Kris Jenner gets her own talk show: ‘It’s definitely a dream come true!’

Kris Jenner

You didn’t think the Kardashian-Jenner klan would be going anywhere soon, did you? Silly rabbit. Not only does the (mostly) insufferable family dominate the E! network at this point, but now Kris Jenner (i.e., the one who started it all) has signed on for her own talk show, which will begin this summer, with Fox Television. Luckily, the program is only in test status and will debut in select markets, but these are very big markets like Los Angeles and New York City. For those of you who live in these markets, I am so sorry. Please do not watch Kris’ program, or the rest of us will eventually be made to pay the price as well. The show will apparently feature “celebrity guests,” which I suppose is a nice way of saying that Kim, Kourtney, Khloe, Kylie, and Kendall will be making regular appearances. I guess, by extension, Kanye will probably stop by on occasion as well. Hopefully, it won’t last long, but here are the details:

Kris Jenner

Just announced: Famous momager of the Kardashian clan, Kris Jenner, will be showing off her skills in a new arena this summer.

Fox Television Stations and Twentieth Television will premiere a preview of Kris, for several weeks, with Jenner serving as an executive producer. The program will be available on select Fox-owned stations in markets, including New York and Los Angeles.

Kris will be a daily, one-hour entertainment talk show and promises to offer viewers “a daily jolt of celebrity guests, fashion & beauty trends; plus a mix of lifestyle topics — all through the distinctive and unpredictable perspective of Kris Jenner.” It will be filmed in Los Angeles.

The summer premiere is considered a test run, says Frank Cicha, senior vice president of programming for Fox Television Stations. “We go into this believing that if it works, the Kris Jenner program could really complement what we’ve got going with Wendy, Bethenny, etc.”

Jenner added: “This is something I have wanted to do all my life so it’s definitely a dream come true!”

[From USA Today]

Well, at least Kris is honest about wanting a talk show for her entire life. This was all part of the plan with pushing her daughters into fame, right? That is, the ultimate goal was for Kris to be uber-famous too. Possibly even more famous than all of her daughters combined. Perish the thought.

In related news, Kris was just spotted shopping without her wedding ring (note: these are not photos of the actual incident below). While some people do indeed forget to wear their wedding ring at times, and rings are often not all that accurate a predictor of marital status in most cases, I think Kris knows exactly what she’s doing by not wearing her ring. Yep, she knows it all too well.

Kris Jenner

Kris Jenner

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  1. brin says:

    When is the locust infestation coming?

  2. Sarah says:

    Is it a locust infestation we are awaiting, or a Kardashian infestation? I may prefer locusts.

  3. Ms Kay says:

    …dreams come true uh?… nightmares are dreams too right? *pulls hair*

  4. lucy2 says:

    Why, why, why? Don’t they get that most people hate her? She’s horrible.

    And of course the ring was intentional – this woman doesn’t so much as blink without wondering how it will get her media attention.

  5. Relli says:

    Its all happening for her isnt it, vom.

  6. yellowlala says:

    Kris Is hideously ugly. Plus who wants to hear her annoying arse voice ramble on about her shat stains that are her children. not I says the fly

  7. Dawn says:

    The great thing about this is no one has to watch. Just don’t watch. Make sure it fails. JFC what is wrong with the entertainment industries who give us these freaks that are absolute a-moral whores? Just say NO to these gypsies, tramps and thieves and stop making ungrateful jerks like these wealthy. This is awful news.

  8. allons-y alonso says:

    Kris Jenner: ‘It’s definitely a dream come true!’
    The Mayans just miscalculated the date. – Well played Mayans, well played. :(

  9. T.Fanty says:

    And, ironically, it’s a nightmare come true for the rest of humanity.

  10. crab says:

    God I despise this woman!! She is hidiously ugly and she’s making a huge fool of herself by trying to preserve her youth through her kids with the way she dresses and acts!! Go the F%#K away and take your kids with you!!

