New trailers released during the Super Bowl: which one rocked your world?

A lot of you are already talking about all of the trailers that debuted during the Super Bowl, so I thought I would put them all together! We got extended glimpses at Robert Downey Jr., Benedict Cumberbatch, Johnny Depp and Brad Pitt, so the commercials were a surprisingly good moment for quality dong, right? Here are some of my favorite trailers:

Iron Man 3 – this is the 1:30-minute length trailer floating around, I’m not including the teaser (which is just a shorter version of this). I hope Iron Man 3 is better than the second one, because the second one really sucked (imo).

Here’s the new teaser trailer for Star Trek Into Darkness. It features a new mini-clip of Benedict Cumberbatch saying “I am better…” Chris Pine: “At what?” Cumby: “EVERYTHING.” Amazing. “Shall we begin?” Yes, in my pants.

New teaser for World War Z – this is a lot of the same stuff, although I’m fascinated by the idea that someone thought of moving the original Constitution in the case of the Zombie Apocalypse.

New trailer for The Lone Ranger! I like that they’re showing more of Armie Hammer.

Wait, they made ANOTHER Fast & Furious movie? Ugh.

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  1. Dee Cee says:

    Dodge Ram Trucks Super Bowl Commercial Farmer – God Made A Farmer

  2. Toot says:

    I liked Star Trek and WWZ. Iron Man looked alright too, but RD in the beginning annoyed me.

  3. Post-Its says:

    Star Trek. I’m not even a Star Trek fan, but I enjoyed that last movie and this one looks really cool.

    • Trashaddict says:

      Haha my daughters call the last Star Trek, “Lens Flare: the movie..” Absolutely cracks me up.

  4. Hautie says:

    I am going to need someone to explain to me, how all those felons got passports. To go anywhere. In that Fast & Furious #6 movie.

    And adding in Dwayne Johnson to distract me, isn’t gonna work. 🙂

    Oh… and I spied they brought back Michelle Rodriguez from the dead. Who died way back in Fast & Furious #1.

    • V4Real says:

      No Michelle’s character died in “Fast and Furious”,the fourth installment not “The fast and The Furious”, I know it get’s confusing.

    • Skipper says:

      I thought she died in four? I know I will be forced to see this one too.

    • cmc says:

      Oh, whatever. Vin Diesel + Dwayne Johnson = take all my money! I’ll watch any movie that has either one of them, so BOTH? Yes, please.

    • Hautie says:

      Dang it! My bad… F&F #4….

      And I still need someone to explain how she is back from the dead. 🙂

  5. T.Fanty says:

    “Shall we begin?” By that point, I already had.

  6. V4Real says:

    Iron Man 3 all the way. In my mind I have already seen it at least three times. Plus no other men mentioned in this post can get me going like RDJ can, Brad never did it, nor did Depp and certainly not Chris Pine.

    I’l give Fast and Furious a nod b/c I will most likely see it as well.

  7. mia girl says:

    Star Trek was the best trailer hands down, followed by IM3 (I love RDJ)

    I’m sad to say, but this new World War Z trailer is even worse than the first. “We lost the East Coast!, We lost China!”. Moving the constitution?!

    My husband couldn’t understand what was going on (and not in an intrigued way) When I explained it was a zombie apocalypse, he didn’t believe me. He hit rewind to watch it again. He said, “if this is the best they’ve got from a zombie apocalypse, this movie doesn’t look very good.”.

  8. LadyMTL says:

    Star Trek and Iron Man 3, by miiiiiiles. I’m not a Cumberloonie by any stretch of the imagination but holy hell, his voice!

    As for the others, meh. I’ll probably go see WWZ just because I love the book, but you couldn’t drag me into FF67 (or whatever sequel they’re now up to).

  9. Ms Kay says:

    I went on the set of Fast & Furious 6 when they were filming in London, met The Rock he is awesome, and Paul Walker blue eyes and warm smile totally make you forget what you planned for the rest of the month…

    Iron Man 3 seems much better already than Iron Man 2… Because honestly I was disappointed by the waste of Mickey Rourke.

    The Lone Ranger… Anything with Johnny Depp I watch, good like bad, that’s how powerful he is.

    World War Z… Eh. No choice boss in onto the press screening invite already so..

    Star Trek looks as awesome as the first one!

  10. Crack Fox says:

    I was ready for FF6 because of my husband, Dwayne Johnson, but now my wife Michelle Rodriguez is back, so I will be there opening night.

  11. Mia 4S says:

    Star Trek is/was/shall be great. I love this cast!!

    Iron Man 3 has me optimistic, I hated the second one so fingers crossed where once I would have been crazy excited.

    The rest…meh. I loved the book World War Z…and that trailer has no relation to it.

  12. Ranunculus says:

    Depp and Pitt are never interesting to me, yawn!!! I like RDJ working with Shane Black again so I am hoping for IM3 to be a good one. The first trailer for that one looked cool, this one was quite all right. RDJ needs to do something different after that though, still a bit disappointed he said no to working with Paul Thomas Anderson.

    • Mira says:

      I’m glad he passed on Inherent Vice. I’m tired of RDJ. He’s the new Johnny Deep stuck in blockbuster land. I’m thrilled Joaquin is in talks to star in Inherent Vice. He’ll be awesome for a pot-smoking loony detective. I thought RDJ was the weakest actor in Zodiac. He just played himself – the same sarcasm, same everything.

      • Ranunculus says:

        I actually think he was the most interesting thing in that over-long Fincher flick. But I agree with the Depp comparison, if he will not sign up to some more challenging roles. Depp was never a huge talent though, RDJ is actually a great actor.

  13. World War Z and Iron Man 3 all the way!!!

    (But I’ll probably still see all of these except Fast & Furious 6)

  14. Penny says:

    I guess Vin Diesel and Paul Walker have to pay their bills somehow.

  15. Dutch says:

    The “extended look” in the start of the Iron Man trailer cracks me up. Classic RDJ humor.

  16. Lizzy says:

    I’ve never actually seen Cumberbatch in anything, so can anyone tell me, is he using his normal accent in the Star Trek movie? Is that how he normally speaks?

    Cuz he sounds JUST like Patrick Stewart, which is a very attractive trait for a man to have.

    • Lucrezia says:

      Yep, that’s his normal voice/accent.

      In the trailer he’s talking in a slow/measured/dramatic way, like Stewart does in the Next-Gen voice-overs (“space, the final frontier …”). In Sherlock, he talks at 100 miles an hour (but it’s still the same “jaguar trapped in a cello” voice).

  17. Victory says:

    WWZ looks awesome. Will probably bring my chickyfriends to see it 🙂 hehe

  18. Chelsea's handler says:

    None of the above.

    • ChocoChipDstryr says:

      Amen. I was interested in Star Trek until Damon Lindelof’s name came up – after Lost and Prometheus, I refuse to watch any of his work. I don’t like the Iron Man movies – I’m not sure if it’s a dislike of RDJ or the superhero himself, I liked the WWZ book but don’t like look of the movie, the Lone Ranger looks boring, and I’ll probably watch F&F6 when it comes out on DVD.