Prince Harry works with his Lesotho charity: ‘I hope that my mother will be proud’

I’m old enough to remember when Prince William was hands-down “the hot prince,” the prince who took after his mother, and Harry was the black sheep, the awkward ginger prince always overshadowed by his big brother. But then some time passed… and I think we can now say that Harry got more of his mother’s qualities than we previously thought. For my money, Harry is the son who is completely his mother’s child – you can see Diana in the way he interacts with children, in the compassion and passion he brings to his charitable work, in his emotion and almost… neediness. Like, Diana always desperately wanted to be loved. I think Harry has that too. William, not so much. As we see more and more, William is more like Charles than we ever expected.

Anyway, these are photos of Harry in Lesotho this week. Harry flew to Africa early this week to spend time with his charity, Sentebale, and to attend a black-tie fundraiser in Johannesburg. It was at that South African fundraiser that Harry gave a speech in which he invoked his mother again:

Prince Harry paid an emotional tribute to his late mother tonight and said he hoped she would be proud of what he was trying to achieve. The young royal was speaking at a black tie fundraising Gala dinner in Johannesburg and told fellow guests that he hoped Diana, Princess of Wales, would be looking down from heaven to give her blessing to what he was hoping to achieve with his charity, Sentebale.

Diana’s humanitarian work was the inspiration both for the charity itself and of its name, which means ‘forget me not’ in the local dialect of Sesotho. Harry flew in to South Africa following a three-day trip to Lesotho to see the work being done on the ground. The first Sentebale Gala Dinner marks the launch of a £2.4 million fundraising campaign to build the first permanent centre for children and young people infected with, or affected by, HIV and Aids in Lesotho.

The Mamohato Centre, named after the late Queen of Lesotho, will provide psychological care and mentoring for children who are often stigmatised as a result of the disease.

In his speech the prince said: ‘We are immensely grateful to His Majesty King Letsie [of Lesotho] for donating the stunning piece of land at Thaba Besoo, where we plan to build the centre. It seems only right that it should be named after His Majesty and Prince Seeiso’s mother, Queen Mamohato Bereng Seeiso. She was so loved as the Mother of the Nation. I hope she would be proud of what we are trying to achieve in her name. I hope that my mother will be proud, too. Maybe they are together somewhere up there, with blue prints and sketches already mapped out! I can only hope we put the swings in the right place.’

He added: ‘Over the past few days I have been in Lesotho visiting Sentebale staff, care-givers, volunteers and, most importantly, meeting and getting to know the children who receive our support. It is inspiring to hear how Sentebale is making such a big difference to these children – so many of whom are orphaned, have disabilities, are HIV-positive or who live the harsh life of the herd-boy. It would be understandable for children, who have endured such hardship and trauma in their lives at such a young age, to lose faith and give up. What amazes me is that the opposite is the case. They battle on and make the most of their situation. Their resilience is astounding and makes me feel very humble. It makes me more determined than ever that these wonderful, awe-inspiring children should have happier and healthier lives.’

He added of the new centre they are hoping to build: ‘Our aim and hope is that we can influence a decline in the transmission of HIV and increase life expectancy, in a unique way for Lesotho: by addressing the psychological and social needs of the next generation.’

The 250 guests at the lavish event at glamorous Summer Place in the Sandton district of the city included the cream of South African society.

[From The Mail]

“I hope that my mother will be proud, too. Maybe they are together somewhere up there, with blue prints and sketches already mapped out!” GAH! I just have something in my eye. Don’t look at me! *sniff* God, I love Harry. I want him to marry someone… interesting. Challenging. Someone who will shake up the royal family.

Photos courtesy of WENN.

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  1. Pixie says:

    He’s so lovely!

  2. Eleonor says:

    All the charisma in that family went to Harry.
    And he handled the naked picture “scandal” far way better than William and Kate boobgate.

    • Seagulls says:

      He has oodles more charisma, but the two picture scandals have nothing in common.

