The Hot Guys of the Independent Spirit Awards: who would you rather?

Here are some of the hot dudes of the Spirit Awards. Hopefully more hot dudes will show up at the Oscars, because the Spirits didn’t seem as dong-tastic as they have in years past. But here’s some good news: Matthew McConaughey was there, he’s gained some weight back AND he won Best Supporting Actor for Magic Mike, so things are looking pretty good for Ol’ JK Livin’. Plus, he’ll probably end 2013 with a slew of nominations for The Dallas Buys Club too, so we are in the midst of The Year of McConaughey.

Other things to mention – I can’t help it, I adore Jeremy Renner. He’s my pocket boyfriend, and he’s lovely. There are rumors that his ex-girlfriend gave birth to a baby girl, but nothing has been confirmed. Let’s see… Bradley Cooper desperately needs to shave. I hope someone tells him that before the Oscars. I don’t know why Bruce Willis was there, but he’s looking pretty good. I’m also including photos of Daniel Radcliffe (love), John Hawkes (he won Best Actor for The Sessions), Common (I LOVE HIM), Paul Rudd (who is hiding his ageless face underneath a bad beard), and Ron Livingston (just because he’s so handsome).

Photos courtesy of WENN.

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  1. Anna says:

    They are all awful. Just awful! Scuzzy, scummy, too boyish and not good looking at all!

    Where oh where are the days of Jean-Paul Belmondo and Alain Delon?????


    • Jennifer12 says:

      +1000 Ewan MacGregor is sexy. Russell Crowe used to be. These guys? Not so much.

      • j.eyre says:

        Well, now, come on… if you bring Ewan into this, none of them stand a chance.

        Anyone know if he is scheduled for the Oscars tonight? Oh I hope so.

      • V4Real says:

        Matt, Common, & Bruce can all get it. I’ll throw Jeremy in the mix to gay it up a little. Im a bit twisted; that’s just me

    • cs says:

      ITA, it’s not a hot one in the bunch. My Gaydar is on for Jeremy Renner. Stealing from Michael K ,Matthew M (TRex). Never thought he was hot, great teeth though. Same with Bradley Cooper.

    • kibbles says:

      Was just about to say this. Maybe my standards are too high?? Some of these guys are considered the sexiest/handsomest in the world but I don’t see it. I’ve seen better looking men who just aren’t celebrities. I’ve dated men who look better than some of these guys. Not feeling it.

    • merski says:


    • Miss M says:

      You got it, none of them!

    • elceibeno08 says:

      @ Anna: Aren’t you being too harsh on your comment? Jeremy Renner and Daniel Radcliffe, and Bradley Cooper are not hard on the eye.

      • Becky1 says:

        I think Bradley Cooper looks good with a beard! Paul Rudd is normally really cute-he just has bad hair and facial hair here.

    • i'm french don't kill me says:

      +23 specially Bradmley Cooper but he has beautiful eyes

    • booboocita says:

      Remember the 1970s, when the most popular actors were slightly nebbishy and all about the craft (usually Method)? I’m thinking of Dustin Hoffman, Al Pacino, Robert de Niro, and so forth. Not bad looking men, just … not that hot, even if insanely talented. I sometimes think we’re returning to those days. My hypothesis (and it’s only a hypothesis) is that in times of economic trouble, we all want something more substantial than just a hot dude with rippling pecs. I dunno. Either way, Bradley Cooper and Common fill my Sunday hotness quotient just fine.

    • Tanguerita says:

      +10000. Jeremy Renner looks like an oldish drag queen without her drag.

  2. PHD Gossip says:

    Bcoop has awful plugs. Why?

  3. Baskingshark says:

    It has just dawned on me that Bradley Cooper looks very much like Stripe, the evil gremlin from Gremlins.

    • Jane says:

      Cooper reminds me of the evil alien children from that old movie Village of the Damned. I expect his eyes glow in the dark and it freaks me out. Just don’t like his look and his suits never fit right either.

      • Baskingshark says:

        Agreed. I forgot to add that that suit is absolutely awful. The colours are totally washed out (grey+oatmeal+white? WTF?) and it fits him like an old sack. Bcoop looks like a serial killer and needs to own it; sharp suits work best on him, schlumpy-chic don’t cut it!

  4. lisa2 says:

    awww funny..

    just saw the side by side of Matthew and Helen Hunt on the home page.. they look like brother and sister.

  5. Peanut says:

    Paul Rudd and Ron Livingston for me. Love a funny man.

    BCoop has a terrible moose knuckle happening in that suit. Yuck.

