Mary-Kate Olsen appreciates the advantages of the recession

Mary Kate Olsen dresses in what looks like a blanket

Mary-Kate Olsen appreciates the advantages of the recession. While the rest of us are panicking and stashing our cash in our mattresses, uber-wealthy Mary-Kate is looking at the bright side of things. How? Well all the sales on luxury goods of course! Instead of spending $42,000 for that fancy ostrich skin Berkin bag, Mary-Kate can get it for a paltry $35,000. Who said the economy is all doom and gloom?

MARY-Kate Olsen has found the silver lining in the recession. A Page Six spy, who recently shared an elevator at Barneys with the diminutive actress, reports Olsen was excited about all the discounted merchandise for the taking. “It’s really sad – the recession is everywhere. But at least they are having good sales,” said Olsen, who pointed to her hat. “That’s where I got this! The recession!” Olsen ogled a $410 menorah and pillows and throws for her bed, but didn’t buy them.

[From Page Six]

I love that Mary-Kate thinks the recession is a place. “That’s where I got this! The recession!” She makes it sound like it’s that store around the corner. On the one hand, it’s sort of annoying to hear someone so wealthy talk about the recession in terms of the material stuff she can buy for less.

On the other hand, considering how much they’re worth, the Olsen twins could singlehandedly shop the country out of a recession. So it’s probably not prudent to actually chide Mary-Kate for mildly insensitive comments – the more tacky clothes and giant sunglasses the Olsen twins buy, the better for the economy. Now if only we could convince them to start snatching up real estate and Detroit-built cars, we’d be all set.

Here’s Mary Kate Olsen leaving a cafe in Los Angeles dressed in what looks like a blanket on December 20th. Images thanks to Splash.

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  1. vdantev says:

    That’s easy when you’re a B*LL*ONA*RE

  2. eatavag says:

    she spends all that money and still looks like a hobo

  3. Codzilla says:

    MK has someone to hold her umbrella, her coffee, and even the dog. Nice to see she isn’t pushing herself too hard.

    Oh, and she looks even worse than usual in that header pic. Aside from the shades, that’s what I looked like a few minutes after giving birth — same hair, same robe …

  4. Anna says:

    How can one person have so much money and still look like the crazy, supermarket-cart-pushing bag lady from the shadiest district in town?

    If you’re gonna make stupid jokes about the recession and buy unnecessary stuff that most of us couldn’t afford in a lifetime, then at least make it glam, make it sizzle, make it pop! Make it f****ing count!

    This is just too weird and insulting.

  5. jaclyn says:

    She is so rich, and yet, looks like a homeless person. In fact, some homeless people look better than she does. I just don’t understand it.

  6. Hollz says:

    ugh. WHAT is that woman wearing!? It looks like a ninety year old bathrobe!

  7. Kink says:

    wonder if she’ll feel the same when the parents buying her junk for their kids stop doing so because they can’t afford it…

  8. Rosebudd says:

    Codzilla, too funny…had to LOL. Thank you. So true. I looked better than that after giving birth drug-free, and we know what hours of pain, labor & pushing are like. I broke every blood vessel in my face. I did manage to have my new robe & jammies on though. My heart goes out to M-K because she just seems like such a sad lost soul. Never see pictures of her w/ her family, especially her siblings other than Ashley. Seems like making new friends wld. be difficult because she doesn’t know who to trust & who is using her for money/fame. Ashley, on the other hand seems to be doing well & working. She also combs her hair.

  9. Megan says:

    If I was as rich as her I’d dress a LOT better than that.

  10. JAn says:

    i guess when u have money u dont feel the need to be glam. u can whenever u want to and if u have to. i notice that in some places like ny alot of rich people wear expensive really simple clohing whilst everyone else around is ecclectic and glam.

  11. paris herpes says:

    that whole comment pissed me off…well at least im not buying stuff i don’t need these days.

  12. 2DamTrill says:

    Fuk this stupid B!tch…go suck on some illegal pills you keep all the time and pass around to your friends

  13. tina says:

    Mary Kate,

    She could single handedly end the need for animals to suffer by paying for spay neuter programs world wide, yet she is so far gone and out of touch mentally that she is a shopaholic that has shopped herself into looking exactly like a homeless person who is also depressed.

    Mary-Kate, contact me and I’ll set your life straight. It won’t cost you a dime and you can start feeling good about yourself again.

  14. Alecto says:

    Well I’m so happy that everyone’s suffering is helping her save a few thousand that ostrich skin bag that she’s gotta have so bad. Even with the discounted price I could pay off my Tahoe and do some much needed remolding to my house instead of having to wait a few years to get it all done.

  15. John says:

    So what’s been happening with Ashley lately?

  16. pankaj sharma says:

    hi mary kate,
    you are so sweet like a candy or we can say like as ice cream.

    lord jesus & lord mary bless you.
    you are so sweet like honey please make your plans to come india to see taj mahal simbol of love.

    yours welwisher

    pankaj sharma