Brandi Glanville: Eddie Cibrian took Propecia & it made him… um, “limp”

Everybody seemed to really enjoy yesterday’s excerpts from Brandi Glanville’s book, Drinking & Tweeting and Other Brandi Blunders, so I thought we would do more excerpts today! I’m not sure if this excerpt is quite as scandalous/funny as Brandi buying herself a new vajayjay with Eddie’s credit card, but this excerpt is definitely crass and it made me laugh. It starts simply enough – Eddie was worried about hair loss. So he started taking Propecia. And then things went… soft.

Eddie Cibrian‘s devotion to maintaining his thick and luscious locks left him lacking in other crucial areas, ex-wife Brandi Glanville charges in her bombshell, no holds barred tell-all, Drinking & Tweeting, and has all the juicy — and explicit — details!.

“Eddie had started taking Propecia, like many men, because he was concerned about hair loss,” Glanville writes of The Playboy Club hunk, who famously cheated on the stunning reality star with now wife, LeAnn Rimes. “He had fantastic hair, but who was I to sideline his vanity?”

However, while Brandi admits she appreciated Eddie’s proactive self-care, she shares, “This particular drug had nasty side effects – including ones that happened in the bedroom.”

Yes, according to the outspoken Real Housewife, the Propecia made Eddie impotent!

“I knew he was concerned about his hairline, but momma needed something h**d. I was not down for a limp d**k and gave him an ultimatum: It was the Propecia or me!” Glanville writes.

So how did Eddie receive the news? Take a wild guess.

“Eddie never took well to being cornered or criticized,” Glanville writes. “So it was no surprise when he immediately shot back that my lady business wasn’t what it used to be.

“He was actually quite vulgar and said something I don’t care to repeat, so pardon my momentary filter. Please enjoy this moment it doesn’t happen often.”

[From Radar]

So Eddie said something derogatory about her vajayjay and THAT is why she made him paid for the V rejuv? Interesting. Still, that V squeezed out two of his kids, you know? You’d think that even a d-bag like Eddie would know enough not to criticized the V. As for his limpness… funny. I wonder if he’s still on it?

As for how LeAnn might react to all of these revelations – which are hilariously coming out in a steady drip, probably for the next month – Fox News has an interesting story:

Leann Rimes may have gotten her man, but that doesn’t mean she’s living the dream. The country singer has been on a downward spiral since it was revealed that her husband Eddie Cibrian’s ex-wife, “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” star Brandi Glanville, was penning a sordid tell-all with intimate details regarding the affair between Cibrian and Rimes, who met on the set of “Northern Lights” in 2008.

Now an insider close to Rimes tells FOX411’s Pop Tarts column that Rimes – who recently read most of Glanville’s book – was “shocked” by how much she’s mentioned, and how much Cibrian and Granville’s two sons Mason, 9, and Jake, 5, are as well.

“Leann needed to know what to expect from it all, and knew it would be bad. Perhaps just not that bad,” said the source. “She genuinely loves the two boys and has a great bond with them, which she obviously hopes never changes, in spite of everything.”

We’re told that the singing sensation is “very fragile” right now, but is preparing herself for the roughness of the weeks surrounding the book’s Feb. 13 release.

“Leann has kind of been through the worst of it, but has a very strong support network around her for when things become too much,” explained the source. “It’s a slow road, but she is learning to rise above it and looking at the long-term priorities – her health, marriage and being a stepmom.”

The back-and-forth fight Twitter war also needs to stop, says the source.

“Leann feels the need to always defend herself,” continued the insider. “But everyone is trying to stop her from engaging in it all.”

And what about those photos of Rimes crying following a lunch with a friend on Monday? We’re told it was simply “one of those moments” in which Rimes’ friend offered some “heartfelt” words regarding her professional life, not her personal life. A rep for Rimes told us she was simply “sneezing” in the snaps, and that that the photographer chose to crop out her husband and Cibrian from the image.

Our insider also says that despite the rumor mill running regarding problems between Cibrian and Rimes, their relationship – even with the release of Glanville’s book – is stronger than ever.

“They are doing great,” said the pal. “Eddie is her greatest supporter.”

A rep for Cibrian did not respond to a request for comment.

[From Fox News]

Good God, what horsepucky. Pity poor LeAnn, she obsessively read her husband’s ex-wife’s book and now she’s “fragile”. At least LeAnn has some people around her who are like “Seriously, stop engaging.” I doubt she’ll listen to them though. LeAnn always wants to put out “her side” of things and play the victim, forever and always. I do feel badly for her, but not in the way she wants me to feel for her.

Photos courtesy of WENN, Fame/Flynet.

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  1. Ramona says:

    Brandi is a riot! I can hear like she is saying – “Can it with the Propecia, Eddie. I keep getting hair in my teeth, and you haven’t had a decent boner in like…three months.”

  2. Bubbling says:

    Yesterday was funny, but these people are naaasty! How can you sell out your privacy like that? It’s marriage, and God knows how many crazy isht our families put us through, but have some dignity…

    • Cinnamon says:

      IF Eddie treated Brandi the way Garth Brooks treated his ex wife (made sure she was financially stable, made sure the mistress/Trisha Yearwood was respectful to the ex wife etc) Brandi would have nothing to talk about. BUT Eddie left Brandi broke and dealing with a crazy person around her children every other week that harasses her via minions on twitter/stalks her etc.

      People bash Brandi for making 100,000 a season on RHOBH or so/book sales but if she worked at Sephora making 9$ an hour she would never be financially stable.

      This book is brandi’s way of putting money in the bank for a good long while since lets face it RHOBH isnt going to be around forever and Eddie is paying the bare minimum in child support and having it refunded every 6 months if he is out of work so…yeah.
      This book is Eddie and Leann’s Karma.

      • marie says:

        well that’s great that she’ll have money in the bank, but once that sh!t’s out there what will that do to her kids? hopefully she made enough to not only pay for a roof over their head but also for the psych bills that will surely be coming. I get that she was wronged and that she wanted revenge but what’s gratifying today can be harmful tomorrow, and honestly with this book it seems like she’s only considering herself. If she has no kids, I’d say have it-he deserves it, but there are kids and sometimes discretion is key.

      • TheOriginalKitten says:

        “what’s gratifying today can be harmful tomorrow, and honestly with this book it seems like she’s only considering herself”
        THIS! Thank you, marie, voice of reason.

        I find it disconcerting how many people on here are condoning this because Leanne “has done worse” or “said worse”.

        Really depressing when Leanne Rhimes sets the low standard for people like Brandi to compare themselves to.
        Why not aspire to be better than her? Why not lead by example for your kids? Then again, this is Hollyweird where cash and famewhoring come before morality.

        Listen, I like Brandi. I think she is funny, has a lot of sass, and I appreciate her candor (to a degree), but I wouldn’t condone this kind of behavior from anyone no matter how much I like them. Some things should just be kept PRIVATE, particularly when children are involved. Spare ME the argument of “children have seen much worse and turn out fine”. Way to reach for the stars, guys. Expect more from yourself and others, people. It’s not bad to have high standards when it comes to peoples’ behavior.

        Just my two cents.

      • Ok says:

        Cinnamon — this might be slightly left of your point, but I don’t think Garth Brooks had to make sure that Trisha Yearwood was respectful to his ex-wife Sandy. I don’t think Trisha is wired to be nasty like that.

        More to your point, I do think Garth Brooks had a conscience when it came to his first wide and family.

        Limpeddie does not have a conscience about anything. He is out for himself.

    • RocketMerry says:

      (Well, I’m not saying I would recommend writing a detailed and humiliating tell all about an ex, BUT…)… if my husband/bf said something gross and offensive about my sweet V…
      Well, I sure as hell enjoy a nice, juicy revenge on the cheating, gross ex. Let’s just leave it at that.

    • TheOriginalKitten says:

      @Bubbling-I completely agree.

      On another note, Brandi and Eddie looked really hot together. That first pic…wow.
      Then you look at Eddie and LR and…they seem so mismatched.

      Anyway, none of these people have any class IMO.

      • la chica says:

        Brandi and Eddie looked HAWT together. Let’s keep saying that and drive Falcor f***king crazy. LOL!!!!

    • emmie_a says:

      It’s not like Brandi is the first person to write a tell-all and air her dirty laundry. It’s probably really cathartic for her to get this off her chest. And I don’t think this is going to hurt her kids. She’s not bitching about them or divulging their deepest secrets. Yes, they have a loud mouth mother and a lying, cheating father but kids have put up with worse and survived.

      • gg says:

        I don’t see any excuse at all for this type of behavior. It’s immature, juvenile and designed to inflict pain, nothing more. And it’s embarrassed everybody for them.

      • Lulu says:

        ‘The kids will survive’ excuse for poor parental behavior is surely the most overused and downright cruelest one, if you stop and think about it.

    • c'est la vie says:

      She’s a giver isn’t she? How sweet.

      She must really love to share…

    • The Original Victoria says:

      I’m not sure if I would put it all out there like that but I don’t think she’s wrong. It’s her life and if she wants to talk about it then she has the right. She’s trying to make money and support her kids Hollywood style. We may not think it’s cute, but guess what she’s not a hooker, she’s not a druggie, and she’s trying to take care of her kids.

      Eddie and LeAnn bought this on themselves. If he would have kept his limp dick in his pants she’d be writing about nothing.

      As Mimi says: It’s whatever, whatever, whatever, whatever

      • anonimouse8319 says:

        I’m a mother, so I will always hold a mother to a higher standard and I do NOT think she should be talking about this (her vagina, her ex-husband’s penis); and, I do not live by a standard of explaining my behaviors by pointing to the bad behaviors of other people; so, save the “but Leann did this” or “Leann did that”; big flippin’ deal.

  3. brin says:

    Love it….it’s slow torture for the cheaters. Brandi is getting the last laugh at their expense. Well played, Brandi!
    Leann is about as fragile as a dump truck although this will make her nuttier than a jar of Jif.

    • crab says:

      Exactly!! Just went and preordered the book on Amazon!! I can’t wait for that homewrecking bitch to crash and burn!! Start making the popcorn!

      • Amelia says:

        Ohh, I love Jif, but I can’t buy it over here!!
        Can’t wait to see LeAnn’s meltdown over this. Whilst I think Brandi is ridiculously immature (as are 99% of the idiots involved with reality TV) I salute her for her bitchiness and body blows to the nutcase.

      • missilepanda says:

        @Amelia amazon uk have jif!

  4. lexy says:

    i did not read past where they called Brandi a stunning reality star. Seriously who are they kidding

    • Yvonne says:

      Well, there are a few different varieties of stunning. Stunning as in, “Wow, look at that woman, she’s SO gorgeous!” Or stunning as in, “Wow, look at the car wreck, that’s just horrible!” Take note, real housewives, Botox may smooth lines, but it does NOT make you look younger.

      • Ok says:

        Yvonne. — hey get it strait — Botox and fillers man, Botox and fillers. Oh wait. Botox, fillers and vaginal rejuvenation surgery

  5. Josephina says:

    If ever there was a doubt Eddie Cibrian despised Brandi with her sickness of diarrhea in the mouth, this should rest all claims that he was “happier” when with Brandi.

    Brandi, I wish you could cook, because then you could have written cookbook. It would have sold well.

    I wish you had a real HOBBY or TALENT, because you would have been able to channel your hurt into good use.

    But, no. Instead we have a dirty, tell-all book about the father of your children. Nice.

    Did you start this mess? Absolutely not. But now you are just as dirty and low as the other two (Eddie and LeAnn).

    Let’s hope this is the first and LAST smut book she writes. Simply because it was true does not mean she had to have it published for the world to read. SMH. Talk about revenge at its worst.

    Brandi, get your head out of the gutter.

    • kudzuqueen says:

      You are going to be so excited about this…but she does cook! She’s a great cook! And her next book IS a cookbook. (You are welcome.).

      • Ok says:

        Her next book is a cookbook???
        Just what the world needs…..another cookbook.

        Well at least she isn’t planning on writing a vampire romance novel. There are too many of those.

      • Baylor says:

        Great! Wonder if LeAnn will go on more cooking shows now or write a cookbook herself. LeAnn had zero interest in cooking while married to Dean. Then when she took up with Eddie she suddenly developed an interest and would go on and on about it. I wondered at the time if it was kind of a dig at her ex, but now we know it was just another attempt to SWF Brandi.

      • 'Sup? says:

        I can’t wait to look at the recipe’s names in her book, I’m so buying it when it comes out. I wonder if Brandi will get creative with the recipe names. Here are some suggestions, maybe even do a contest to have people submit some recipes:

        – Lele Skank a la Douchebag
        – Delicatessen roadkilled Lele
        – Grilled Lele kabobs with two fake tofu meatballs
        – Philandering Pigs in a Rimes blanket
        – Horse raddish Lele face sauce
        – Cibrian Roasted Chicken Weewee
        – Cocktail hot dogs a la Eddie
        – Eddie-Lele MOLTEN devil’s food Fudge
        – Psychotic Stalker walnut Lele Brownies

    • Mini-Me says:

      Oh, come on. So she’s airing out all her dirty laundry. Not exactly graceful on her part, BUT she didn’t seduce a married man, end a marriage and continue to harass the scorned woman (a la Leanne). Nor did she cheat on her spouse thereby breaking promises, trust, and her family (Eddie).

