Jennifer Lawrence in light pink Dior at the BAFTAs: gorgeous or washed out?

Jennifer Lawrence

Jennifer Lawrence wore Dior at last night’s BAFTAs event in London, but you couldn’t tell at first because of the long, black overcoat she wore on the red carpet last night. She’s technically still recovering from walking pneumonia, so I can’t blame her for covering up on such a chilly, rainy night even if it messes up our agency photos somewhat. Once inside, JLaw removed that black monstrosity to reveal a very pretty, soft pink Christian Dior couture gown that held up quite nicely despite getting somewhat soaked in the rain. Jennifer is now one of the faces for Dior, so it makes sense that she’s wearing a lot of the label’s designs lately. This dress is quite lovely in a princessy sort of way, and the gown sparkled with an endless stream of iridescent sequins that managed to dazzle while not falling into the tacky department like sequins often do.

Jennifer Lawrence

Jennifer stuck with simple for the rest of her look with pendant diamond earrings, and her hair and makeup were similarly simple with swept back hair and a slightly smoky eye to add some impact. The total effect, while gorgeous, left Jennifer looking quite washed out (not to mention tired) and unlike her usual vivacious self. She probably IS tired — it’s been a very long awards season for her, and she’s experienced recent illness and the end of a long-term relationship. JLaw needs a nice long nap. Oddly enough, Jennifer did not win the Leading Actress awards as expected. Emmaneulle Riva, age 85, pulled an upset for Best Actress for her performance in Amour! Emmaneulle wasn’t even there to accept the award so hot Jeremy Renner did it for her.

Here’s Jennifer in the press room with Quentin Tarantino, who won for Best Original Screenplay. He totally deserves that award! He and Christoph Waltz (who won for Best Supporting Actor) make quite the director-actor team. In fact, I think Christoph is QT’s new muse. Hey, can you imagine if JLaw starred in a Tarantino movie? Honestly and as much as I love her and QT, I just can’t see that happening.

Jennifer Lawrence

Jennifer Lawrence

On Saturday evening in London, Jennifer stepped out for dinner in this orange-red dress. It’s kind of cute, right? She looks so sleepy and jet-lagged though. Perhaps that excuses her damn near upskirt incident with the paps below. Luckily, she didn’t do the full Hathaway, otherwise this year’s Oscars race would be developing quite the pervy theme.

Jennifer Lawrence

Photos courtesy of Fame/Flynet, Pacific Coast News, and WENN

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  1. Hannah says:

    I thought Jennifer’s dress looked much more like a school art project than Elizabeth Olsen’s.

  2. allons-y alonso says:

    I really dislike the Dior dress. It’s got a very……high school formal vibe to it

    • stellalovejoydiver says:

      I know, I mean it is a nice fit, but considering it is Dior and costs a couple of thousands $ it looks rather cheap and promy.

  3. gloaming says:

    The best part of the night was David O Russell’s WTF face when she lost the best actress award.

    • allons-y alonso says:

      That is one major bitch face! Shame on you David O Russell.

    • Tapioca says:

      Well she’s a good actress and a great example to other young thesps in applying yourself to your craft and not a Las Vegas barstool, but please will the voters and critics stop bending over for Harvey Weinstein.

      Silver Linings Playbook was average.


      • Annie says:

        Silver Linings Playbook did absolutely nothing for me either. I do not understand the hype about this movie. For that reason alone, I hope any other nominee but Jennifer wins, cause it would basically just be a win for Weinstein.

      • TheOriginalKitten says:

        Everyone that I know that saw Silver loved it but the trailer made it look SO effin cheesy that I couldn’t get myself to go watch it. It’ll be a rental for me but I’m kind of happy to see that there are people out there that thought it was just “meh”.