  11. Post-Its says:

    She should interview an expert on child abuse.

  12. bunny says:

    Not Again!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Do dey ever gt tired of making headlines?????? Dis family nids 2 stay off camera 4 d rest of deir lives

  13. Sarah says:

    I just lost IQ points reading that

  14. Lizzie K says:

    If and when one of the Internet-based companies manages to put together an a la carte streaming service, where we aren’t forced by cable TV companies to buy crap stations bundled with stuff we actually WANT to watch, the Kardashians will fade into the nasty oblivion they so richly deserve.

    As it is, Viacom, Fox, Comcast, etc. don’t care if we watch this garbage. We have to pay for it anyway.

    • alc says:

      Agreed! That little twerp Seacrest loves making money at the expense of the rest of mankind. The K’s are the gift that just keep on giving. And oh great, she’s doing something new, a talk show, like we don’t have enough of those already!?!

  15. JL says:

    No wedding ring = fake divorce rumors. Is that a step up from fake marriage?

    It’s just publicity for her upcoming show.

    Jenner would never divorce her, he can’t get his botoxed face to move enough to tell her.

  16. Nicolette says:

    No. A thousand times ……..NO! The person who should have an apple stuffed in her big mouth is getting a talk show? To discuss what exactly, how to turn your daughters into money making/fame whores.
    Please make it go away already.

  17. dagdag says:

    Who will be the celebrity guests?

  18. T.C. says:

    I hate that this no talent famewhores keep getting opportunities that should go to professionals. Kris getting her own talk show is just foul.

  19. Blondie says:

    I live in New York, and no way in hell will I watch this. Whoever gave her a show should lose his/her job.

  20. Flora Kitty says:

    I’d rather watch my cats use the litter box. Nevermind they like privacy.

  21. dcypher1 says:

    i didnt think anyone could dress worse than kim i was wrong i live in l.a. and i will not enable this garbage. hopefully it wont pull thru and wont get picked up .

  22. littlestar says:

    This is going to be my bitchiest post of the day, because I am very tired and because I canNOT stand this horrid woman. Kris Jenner really is desperate for fame and attention, isn’t she? Look at how she just eats up getting photographed, posing with that huge grin on her face. Kris, you do realize no one actually cares about you, right? The ONLY reason you are getting photographed is because of your daughters you “pimp” out.

    Every time I see a photo of Kris Jenner with that huge “look at me! look at me!” smile on her face, I want to punch myself in the head.

    • ZigZagZoey says:

      NO! Don’t punch yourself in the head! You don’t deserve the punch, she does.

      (Sorry for the caps)

      • littlestar says:

        I promise you, I definitely will not watch this yucky woman’s show. She irritates me to no end!

        Also, when Kris is hamming it up for the cameras, does she really think the public cares about her? I mean she HAS to know that she is despised, right? So why does she continue to be a posing try-hard *sshole? Plus, who the F cares about her and Bruce? I cannot believe she actually thinks we care whether she’s wearing her wedding ring or not.

        Oh my goodness, I really am in a bad mood today! Lol. Good thing we have people like Kris Jenner to take it out on :D .

      • ZigZagZoey says:

        I don’t understand it at all either! They have to know how much and how many people hate them. YUCK

  23. palermo says:

    Please, I beg of you all, do not watch this show. Let it massively fail. We all know the celeb guests will be her stupid kids.

  24. Nev says:

    Bethanny is gonna flop because of this divorce backlash she is getting…and Kris will take the spot.

    my prediction..

  25. janie says:

    This is insane.. What could she talk about that we don’t know? 10 shows a week aren’t enough? Heaven help us all! I won’t watch.

  26. garvel says:

    When will this piece of trash go away?

  27. Happy21 says:

    No! No! No! No! No! No! NO! NO! NOOOO!

