Sheryl Crow slammed by Lance victim: ‘She said nothing, it’s unconscionable’

As we discussed yesterday, Sheryl Crow gave her first (and perhaps only) interview about her ex-fiancé Lance Armstrong to Entertainment Tonight on Tuesday. She just offered a few cryptic quotes like “I think that honesty is always the best bet and that the truth will set you free…” I pointed out that the years Sheryl and Lance were together – 2003 to 2006 – were the years that Lance now says he was doping. Sheryl and Lance spent a great deal of time together, she traveled with him, they lived together, etc – so what did she know and when did she know it? I think we can all agree that she probably knew something, right? So the question becomes: was Sheryl classy for being so quiet and discreet, or was she a bad person for sitting idly by as Lance lied his face off and sued people into oblivion for telling the truth? Well, Betsy Andreu, the wife of one of Lance’s former teammates, says that Sheryl should have taken a more proactive position:

Lance Armstrong‘s former teammate’s wife is speaking out about the cyclist’s spectacular fall from grace, and slamming his (now ex) longterm girlfriend turned fiancee, Sheryl Crow – saying it’s “unthinkable” that the singer didn’t know Armstrong was doping – and has the details.

In an exclusive interview with the Mail Online, Betsy Andreu says it is “sick and unconscionable” that Crow didn’t report Armstrong, 41, for his cheating behavior.

“Are you kidding me? She was his fiancee. She surely knew what was going on. She could have helped other people,” Andreu fumes.

Tuesday night, in an interview with Entertainment Tonight, Crow said she felt bad for Armstrong being stripped of his Tour de France titles, two of which he won during the time they were dating.

“I know how hard he worked to win those titles, and you know, it was hard to watch. I felt bad,” Crow said. “I felt bad for him, I felt bad for his family, and I kinda felt like the rest of America. He is a hero that we watched and looked up to and admired.”

However, Betsy questions Crow’s sincerity and believes she should have said something.

“Sheryl was by his side when he was trying to destroy people and she said nothing,” she says. “That’s unconscionable. I mean it just astounds me. You should know people are telling the truth and you’re silent. It’s sick. My God she was engaged to the guy. She, like so many other women, did not speak up. If they went through what we went through, would they want somebody to speak up? She could have done something.”

Crow, who was with Armstrong from 2003 to 2006, has not responded to media speculation about whether or not she knew about the doping.

Crow was interviewed as part of USADA’s investigation into Armstrong’s doping scandal, but it is not known how she responded. However, Betsy says she doesn’t believe Crow was questioned accordingly.

“Somebody should ask Sheryl ‘did you see the blood tranfusions? Were drugs ever stored in your home? Did you see any of that in your house?’” She says.

And, while she doesn’t forgive Armstrong, Betsy is happy that the truth is partially out .

“There’s a sense of relief because he’s told some of the truth but he still has a ways to go in telling all of it. It’s sad. You see just a broken man. Somebody who thought he was invincible. When a person doesn’t know how to tell the truth or say they’re sorry it’s sad, sad, sad,” she reveals.

Request for comment was not returned at time of post.

[From Radar]

I’m not trying to start a flame-war or anything (truly), but I agree with Betsy Andreu. I judge people harshly when they don’t have the balls to stand up against injustices and crimes. You can make the argument that Sheryl has class and discretion and silence are virtues, but I simply don’t agree. I think standing up and fighting for what’s right is part of good citizenry, and that’s the only way our society works. Now, I’m not saying that Sheryl is AS BAD as Lance. She’s not, and the overwhelming majority of the anger and disgust should be directed at Lance. But I do think Sheryl should have to answer some questions about why she didn’t step up and speak out.

Photos of Sheryl and her sons at the beach yesterday… convenient photo-op, right?

Photos courtesy of Fame/Flynet and WENN.

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  1. David99 says:

    She should have done way more.

    • Lucinda says:

      I’m giving her a pass and here’s why.

      1) Everything indicates LA is an ass who treated her poorly. He probably verbally and emotionally abused her. That can really affect your perception and judgement in a situation.

      2) She was diagnosed with cancer right after they broke up which means she had probably been sick for a while. Who knows how long or how she felt before getting treatment which also makes you feel terrible. I doubt she had the energy to deal with it even if she had the will (see #1).

      3) Someone yesterday said she was probably doping too based on the way her body changed. I would be willing to bet that after she was diagnosed with cancer, she changed her lifestyle to stay healthier. I see that happen frequently.

      4) It sounds like she did eventually come forward and was instrumental to the investigation.

      If you could be a better person than her under those circumstances, God Bless you!

      • Esmom says:

        What? She was doping? She wasn’t a competitive athlete, so why? For fun?

      • TrustMeOnThis says:

        She also may have tried to talk him into quitting. You can’t know what goes on in anyone’s relationship.

