianne says:

    I want to slap her so bad. I mean first for putting her heart before Matilda’s. And then using “Matty” like she actually knows the little girl.

    What an attention seeking whore.

  44. skuddles says:

    I bet Michelle Williams wants to punch her in the face right about now. Along with Heath’s entire family. What an attention seeking skank… to rank herself in the same category as Heath’s daughter (and to list herself first????)… delusional much Crackie??

  45. jc126 says:

    Disgusting tweet. She’s a vile hag.

  46. erika says:

    side note: that yellow/orange dress is absolute LOVE ME LOVE ME TO DIE FOR GORGEOUS!!! GORGEOUS!!! love it…oh my….ohhh i wish!

    C-Roach? well, ‘spoiler alert’ just think about what people are gonna tweet when you kick the bucket sweetheart. OUCH. yikes that was mean. But really, Lilo is headed down the same path….next year is 27 and i believe she turns that this spring.

    seriously, i really wonder what the general consensus will be when CRoach passes away. Will Michael and Dina STILL be fighting over her? beating each other up over her coffin being lowered into the dirt?

    i wonder what the hollywood reaction will be… can’t be on the level w/ heath, people genuinely loved him, admired his work. Would Hollywood dare to ‘no shocker’ ‘no suprise’ ‘low talent but high notoriety as a mess?’

    really….this is a nation of HoLo haters. go on ANY website and people’s reactions are NOT kind. find me ONE website that favors the Lohan and treats her like the dumb kiss blowing bloated up mess she really is…

  47. WendyNerd says:

    This wouldn’t have been so bad if she hadn’t mentioned the kid. Seriously, what the fuck is wrong with her? She talks like she knows this little girl, calling her “Mattie”. There’s no way Michelle Williams would let her within ten miles of that child. She’s just so gross and awful.

    • Em says:

      Exactly!! My first thought was , AS IF Michelle Williams is having LiLo over for visits and to babysit. Say what you will about Michelle Williams, but she is a good mother, and I doubt she’d ever willingly let her daughter be around the likes of Lindsay Lohan. What a worthless piece of garbage Lindsay is. Ugh.

  48. Miffy says:

    You know who else did this? Tila Tequila when her ‘fiancé’ died. (Okay, I’m truly armpit deep in the bag of z-lister gossip history). And even then Tila Tequila and that Johnson heiress had whatever relationship/business arrangement to keep that attention whore stunt going.

    Well done, Lindsay, you’ve sunk lower than Tila Tequila. Wow.

  49. Madriani's Girl says:

    LOL, in that last pic he looks like he’s holding a giant doob.

    Why does BloatedHan think anyone cares what she thinks? Shouldn’t she be worrying about the fact that she has no one to rep her in court next week since Shawn refused to come back to her?

  50. Nudgie says:

    WOW! Look at all the pictures of Heath and Lindsay!

    Oh yeah. Sorry 😉

  51. bangarang says:

    If I was Michelle Williams I’d be furious and would slap her

  52. Latifah says:

    Michelle Williams is beautiful, talented and seems like a very great mother and person in general. Also, that is one of the best red carpet looks eeever.

    Lindsay Lohan? Not so much. Not even a little bit.

  53. BlueAngelCV says:

    OMG! Tweeting about it is cheap but no more than I would expect from her.
    Referring to “Matty” though is just so far out of line I would have believed that even she would do it.

  54. JH says:

    She is a delusional troll.

  55. Genevieve says:

    Yep, the minute she said Mattie she made herself sound delusional & pathetic.

    Just watched Brokeback Mtn again the other day. That is such an amazing movie & Heath Ledger should have won an oscar for that.

  56. Asdfg says:

    Uhm, like she was the only one who cared about Heath? This girl is delusional and full of herself! She needs help STAT!