Justin Bieber ordered his minions to ‘slap around’ Black Keys drummer

I know I’m slow to the program, but it’s really just been in the past two years that I’ve really gotten into The Black Keys. I’m not Twihardy about TBK, but I do love them and they are my jam in the car and during my workouts. Their last album, El Camino, is amazing and I’m in love with Brothers and Attack & Release as well. If I’m going by who I’m more attracted to, that would be Dan Auerbach, the one with the lighter hair and no glasses, but Patrick Carney has some appeal to me too.

Anyway, TBK won big at the Grammys on Sunday (YAY!) and after the Grammys, they were partying at the Marmont. At some point, TMZ got Patrick Carney on camera and they asked him about Justin Bieber’s Grammy nomination snub. Patrick was all “the Grammys are about music and that kid’s all about money. Whatever” (I’m paraphrasing). And then Justin Bieber heard about it and now there’s a douche-fatwa against The Black Keys.

Justin Bieber isn’t taking too kindly to being told he doesn’t deserve a Grammy — going after the Black Keys drummer who insulted him … saying, the drummer “should be slapped around.”

Bieber added “haha” at the end of his statement — which he posted on Twitter — like he was joking.

TMZ broke the story … BK drummer Patrick Carney mocked Bieber’s Grammy snub after the awards on Sunday — telling TMZ, “He’s rich, right? … Grammys are for music, not for money … and he’s making a lot of money.”

Grammy count — Black Keys 7 … Bieber 0

[From TMZ]

Ugh. Of all of the dumb things said about (dumb) Justin Bieber, I don’t even understand how Carney’s comments even warrant more than a “Huh. Yeah. Sounds right.” As for Justin ordering his minions to “slap around” Carney… how d-baggy. How immature. How Bieber.

Shall we listen to some good music for a change? This is one of my favorite songs of all time:

Here’s “Lonely Boy” their first single off El Camino:

Here’s “Gold on the Ceiling” – I’ve been hearing this song all over the place, on TV shows and commercials and movie trailers. They’ve licensed the crap out of this song!

Photos courtesy of WENN, Justin’s Twitter & Instagram.

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  1. bob says:

    I saw the Black Keys years ago when I had a bastard of an ear infection. Absolute agony and absolutely worth it.

    Go and see them, all of you, they’re superb.

  2. Lb says:

    Shut up Bieber.

    The Black Keys were great at the Grammys. Now I’m dying to see them and Jack White (he so rocked) live someday.

    • Amelia says:

      Oh my God, if I could watch The black Keys and Jack White perform together then that would be my life complete.
      I’d die happy and have that enscribed on my tombstone.

    • allons-y alonso says:

      I would looove to see The Black Keys/ Jack White collaboration.

      • Gilmore says:

        Probably not gonna happen considering they’re not too fond of one another. It’s a shame too because a collab between them would be KILLER.

  3. lucy2 says:

    TBK are right, and he knows it.

  4. RocketMerry says:

    “Gold on the Ceiling” is absolutely amaazing and addictive. Bieber is a child (say whaaaaat?).

    • crab says:

      Isn’t that song the best!! I actually sing that song at our karaoke bar and everyone gets up and dances to it!!

  5. DanaG says:

    Justin Beiber just keeps on showing how immature and stupid he is. Doesn’t know once his balls drop the girls will run for miles? Only thing that keeps a pretty boy around is talent but since Beiber can’t actually sing or do anything else he will go join the heap of other ex pretty boys.

  6. Janet says:

    That little twerp is the one who needs to get slapped around.

  7. Chordy says:

    Really, Biebs? The Black Keys drummer? We’ll see if he remembers your name when they’re getting inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and you’re appearing on Celebrity Rehab.

  8. Annie says:

    I love how much it stings bieber that he is not grammy material. Imagine how insufferable he would be as a winner.

  9. J. says:

    Which Grammys is this guy watching? The pop music categories are almost always about who’s making money.

  10. marie says:

    Well Carney’s right. Didn’t Justin just re-release his first album 3 times adding just a song or two? Justin’s a douche, I think it’s something with the name as I feel the same way about Timberlake-but at least he makes decent music.

  11. Ms Kay says:

    Bieber is really a spoiled brat isn’t he? He can’t take any criticism. And if he thinks his songs were Grammy nod material (but so are many other so called singers imo) well he is delusional…

    On the other hand, the Black Keys drummer looks like he could be Artie from-godawful-TV-show-Glee big brother.

  12. Mia 4S says:

    Poor Bieber baby, does he need his blankie? Still I don’t envy TBK with having to deal with loser teenage girls (and some women) sending them death threats.