      • Lucinda says:

        @Esmom-no, I was saying that someone in the comments suspected her of doping and what I meant to point out was how unlikely it was. That her change in body was more likely due to healthier lifestyle which I now see wasn’t very clear in my comment.

      • Jollytr says:

        Good points Lucinda! I’d add to them that it would be a he said-she said if she did come forward and the lawsuits proved how far he’d go. If she did know, she’d have to very purposely gather evidence against him – while she was engaged to him. Who would do that? If she did know, it seems plausible that she’d try to encourage him to quit not send him to prison. After the engagement ended she’d have no proof – and he was pretty cagey. Love, cancer, adoption, no proof … she had a lot on her plate.

    • Tiffany says:

      I don’t understand why people would expect a non-cyclist to know a legal treatment from a non-legal one. Professional sports and the health care that accompanies them are soooo unique. I don’t think someone not immersed in that culture would be able to tell the difference. You could hit me in the face with growth hormone and I still wouldn’t know what it was. Biking a few hard trails doesn’t mean that she was an expert on activities that are illegal in the biking world.

      I think people want more from her because it makes the gossip more juicy, not because she would logically have any part in this story.

      Also…she was on Entertainment Tonight. It wasn’t like she was on Barbara Walters or under oath.

      • Esmom says:

        Lol @ Barbara Walters and “under oath” being equal. I’m sure you don’t believe that but it came off as unintentionally funny. 🙂

      • Tiffany says:

        Barbara has special powers, dontcha know? 😉

        Yes, I didn’t mean to equate the two, but it does read funny! I just wouldn’t expect anyone to spill their guts on ET.

  2. Rhea says:

    Hmmm…if she’s the type that stand up against injustices and crimes, she would/should do that long time ago when she first finds out about it (if she did know for sure that time he did it). Why do people expect her to speak up now after all this years? It’s just too late for her to open her mouth and tell her story without looking like she wants to be a part of the public attention.

  3. Jano1981 says:

    She was a victim of his lies too. When was she introduced to the truth? We don’t know. I NEVER judge people for what happened in their relationships. Especially failed ones, they failed for a reason. No hard feelings towards Cheryl!

    • T.C. says:

      Come on now she lived with the guy. Unless she is flat out a moron she knew the truth. He kept stuff in the refrigator. He can lie to your face but you still will know the truth living with him.

      • Jano1981 says:

        I never said she didn’t know. There are a lot of reason why she wouldn’t say anything. When did she know and how under his spell was she when she found out. Maybe he threatened her. We don’t know.

      • Naye in VA says:

        I dont think that’s true. That would be saying that every spouse that’s every been cheated on knew he/she was being cheated on the whole time. There have also been women married to serial killers that had no idea what he was doing. And so on and so forth. Sometimes people are REALLY good at hiding their lies, and Lance has proven that he’s a pretty smart cookie. He had people working for him that were employed simply to cover up his lies. He wasn’t simply sleeping around, he was involved in a conspiracy to cheat in order to gain millions. Its a good bet he sold her the same story of “they are trying to hang me” that he sold everyone else for years. There is a good case for her knowing and for her not knowing

      • Rachel says:

        T.C. just because you live with someone doesn’t mean you *know* everything about their lives. I don’t know what she knew or when she knew it. But millions of people discover everyday that the person they trusted, married, has been hiding secrets from them for years.

        And newsflash, drug addicts can be VERY good at covering up their drug use. How many times do you hear of someone dying or almost dying from an overdose and their family says they had absolutely no idea.

        Also, if he lied to the ENTIRE WORLD, why do you think he’d be honest with her?

      • Tiffany says:

        Just because it might have been in a refrigerator doesn’t mean that she knew what it was or that it was illegal in that sport to use. Plus…I am sure these folks have more than one refrigerator. Could have been kept in the garage with his gatorade and beer for all we know.

      • rigaou says:

        Why is Sheryl Crow catching all the flack? What about wife #1 and his current wife. Hmmm? They were all there.

    • Mitch Buchanan Rocks! says:

      Could it be that she was dickmatized?

  4. Lulu says:

    At first she probably was afraid of losing him. When it ended I’m sure he made it clear he would ruin her if she ever disclosed what went on. And it’s not like her ethics have ever been top notch in the business world. Plus – she feels sorry for him?? She’s still under his sociopathic spell.

  5. Gine says:

    Eh, I certainly question her taste in men, but I really hate it when people automatically hold the woman in the relationship responsible for the man’s behavior–we have no idea how much she knew, when she found out, etc. And if she had spoken out, what would the reaction have been? I think that would’ve gotten really ugly, and even if she was proven right in the end, she would’ve gotten dragged through the dirt in the meantime.

    Basically, this is Lance’s problem, not hers.

    • Gia says:

      If your boyfriend was a pedophile and you found out…what would you do? It’s an extereme example, but either way, it’s ruining a life which is what he was doing by suing these people into oblivion.

