Duchess Kate wore a bikini during her vacay & now there’s a ‘photo scandal’

Hey, you know how poor, pitiful, overworked, exhausted Duchess Kate took a grueling eight-hour flight to Mustique last week so that she and Prince William could enjoy a fancy vacation? True story. Kate has literally made three two public appearances in the past three months, which means that she was sorely overdue for yet another vacation. Well, while on vacation in Mustique, some photographer got some snaps of the pregnant duchess in a bikini. The photos have been sold to Chi Magazine, one of the European tabloids that ran Kate’s naked-vacation photos last year. And the palace is super-pissed!

Another royal photo flap is brewing.

This times it’s over pictures of a pregnant Kate in a bikini that are set to be published.

The Duchess of Cambridge was vacationing on the beach with husband Prince William on the private island of Mustique last week when the long-lens shots were taken.

“We are disappointed that photographs of the Duke and Duchess on a private holiday look likely to be published overseas,” a spokesman for the couple at St. James’s Palace tells PEOPLE. “This is a clear breach of the couple’s right to privacy.”

The photos are expected to be published in Chi magazine this week – six months after the publication printed photos of Kate, 31, sunbathing topless while the couple were on their tour of South East Asia.

[From People]

A few questions…

*Is it still considered a “private” vacation when the British taxpayers are paying for some or all of it? We don’t know who is paying for what, there is only the assumption that the Middleton family picked up the tab. And even then, taxpayers are paying for Kate and William’s security.

*Is this some kind of karmic retribution for being lazy? When everyone saw Kate’s nips last year, that was also because they were on vacation in France (after they lied about previous commitments to get out of doing appearances at the Special Olympics). And now this! Another “inappropriate photo op” involving nudity… while on vacation.

*Why is the “if she doesn’t want people to see her bits and pieces, she should her clothes on” argument never made? Is it because that argument is deemed “victim-blaming”? I don’t think it is, especially in this case. She was wearing a bikini on a beach!

*Why does St. James Palace get to dictate the terms of when is and is not “private” and “public” time with these two?

*Who is William going to scream at this time? Do you think we’ll get some reports in which “sources” describe how William is in the midst of yet another hissy fit? Alternate question: does Kate even care? Even with last year’s scandal, it seemed like she was the one who was more blasé about it, and I bet it’s the same situation now – William is the one freaking out and Kate doesn’t care.

*Why are photos of Kate in a bikini some big deal at this point? We’ve seen her in a bikini many times while she was on vacation over the years. We’ve seen her out of her bikini too.

Photos courtesy of WENN, Chi.

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  1. Rikki says:

    She’s barely showing. The Palace is overreacting. They’re just bikini pictures. What’s the big deal?

    • m says:

      Yup, and they were also taken on a public beach.

      • apsutter says:

        Yes, these photos aren’t “private time” in the least. They’re public figures on a vacation in a public place so why would they expect total privacy? Really good point made about the Palace trying to dictate what is public and what is private time.

      • Liv says:

        I rooted for her the last time, because the photos of her topless were taken at a private mansion – but this time? They were on a public beach! They should get over it.

      • Apsutter says:

        Me too Liv. Last time I thought it was disgusting and intrusive but this time they’re fair game.

    • Darlene says:

      agreed. Public beach, BIKINI (not nude) and all seems legal to me.

      • hannah says:

        Legal maybe, but I don’t want to have my pictures taken by some stranger and have them end up on a foreign magazine.

      • Apsutter says:

        Ya but Hannah your not a public figure. Sucky as it may be when your a public figure you have a much diminished expectation to privacy

  2. PHD Gossip says:

    Focus on the real story. spoiled. Lazy royals.

    • Babalon says:

      This. Stay home and do something constructive or put on a cover-up. So trifling!

    • inthekitchen says:

      + 1000. This is why palace sources/WillyBoy/TPTB make such a huge deal out of it – so they can distract us all from these two work-shy, lazy, entitled lunkheads and their lack of any work ethic. Luckily it seems to backfiring and all of Willy’s crying and foot-stomping isn’t going to bring the public back on his side.

      They should be made to work x number of days before being allowed to vacation.

      Also, if they want real privacy, they should vacation on one of their many, MANY properties. No one spies the queen or even Charles/Cam when they are on vacation.

      • Ctkat1 says:

        I don’t think the queen or Charles/Camilla vacation that much. If you look at that report of total annual public appearances by royal, they’re all averaging quite a few per week.

    • Hmmm says:

      But let’s give credit where credit is due: it must be grindingly hard work whining about every little thing to keep the focus on their rarified “specialness”. You’d think they were gods, rather than the lazy, trite, self-absorbed and lying lowlife they are.

      And wow! That HG didn’t last long, did it?

    • Tiffany says:

      I am sorry, but I find it really odd when people complain about the royals being “lazy”. They are just for show, their job is to just exist. They are doing that job.

      If people want difficult tasks as a part of the job description, then they should work on changing that.

      • bluhare says:

        Tiffany, the royals do have a mission. Check out their website. They themselves say their job is to not sit around and just look good.

  3. BeachBelle says:

    Google Kate and bikini. She’s already there in hundreds of pictures. It’s not like they don’t know about long lens either. If she doesn’t want to be photographed in a bikini she is going to have to wear something else or stay covered up.

    • Alexandra Bananarama says:

      Being photographed in a bikini isn’t the point here. It’s that William has threatened to ruin any publication that dares to print any photos of his wife whenever he deems their time as “private”.

      It’s going to be very interesting to see how this unfolds. It’s a fair estimate to think Kate doesn’t care. This is all William being a brat. The topless pics where taken by a pap when they were on a private estate. Those are the bare bones facts without bias opinions. People lost their jobs over that. It’s kind of sad to hear during a recession.

      These photos were taken by a civilian on vacation on the same island. Kate was covered up and appropriate for a beach setting. The photos were sold privately to a publication that will/should be fine and out of William’s grasp. Why is he throwing a fit? Because he’s got entitlement issues.

      This also draws attention to the facts that they do very little to deserve taxpayer contributions to their vacation budget.

      And no one should start saying they don’t live off of tax money, they can vacation because the Middleton’s paid for the whole vacation, and anything else defending their actions. There is no excuse and all those reasons have been debunked countless times.

      I can’t wait to see how it unfolds because William will draw this out and I just can’t see him getting his way this time.

    • Sweet Dee says:

      I’m pretty sure she’s just mad because her hair looks all frizzy. PRIVACY!

  4. Carolin says:

    If they don’t want to be photographed they should rent their own private island. And: They were on a public beach, so what’s the big deal?

  5. Rianic says:

    When I was pregnant with my twins, I wore a bikini at 6-1/2 months. All thirty six inches of belly showing!!! Not a big deal

  6. unknown says:

    WHERE is the pregnant belly ? Is she really pregnant ?! I wonder.

    • apsutter says:

      I think it was kind of expected that she wouldn’t be really showing until the late stages of her pregnancy. She was incredibly petite and some would even argue somewhat emaciated before getting pregnant so this seems about right.

      • Poink says:

        Plus she’s tall with a long torso, so it would take longer for her to show, anyway.

      • Liv says:

        I still don’t get why they went public with the baby news so soon. They can be happy that nothing went wrong. I don’t understand why they haven’t just said she would have had influenza or something like that.