      Pretty sure writing a book about her life doesn’t put her on the same level as Eddie and Leanne. Give me a break.

      • MoxyLady007 says:

        @ mini me- thank you! Well said and I agree.

      • ManaMana says:

        “seduce a married man”

        Oh, please… I agree with all the rest, but I just HATE this “poor seduced man” BS. He cheated because he wanted to.

    • gg says:

      +1 @ Josephina

  6. GiGi says:

    Radar has new excerpts up this morning… very, um, graphic.

    I actually really love Brandi – I’ll be buying the book, for sure. I especially love how Leann and Eddie like to play victim – Uh… really?!?!? I just see this as Brandi having her say and making some much needed $.

  7. kingkayski says:

    See,this is what a woman supposed to be ,practical,not emotional!Although this one kind of surprised me,i never thought she’ll be this likable bitc*h, there’s somebody there whos kind of like me.Get even with the husband not with a woman i always say,coz you never know how many they are he’s diddling with.

  8. Em says:

    Maybe this is a dumb question… But isn’t her book libelous? Why aren’t the lawyers on it? Also I get the sense that Eddie looooooves all the attention this whole triangle is getting him. I bet he eggs this s–t on big time.

    • Margarita says:

      I assume Brandi had some sort of legal team go over it for her considering how sue happy LeAnn is. Even if Brandi wasn’t smart enough to think of it her publisher, co-author, and book agent probably did cus you know LeAnn would take everyone down that she could.

    • emmie_a says:

      Well she did joke that she would be getting a cease & desist order… but even if she does, the stories are already out there & thanks to the Internet, they’re not going anywhere.

    • Erinn says:

      To prove libel though, I think you have to prove that the statement was false first, and then that it caused harm. If she only says things that are true, I don’t think it could be prosecuted?

      But this is being said by someone who’s only experience in law is a 12th grade law class. Canadian law at that.

    • bluhare says:

      Not a lawyer, but libel is only libel when it is false. If Brandi’s book is true (and you can bet lawyers have vetted it upside down and sideways), LeEddie don’t have a leg to stand on.

    • anneesezz says:

      It’s only libel if it isn’t true. I work at a law firm

      • karmasabiatch! says:

        Idk whether its libel or not. I appreciate that Brandi got punked and I feel completely sorry for that.
        But christ on a crutch- where is her dignity???

  9. Lolly says:

    I can’t with this Brandi chick.

  10. Sumodo1 says:

    I guess Brandi is developing her “brand.” It’s the new vulgarity.

  11. elceibeno08 says:

    Wow, this is really TMI from Eddie and Brandi. I hope their children never read stuff like this about their parents when they grow up.

    • Toot says:

      Well, it’s not from Eddie because he didn’t put it out there.

      I feel bad for the boys. She’s putting all this mess out there and you know other kids can be mean.

      • Sugar says:

        that’s is my concern- you can controll the things your children read, watch & hear at home. It’s the playground that worries me for these two boys. I know kids are exposed to waaaay more than even when my two 20 something kids were at M & J’s age & my childhood seems beyond G rated compared to today. As an example I had one friend in elementary school who showed me where her dads playboy stash was (gasp). Flashforward today we have a mom putting out there some pretty private stuff for her kids to hear about.
        I GET it that lEann mentioned first about Brandi but I never knew about it until the excerpt from her book was plastered on the Internet yesterda. Not everyone reads or read all the “twitter” crap that was put out there but the book is getting it’s press for sales & these boys are going to hear things from cruel kids.

    • Cam S says:

      @elceibeno08: I gotta say this even though I don’t have kids. Would everyone spare me with the whole “When the kids grow up & find out” shiz? Dang if my Mom had written a tell all nothing in there would have suprised me. Kids are more aware than you think. Sorry but, I think I would be more upset at my Dad for diddling everything with legs than for my Mom writing a book making light of the situation.

      Think about all the stuff you knew was going on between your parents when they tried hard to keep it from you. I gotta say, in my case (and many of my friends cases growing up) there wasn’t much that we didn’t already know.

      • Erinn says:

        I agree Cam.

        Plus, I mean comeon. Do you think kids are going to really be reading this stuff? Even as teens. Do you REALLY think that teenaged boys want to read their mother’s tell all books? No. Do you think their friends will want to read it? No.

      • elceibeno08 says:

        @ Cam: Somewhere I read that psychologists recommend that parents refrain from doing things that might embarrass their children. Look at Michael Lohan, if he was my dad I would be embarrass of his actions. If I grow to learn that my mom, Kim Kardashian made a sex tape and it got posted on the internet I might be a little embarrased too. Just saying.

      • Tara says:

        Exactly. Thanks Cam.

      • littlestar says:

        I agree with you 100%, Cam. When I was a kid, I knew exactly what was going on in my parents lives (and in my aunts and uncles lives, etc), no matter how hard they tried to keep it from us kids. We had eyes and ears and could put 2 and 2 together once we were old enough. And if one is a particularly precocious kid, there’s really NO hiding anything from them. Even body language is telling to a child.

        So when people say, hide everything from the kids – good luck with that! Sometimes I think hiding/keeping things from kids does more damage than good at times (not all the time though, mind you).

      • Kimble says:

        There’s a big difference between knowing what is going on with your parents in your own home and sharing those precious nuggets with the world.

        I used to be on the fence about Brandi and found her weird-assed followers on here to be faintly amusing.

        This crass oversharing is way over the line and she clearly couldn’t care less about the impact this will have on her kids …

        The only time I have ever heard of Fast Eddie sharing is from Brandi’s followers on here – has he ever PUBLICLY discussed her or his marriage at all? Not saying his dick wandering was a good thing, but I really don’t see how this justifies what Brandi is doing now!

      • claire says:

        It’s like the mis- and overuse of the accusations of bullying or slut shaming. It’s the new way to try to shut down an argument, or judge someone, without having to exhibit logic or analytical skills, or acknowledging any facts or nuances of the situation.

  12. Gracie says:



    If nobody cared about you or that affair when it happened, they sure aren’t gonna start airing now.

    • Eri says:

      Huh..that’s funny because her pre-sales are through the roof.. She’s already on the charts and it doesn’t come out for two weeks. I love how a lot of people are like “I hope her kids never read this”. Did Eddie think about their kids when he screwed around and treated the MOTHER OF HIS CHILDREN like a replaceable Barbie? Nope. Maybe the kids will be glad when they grow up and hear the actual story that their mother didn’t just roll over and take it but fought back. And maybe those boys will treat the women in their lives better than their disgusting father does. Oh and I’m pretty sure Brandi doesn’t give a crap about you either, she’s too busy makin bank;)

      • Mini-Me says:


      • Gracie says:

        That’s great for Brandi. Luckily for me I still have youth and dignity left. I’m going to college to have an actual career helping people, not being bitter about being cheated on and exploiting it at every chance I get. As for the whole “book sales are through the roof” Snooki and Lauren Conrad both have best sellers under their belt. Doesn’t mean their work is anything of quality.

        BTW, I don’t need Brandi’s approval or for her to care about me. I’ve got real independent, intelligent, and successful women in my life to look up to. They’ve been cheated on as wells but they handled it with dignity and with grace and moved on.

      • LAK says:

        Gracie – I am assuming that your divorced friends were’t faced with a years long crazy,stalker, SWF’ing replacement determined to use their fame and money to take over their lives and children.

        And having not faced that reality, or had any kind of negative life experience, they can be smugly and unsympathetically judgy about a woman who without any education,money etc faced this very situation and has had to find anyway that works knowing that if she slipped up at any moment, her life would be blown apart further than it already has. All whilst being taunted and abused by the new wife and her army of supporters.

      • mln76 says:

        Gracie you are awesome!!!!
        Brandi is the mother of Eddie’s children
        Eddie of the father of Brandi’s children
        They both deserve respect not because of their relationship but because of the children.
        Anyone who thinks that this is somehow a healthy environment for kids to see their parents abuse each other so publicly out of some antiquated and bizarre concept of right and wrong needs to have their heads shrunk.
        Oh and LAK assuming that the SWFing Brandi describes is totally accurate the best thing to stop it would have been to document it in detail and go to a judge. If she actually cared about it she could have had sole custody and a restraining order. But I really think Brandi got addicted to the attention which is why she is chosing to go the tackiest way possible in this.

      • emmie_a says:

        Mln76: So Brandi is supposed to let LeAnn go public and tell lies about her and torment her and her husband publically humiliate her — and STAY QUIET? LeAnn and Eddie are the ones who made this public knowledge. Alll Brandi is doing is sticking up for herself.
        Gracie: Nice holier than thou attitude you have. How do you know that Brandi’s book isn’t going to help other women going through a divorce and losing everything????

      • mln76 says:

        @emmie-a again if she had the brains or gumption to go to a judge she could have had an injunction on LeeAnn and or Eddie ever speaking/writing about her publicly.
        That would have actually helped the kids.

      • Iyanla says:

        Gracie, I feel you. Everyone watching this saga probably wishes Brandi could REALLY move on with more grace and strength and be like the women you speak about. Brandi’s situation also sounds a little worse, since I am assuming the women you speak about didn’t go through the ordeal publically. Everyone likes the underdog story. Everyone wants to see someone rise above their circumstances and prevail. But sometimes, life cold cocks you and you can’t get up. I don’t believe that’s an opportunity to criticize someone, it’s a time to help them.

        It’s clear Brandi is struggling with this divorce and the aftermath. She is angry, depressed and sad- she admits that openly, more’s the pity.

        Instead of judging her and being mad at her for not getting over it already, I think she deserves some pity and sympathy. I think of myself,and I know so many of us have been there, when I was especially pathetic after a bad break up (being cheated on during a family member’s illness. literally, I would be sleeping in a chair in the hospital room with my family member and my lame ass boyfriend would be screwing another chick behind my back.) my friends saw me crumble under the stress and depression for a solid year. Instead of getting impatient, annoyed and frustrated with me, my friends and family circled the wagons. They propped me up when I couldn’t do it myself. They told that boyfriend of mine because I didn’t have the strength, don’t you ever show your face at her house. I was very well aware I was a mess much like Brandi. I needed the love and kindness from everyone more than ever because I was not coping well.

        Ok so the point is, when someone is truly struggling I think compassion and patience are needed not anger and impatience. I hope this book is the closure Brandi needs.

      • kudzuqueen says:

        I said yes to agree with Eri, not Mln76…just clarifying!!!

      • LAK says:

        min76 – Clearly you’ve never been SWF’d if you think it can go to court. This is tabloid documented list of some incidents of LeAnn SWF’ing Brandi except where indicated.

        1. The weightloss
        2. The tiny bikinis (complete with making replica bikini clad shots of the ones on Brandi’s twitteer
        3. Bought the same clothing and styles
        4. Bought the same car
        5. Matched her hair colour and frequently hairstyles
        6. Brandi activities eg being a beach baby.
        7. Changed medical professionals to Brandis eg she allegedly went to Brandi’s dr to get the same bolt ons, dental, botox, fillers. One can only assume she’s now scheduling an appt with Brandi’s V surgeon. This titbit supplied by twitter followers.

        8. Changed her make up to Brandi’s make up. You can see the difference in how she made her face up pre-Eddie.

        9. Changed her outer appearace to such extent that on some occassions, one could easily mistake her for Brandi.

        In the court of law, none of these activities are illegal. The standard policy given by authorities is to put up with it until, or if, it crosses over into criminality.

        Further the internet isn’t legislated meaning that the police (in UK, but I assume similar in USA) can’t really pursue a criminal case. Brandi would have to hire legal counsel to pursue a civil case privately. Money she didn’t have. In a situation of she said/they said, where the other side can use personal information to discredit you, whilst hiding behind the best lawyers in town, how do you think Brandi was going to defend herself?

        A lot of what Brandi has put up with was due to a lack of money, platform to speak, and being pushed further into a corner.

        You know what happens when you corner a person, they come back swinging. It may not be the appropriate response, but they have reached breaking point and don’t care anymore for the collateral damage except to hit back at their tormentor. Hard.

        The thing with the children, someone gave a very good example of the film THE HAND THAT ROCKS THE CRADLE whilst describing LeAnn’s behaviour with the children. Insidious but hard to prove in a court of law unless it crosses over into criminality.

      • mln76 says:

        @LAK I am not victim blaming. Just because one bad very wrong thing happened to her it doesn’t justify her actions most especially because of the kids. And as many have pointed out this is not a book about how LeeAnn stalked her. I bet you just wrote more about that then will appear in her book.
        She sunk lower into the sewer than LeeAnn and Eddie which takes real talent.

      • Alana Fajina says:

        Well I was actually going to respond to that Ridiculous comment Gracie left but then I scrolled down a ways more and read that she is only 17. Can’t talk about what you don’t know, child. “Youth and dignity left..” Of course you do darling, you have no life experience to speak of!!
        PS. not all of us have/had it as great as you and your posse and were able to go to college, so way to judge someone for working with what they have.