    • Bamster says:

      Agree w Gine, plus do we all have the character to destroy our loyalties and love to please society and others? We can pretend to all we want, but I’m betting most are not as righteous as they demand of her! She’s only human. Lance did this, not her.

      • FassDaActor says:

        ^This! If he’s not pedo or something just as bad, it’s not so easy to rat out your partner. Life is not so cut-and-dry.

      • Troubadour says:

        Since when is being a traitor to your partner having “character”?

        That aside, the lesson to be learned with this whole Armstrong thing is that cheating ruins everything it touches.

  6. Kimbob says:

    A very convenient photo-op, indeed. Hmmmm, methinks Sheryl is hiding ALOT!

    Yes, I do agree w/Kaiser’s statements about good citizenry. There are too many “politically correct” people in America nowadays; Most people don’t want to be perceived as “outspoken,” and you know what? It’s a SHAME!

    There’s a corroding thread in the fabric of moral and ethical responsibility in our society. Too much of a “herd mentality,” and it sickens me.

    • Liberty says:

      I tend to agree. Even the things I have seen recently in two non-profit worlds are pretty sickening and disappointing. And supported by the board…sad.

    • Mitch Buchanan Rocks! says:

      Which is the same attitude that allowed the holocaust to happen – people in those towns knew what was happening to the people in the concentration camps and didn’t do anything.

      A very good read on the subject of being an individual in the face of the herd is The Sunflower by Simon Wiesenthal.

      • Kimbob says:

        Thanks @Mitch Buchanan Rocks! I’m going to look into getting that book…sounds like subject matter near & dear to my heart. Again, thanks for the recommend.

  7. Ramona Q. says:

    Maybe she met with her lawyer somewhere along the line (probably more recently) for advice on how to handle this mess to protect herself, and he told her to keep her mouth shut and stay out of it. That’s what I would do.

  8. Gia says:

    Tough call. But if my fiance was ripping people’s lives apart for telling the truth, I would have drawn a line and spoke up. If he was doping and it was hush, hush the whole time, it’s not as bad…but he was ruining lives and she supported that by staying with him and keeping schtum.

    • Jollytr says:

      Gia I think you hit the nail on the head with him – he ruined the lives of everyone who crossed him. He certainly wasn’t a stand up guy to the mother of his children or to Cheryl. It’s just as likely as not that he’d take Cheryl down as well 🙁 Not sure why I’m defending her. I’ve been accused of not doing anything about something I knew nothing about – it’s pretty devastating. When someone you love/loved does something bad – there is collateral dammage, that’s for sure.

  9. Chatcat says:

    Oh please, Crow, like 99.9% of Hollywood/celebs don’t give a rats ass for anybody but themselves and the exposure they get to promote their career.

    It’s a shame they didn’t stay a couple…because these two loathsome individuals deserve each other.

    • aims says:

      Agreed. Both are crappy people.

      • Gia says:’re not kidding. I just read a story about a guy named Kevin Gilbert. He wrote all her famous hits and she stole them and took all the credit for writing them. The guy committed suicide after she won her Grammys. WTF??

      • Chatcat says:

        Gia…I think this is what you are referring to …

      • skuddles says:

        Thanks for posting that article Chatcat. I think people need to know who Crow really is. Funny, I used to admire her, always liked her music – I thought she was a woman of integrity. Turns out nothing could be further from the truth. I doubt she had even the tiniest moral dilemma with LA’s doping… considering she did far worse to further her own career.

      • The Original Tiffany says:

        Let’s be clear. She won his Grammys.
        There was a second gentleman involved that also took his life and another of the TNMC has become a very tragic figure even though he worked with her again on the next album.

        She is a terrible person. I was there, trust me. Kevin Gilbert was a musical genius…who got ripped off by his ex-gf, one Sheryl Crow.

      • lucy2 says:

        Interesting – I hadn’t heard much about it, but there’s some interesting pieces written about it.
        According to this he was credited on 7 of the songs on her first album, and after that success she ditched them all. Not as dramatic as other pieces make it sound, but still another classic showbiz example of stepping on a lot of people in the climb to the top and shaping the story to stay there.

      • Chatcat says:

        Lucy…I had not seen that article. Honestly her and L.A. are two of the more despicable and selfish products of human life ever. I mean he was dead and she still betrayed him with “Kevin was one of the most self-destructive people I’ve ever met. I don’t want to go into this too much, but it wasn’t a nice story.” What a POS she is.

        I do believe what comes around goes around and Lance is experiencing his now and Crow bitch won’t be far behind…sometimes it doesn’t happen as quick as we would like it…but Karma has more patience then I do and I can live with that!

      • The Original Tiffany says:

        Hey Lucy2, thanks for linking that one. I hadn’t seen it. Kevin was not the most destructive person ever. He was a sweet, sensitive genius was funny, sexy, smart and quite frankly the world lost an amazing person with him.