      • Jess says:

        Long torso – yes; Emaciated – yes;
        Petite???? She’s 5 foot 10 for God’s sake — NOT petite.

      • unknown says:

        Yes, some other women would already look pregnant when she just looks BLOATED. Lol.

      • Apsutter says:

        Oh sorry…I always forget that petite is used in reference to height and not build

      • LAK says:

        Jess – Kate is 5ft 7in.

        Best way to estimate her height is to look for pics of her standing next to Nicole Kidman. Who is 5ft 10in. Kate is visibly shorter. If you factor in heel height [both wore Jimmy Choo], it’s easy to calculate Kate’s height.

        Liv – It boils down to William doing what he wants when he wants. He never listens to the Palace and when stuff blows up in his face, he looks for someone to blame. IF the Palace had known in advance about her pregnancy, and i include the 2hr journey from Berkshire as advance notice, they would have kept it private for as long as possible. Instead, the Palace found out about it when she was at the hospital and statements had already been put out by William’s office = Media onslaught.

      • Liv says:

        Pretty stupid if you ask me. I even think the media frenzy wouldn’t have been this big if they had downplayed everything.

    • km says:

      Eh, I’m around the same time as Kate, and I really still look like I’ve just eaten too much….unless you’re really aware.

    • bluhare says:

      LAK: I thought it has been written she’s aroudn 5’10”. She isn’t?

      • LAK says:

        Bluhare – People [media] forget that she wears 4in heels for ALL her public engagements.

        If she were truly 5ft 10in, with a 4in heel boost, she would stand at the same height as William. Not shorter.

      • bluhare says:

        Oh I wish I’d have known that when I got into a blog war (elsewhere of course) where they were all saying she was too tall to wear such high heels.

        She’s my height, ferpetessake!!

  7. RocketMerry says:

    They made it a big deal ’cause of the baby bump, I guess.
    Sidenote, I love that Antonella Clerici (beyond z-list Italian tv-show host) gets the cover while Pregnant Kate does not 😛

    • Nope says:

      Canalis is a z-list. Clerici is a A list TV host in Italy. She is co- author and host of a couple of very popular prime- time Tv shows . Chi is an Italian magazine, so I don’t see the big deal. After all Italy is not a British colony and Kate did not achieve anything special, so far, apart from landing a possible future Kingl.

      • RocketMerry says:

        I know, I’m Italian too! 😀

        Come on, Clerici is NOT A-list. She’s the dumb 50-something blond that insist on behaving like a teenager and also hosts that insipid tv cooking show. Don’t care if she puts her name on the producer/author tag.
        The funny thing here is: she is NOT supposed to be on the same level of celebrity as Kate… and still, she got the cover. 😛

      • Nope says:

        List is not defined by what you like(i don’t like her) but by audience and money. She is one of the most paid tv hosts in Italy and she earns millions from commercials.. And she is popular. Period.

      • RocketMerry says:

        I get that she’s popular (Lord knows why, but ok) but saying that she is A-list is a bit like saying that KKardashian is A-list. Sure they make big numbers: doesn’t mean they are on the same list as, say, Tom Hanks, Meryl Streep, Matt Damon (for KK) or Flavio Insinna, Monica Bellucci or even Fabio Fazio (for Clerici). She is not at that level, in my book.

  8. Amelia says:

    Can I made a small amendment? It was the Paralympics, not the Special Olympics!
    Sorry, just a pet peeve 🙂
    I like the karma theory; one too many bikinis means another photo ‘scandal’.

    • Jazz Fabulous says:

      I didn’t know that Special Olympics and Paralympics are both separated…but now that I’ve thought about it, it makes sense.

  9. LadyMTL says:

    While I agreed with them being pissed off the first time (they were on private property, etc) this time…meh. I mean, they’re in a public place and they’ve always been photographed before, so they need to take a breath and relax.

    If the Palace really expects the paps to back off because Kate is preggers, all I can say to that is hahahahahaha, yeah right.

  10. Scal says:

    Well mustique bans photographers from the island, so I guess there’s that. But it’s still a public beach right? Not like france where they were in a private home miles from the closest road. These pictures are so much tamer than I expected (I was thinking HUGE belly or something scandalous)

    I have similar pictures of me and my husband at the beach. Much ado about nothing. I think other than the St. James comment there won’t be any big hubbub from William. I don’t think Kate cares either. In fact, if the palace and the Sun hadn’t said anything I’m pretty sure no one would have noticed these.

  11. Hannah says:

    Btw those public appearances never involve the public. Handing out a prize at an awards show for athletes is hardly a charitable endeavour.

  12. Mich says:

    Most popular comment on the DM: “If the mags want to shock us, show us a picture of her working.”

    The fourth most popular comment (up arrowed by more the 2,000) discusses increasing calls for becoming a Republic after the Queen dies.

    These two are such incredible morons. The manage to become more unpopular by the day.

    • apsutter says:

      Yea I really cant believe that the Queen lets them do whatever they want. She always seemed very tough before but she’s got such a soft spot for Wills(to his detriment.)

      • m says:

        The queen believes in letting people dig their own graves because thats the only way they will ever learn. If Will and Kate wanted to work, nothing will hold them back. Meanwhile Harry will be in Africa next week to work with the charity that he founded. I suppose thats why Kate has an engagement too, she cant let “Dirty Harry” have the spotlight!

      • Apsutter says:

        Hmm smart lady. I wish that Harry was first in line because he has just shown that he’s ready and willing to not only be an active soldier(a real job unlike his stupid brother) but also to step into his royal duties and take responsibility. Plus he’s so good with people and just generally personable.

    • Micki says:

      I remember the times after Diana’s death when the general public wanted the crown to be passed straight to William.
      Perhaps now Charles suddenly appeares a lot more commited to this job than William?

    • Original N says:

      Well, it is nice to see that [more and more] people are FINALLY noticing Duchess Doolittle’s lack of motivation towards anything other than shopping & taking vacations … This was apparent to some of us before the royal wedding and I was gobsmacked that people were so excited over her at all.

      +1 for wishing Harry was first in line …

  13. DanaG says:

    We don’t know that they weren’t on a private beach. The island they are staying at is for the super rich and the pictures got taken from a boat with a very long lens. I think William has bad flashbacks to his mother and doesn’t want the same intrusion into their lives. If you let them go and don’t say anything they figure you are agreeing to it and next time there will be boatloads of photographers around.
    Secondly why does everyone forget that William does have a fulltime regular job so he isn’t available for duties most of the time and William doesn’t want Kate stuck doing them alone. William is an RAF Pilot they do so many long days on then a couple off. In time Kate and Williams life will be all about Royal Duties the senior Royals do 400-500 per year. William is getting the time to stick to his job and for him and Catherine to adjust to Royal life together.
    I don’t see the big deal about the bikini Diana was also pictured in a bikini at about 4 months pregnant as well. And I don’t think that is what is concerning William it’s the intrusion and the snowball effect it can have which he has actually lived through.

    • emmie_a says:

      Oh please. How much more time do they need to *adjust* to royal life? William has been a royal his entire life so he needs zero time. Kate has been preparing for royal life for 10 years so she’s adjusted already.
      These excuses for their beyond-entitled bratty behavior are getting old and entirely un-believable.