      • LAK says:

        min76 – I am not saying that you are victim blaming. I am trying to explain why many of us are supporting Brandi. As this triangle has escalated, you’ve been very consistent in saying that Brandi should take her grievances to court, completely missing the point that a lot of what she has had to endure is impossible to prove in court and requires a degree of criminality before any court will take it seriously and action it or a privately funded civil action which she can’t afford. She has explained many times that when she tries to deal with LR/EC privately, they are uncooperative, so she makes it public to shame them into action, and it works. every time. The downside is that she is also judged to be as crazy as LR/EC, but what is she to do?

        My biggest wish for her is that this book will make her financially stable enough to afford the kind of lawyers that will force EC/LR to make the custody arrangement work and to stop the harrassment.

        In the meantime, this is how she has chosen to deal with it, and as long as it doesn’t turn into 8yrs long Jen Aniston style pity party, i am on board.

        She promised a book that would discuss her divorce,warts and all, and she’s delivered, and then some. Adding pot shots at Eddie is just gravy.

        ps:- i hope you realise that the media is drip feeding quotes or paragraphs daily without context so it looks like she is saying something scandalous just because she can eg yesterday’s excerpt put it out there that she had V surgery on Eddie’s credit card. without context or timelines. Cue lots of speculation about askewed priorities of V surgery when she was broke. Today we find out that she had the surgery in response to his rude description of the state of it, and that she had the surgery whilst Eddie was still living at home just before she kicked him out. Reading each day’s post as a stand alone report makes it look like Brandi is talking about several different things that happened months/years after the divorce when it’s possibly one page describing events whilst they were still married and living together.

      • mln76 says:

        @LAK thanks for the clarification. I must have confused you with the nice lady who accused me as being the same as a person who blames a rape victims for their attack.
        I apologize. Seriously you are one of the few commenters on this thread who hasn’t resorted to nastiness to get your opinion across and i appreciate it.
        As for the rest I still hold that she could have saved all emails twitter stalking etc and taken it to court family court is MUCH different than regular court and if she could convince a judge she is afraid of her it would look bad. Funny enough I have a friend who is being stalked right now and in researching this with her the worst thing you can do is feed the stalker with attention or reprisals the best thing is to go through legal avenues. Oh and as for Laxative gate that absolutely should have been taken to CPS and the court no question.
        Everytime these dribs come out I feel bad for the kids. And yes I believe that the kids are being affected NOW. It only takes one kid at school to hear about this stuff bot somewhere down the road for them to live through years of merciless teasing.

    • Cinnamon says:

      and yet her book is number 4 on biographies best seller list on amazon and itunes prior to release..
      obviously some people care

      • Gracie says:

        @LAK I don’t have any divorced friends yet, we’re 17 lol! But, I have my own perspective, so bear with me. My mother had an affair with my father, who was married to someone else. She didnt know he was married though. His then wife divorced him, and she moved on with her life, and now manages a few Weight Watchers.. My mother and father got back together, and then my father cheated on her with multiple women, I saw it with my own eyes. There was this one woman who was bipolar, but was insane! She insisted on being my “new mom”, she was sure my father would marry her. Do you know this woman, on multiple occasions, would try and pick me up from school or take me out of school early? She actually went up to my school and tried to get them to change my last name to hers. She tried to change my address as well. Whenever I would mention my real mother, she would yell at me, and she wanted me to call her mom. When my mother left my father, I went to live with my mom. This woman stalked us, and everywhere I went. She keyed my mothers car and smashed some of her windows, and tried to break into our house. (She was greeted by our 2 lovely German shepherds) She would constantly call our home phone, and would show up to some of my piano recitals and volleyball tournaments. She told my friends she was my real mother. This bitch was insane. My uncle is a lawyer, and we got an order of protection. She hasn’t bothered us since 2008. My mother was obviously angry, and went through some rough years, but now she just got her Master’s degree and is starting a non-profit tutoring business. She also is engaged to a much better man.

      • Erinn says:

        That’s a rough story. And it’s great that your mother has come out well from the whole situation, considering everything. However, I think the point that everyone is trying to express to you, is that until you have personally been cheated on, and had a marriage (of your own) crumble around you, you can’t really know how you would react. Some people have awful role models and turn out well. My parents fight constantly. It was not a fun childhood. That was the role model of a relationship that I had to live with, however I didn’t turn out that way. I have an amazing relationship with my fiance where we do not call names, and start petty fights the way my parents did. I know plenty of people with great role models for parents who, like myself, did not go on to behave like they did, and instead behaved negatively.

        What we’re saying is that while you’ve had some troubling times, you have them from the perspective of the child, not the woman who was cheated on. So there is still a possibility that you might not have turned out as amazingly as your mother did in the same situation. Hopefully a situation you will never have to face.

      • Gracie says:

        @Erinn with regards to you and LAK, the others were seemingly only talking about her book sales. My point is that this is ALL she seems to talk about, and the constant name calling between all of them, is childish. I think she should grow up and move on, but she’s stuck on stupid. Maybe this book will help her move on though, it just seems like all she craves is attention and notoriety.

      • Josephina says:

        People who love dirty gossip care..

        The information that she is allowing for print is low and disgusting. She is on par with Kat Von Dee.

        PLUS she is a Mommy to two boys.

        She should have some sense to NOT have allowed herself to be defined by a DIVORCE- amicable or not.

        All of this dirt slinging just to make money?!?! You do not have to become what you don’t like. Her actions are very immature. LeAnn and Eddie’s behavior should have never been HER benchmark. Where is her brain?

        She makes prostitutes appear noble in their profession.

        Again, Brandi, develop a talent, or start a REAL career. Let this be the LAST smut book you create.

        Be better than Eddie…don’t go lower than him, which is what you have done with this ridiculous book.

      • candigirl says:

        Wow Gracie, that is a frightening story!! I’m so glad you and your mom got away from that mentally ill woman who threatened your lives. This puts your other posts into perspective, I think the Brandi, Leann, Eddie situation hits home with you and is why it must be hard to hear about it, why it brings up such an angry response from you. I’m so sorry this happened to your family. You didn’t deserve it. Neither did Brandi and her boys, even if she has a different reaction to being stalked. I hope all of you find peace. This is National Stalking Awareness Month. I hope you will continue to speak out about your story. We need more voices.

      • Gracie says:

        @candigirl et al

        I’m not blaming or shaming Brandi. I just think she needs to accept that, yes, what happened to her was wrong and she didn’t deserve it, but, you can’t change the messed up things that happen to you, and life must go on, and the best revenge is to better yourself. I think she’s playing to their level, and she could be so much better than them.

      • bluhare says:

        Gracie, you’ve got more maturity than all the parties in this situation put together. Good for you.

      • LAK says:

        Gracie – She’s had to endure several years worth of an aggressive harrassment campaign by a determined celebrity with the financial resources and motivation to do so. A woman married to a hollywood star who wasn’t a famewhore!!! 13yrs she lived with him, and never capitalised on that proximity. None of us knew who she was until LR dragged her into the limelight.

        She hasn’t really discussed her divorce in any detail in the past. She was commissioned to write a book about it and this is the result. Which is also the reason you are hearing about it in such gory detail. If your mother chose to write a book about her experience, you wouldn’t say she was stuck in the past would you? or stupid for doing so, would you?

        As for the language used, having seen Brandi on RHOBH, this is how she talks. I would prefer her to talk properly without F-Bombs and name calling but apparently she skipped that etiquette class on her way to Modelling school. So i shrug and hope LV will be able to influence it out of her.

    • Zwella Ingrid says:

      IDK, It is harder than hell to react to a cheating spouse with dignity and grace. I’m afraid it is not a situation that you can even begin to predict how you would react unless you have lived through it! I know this from personal experience.

      • Gracie says:

        Yes @ Alana Fajina I’m just a dumb17 year old who’s never had to endure any sort of pain in any sort of way. All of my opinions are invalid because i am only 17. 17 year olds have no moral compass and are not real citizens, so their opinions don’t matter at all. I’m just a dumb kid that cannot think or process through tough situations, therefore, everything I said doesn’t matter. It must be nice to be as smart and as kind and understanding as you. Your empathy astounds me.


      • Alita says:

        Ha yes Gracie, it is impossible for you to have a valid opinion because you made the wrong life choice .. in telling the forum that you are 17, lol. My opinion is that your opinion is right, that it is extremely lame for someone in exactly Brandi’s position, like say just for the sake of argument Brandi, to behave this way. For all the reasons already enumerated. And I’m a happy 36yo chick with a normal (family) life full of ups and downs, and a healthy awareness of self-determination.

        The sad part is that you will henceforth lose in Brandi threads. The CB thread has spoken! The positive is that with an attitude that doesn’t include thinking it’s okay to be just a little bit better, or on par, with a bottomfeeder, it’s far more likely that you will win at life.

        Go on now and do whatever you young people do these days, so long as it’s not on my darned lawn, okay??

    • Mela says:

      Gracie, witnessing your mothers betrayal second hand must have been very hard. To be on the receiving end of that betrayal, like Brandi and your mom is even worse. Have some compassion. 🙂

      No one says your opinion doesn’t matter, its just a different perspective from woman with more time on this planet. Dont forget your brain isnt even done developing yet! 😉

      • Alita says:

        Hi Mela, actually saying someone’s brain isn’t developed yet is invalidating their opinion. The more recent scientific research than the ‘not cooked yet’ concept is that although the young brain will continue to grow, through forming new memories, that the essential foundation is there. Some chemistry changes, sure, but it is more a matter of what is important to the stage of life. And that older brain tissues ‘think’ so much slower that essentially we’re unable eventually to take new concepts in. Frightening, huh!

    • Sapphire says:

      @ml76-sorry fornthemlate entry and of course you are entitled to your own opinion. But have you had any contact with family court and the reporting part of CPS? A single incident of a child picking up a random over the counter pill from the floor won’t generate a report let alone an investigation in a county so understaffed that chronic abuse cases are infrequently monitored. I don’t see a single incident that a family court referee or judge would act upon a custodial arrangement. What are they going to order, that LR stop reading BG’s twitter feed?

  13. Mira says:

    Basic late-entry question – Who the hell is this Eddie guy and why are these two women fighting over him? I understand he cheated on his wife with the other woman but why are these people so popular? Because they are fighting out their trash in the media? Shouldn’t the jilted wife be dealing with the husband instead of getting all high-school with the other woman? Sometimes I just don’t understand women. My rule of one comment on any one post each day has been used for the day. Bum bum…!

    • LAK says:

      Oh Mira, this is is the latest incanation of the triangle of doom as perpetuated by Jen Aniston and Diana. The difference is everyone in this one is prepared to dish publicly to down market publications.

      The reason for it is squarely on LeAnn Rimes shoulders. Not the cheating because it seems Eddie is a pathological cheater, but the visibility and viciousness of the triangle.

      If LeAnn rimes had played the game in a more restrained, dignified, respectful, private way, she wouldn’t have dragged Brandi and her eventual book into the spotlight.

      Can you imagine if Julia Roberts had continously harrassed Danny Moder’s ex-wife Vera? Perhaps Vera would be as famous as Brandy and writting her own tell-all.

      Or if Camilla and Angelina had behaved the way LeAnn is behaving and has behaved?

      And after seeing her on RHOBH, I think she’s witty, deprecating and hasn’t a mean,devious bone in her body.(All that comes through even though she’s been edited by Bravo TV)

      Sure, she could use a filter and better language, but the way she’s skewering Eddie is funny as hell.

      Eddie is coming through as so reprehensible that it’s not worth commenting on. He will always be known for that.

      And getting LeAnn to pay for her V surgery (since she pays for Eddie) is bitchily funny.

      • Mira says:

        LAK and mln76,

        Thank you for summarizing this entire drama for me. So Eddie was an actor once upon a time on television and that’s how these people are associated with show business. They continue to earn big bucks in the reality television format. Well, the more the merrier is the mantra for reality television and in that sense they are making hay while the sun shines. However, they are also promoting the corny mentality that means justify the end. Brandi deserves her revenge no matter how unethical it is. She deserves to make some cash and stick it to her ex-husband and his girlfriend in any which way because she was scorned by the ex and his girlfriend. With Jen Aniston and more so Diana, the media interest in them was always there to begin with. Of course they enabled the media and used the victim card. Unfortunately they will always be more famous for blowing up their personal lives in the media than for their work. Rallying people and getting support from unknown public faces for what is essentially a private matter is a very short-sighted approach and a lot of celebrities lean towards this option.

        I disagree with what these people are doing however bitchy or saucy it seems to be. Brandi may be witty, self-deprecating and all of that but what is so funny about the way she’s pulling down her ex? Eddie will always be known as a reprehensible man but Brandi will also be remembered for her 15 minutes of fame. I anyway don’t think any of these people will be remembered in any which way. They are providing some sort of perverse entertainment to a drama-hungry public/media. I’m very surprised by the support the Brandi chick is receiving on this board. Anger and humiliation can be channelized in better ways than writing tell-all books. For some reason Brandi thinks that by writing a tell-all she is outside of the circle and that gives her some sort of moral high ground. I’m not dismissing the pain, abandonment and humiliation she has suffered in the hands of her ex and the other lady. But she has, in the process of seeking revenge, turned into the very people she’s accusing to gain sympathy. I empathize with the kids. I don’t know how this drama will affect them. Definitely not in a positive way but Hollywood normal is different than our normal and kids who grow up in that environment will also have different understanding of normal. That is not to say they are insulated from all the drama but they deal with it differently.

