Paris files suit against Paris Exposed

For anyone who suspected that Paris Hilton was somehow behind the release of all her personal stuff on the Paris Exposed site here’s your answer. She’s suing the creators of the site and demanding they shut it down and return the items:

Paris Hilton is suing in an attempt to shut down a Web site that displays personal photos, videos, diaries and other belongings once kept at a storage facility. was launched last week claiming the items were auctioned off after Hilton neglected to pay the Los Angeles area storage facility. It also promises visitors who pay a fee of $39.97 access to Hilton’s passport, medical records and other legal documents.

The lawsuit alleges defendants Nabil and Nabila Haniss paid more than $2,700 for the contents of the storage unit and later sold the items for $10 million to entrepreneur Bardia Persa, who created

Hilton’s publicist says, in addition to shutting down the Web site, she would like all of the items returned to her.

$10 million sounds like a lot to pay for all that junk. They’d have to get 25,000 subscribers to reach $10 million, and it must have cost at least 75k to put all that stuff online.

It doesn’t really matter if the suit is successful or not, as most everyone interested in the story has seen Paris’ personal things and videos. It seems like they’ll be off the mainstream web soon, but will surely be available as torrents for years.

Paris is keeping a stiff upper lip, and was back working as a model for Fila in a photoshoot yesterday.

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4 Responses to “Paris files suit against Paris Exposed”

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  1. Toubrouk says:

    I am amazed that Paris Hilton just let things goes that far. Can we really pitty her on that one? Seriously, she put some compromising documents into a rented storage unit and forgot to pay rent?

    Two things: she’s a dumb blonde or she’s pulling another PR stunt.

  2. Iva says:

    I have no pity for someone like Paris Hilton who has done everything she can to gain attention in the media. Now she has it, although I know she was trying to potray herself as some sort of “good girl” – the public knows she is nothing more than a skank and drugged-out party girl.

    We all know that if you want to screw Paris in the a$$ – make sure you bring enough coke and please make sure you bring a condom – cuz she has herpes.

    Reality check here folks – Paris has how much money and how many people working for her? We are supposed to feel sorry for someone who documented this shit to begin with and then didn’t bother to ensure that it was protected.

    The bad part is, we see people feeling sorry for her – and the only message that sends to our youth is that it is o.k. to go through life and be a slut, do drugs and no accept any personal responsibility for your actions – because doing all of those will endear you to the public.

  3. MadamX says:

    Let’s pause. Paris has attorneys on retainer. May=be they write a letter, make a comment. So what. A thousand bucks for how many millions worth of coverage? She threatens to sue. That does not mean it will cost her anything, just saying she’s suing. But it WILL make stellar headlines and spark lots of talk about what? Paris, of course.

    Hmm. Let’s examine this a bit. The logic is so, second grade here. Accidentally, but on purpose, kinda, someone didn’t pay a monthly bill, when every rich ditz has some paid someone seeing to every account in quickbooks or some such, where all the bills get paid when due, without fail. There is no chance a Hilton family storage bill could be “FORGOTTON” what with tape backups if your computer crashes, whatever disaster, and the best employees money can buy. IMPOSSIBLE.

    Likely? Paris’ spindoctors have spun another excuse to keep her perkies on the net. This time, there are added levels of confusion to conceal the fact that this storage locker issue is yet another violation of the city of light’s privacy. What privacy? The woman, who is getting a bit long in the tooth to be behaving like a fourteen year old, lives for attention.

    Think, people, think. More free publicity where Ms. P has a new movie coming out..keeps her in the headlines in the meantime. Same song, switched up a bit.

    My conclusion? Bull. More flatulence from the Paris Hilton genius publicity people. Like Paris, so transparent. So shallow. So underestimating we, the public. No, not all of us are as dumb as you Hilton arse lickers. Some of us can think on more than one level. Just not you.

  4. aneurysm says:

    madam, while it makes sense every word you’ve shared, there is also the possibility that they made the price too high when it came down to bargaining for her stuff. also, i think the message it sends out, is that she was young & irresponsible. maybe some of the younger ones can see the backlash she is receiving & choose not to follow the same path. instead choosing to witness a new more mature & responsible paris. only time will tell. i find that she seems to be a bit more real than the others. sounds ironic given her depths of materialism. but one can still be concerned w/ ones appearance & be a good person. the worst thing i’ve seen her do, is trash lohan & maybe lohan deserved it? who knows. i’m only basing my opinions on how i’ve seen her conduct herself regarding her fans & she has been overall quite gracious given her 2-4-7 exposure.