        Sorry-this is hitting way too close to home. So random from a LA thread.

      • valleymiss says:

        I’m glad that ppl are bringing up the Kevin Gilbert story in this thread. A wife of a music producer in LA mentioned the story to me once, and I looked it up online and found out just how opportunistic and slick Sheryl really is. I would never buy her music or see her shows. When she got breast cancer, I hate to say I felt like she was getting some kharmic come-uppance. She’s a snake – no wonder she got along with Lance. They deserved each other.

      • The Original Tiffany says:

        I could tell tales for days on this thread.

        I’m glad that most people in the biz know about her and what she did. Anyone notice how her hits dried right up after they stopped writing them for her.

        Kevin’s rock opera and THUD are still available and are brilliant efforts.

  10. bea says:

    Kinda jumping to conclusions here. Lance is a known liar, so for all anyone knows he lied to SC as well. How the heck is she to know what he was actually taking? He no doubt ingested all sorts of “supplements” and “vitamins” while training.

    • Masque says:

      The rumors of his doping go way back. There’s no way she didn’t know about them.

      Secondly, it was rumored that she was a stage 5 clinger with him and played mind games, too. I find it very difficult to believe she didn’t snoop around and find out exactly what was in those bottles in the frig.

      • tessy says:

        They probably don’t live like the rest of us, one or maybe 2 fridges in the house, crammed with bottles of pickles, milk and whatnot. He probably had the doping stuff stashed in a fridge in his work out room, full of sports drinks, and all kinds weird paraphenalia. The work out room likely was the size of a high school gym with more than one fridge. She would have spend her time in her music room, that no doubt had its own fridge in it. Just a wild guess but I really doubt he kept the doping stuff sitting in the kitchen fridge next to the leftovers.

      • Esmom says:

        @Tessy, actually when they are racing in Europe, cyclists generally live in small apartments. It’s not like Lance was living in a mansion like you described (that’s his Austin place, lol). One of the guys who testified said he delivered the drugs to Lance’s place and just stuck them in their regular fridge along with the stuff that was already there. Clearly not hidden.

    • Hillshmill says:

      That’s my thought too. Have you ever been inside a vitamin shop? There are literally thousands of sport enhancing products out there and I know I couldn’t tell you which are “legal” in professional sports and which aren’t. She’s a musician, not an athlete. I bet Lance, as the master liar he is, would have no problem convincing her that the products he kept around the house were allowed.

  11. Esmom says:

    I agree with Betsy Andreau but I think she should give it a rest on the Sheryl Crow front. Betsy has a clear sense of right and wrong and for Sheryl it’s obviously not so black and white — then or now. She (Besty) just isn’t going to get anywhere or gain anything in blasting Sheryl.

    • Gia says:

      Betsy doesn’t owe anyone anything. For years she was called a liar. She has the right to be heard.

      • Esmom says:

        I don’t mean any disrespect toward Betsy. She is the real hero in this story, who’s been to hell and back. On one hand I suppose it’s good that she’s calling out Sheryl. But on the other hand I feel like she’s giving Sheryl a platform to fire back in some high horse manner, which bugs the crap out of me.

  12. Masque says:

    Staying silent when she knew he was doping is one thing. Staying silent when he was ruining the lives of others is another.

    Count me in as a person who thinks she knew everything and did nothing.

  13. andrea says:

    I think Sheryl was really in love with him back then so she kept her mouth shut about whatever she may have seen. It happens all the time. When did we expect Sheryl freaking Crow to lead the way where so many women, supposedly stronger women (side-eyeing all those political wives right now), have failed?

    Considering how deep-rooted the cheating was and how much power/influence Lance exerted over so many people, it’s also possible that Sheryl felt she would’ve been out of her league to take him on. And we don’t know what means of intimidation Lance used, or may still be using, on her–perhaps some sort of non-disclosure agreement or maybe he’s got something on her too.

    • Gia says:

      It is my understanding that you cannot be contractually and legally bound to an agreement which ‘protects’ a criminal offence. It’s like, I robbed a store and made you sign an agreement that I would sue the crap out of you if you turned me in… know what i mean?

  14. Merritt says:

    I’m so tired of women being blamed for their boyfriend or husband’s poor decisions.

    Did she know? She likely did, I would be surprised if she didn’t know. Does that make her responsible? Not really. He chose to do those things. And since this is not on the level of violent battery, rape, or murder. I don’t think she should be blamed for not revealing what she knew.

    I also get the impression that Lance and Sheryl’s relationship was at the very least emotionally abusive. It seems like it was very toxic. It is pretty clear that he is controlling towards the people in his life.