    • mln76 says:

      Eddie was on one of those CSI shows a few years back…I guess at one time he was a c list heart throb….everyone involved is a loser.
      Brandi is a narcissist with a talent for getting peopleon her side ,Eddie a sociopath,and LeeAnn is just plain old dumb and crazy…it gives people a certain kind of joy to watch the implosion.

      • Iyanla says:

        I dont think Brandi is a pathological narcissistic person. I don’t think she is in love with her reflection more than any other pretty person. I think she is a woman scorned and hell hath no fury like a woman scorned. She was WRONGED in a public way and she is crazy mad! She goes too far sometimes but I totally understand, i think I would too if I was treated the way she was.

        I mean, Eddie and Leann and their loser friends are messing with the most important and emotionally charged aspect of a human’s life- their family and children. Of course she is going to go crazy from them screwing with that!

        Who wouldn’t be- that phrase hell hath no fury like a woman scorned didn’t come from nowhere!

        if something like this DIDN’T make you temporarily crazy mad and vengeful, then I would argue to say you are a sociopath who doesn’t care about anything!

        I also have a point to argue in the “blame the victim” sentiment you seem to express. Your whole sentiment of- Brandi is a trashy loser so she deserves some of this drama is so lame. Imagine if the shoe was on your foot? Imagine if your man left you high and dry with his babies, oh but I am going to use your weak moments after this tragedy to judge you. You better not lose your mind with depression and anger because you weren’t perfect to begin with and therefore don’t deserve to suffer through hard times! Sometimes people, like Eddie and Leann are toxic crap people. They wreck havoc on your life. Some people just suck!

        This is the same mindset as saying, that girl was dressed provactively so she deserved to be sexually assualted. I do not like that victim shaming when someone is truly innocent! No one to blame but Eddie and Leann and that Sur waitress whats her name

      • brin says:

        @Iyanla…well said.

      • mln76 says:

        You really think that 4 years is a case of temporary insanity?
        I know women who went through very bad divorces. I konw plenty of women left in hardship both emotionally and financially.
        The sane ones go to counseling with their rage instead of venting it in toxic ways like Brandi there is nothing sociopathic about that.
        The ones who hold onto their rage end up alone and alienated from their kids because no one wants to be around someone stuck in the past.

        Oh and comparing my opinion to blaming a rape victim is about as low as you can get…Shame on you!!!

      • Alana Fajina says:

        @Iyanla, YES GF!!

    • Iyanla says:

      I never said Brandi was one of the sane ones, I said she is CRAZY mad! But what do you expect was my point. I’m not going to diss her because she can’t cope well enough with her nutty ex husband and bonus biatch in the eyes of some righteous people.

      4 years? Eh. Time is running out I agree and I hope Brandi gets the closure she needs from the book but the trauma did not stop the day she filed her divorce 4 years ago- its been an ongoing living hell coparenting with those two ediots from what I have read.

      As for the analogy I gave you, it absolutely fits. You are blaming Brandi because she is “trashy.” You seem to express that Brandi has some culpability in his husband’s affairs and thus, the current state of her life (that you think is so stupid.)It’s like looking at a victim, and being like, buck up, you dressed too provactively, got assaulted, so don’t complain about it! don’t be tramatized by it, because you dress provactively, it’s your fault anyways! You say in other words, Brandi is trashy so she deserved to be left by her husband and dragged through the mud…

      • Penguin says:


      • Iyanla says:

        mln just to clarify – i’m not saying youre a rape victim hater. i’m just saying, bad shit happens to good people. some things in life, nobody deserves to have happen to them.

      • mln76 says:

        Whatever it was a really disrespectful and insulting analogy.

      • Iyanla says:

        I made it because that is the classic “blame the victim” example that everyone can recognize. i know you aren’t a rapist lover! come on now!

      • mln76 says:

        I can’t with this. It was low. It was wrong. It wasn’t an accurate analogy and it was disrespectful not only to myself but to actual rape victims.
        Have a good night.

  14. Macey says:

    That line about her “lady business’ cracked me up. I do think this book will be good for some chuckles.
    Believe or not, this surgery has been done for years, its really not uncommon at all. Its just not a lot of ppl openly discuss it. I dont blame her at all for addressing it since LR made it her place to discuss it with everyone on twitter first. She might as well join in and use it to help promote the book. Lets face you have to put some ‘shocking’ stuff in there just to get press and ppl’s interest in it. I just saw another article a cpl days ago on that new plastic surgery wives show and the one wife had her ‘labia leftovers’ in a jar that she was proudly showing off.

    I always notice how different Ediot’s eyes are in his pics with Brandi vs LR. His eyes seem genuinely happy in Brandi’s pics but then look so staged and fake smiling in LR’s…its weird.

  15. Stars and Stripes says:

    Good for Brandi for coming out with this book! She had to endure pain and heartache of losing her husband and family. LR knew what she was doing from DAY ONE ..flirting with EC on the set, obsessing and stalking over him WHILE married to Dean. She was doing all if this behind their backs and trying to make nice nice “friend” with a fake smile to Brandi when the whole time she had it out for her husband!!!! LR didn’t give a damn about their boys, her husband Dean or Brandi. I don’t feel sorry for LR. She is getting what she deserves. She is just trash. It will be only time when EC gets bored with her. Can’t wait to buy the book!

    • Jayna says:

      What an odd comment. Not once did you mention Eddie is getting what he deserves, you know, the man that humiliated her, broke his vows numerous times screwing other women, telling them he loved them, treated Brandi like shit during the divorce, and allowing and ecouraging his new wife to taunt her and not putting a stop to it. But not once did you focus on the person who was supposed to have loved her and protected her as deserving this tell-all.

      • Ok says:

        Jayna. Excellent point. It seems like Eddie’s accountability is conveniently forgotten about for some reason.

        But if I had to guess, Eddie could give a rats ass about this site and our comments.

      • Sapphire says:

        I would say the majority of posters have called out Eddiout and he has gotten what he deserves- little career, major drama and is about to be a laughingstock….

      • Ok says:

        Sapphire — actually some of the posts about Eddie are brief and mild compared to the nasty vivacious things that get posted on this site about Leann. Honestly go back and read. The posts have a feel as though it was 100% Leann and Eddie had zero choice in the matter of the infidelity.

        It has a very ” Kristen Stewart is a Trampire ” feel to it. Kristen Stewart is a Trampire and Rupert Sanders is a …… Nothing.

        It is a recurring theme. Liz Taylor was a whore. Angelina Jolie is a slut. Kristen Stewart is a tramp. Leann is a homewrecker.

        Look back thru the years of celebrity infidelity. Yes the man is criticized and there are comments. But the women get the nasty vicious venomous low digging blows.

      • ManaMana says:

        I’m with Jayna and Ok. Totaly. I hate it when women get the whole blame in these cases, it looks like men are poor creatures with no choice, no will, no control of themselves. MEN CAN PERFECTLY SAY NO. In this case, he was the husband, he is the FATHER, and he was the first one to think about himself and put his family and children aside. Several times. Not just with LR.

        I can’t sympathize with him at all.

  16. Ok says:

    Could not have been limp for very long with all the sleeping around he was doing. Maybe she should have been spiking his food with propecia all along……..

  17. Mini-Me says:

    Everyone who is saying, “But think of the CHILDREN!” should take a step back and look at the situation. Kids have always been, and will always be, embarrassed by their parents’ actions. They’ll live.

    Plenty of kids walk in on their parents having sex, have their friends walk in on their parents having sex, etc. and have lived to be healthy, functioning adults. Granted, this book is worse in that it may be embarrassing on a larger scale, but at the same time..

    Their father was the one that had a huge scandalous affair with a mentally unstable country singer on the set of a lifetime movie. THAT is what ended the marriage.

    I’m still in school, and thus can relate to the younger mindset. When these kids grow up and realize what exactly happened to their family, I’m pretty sure they’re going to be more angry at their father for cheating on their mother, than they will be at mom for writing a book about it.

    I don’t think I could forgive my dad if he did what Eddie did, and with someone like Leanne. My heart would go out to my mom if she were Brandi, and I’d be incredibly angry at Eddie & Leanne for not leaving her be, and just rubbing their relationship in everyone’s face. Given, I’d probably be mortified if my mom wrote a book about it, but I wouldn’t hate her for it.

    Let Brandi have her book.

    • littlestar says:

      Yes! +1!

      No matter how much parents try to shelter and protect their kids, children are STILL going to figure out what is going on. When my parents had issues, I knew about it. And kids especially pick up on the body language of adults. You either grow up and learn from your parents actions, or you become a loser like Lindsay Lohan and continually blame your parents for your sh*thole life, instead of taking responsibility for yourself.

      I think Brandi’s and Eddiot’s kids will be okay, even with someone as mentally disturbed as Leann in their lives.

    • Iyanla says:

      I agree. the kids will be super pissed at both their parents, probably more so their father for awhile. Then they will get over it, forgive their parents, and move on. Blood is thicker than water. Leann will not be part of the forgiveness equation I think.

    • Alana Fajina says:

      I agree, Mini-Me. Sometimes I think that the people who think that Brandi is wrong for writing this book forget all the things Leanna and Eddie did to rub their affair in Brandi’s face. I’m sure the kids aren’t going to love the back and forth both the parents have engaged in, but I would be pissed as hell if my father and his new wide did what these two ass clowns have done to the Cibrian’s V.1

      • Marie Antoinette Jr. says:

        People who get emotionally involved in celebrities’ private lives do so because they relate to a particular celebrity. My hunch is that people that relate to Brandi have been wronged by someone they deeply trusted (like a husband) and/or then had to deal with someone crazy and nasty like Leann rimes. Or maybe it was one and the same person. Maybe someone was wronged by a crazy spouse, for example, or a sibling.

        Anyway, crazy is tough to deal with, but once you have you can recognize it in an instant. On the other hand, if you’ve never dealt with it, you really cannot even begin to imagine how difficult it can be or that it even exists. Because it NEVER makes sense. That’s why crazy gets away with it so much of the time. No one believes it because it’s UNBELIEVABLE.

        I’ve dealt with a psychologically unstable person for most of my life. And I finally had to excise that person from my life. Brandi can’t do that with Leann because of the kids.
        If I would have been in Brandi’s shoes, I would have done everything possible to expose that nut Leann to the world. And that is why I can fully understand and empathize with Brandi. I got to get rid of my crazy family member. Brandi HAS to deal with hers.

  18. Catk says:

    Brandi should thank Leann. If they hadn’t been caught cheating, she would either still be married to Eddie (gross) or he would have quietly divorced her and Brandi would be another nobody. She got all of the press because of the controversy of the husband-stealing Leann, not because she used to be married to a d-list actor.

  19. SleepyJane says:

    The things this poor woman has had to stoop to in order to keep her children out of the homeless shelters.

    • Ok says:

      Well she has not had to stoop to finding a regular 9-to5 job just yet. Horrors if she should have to. Thank god for reality television and gossip websites in order to save another woman from experiencing that horror.

      • Sapphire says:

        I guess “dignity” and minimum wage is better than expediting a roof over your families head etc. Spare me…

  20. Toot says:

    If Brandi is supposedly bringing out a cookbook she should have done that instead of this mess.

    Yeah, she gets to stick it to the ex and LR, but the boys have to deal with the embarrassment.

    • Mini-Me says:

      The boys will be fine. Pretty sure when they’re older they will resent Eddie’s affair more than they resent mom’s overshare.

      • Ok says:

        At the very least, the boys will understand the side-effects of Propecia after reading Mommys book.

      • mln76 says:

        The boys will be fine?
        You know this how?

      • brin says:

        @Mini-Me..Agree….and it rhymes(rimes)!

      • Mini-Me says:

        Mln, I could ask you the same question (“you know this how?”) about your own over-reaching statements. For example, that Eddie is, and has always been, a sociopath.

        But, I’ll reason through my statement for you. It’s generally true that children are able to overcome their parents’ embarrassing antics and horrible overshares. If we were to do a questionnaire on kids whose parents wrote embarrassing books, and other similar situations, it’s not unreasonable to assume that they would say that despite said books, they came out “fine.”

        Or, if we were to present the Brandi-Eddie situation on kids that semi-understand the gravity of cheating (junior high-ish maybe?), it would be reasonable to assume that they would say the husband’s actual cheating would affect them more than the scorned wife’s subsequent book about the cheating.

      • mln76 says:

        @mini-me I don’t know for a fact that he is a sociopath however he displays sociopathic tendencies.

        I know the affects on children from working in the past with children who were at risk and personal experience. The trauma of the divorce happened four years ago. If Brandi wants to heal her kids she wouldn’t continue the conflict and trauma in order to spare her kids the pain because they are the only ones who are living day to day with all three people.

  21. mln76 says:


    the only victims in this are the children and those idiotic enough to spend money on this drivel.

    • emmie_a says:

      Ok Mln – we get it. You think this is hurting the kids.