      • Becky1 says:

        Agreed! I thought SLP was somewhat entertaining but I truly don’t understand all the hype. Jennifer Lawrence was solid and did a decent job with her role but I really don’t think she deserves an Oscar for it. I thought Bradley Cooper was very good and did a better job than Jennifer Lawrence but again, not Oscar-worthy.

        The novel is different from the movie in a number of ways (one of them being that in the novel the character of Tiffany is actually in her late 30’s). If they would have adhered more faithfully to the novel I really think it would have been a better movie. I thought the movie version seemed unreal and forced at times.

      • Annie says:

        I was starting to think I was the only one who thought SLP was just an average rom com. I haven’t yet seen Beasts of the Southern Wild but I have seen Zero Dark Thirty, Amour, and The Impossible and thought those ladies all had far meatier roles. SLP just isn’t up to the same standard, so call me a bitch but I’ll be dissappointed if Jen wins.

    • Anne says:

      David’s face, said: What???? I thought Harvey had also paid for this award!!!!
      SLP is just a normal movie. I do not understand the fuss!!!. Undeserved The Bafta award “Adapted Screenplay.” The show was in charge of BCoop, crying when O’Russell said his speech. Lol.
      Pure advertising for a overrated movie.

    • kennedy says:

      I absolutely loathe David O. Russell! I don’t care how great of a director he may be- I DON’T CARE. He’s awful as a human being and disgusting to boot. Why anyone would want to be associated with this loser is beyond me. There are arguably so many other more gracious, lovely directors who are making films in the same capacity and level as him- namely Bennett Miller (Moneyball, Capote) and Joe Wright (Atonement, Hanna, Anna Karenina). J. Law’s love for David has made me question her judgement but then again, my dear Amy is working with him again… so… bah humbug.

      • ??? says:

        The ratio of genuine, gracious, and truly good-hearted human beings working in Hollywood is disproportionately small compared to the number of superficial, back-stabbing, self-aggrandizing, egotistical, back-patting a$$holes.
        It’s just the nature of the business, of course.
        After all, these people are *artistes*, and they are clearly saving the world with their work!!!
        Okay, I just had to get that out of my system after watching the sheer amount of Hollywood smuggery at the BAFTAs last night.

        On a different note, Jennifer’s hair was NOT okay. That’s what my hair looks like when I’ve combed in a deep conditioner and I’m waiting for it to absorb. That look belongs nowhere but the shower — or the hairstylist’s. She has great hair and it could’ve at least been pinned up in a simple pulled-back style, which would’ve been both elegant and weather appropriate.
        Her dress was okay. Something about it looked a little budget and prom-like to me — maybe it was the sequin arrangement.

    • Liv says:

      I actually find his face hilarious.

  4. marie says:

    she looks cuter in the orange

  5. RocketMerry says:

    Quite adorable picture and now I totally want the Tarantino-Lawrence movie to happen.

    • T.C. says:


      I like both dresses and that black coat should be in my closet.

      • Scavenger says:

        Yes, agree. I dont think her wardrobe, hair or make-up has ever looked better than these. She has improved just lately.

      • Raven says:

        I thought she looked good in both dresses. She looks like a princess in that gown, proving she doesn’t have to be loud all the time. And she’s got great proportions for that orange dress.

  6. Katie says:

    I like the orange dress better. Poor girl looks like the walking dead! She needs some rest. N

  7. T.Fanty says:

    The orange is better, but whomever did her make up in the dior dress nailed it. Finally.

    • sasa says:

      I think the make up makes her look like bigger cheeked Emily Blunt. I don’t know if that’s good or bad though.

  8. Jackie Jormp Jomp (formerly Zelda) says:

    The red dress is so much better.

  9. Nola says:

    It would be nice if her peers were afford the same kid gloves when on the red carpet….

  10. annabelle says:

    Her hair and makeup team is seriously failing her.

  11. Jane says:

    She is on the awards season diet. Her weight loss is obvious. That pneumonia must have been more serious than was let on as she looks really ill. But the orange dress is nice. Women really do need to learn how to get into and out of cars properly, it is not that hard.