    • MrsBPitt says:

      I’m right there with you, Peanut! Funny equals sexy to me…and I’m sorry, but Jeremy Renner is so NOT sexy to me…hes a really good actor, but I don’t get one tingle from this dude! Not one!

    • lady mary. says:

      oh yeah i do love paul rudd ,have since “clueless’,but whats with the wolverine beard ,why is that there are so many of them runnin around scruffy,total turn off

  6. nina says:

    Bradley Cooper !

  7. jbea says:

    None of those guys are that cute to me…

    Is the woman with Bruce Willis his wife? Whoever it is, she’s gorgeous and I LOVE her dress and accessories.

  8. Jen34 says:

    I’d have to go with the old guy. I have found Bruce attractive for decades.

  9. Christina says:

    I have no hesitation in saying: NONE of the above!

  10. j.eyre says:

    Of these, and it is not a concession because I adore both, I will take Common with a side of Renner (or maybe I should start with Renner – like an amuse bouche.)

    I was really digging BCoops outfit until Peanut pointed out the moose knuckle, which, of course, I had to scroll back up to see. Now it’s ruined. But this is my problem with BCoop; it’s like he has all the elements to be hot, he has all the pieces to be stunning but he always just gets it wrong somehow. It’s just never quite right and whatever is off is enough to force you to look away. I want to find him hot. I want to drool, but I always end up wincing instead.

    • MrsBPitt says:

      Very astute observation about B-Coop, j.eyre…I have never been able to figure out my feelings about him and you nailed it for me…he should be hot, he’s almost hot…there is just something slighty off…

    • T.Fanty says:

      Watch Kitchen Confidential. It was BCoop at his finest and is still carrying me through this current phase of creepiness.

      Also, his head looks slightly too small for his body in this outfit. It’s disconcerting.

    • Miss M says:

      @J.eyre:Great assessment on BC. He just creeps me out these day, such a turn off that one…

    • nina says:

      He looks much better in motion.

    • lll says:

      I don’t think that’s a “moose knuckle”. lol. Looks like it, but it’s not. imo.

  11. treefingers says:

    Paul Rudd, please and thank you.

  12. Jennifer12 says:

    The only vaguely appealing one is Daniel Radcliffe. Sexy is Michael Fassbender, Ewan MacGregor…..

  13. Turningvioletviolet says:

    I love me a bit of Ron Livingston I have to say. And he seems to be ageing rather nicely. All the others – meh. Never seen the attraction in Renner.

  14. eliza says:

    1. Common
    2. Bruce Willis
    3. Matthew McC

    All others need a good scrubbing!

  15. snark says:

    Lord, B Coop looks like he got dressed in the dark and chose what he’d left on the floor. Doesn’t he know a tailor?

  16. LIVEALOT says:

    COMMON + Paul Rudd

  17. T.Fanty says:

    While I respect the valiant attempt to bring Renner back into the hot guy fold, but his make up is killing me. It makes Hiddles look natural.

    I would go for Common, if I had to choose from this motley crew.

    Btw, that’s a great picture of DanRad. There’s a little gossip right now about him having fallen off the wagon and he looked REALLY rough in a photo I saw a day or so ago. It’s good to see him look healthy.

    ETA: MM looks good, in spite of the T-Rex arms. I might have to take him, too.

    • j.eyre says:

      I don’t mind the makeup on him, Hiddles or any of my men – I like a little reminder of where they’ve been.

      • T.Fanty says:

        I actually mind Hiddles’ bad foundation less than the smooth, waxy look of Renner and – much as it hurts to type – Cumby at the Golden Globes. It’s too much and I judge them for it, just a little. Cumby looked like a badly made up corpse at the GG. It made my little inner cumberbitch sad.

  18. Morgan says:

    Renner! Dude may be tiny, but he’s got long legs and wears the hell out of suits. Plus, did you see the pics of him pouring drinks at the bar… hooooott!

    BCoops suit is awfulness defined – guess it would have to come off. I read both he and Renner are growing their hair out for their next movie – wonder if that’s what the beard is for, too?

    • MG says:

      I thought I was the only one! RENNER! He looks damn good in that suit. I find him sexy because he seems like a bad boy. And I don’t get any gay vibe from him…at all.

  19. T.C. says:

    My looking fab awards go to Jeremy Renner, Daniel Radcliffe and Bruce Willis.

  20. Nicolette says:

    None of the above.

  21. Hubbahun says:

    Renner renner renner renner renner renner RUDD! That’s my two, purlease. Glad to hear there’s a reason for JemRen’s longish hair because I hate it but he’s so wonderfully weird and awkward, I just love him. And Paul Rudd, because he is, and always has been gorgeous. Ahhhnnnnndddd breathe…..