      Maybe read some real news stories about kids who have actually been abused and tortured and had truly awful lives. And they survive. And even thrive. There are even kids out there who have been through waaaay worse divorces and they are fine.

      • mln76 says:

        I’ll say it again I have worked with at risk kids so I don’t need to look at a newspaper I could just have a conversation with one of them. Funny enough while some of those kids were the stereotypical inner city youths with crackhead parents there were plenty with parents like Brandi and Eddie selfish to the core and out to use their kids for revenge but not interested in any other aspect of parenting.

      • Ok says:

        Emmie_a. — there was someone, somewhere on this long thread that pointed out the double-standard where Leann does something and she is harming the children. Now that Brandi is doing something all of a sudden these same children are resilient as Tibetan Sherpas scaling the Himalays.

        There is just such a double standard on this site.

  22. Prinny says:

    For everyone saying Brandi shouldn’t have put this info in her book, it was already out there. I’ve seen this referenced a few times on twitter. Leann thought she was funny telling some of her twiitter followers. What she fails to realize is that Brandi plays this game better. She has every right to set straight a rumor that LR put out there.

    • Josephina says:

      IF Brandi had ANY MATURITY and COMMON SENSE… she would not feel the need to respond to any of this crazy crap. She would allow LeAnn to self-destruct all on her own.

      But no, here we have another woman-child who wants to go public with her fight. Why? To win public support. The divorce already occurred.

      The other day Brandi rates Eddie as a “9” out of 10 in bed. In her book, she talks about a limp d#ck? she says she is over him. She is NOT over him.

      The sweetest revenge is success, NOT running your mouth, telling the RHOBH what LeAnn is/isn’t doing, taking jabs at Eddie, or sharing intimate details about his or her bedroom activities (or lack thereof) in a tell-all book. She should want to be successful in spite of the divorce, not because of the divorce. She needs to strike out on her own without mention of him or LeAnn. THAT’S how you win. She is going about it the wrong way – the wicked way.

      We get it, Brandi. Eddie cheated on you repeatedly and it hurts like hell. The new wife’s focus is to please her man, at all costs, and that reality stings. Because if she does a good job at it, it puts you on notice if you have not yet moved on.

      • Ok says:

        Very nice post Josephina

      • claire says:

        Really? You would let the woman with more twitter followers, who does numerous, for years, tell-all exclusive tv interviews, and has an audience at concerts(i.e., a big platform) to trash you and tell your private information to her fans, so that they can also bully and trash you for thousands to see on Twitter…and never give your side of things?

        Well, I’m bummed for you that you are so willing to give that much power to someone else who has the intent, it seems, to destroy your reputation.

      • Josephina says:

        @ Claire-

        Once again, she is handling it the WICKED way, which only fans the flame.

        If you trying to END a conflict, this is not the way to handle it.

        If you are trying to get even, you are offering the person the opportunity to one-up you.

        If you are trying to make the person pay, there are far more effective ways to get this done WITHOUT trashing yourself in the process. At the end of the day she is talking about what went on in HER bedroom. Also, do you just want to win a round or win the fight?

        WE did not need to know that Eddie did not like her va-jay-jay. It does not make me like him less. Instead, it makes me question her… and wonder WHY on EARTH are you giving this idiot ANY time of your day? Outside the kids, I would not give a @#$% who this pondscum dates, screws or marries.

        If the new wife EVER challenged me on ANY level, we would be inside of a courtroom and she would be explaining herself to the judge.

        People who make slanderous remarks WANT you to get in a tit-for-tat romp… they have already sized you up and are ready to fire at you. Plus they don’t like you. LeAnn is not jealous of Brandi. She had an open affair with her man, then admitted that she did it and then MARRIED him. That’s some gangsta sh*t…She is PUNKING Brandi. Know the difference. She is taking whatever she wants…style, size, whatever…because she can…AND with Eddie’s permission.

        The word jealous is an inappropriately used word here. It is something hens say to each other to lesson the sting of betrayal and feeling lonely.

        If Brandi wasn’t so immature for her 40-something year old age, she would know this to be true. I tell you… this woman gets in her own way.

      • Me says:

        Ok to all the judgy mamacitas out there tonight (love u guys btw we need the devils advocate for fun)

        Do me a favor. go find the man of your dreams. Marry him. Go have his beautiful perfect kids. And ruin your vaj in the process too. Then have him dump you on your ass and marry your mortal enemy.

        Then get back to me on how classy you react. How you stay “above the fray”.

        Please enlighten me!

  23. Deanne says:

    Poor Margaret is in panic mode. Her twitter has a dandy little blurb about her MIL giving her a note saying that she thanked her for bringing Eddie and his family so much joy. Gee, all Brandi did was give him two beautiful sons and stick it out with him for 13 years. Eddie’s parents sound like they like the LeAnn money train as much as Eddie does. Eddie’s father has a VERY receding hairline so you know Eduardo’s probably back on it the Propecia and countering it with Viagra. All on LeAnn’s dime.

    • Loira says:

      Bah, leann has probably already pai for hair plugs for him.

    • someone says:

      Have you ever stopped to think that Eddie’s parents genuinely like Leann? Brandi pretty much cut any chance of relationship with Eddie’s parents when she released this book. Even if what she is saying is true there is no way his parents will agree with her making it public.

      • claire says:

        I’m not sure why Brandi would even want them in her lives, other than being civil to them because they’re her kids’ grandparents. If they approve of Leann and Eddie’s antics, why would she even have any respect for them?

      • Deanne says:

        I don’t believe that they truly like LeAnn, the person, for a second. I do believe that they like the fact that she pays their sons way, their way and that the financial boost she’s given to all involved, probably has brought “joy” to their family. Having your mortgage and car lease paid, as well as getting luxury gifts, can really persuade certain personality types to embrace almost anyone. Considering that these are the people who raised a man who comes across like a morally depraved, sex addicted, lazy douche, deep pockets are probably considered a positive character quality to his parents and LeAnn has successfully bought their “love”.

      • Lady D says:

        I’d think Ediot’s parents would avoid Brandi because seeing her drives home exactly what their son is.

  24. Cam S says:

    Sometimes a picture is worth a thousand words. When I see a pic of Eddie with his 1st wife, his eyes seem to smile. Also when he is looking at his kids.

    Just preordered this dang book. She better bring the heat, cause I can’t wait til summer to read this trashtastic book and I usually save that stuff for summer time reading.

    • mln76 says:

      Really you think Eddie treated Brandi any differently than he does LeeAnn? Honestly he probably is more faithful and careful about getting caught now if anything. You know he doesn’t want to lose his bankroll.
      He is now and has always been a sociopath. The greatest love of his life is himself. Anyone who believes Brandi and him were in this happy marriage where he didn’t bang women like they were going out of style is fooling themselves.
      It creates a good line to paint LeeAnn as the villain but there is not one villain in this there are three very selfish dysfunctional people who can’t get their heads out of their own a**es long enough to parent.

      • Gracie says:

        OMG. You calling him a sociopath reminds me of that episode of Criminal Minds he did. He was an unsub who lured housewives in with his kids. I thought he played that role a little too well. *side-eye*

      • Ok says:

        Min76. Well said. I agree with you. I might buy Brandi’s book cause I do like her on Hoisewives *sigh*. Perpetuating the drama with my hard earned cash

      • Cam S says:

        @min76: I didn’t comment on the state of Brandi and Ed’s relationship. I simply stated his eyes seem more genuine when the photos are taken with his ex and kids. That is my opinion when looking at the pics. I calls it like I sees it.

      • Toot says:

        @mln Agree and excellently said.

      • ManaMana says:

        @mln76 Well said, really!!

    • Ok says:

      Of course Eddie is smiling with Brandi. He has his cake and was sticking it onto other women too. It was a nice arrangement for him.

      • Josephina says:

        Of course he was happy. He had a stay-at-home wife AND he got to touch, play and delight in ANY woman he wanted to for 11-13 years.

        AND Brandi is pissed because someone else snatched the veil off for her and she was forced to deal with reality before she was ready? DEFINITION OF AN IMMATURE WOMAN.

        Brandi: “Damn it, Reality! How dare you check me and wake me out of my sleep! I hate you and Eddie and LeAnn SO MUCH! Just you watch, I’ll make you pay for this! You took my “dream marriage” away from me!”

        Poor girl does not realize that she was being blessed out of the untrue marriage. Her self-esteem was low that she wanted to STAY in a marriage (her words) where someone was extremely untrustworthy and disrespectful towards her. The only difference now is he is now upfront about it instead of lying to her face.

        Go figure.

      • eileen says:

        Listen I don’t care if you agree or disagree with Brandi and her book. But if you think this is about her being angry that Eddie got caught, you’re sorely mistaken. She can’t stand that guy anymore-he’s only her children’s father. Trust me, she’s had opportunities to take him back AFTER she kicked his ass out. She passed.
        This book was written YEARS ago. You all act like she penned it last month.

        This book comes out-I can garuntee you she will be done with this whole mess. She’s got a clothing line, cookbook and on a successful show.
        If it was the way you paint it, why would she be ok with his first peice Shanae? This is about Eddie and Leann taunting her as soon as she kicked him out. He HATES her because she grew some balls and threw him to the curb-then turned him down repeatedly. He picked the perfect jumpoff: someone with money and evil enough to play his games plus add stalking and copying to the pot as well.

  25. Merritt says:

    I get that she was treated in a really crappy and humiliating way by Eddie and Leann. But Enough is enough. At this point she just sounds crazy and bitter. She is doing and saying things that in the long run may hurt the children more than the affair did.

    People really need to stop buying what she is selling because they are legitimizing this behavior. I feel really bad for the children because all of the adults have ceased to put them first.

    • Merritt says:

      If Brandi is being stalked by Leann, then that is a legal issue. Stalking is a crime and should be reported to the police, if it hasn’t been.

      However that doesn’t seem to be what she or her fans are interested in. Because she is not just talking about being stalked. In fact in all the recent interviews/articles, she seems more interested in airing dirty laundry like the Propecia, then addressing the real issues.

      If she was talking about being stalked, I would support that. However I have serious doubts, that gets much play in her book.

      • Why in the world would Brandi expose all this information knowing a book can be read eventually by Mason and Jason. Oh I supported her so much thinking she would go to any lengths to protect those children,not so any more. Brandi would have just done fine without that book.I know now all that matters is revenge and the almighty wronged Brandi. Yes all is laughable, but in truth it is a disgrace to all women.Now I am hoping that certian Beverly Hills Housewife sues and wins, for all who support her book the money will now be going to Adriann, not the boys!

      • LAK says:

        This is to Mom and a lady #45

        You can’t sue a person for telling the truth. Especially when the alleged victim and the other HW have come out to say that Brandi spoke the truth. AND Paul has since publicly apologised to Brandi for ‘his regretable course of action’

        What happened at the season 2 reunion was slander and untrue. She’s very lucky LV didn’t sue her because that was an open and shut case of slander and character assasination. She’s also lucky Brandi doesn’t have the money to sue HER for calling her a drug addicted layabout mother. That is slander, untrue and character assasination.

      • Sapphire says:

        Besides-no evidence of an actual lawsuit- unlike WeWe suing a special ed teacher.

      • Snowpea says:

        Mason and Jason? That’s fricken HILARIOUS!

      • Ok says:

        Umm. Her kids are Mason and Jacob. Limpeddie fathered Mason and Jake

      • candigirl says:

        ITA Merritt. I believe that Brandi is not dealing in a healthy way with the stalking. It is a life changing, overwhelming situation to be stalked as Brandi has. And she doesn’t seem to want to deal with it. The double whammy for her is that her ex-husband married her stalker and enables the stalking behavior in order to hurt Brandi. She also must turn her kids over to her stalker for 50% of their childhood. The stalker then taunts her publicly, tweeting pictures of the children in dangerous and inappropriate situations. I.e.: learning to ride bikes without helmets on the street where there have been car crashes in front of their home. The stalker also regularly posts inappropriate pictures of the children with herself in little clothing and aggressive poses, and put the childrens’ likeness on a cake for their father that depicted him and her having sex. If people want to help these children they will raise the questions that you mention.

      • eileen says:

        This is to Candigirl! 🙂

        Honestly-I don’t know why Brandi hasn’t made a move legally. But I DO know that trying to prove a stalking case is very hard. Especially if you are an ex and its the new wife. Most of what Leann does makes her look like a crazy bitch, but you have to wonder if the legal system would take it seriously. Then if you start the motions and press charges and they don’t stick-Brandi will have basically poked a bear. Leann would give her all she’s got. It would get ugly and they could try to take her kids. Brandi wasn’t in a financial situation to play with fire. I mean Kim’s (the teacher LR is suing) legal bills alone could add up to $100K against Leann for just one year. Leann could take Brandi to court over and over-just find things to sue her for until Brandi is financially ruined.

      • Iyanla says:

        i want the book already!

      • Iyanla says:

        And, Leann is very passive agressive about some of her harrassment. Like when she texts Brandi, “I can’t wait to make your kids lunches and go to soccer…” Clearly, considering the circumstances, that is emotional warfare against Brandi but Leann would just spin it and say, what? I just love her kids and wanted to tell her I love taking care of them!

        We all know Leann isn’t that innocent or nice.