  15. teehee says:

    I think Lance is a classic sociopath. He wants success and fame, to create an image and to have people believe it, even if its entirely untrue; he will even ‘eliminate’ his competition or naysayers to defend his imagined position (crush the whistleblowers)– he wants to bask in the fame of his position, to make a huge profit on it, he admits no wrong doing, feels no remorse—— he lied to and used people that were close to him—- I mean, I spend time watchign serial killer documentaries and this guy has all teh signs of a sociopath like the rest of them– only he isnt accused of any hoomicides. Yet. LOL

    • Greta says:

      Was thinking that, too. Lack of remorse for destroying people who would tell the truth, check. Admits the truth when cornered, check. Expects others to have sympathy for his “sadness”, check. Does not publically name the people he crushed in order to hide the truth, check. Picks a bleeding heart liberal to confess to, check. Probably has a plan to rehabilitate his image, time will tell.
      And Sheryl Crow, skanky set of values, check. She gave me the creeps anyway, even if I loved het songs (which were not hers?), creep.

    • Greta says:

      Was thinking that, too. Lack of remorse for destroying people who would tell the truth, check. Admits the truth when cornered, check. Expects others to have sympathy for his “sadness”, check. Does not publically name the people he crushed in order to hide the truth, check. Picks a bleeding heart liberal to confess to, check. Probably has a plan to rehabilitate his image, time will tell.
      And Sheryl Crow, there was something entitled in her attitude that didn’t jibe with her songs (which were not hers?); not nice at all. Why would a woman like her be expected to have integrity?

  16. OhDear says:

    Sounds like she shouldn’t have granted that interview. She’s just going to dig herself in a deeper hole at this rate.

  17. Keddie says:

    Haha! Her husband admitted to doping too (while he was married to her)- Pot calling the kettle black.

  18. Kate says:

    I’m sorry but how is sheryl responsible in any way, shape or form? They were in love at one point, your partner’s flaws become a blur. IF she knew, she probably scoffed at it at the time. there’s a big chance that she didn’t too. As someone else pointed out, she’s a musician not an athlete or a nutritionist. Less than a month after they broke up, she was diagnosed with breast cancer and later adopted two children. she had a lot on her plate that didn’t include this man. I understand betsy’s anger, but she sounds petty at this point. You were right, let it go and stop dragging everyone who loved and believed lance down.

  19. Lizzie K says:

    I agree with you, Kaiser, 100%.

    She had the chance to be a hero, and she chose to be a coward.

    We all have moments in our lives, when the rubber hits the road, and you have to decide whether you’re for real or a phony.

    I’m not going to claim I’ve always chosen the higher ground in my life — I haven’t — I’ve got a lot to be ashamed of. I just hope Sheryl Crow and her fans realize she needs to feel some shame for this.

  20. L says:

    Besty Andreau needs to sit down-she’s totally the classic pot calling the kettle black now that her own husband confessed to doping
    From her own testimony, she KNEW her husband Frankie was doping back in the 90’s. She was married to him the entire time he was doping. She talked about confronting him in 99. While she said she was upset about it, she ‘LET’ him ride for another 2 seasons, she ‘LET’ him become a assistant director. Knowing full well he was still doping. Knowing full well he was encouraging other people to dope. He didn’t confess until ’06 and so never had any real punishment. He kept all his titles. He hired known dopers after he confessed. He’s still working in cycling managing a professional team.

    So no-she doesn’t get to call out Sheryl Crow at all. Total hypocrite.

    • Gia says:

      I don’t understand why people are focusing on the sterroid use. Her husband didn’t choose to sue and defame people when the truth came out. THAT is Lance’s greatest crime! She’s pissed that Cheryl didn’t come forward after he started suing all those people! He chose to ruin lives than come clean to save his own a$$. THAT is what Betsy is pissed about.

    • KAI says:

      Not the same thing.

      Andreu is objecting to Crowe saying nothing while Armstrong successfully sued and threatened people for telling the truth, not that he used performance enhancing drugs.

    • Anotherview says:

      Exactly! Well said.

    • bluhare says:

      Totally agree with you. Betsy Andreiu should STFU. Yeah, Lance was a dick, but on the other hand, her husband, Tyler Hamilton and Floyd Landis were all busted for dope . . . yet Lance is bad.

      Most of the elite cyclists dope. Try finding one who hasn’t had allegations or was flat out busted. It’s difficult. That’s the bigger issue. Professional cycling has problems. Personally, I think it they want to dope, let them. Only be honest about it.

      • Toot says:

        Yes, they all doped, but Lance tried to destroy people who told the truth. That’s the issue I have with Lance

      • bluhare says:

        Toot: Lance isn’t being called on the carpet for being a dick. Betsy Andreiu has been screaming bloody murder for years. This isn’t new.

        Her husband and a couple of others ratted Lance out to help themselves. Not saying Lance is a saint, but these people aren’t either.

  21. anti-icon says:

    She’ll go on Oprah and flaunt her fabulous life and trot out Lance and the audience loves it. Eats it up. Great divorces for everyone. Cancer be damned, high society awaits. Just believe in the dream of Hollywood meets Elite Athlete.

