Does Daniel Craig think Rob Pattinson should take over the James Bond role?

“Sparkles. Double-Oh Sparkles.”

This is one of the funniest stories I’ve had the pleasure of reading in a while. That’s the way it’s been with so many Twihard stories lately though – remember the story about Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart having sex “seven times a day” allegedly? That was a great one. And much like that story, this one seems to be written by a teenage Twihard who doesn’t understand anything about anything. OK! Mag (via HL) claims that Daniel Craig (!!!) is trying to convince producers that Robert Pattinson should take over the role of James Bond when Daniel is done. Think about that. SPARKLES as James Bond. As the suave lady-seducer with a license to kill. Yeah. And that’s not all! Kristen Stewart wants to be a lip-biting, eye-rolling, sullen Bond Girl. Seriously.

Robert Pattinson‘s career is going from strong — could he be leaving behind his vampire ways to become a suave international spy? The current James Bond star Daniel Craig is singing Rob’s acting praises, and according to a new report, he told Rob that he would “make a brilliant Bond.”

Well, we know Rob looks good in a tuxedo! This could be a great career move for him, and funnily enough, Daniel previously said that Rob’s girlfriend and former co-star, Kristen Stewart, would “make a great Bond girl.”

Daniel is lining up Rob as his replacement, as he plans to hang up his spy tools in the near future in order to start a family with his wife Rachel Weisz.

“Daniel told Rob he’d make a brilliant Bond and would like to see a young talented British actor take on the role,” a source tells OK! ”Daniel’s signed on for two more Bond movies but is convinced he’ll do no more — for one thing, he hopes to start a family with Rachel soon and wants to focus on that.”

And apparently Rob is flattered! ”He’s a monumental fan of Daniel’s and told him so, but he was completely taken aback when the compliments were returned,” says the source. And it looks like Daniel isn’t just impressed with Rob’s onscreen presence.

“Daniel really admires how Robert has handled the intense scrutiny of his personal life — he and Rachel are obsessively private,” says the source. “He really felt for Rob when Kristen Stewart’s cheating played out in the media. To go through that, but also maintain a level of professionalism and carry on working, shows amazing strength of character.”

It looks like Rob will go for the part! In the summer of 2012, Rob revealed in an interview that he would be up for playing the iconic English spy. ”Yeah, I’d definitely go for Bond,” said Rob. And, Kristen has expressed interest in being a Bond girl! When asked if she would like to be one, Kristen said, “As long as I get to have a gun, yes, hell yeah!”

[From Hollywood Life]

We could laugh and laugh and refuse to take this seriously, but you know there are people out there who DO take it seriously and who honestly think that Robert Pattinson should play one of the most iconic characters of the past century. Here’s a real question: do you think Robert actually thinks he has a shot at the role? I don’t. I think Rob is smart enough to realize that while teen girls (and their moms) love him, he still has a lot of work to do to build a career and learn his craft. I think Rob’s goal is to simply keep working and to work on interesting projects, and all of this “he should play Christian Grey, he should play James Bond!” stuff is just noise. As for Kristen playing a Bond Girl… well, Denise Richards did it. So… if we’re setting the bar there…?

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  1. carrie says:

    why not? if James Bond looks like a guy who smokes too much weed

    • T.C. says:

      Or childbearing hips, tea pouring delicate fingers, a fat skinny body and can’t act his way out of a paperbag. Yes that’s Bond. Lol. No Sparkles. Just no.

      • Deidra says:

        Robert Pattinson is much more handsome than Daniel Craig, and he wears suits better than anyone in HW. His acting skills or his sparkly image can be a problem, but not his looks. Sorry.

      • Amelia says:

        I still think his looks are up for debate.
        It may be a YMMV thing, but personally, I much prefer Daniel Craig over Shovelface.