      • claire says:

        @Eileen: I fully expect Leann to sue Brandi. She sues everyone who stands up to her or tells her no, it seems.

      • Ok says:

        No I think Brandi is choosing to deal with it by drinking

  26. Natalina says:

    Thats so funny!!! Im cracking up, Im getting that book.

  27. thinkaboutit says:

    He was hot when he was with Brandi! What happened? I guess ugly really is as ugly does…

    Also, kudos to Brandi. Yes it’s all TMI but I will never knock a fearless woman. And it does take bravery to share at such a personal level.

  28. J7 says:

    Maybe Eddie should of “thought of the children” before passing around his peen.

    You go Brandi, all the power to you!

  29. emmie_a says:

    I’m just wondering why they are releasing so much before the book is out? I know the book needs publicity to sell (& hopefully make a lot of $$$ for Brandi) but I hope they’re not releasing all the good stuff then we buy the book expecting more but there’s nothing — sort of like a movie trailer that shows all the good parts of the movie.

    And I’m guessing LeAnn is demanding a book deal now…

    • Meh says:

      LeAnn’s already ‘written’ her tell-all about her side of the affair; an entire album that NO ONE is buying. Ha!

  30. Pam says:

    Kids people, there are kids involved here. Do you really want to know all this ugly crap about your parents. Somebody really needs to use their filters. I think a judge needs to put a gag order on this bunch of idiots.

    I find it hard to believe that these are adult behaving like jealous teenagers. Freaking grow up and move on already.

  31. DeltaJuliet says:

    I just like the way her “filter” kicked in when talking about her body parts. But not at any other time.

    For the record, I think all three people are disgusting.

  32. Relli says:

    And the saga continues….

    Just one thought for all the Sally Struthers on here. Do you have an out spoken mother? Someone who frequently loses their filter and says asinine things? Have you ever had your mother flat out ruin things for you like relationships or situations? Because if you did you know it doesn’t make you love them any less nor disrespect them. Giving birth does not make you a saint but your mom is your mom for better or worse.

    • mln76 says:

      Lots of presumption in that post but like everyone else defending Brandi you are saying the same thing. The ends justify the means and if the children’s feelings are hurt, if they are getting teased at school because of all the nasty stuff Brandi is choosing to rehash and disseminate to the public at large they should suck it up cause mommy needs some botox and a new Porche and if their little feelings get hurt oh well it’ s not as important as mom’s feelings. Having a philandering husband entitles you to do anything in the name of revenge don’t you know?

      • Relli says:

        Dude, I would reply to your incredibly presumptuous (and ridiculous) statement but you choose personally attack me every time I do. So I am going to pass and let you fight the good fight of the morality police with everyone else.

      • mln76 says:

        I made an effort not to get personal. In fact you are the one choosing personal attacks because you can’t argue with facts it hurts the children. There is no dancing around that fact so Brandi defenders have to make her a saint analogous to a rape victim and on a crusade with Botox in tow. They also love to claim she has no money. She clearly has enough cash to never be subjected to a real job. However the public opinion at large is turning against her there are plenty of people commenting on other sites on how low Brandi is being.
        She is actually doing LeeAnn a favor with her raunchy self.

      • Ok says:

        Min76 — very nice post. And I did kind of notice how Brandi is getting the fillers and the Botox all while claiming to be flat broke and trying to keep a roof over her children’s heads.

        And don’t give me crap about how she had to do it for her job. She did not. She was facially holding up fine. She is and was quite pretty.

        I wonder if the show paid for the cosmetic procedures.

      • Alana Fajina says:

        @mln- you’re like a hamster on a wheel girl, commenting on ANYONE saying they can put themselves in Brandi’s shoes.
        We get it. You’re better than the rest of us, Brandi included. You’re a saint because you’ve worked with at risk youth and can foresee the future for the Cibrian boys. Has it ever occurred to your one-sided thinking that some of us are commenting from having been in those children’s situations?? My parents were divorced when I was 4, my pregnant mother walked into my father’s hospital room while he was kissing another woman (his future ex-wife,) my father is an ex drug addicted alcoholic. Some of us go through worse and come out okay considering. We’re human beings, we’re flawed by nature. You’re not helping your case with your comments and quite frankly, you’ve become a bit of an annoyance.

      • mln76 says:

        If my posts annoy you ignore them…Have a nice day.

      • claire says:

        @mln76: It will remain to be seen what their kids think. I find Brandi’s reactions easier to understand. I find Eddie and Leann’s actions to be pretty evil, quite frankly. I guess their kids will apply their own judgment. However, it’s hard to believe you really care about the kids since you seem to only focus on Brandi, and give a pass to the harm that E and L did.

        If it was between reading my mom had vag surgery vs. my stepmom or dad telling their twitter followers about it, so they could use it to harass my mom with, it’s pretty clear to me who I’d be most appalled at. I think I’d also second-guess my stepmom’s sincerity if I found out later that all the nice things she was doing for me, she was taunting my heartbroken mom with.

      • mln76 says:

        It what way am I giving a pass to LeeAnn and Eddie? I think their behavior has been despicable and have said so many many times. I just don’t think any of their behavior gives Brandi a free pass.
        Though I will say that considering that LeeAnn actually paid for the surgery I would understand why she would be PO about it.

      • Alana Fajina says:

        I Am having a great day, Thank you darlin!! Same to you.

        Breathe. It’s not That Serious!!! 😉

      • Relli says:

        In fact you are the one choosing personal attacks because you can’t argue with facts it hurts the children.


        I am going to go ahead file this away with all the other super kind things you have said to me and accused me of.

    • Iyanla says:

      I have forgiven my parents for much worse behavior than Brandi’s (hint: 18 years of abuse). My mother had some pretty weak moments at the hands of my father that I resented her for. She always went back to him. She called the cops on his ass. Drama. Drama. Drama. And I got dragged into and along with it. BUT, As you grow older and wiser (and I think children who are raised in such heavily troubled homes can have a maturity/perspective you don’t see in the leave it to beaver children), you realize your parents are imperfect human beings too.

      And eventually, I think the boys will forgive Eddie for his cheating even. It may cause a rift between the boys and their parents for awhile when they learn the truth but they will get over it because they love their parents. But I don’t think they will forgive Leann.

      I think they will grow up, learn the true story and probably think – had it not been for Leann, their parents might still be together. (not saying that would have happened but I could see the kid’s thinking that from their perspective.)

      • mln76 says:

        Here is the thing I think it’s hard for Brandi defenders to see. I bet anything that those kids love LeeAnn even Brandi admitted it and its one of the things that must aggravate her the most . I think most kids look back at infidelity and blame the father for the choice and judge the stepmother only on the actual relationship they have with eachother. I also bet that by the time the kids are old enough to see the situation clearly Eddie will be divorcing his 5th wife.

      • Iyanla says:

        Yes Relli, at the end of the day your mother is your mother. The mother/child bond is a hard one to break.

        MLN, Oh I totally see that Leann is the bonus mom-for now. Absolutely.

        There is a time and place to be polite and classy. Most of the time, you hope and pray that gets the job done. Then there are nasty people and nasty situations where you need to just start taking names. Brandi is clawing her way out of this mess and taking names. More power to her! whatever gets you over this and to the other side!

    • Relli says:

      @ Iyanla & Alana Fajina

      YES, thank you!

      Everyone takes issue with how they are raised, in IMO i had a wonderful childhood but that doesn’t mean my parents are perfect nor are they still.

      My mother has zero filter. Her mouth has got me on more trouble with people than I can count. She is such a loose cannon that MY FRIENDS would explicitly tell me NOT to tell her things. As embarrassing as she can be she has also been my savior at times when i needed her to be and that big mouth pays off.

      There was this one time when i got cornered by my 8th grade teacher and some girls in my class because they felt i was “being to bossy about cheerleading.” The teacher organized the meeting and basically let everyone take a turns yelling at me. It was awful and the first time I realized that you cannot always trust a person of authority. My mom picked me up and i was sitting on the sidewalk crying by myself and she marched me right into that school and gave that teacher a tongue whipping like i have never seen before or since.

      There are times still that i get annoyed with her and cant stand how she acts or what she says. But then I remember all the times her pushiness and deft negotiating skills have benefited me and I let it go because at the end of the day she is still my mom.

  33. Fancyamazon says:

    I have never been a huge Brandi fan, but I was always sort of on her side. This book however, makes her seem utterly classless. Everyone has embarrassing things in their lives…and no matter why they split this does not make her look good. Denise Richards should give classes…and I am NOT a Denise Richards fan either…

    the children do not need these sort of revelations. It is the same way I feel when people I know spew their anger at their ex on social media…..yes, you have a right to be angry that the child support wasn’t paid on time, but it should not be public knowledge, and does not generate a good light on you.

    • Loira says:

      Charlie Sheen is rich and has surely provided very well for his childre, plus, she already knew what she was getting into.
      Not justifying BG here, but the way she was/still is humilliated, gave her a very good excuse for many things.
      The other woman has a lot of money, she bought husband and will probably buy the kids too. She can have a piece of that, IMO.

      • mln76 says:

        To play the devil’s advocate how do you know that Brandi didn’t also know what she was getting into?
        Denise made the choice to put her children first. Heck she even makes an effort to co-parent the children of her replacement for the simple reason that they are also the siblings of her children and she wants them to be happy for their sake.

      • Loira says:

        Yes, mln, I agree with what she is doing is nt right for her boys and it is trashy. One step more of her show, since what is that tv program really about?

        But about what she was getting into…. Mmm The comparison seems difficult, being CS a known troubled (to say the least) person even back in the day, having shot Kelly and all that, it does not compare with EC, who I guess married kinda young, and seemes physically the healthy perfect all american type. Maybe she thought that he would be chased by women, who knows, but some women always have hope.
        Since we really do not know what really goes on in their heads, I venture that she is doing this for money, as a way of monetaryly (sp?) leveling herself, because she is in disadvantage. EC officially does not make much money, so he will not pay much, oh, the tricks men can do to not pay!

        If they had reached a settlement where she had gotten paid, like others have, this would not have happened, also if LAR were not so “gushy” about her perfect life,, talking how her body would not let her stop being with EC (appallling), that cake, which comes off as taking digs at the other woman, that also is not good for the children either, damaging whatever harmony could be… The one who could have shut them out was EC, but maybe all of them get publicity in return, and they are milking it.

      • kudzuqueen says:

        mln76- Denise got and still receives huge sums of money from Charlie. Brandi does not. I am really curious now how old you are and if you even have children. Before I had children, I would have said some of the exact things you are saying on this thread. Now that I have two, and MANY experiences to go with them and my age, my thoughts have changed. Some of Brandi’s comments about her personal choices may not be what we would choose. But her overcoming and providing for herself by taking the worst of a situation…gosh, I just can help but cheer a sister on.

        And I have closely watched Leann and her minions since the scandal broke..this girl is as passive agressive and delusional as they come. I would not have been able to keep my mouth shut long enough for the book to come out if it had been me.

  34. Jayna says:

    Many are missing the point some are making. It’s not writing the book. It’s how tacky and sleezy do you have to go. Believe me, Brandi could write a juicy book and have her say and voice to her feelings and still not cross certain lines that honestly from what I see on the internet are getting a lot of comments she is just a tacky, bitter ex-wife who isn’t thinking of her kids and all three of them are pathetic. The St. Brandis on here who hate LeAnn so much they love anything and everything that humiliates Eddie and LeAnn don’t see what many others will see and post, that all three of them look pitiful, Brandi included, and the poor kids. I see that posted a lot by people. Brandi has a funny personality and God knows just her LeAnn SWF’ing stories will sell the book (And she deserves to tell it because LeAnn did it so publically taunting her) and the timeline of finding out about another mistress, the devastation she felt, and Eddie’s behavior and then her picking herself up and moving on stories. Everyone who writes a book does not put everything in. Just Brandi saying no one else would want to F’k LeAnn in the interview sounded so bitter after four years and makes her sound still obssessed with Eddie. She lowers herself and sounds classless when she doesn’t need to because the facts are on her side, but some of her behavior just lumps her in with them. Even Realitytea who loves her made the same observation.

    • judyjudy says:

      Thank you for this post, Jayna. I have mentioned a few times that my opinion of Brandi has gone way down in light of her recent antics/comments. The argument is always “Leann started it” or “Leann is worse”. Just because Leann did bad things doesn’t mean what Brandi is doing isn’t trash. Her behavior and this book especially paint her in a very poor light. As a random outsider with no emotional connection I now view her as trashy and small, not as a result of Leann or Eddie but as a result of her own actions.

      • Happymom says:

        This exactly! I think Leann is a lunatic and he’s a complete douche-but really Brandi is showing herself to be just as classless and vulgar. Those poor boys. Ugh.

      • Ok says:

        I have to agree. I think I find myself posting a lot of favorable comments about Leann on this site. It is ironic because I love Brandi on the housewives show and I do like her spunk.

        But reading this stuff kind of bothers me. There seems to be a pattern of her crossing boundaries and being quite mean (nobody wants to screw Leann comment for example) then saying she is sorry. Then she expects all to be forgiven as though it never happened.