    • Lucy says:

      He’s clearly not working full time considering he’s facing being kicked out because he hasn’t logged in enough flying time but seems to find enough time to be heading out on numerous holidays and she’s hardly been able to muster up the energy to turn up to her 4 “charities”

      • apsutter says:

        THIS! Will is not working anyone’s definition of a full time job. Just think of all the time that we KNOW that he took off work this year!! He missed quite a bit of time for the Jubilee and then two weeks for the Olympics and then another week(end?) for their little vacation while they were supposed to be at the Paralympics. Can we get over this charade that he has a regular job please?!

        And I agree with Emmie that they don’t need anymore time “adjusting” They’re in their 30’s for christ-sake! Can we take off the kid gloves already?

    • Ms Kay says:

      @ DanaG hahahahahahahaaaaaa!

      Princess William should man up and stop using his mother as an excuse, ohhh my Mama died, oh my Mama suffered from the paparazzi, oh my Mama this my Mama that.. Enough with you guys finding pathetic excuses, Princess William works only when it suits him, his work colleagues are covering his hours for him. As for duties, he wants more the celebrity lifestyle than royal duties now please… Harry let his royal jewels hang out and yet he didnt throw a tantrum like a spoiled brat, he seems to handle his misdeeds better than his She-Who-Shall-Be-King of a big brother.

      Because waving at your subjects, cutting ribbons and sending a basket of micro shampoos at a charity org via your assistants is really hard work, Duchess Dolittle needs a vacation… Sure my god, Princess William to the rescue!

    • inthekitchen says:

      Even though Willy supposedly has a full time job, it’s public knowledge that he was close to losing his flying privileges because he hadn’t logged enough hours in the air in the last year. So, it seems clear that he does NOT work full time.

      Also, they have been married for almost two years now – why can’t Waity dedicate more of her time to the FOUR charities she supposedly cares so much about? It’s not as if she is killing herself with charity work – FOUR charities. It’s pathetic. What does she do all day except shop?

      It seems now that the only time you see them working is when they have to face down a public who is angry about their constant vacationing.

      • bluhare says:

        My theory about Kate not having a dresser or lady valet or whatever you call them, is so that she can spend a lot of time shopping. Because, you know, she has to get all these clothes for WORK.

    • Sachi says:

      I think you should find better excuses for William and Kate’s behaviour.

      All this, “William works so hard and has a full-time job” BS is not cutting it since it’s well-known by now that he barely made the required hours at the RAF last year. He doesn’t work hard nor does he want to work hard.

      He and his wife are lazy. Any other claims of the opposite is getting really ridiculous and stale now since the information and evidence are all over the internet that both barely work but love to go on vacation whenever they want.

      And stop bringing Diana into this.

      No wonder William loves to drum up sympathy by using his mother to make him look like a poor, damaged victim. So many people are still fooled into believing him.

      • Carrie says:

        It would not surprise me if William was scarred by his mother’s death. His behavior has long seemed to indicate that he doesn’t want to be “public” (choice of college — attending one in the first place instead of going to Sandringham, like Harry — calls for “privacy”). That said, he does very much enjoy the spoils of royalty, which is hypocritical. If you want a private life, abdicate and live off your $30 million fortune from your mother’s estate. No one will care. If you’re going to stay second in line for the throne, though, suck it up. You belong to the people.

      • bluhare says:

        Yes, I bet he was scarred by her death. I bet he was also scarred by his upbringing. His mother was not exactly known for her consistency.

      • Sachi says:

        @Carrie – I agree that William being damaged not only by Diana’s death but also by his parents’ messy marriage is not surprising. However, I agree with you that he’s a hypocrite. He described his life as “hard” and his choices so difficult between being a RAF pilot or being a full-time royal. Is he serious? Choosing between cushy jobs (he barely works as a RAF pilot) is hard for him? I think he’s reluctant about his role as future King, but he still feels it’s his right to be in that position and he’s not going to give that up.

        bluhare – Diana had issues herself. I doubt that William wasn’t affected by his mother using him as her shield/knight/therapist for her problems. But it’s time to grow up, IMO. He gets in this “Woe is me!” mode whenever he feels like he’s been slighted and things don’t go his way.

      • LAK says:

        Carrie – William has always been a difficult, sulky, petulant, bully from childhood. Nothing to do with his mother’s death. Every single person who has come into contact with him on a long term basis has said the same. There are numerous stories of William being nasty to other kids at his school,to the household staff that The Queen stepped in and told off CD for not disciplining him.

        You should read the biography written by Ken Wharfe who was their childhood-teen protection officer. William was ALWAYS a pain. And always unwilling to do anything for the greater good. Always looking for his own personal wishes to be accepted or else. This obstinacy was never checked.

        He has now added his mother’s death as MORE reason to be petulant and difficult. And everyone in his grown up life still describes him the same. his way or the high way. When i think on this aspect of his personality, that’s when i pity Kate.

      • Carrie says:

        Thanks, LAK. I’ll look into it!

    • Angelic 20 says:

      Yes we do know the pictures were taken on a public or common beach and they were not taken by papps, they were taken by another fellow traveller. I can post you a link to the Australian magazine which published photos and wrote very clearly where they got the photos for legal purpose. Also no William doesn’t work full time because he didn’t even complete his minimum flying hours and is close to losing his licence, again it was reported by media and I can provide you proof. Plus it will be 2 years in 2 months, do how long exactly she needs to settle in? please check your facts before making such old and boring excuses, they are not newly wed anymore, he is not working full time at RAF or as a royal, and please stop with the settling in argument, she is 31 year old grown woman married for almost 2 years, when exactly should we expect her to move her ass and stop lying?

      • bluhare says:

        This is for both Angelic 20 and Sachi:

        Sing it, sisters!!

        I’m going to steal LAK’s thunder on this one, and point out that the Queen never officially gave them a two year grace period, only gave her permission to marry after she was forced into it by William telling her two hours before the (already called) press conference, and not finding out about her great grandchild until right before we did — when the Middletons had known for TWO WEEKS. Frankly, this is what really pisses me off about these two. They tell Carole but the Queen? Who would get a new third-in-line grandbaby? No big deal apparently.

        So William goes on all his hissy fits about privacy. Hmmm. He tends to do it when they’ve got a boat load of bad publicity (vis a vis France photos which nicely covered up his lie about working, and this which will now get the British public worked up about poor Kate’s belly (he hopes)) instead of them being pissed off that these two do virtually nothing.

      • Sachi says:

        bluhare – that’s what gets me about William. He seems to be in this power-play with the Queen and Buckingham Palace.

        It seems wacky and all, but I think William is punishing the Windsors for what he thinks they did to his mother. He skipped the Queen Mum and Princess Margaret’s death anniversary/Mass because he was too busy skiing in France. The anniversaries and services would have been planned months in advance to accommodate the Queen and everyone else’s schedule…but William just happened to have a holiday at the same time?

        He must have known when the family would gather together, so his decision to go on a holiday at the same time wasn’t a coincidence. It’s all planned so he could skip off the family events.

        He’d rather spend time with the Middletons than with his own family. His own father was alone on Christmas last year with no child by his side since Harry was still in Afghanistan.

        William just gives off this really wicked, mean vibe and wants things to be in his control all the time.