  13. allons-y alonso says:

    Sod off Justin Bieber!! I’m just waiting for his other ball to descend so that we may be rid of him.

  14. Lolly says:

    You tweet the darnest things when your pms-ing..

    • lucy2 says:


      Seriously, how is that he’s only getting more feminine looking as he gets older? I don’t get it.

  15. *claps at ‘douche-fatwa’* lol!
    The ‘haha’ thing is stupid. People who say something harsh and they know it’s not good, so they put haha at the end.
    Bieber has got lots of money. But money can’t buy brain.

  16. Erinn says:

    The kid tried to grab some of the attention from the grammies by attempting a shirtless live feed during them. He’s butt-hurt over not being nominated, and is acting out like the spoiled child he is.

    I love Carney even more for saying it.

  17. Isa says:

    My 4 year old said she loved “gold on the ceiling.”

  18. Lulu says:

    I’m still waiting for that little douche to get slapped with an assault charge for grabbing his fan’s breast during that photo. This kid is so dumb he’s going to take himself down one of these days and I can’t wait.

    • erika says:

      give him a couple more years, maybe one and he’s going to lose all of his fan base because 6 yr old girls will have outgrown him and being a mini-dick doesn’t help you to recruit the new wave of post toddlers.

      my niece/nephews can’t handle him and they’re around 8, 10 yrs

  19. Caitlin's mommy says:

    Yeah- it’s called talent, you twit. TBK have it. You don’t.

  20. JL says:

    Maybe when Beiber grows up and becomes a man (or woman or whatever) he can slap them around himself.
    How childish and arrogant.

  21. Susie Q says:

    Justin Bieber, the little puke, is just going to get more and more obnoxious as he gets older. Entitled much?

  22. km says:

    I love that Lonely Boy video. Why is it so much fun to watch someone dance around unchoreographed…well too much.

  23. mom2two says:

    I am pretty sure Patrick Carney is quivering in fear over the potential slaps from Beiber’s minions. In other words, NOT.
    I think Beiber is an entitled little punk..but he is young and should he prove to have staying power ( I doubt it) , I am sure he will have an opportunity for Grammy nods. If Katy Perry and Taylor Swift can get Grammy nods, Beiber can too.

  24. Iheartlasagne says:

    Pat Carney has more talent in the tip of his dick than “douche who shall not be named” could ever dream of possessing. Haha.

  25. Red32 says:

    Nothing screams “chicken $#!t” like enlisting an army of 12-year-old girls to do your dirty work for you.

  26. Tiffany says:

    Brothers is on heavy rotation in my MP3 player. Ten Cent Pistol is my favourite song by them. It makes me want to go out, find a guy and do dirty things to him while that song is playing.

  27. bea says:

    Patrick precisely nailed it in his comments about JB – the Grammy’s are for musical artists, not teen heart throbs.

    Hopefully no one will take JB up on his orders to hurt anyone.

    JB is suchapunk…..

  28. Sweet Dee says:

    Oh man. Bravo to nearly every comment posted so far! I wanted to +1 almost all of them, but it would take to long.

    The Black Keys have talent, so when either of them gives their opinion on music it has weight, and Bieber knows it. He probably is also aware that he sucks. He will never be as good as them, but will probably be richer until he develops his obviously impending drug problem.

    I love every single BK album, especially the cover album they did and Brothers and Rubber Factory. My favorite song on El Camino is “Sister” and my favorite song to run to is of course “Run Right Back.” Oddly, my fave BK song ever is “Everlasting Light,” which is sung almost completely in falsetto.

    • loveisthecoal says:

      I am obsessed with the Black Keys and Everlasting Light is my favorite too! (See my screen name) I’m going to see them live in April…insanely excited!

      As for Bieber, I pray he’s on his fourteenth minute, so hopefully he’ll STFU soon.

      • Sweet Dee says:

        Nice screen name! I love that song so, so much. The heavy beat with the falsetto makes it work so, so well. I’m super jelly you’re going to see them! I hope they play Everlasting Light for you!

        I agree on Bieber. He sucks a big one, and I really thought his time would end as he started looking just SO much like a girl. You know his fan base isn’t made of hardcore music nerds.

  29. TheOneAndOnlyOnly says:

    The black keys are great live and have more talent in one of their eyelashes than this entitled litted twerp has in his entire body such as it is; what pisses me off more than the tone deaf 10 yr. olds that drool over this nitwit are the parents that pay teeth grinding ticket prices and don’t even try to encourage their childred to listen to much better music than this whiny lesbian (no offense to lesbians).