      • T.C. says:

        Robert Pattinson has big bug eyes, a bent nose, flat face and a skinny fat body with big hips. I don’t find anything attractive about him. Boy is fugly. Daniel Craig has a body that just won’t quit, amazing eyes, smoking lips and a natural charisma. Craig in a tux makes Pattinson look like a try hard. I will take Daniel any day, hour, minute, second over bug eyed boy. Pattinson is a nice guy but beyond that I don’t get the attraction. It’s like mass brainwashing trying to sell this guy as attractive.

      • Deidra says:

        OK, tastes differ. But in the last Bond movie Daniel Craig looks a little bit old – with his wrinkly face and grey hair. He has a trained body but with the signs of aging.
        As for Robert – he’s lanky and charming, he’ll look mature and manly in a few years, and with some training – he can be spot-on.

      • Tasha says:

        I find both Robert Pattinson and Daniel Craig to be very un attractive. Only thing Daniel has over Robert is his acting.

      • delilah says:

        Looks are subjective, but he’s not a worldwide panty creamer because he’s ugly. And he would obviously not go the Craig route, which is more threatening and virile. He’d be more in the Pierce Brosnan vein of pretty and glamorous.

      • bluhare says:

        Deidra: Daniel Craig getting older was sort of a sub plot in the movie. And no one, and I mean no one, would believe Robert Pattinson as a spy.

        Pattinson’s problem is that he’s played one huge role, and he’ll be typecast for it.

      • Mi says:

        What about amazing,grey eyes,thick hair and eyebrows,chiselled jawline,Greek god profile,tall and lean body?

      • Jay Kay says:

        Can I ask you guys a question? Has Robert Pattinson gotten less hot over the years? Even unattractive. I remember seeing bits of him in Twilight and remember thinking DAAAANG, he’s fine. Gorgeous eyes, very brooding. Now I see pics of him and he looks like a pale frog with absolutely ZERO appeal. What happened?? I’m genuinely asking out of curiosity. Am I the only one?

      • Jan says:

        I see you have been reading Lainey gossip again for that is her description of Rob since she hates him and loves Kristen. Rob Pattinson would make a good James Bond in a couple of years. He is tall, British, very handsome with a sexy body and has a tremendous fan base. If you don’t like him, then why are you commenting…just go on to someone else. Since he got more comments than anyone else, I can assume that a lot of people think of him. Bring on the Bond, he would be perfect.

      • T.C. says:

        “What about amazing,grey eyes,thick hair and eyebrows,chiselled jawline,Greek god profile,tall and lean body?”

        Girlfriend I don’t know what your smoking but I don’t see any Greek god profile. Lol Greek god profile really? I’ve seen a lot of Greek art never seen any of them looking as ugly like Pattinson. All I see when I look at him are bug eyes, ugly bent nose, flat ugly face and scary caterpillar eyebrows. I don’t see any chiseled jaw, he has a weird short jaw. As for those ugly thick caterpillar eyebrows I would pluck those suckers the first chance I got. Them things are nasty.

        I don’t see the same things you Pattinson Twihards see. I didn’t drink the same Summit Studios kool-aide saying he is the most beautiful man in the world you all drank. He is not a universally handsome guy like a George Clooney type. He is a YMMV type that some people like but many others don’t. Yes he is tall but his pale skinny fat body is not universally attractive either. He is neither skinny nor built just lumpy which is not a good thing for someone so young. He will be getting fat soon if he doesn’t start working out.

        As for anyone crazy enough to think he can pull a suave suducing type please watch his Bel Ami movie. You will laugh yourself silly he is so bad. So god awful. I think he is a nice guy but a bad actor.

    • pinkheart says:

      what i really liked abt all the bond leads was their deep sexy voice ,maybe ruff ,debonair or just smooth and chauvnistsc ,that will just make ur knees go weak,sparkles voice nor personality is as such ,but hey i wouldnt mind him as one of those mad scientists with bug eyes creating gadgets and sometimes tortured for his stupidity by the “bond girl”

    • ZenB!tch says:

      Shovelface! I love it. I always thought he looked like he was hit in the face by a skillet.

      He’s to wan, pale and unmasculine. It would be huge NO!