      • bluhare says:

        Sachi: I remember reading somewhere that William and Diana were in a tiff when she died. William was mad at her about something to do with the press she was getting.

        If that is the case, I understand the load he is carrying. There is nothing worse than regret and/or guilt when someone you love dies and he was only 15 at the time. So I give him a semi-pass on that if it’s true.

    • littlemissnaughty says:

      Um, yes, Diana was indeed photographed in a bikini while pregnant and it was a huge-ass deal back then. The Royals were horrified.
      And I think this whole thing is such a big deal because to Royals, there is probably nothing more tacky or common than showing off a royal baby bump in a bikini. How peasant-y. THAT is the problem here. She has an image to uphold (ha!) or at least to perpetuate. This really ruins the whole thing, doesn’t it? Why run around in boring granny outfits all the time if you turn around and show off your pregnant belly in a two-piece?

      • bluhare says:

        As I said above, I think this was on purpose to deflect the bad publicity in Britain over the trip. Can’t poor, pregnant, HG-ridden Kate ever get a break?

    • LAK says:

      LAdies – DanaG is a troll. They always post deliberately misinformed statements on these royal posts.

      Just ignore.

    • CC says:

      Not a single military guy would be able to take the vacations he does. I’d like to see one of his “colleagues” even suggest his schedule. Whatever this job is, it’s not a regular full time job, it’s a favor done to him with little expectations.

    • Gemini08 says:

      Actually we do. It was a public beach and the photos weren’t taken by paps but a person who also happened to be on the beach at them who then sold the photos to various magazines.

    • Addison says:

      Basically private time is any time they go anywhere and there is no announcement from the palace. If it is true that photographers are banned in that country shouldn’t that country have that man extradited and stand trial for breaking their laws? I support all the time Kate and William Try to take that is private. Hopefully their next one won’t be intruded upon. So rude of that man!!

  14. hatsumomo says:

    I dont have anything against a woman being knocked up and showing off her belly in a bikini, I think its liberating to enjoy showing off this special time in a woman’s life buuuuuuut….isnt this chick supposed to have HG?!?! I highly doubt she ever had it, you dont magically “recover” after a few weeks to go on vacation. Im currently knocked up and during my pregnancy I lost a whopping 14 lbs and felt like something the cat dragged in. It was over by my 22nd or so week, but not once during the worst of it did I claim to have HG. I knew it was just plain ole morning sickness. This woman is a liar and a faker.

    • Lucy says:

      HG was convenient for her to carry on being lazy because who wants to be accused of having a go at a pregnant lady?

      • Sachi says:

        Exactly. The bogus HG was leverage.

        William used it to skip on a military event, saying he needed to be at his wife’s side to comfort her. Few days later, he was happy to appear on the red carpet for The Hobbit premiere and hobnob with celebrities, no mention of his “sick” wife.

        Same with Kate: too sick to do some charity work so all her events for February and March were cancelled when the “HG” news came out, but was fine enough to sit through hair and makeup prep for an awards ceremony with athletes only 1 1/2 weeks since she was reported to be extremely sick.

        You couldn’t question her condition because people would accuse you of being insensitive. The fake HG was a good excuse to drive away any questions of not wanting to work and paints Kate as a fragile, precious creature who needs all the break and sympathy.

    • Jenny says:

      What exactly is the difference between plain old morning sickness and HG? I too lost about 15 lbs at the beginning of my pregnancy and felt like crap all the time, couldn’t keep anything down, but I was still working full time and I think it was definitely just a bad case of regular old morning sickness

      • bluhare says:

        I’ve not been pregnant, but plenty of commenters here have and have had HG, and almost all of them said that it lasts much longer than morning sickness and one was even puking her way into the delivery room. Those people have my abject sympathy, not Kate.

  15. Lulu says:

    To me the biggest surprise is to see that her hair is actually quite wavy and full! Too bad she must flat iron the hell out of it and then sausage roll it to be considered ‘proper’ I suppose.

    • emmie_a says:

      Here’s another surprise: It’s not all her hair. She wears weaves / extensions. Her natural hair is not as thick and voluminous.

    • Jay Time says:

      I was shocked as well to see her with that bushy hair. But I shouldn’t be because it was pretty bushy on their last tour because of the humidity.

  16. Angelic 20 says:

    I don’t get it why they expect to have more privacy then other famous people who don’t take money from tax payers and live on public money? Can you imagine a elected president suing media or threatening them for publishing photos taken at a public place or when they are caught lying about working and found sun bathing? Who will tolerate this kind of behaviour from an elected politician or pubic figure? I just don’t get their entitlement while living in public funds and why people or their fans treat them differently then other public figures.

    • lexy says:

      Royals have been the same throughout the ages, it is the public that has changed. We now treat them as celebrities worthy of tabloid headlines and upskirt shots. They should have powers to behead traitors like they used to! That would get the riff raff in line.

      • bluhare says:

        Exactly. We all know Richard III wasn’t really at Bosworth Field. He was in York with his mistress, and she found out about the other one. They only carried his body down to Leicester to make it look good.

      • LAK says:

        Bluhare – Have you been reading the sun in Splendour [part trois] again!!??!!!

      • bluhare says:

        LAK: (hanging head in shame)

    • Jay Time says:

      I remember the first vacation President Obama had in Hawaii they took photos of him shirtless and his wife in a bikini and they didn’t sue any magazines. I’m guessing though that because the First Lady saw how she looked in a bikini to the world she has had the common sense to no longer be seen in one when they are on vacation. If I was a known person all over the world, the moment I step out of a building I would assume that there are cameras everywhere just to tell myself not to make any mistakes. But this woman nor her husband cares because they feel they can bully the media, but they can’t stop the chatter of all of us on the Internet.

      • LAK says:

        Charles was interviewed about this very same issue and he said exactly the same thing. That he expected the paps to be everywhere even on Balmoral so he adjusted his life accordingly. It’s a pity William didn’t take that lesson on board.

  17. JL says:

    It’s time for the
    “Get the Hell pover yourself” talk from the queen.

    Yes,your mother died tragically, that was a shame.

    Yes. the media follows you around, that’s life.

    Yes, your wife was photographed on a public beach because she put it out there.

    Yes, you’re pissed and that basically means NOTHING.

    Yes, you may have to restrict your activites or expect more of the same.

    and YES, I’m tired of your whining and crying about your privacy, do what Gramma tells you and you won;t have these issues.

    • bluhare says:

      I suspect dear old dad (who knows a thing or two about his privacy being violated) may already have had a chat with William. After all, he has had one with Harry per Harry’s own words in his Afghanistan interview.

  18. Talie says:

    “I bet it’s the same situation now – William is the one freaking out and Kate doesn’t care.”

    Pretty much. I really don’t think she is stressed by it at all. I remember Tina Brown saying that William threw a similar fit the same year they got engaged and threatened to call it off because she got photo’d on some family estate playing tennis… and he thought she was in on it. It’s like, who f*cking cares?!!

    • Mich says:

      Would love to know more about this story! Are you saying that he accused his bride to be of setting up a photo op for herself and threatened to call off the wedding??

      He must be a joy to live with!

      • Apsutter says:

        I can only imagine how much of an ass that he is. He’s Charles 2.0

      • GoodCapon says:

        Mich, just google Niraj Tanna.

