Ryan Phillippe’s new girlfriend

Reese Witherspoon’s estranged husband Ryan Phillippe was seen out with a striking brunette. At the time of his breakup with Reese de denied rumors of an affair with his costar and Reese-lookalike Abbie Cornish. If there was something going on with them it seems to have ended. Ryan was out at a West Hollywood restaurant with the unknown woman, and took pains to keep a low profile.

The last we heard of Phillippe was when he was spotted buying over $600 worth of high end lingerie and claimed it was for “someone special.”

Phillippe has two movies in production and one in the can called Breach, where he stars as a young FBI agent suspicious of his boss, famed double agent Robert Hanssen, played by Chris Cooper. Laura Linney also stars. Breach is out on February 16.

Thanks to LustHunt for the pictures and story.

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11 Responses to “Ryan Phillippe’s new girlfriend”

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  1. Mr. T says:

    He blew it big time.

  2. Anonymous says:

    In these pictures she looks like Reese with dark hair.

  3. Fabiola says:

    he’s a loser

  4. Action says:

    Fabiola, it should be, “He’s a loser.” 😉

  5. Jojo says:

    Reese is a bitch. She’s going to be very very alone.

  6. Randi says:

    I hate it when these pretty actors dress like slobs so they will be taken seriously.

  7. lilmerrysunshine says:

    Big deal. He’s over without Reese. No one cares about him

  8. la la says:

    too bad they couldnt work it out.
    i dont know either one of them or wtf was going on behind the scenes, but it seemed that they made each other happy, and they have young children together.

  9. FF says:

    Come come now people. Ryan was over Reese WHILE THEY WERE STILL MARRIED.

    Gimme a break with these two. He’s happy they separated, the only other couple I’ve seen looking that glum together were Kate Hudson and her husband.

    ps – even if Reese is a bitch, which I don’t doubt, she’s not going to be alone unless she turns away all the potential suitors. Sry2say. And kids are not a reason to stay in an unhappy relationship. Separation was on the cards for them for a while.

  10. bob says:

    That girl to do a lot better.

  11. Jeannie says:

    The girl with the black hair is Breckin Meyer’s wife, to my knowledge ;0)