    • Boo says:

      @deidra Rob is 26-27 years old. he really isnt very young so i think if he had any acting talent it would have materialized by now. There are actors younger than him that does wonderful work like Logan Lehman and his contemporaries like garrett hedlund and andrew gafield are on a much more accomplished level. He seems a nice guy but i dont rate his acting or his looks.

      • Deidra says:

        What is so special abt Garrett Hedlund’s career comparing to Rob’s? Moderate success of Tron: Legacy and a few obscure roles in small budgeted films. And he’s never been so pressed and scrutinized by fans and mass media as Rob is. Robert has always been limited by the Saga to be considered a serious actor or to have the opportunities to take on diverse roles. Now as TW disappears he’ll have the chance – so let’s wait and see.
        P.S. I chose Garrett ’cause I don’t know much abt the others you mentioned.

    • Abra says:

      Hahahahahaha!!!! I was thinking the same thing.

  2. mllejuliette says:

    Hell no! If anyone should be James Bond, James Purefoy is it.

  3. brin says:

    No…unless he wants to end the franchise.

  4. clay basket says:

    The biggest doormat to play the manliest superspy. Sure!!!!!!!!!

    • Mi says:

      He would be perfect Bond,but as a new super intelligent,elegant and gentleman kind of type with equal female partner,not this macho/aggressive/idiotic/stereotyped:old guy+young chick Bond portrayed by old actor,directed by old guy and made for old men.

      • Jacks says:

        Some of us prefer the current Bond characteristics which some of us believe Rob P does not to us embody. Maybe when he gets older he might have a shot at it, but right now I personally think he’s hit a bit of an awkward phase that I hope he grows out of. I didn’t particularly care for Twilight (the only one I saw because I didn’t know better att) but I atleast thought he was gorgeous in it. Now not so much.

        That said, your preferences would make it a different movie altogether. There’s room for it in the movie world, but no reason to kill the Bond franchise over it.

    • Emma says:

      I don’t agree about your comment on Rob personally but you do know that he would be acting. He wouldn’t become Bond in real life…

  5. Eleonor says:

    I am rooting for a ginger Bond!!! Damian Lewis!

    • EmmaStoneWannabe says:

      See, I was thinking Damian’s costar, Rupert Friend.

    • ZenB!tch says:

      I don’t like gingers at all BUT I am 100% supportive of this idea. Bond doesn’t have to be classically handsome – for me only Roger Moore and Pierce Brosnan were gorgeous.

      I love Daniel Craig but I was not thrilled when they cast him. However, I learned to love him. I can see Damien Lewis in that mold. Not what *I* see as hot but manly, classy, intelligent and quintessentially British.

      I could not learn to love Pattinson. I hated him when they cast him as Cedric in the HP movies. He was not the hottie in the book. I have never seen nor do I plan to see a Twilight movie, I couldn’t even get through the first book but from what I did read, he was not the drop, dead mesmerizingly gorgeous Edward either.

      Let’s start a petition.

  6. Amelia says:

    If this even comes close to happening, I will boycott all future Bond films after Daniel’s done and then proceed to lock myself in my bunker watching reruns of every Bond film since Dr No.
    Big fan, in case you can’t tell ;)
    Never going to happen. Barbara Broccoli is too shrewd to even contemplate casting Drippy Sparkles and ol’ Lip Bitey. It would kill the franchise.

  7. lucy2 says:

    Probably some agent introduced them at a party and was like “wouldn’t Rob be a great Bond?!” and Daniel was like “uh, sure.” And then this story is born.

  8. alons -y alonso says:

    LOL! That about captures my thoughts on this

  9. Lauren says:

    Rob would actually make a great Bond, but he’s working on a lot of great movies with great directors now. No big deal with those saying won’t accept, boycott. Twilight nuts had petition and that didn’t hurt.