        He’s a paparazzo who’s very close to the Middletons and Kate has always been friendly to him. In his photos there’s always a smiling Kate, and there was also an instance when her parents asked for Tanna’s photos so they can put it in their family album.

        But the most glaringly obvious Tanna-Middleton connection was when he was the only person on Twitter who kept dropping hints about Kate being pregnant as early as October. It turned out he was right, I don’t think it’s rocket science to figure out who tipped him.

      • bluhare says:

        GoodCapon: I had that thought last night, whether it was that guy. But I guess it was a fellow holidayer.

      • LAK says:

        Mich – Niraj Tanna is now co-owner of Ikon Pictures agency. If you see that watermark on any of Kate/middletons’ pictures, you know they gave him an exclusive.

        Bluhare – at this point they will start banning other holiday makers from being on the island at the same time.

        I wonder though why they don’t rent Necker. Harry has gone to Necker on several occasions and no pics have ever leaked beyond people taking them off his friends FB pages.

        Mind you as i typed that i remembered Sam is engaged to Isabella. My bad. Mustique it is.

      • Another K says:

        @LAK, Who are Isabella and Sam?

      • LAK says:

        Another K – Sam Branson and Isabella Anstruther-Gough-Calthorpe.

    • Alexandra Bananarama says:

      I believe it. All along Kate has been playing to the paps. I kinda think she likes it. She never really threw a fit all the times she flashed the cameras. This is all William being a brat and using his mummy as an extreme.

      1 Think Diana and Kate (Carol) are similar with is they both know how to work the press to their advantage to a certain degree. William will forever freak out when people go against his will.

  19. Allison says:

    aren’t they embarrassed that they are AGAIN making headlines because of kate in a bikini?? it’s e few month ago we could see her chichis and now again some bikini-headlines????

    it must be a running gag among the european royals by now- every time her name comes up, everybody must think: “oh, that bikini kate”.

    what an achievement, kate!

    • Britannia says:

      “Bikini Kate” that’s hilarious! It’s an upgrade from “Waity Katy.” I wonder how other members of the RF feel about her.

      • bluhare says:

        It’s certainly public record that Beatrice and Eugenie don’t like her. My guess is No Nonsense Anne doesn’t think much of her either.

        But if Kate doesn’t want her belly out there (wearing capes shopping and all that) it’s very easy to take a walk on the beach wearing a cover up.

      • LAK says:

        When Bikini Kate [love it!] is making Freebie Fergie look better….major trouble.

        Britannia – You only have to be observant at public functions with all the family gathered to see that she’s not welcomed with open arms. There is always a chilly distance between her and everyone else. Even Harry isn’t so welcoming anymore beyond being polite. Camilla and Sophie are the only ones who seem warm towards her but they are like that with everybody so it’s anyone’s guess if that is genuine.

        What is known is that she has never spent any quality time with other members of the family unless William is there. Since he barely spends any time with HIS family, we can deduce that she remains on the outside looking in.

  20. Nicole says:

    They are exhausting. I’m really starting to find them both to be over-privilaged snobs, who clearly think they are above it all (even the Queen herself). And for crying out loud, she is pregnant! We are going to see that belly one way or the other (if they ever do their jobs), so who cares?! It’s so disappointing. I was really hoping she would get past that first year and start working hard, but she is just plain lazy. They both are. I may be becoming anti-monarchy if these two are the future. So sad.

  21. Lala says:

    Too scared of getting off your rose – tinted glasses? No fairy tale here. Queen, Philip, Charlie and Camila are working their ases off. The same is for Bea and Eugenie, even though they are no senior royals. Will saving people’s lives is his job , which he, due to the “”enomorous” amount of royal engagements, cannot complete when it comes to the number of flight hours. So whom does he save if he faces to be kicked off the rescue team due to that?! Fact is fact: he and Kate are simply LAZY! Get over it. The world might be crazy nowadays, but nobody yet forgot what the work ethic means!

    • Jaded says:

      @Lala – you are so right. Let’s look at Princess Anne while we’re talking hard working royals. She does more charity work than practically the entire royal family put together but do you ever hear about it? No. Because she considers it her job and her duty to put her charitable work first and has made it clear that there is to be no media following her. She does it for the betterment of the British people, recognizing that because she was born into a life of privilege, she has a moral obligation to do something positive with it.

      • Julianne says:

        Princess Anne is also able to do so many engagements because she is past her baby-making and child-raising years. We shouldn’t expect to see Kate doing many engagements for the next few years because she will be having babies and raising them.

      • Christina says:

        ”having babies and raising them”???

        Firstly, I doubt she’ll be doing much of the child-raising herself, and secondly, since when is being pregnant and/or a mother an excuse for doing nothing?

      • bluhare says:

        Julianne: I bet a lot of mothers with they could dial it down when they have children, but they can’t. Kate’s absolutely no excuse as she will have carers (that she doesn’t even have to pay for) when she is out during the day. I’ll bet you a tenner it doesn’t stop her going out shopping.

      • emmie_a says:

        I’m doing a huge eye roll at your statement Julianne. While I know that being a mother is a full-time job, it’s actually healthier (mentally speaking) to have other interests, tasks, enjoyment other than your children. With her priveleged life, Kate will have more than enough time to do things other than raising her babies. Knowing her she’ll spend all this time shopping and getting her hair done instead of more important princess duties.

      • Julianne says:

        I’m just assuming that because she hasn’t worked by now without children, once she has them she still won’t work because she will be raising her children. So don’t expect her to have as many engagements as Princess Anne any time soon, not until she is over 40 and her children are in school. It might be wishful thinking, but she will probably have nannies look after her children so she can flaunt around in expensive gown for celebrity events and engagements. We will see…

      • LAK says:

        Julianne – Sadly, unlike Anne, it’s not out of some reasonable commitment to anything as noble as bringing up the kids. She’ll have full time nannies [whilst pretending she’s very hands on] until she’s outed. Just like they were outed on the 27 staff whilst insisting they had none beyond their office staff of JLP and Rebecca.

  22. lower-case deb says:

    the one excuse i like is: “she’s still easing into her job. give her time.”

    when i started my first full time job last century, i had the benefit of a six-month probation.

    my second job almost 5 years later gave me a three-month probation.

    these days, with the crisis and everything, 1 month probation and a 1-year reviewable contract (1 more year and i’m permanent). i have seen other junior probations got kicked out after 7 days or less.

    and they expect the british taxpaying public to give her 2-years of royal probation. nice.

    • emmie_a says:

      I had the same thought… It’s actually making Kate look a little *dumb* using the two year excuse bc really, it takes over two years to learn to be a princess?? And don’t you learn faster by actually DOING the job?

      • bluhare says:

        And everyone has apparently forgotten that she had “princess lessons” to teach her about the niceties of royal life and protocol while she was engaged. This is all bull pucky.

  23. Pandora says:

    The funniest part of this post is what appears to be people with zero understanding of what the English royal family is there for and what they do and why they’ll be doing it for a long time to come.

    • Angelic 20 says:

      sweetheart I am british and I am very well aware of who they, what their role is, how much other members of that family works and what they will be or expected to do. What I find funny is their American fans telling me that I am a hater jealous for criticising my public figures or how luck y I am to have arf and how much money they bring for tourism ( without any proof or figures supporting this argument) etc.