        You cannot in ring a bell. She is getting to be offensive and moving to a wrong direction

    • Iyanla says:

      Oh I feel you on this. It’s pretty trashy. I think most of us recognize Brandi’s tell-all doesn’t help any of their images or benefit their children besides helping their mother find closure and earn a few bucks.

      But I am liking this Brandi that is kickin ass and taking names. Like I said earlier, there is a time and place to be classy and sweet. You usually catch more bees with honey. But with scumbags like Leann and Eddie, kindness and grace go out the window. You got to get down and dirty to win this fight and I think she is about to TKO the losers once and for all.

  35. judyjudy says: we’re supposed to laugh at Eddie for being “limp” ? I thought the whole problem was that he was getting it up for too many other women?

    • LAK says:

      No, she’s explaining WHY she had V surgery. Would this anecdote have made it’s way into the book if LeAnn handn’t posted it to twitter, I very much think so because she filters the exact words Eddie said in response to her limp dick comment. So there is a filter there, however broken it seems to be.

      Also, I think it gives her satisfaction to hit him where his pride resides ie his ability to satisfy any woman in bed. So it was a cheap shot.

  36. Rita says:

    Brandi’s having the best week she’s had in 4 years. Can’t think of any one in Hollywood who deserves it more. Team Brandi!!

    God Bless, Brandi from Rita, a day one fan!!! (somewhere in the midwest).

  37. truthful says:

    LOVE it, Mr. Romeo, bedding Brandi, his mistress waitress and McSquinty, Mr. Limpit.

    THIS might piss him off, LOL!!!

    Brandi looks like she wants to smack the smug look off of his face in that pic.

  38. Sway says:

    I just saw something on Leann’s twitter and… Leann really is crazy. And a liar. And a pathological one. Look what she wrote today:

    “My mother in law rules…. How sweet is this?! It came with the note “you’ve brought so much joy to my son and this family.”

    I think she really believes it. I think she really believes her mother-in-law said that, and I also believe the poor woman never, EVER said such a thing to Leann.

    Wow. Just… wow.

    • Rita says:

      I have this image of LeAnn sitting with her stuffed muppets strategically placed around her EZ-Bake oven believing one of them said that and she had to send out an all-points tweet. (Mother-in-law muppet gets the first brownie).

    • Iyanla says:

      And who would ever use the phrase, “My mother in law rules.” that graduated past the 8th grade?

  39. candigirl says:

    The is from the site End Stalking In America

    It describes the stalker’s behavior to gain attention by pretending to be a victim or sick. It sounds like Leann

    “False Stalking / False Victims”

    False victims, as they are sometimes known, use a variety of situations to attract attention to themselves. In some cases they may harass their own family and friends in order to fabricate false evidence or witness reports. This type of stalker firmly believes that he or she is the real victim.

    In a sense there is a victim – the perpetrator. Why victimize yourself? Perhaps the person noticed how kind and considerate others were to them, when they presented themselves as a victim some time in the past. In short – the perpetrator/victim takes immense pleasure from being cared for and being the center of attention. One very common trait of this type of stalker is to file false police report(s) against the “real stalking victim.”

    These stalkers are frequently delusional and irrational. When presented with the facts, this type of stalker will rationalize and manipulate everything he can and ignore even a direct question, in order to preserve his fantasy of being the victim. He will initiate conflicts and then twist them in his favor in an attempt to gain positive attention for himself. He feels very inferior to the victim whom he admires greatly, although he will rarely admit this to be true. In reality, this kind of stalker suffers from a severe lack of self-esteem.

    This form of stalker, believing himself to be inferior, wronged or rejected by the ones they admire the most, begin harassing, following the victim, spreading tales, keeping tabs, and in many instances plot revenge. The primary motive is to bring the victim down by any means he can.

    Another trait that is showing up more and more in this type of stalking is Munchhausen (munch-how-zen) syndrome or in layman terms “The Munch Bunch.” This is the name given to patients who fake illness or obtain hospital treatment in order to get sympathy from family, friends, and most often the actual victim’s attention. These individuals are a considerable waste of medical resources. Hospitals will often hold a file on these people in an attempt to recognize them before they are unwittingly admitted for unnecessary treatment. The major problem is that they skip from hospital to hospital and doctor to doctor.

    Time after time you’ll hear a victim say, “The hospital called, he attempted suicide or he’s having a heart attack because I wouldn’t meet with him.” Far too often these individuals know how to “fake” illnesses or even go to the point of attempted suicide but knowing just how far to go before it becomes life threatening. All to get attention!

  40. brin says:

    Tune in tomorrow for another episode of “Glanville Rules”!

  41. Katie says:

    So Eddie Cibrian is “famous” for a cheesy made for TV movie?

    • LAK says:

      I remember him from this super cheesy soap opera SUNSET BEACH. It aired for a year in UK and was so unintentionally funny.

      • quickastrosummary says:

        OMG YES! COLE!!! this is what he said from an interview when he just left Y&R and started the sunset beach thing.

        ‘”I crave attention and adventure,” declares Eddie Cibrian, his trademark dimples deepening as if to underscore his love for his gig as Cole on SUNSET BEACH.”

        bleh. Attention and adventure?
        On his break up with Jullianne:

        “… and Julianne Morris (ex-Amy), who Cibrian dated for two years. The couple split last fall. “It’s sort of a sore subject that I’d rather not talk about,” Cibrian states somberly.”

        bahaha somberly!

        PS i think this interviewer is inlove with limpdick. She cant stop raving about his “trademark dimples” and his “somber” disposition. Stop pretending to have a heart Eddie, the jig is up.

        The interview also mentions hes good friends with none other than the king of cheating washed up Soapie Douche, David Hasselhoffe! Telling…?

    • KAI says:

      He was on Young and Restless for quite a while before leaving for a prime time role in Third Watch. He was also on CSI Miami but not for very long before they let him go.

      • littlestar says:

        WHAT?! He was on Y&R?! When? For how long? What character did he play? I’m an avid Y&R fan and I don’t remember him being on there. It must have been back when I didn’t have PVR and missed it due to work lol.

        A few weeks ago someone mentioned he was in that band 3 Deep with Joshua Morrow (who is a regular on Y&R). Totally forgot about that too.

      • brin says:

        He was on when Sharon and Nick had just met. Julianne Morris was on Y&R too and that’s when she and EC were dating.

      • littlestar says:

        Ahhhhh makes sense now. I would have been in elementary school / early junior high when he was on Y&R, and I’m almost 30 now. No wonder I don’t remember.

      • KAI says:

        He played Matt Clark on Y&R for a couple of years but was not a major character. He was dating Sharon but she wanted Nick. He raped Amy and Sharon and when Nick went to confront him Nick found Matt dead and was blamed for the murder but it was Amy.

        He and the guy who plays Nick were(are?) good friends and played in a bad boy band at one time.

  42. TheTruthHurts says:

    Although I would never want to see Brandi take Eddie back, they make such a more gorgeous looking couple than him and LeAnn.

    I love this book because it reveals all the horrible things that cheaters do that they think will remain private, so they do their horrible deeds. Maybe if every person could write a book after going through something like this, men like eddie & women like leann would think twice before their actions. Thanks Brandi for putting this out there!

  43. Samantha says:

    Are there no limits…..

    An eye for an eye leaves the whole world blind.

    Just saying

    • Cam S says:

      I really like that thought, however, I don’t think telling the truth is vengeful. It’s not my fault if my husband cheated and I told everyone the truth about all the hateful things he did. If he didn’t want the awful truth out there then he could’ve behaved respectably.

      I’ve said this before, we are raising a generation of people that do not know shame. Shame is not always bad, shame teaches you (hopefully) not to make the same mistake twice. You bet your pretty behind I’d shame my ex if he pulled this crap. That’s how I roll

  44. Grace says:

    Sigh…why don’t these broads find a good counselor, go back to college to educate themselves, and stop pretending?

    The only relationship that is going on is the one between Brandi and LeAnn. They’re attracted each other. They only like sex with Eddie but absolutely nothing else. They use him to stay close.

    Get a room already!

  45. skuddles says:

    I feel for the boys. MeAnn is a vile human who deserves whatever grief she’s getting now – same goes for limp Eddy. And Brandi is trashy and immature. But all three are adults who have the freedom to choose how they act – and react, and what they put out there for all the world to see, but the boys have no choice in any of it. They’re just being dragged along behind a crazy train that runs in every direction.

    • brin says:

      LOL…”limp Eddie”, love it!

    • Ok says:

      Skuddles. — why oh why oh why did you use the phrase “limp Eddie”. Now every time I see a pic of him I am going to be thinking “limp Eddie”

      It will be his new name Limpeddie. Limpeddie and Leann

  46. tabasco says:

    Eddie’s a moron. He’s backed himself into quite a corner – the corner of cray and CRAY. He couldn’t keep it in his pants and then he was too stupid to have a proper divorce settlement in place with a confidentiality agreement. I hope Brandi kept some juicy bits out of that book to use as leverage to get paid for her silence.

  47. sarah says:

    someone called eddie “K-Ed” on twitter last night and it gave me a really good laugh

  48. Grace says:

    Eddie looks like that scary type that would go postal if you joked about his “member” or his performance in bed.

    • brin says:

      Brandi’s a clever

    • Ok says:

      Actually Eddie (Limpeddie) kind of reminds me of Jodi Arias. It’s like both of them have the same blank soulless eyes.

      I have been hooked on following the Jodi Arias murder of Travis Alexander trial in Mesa Arizona.

      I guess their eyes just both look like something is missing

  49. why? says:

    Well now we know why Liz and Dave go everywhere with Leann and Eddie and why Liz and Leann made out on the balcony during their family vacation while Eddie watched and took photos! Liz really isn’t “just a friend”.

  50. Madriani's Girl says:

    Oh FFS, why don’t these two dumb blonds just STFU and move on??? The more LeAnn cries and plays the martyr, the longer the spotlight will stay on Brandi and her book. Then again, that’s what they both want. Eddie is a pure-d masochist.

  51. Holden says:

    Wow, no one’s taking the high road in this one. I’m guessing they won’t be standing next to each other at soccer games anymore.

  52. Bubbaang says:

    When i google “brandi glanville”, the 3rd site has photo of “cryin’ rimes”, instead of BG. I know rimes is tryin’ to copy BG, but this is too much.

  53. ViktoryGin says:

    I cannot find myself morally outraged like others on this forum about this situation either way. I’ve actively ignored it for years.

    I would like to say though that our karma is largely a consequence of our choices. Eddie and LeAnn must lie in the bed that they’ve made, and who knows how Brandi’s decision to write this book will pan out. Only time will

    I will suggest, however, that it’s usually a bad idea to cross a Scorpio. Especially if you are dealing with unevolved Scorpio. They go for the jugular when scorned, and they don’t care how undignified and ignoble they look as long as they take down their enemy.

    • Holden says:

      Do me next! I’m a cancer!

      • quickastrosummary says:

        You are highly sensitive but hide this with a defensive outer hard shell. This hard shell is a force to be reckoned with and has the force of a warrior. But this is to protect yourself from your deeply sensitive nature. You are emotional and prevy to extreme mood swings. You are a born nurturer and have a strong attchment to the home and relics/experiences of the past. You can be manipulative when vunerable, clingy, and feed off emotional drama- BUT you are extremely caring, loyal, and have the warm maternal aura of the zodiac that draws people to you and makes people feel safe and comfortable like nobody else. Although you are secretly more of a homebody, when you do go out you are the most extraverted life of the party and are a world of fun. GO CANCERS!

      • eileen says:

        If you’re still around I wanna hear Sagitarius! :))))

    • Ok says:

      Which one is the Scorpio?

      • quickastrosummary says:

        Brandi is the scorpio.

        Leanne is a virgo.

        Limpdick is a gemini. They love excitement and are notorious flirts/cheats!

  54. claire says:

    “They are doing great,” said the pal. “Eddie is her greatest supporter.”

    A rep for Cibrian did not respond to a request for comment.

    This cracks me up. The only time this dude defends her or says anything nice about her publicly is when she trots him out for yet another one of her tell-all interviews. Give a comment to support his wife? Nah. Must be too busy or at “the gym.”

    • Jayna says:

      Eddie is the only smart one in the bunch and he is the one so far really being slammed by her in the excerpts mostly, not really LeAnn. Don’t say a word. It’s just more press for the book. The book isn’t even out yet to the masses. Keeping his mouth shut is the smartest thing he can do right now.

  55. Mich says:

    I love all you ladies but, wow. For years, the majority of people on these threads have gone on and on about the best interests of the children and how every little thing LeAnn does is potentially damaging to them. Now that the shoe is on the other foot suddenly these same young children are resilient and will get over it. How does that work?

    While the gossip lover in me adores the salacious stories coming out (and thinks Eddie, in particular, deserves it), the parent in me is very sad for how these children have been set up for an adolescence distinguished by public humiliation.

    • Manchurian Global says:

      I have to agree with this wholeheartedly. While I enjoy some of the back-and-forth between these two, this falls into the TMI, embarrassing for the kids realm.

  56. Emily says:

    The pictures of Eddie are super-revealing. His arm wrapped securely around his wife. His eyes elsewhere. This is a man who loves feeling like he owns a woman, and does not want to give anything of himself in return. Complete sleaze.