  10. Hubbahun says:

    I actually don’t hate the idea because as a person, I like Rob and he’d bring a great sense of humour to the role. I’m in no way a Twihard but of all the cast (except Billy Burke and Nikki Reed) I do feel that if he works on his acting, he could actually leave the stigma of Twilight behind him. (And to be perfectly honest, yes they’re bad films but by no means the worst ever – I’ve seen ‘The Room’ :D ). So…I dunno. I hate it more if the walking block of wood that is Lautner were being toted as the new Bond. (As for KS as a Bond girl – meh. But then they’re usually ‘meh’ anyway.)

  11. Elceibeno says:

    Rob’s looks are perfect for the James Bond character: tall, distinguished, handsome, and he is young enough to be in 7 movies in a span of 15 years. Now, he would have to prove he can actually play the character.

  12. Deidra says:

    Those crappy tabloid stories just make him look silly for nothing.

  13. Mayday says:

    I KNOW I’m gonna get flamed for this, but I don’t think he would be terrible (and please keep in mind I’m big bond fan, I have all the old movies and I have all the books and my name Mayday is from A View to a Kill. I take my Bond seriously)

    I DO think he is far to young presently however, they would need to wait at least 7-10 years and in that amount of time, he may be able to shake off Twilight and Kristen Stewart. He’s got a lot of movies coming down the pipe and I think we are gonna see what he is made of over the next few years.

    I’m not saying it’s the best idea ever – he is definitely not ready presently – but I wouldn’t rule it out either.

    Just as an example, I never would have though DiCaprio could have pulled off many off the roles he has ended up doing after seeing him in Titanic (which though I like both him and kate, I thought that movie was awful).

    • Reece says:

      No flames (making me be nice lol)! In all seriousness, I kinda agree with you. Give him a good 10 yrs and we’ll see. Also, in his defense, he is a much better actor in his natural accent. He just doesn’t seem to be taking any Brit roles so far. *shrug*
      Realistically, Craig still has 2 movies left and who knows what will happen by the time those are done. There could be a completely new as yet unheard of guy coming up who would fit much better.
      This is a pretty unbelievable story all around.

    • j.eyre says:

      I will not disagree with you. I am not in favor of the idea now, but I have come to like all the Bonds. I go to 007 movies for the character and not the actor playing him. I am more upset with a bad story interpretation than the acting.

      However, I do think this story is pure fabrication.

      That said, I would like to put forth my suggestion of Chiwetel Ejiofor as Bond. No idea if he would do it.

  14. CTgirl says:

    It’s the end of the world as we know it.

  15. Val5 says:

    A Bond with no muscle definition on his body, not badass for a penny and known as the KStew’s beard/doormat?? no way! The only thing Rob has in common with Bond is alcoholism.

  16. Anname says:

    He is 26 yrs old, I can’t even imagine him as Bond yet. See how he does over the next 10-15 yrs. Rob has some of the attributes, but not all of them (yet?). This story is definitely ridiculous.

  17. Mia 4S says:

    Oh dear, whoever is planting these type of stories about him needs to stop. It makes him look silly and that’s the last thing he needs right now.

    He completely lacks a very key element a James Bond actor needs…credibility with men. His is less than zero.

  18. c'est la vie says:

    Another episode of sparkles and the trampire.

    I’m perversely beginning to enjoy reading about these two. That’s not good.

    And no one could set the bar lower than Denise Richards. Except for Kristen Stewart.

  19. epiphany says:

    There’s no way this emo doofus could play James Bond. Bond is a tough, hardened Secret Service agent. He’s been through the mill, and it shows in the way he looks and the way he acts. Pattinson looks like he would cry if he so much as saw a gun.

  20. FreeSpiritedGirl says:

    I lost my interest in watching James Bond series after Pierce Brosnan was replaced. But if Rob becomes the new Bond, then I will watch James Bond for sure! ^_^ oooooooooooooh! OMG! I can imagine him seducing Bond girls! His sexy face! *swoooooon*
    As for Kristen…a Bond girl???? NO FREAKIN WAY!

  21. Tig says:

    I watched “Skyfall” and the entire time I was thinking “He’s going to do 3 more??”- they need to bring in someone new after the next one- DC is fine, but he’s not aging well.

