Paris and Nick Carter’s precious love notes to each other

It’s possible Paris’ love note to Nick was never received, because it was with her stuff in the storage facility or we wouldn’t be able to post it here. She references a gift though, and it looks like she used a little card to tape it on in the middle next to a picture of herself. Given the content of her message and its delivery, I think it’s safe to assume it was a heart locket of some kind and the picture was meant to go in it. (Although now that I look at it again, she said “it looks like you” so who knows what it could be?)

At first I was going to rip on Paris for writing such a cliched love letter, but there’s a touch of vulnerabilty there in her scrawled note with all it’s trite platitudes. Once I read Nick’s letter to Paris I realized their brief relationship was meant to be.

Selected Touching Excerpts from Paris’ Letter to Nick: (excerpts below, also see full linked thumbnail above)

I love you more than anything you mean so very much to me. I care about you so much. And the feeling I get from caring for you is more special to me than words can begin to describe. But let me try to explain this to you. It means that I will never hurt you. It means that you can trust me, that you can tell me what’s wrong. It means that I will try to fix what I can, that I will listen when you need me to hear and that even in your most difficult moment all you have to do is say the word and I will always be there for. [sic] Don’t ever doubt my love for you. All I need is what I have with you.

Nick’s card to Paris: (ful text below, because it’s too good not to publish all of it. Also see full linked thumbnails above)

What is love? This was a word that was so distant to me. Until you! now there are so many meanings to this word, for instance. Love is pure. It is something that only few people ever really experience ever. [Emphasis added] And it flows between the both of us like a river of passion. When im away from you it just gets stronger. And its scary because ive never missed anyone like i miss you. Dont get me wrong if we had it our way we’d always be together and that would be amazing. But since i cant be there always i need you to know how much your love has got me babe! And no matter what trials and tribulations come, i carry you deep within my heart and soul. And everyone see’s that girls, guys, everybody. It radiates off me like a sighn [sic] that says back the f*#% up im taken. And I love it. So, you will always be able to be near, far, or over the rainbow and never have to worry about your man hurting you, cause you dont deserve it. Its time for happy times and No More Pain! Lets share the precious moments that we have to-gether in Love and Happy. Forever. So as this card says to my Love

I Love you so, so very much and will not no matter what Happens!

Paris and Nick ended their relationship in July of 2004 after about seven months together. Paris was seen out with bruises around her eye at the time of their breakup, and rumor had it that Nick was responsible, although he denied it.

The NY Post published some of Paris’ letters to Nick in January, 2005. Nick has since dished about Paris in an attempt to drum up publicity for one of his reality shows. He said he cheated on her with Ashlee Simpson after he found out Paris was being unfaithful to him with Chad Michael Murray and wanted to get back at her.

Other crap in the “Nick Carter” folder on the Paris Exposed website included scenes from a TV show he appeared in and a receipt for a $3,5000 piece of jewelry he bought her. Nick said in September of last year that he bought Paris earrings worth $10,000 and needed to get them back.

All photos and letters from, where’s there’s plenty more to be had for a reasonable $40 subscription fee.

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  1. Pecarrie says:

    Hey- what happened to Cisco?

    Why do men have the benefit of secrecy, while women are always exploited? Her nude pictures are still everywhere-I was enjoying the tip of the scales to expose and exploit men for a change.
    I mena, I know men are a heck of a lot uglier, and even disturbing to look at– but no fair that they dont get shown but women do.


  2. Pecarrie says:

    Post his ugly buns for all to scorn!!!
    Hee hee hee

  3. Other Karen says:

    He shouldn’t get the earrings back! A gift is a gift, dammit. (Engagement rings excepted–they’re conditional.)

    Wow, Nick Carter is scuzzy.

  4. Rowen says:

    Is it just me or is his letter completely devoid of heterosexual lust? Seriously. What straight man would write this bullshit? And when Paris starts talking about no matter what’s wrong?

    Another reason to believe that Nick Carter is just another blonde husky gay tween running around in the world.

    Like we need more fluff.

  5. Mick says:

    Oh, of COURSE Nick Carter is a sissy – just look at that face. It just shrieks “I’m a queen!”.

    He’s just “after” Paris for her clothes…

  6. nick carters songs are so hot and he and his brother is so hot to and i love Aaron carters songs are different then nick carters song but i now that they will come to Mississippi some day