Celebrity Fashion Faux-Pas

While it’s sort of cruelly fun to see celebrities dressing horribly, mean commentaries on stars’ hideous outfits don’t usually offer much in the way of constructive criticism. So I thought I’d actually give these three ladies a spot of advice that they can use in future stylist hiring sessions/shopping trips, while also highlighting some great pieces of clothing that might have been, uh, superior choices.

Amy Smart at the New York Premiere of Notes on a Scandal

Oh, Ms. Smart. Hard to say where to begin here, although I think I understand the look you were going for. Unfortunately, your shiny, cowboy-esque shirt doesn’t really do much for your cute little figure, nor do the too-long pants and non-coordinating clutch act as any sort of saving grace.

Better picks:

Twelfth Street Silk Cumberbund Pant

Eskell Ruffle Front Deer Blouse in Navy/Cream

Mary Frances Grenada Clutch

Garcelle Beauvais at the In Style 6th Annual Awards Season Diamond Fashion Show Preview lunch
One thing I will never comprehend is why a woman with a stunning physique like Garcelle’s would want to cover it up with a shapeless sack. Nothing against the pretty coral pink hue of this dress, but not even a sunny color can save a garment this bad, and the strange little also-pink shoes weren’t a wise decision either.

Better picks:

BCBGirls ‘Liz’ One Shoulder Dress

Jessica Simpson ‘Gaian’ Pump

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  1. S says:

    Ok, Celebitchy, you are a fine Bitch in exposing and laughing at celebrities and that is why we like you, but, Please – Stay Away form Fashion Police Department… That was so bad that I almost considering ingoring your site from now on. I mean, Amy Smart’s outfit is 1000 better than what you had in mind. Just try to explain what is up with that Mary Frances Grenada Clutch!!! Something my grandmother wouldn’t dream of wearing. And one Shoulder dress – looks like something Britney would wear…
    Ok, you tried and you failed. Now it is enough!

  2. celebitchy says:

    I didn’t write this, it’s a guest column by Lady Licorice. You can see who wrote an article at the end by looking at the “Written By” listing.

  3. Clarimonde says:

    Urgh, Lady Licorice’s fashion police badge should be taken away. Those outfits she chose are horrible!

  4. celebitchy says:

    I’m not digging either of those outfits. Celebrity stylists pick a lot of stuff like this though. The blouse is not bad, but the ruffle is kind of ugly, and I would never carry that purse and think that Amy Smart’s is better from what I can see. The dress is too short for that model, but it might look good on someone else.

  5. Clarimonde says:

    By the way, who the hell are Amy Smart and Garcelle Beauvais anyway?

  6. Other Karen says:

    I like the pieces Lady Licorice picked out, except the pink BCBGirls dress. That’s a surprisingly nice pump by Jessica Simpson.

  7. AC says:

    what the stylist picked her is better than what they were wearing thats for sure.