    Okay, I’m just having a temper tantrum here. I loathe this vile woman and hope that her show tanks…

  28. Alana Fajina says:

    ALL I can think about when I see this hag is: 6 Kids Out Of That Thing!! I shudder at the thought
    :( :( :(

  29. LeeLoo says:

    If you had told me Khloe or Kourtney had been given their own talk show, I might have actually tuned into watch. However, Kris is the biggest piece of sh** in my book. She taught her daughters to be the selfish bitches they are now. This talk show won’t last. Too many people see through Kris and unless you are an avid Kardashian fan, you will not be interested.

    Kris’ narcissism knows no bound and I feel awful that she has corrupted her daughters into repeating the same behaviour she has exhibited. Who nonchalantly brags about cheating on their ex-husband in their auto-biography?! She’s a disgusting excuse of a human being. I am extremely optimistic though that Khloe, Kim and Kourtney will eventually all stand up to her and tell her she’s had control of their lives long enough. I think Khloe has already begun to step away from her mom and her schemes. I think Kanye and her pregnancy has helped Kim realize she should distance herself from her mother as well. Kourtney has always been a hard one to read for me so it is hard to say. If the divorce rumors are true then I hope Bruce becomes a little less emasculated and saves Kylie and Kendall from Kris’ narcissism.

  30. Susie Q says:

    I heard FOX is only doing a few shows to ‘test the waters’. Hopefully no one will watch and she can go back to pimping instead.

  31. Izzy says:

    Great, just what I needed… more crap on TV that I don’t want to watch. Looks like it’ll be more reruns of STTNG and West Wing for me.

  32. mrs j says:

    Maybe her and Matt Lauder can do a show together called two Douchebags

  33. erika says:

    ok ladies, LISTEN UP!

    think of kris jenner’s (talk about herself and Kim) ‘show’, well, think of it as an STD, a highly contagious, NASTY, foul, STD.

    So, you all in NYC and LAX, please abstain from watching. We don’t want another epidemic Kardashian stle.

  34. Tiffany says:

    So…..that SNL sketch was pretty dead on.

  35. AB says:

    Categorically NOT watching her show! Might only watch if Kourtney had a show, she has less BS…i think!

  36. Anna says:

    she can’t open her mouth anymore. how is she going to do a talk show?

  37. Sam x says:

    WTF are Fox on?! I hope this amount of overexposure begins the dismantling of the Kardashian empire. Kim, Kourtney & Khloe know what side their bread is buttered and are gonna milk their 15 mins of fame til the very last drop. You know they are gonna use it as a platform to plug their endless lines of products. Bruce is the only one I can tolerate, he needs to find his spine and take his girls, get out of there, stat.

    Dear folks across the pond, Please do not watch this chat show and boycott it at all costs.


  38. peaches mcdooby says:

    a talk show, can she string 5 words together coherently?

    what are we talking about with this gal…botox, plastic surgery, hair extentions, fake tanning,liposuction…lord knows we need more of that in todays’ world

  39. Nava says:

    Maybe she’ll have LeAnn on to sing her horrible songs, then she’ll have Brandi on, and let’s throw Ediot into the mix. And the following week, Jon & Kate to announce that they are getting back together, for the kid’s sake…..MAJOR eyeroll…..

  40. Abra says:

    “Oh, Fox, I found your head,” said the networks proctologist.

  41. KellyinSeattle says:

    Great, now we can hear her talk about her kids and grandkids, the center of everyone’s universe.

  42. Kim says:

    They hit the jackpot when she sold that sex tape.

  43. karmasabiatch! says:

    Please. NO. Not the abuser of six children.
    I am fast losing faith in our country’s ability to not pimp out every single famewhore who crosses the street?

  44. EscapedConvent says:

    In those shiny black boots, KJ looks like “Ilsa, She-Wolf of the S.S.”

  45. India says:

    I am so sick and tired of seeing this woman and her spawn everywhere. Just please GO AWAY.

  46. Diss me says:

    I cannot stand this family one bit, see how they messed up Humphrey and they refused to give him back his ring, even when it’s all a pre-arranged wedding for TV rating. Please go and rot in hell the kardashians!