    • Christina says:

      You’re right. I haven’t a clue what the purpose of the ‘royal’ family is. Please enlighten me because I’m at a loss to figure out any purpose to them whatsoever.

    • Suze says:

      Yes, please tell us what amuses you so!

    • Izzy4ya says:

      Educate us please! I suppose they made sense 300 years ago, but I’m struggling to see the relevance now.

  24. The Original Mia says:

    Keep up the good work, Wills & Kate. You’re doing more to end the monarchy than anyone thought you’d capable of.

    • Apsutter says:

      Is kind of amazing isn’t it? They had such an enormous amount of goodwill only two years ago and everyone was thinking they were going to refresh and renew the monarchy and now look at them.

      • The Original Mia says:

        It’s pure hubris. William believes he’s untouchable due to Diana. Well, guess what? He’s not & the sooner he realizes that, the better for the monarchy. If not, look for a republic sooner rather than later.

  25. Hope says:

    Question: how is it that Kate always looks like she’s wearing really nice bikinis and William’s trunks always look like they came off the $5 rack at walmart? Seriously, are there no high-end swim trunks without those stupid side stripes and the tie hanging out the front?!

    I don’t even give a care that they’re on vacation at this point. They’re rich, lead a blessed life and fabulously lazy. The only reason they’re in the press is to be in the press for our enjoyment. They need to stop bellyaching about people taking pictures of them or abdicate. It’s like people who complain about who is elected for office when they didn’t vote. Ugh, these two just scream arrested development.

  26. judyjudy says:

    Someone mentioned on another post that there should be a side by side pregger pics of KimK and Kate. Please make this happen.

  27. c'est la vie says:

    Who cares what the “Palace” thinks?

    Methinks they doth protest too much.
    All of the goddamn time.

    And I think they have too much time on their hands.

    Time to get rid of this overprivileged, boring and superfluous monarchy. I don’t see the need for them.

  28. HoustonGrl says:

    Even though I think they are both kind of lazy, this is probably the cutest picture I’ve seen of them. Looks like fun! Side note, I’m glad I’m not a British taxpayer.

  29. Mabs says:

    In a dilemma here. I don’t give a frak. They’re obviously making a huge deal about this…AGAIN, so we should all quit yakkin’ about it and not give them the attention they’re so clamoring for. Yet here I am, yakkin’ and posting about not yakkin’ and posting. The ‘Royals’ are nothing but spoiled thieves anyway, please, do the world a favor and join the rest of the planet. You’re no better than the starving child in Somalia just needing a drink of water. 😐

  30. EmmaStoneWannabe says:

    They should be embarrassed about all the vacationing they do..no wonder they want privacy – they wish for there to be no photographic evidence of them vacationing month after month. I love how they have the Middleton family joins them almost every time too, making it seem as though that’s the family paying up for these lavish trips. Two words: yeah right.
    I cant wait for the baby to arrive and Kate will end up hiring more help than they’re fessing up to right now..lol like she’ll be a real hands-on mom. Sure. People don’t come more entitled or selfish than these two. Glad they were able to manage finding each other.

    • LAK says:

      These two have never vacationed without the Middletons. The question arises of why William and Kate don’t want to be alone on vacation. i very much doubt that they’ve had a weekend alone.

      There is a very amusing article in the express about this very issue.

      • bluhare says:

        For better or worse, Mr. bluhare’s parents had died before I met him, so we never had the in law issues. I bet he wishes we had, and I don’t begrudge him that at all.

        But I think it would be incredibly wearing to be around your spouse’s family constantly, and that’s a general statement, not one directed at William and Kate.

      • LAK says:

        I don’t do in-laws. It’s not something we encourage culturally.

  31. janie says:

    We gave them trashy Kim to photograph all they want, right? I don’t think a picture of Kate on public beach is a big deal. We got the better end of the bargain! Ha!

  32. garvels says:

    I think the next time they do their work,cough,the press should ignore them; and not take any photos of them posing in their Sunday best as they hand a serf a bag of potatoes or as Kate collects her flowers from her adoring fans.

  33. Christina says:

    I had a major ‘Oh PLEASE!!!’ moment when I heard about this (non) story. For the first time in my life, I had sympathy with Waity when she was papped on the balcony in France – after all she WAS in a private home and had a reasonable expectation of privacy. This time… completely different. She’s on a public beach in a bikini FFS. She can have NO expectation of privacy at all.

    And are we still expected to believe she has HG? So ‘sick’ that her mummy had to move into Kensington Palace to ‘nurse’ her (alongside Kate’s other full-time staff) but not too sick to go on an 8 hour flight to the Caribbean? I’m beginning to wonder if Morrissey may not have had a point after all.

    • Merritt says:

      I think Will is the one freaking out not Kate.

      And HG will very from patient to patient. Did she have it? I really don’t know. But looking at the medical data on it, some women with it, eventually have the symptoms ease around 15- 16 weeks.

      • Christina says:

        If that’s the case and her ‘symptoms’ have ‘eased’, there’ll be nothing stopping her from taking on a full ‘work’ schedule now, will there? After all, most pregnant women continue working full time until a few weeks at most before giving birth.

      • LAK says:

        Her symptoms eased up in less than a week.

        She was able to attend that sports awards less than a week after she was released from the hospital, and was then seen attending lunches etc

  34. Sachi says:

    So who is William going to sue now?

    The only reason he’s throwing a hissy fit is because he wants to distract the public from seeing the proof that yes, he and his wife are on vacation AGAIN even though they barely did anything to deserve a break and both have not done any important royal duties since their Asia tour in September.

    All these photos show is that Kate is healthy enough to travel abroad and gallivant around the island. No HG anymore, eh? How miraculous! She has recovered just in time to go on a holiday!

    That means she should be healthy enough to resume more charity work when she gets back from her “babymoon”, right? Right?!

    Her event on the 19th is just damage control. The announcement that she is going to do “charity work” came out at the same time the news broke that she is already in Mustique.

    If she hadn’t gone to Mustique, would there be any scheduled work for her at all? Or would she have continued to hide from work but continue to shop day in, day out without visiting her charities even once?

    It’s quite sad that the only time Kate can do some charity work is when there is a holiday either before the event or right after. It’s so predictable at this point. Every time she and William do some 4-5 fluff, light events, it’s guaranteed that they’d be going on a holiday for 2 weeks and not be seen again for 2 more months.

    They’re both such special snowflakes.

    They’re ridiculous and they have drained the public sympathy and goodwill they had 2 years ago.

    • Christina says:

      I agree. There’s clearly nothing remotely illegal about these photos – they were in public, along with many others. And it’s not as though we haven’t seen Kate in a bikini before, with or without the top. He’s just annoyed that these pics are going to put a major question mark over Kate’s ‘HG’ diagnosis, and also get people asking how, if she’s well enough to go on a holiday an eight-hour flight away, she’s not well enough to do even a minimal amount of work. PR disaster.

      • Sachi says:

        It’s their PR team who needs a vacation. 😀

        St James Palace needs to do better with these press releases. They always sound so defensive, trying to shift blame on someone else and making victims out of William and Kate all the time.

        Too bad it’s not working anymore except for some delusional fans who still defend the two buffoons’ laziness.