  30. Catherine says:

    I think a band that licensed the right to almost ALL of their songs to be used in ads sounds a bit hypocritical saying someone else is all about the $.
    There are plenty of other reasons Bieber doesn’t belong at the Grammys but making bank isn’t one of them, IMO.

    • Trevor says:

      The Black Keys are working musicians. They license songs and do soundtracks so they can put food on their tables and pay their heating bills.

      • Sweet Dee says:


        They explained it pretty well in the episode of Anthony Bourdain: No Reservations they were in a couple years back. They don’t have a problem selling out, but that doesn’t give them the right to put out crap music. And they don’t.

  31. LL says:

    Douche Fatwa against Carney is most unfortunate, but his responses to those mouth-breathing, diaper-wearing deaf neanderthals is quality entertainment.

  32. Ryan says:

    I love the Black Keys and that Patrick Carney looks like the “FOOOR-EEEE-VERRR” kid from The Sandlot, but, honestly, if Carly Rae Jepsen (Jepson?) is Grammy material, then Justin Bieber is Grammy material.

  33. Jermsmom says:

    I am predicting that Bieber will very soon be the male (did I just say male? excuse me while I laugh) counterpart of Lindsay Lohan.

  34. ladybert62 says:

    I dont like Mr. Bieber – but I think this was just a stupid comment and not meant to be taken seriously.

    • Moore says:

      It does make him sound kind of obnoxious and jealous. I don’t care about money I am an ARTIST we are better than that.

  35. garvels says:

    Douche Fatwa.Bwahhhh! Thanks for the Black Keys videos. Love this band….glad to see they are getting the recognition their music deserves.

  36. paranormalgirl says:

    Have nothing to say about Beiber other than ask why the hell his 15 minutes aren’t up yet. As for TBK – God, I love them.

  37. erika says:

    that douche muffin has more forehead wrinkles than I do and I’m 41!!! STOP IT! you and your pu**y eyebrows! and what’s with the shirtless twitter pics every night?

    “Hi fans (4 yr old girls). I just finished wanking off- thought I’s send a pic”

    ohhh and TBK, watch out now…Hold tight to your Twitter, JB has just unleashed his army of lonely pre teens. What caos will ensue i don’t know!

  38. Amanda says:

    Lets just see who’s still around a few years from now. I’ll be so glad when this douche goes away.

  39. Madriani's Girl says:

    Look at how baked he is in that picture. I hate this little entitled pussy a$$ with the heat of the thousand curling irons.

  40. Happy21 says:

    LOL, JB you are pathetic…

  41. Gia says:

    The Black Keys song, ‘You’re the One’ was the song my husband and I danced to on our wedding day. I love them.

  42. koala says:

    What. A. Dumbass. (Bieber, that is.)

  43. skuddles says:

    I’m sure drummer dude is shaking in his boots at the prospect of having hordes of pubescent (or immature teen) girls sending him an onslaught of “I hate you!!” tweets…

  44. RHONYC says:

    note to the Biebster:

    kindly keep your clothing on at all times in photos until you are 35.
    anything b4 is borderline k. porn. ew! 🙁

  45. snappyfish says:

    i saw TBK a few years back and they were absolutely incredible. pat carney actually broke one of his drums during a song, and they had to wait while a roadie brought a new one out to the stage. i’ve never seen a drummer like that – dude is a MONSTER.

    bieber should be thrilled that TBK even know he exists.

  46. Veruca says:

    Well, if Beiber’s minions get to slap Carney around, the world gets to line up to kick Justin’s ass.

    And seriously, where the hell is his facial hair?

  47. Chelsea's handler says:

    For some reason I had The Black Keys mixed up with The Black Eyed Peas. Just goes to show how much I pay attention to popular music these days.

  48. MixerUpper says:

    I can’t stand Beiber.

    Seriously, how can people like him and Chris Brown think they’re Grammy worthy, and every thing they do is a gift from god, but bands like bright eyes and broken social scene, who work endlessly to make heartfelt, beautiful music get no praise from the Grammy committee at all?

  49. Maria says:

    Eh, I don’t see what’s wrong with Bieber douchiley responding to that guy’s douchey comment, but that’s just me.

  50. Maria says:

    Eh, I don’t see what’s wrong with Bieber douchily responding to that guy’s douchey comment, but that’s just me.

  51. Marilyn says:

    I can see this douche turning into Chris Brown pretty soon…

  52. emma says:

    BLACK KEYS FOR LIFE! Akron Represent.