    No one in their mid-20s- Rob inc- should ever be cast as JB. Agreed with other posters- who knows in ten years? As far as KS goes- everyone has a relationship where at some pt you go ” what was I thinking???”- this is ( hopefully was) his.

  22. flor says:

    NO! Idris Elba should play Bond. PLEASE. THAT is a man, not this sparkly little thing.

  23. bea says:

    Traditionally, 007 is played by a MAN…… ;)

  24. mia girl says:

    Clearly a ridiculous story… Pattinson himself is probably embarrassed by it.

    On the other hand, now that Skyfall brought us a Heineken drinking Bond, Pattinson does have that going for him.

    • honeybee says:

      Yes. Rob is probably embarrassed by this stupid non-story.
      Its not hard to believe that they met and exchanged kind words with each other but beyond that no one knows what was said for sure?
      Rob is not interested in doing Bond at all, at least not now. He would be the first to admit he needs an impressive resume and proven athletic skills to show he is ready for it. Right now his goal seems to be to get some credibility as an actor by working with good directors. He never sounded like he is gagging for this role. Why the hate?

      Great thread for Rob bashing I see :|

  25. OhDear says:

    Oh hell no. Imagine the backlash!

  26. B says:

    Robert Pattinson does not look masculine enough to be Bond.

  27. kingkayski says:

    I’m all for it 100% in another 10 or so years.He’s got the looks ,the charm, the height,the brooding aspect of Bond,he just gonna need to toned those playdough muscle of his,in 10 years he should be good to go.Or he could be the next Clint Eastwood ,his perfect sideburn is just itching to be the next “a man with no name” sequel.

  28. serena says:

    Oh god, please. I wouldn’t mind seeing Rob as James bond IN A FEW YEARS. Obliviously not now, he has still a very loooong way to go.

    But Kristen as a Bond-girl? LOL don’t joke. Denise Richards may be talentless but she had a great body, which Kristen doesn’t have -along with talent-

  29. AustinMJ says:

    I love Sparkles. LOVE Him and his child bearing hips and tea pouring hands. But as Bond? Um, no. Maybe in 20 years – who knows?

  30. Ruyana says:

    Last night, having absolutely nothing better to do while knitting, I watched the first part of the last Twilight movie on cable.

    It was awful! Kristen can’t act and Rob can’t act either. Kind of like watching a very protracted train wreck. Maybe it was the constraints of the role for Rob. I’ve only seen him in Harry Potter. But Kristen, nope, same as always. She’s only got one note. Twitchy McLipBite.

    But Rob as James Bond? No freakin’ way!

  31. cynicalsmirk says:

    No! No! No! He’s not suave, he’s not debonair, he’s not polished or elegant or smooth….he’s not Bond at all.

  32. gorda says:

    If pussy whip, pool boy, doormat are the characteristics that makes James Bond, then he is perfect.

  33. Ms Kay says:

    You know who would be perfect for Bond?

    Kellan Lutz.

    Because Kellan Lutz is Kellan Lutz. Kellan Lutz is the perfect candidate because Kellan Lutz will win an Oscar one day, Kellan Lutz helps strangers carry their bags at grocery stores, Kellan Lutz lost his virginity to the first love of his Kellan Lutz life in Kellan Lutz high school, Kellan Lutz has played an immortal Kellan Lutz God who got killed by Titans, Kellan Lutz played a Kellan Lutz vampire, and now Kellan Lutz is up for Kellan Lutz challenges, and take on a Kellan Lutz British accent and take the James Bond lines and go “Lutz. Kellan Lutz.” instead and show his Kellan Lutz song knighted Lutzy, Kellan Lutz will blow everyone mind.

    Le Kellan Lutz yes!

  34. A says:

    Hell no, Idris Elba all the way. I think Pattinson is okay, but jeez there is some stanning on here…He’s in no way a suitable fit for Bond. Not a slam on him, but Bond is supposed to be über masculine. Actors like Andrew Garfield, Pattinson, even Jude Law don’t have that super masculine body type, voice, etc.