      • My2Pence says:

        The photo scandals were very different, especially with the amount of palace protection afforded W/KM and not given to Harry.

        I fault Harry for being naive and just plain stupid on the Vegas photo issue. Should have known better than to trust strangers with cell phones in his private hotel room. I do not blame him for partying right before shipping out for 4-5 months serving in a country where the enemy basically stated they would do everything in their power to get to him, torture, and kill him as an example.

        William and Kate Middleton event is a different case. They lied to duck out of their obligations to the para-olympians of their country, snuck off on vacation, and ended up getting caught Big Time in a lie of their own making.

        It is my understanding that in France some portions of hotel property are not considered private. Areas that are accessible to all guests – pool areas for example – are considered public property. While the overall estate is private, Linley has a business leasing out a portion of the property and the pool areas as a guest house/hotel.

        William and Kate were photographed in an area that would be considered public property if the place was a hotel. Yes, they are members of Linley’s extended family, but if they paid for any portion of the stay was it acting as a guest house/hotel at the time not a private residence? I wonder if this angle will come in to play if the photographer surfaces.

  3. India says:

    Harry is just so darling! And, yes his mother would be so proud of him.

  4. JulieM says:

    Geez, I hope he finds someone more interesting than Cressida. I’m sure she’s a nice girl but not terribly substantial. Rich, party girl. Come on, Harry. Do us proud. As I’m sure your mother would be.

    • Amelia says:

      I hope he finds a girl with more than air between her ears, too. Chelsy Davy (sp?) is a law graduate, isn’t she?

      • marie says:

        he’s simply waiting on me to make my way over there.. ha, nah I would rather see him with Chelsy as well.

      • Angelic 20 says:

        Yup the reasons we like Chelsy are the very same reasons she is not suitable for we have seen with Kate rf only want women who are air heads and can re produce, she would have been useless to them. not to mention the sexist british media who want a royal women to look pretty and nothing else, they would have haunted her for not looking like a clique princess like. As we have seen in the past few days if you are not pretty then you can’t criticise a pretty royal. Someone with brains will be wasted in rf. I like Chelsy so I want her to be happy and apply herself and IMO she made the right decision for herself.

    • GoodCapon says:

      My defense for her is that she’s still studying (dance school) and she has also worked in some odd jobs before (waitressing and babysitting), so she’s not exactly idle. I hope once she finishes school she’ll find a job that may not exactly be world-beating but will show that she has a work ethic and is not simply content to wait around to land a rich husband *cough*.

      Given the low standard that Kate has set, I’d be happy with Harry’s potential wife if she could show how it’s really done in the work department. That it’s someone from the aristocracy would be icing on the cake (just to rub it in the social climbing Middletons’ faces).

      Chelsy might not be the prettiest to look at, but damn, she got a postgrad degree. It’s too bad she doesn’t want the royal life because she’s someone I would’ve cheered for.

    • BooBooLaRue says:

      Ah Harry, we have a sweet spot for you. Such a cutie pie. And yes, your mom would be very proud.

    • bluhare says:

      Thank you, Julie. I see a double standard with regards to the perception of Kate and Cressida. Granted Kate gave people 10 years of ammunition to use against her, and Cressida’s not been around long, but she isn’t much more than a London party girl, albeit with a better pedigree.

      • Angelic 20 says:

        Bite hare,
        I get what you are saying and I agree but when Kate was 24 I was her fan even though she wasn’t doing anything. I gave Kate a lot of years before I gave up on her, it was 4 years ago that I was finally done with her. Even after watching her do nothing for a decadeand initially rooting her for years I was still ready to give her a benefit of doubt after the wedding so at least for me I will still give this new girl some more time especially since she is still in collage just like I did with Kate. If she didn’t do anything other then party then you bet I will treat or think about her exactly the way I think about Kate irrespective of the kind of family she belongs to. I am not a snob and I have no problem with Kate’s background but I gave her time, well years actually, in the stating and C I will do the same for her. Their is no double standard from me and seriously I don’t really think this is even serious.