    • bluhare says:

      Standing ovation!!

  35. trillian says:

    I don’t know about England, but here in Germany the view on celebrity pics is quite clear: It’s okay to shoot them at official events, but no pics in private places or on vacations against the will of the person photographed. It’s considered a breach of privacy. Caroline of Monaco has won several lawsuits against German celebrity magazine “Gala” on that issue. Even royals are not public property on display for 24/7.

    • Suze says:

      They weren’t in England when the pictures were taken.

      And photos of celebrities on the beaches of the Caribbean are very common, and are published all over.

      This one was published in Chi Magazine a “European” tabloid.

      • Christina says:

        ‘Chi’ is an Italian magazine which regularly prints pictures of celebs on their holidays – often in much more compromising positions than just strolling in the surf! I see no reason why they can’t do it this time just because the subjects are ‘royal’. I very much doubt any laws have been broken here.

      • TG says:

        Where can I sign up for Chi Magazine? LOL

      • Sachi says:

        Silvio Berlusconi owns “Chi” magazine.

        I doubt he gives a damn about royals and their privacy demands.

        I also doubt William and his goons can go head-to-head with Berlusconi. Chi published the topless photos of Kate last year but nothing happened to them.

      • Christina says:

        @Sachi Forgot ‘Chi’ was part of the Berlusconi empire. If that man can get away with decades of high-level corruption, sleaze and bunga bunga, I doubt he’s going to lose any sleep over Wee Willy Windsor and his hissy fits.

      • Sachi says:

        Christina – it all ties in with William’s petulance and immaturity, doesn’t it?

        He can go after small, powerless publications like that Irish newspaper that got shut down because of William’s fury at the press, as well as that French magazine who got raided by the police, but he can’t go after Berlusconi who has more power, money, and connections (probably to some really shady groups).

        William is a man-child who likes to throw his weight around only to those he knows he can bully. Google Amanda Platell from the Daily Mail and her sarcastic apology to Kate when William sent his men to “talk” to Platell about stopping her criticisms of the lazy Duchess.

      • Christina says:

        @Sachi. Absolutely. William is a petulant brat. Harry – for all his ‘faux pas’ – seems to have much more class.

        It’s funny, until recently I had no particular opinion of William – just thought he was a bland non-entity, but probably a nice enough person. Ditto Kate. I also thought their marriage was a great move for The Firm. Kate seemed perfect: good-looking but not sexy; had never put a foot wrong in almost a decade of being papped; and the fact that she was from an upwardly mobile but not aristocratic family might have helped to broaden the appeal of the ‘royals’.

        But how things have changed. If even Daily Fail readers are calling for a republic, you know the situation is serious!

      • LAK says:

        @Christina – Kate’s misdeeds as a royal GF were not on the level of Koo Stark, so she has been deemed someone who has never put a foot wrong.

        There are pics of her drunk and falling out of nightclubs, legs akimbo.

        There is her taking advantage of her status as a royal GF to demand spacial treatment at events and to acquire discounted goods if not downright freebies.

        There is her dictating the terms of her brief employment so she could always be at William”s beck and call despite the job.

        Not to mention the drugs and underage girls peddling uncle at whose Villa WK vacationed as a public sign of solidarity AFTER all that was known.

  36. Apsutter says:

    Question for you celebitchers, I know there are a bunch of books about the queen but can anyone recommend a good one for me? I have a book about the queen mum on my amazon wishklist but I’d really like to read one about Elizabeth.

  37. Suze says:

    PR DISASTER for sure.

    Not because she’s showing her pregnant belly on the beach – who CARES? – but it calls into question whether she was really as sick as portrayed and it also begs the question – what good is the monarchy if all the public does is support their lives of leisure?

    William sure as hell didn’t inherit his mother’s ability to manipulate the press.

    • themummy says:

      Why would her showing the belly we all know she has (small as it is as yet) say anything about her being sick as she was?? That makes so sense whatsoever. I was terribly morning sick until I was about four months along and was tiny until I was 5 months. So if I wore a bikini it would have somehow said I wasn’t morning sick chronically? I hope you realize there is no logic in your comment…unless I’m missing it, which is possible.

      • LAK says:

        Kate has used this pregnancy and the HG to claim that she is too sick to do any sort of work beyond the one Sports event back in december.

        Instead she has been seen all over town [her part of town at any rate] doing lunches, shopping, attending the theatre, driving back and forth [2hr journey] to her parents’ home etc and NOW she is on vacation. Her office has consistently put out the line that she is too sick to do anything.

        Well, some people don’t believe until they see proof. These pics are proof that she isn’t as sick as she’s been making out to be.

      • Suze says:

        Thanks, LAK,

        That is exactly what I meant.

      • bluhare says:

        LAK: I’ve never seen Kate out with friends, so who does she lunch with? Lupo?

      • LAK says:

        Bluhare – I don’t think she has any girlfriends she trusts in the same way she trusts her immediate family. Any social occasions with others not her immediate family are always with people identified as family friends i.e either friends of Pippa or her parents or William.

        I do think that in the past year she has re-connected with one or 2 of her own dropped friends, but there is not much evidence that she sees them more than every few months.

        It’s kind of sad to see pap pics of her shopping all alone. There is such an air of ‘alone-ness’ about her. It makes me really sad for her.

      • bluhare says:

        Actually, LAK, I do too. She wanted it all so badly she gave everything up and now she doesn’t (or won’t) trust anyone. What a sad and lonely existence. Goes to show you need to be careful what you ask for.

  38. TG says:

    I think the duchess wanted to be photographed and this was set up.

    • Apsutter says:

      I disagree. I bet she had a whole outfit and debut of “the bump” planned and this was not it. Also if it were planned they would have been much better quality photos and much more flattering.

      • LAK says:

        If this was planned, Ikon pics would have been available to take the pics as their exclusive as they do every time.

  39. Amanda says:

    Who cares. And besides, I’d think that a bikini would be a more comfortable choice of swimwear for a pregnant lady rather than having uncomfortable stretchy fabric over her stomach.

  40. Eleonor says:

    She has spent nearly all of her 9 years of waiting in bikini, better shut up.

    • Izzy4ya says:


      Honestly, Kate got exactly what she wanted. I don’t think any of this drama or controversy phases her. I don’t think she cares about public opinion either. She’s like teflon.

    • themummy says:

      That’s nice and everything, but Kate hasn’t said a word of complaint. Why assume it comes from her? Doesn’t look to me like she much cares.

      I honestly cannot BELIEVE this is all over the place as a scandal–woman in bikini! Woman in bikini! Scandal! Scandal! Oh GOD!! Help us!! SCANDALLLLLLLL!

      • LAK says:

        you are missing the point that THEY are the ones creating a scandal out of it. Kate has been photographed for years in a bikini and much less. At this point, she probably doesn’t care, but she has to fall in with her husband’s wishes. And he cares BIG time.

  41. CatJ says:

    To Apsutter- I haven’t finished it yet, but I downloaded a biography of Queen Elizabeth
    by Sally Bedell Smith. It is 646 pages and some
    really great photos.