    She seems over the whole thing. I know as this season is going on forever.

    • stellalovejoydiver says:

      I wonder whether she will gain back the weight she lost.

      • Migdalia says:

        I’m sure she will because she lost it so quickly, however she goes straight to Catching Fire after the Oscars and then maybe a couple weeks break until Xmen starts back up. Wow I feel bad cause she goes talking about having a normal body and bam loses all this weight from being sick and her breakup. She looks miserable.

      • bluecalling says:

        i hope so… when i heard she had waking pneumonia, all i could think about was bernie mac… i hope she takes the time to heal and really take care of it. all this hustle is just not worth it…

  12. Miss Kiki says:

    Love the orange dress, the Dior? not so much.

  13. Lexie says:

    the dior dress is boring and those gems look cheap. she looks great in the orange dress though!

  14. mel says:

    She looks washed out. The dress looked like a prom dress and the gems loked CHEAP. Dior was supposed to give her a style but it’s ruining her.

    HAve you seen her face and DAvid O Russel’s face when she lost? The girl is becoming quite the diva.

    • anne says:

      I don’t think jennifer is a diva.
      Nobody likes to lose and i think when everybody tell you ” you gonna win, you gonna win” and you lose, you can be really upset and disappointed.
      I can’t fault her because she never lose since the beginning the awards season.
      jennifer said herself, she is very competitive.
      I was more shocked by David O. Russell

      • mel says:

        DOR is a MAJOR asshole though that is why I am surprised about Jennifer since she always looks bubbly and just happy to be there.

    • Annie says:

      @ Mel – I wore something verrry similar to my prom in ’99! I still think it’s a cute dress, but it looks like it cost a few hundred rather than the few thousand it cost Jennifer.

    • Migdalia says:

      David was definitely being a queen that was too funny, but Jennifer has been looking miserable since the London pics from the night before and the red carpet. You go to another country in the course of a day or two while sick and your ex is attending the same event and you lose. I wouldn’t be mustering up a smile either.

    • paranormalgirl says:

      She looked no different than any of the other nominees. Disappointed. David O Russell looked stupid, however. Emmanuelle Riva was wonderful in “Amour,” simply wonderful. I also enjoyed SLP and Jennifer’s performance and I do think it Oscar worthy (as all the nominees are Oscar worthy.) I just loved Emmanuelle Riva’s performance so much.

      • mel says:

        I too think it was Oscar worthy but Supporting Actress Oscar worthy. If Jennifer was nominated for supporting, she would be winning and some people wouldn;t be THAT mad at the whole thing (including Harvey).
        The fact that she and everyone around her believes that her performance was better than Marion’s Michelle William’s Rachel Weisz’s and the other four nominees, baffles me.

  15. serena says:

    What incident?
    Anyway even if a bit tired and washed out, I still like this pale outfit and makeup very much on her! Usually her stylist doesn’t know what to do with her so this time I think it’s an half win.

  16. bns says:

    She needs a new stylist. The only time I’ve ever thought she looked amazing on the carpet was her first time at the Oscars.

    • kimmy says:

      YES. totally. she knocked it out of the park with that red calvin klein dress. it surprises me how often she fails on the red carpet. she’s gorgeous, fun, young, and has an amazing body!

      she just seems tired right now. hope she gets some rest soon, poor thing.

    • That is one of my favorite Oscars looks ever! Loved the dress and the hair was amazing. Hopefully she’ll be looking at least almot as good at this year’s ceremony, since she may have too look at pictures of that look forever (if she wins)

  17. Marty says:

    I didn’t watch the the show, was she upset when she lost?

    The dress is nice, but hair and makeup should have been a little bolder to compliment the softness of the dress.

  18. Joanna says:

    She looks better as a brunette.