      • bluhare says:

        LOL, Angelic! Love that you called me Bite Hare!

        I’ve been wanting to take the snobbery angle on with Kate, actually. I think it’s there.

        However, with Cressida, time will tell. I actually see Harry getting bored with someone who’s only a one-note wonder. Chelsy certainly wasn’t.

      • Angelic 20 says:

        Ha ha,I didn’t notice it before. My apologies baroness, but I agree with you on both accounts. There isan element of snobbery with Kate but I was taking about my opinion and I can see Harry getting bored and that’s why I don’t think much about this girl. If she is still around after a year I might look at her closely.

  5. Launicaangelina says:

    He’s so interesting to watch.

  6. Mich says:

    Awwwwww. Wild and thoughtless antics aside, he seems like such an incredibly nice and big-hearted human being. What a lovely world it would be if more people extended themselves the way he does.

    Attention Cambridges: THIS is the way it’s done!

  7. Feebee says:

    I would say Kate (and William) should look to Harry for how to do the ‘royal life’ in this generation (okay maybe not the naked photos part) but she’d probably be exhausted just thinking about how hard Harry works (okay, and plays).

    This is the thing that forgives any missteps he makes. He actually cares about the charity work he does and he works hard. Yes, it is clear he is more his mother’s son than William. She would be smiling.

    • Nick says:

      “This is the thing that forgives any missteps he makes. He actually cares about the charity work he does and he works hard.” – Completely agree, Feebee. Yes, Harry makes mistakes but the dedication he has to his charities overshadows those mistakes. Kate does nothing of substance therefore there is nothing of value to overshadow her……

    • Liz says:

      Feebee, I totally agree with you on this. Harry is no saint, and I think he has a lot of maturing to do when it comes to his personal life, but when it comes to his charity work and his military career, I have nothing bad to say. His passion for what he is doing really shows through. It’s very refreshing.

  8. boredsuburbanhousewife says:

    Awww, hand me a tissue! You are making me puddle up this morning!

    He certainly reminds me of his mother but I actually think Harry inherited the work ethic of both Charles and Diana — maybe the best of both parents.

    Saying William is “more like Charles” isn’t really true in the sense that Charles has always been a very hard and outspoken worker from early on for charities and causes he believes in.

    William seems very sullen and peevish for no compelling reason (is he the Kristin Stewart of Royals???) and his motivation and work ethic do not appear to extend beyond planning his next vacay.

    • Angelic 20 says:

      I agree Harry got the best of both the parents and William got the worst of them.
      William have Diana’s trendy to use media for personal gain, to get public’s sympathy, to get things from rf or to pressure them through media but he can’t tolerate when they cross the line, then he likes to play the victim and doesn’t accept his responsibility. He also have Charles entitlement , spoiled, and self pity nature together with Spencer’s.anger issues you get yourself a passion who got the worst.

      • boredsuburbanhousewife says:

        You totally nailed it!

      • Alexandra Bananarama says:

        May I just add that Harry also got the best of both parents in genetics and William of course, the worst. Unless, you like bald men with complexes. Then William got the best of it.

      • bluhare says:

        Spot on, Angelic!

      • Dena says:

        But I think he has also gotten some of his charisma and dedication to work from his father too. Charles’ life pre-dates Diana. Harry is a ladies man just like his father. I also “see” glimpses of his father in him when he is out playing with kids. Charles readily dives in and “makes a fool of himself” all in the name of charitable fun.

        It’s only natural I think for them (W/H) to wonder their mother would be proud and/or approving of the men they have become and are becoming, but I often wonder if they want their Dad’s approval too.

    • Angela Johnson says:

      I disagree with you completely. Both parents raised Harry and should get credit for this. i get a bit fed up of the lack of credit given to fathers in general (unless they are being given the blame for their childrens bad qualities as you are doing)

      • Alexandra Bananarama says:

        The heir and spare sadly, are not treated the same way. And William being older was his mothers impromptu therapist. That takes a toll on a child. Harry did not receive the same treatment we are aware of.