    America is doomed.

  22. Alyce says:

    I don’t blame Sheryl Crow at all. We have no clue what she knew. Everyone says “oh, she must have known” but the wives/girlfriends of criminals are left out of the loop all of the time. The blame lies only with Lance and his dope suppliers.

  23. mln76 says:

    Lance is probably sociopathic and manipulated her into helping him but from the accounts of other people who came forward she knew full well what he was doing. That is totally being glossed over by the press.
    If she were a normal person there would have been consequences. I believe she did perjure herself. Only telling the truth once she had no choice just like Lance.
    What makes me judge her harshly is even now how she is trying to weasel out of telling the truth of the situation instead of ‘setting herself free’ . Mostly to save face because of her image. And yeah the other stuff people bring up about song stealing and trashy behavior make me think it’s just her MO.

    • Camille (TheOriginal) says:

      Yeah, she’s obviously a real ‘class act’ to have in ones ‘Goddess Circle’ isn’t she.

  24. DreamyK says:

    I’m reserving judgment.

    Lance most likely made her sign a confidentiality agreement like most high profile people do.

    It makes sense, dude was super paranoid, and with good reason, since he was cheating.

    • Hmmm says:

      Where is the logic in this??????? Was he then gonna sue her for telling the truth as required by law?

  25. tabasco says:

    I kind of think it further speaks to Sheryl’s lack of character that she gave this interview at all. I mean, if she wasn’t going to shed any further light on things, then what was the point, other than to leech a little publicity for herself out of an already gross situation? If she was going for class/discretion/silence back in the day, then don’t go on ET for some press when the sh*t hits the fan.

  26. Kate says:

    I CANNOT STAND her lying azz – she is a narcissist just like him. She only cared about how she good looked & how popular he was. She will do anything for $$ btw – remember how she played a private concert for that Banking Asshole right after the market crash for tons of $$?? She is a skanky lying bish.

  27. Jaded says:

    Many, many people were involved in the cover-up, people who were actually part of the Tour de France, so why should Sheryl pillory herself when for all intents and purposes she was involved only peripherally as LA’s girlfriend?

    She may very well be a horrible person, and LA may very well have had some Svengali-like hold over her, but she was evidently too weak and in love to break things off with him and run to the officials with whatever knowledge she had. Why should she have ruined her relationship with him and, as a result, the entire team and possibly the sport? Does anyone want to put themselves up on a cross like that? The sh*tstorm would have been long and arduous, and with her own cancer battle to fight, her priorities were clearly on getting healthy, not becoming the next Erin Brockovich.

    • Hmmm says:

      Yes, it’s better to stand silently by when others are harmed. None of our business, right? I mean, isn’t that kind of stuff for superheroes?

  28. TG says:

    @The Original Tiffany – I am really curious about these men who committed suicide in Cheryl’s life. I have always admired her and thought she was gritty and down-to-earth. This is all new to me. I don’t understand how she could have stolen his songs. Wouldn’t he be able to prove that in court? Also, are we sure these were suicides? If the accusations are correct about her stealing the music of these guys it is awfully convenient for her that both of them killed themeselves. I guess I watch too much of the ID channel.

    • The Original Tiffany says:

      Sheryl was a bit back up singer on MJ’s Dangerous album. Kevin was producing. He was doing way better than she at the time. She became his GF and started coming to the TNM sessions, where she took all their ideas, made a demo behind their backs and used his songs on that album.

      She would call every town the band toured in (Kevin’s) to threaten him that if he breathed a word about her not writing her own stuff she would make sure he would never work again. She is evil and had the balls to show up at the funeral.

      She did bring in Bill and Brian to work with her on her second album because she couldn’t write her own stuff. I think Brian wrote Soak up the Sun on her next album too. They never worked with her again after that. Kevin’s promising career was squashed by her. His death was very strange.

      Both her other collaborators on the first album have had horrible things happen to them. I’m glad I haven’t seen her since then-she couldn’t even take a shower to come to his funeral. Ugh.

      • TG says:

        Thanks for more info. I did go to the link and found that story bizarre. I just don’t get that why he wouldn’t sue her. I mean it sounds like he had concrete proof that he was the original songwriter. I guess she is just like Lance though with her threats of “you will never work in this town again” kind of thing. It is so weird how these celebs can keep the truth from so many. I mean with Lance Armstrong it sounds like everybody knew what he was up to and he was still able to sue people and ruin their lives even though they spoke the truth. Didn’t anybody get video evidince of this stuff happening? Also, since I am not ruthless in my own ambition, it is hard to imagine the Cheryl Crow is the evil and vile. Well, she is one more celeb I am writing off.

  29. Mitch Buchanan Rocks! says:

    @CHatcat thanks for the article – I will never think of Sheryl Crow the same way and will be deleting her tunes from my collection.