    • Migdalia says:

      I have no idea why she’s suddenly blonde again when she has to go back to Catching Fire in a couple weeks. Poor thing her hair is going to get totally fried after the franchise is done.

  19. A. says:

    Pretty but she’s just everywhere at the moment…

  20. Annie says:

    She’s looking different in the face in a way I can’t place. Whatever it is, please tell me it’s just the flu or the dress/makeup washing her out and she hasn’t had something done to her face at freakin’ TWENTY TWO.

    • mel says:

      She probably had her nose done since it looks conspicuously symmetrical mostly the bone but I think she just lost a lot of weight.

    • keats says:

      I’m telling myself that its just a combination of pneumonia/breakup revenge weight and that she will gain it right back. Otherwise her arms are looking a little too waifish.

  21. i'm french don't kill me says:

    where is her boobs in her Batfa dress?

    she looks good (and she clearly lost weight)

  22. A says:

    Really? I thought she looked great in that navy dress with the keyhole cut out and her GG dress. This, however, looks like a prom queen/cheap ass dress despite being Dior. She’s also lost a ton of weight. Second everyone’s opinion that David O Russell is a major a-hole. I understand looking disappointed, or not smiling much on the red carpet, but to have your jaw unhinged with a look of disgust for ten, fiftteen seconds when someone else wins…gross. After all, this is the same dude George Clooney got in
    a physical fight with because he was apparently verbally abusing the crew and he screamed and threw a fit at Lily Tomlin.

    • keats says:

      Yeah, NOBODY yells at my girl Lily Tomlin and then works back into my good graces. Booo David O Russell!

  23. Addison says:

    This dress looked better standing next to Michael Fassbender.

  24. Jenny says:

    It is baffling me how no one commented on her hair. WTF! It looks horrible!

    • littlestar says:

      Yes, her hair looks really bad in the Dior gown pics. Slicked back and greasy looking, kind of mullety. It’s too bad, since she has beautiful hair. Not sure why her stylist would do that to her?

      As for the picture of the orange dress, she looks FANTASTIC. Her stylist needs to do her up more often like that (Jennifer seems like a hard girl to style). Does anyone know who designed the orange dress??? I want it so badly. And it looks awesome with the copper heels. Perfection.

      • mel says:

        I think Rachel Zoe is a big fail because JLaw had the body of a nineties supermodel and it’s not really difficult to style but Zoe keeps trying to put her on dresses for waify looking women and it will never work.

  25. Samantha says:

    I think she’s on drugs. In all of her pictures she has that same Baked look.
    I like the orange dress though.

  26. aud says:

    I know I’m in the minority, but I’m in love with the pink dress. It’s so gorgeous. I would love to have somewhere to go wearing it. It’s stunning, so is Jennifer. Earrings are gorgeous.

    she needs a break though. lost a lot of weight in just a couple weeks. she’s prob ill and exhausted. hope her health is improving and she can go full hermit for a few days to rest

    we just got SLP here. i wanna see it but my husband sucks(said he’d go with me, but didn’t. now it’s only showing at 9:20 pm and I’m too old and pregnant to be out after 11)

  27. Amanda W says:

    I don’t think it’s the dress… the make-up is washing her out.

  28. taxi says:

    It takes many weeks to fully recover from pneumonia. She’s exhausted.

  29. penelope says:

    I don’t understand these comments. She looks beautiful in all these pictures.Why do guys hate her so much? Is it still the crazy twilight fans leading the way? Haven’t you guys moved on already?And I would very much like to see her in a QT movie. Let’s make it happen!

    • Zozo says:

      Sorry, but Celebitchy is not a type of “twilight fansite”. If you read posts about Kristen Stewart you will be able to see this.

  30. annaloo. says:

    Shades of Emily Blunt I’m getting from her…

  31. LAK says:

    I know AMOUR hasn’t had wide distribution in america plus being a foreign language film didn’t make the criteria of many of the american award shows BUT I urge all of you to find a way to see it. Emmanuelle Riva totally deserved the bafta and deserves the oscar. Her performance AND the film are so much better than SLP.