        Yes, they were both raised by the same parents,but it’s those little things and their separate personalities that make them who they are.

        William carved out an entitled little nest for himself because things were easier for him. Harry worked harder and has a similar personality to his late mother.

      • LAK says:

        Personality aside and having the same parents, being the heir and the spare means they were treated completely differently growing up by everyone around them. William was always pampered and spoilt whereas Harry could never get away with anything. The results are very clear in who they are as adults. Harry is genuinely grateful for his privilege and perks and doesn’t take them for granted whereas William is completely entitled and sees his perks and privileges as his right,no need to work for them.

  9. GoodCapon says:

    He looks sooo much like Charles but he has inherited Diana’s warmth,empathy and people skills. It’s a good combination!

  10. Jules says:

    At least Harry works…….

  11. Blannie says:

    I bet William would KILL for Harry’s lush head of hair. It’s gorgeous!

  12. Angelic 20 says:

    When I see Harry working I remember exactly why Diana was so popular. He is his mother’s son through and through, he have her charisma, passion, work ethics, common touch, ability to laugh at himself, mistakes, not keeping the best company, making wrong judgement calls, trusting wrong Pepe and so on.

    • Alexandra Bananarama says:

      It’s so endearing to see him wear that apron and get his hands dirty. That picture is just sweet.

      It’s not about showing up in a nice outfit and reading a speech you haven’t written. It’s this! Get your hands dirty, talk with the people face to face, have fun, and take what they say to heart so you can understand how to help.

      This is why he’s hot. It’s not the looks, it’s his personality that i love.

      • Thinker says:

        I think Harry wrote his speech, or at the very least finessed it with personal touches. Harry is much more comfortable with openly talking about his emotional side, William is really such a prudish sort. Who knows where Big Willy got the prude gene from, old Charles and Camilla are quite the kinky couple.

    • Wilma says:


    • bluhare says:

      I thought the same thing looking at the photos. (Lainey has a huge set if anyone cares.) He gets right up to the kids and talks to them. It comes through in the photos. He’s not ashamed to look stupid with them, and it looks like he genuinely cares.

      • Belle says:

        One of the many things I love about Harry. In almost every photo I see of him with children, he kneels down so he can be at eye-level with them.. and actually listen and communicate with them. It means something. Stooping over to receive some flowers and patting a child on the head is not the same. Harry genuinely cares about his charities and the people involved with them. He’s charming, relaxed and up for most anything (hehe… no, don’t go there!)… and I imagine that he’s able to put anyone he meets at ease immediately. Oh, I do love him! ;)

  13. MonicaQ says:

    Dang it, no tears, no tears…

    “Heir and a spare”–and the “spare” is actually being the normal, even if occasionally immature, nice one. Who would’ve thought?

  14. Mireille says:

    I wish there were more reports on Harry, Eugenie, Beatrice and Anne — and other such royals who have contributed to charitable causes over the years. This is something that I would be more interested in reading about than William and Kate.

    • Angelic 20 says:

      Me too, Harry’s post are always great to read. Most of the comments are positive and people are just saying nice things without arguments which is very rare on celeb itchy.

      • bluhare says:

        Isn’t that true, Angelic? At the time I’m writing this, there isn’t a single negative comment about him. He isn’t perfect, no doubt about that, but he tries and his heart is in the right place.

      • Belle says:

        +2 Angelic :)

    • I agree–it would be much more interesting (and useful–think of all the good causes we could find out about) to learn about those who do, rather than to just read about those who do not.

  15. Melly says:

    I saw this on the Today show when I was on the treadmill and all of the women around me were “aww”ing and tearing up a bit. He is a playboy and a bit of a wild one but he is just so lovely and caring and fun.

  16. lambchops says:

    Can’t help like this guy. Does his charity work and serves his country in Afghanistan. He may like the occasional party in the nude, but who doesn’t?

