Are John Mayer and Jessica Simpson just publicity whores?

Well it turns out I was probably giving John Mayer too much credit yesterday when I tried to dissect his character by reading too much into his stoner blog.

Page Six, which I always trust unquestioningly, is saying that Jessica and John’s romantic paparrazi-witnessed date at Nobu was little more than a photo op for the two singers. Guess Jessica is using John for some much-needed companionship, and he’s milking the publicity for his new tour:

Spies at Nobu in South Beach told Page Six that, despite the ruckus caused by their entrance, the two barely spoke on their Tuesday night date. “John was extremely quiet and didn’t speak a lot,” said a source, while Jessica “just gave a lot of puppy-dog looks and twirled and twisted her hair.” The two were seen holding hands, but Simpson left Mayer for 20 minutes while she “fixed herself up for the camera” before heading back to their hotel. The couple’s yoga-and-sushi- filled weekend in Miami marked the first of many planned trips together. Sources say Simpson plans to join her boyfriend on tour – but if she’s booking the hotels, they won’t return to any of the spots she frequented with ex-husband Nick Lachey.

People noted in the comments on yesterday’s article that John Mayer is rumored to be into peeing on chicks and Jessica Simpson seems like a more than willing participant.

I just thought about that too much for comfort. Well, Mayer and Simpson are certainly getting a lot of press for their supposed relationship, whatever is going on. There was a story on the main page of Yahoo! about them yesterday, and that must mean that their ploy is working.

Look, in these latest candids they’re both wearing striped shapeless tops. That must mean they’re into each other, right?

Pictures from SweetKisses.

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11 Responses to “Are John Mayer and Jessica Simpson just publicity whores?”

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  1. Iva says:

    Jessica is just so pathetic and she is a complete idiot for ever leaving Nick.

  2. Fabiola says:

    Are John Mayer and Jessica Simpson just publicity whores?

    Is the Pope Catholic?

  3. Maritime says:

    I hate when people totally change their lifestyle to fit in with a new boyfriend (or girlfriend – I’m looking at you Brad Pitt!!) JS is tofu, she picks up all her “flavours” from whoever she is dating. God I can’t stand her. JM creeps me out. I hate that line he sings about a bubblegum tongue and also the song about Fathers and Daughters. I bet she makes him sing that to her. Just like her and papa joe. Man those two creep me out.

  4. Skintime says:

    Publicity Stunt. This chick can’t get any publicity for her talent (she has none) so she needs to paparazzi to keep herself in the news. That is one lame looking “couple”

  5. alarmjaguar says:

    Why is she always walking several steps behind him?!

  6. mimosa says:

    I don’t find JM attractive. JM = Downgrade!

  7. Just a thought. says:

    Maybe your just a jealous cele-bitch because Jessica has the best pussy ever.

  8. Anonymous says:

    jessica needs to hook john mayer up with some hair extensions. john must like her chicken of the sea. i hope she is having fun ’cause this is not going to last.
    i agree about the breakup with nick, i think that both of them seemed happier together then they do now.

  9. Tara says:

    John mayer has 10980398 times more talent than that whore jessica simpson. he has more personality and has been selling out shows since my first in 2002. he is not using this for his tour, seem him live, and sold out 5 times. maybe he wants attention but not for his tour. he is hot. so fuck all you bitches. just because he’s not a meat head like nick, doesn’t mean he’s not wonderful. if you knew anything about him, you would know he is more than ‘your body is a wonderland.’ thats ok though, im guessing you just listen to the local radio stations. i forgive you.

  10. Anonymous says:

    Tara, please, take John Mayer off her hands. You two sound like you’d get along great.

  11. ??? says:

    Basically all i have to say is that john mayer is absolutely amazing and if he is in love with jessica? well he probably has a great reason for it! Although i still can’t understand why myself. Good luck to all of them though :)