    It is a great example of films that should be supported by the audience but need an awards season push for that to happen.

  32. Jenny says:

    Jennifer Lawrence is one of the most overrated actresses of her generation. When Justin Bieber (Justin Bieber!) is 100 times funnier than you on SNL, it might be time to re-evaulate. Jennifer Lawrence is just average in so many ways (talent, appearance, etc.). The excessive adulation over her is just mind-blowing to me. It takes a heck of a lot of makeup, stylists, and other assistants to even make her look decent. There are other people who are much more worthy.

    • Nessa says:


      • Tatiana says:

        I think the same. I find her a nice and good girl, but I have not been impressed with her acting (and yes, I have seen Winter’s bone and SLP).

    • Bijlee says:

      Plus a bajillion. I love her, but totally agree about the over adulation. It’s scary the degree to which people will endlessly praise her.

  33. NYC_girl says:

    Don’t these girls know to keep their legs closed when getting out of a car? Knees closed!! Jeez.

  34. Shira says:

    While I’m still back and forth about last night’s gown, she looked stunningly beautiful throughout her time in London. You haven’t posted pictures from the Friday dinner for SLP – I thought she looked the best I’ve seen her in… forever. With pants, short sweater and a pony tail!

  35. d says:

    OMG. Knees together, ladies. KNEES TOGETHER!! She is looking way too thin. I hope this isn’t the end of Lawrence. She started out so fresh, but this campaign is just not good for her. I hope she just disappears for a while after this and just works and eats and lives healthy, and that we see her only rarely.

  36. GeeMoney says:

    Loving that orange dress!

  37. Rice says:

    Ok. Here goes. I know I’m going to be hated but I have to ask: is there something between David Russell and Jen? God I hope not because I really don’t need another KStew thing. I thought Hunger Games sucked but I LOVED Silver Linings Playbook (not enough for an Oscar, but still good). I think Jen has a really great future and I want to see her in more movies, just not Hunger Games.

    • paranormalgirl says:

      It wouldn’t be another KStew thing because as far as I remember, DOR isn’t married anymore. it would just suck because I think DOR is a monumentally horrid individual.

  38. Camille (TheOriginal) says:

    Pretty. I like her makeup in the pink dress, much better. The hair isn’t great though but the dress is nice.

    I’d love to see JLaw in a QT movie, that would be awesome!

  39. ladybert62 says:

    Very pretty dress.

  40. Miss M says:

    Riva won, yay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I dislike orange color, but I did like the orange dress, very cute.

  41. A Fan says:

    She looks great in orange. See, it’s not rocket science…

  42. Caroline says:

    Love the Dior!! Perfect Fit~

  43. Mrs. Odie 2 says:

    Maybe she’s a great actress. I’ve only seen photos of her. I don’t get why every man seems to have such a ****stand over her. I get that she’s young, but so is everyone under 30. What is the deal?

  44. Jordan says:

    I love the Dior gown…..very pretty. The orange dress is gorgeous, she looks great. I’m rootiing for Lawrence for the Oscar (she was marvelous in SLP) but if she does not win, that’s alright. Jennifer Lawrence is only 22 and very talented so, she’ll be in the Oscar conversation for a couple decades, in my honest opinion.

  45. Jordan says:

    Also?….I would love to see her in a QT film!.

  46. Jordan says:

    Jeez…three posts in a row (last one, I’m over-posting! (LOL))…but this one’s for penelope: Celebitchy is definetly not anti-Lawrence, most of the people posting here like Lawrence, the actress and as a person (some aren’t huge fans) but they usually appear in clusters…it never seems to be an overwhelming majority kind of thing. Generally, majority dislike is levelled toward someone who seems to have earned it in some way or another, ie., made themselves unlikeable in some way. At least, that’s how it appears to me anyway.