  17. s says:

    that photo with the apron! sigh. Oh, harry.

  18. RHONYC says:

    “I want him to marry someone… interesting. Challenging. Someone who will shake up the royal family.”


    i’ve been secretly wanting him to marry African for years.

    that’ll do it for sure. ;-)

    • bluhare says:

      Oh, it would. I picture a daughter looking like Iman with ginger hair! Maybe Prince Seesio has a sister. And I have heard gossip that he’s had a quiet affair with an African woman but I don’t know if that’s true.

      PS Chelsy Davy is African. (But I know what you mean.)

      • LAK says:

        It’s funny to me when people discount Chelsy’s african-ness. ditto Charlize Theron. ditto the runaway bride. White Africans are like the swahili in terms of their newness to Africa, but both have embraced their African roots with no nostalgia for their foreign roots.

        In my personal experience, i find that white South Africans, especially if they are Afrikaan or white Zimbabwean are properly African in their outlook/humour. When i read about CT or i hear about Chelsy’s jokes etc, i am always struck by how African they are.

  19. KellyinSeattle says:

    The way he’s kneeling; SEXY! And his mother is proud; I bet Diana would’ve relished being a grandmother – RIP.

  20. ctkat1 says:

    Adding to the people who like Harry- he’s a total scamp, but it’s endearing.
    When I see these pictures or videos of him with his charities, he’s so tactile and engaged with everyone that it’s so much like his mother.

    I agree with the poster above that Charles raised Harry as well, and should get some credit. However, Charles, while very dedicated to his charities, is always formal when interacting with people- hand shakes, not hugs. Diana was tactile- she was one of the first very public people to hold the hand of a person with AIDS, in 1987. She visited a hospital and went right to the children who had AIDS to pick them up and cradle them, which was really quite shocking. It seems crazy now, but that was a really big deal because there was a lot of misinformation about AIDS at that time. William interacts with people like his father does, and Harry interacts like his mother did.

  21. LAK says:

    It’s such a change to read a comprehensive report and have picture proof of his work ethic. No hyperbole about the kids loving him or fear of getting stuck in with kids he doesn’t know or awkward hugs from flower bearing children and stiff formal adults, and he is dressed in mufti -side eyeing William.

    When I read the overwhelmingly positive and glowing response of the public, it brings to mind how spontaneous the public love for Diana was. THIS is what the palace feared (continues to fear). THIS is how Diana became a star. Not from repeated PR moves and statements (even though those came later), but from the sheer charisma of the woman coupled her personality.

    At least this time, the star is from within. Even the press have jumped on the bandwagon and started to write positive stories about Harry and not harrass him as much in his private life.

    And I take my previous position back, that the media would never go after the heir (and their spouse). Mind you, William has pushed them, so all these stories attacking the Middletons are an indirect attack on William. Ditto the Hilary Mantel piece which was taken out of context, but gave the media the chance to attack Kate without appearing to do so.

    • Angelic 20 says:

      I agree with you, IMO William’s unreasonable demands from media and Kate obeying him like a slave well be their breakdown.

    • bluhare says:

      You’re so right, LAK. Harry’s the next star of the family, without a doubt. William might be the King, but it’s Harry everyone loves.

      • Angelic 20 says:

        I agree, when William does solo engagements no one cares but Harry’s solo engagements always gets bigger media attention.

    • Liz says:

      Good point about William’s relationship with the press. I remember reading about the palace asking the Daily Mail to remove photos of the couple at the xmas service in Berkshire because it was “private” and thinking that was just ridiculous. DM complied because they are staunchly pro-royal, but little effort was made to hide their irritation. William should think long and hard about what he wants to censor in the future, I’m sure the presses good graces has its limits.

  22. skuddles says:

    Harry has a good heart – no doubt Diana would have been VERY proud of his charity work.

  23. Spaz says:

    I totally saw his mother when I was watching him interact. He’s so lovely.
    I also remember when wills was considered the hot prince. Oh have times changed! I would loooooove to party with Harry! Or as Micheal K. Calls him Prince Hot Ginge. Love.