  22. Tessa says:

    What is going on with Bradley Cooper’s hair? Why is he flatironing it? He has good wavy hair. I can’t…

  23. bettyrose says:

    It’s nice to see Matthew McConaughey looking semi-hot again. Common is hands down the hottest guy on that list, though. Daniel Radcliffe is a cutie and a really decent guy but he’s like checking out your BFF’s younger brother. Can’t do it.

  24. Shira says:

    I prefer Bradley with facial hair, but unfortunately he said he’ll be going clean shaved for the Oscars.

  25. A Fan says:

    Who would I rather? Out of this group of ‘men’, Bruce Willis’ wife!

  26. grabbyhands says:

    Sad to say….none of them.

  27. Baskingshark says:

    Dammit, McConnaughey, that’s a nice outfit, why you gotta ruin it with those shoes? Oh, and nice shirt, Harry Potter.

  28. aud says:

    Imo, Cooper should shave his head.

    He looked so much younger/better/less creepy in SLP. I couldn’t believe it

    Common always looks so classy. I love him

  29. Lexie says:

    ugh, noone. radcliffe is slightly less off-putting than the rest, but then..i like my men, imaginary or otherwise, to be tall.

  30. Bubbles says:

    John Hawkes and Common.

  31. Az says:

    I think Bradley Cooper looks good with a beard – and by beard I mean facial hair – because it makes him look less emu-y.

  32. karmasabiatch! says:

    Ron Livingston is my fav. Even though he was the “Post-It Note” guy on Sex In The City, he had me at Office Space. 🙂

    • turningviolet says:

      Even as post it note guy he had me – Carrie deserved everything she got imo. Office Space was on only last week – I don’t think he’s even changed that much and that was years ago.

  33. Moi says:

    I never quite realized how handsome Paul Rudd was until I watched that Superbowl commercial with him in it in HD, yowza. I only think he and the guy in the pic above him are yummy. And of course Daniel Radcliffe is my pocket lover. 🙂

  34. Feebee says:

    The beard’s only part of Cooper’s problem. He needs a haircut badly. It looks like he washed it for tonight but that didn’t help enough.

  35. TheVoice says:

    Sorry, none of them look good except Jeremy Renner. Nothing like a man in a well tailored suit. Gahhhh. Bruce Willis – surprisingly handsome!

  36. Maggie says:

    Common, he can do whatever he wants to me and while i’m at at I will let Paul Rudd give me an awesome foot massage. Bradley looks dirty and greasy as always. How is the man the sexiest? Eughhhhhhh!

  37. Syko says:

    The only one of these who comes even close to “hot” in my opinion is Bruce Willis, and his time has passed.

  38. Bradley and Paul Rudd FTW. Love them both to death and I find them super attractive even though neither looked like they tried at all for this event.

    (And the Potterhead in me still has a crush on Harry too, so Daniel Radcliffe could probably also get it.)

  39. mystified says:

    Matthew M used to be so hot many years ago. Now he just looks like a stoner. Same with Brad Pitt BTW. I have no proof that they are but they sure look like it.

    Not saying stoners can’t be likable or even good actors, but in my opinion once you start to look chronically stoned you lose your hotness.

  40. Jensational says:

    Wow, LOL!! NONE of these guys are anything special anymore. I mean, none of them are doing it for me except….well…. Bruce Willis, lmao! Sorry but he’s the man of the bunch! 🙂

  41. Bijlee says:

    None of them except common!

  42. GoodCapon says:

    I guess I’m not in the mood because even Jeremy Renner does nothing for me 🙁

  43. GSE says:

    As I quickly scrolled through, Common immediately stood out. I agree that Cooper is better in motion, and IMMEDIATELY noticed the moose knuckle, eeeew! I’ve always lived MM, although lately, not so much… I think his shoes are fabulous though! LOVE Paul Rudd, could do without the beard, though. Willis is definitely getting better with age, love me a funny, snarky guy!

  44. d b says:

    Ye gods, they all look terrible.

  45. Elizabeth Rose says:

    OK, it’s really sad when I feel like I’ma lose my lunch just trying to get through the list… Ugh, they are all terribly dis-gus-ting! Blech… and it all just makes me feel icky for even viewing it. Not at all the effect that real “Hot Guys” have.

  46. Lexi says:

    I dont want any of them, none of them are my type

  47. Brownie says:

    Brad and Jeremy are growing their hair out for the upcoming David O. Russell film – so they get a hair pass. Jeremy definitely knows how to wear a suit.

  48. lexi lane says:

    jeremy renner