  30. Shelly says:

    I stopped being a fan of Sheryl when she went on tv years ago and preached to us all that we should only be using ONE SQUARE of toilet paper when we go to the bathroom. Bitch, please. Take your one square and your Prius and shove it.

    • TG says:

      Yes, I need my expensive super soft Charmin toilet paper. I now take it with me when visiting certain relatives who are too cheap to keep proper toilet paper in their bathrooms.

    • Paige says:

      What??? One square. That’s funny!

  31. Dawn says:

    Who cares?

    By most accounts most cyclists in this era were doping. Livestrong helped people, I think. he’s a jacka** Move on.

  32. Ava says:

    I never liked him from the moment I saw him in a strip club the night after his wife had one of his kids . He was acting like he ran the place with a huge entourage. He also gravitated toward the most plastic and bitchy strippers that worked there . Blonde with huge fake boobs. Even as a college student at the time , I was wondering why he had his face in strippers boobs instead of being at home with his wife and baby . He was acting like he was the president of the us or something .

  33. Kimble says:

    I really don’t think many of us do care about his doping – it’s the lying and ruining people afterwards that has most of we moral folk up in arms!

    Same with Sheryl – of course she knew he was doping; her public persona was very much wrapped up with his at the time to their mutual benefit. I doubt most of us care whether she knew he was doping, but once she saw him destroying people with litigation – then I believe she had a moral duty, which she failed!

    And isn’t she besties with Aniston? Or is that just stirring it LOL!!!!

  34. lucy2 says:

    I don’t imagine many people would willingly turn their significant other in to the authorities, and it doesn’t sound like Betsy did either.
    However, if Sheryl did know and watched him try to ruin people who accused him, that’s pretty bad.
    It’s hard to judge without having been there or knowing more details. The whole situation is just such a shame though.

  35. JoJo says:

    I don’t think it was up to her morally to be public about what she knew. We don’t know what was going on behind the scenes. It may have been something she was highly opposed to and argued with him over. That doesn’t mean she should be a public snitch. Unless he murdered someone, I would consider her coming out publicly against Lance highly inappropriate. It’s nothing to do with “standing by your man no matter what”. What I WOULD consider appropriate and obligatory would be for her to respond truthfully to questions by the USADA or the legal system. But, we don’t know what her responses to USADA were, so why are we criticizing her? She may have responded truthfully, but her responses are private. Just because we live in the world of reality TV doesn’t mean Sheryl should have come out publicly against him. Maybe she did so privately when questioned formally. In my opionion, that’s the classy thing to do. Anything else would have just been a media circus. Also, I believe those who had a true obligation to come out about all of this are all of those involved in the industry – his teammates, other teams, doctors, others surrounding the sport, and ultimately Lance himself. But, don’t put the oweness on a girlfriend who may have known, may have been privately against it and who may have spoken about what she knew to USADA and others when questioned. Just because she didn’t come out and write a “tell all” like we’ve become so accustomed to doesn’t mean she’s guilty of anything. I think the fact that she didn’t speak to media about it is classier. Now, if she was questioned legally and LIED, that’s a completely different story, and that’s not what we’re talking about here.

    • Angie says:

      Very well stated. This x a million.

    • crazydaisy says:

      They did break up. She may have left b/c she couldn’t live with the lies. Who knows? That they broke up right around the time of her diagnosis always felt cruel on Lance’s part, but it could have been her choice, maybe to do with the doping situation – like she just couldn’t take the ongoing strain of lying and hiding, when facing her own treatment, mortality and everything else. On the other hand, she always seemed like a phony to me. But I never met her, either, so who am I to say?

  36. Amanda s says:

    This has totally made me lose respect for sheryl crow, theres no way she didnt know, there are also reports that she was IN THE ROOM during discussions about doping with other riders. She sounds like a damn bitch for standing idly by while others had their lives ruined my her man. Screw her, and i wont cut her any slack for hiding the truth, cant belive so many peeps here r willing to let her off the hook! O and that comment she made about how hard he worked, guess those other guys had to work even harder to beat a cheater. To hell with both of them!

  37. Grace says:

    Has anyone stopped to think of what this guy must be like behind closed doors if he can lie like that to the public for a decade?

    He was abusive to Sheryl and may very well have told her that if she talked he’d hurt her.

    This is a man who defrauded millions from people. Does anyone honestly think he wouldn’t go after Sheryl if she told his secret?

  38. chloe says:

    Why is Betsy just going after only Sheryl, she was with him for 3 years, but he was doping while married to his first wife and with his current baby mama, they should be called out just as SC. Also what about his assistants, housecleaners, etc. Should have SC said something…Yes.. but so should a whole lot of other people. Personally if I knew this guy, I would have said no comment to any questions about him.