  42. happyhomo says:

    I love how Kaiser shows no mercy to the Royals.I don’t hate them but I certainly don’t feel like we owe them anything either.These pics are tame and no big deal.If you want absolute privacy,then don’t marry the Prince of England.Of course she’d also be working right now if she hadn’t and not living a fairy tale life vacationing 8 months a year.sidenote:I hope she is eating enough being pregnant.She still seems way too skinny.

    • bluhare says:

      If I remember correctly, Kaiser was not anti Kate/royal when she first started writing about them. I think the fact that some of the commenters here really know their stuff may have had some influence.

      I know they did for me. I was a huge Kate fan and defended her here, but those bullies 🙂 with knowledge based on actual facts kept at me and I finally had to capitulate. Now I thank them for opening my eyes.

      • apsutter says:

        Damn your facts and figures!! *shakes fist* lol

      • bluhare says:

        apsutter: I know!!! Those people with the pesky links and facts just messed up my nice little bubble.

        I confess I was most grudging about it at first, but had to finally agree that LAK and Sachi knew what they were talking about.

        And I’m still waiting for something I know more about than them!

  43. themummy says:

    The British people aren’t paying for everything. The Queen owns more land than anyone in the world and is one of the richest in the world because of it–it is NOT because the British people are throwing their money at them hand over fist. Just because they get income from the people doesn’t mean that ALL of their income is from the people (it isn’t) or that the people now get to be in charge if how they live their entire lives, even their private lives. The people don’t own them. And if they don’t like the monarchy–do away with it! It’s not like it serves a purpose anyway. Give these people a freaking break. Hate the system–change it.

    • Christina says:

      Right. So had did the queen’s family come by all that land they own?

    • Suze says:

      YOu know, the British people sort of do “own” the royal family, at least they own a good part of the royal family’s time.

      That fortune that the Queen is sitting on? The one that is always described as “her personal fortune”? That fortune is a direct result of years of taxation, gifts, largesse, and in some cases, outright theft from the British people. Not to mention theft from former British colonies. So the populace is, in return, owed a good show by the royals.

      And some of the royals get that – the Queen, dear departed Diana, Princess Ann. They all give (or gave) value in return for their incredible good fortune and the lucky, lucky hand they were dealt in life.

      And some of them, unfortunately, seem oblivious.

  44. Less is More says:

    I’m still trying to research how Middleton’s nouveau riche status so easy?
    Everyone would do it.
    What’s real story?

  45. Gemini08 says:

    I’m making the argument that this chick needs to keep her clothes on if she is worried about pics being taken. She is one of the most photographed women in the world. Quit whining! I know lots of people just love Kate but I don’t get it.

    • Vanessa says:

      I agree. Didn’t she learn from France that a camera’s lens can take a picture from very far away? But at the same time she doesn’t care. Perhaps people love Kate because she is living a life that they wish they had. I’m not ashamed to admit that its a fantasy for me because I, for a moment, can ignore the fact that I have no job and therefore no means of making money. If I had her life, pregnant or not, I would be visiting schools, museums, and so many other places just to acknowledge the people of Britain instead of ignoring what their lives are like. The rich get richer and the poor get poorer. Help us O Lord.

  46. Cassie3 says:

    All the drama going on about those pics is ridiculous but so entertaining.
    Kate and Will deserve each other. They have too much in common and people here have already said so much truth.

    I’d like to say that think it’s stupidity from certain people to claim Kate is bulimic or anorexic, c’mon, there are no proofs. Gisele was more fit and slim than all of us during both her pregnancies and no idiot here but there were few in other sites who said she was bulimic or anorexic.
    I agree that before pregnancy Kate looked very slim but still there is no evidence of the rumour.

    • grace d says:

      Cassie, either you haven’t been following Kate’s “journey” for very long, or you are in dire need of a reliable pair of glasses. First off, Kate has lost a drastic amount of weight from around the time of the engagement — a fact that has been frequently noted on this site, I might add. She used to be slim, athletic and healthy but is now emaciated and frail looking.

      Your Gisele comment is way off base — Gisele is a model and has consistently had the classic, typical model physique — extremely tall and lean. She’s never looked different apart from her pregnancies and is “naturally” thin — end of story.

  47. elceibeno08 says:

    Who cares about Duchess Katherine. I want to see Katherine’s hot, readheaded brother in law in a speedo, now that I would pay to see. a light blue speedo, oh yes.

  48. Susi says:

    Okay, I think people are being extremely hard on these two.
    #1 We don’t know if they actually care, at this point it is all hearsay. Yes the Palace released a statement, but that doesn’t mean the couple themselves are really upset.
    #2 It may be a “public beach”, but they are on Mustique, where paparazzi are banned and security patrols to enforce this. They had a reasonable expectation of privacy as that is what that place sells itself on. A lot of stars and royalty go there specifically for that. Princess Margaret famously went there a lot and got up to all sorts of mischief.
    #3 I know they haven’t worked that hard, but have they been asked to work harder and turned it down?? We don’t know this. The Queen may have decided to give them a few years to just enjoy being relatively young and married and then it’s knuckle down time. Perhaps it is one of her great regrets that she didn’t get more of a chance to do this? Yes I think they should have been at the paralympics, but I’m really not that bothered by them taking vacays. People’s blazing anger over this is quite amazing to me.
    #4 William being uptight over her privacy is not surprising AT ALL. I cannot believe people think he’s a brat for thinking this way. Let’s just all remember how is mother died shall we? And what preceded that? William would well remember being a child and seeing his mother HOUNDED by paps, and how that all wound up in the end. I think he would be very tense about that sort of behavior and the fact that he is being vigilant in ensuring the same thing doesn’t happen to his wife and her bump is completely understandable. I think he is trying to set boundaries now so that they can have SOME normalcy in their lives – which I don’t think is too harsh a request. Now, I’m not saying that Diana didn’t learn to play the paps and use them, but for a child witnessing what was happening to his beloved mother, and then losing her in that way… It makes perfect sense for him to grow up and have a real bee in his bonnet over paps and their intrusive behavior.

    • LAK says:

      1. The Palace isn’t free to release statements on the royals’ behalf without instruction from them.

      2. Pictures were taken by a fellow tourist. NOT paps.

      3. As harry has said in a documentary on the Queen’s work ethic and expectation from the family, She lets everyone get on with it without instructions. Charles and Anne have said that there is no manual. One has to create the job. It’s not a series of duties handed down. Everyone in the family is working to create their own jobs except these two. William has gone on record to say he is actively running away from royal life. A person running away isn’t looking for a way to create something.

      3b The thing about the paralympics wouldn’t have been bad if they hadn’t lied about it. Clearly they knew they should be at the paralympics otherwise why go to all the trouble of having the Palace release a statement giving reasons why they couldn’t attend.

      4. William has always been pissy about the paps even as a child. He was uncooperative then as he is now. As for dragging his dead mother into this, why is the same argument never used with Harry? Harry has learnt to deal with the paps/random people taking pictures of him. He isn’t hiding. or asking for special treatment or dragging his dead mother into the argument.

  49. LAK says:

    She looks pregnant in this picture.


    And if you ask me, it’s absurd to cry privacy when the guy in the foreground could very easily have taken the picture.

    • grace d says:

      Lak, relative to her usual “concave” abdomen, yeah, I see a difference. But, relative to most normal people who have a bit of meat on their bones, this is not what a typical (healthy) woman looks like pregnant.