    • Josephina says:


      You are on point. However, MOST of the women blogging here today will only notice how pretty Brandi is, standing next to her husband.

      They just cannot imagine why a man would cheat upon such a lovely looking lady…yawn. Selfish, disrespectful men always show that they are selfish and disrespectful long before they cheat.

      Keep your third eye open!

  57. Alana says:

    Leann is getting exactly what she deserved because she had no reason having her coworkers and rewarding amejean and ginger hines with gift to harass brandy everyday on twitter

  58. Alana says:

    Leann is getting exactly what she deserved because she had no reason having her coworkers and rewarding amejean and ginger hines with gift to harass brandy everyday on twitter for years. I will be buying the book

  59. Sue says:

    I am sure that Eddie is so greatful at this point that he is no longer married to this woman. She is really showing her true colors. She is a really sad individual – I cannot help but think that one days her children will read this book and unfortuately for her it will not make make them like her more or defend her – but quite the opposite. This book does not make Leann look bad – quite the opposite. It makes Leann look good and Brandi look crazy. I am not sure what she hoped to accomplish with this “tell all”. However, what I can see happening is that she will become a sad, lonely old woman. Buy the way what exactly does this woman do: act? sing? Is she just known as the ex? Pretty pathetic. I do believe that this whole thing is bringing Leann and Eddie closer together. The whole thing will backfire on her. It’s called karma.

    • Ok says:

      Sue — the point of the tell all was making $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ while she can.

      And women that look like Brandi do not become sad and lonley. Not with that body she won’t.

      • well says:

        Well-the woman I hate to say will eventually get old, looks will go-body will go and she will become more plastic looking.No brains and beauty donot make a good combination. Your heart, kindness, self-respect and dignity will always go on even when you are much older.

  60. Jen says:

    Well, the home wrecking whore wrote a whole album about who she broke up a marriage, so why can’t Brandi make some money too. If her low-class husband would take care of her and the boys like her promised her he would, then she wouldn’t have to write a book about his limp weenie. Love you Brandi!

    • Ok says:

      Jen.– the homewrecking whore in this situation is Eddie. Try to remember that.

      • Jennifer12 says:

        Um…. forgetting the other implication here, I doubt that Dean Sheremet would agree with you. Leann cheated on him and whether they had kids or not, she wrecked THEIR home. At the very least.

      • Ok says:

        Jennifer12 — good point. I stand corrected.

      • Jennifer12 says:

        Please do not misunderstand me- Eddie is a vile POS and a cesspool of a human being.

  61. Holden says:

    I fucking hate my ex, but I can’t for the life of me fathom commenting on her private parts in print.

  62. choupette says:

    okay, aren’t we practically judging a book by its cover? i mean, i see the point of all the comments saying that this is crass, but these are very small excerpts out of context. maybe we should wait till the book is out and read in its entirety to see if it’s a horrible book or a great book. i just have the feeling the most salacious bits are being given and that there is probably a lot more to what written and that the bits might not represent the tone of book accurately.

  63. Raytay says:

    For everyone worried about how this will affect the kids I share your concern. However I think we are forgetting that this is Beverly Hills and Hollywood–home of the rich famous and CRAY.

    There are so many “celebs” who put wayyy more embarrassing and ridiculous s*h!t out there. Many of them have children but no one really voices concern for them on the gossip blogs. Also every single housewife from every RH show is probably an embarrassment to their kids (esp NJ). They will all have some explaining to do and some therapy to pay for when their kids grow up for sure.

    Not saying there should be no concern in this drama for Brandi’s kids. Just saying those kids would be WAYY more messed up if all these peeps lived in suburban Michigan where all the other parents are probably normal and not actors, models, and plastic housewives.

    I now feel concern for every child in Hollywood.

  64. april says:

    Why can’t women who have been cheated on move on like men who have been cheated on? Men don’t broadcast their woes and tend to act more maturely and have more dignity. They move on and find another partner. Most of them, anyway.

    Brandi is just setting herself up for more drama and pain by not growing emotionally through this ordeal. What you think about is what you get. Sorry, but I don’t see any men who even want to date her.

  65. Jezi says:

    These are excerpts from the book. This isn’t the entire book. That needs to be remembered. Brandi wrote this book 3 years ago but no one wanted to publish a book that was written by a non-celebrity. Eddie wasn’t exactly A-list at the time and neither was Leann. Those telling Brandi to get over it? Well she has, she’s just now telling her story because now she’s on a show and just got her book published. Mason and Jake love both of their parents. They tolerate Leann but I’m sure they wouldn’t miss her if she was not married to their dad anymore. The book is good and is about Brandi’s life. If anyone deserves it in this situatuation, it is her.

  66. Hoya_chick says:

    Gosh, so many trolls so little time. Here’s a thought: if you don’t like her and think she is trashy and her book will forever damage her kids don’t buy it and don’t read about her! CB and Kaiser are not going to stop writing about them look how many posts one story gets!? I generally don’t read or comment on KStew or KK posts because I don’t like either person. What’s the point of reading and commenting on everything thing on this post if you don’t like her and then getting irrationally mad and flinging personal insults. Omg. Crazy.

    • brin says:


    • Mich says:

      It seems like you are saying that the only people allowed to comment on this story are those pro Brandi and the book but I’m hopefully misreading.

      I personally don’t care all that much but there is definitely a double standard at play here. Calling someone who disagrees a ‘troll’ is pretty insulting and given the fact that what they are being piled on for is advocating for the children’s best interests (i.e. as much privacy as possible given that one party in their life is a raving lunatic) shows some pretty callous thinking.

    • ya says:

      Ya, then all the Leann Rimes haters should stop commenting on the posts about her too!

    • Beclove says:

      Agree Snowpea- I don’t understand reading/commenting/arguing about all this if you dislike both women so strongly. But each to his own I guess.

  67. Snowpea says:

    Look, life is such a weird trip and you never know where you’ll end up. If you told BG just five years ago that she would be being covered by all the mainstream media outlets and have one of the top five bestselling books on Amazon, she would have gone “Get OUT!” and shook her head in disbelief.

    Because five years ago, she was still, (to her knowledge), happily married with two small children and completely unknown to the Minivan Majority.

    Who cares whether you would have done things differently? I still stand by my claim that to have a lunatic like Rimes swoop down, steal your identity, husband, children etc would make the sanest person completely bonkers.

    And to those who say, It’s been four years! I say, Yes, it’s been four years and Rimes has not let up one bit. Rimes is the one who has kept on poking the bear, ratcheting it up and up and up till the bear went crazy.

    Brandi has had enough. I, too, have two small boys and if I had a maniac like Rimes as their step mum 50 percent of the time, I would live my life in a shroud of anger, despair and anxiety and fear.

    Make no mistake… Rimes is a total nut job and Brandi knows way more than she’s letting on.

    (Personally, I would be MORTIFIED for the whole world
    to know about something as personal as pussy rejuvenation surgery but again, I haven’t walked in Brandi’s shoes…maybe since that madwoman Rimes had already put it out there, she thought, F*ck it, I’m going to take away her oxygen…)

    The poster mln 76 keeps banging on and on about the children being damaged blah blah blah but I would like to say, C’mon, can we keep it real, please?

    These kids have everything they need and are cared for and loved. Children who haven’t enough to eat, are sexually, emotionally and physically abused, who are homeless, beaten and raped, who are illiterate, who go hungry and cold, are far more deserving of your sympathy than two Beverley Hills kids with adults that love them and take care of their every need.

    While you sit at home in front of your computer, feeling all smug that YOU would be far classier, more restrained, less trashy, does it make you feel superior? Because how would you know until you’ve walked a mile in their shoes?

    • Margarita says:

      Best. Post. Ever.

      You said everything I have been thinking

      • Snowpea says:

        Ha ha thanks Margarita.

        This story really grips me, because, like Brandi, I’ve been majorly shafted. (I have an ex who f*cked my best friend and hasn’t paid child support in over five years. The laws are pretty lax in Australia).

        So, yes, I am invested. I work my butt off to give my boys what they need. I even considered stripping to pay the bills but couldn’t face it 😉

        Don’t f*ck with mother bears, people! They’ll do ANYTHING to protect their cubs! (And that’s what Ms Glanville is doing here, mark my words) 🙂

    • Beclove says:

      Very well said.

    • NinaS says:

      Precisely. Thank you.

    • Ming says:

      @snowpea- love your posts.. you always keep it real and say it exactly like it is, no bullsh*t and people can relate. thanks for the personal shares as well!

  68. Jane says:

    Expecting this whole thing to implode like a nuclear bomb very soon…….

  69. Misty G says:

    All I really gotta say on all of it is those two boys are gonna hate all of them when they get older. And the “adults” will all deserve it too. LeAnn, Brandi, and Eddie. Each have their own special place in the “How to be a bad parent and person” book one of those boys is going to write when they get older.

  70. Sarah says:

    More more more! This stuff is gold.

  71. brin says:

    The good news for Leann: You don’t have to give him baaaack…he’s yours (plus a few waitresses).

  72. Jayna says:

    I saw Brandi on Jay Leno last night as part of one of his game shows he does sometimes. I guess it was taped a few weeks ago. Her outfit looked absolutely great and hair. Her cheeks were a mess. They were so blown up they were distracting. Her face barely moved. I don’t get it. She had nice cheekbones already.

  73. Ming says:

    i find it so passive aggresive that leann is having her hairstylist mateo sifuentes tweet multiple pics of brandi’s youngest son jake. leann is obviously on some sort of twitter lockdown, but the biotch cannot stand not getting in jabs at brandi, so like usual she has her payroll friends do her dirty amejean with the vaj comments a year ago.

  74. crtb says:

    What a hypercrit!

    She won’t mentioned his negative remarks but she writes about how he can’t get it up.

    Will these people go away! They are not that interesting.

  75. why? says:

    During Brandi’s book promotion, Leann has made several passive aggressive digs at Brandi, yet certain media outlets are depicting Leann and Eddie as the victim. When Brandi mentioned her MIL in her Glamour interview, Leann took to twitter to brag about how much Eddie’s mother loves having her as a daughter-in-law as opposed to Brandi who took care of her when she was sick. For Brandi’s segment on Leno, Leann tweeted a photo of herself blowing a bubble and added bubbles and kisses, then she had her stylist(the same one who posted mean things about Brandi on twitter) post a photo of Brandi’s son to twitter. And then today, Leann tweeted that she loves fiction, implying that Brandi is “embellishing”. Radaronline keeps posting about Brandi and her book, but they twist the situation to make it look like Leann is the victim. When Brandi talked about how she made out with women to please Eddie, the media had selective memory loss, opting not to even address that the same thing happened between Eddie, Liz, and Leann.

  76. lindy loo says:

    If horseface had just gone away and lived quietly with the adulterer, then people probably would have forgotten about this lurid affair. Instead, she’s gone to every tabloid spewing her justifications for ending a marriage. She truly makes me sick to my stomach and I can’t wait to see her get what she deserves.

  77. vvvoid says:

    I gotta say it: I love Brandi. I just saw her in an interview with Michael Yo here:

    And when asked about the crying photo, she made a witty quip followed by “no, but really, I hope she was sneezing, I don’t want anyone crying” which may sound like lipservice but watch the video, her face and body language is sincere. I know she knows her book and press tour will Make LeAnn cry, but she’s doing what she has to do, I can tell from her demeanor that she had to be pushed to the limit to become this aggressive. Plus, LeAnn deserves to cry. Sending text messages to Brandi saying “I can’t wait to make lunch for your boys” [the family she stole from Brandi]? She is one mean, insecure, SWF little bitch. Also, BG looks gorgeous in the interview. Fillers or no, she is more beautiful on her worst day than LeAnn has ever been or will be on her best day. And in the interview those fillers must have settled since the Leno spot because she really looked amazing. And that, my friends, is at the root of LeAnn’s huge complex about BG. She’s a down grade with money. Brandi, Eddie had passion for. He’s just a lying cheating douche, that’s the rub. But I bet he misses every inch of her body and I bet LeAnn knows that. Eddie is shallow, LeAnn can’t measure up, and if he had a chance in hell he’d be nailing Brandi, “loving” her too, on the side while LeAnn bankrolled him. LeAnn knows this. I’m sure he wants to try out that new vag of Brandi’s, too. I’m sure he wants to “mark” it. I’m sure he has to indulge in as many creature comforts LeAnn’s money can provide just to get out of bed in the morning. And I’m very sure LeAnn knows this deep down. Hit her where it hurts, Brandi. A nice fringe benefit of doing so will be that each time you point out how homely LR is, Eddie will be less and less capable of grinning and bearing it, because he’s shallow and wants his women to be knockouts. His ego cannot tolerate being known as the guy who has to wake up next to LRs face every morning.

    • Ming says:

      THIS! eddie’s ego must be feed, and leann is just the appetizer. of course he dreams about brandi and her new lady bits.. karma never fails to deliver.

  78. Sparkly says:

    Brandi’s such a plastic surgery fan that I don’t doubt it, but if I were her, since LeAnn is all about copying her every move, I’d just be planting crazier and crazier stories like this to see how far she’d go.

    Something makes me think Brandi was just being honest though. lol