Paris’ journal reveals bulimia, drug addiction, love of Eurotrip movie

Update: The background is that Paris Hilton left a ton of personal items in storage as she was moving. No one paid the bill, and it was sold at auction and is now available online.

I ponied up the $40 for Paris Hilton’s crap on the Paris Exposed website and there’s so much junk there it’s incredible. They do a decent job of organizing and presenting it, and since it’s a tax deduction I don’t regret subscribing.

I’ll have to break it up into several posts as I can’t review everything at once and I’ll just have to give you stuff as I go. Look for a lot more photos and details on Monday.

Paris has got to be hurting right now. It’s one thing for people to say she’s on drugs, has herpes, is bulimic, is a dumb slut and is narcissistic. It’s another to be given such a wealth of evidence, including a Valtrex prescription receipt and diary entires in her own childish hand.

The entry on the header image, which is also the first thumbnail below, is the most revealing.

Paris says she wants to get organized, exercise more, quit using, go to AA and get a sponsor. If she feels like throwing up, she tells herself to “talk to someone.”

Those resolutions seem like a one-shot deal as the rest of her journals are filled with random phone numbers, schedules, and thoughts.

Here are some journal pages. She labels one person named Alex “Chink Guy” next to his phone number. I’ve also heard that she uses the N word in the videos on the site, but I’ve only seen some segments as I found them pretty annoying. It’s not news that Paris is a bigot.

There’s also a page with an idea for a Hello Kitty Paris character, and she writes “Paris and Nicky Barbies” on her Hello Kitty stationary along with painstakingly copying three pages of lines from Eurotrip.

I blurred out the phone numbers, but the Paris Exposed site did not. Anyone who has ever given Paris their phone number has got to regret it since this is the second time her friends’ numbers have been published.

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  1. Pecarrie says:

    And just how did they get a hold of all these things?

  2. celebitchy says:

    Oh sorry, I thought everyone knew the back story. Paris Hilton left a bunch of stuff in storage as she was moving. She didn’t pay the fee for a month or so, and it was put up for auction. These people either acquired it there or bought it off the person who won the auction.

  3. Other Karen says:

    Wow, she actually sort of acknowledged she had a drinking problem. Now I feel vaguely pervy/guilty after reading the resolutions. Not sure why–she could have negotiated with the guy to re-obtain this stuff.

  4. Viv says:

    Oh wow K. I was actually going to ask you if you wanted to split it with me but since all that other shit came out, I thought that was the extent of it. Damn, and you usually don’t even work weekends!

  5. Yoyo says:

    oh hell yeah! Thanks for putting this stuff up!

  6. ER says:

    Celebitchy – you rock! There is some fascinating obsession with going through other people’s trash – especially celebrity trash! In the words of Don Henley “we love dirty laundry”

  7. celebitchy says:

    There’s a lot more of this stuff, like collages Paris made, love letters from two different boyfriends, tons of drunken pictures. I can’t do much today and will have it up on Monday.

  8. FF says:

    I’m kind of glad it’s revealed she’s not ‘naturally thin’. I knew this before but nobody ever believed me when I said she was bulimic.

  9. Anonymous says:

    As I read through these journal entries…..I really feel sorry for her. Everything (except the weird eye) looks great on the outside but she is an emotional mess!

  10. eleanor says:

    well bulimia actually rarely makes you lose weight (most bulimics are overweight or healthy wweight) so she probably is naturally thin.

  11. Pecarrie says:

    True- bulimia would never make you that thin- but filling up on drugs and not eating will– which is most likely what she actually does.

  12. I'm luvin it says:

    wow, paris seems absolutely crazy…but in kind of a fun way. it’s so suprising that her scandal has done nothing but ot make me like her more. i was sooo tired of paris who seemed to “have it all together”. i like crazy paris who sits in a daze and writes out lines from eurotrip in a hello kitty diary. i mean, who the hell DOES that type of shit? an 11 year old girl? but like a 20 year old woman? it’s so bizarre and i love it. i love crazy paris much more than crazy lindsay.

  13. jess says:

    i’m guessing a lot of those pages are what she thinks are “serious monologues”

  14. anonymous says:

    KARMA KARMA KARMA’s a biotch, isn’t it. Hate to be you Paris! Hate to be Stavros! EWWW I bet Paris L. is sooo glad he dumped this wh0re!

  15. Losers says:

    Gotta love all of these losers who say they “love Paris”. She is obviously stupid and uneducated. She is vapid. She is a pathetic drug addict who gets off on saying mean crap about other losers in her circle. She has herpes. I think these people are actually Paris and her paid PR people trying to go around on different blogs, pretending to admire her or think she is interesting.

  16. arbour says:

    i can say honestly that i don’t care for paris hilton at all but i feel terrible for her. i would die if someone found my diary and showed it to people. i would be so humiliated. do you guys think she cares? do you think she is embarassed by this? i dont know if she would really care. from what i have seen and not liked of her, the way she presents herself to the public is exactly what she writes down. she acts like a troubled preteen and she writes and thinks like one. im thinking about thisway too much. but seriously, do you think she cares? did she cry about this without people around?

  17. J says:

    Has anyone else noticed that not only did Paris copy lines from Euotrip, but she also copied lines from Dickie Roberts, former child star ?

  18. caroline says:

    Dude it’s anonymous… that’s fucked up you guys are posting this shit…