Jessica Simpson and John Mayer take fake relationship to next level

Not content to just show up everywhere while Mayer is on tour in Florida, Jessica Simpson and John Mayer are set to walk the red carpet of the Grammys together on February 11:

How can Jessica Simpson, 26, and John Mayer, 29, possibly top their recent and very public, week-long lovefest in Florida (where John was touring)? Easy, says a source: She’ll accompany Mayer to the Grammy Awards. The event will take place on February 11 at the Staples Center in Los Angeles.

“For once in John’s life, he’s going public with his love life because he thinks Jess is it!” says a source.

Jessica was seen rocking out at a John Mayer concert at the University of Miami on Friday. She hung out with Billy Joel and his wife (who is younger than Jessica at just 25), danced around and took pictures of herself and the crowd.

I’m so still not buying this. Let’s put it bluntly: Jess is kind of a dumb ass, while Mayer is a psuedo-intellectual gadget-loving music geek. These two can’t have much more in common other than their love of music and Jessica’s willingness to submit to kinky sex.

I’d really like to be wrong, and for them both to find happiness in the other’s unlikely arms. (Eye roll.)

Nearly 85% of the people polled on the Star website said Jessica and John’s relationship is not for real.

Here are pictures of Mayer and Jessica getting on his tour bus yet again. Thanks to SweetKisses for these pictures.

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  1. Other Karen says:

    I think it’s real for Jess. And it sounds like he has some affection for her–sort of like for a puppydog he can’t get rid of and finally got used to.

  2. Sparkle Spanky says:

    You know . . . there’s a rumor going around that Jess is a member of MENSA. I know you’re still laughing, but I’ve heard that she’s VERY saavy when it comes to business (her brand: her.) I have a friend (who’s pretty successful) in the music industry who states that Jess can’t be all that dumb, because it doesn’t matter HOW good your manager is — at the end of the day, it’s YOU who makes/gives the call. We’re all still talking about her, aren’t we? She CAN’T sing and LA has seen plenty of women with bigger boobs and a prettier face than hers. All I’m saying, is that she can’t be all THAT dumb to get where she is –the b*sh knows what’s she’s doing. You may not like her – but you can’t deny that. To me, her fumbles seem quite calculated . . .

  3. Trider says:

    It’s impossible, she cannot be only a slutty dumb blonde… she may not be the best singer, heck, she surely isn’t a singer. But she can sell well her booty. The same fact we’re here questioning about a blonde bimbo dating a geek means the gimmick functions. She even didn’t have to do anything at all, only keeping the valley girl act on a little more, and pretend some surprise when her photos go public.
    There will always someone says she’s a brainless, talentless piece of meat, there will always someone in love with her, there will always someone ready to talk of her at all.