  24. blonde on the dock says:

    I’ve seen William get his hands dirty, dance with children and live in less than pristine conditions. Some of the comments on here are so unfair and complete bs. Diana would be proud of both her boys and I think she would love Kate.

    • Angelic 20 says:

      YEAH William did stuff like that when he w as a teenager. The last time William visited his charity was in 2011, so no I don’t think he is the same guy he was 10 years ago. Show me any recent picture of William getting his hands dirty.

    • LAK says:

      William was always spoilt and entitled, but he also had compassion and goodwill to a certain degree. All that changed when he went away to University. He has not been the same. You only have to look at interviews pre/post university days to see how much he has changed. All that you are talking about happened pre-university days.

      Personally i think it’s because he hasn’t found his niche. All other members of the family including Charles and Harry found their niches and are consequently happy and a joy on their engagements.

      • blonde on the dock says:

        There are plenty of pictures to show otherwise. Sorry but I disagree with your comments. My cousin is a press photographer for the royals and what he tells me is the opposite. Be reminded that William will be king one day. he doesn’t have the same freedom to express himself as Harry.

      • Angelic 20 says:

        Again the fact is William last visited his personal charity in 2011, if you are so sure why don’t you post any photos of him visiting one of his charities recently rather then making vague claims like what your friend says? Also Charles will also be king and he is himself in public along with Diana, William is a stiff Windsor and that is his personality and it has nothing to do with being a king or not. Harry is not doing anything controversial by being charismatic that his brother ey is not allowed to do, its qualities like this that made Diana the start she was which William doesn’t poses.

      • LAK says:

        Blonde – I don’t come by my opinion uninformed or unverified.

        As for William having less freedom than Harry, that is a false media spin that allows William to get away with plenty on grounds that as the heir, he has more on his plate than Harry. Technically he should, but in practice does not, as he stays away from all things royal as much as possible. It’s as much an excuse as digging up Diana’s memory. He has been given more freedom than any heir has ever been given including having the advantage of positive reporting on his activities.

        Harry’s current media image is the results of Harry’s own hard work without a concerted PR campaign to make him look better or whitewash his misdeeds.

        The press has cottoned onto the general public’s love for Harry.

      • blonde on the dock says:

        I think I have a pretty good source too. But you have a right to your opinion. Everyone sees things from their own perspective. That’s ok. I do think Harry is adorable though!!

    • bluhare says:

      Not so sure about the “love Kate” angle. But William and Harry also show some first born/second born traits with William the more serious, and Harry less so. No doubt Diana would be proud of them both.

  25. phlyfiremama says:

    All the ladies talking to PHG in the pictures are eating him ALIVE with their eyes!!! I would too, I reckon~

  26. Christin says:

    Harry reminds me of Diana and how genuine she seemed to be around those in need. Granted she wasn’t perfect, but she had wonderful charisma and compassion. I remember the envelope he left on her casket, with the simple handwritten message, “Mummy”. I’m sure she would be proud!

  27. Snowpea says:

    You just know Haz would be smokin’ hot in bed ;)

  28. Mandy says:


  29. yoyo says:

    You’re so right Kaiser! I hope he marries “a real person” not a society girl who’s just there for show. Someone who cares as much as he does about others because there is one thing Harry does is care. He cares about defending his country, he cares about him men being treated the same as him and vice versa, and he cares about kids. He gets his hands dirty, he doesn’t just go to charity events for causes, he’ll go on expeditions with the wounded by war, actually go on tour in a war zone and volunteer his time to actually help with kids. So yeah, when he’s not on duty being the kid who cares, his a bit of a wildman but really is he? How many british folks get into compromising situations involving alcohol and the opposite sex on any given weekend? They just don”t have an army of cameras following their every move. Hope he finds someone who will second his efforts and not drag him down into an endless party/fundraiser life.

  30. epic says:

    awe he looks just like his father, no not price chuck, his real father