Lindsay Lohan is creating a ruckus in Wonderland rehab – is she Bipolar?

Lindsay Lohan has been seen out multiple times in her less than two week stay at the country club rehab facility Wonderland following an intervention by executives on the new film she’s making. She’s been working and attending AA meetings, but has also been seen out eating and shopping. She even went home to her condo at one point.

Residents say when she isn’t out and about people come in to service her including a masseuse, makeup artist, and hairstylist.

At least one guy has left in disgust over the special treatment Lohan has been given at Wonderland. He said he wanted to get clean and can’t do it in the circus environment Lohan is creating. Due to all the perks Lohan is getting, the facility is letting up on all the residents and making it harder for them to stay sober.

The National Enquirer reports that despite all the leniency Lohan is being offered, she’s acting like rehab is a joke and refusing to go along with the staff. They also say people suspect she suffers from bipolar disorder:

“She’s acting like a spoiled brat!” declared a source close to the 20 year-old party animal.

“Some staff believe that in addition to her addictions, she could also be suffering from a bipolar disorder.

“When she came in, she gave a brilliant performance as a tortured young star who wants to men her ways.

“But she’s still in touch with all her friends, and she says the doctors and staff are all bull—-!”…

The article goes on to say that her mother Dina tried to cut Lindsay off from her friends to get her to stop using, but that obviously didn’t work.

It was Lindsay’s little sister Ali, 13, who was said to be instrumental in getting her to get treatment, which it seems she’s not taking seriously at all. Ali was said to have called Lindsay in tears and begged her to go.

When is this bitch going to get the tough love she needs? By giving her all that freedom in rehab they’re making it harder for her to stay sober, and ruining treatment for people who are serious about it.

Hopefully someone will clamp down on her before she has a real tragedy or accident and it’s too late.

Here’s Lohan in West Hollywood outside an AA meeting on 1/28. Pictures from

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12 Responses to “Lindsay Lohan is creating a ruckus in Wonderland rehab – is she Bipolar?”

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  1. chrys says:

    do not call her bi-polar in your headline- unless you know for a fact that she IS indeed bi-polar. it is a VERY serious illness that affects a lot of people. someone very close and dear to me is bipolar, and acting like a spoiled brat does not mean you are bipolar- — try, she is young, rich, and famous- and addicted to whatever she is battling right now. NOT BIPOLAR! sometimes you write thing to make you sound pretty holy- like choosing to to post pics of paris and her friends doing coke, because you dont want children to see it. but how about flat out lying, and skewing other peoples’ words??!! think about all of the people you just hurt by calling lindsay lohan bipolar, when clearly she is not. very disappointing..

  2. celebitchy says:

    Ok, I changed that headline to more accurately reflect the story. I didn’t call her bipolar, the Enquirer story did. No offense is meant to bipolar people or their friends or relatives.

  3. Other Karen says:

    That behavior doesn’t sound like bipolar disorder–maybe some sort of personality disorder? Don’t have my abnormal psych book around.

  4. Timperament says:

    They need to do a celebrity edition of the show ‘Intervention’

  5. sarah says:

    I agree…this doesn’t sound like bipolar disorder. I think it’s clearly a case of a young rich starlet suffering from addictions to drugs and alcohol.

    why on earth would she be bipolar? She’s never exhibited manic tendencies. The only thing I could possibly see is that people who are manic-depressive tend to use drugs and alcohol to mask their symptoms. Other than that, I think the National Enquirer is grasping for stories. They should have contacted Carrie Fisher or Jane Pauley…I’d like to see what they have to say about Lindsay being bipolar.

  6. Toubrouk says:

    And I dared to think that this Re-Hab could had done good to Lindsay Lohan…

    What she really need is someone or something to put her back in place. This can include jailtime, some serious “Intervention” a straight jacket or his Liver leaving her body.

    About the whole Bi-Polar issue, I just can’t tell. I don’t know her and I don’t have the credentials to pass a judgment. The only thing is that she need help or she will end dead at 30.

  7. Gigohead says:

    I have struggled for years with my bipolar brother and what we called “bad boy” behavior (cheating on wife, drinking, partying) was actually bipolar . My brother was 30 when he was diagnosed. He has been hospitalized three times and even became homeless for a year. It’s an insane disease. A few folks in Hollywood have the condition.

    I won’t rule bipolar out just yet.

  8. Alex says:

    Bipolar or not, she does act like a spoiled brat. Is this facility so desperate for celebrity $ that they’re willing to sacrifice the recovery of the people there who WANT help? She needs one of those outward bound rehab deals where they take you out to the desert and help you to grow up by giving you a large dose of reality. She’s clearly not getting what she needs at this place.

  9. Ginny says:

    Hmm, much of my family is bipolar and I wasn’t really offended. There probably is a possibility that she is, and that might be part of her issues with alcohol. I think, though, that it’s more that no one has made her behave or be responsible for a very long time, and if she didn’t get it when she was younger, it will take a hell of a lot for anyone to discipline or help her now.

  10. nicky says:

    She has Borderline Personality Disorder.

    There is no doubt. Just look it up.

  11. MadamX says:

    I agree with not diagnosing La HoHands, leave that for the professionals. As I am unlucky enough to live one town over from that crazy family..not a diagnosis, an observation based upon their collective behaviors, even my life has been tainted by the stink (que putza) of the Lohan family. These vile people seem to emanate dysfunction to the four winds wherever they insinuate themselves. They also manage to insult everyone who meets them. The rest of us just suffer in their presence. I have not heard one positive or nice thing from any local restaurant worker or shop worker who has met mOTHER wITCH AND dAUGHTER bITCH. Honestly, the world would be a better place without LL and her tribe. Girl seems hellbent on self destruction, and frankly, I wish that witch of a mother were in jail with the father just because she reproduced. Not to mention that she’s a bloodsucking leech off of her children. Lindsay is a good example of the product of people who SHOULD NOT reproduce. Please, someone, make her go away! Britney is trashy, but the Lohans, they take the cake!

  12. SMB says:

    Truly, it is NOT Lindsay’s falt…She is suffering from Bipolar Disorder……People with this scourge are often medicating them selves with alcohol and/or cocaine….

    Bipolar people usually “freak out” and do “outrageous/dangerous” things..They have constant “Racing Thoughts”….They cannot sleep like normal people….When drunk people do stupid things – Bipolars go “nuclear” with their feelings……This is very normal for the condition…..

    I’m sure Lindsay does not want to admit to a mental illness, because Americans do not like to hear a “Crazy Diagnosis”…However, all over the world, mental illness are excepted, treated and never a big deal….

    Hopefully, she can get on anti-psychotics, anti-depressants & stabilization drugs….These will not affect her personality; they will just STOP or LESSON Lindsay’s need for Drungs/Alcahol…….

    *** Lindsay…I should not say this; but if you get on the right drug therapy; if you continue to drink, you will find that the drugs will stop you from “freaking out/doing crazy things”, even while drunk…However, your physiatrist will tell you to never drink while on the drugs..

    ***Also, you need to start dating normal, kind, family oriented guys..Midwest guys….Hell; you need to contact me!

    I only wish the best for you, we are praying for you, Godspeed!