  35. Chickie Baby says:

    Sounds like Mr. Craig has a great sense of humor and would have been gracious with his response to anyone who had been suggested as 007. This time, it happened to be Rob.

    As for Sparkles playing the spy? Eh, maybe in 15 or 20 years, when he’s got some life (both on and off screen) under his belt. Bond was very worldly and jaded on many levels, and even in five years, Rob won’t have that. Build some action movie cred, then come back and we’ll talk.

  36. phlyfiremama says:

    Sparkles?! Well, James Bond is already drinking Whinekin instead of “shaken, not stirred” martinis so the brand has already been considerably diluted.

  37. Feebee says:

    This guy makes Roger Moore look macho. So that’s a N-O from me.

  38. pinkheart says:

    How about DAN STEVENS,from “downton abbey ” ,i mean the guy who plays “Matthew crawley”?

  39. FassDaActor says:

    Rob P. ain’t got it!! He can do the tween Bond movie lol. The black British actor Colin Salmon would have been great. He was considered years ago. That’s dead now. I’m still up in the air about Idris Elba. He’s certainly a ladykiller. You need to be a smart, cheeky ladykiller capable of some vulnerability. I don’t want to see the Fass tied down to one role but he would be perfect. He’s already slaying women left and right. Go to YT and check out his Azazeal charactor from Hex (Google Hex: S01E04 – Possession. Cazazeal First Kiss) mixed with Magneto…((Explosions))!!! It’s not just about looks. You have to have confidence and sex appeal. They showcase all the elements in In Like Flint…just not so campy.

  40. delia says:

    Richard Armitage. Drag his fineness and hotness out of those stupid Hobbit prequels and give him a license to kill…me.

  41. Kaboom says:

    Sounds like a good idea to wrap the franchise around a lamppost.

  42. The Original Mia says:

    Hahahaha! Thanks for the laughs.

  43. N-Bear says:

    This report would be far more credible if they made Craig sound much more pissy. They don’t even try to make it sound Craig-ish.

  44. Jean says:

    The last Twilight movie is not on cable yet. Why the hate for Rob today? He is a good guy and he may be the perfect James Bond in a couple of years.

  45. Amanda says:

    Even if Daniel Craig plans on stepping down as Bond (which I doubt) he would not want Rob Pattison filling in his shoes unless it was just a joke.

  46. Moi says:

    “Sparkles, Double-Oh Sparkles”. hahaha omg that slayed me! I needed that belly laugh!

  47. Moi says:

    “Sparkles, Double-Oh Sparkles”. hahaha omg that slayed me! I needed that belly laugh!

  48. Oyn says:

    Hmmm, I don’t know any of the Twilight films, but it is far from laughable that this actor would be a candidate for Bond down the road. Why not? Daniel Craig is no great actor really himself. Pattinson is just as good in my opinion.
    It does sound like a made up story though cause I do not think the current actor’s views or preferred actor as Bond really has any weight on who will have the chance to audition.

  49. Ranunculus says:

    If Craig Daniel with his limited acting chops did it, Sparkles can do it.

  50. Emma says:

    Rob is the only young actor around now that would make a suitable Bond. The only reason I don’t see it happening is because of his age. He is way too young. Bond needs a little more seasoning. In 10 years, Robert Pattinson would make an obvious Bond.

  51. pastyousayyouneverknew says:

    LOL I don’t think so, Rob is a weird one, sometimes he looks hot and sometimes he looks like shit, and I can see him in a number of roles but not Bond, sorry.

  52. Latifah says:

    Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh no because Idris Elba.

    That’s it. That’s all there is to it.

    Idris Elba.

  53. Jane says:

    Sweet Mother Mary of Jesus…no! He would not make a good Bond at all.

    • karen says:

      there has not been a good james bond since sean connery.robert pattinson should just stick to those lame teeny bopper vampire movies.he is also a moron for putting up with that cheating idiot;hollywood is full of beautiful actresses and he dates somebody who makes him look like a cuckolded fool.