  39. Ginger says:

    I thought even before the doping scandal that LA is a huge DB who treated Sheryl like total crap. As a divorced woman, I know firsthand how spouses/partners can lie to you and hide things. I will give her the benefit of the doubt until I hear otherwise.

  40. Melissa says:

    I actually think she might not have known he was doping at all. This was a huge secret for him – a double life. I imagine he hid the doping just like men and women who cheat hide the cheating. He certainly had enough help moving the drugs, storing the drugs, etc. from the guys he was doping with, and I’m sure they kept that life at the gym and nowhere else. She may have had suspicions, she may have had questions, but everyone wants to believe the best about their partner. These kinds of people are REALLY GOOD at keeping their secrets.

  41. KellyinSeattle says:

    He’s an ass. He never smiles and when he does, dude get some whitening strips.

  42. Chrissy says:

    She was hoping they’d get married. She probably tried talking him out of it. Maybe that’s why they broke up. I just don’t see a person turning on their fiance unless they’ve decided the relationship is over. I understand he was very difficult and probably was sneaky with her too. I say no one should judge her too harshly. But I don’t think you can say he’s still a hero of any kind.

  43. tabasco says:

    can you imagine what these two were like together? and if you had to be around BOTH of them at the SAME TIME? so much bullsh*t in one place. like a bullsh*t vortex from hell that would suck you in, while cackling lance syringes you with EPO and cackling sheryl stuffs single toilet paper squares in your mouth to silence your screaming

  44. Jayna says:

    His ex-wife knew all those years. Why isn’t she being called out? I doubt Sheryl knew in the beginning. I wouldn’t have said a word but would have left him. She loved him and his kids.

  45. carol says:

    what would be the FBI’s theory on people who have over 500 friends on Facebook? Everybody knows if you have One True Friend, you have more than your share. I think people with tons of friends are insecure. That’s my take on it. I don’t have any friends.

  46. LL says:

    Whoa…unless there are legal issues at hand I don’t think she ‘should’ have had to do anything, IF she knew about his doping. She was girlfriend, S.O., not a narc.

  47. endlesscircles says:

    Jaysus, lay off Sheryl. You haven’t walked in her shoes, you weren’t in the relationship – you have absolutely no idea if she knew and if she did why she didn’t scream it from the mountaintops.

  48. s says:

    I don’t think she knew. I think the doping was so super top-secret he hid it from everyone except whoever was complicit in getting him the stuff (trainer? )

  49. karmasabiatch! says:

    So-if all the rumors about La Crow are true, she’s not a very nice lady. However, how does that make her culpable in the Armstrong mess? I think dragging her into someone else’s bed of lies is a tad unfair, non?

  50. Dirty Martini says:

    Of course she knew. Should she have told? Well……it isn’t her place to tell his story. And she stayed with him likely knowing.

    She was complicit.

    Yeah he treated her like shit, broke up with her blah blah blah.

    She loved the man, knew he was a cheater, and stayed with him anyway.

    Look I don think she should have squealed on him. But I damn sure think less of her for staying with him knowig what she knew about him.

  51. Jennifer says:

    I’m judging sheryl. She is no saint and has done things like this before: My aunt worked on the bad tour with Michael Jackson when sheryl was one of the dancers (namely on the song I just can’t stop loving you). She would pretend to be nice & thankful to MJ and his entourage’s faces but as soon as they would leave, would try to take bets to see if she could give him a b–er during the song or see if she could get him to hook up with her post-concert, etc. she was rejected EACH & EVERY time.

    she then proceeded to spread rumors saying MJ was either gay or asexual, weird, etc. and “leaked” these stories to the press. Mj heard about this and fired her.

    Then when MJ died, she decided to go on CNN & Entertainment Tonight to say how lovely, great, dynamic, and sexy he was. How much time they spent together, etc.

    she makes me sick !

  52. Angie says:

    It was never her place or obligation, imo, and definitely not her fault. What was she supposed to do, throw him under the bus for some moral obligation? I think people take this morality thing a bit too far, sometimes. I’d have never taken it upon myself to ruin someone’s life and livelihood even if I knew what they were doing was wrong, not even an enemy. I’m just not made for that. If he’d killed or raped or seriously hurt someone, yes, but being a liar, a sociopath, and no good cheat? People like that get what is coming to them, without people on the sidelines having to be the whistle blower. And we all know Sheryl is a huge advocate of karma. Like Sheryl, I’d probably just wait for the chips to fall on their own. They were together a long time and she cared about him, obviously. I’m not saying it was the right thing to do, but not wrong, per se, either. I think she’d have gotten more backlash for ‘exposing’ him, than not, as well. The hateful bitter woman scorned thing etc. People do love to shoot the messenger, esp if the messenger has a vagina. I don’t blame her, if she did know. You can’t expect that of a person, we are all just human and do what we feel is best for ourselves and those we care for. I mean, Lance is despicable and what he did was despicable, but that’s all on him, no fault of Sheryl’s.