Adrienne Maloof fired from RHOBH: did Brandi have anything to do with it?

For you Real Housewives of Beverly Hills fans – is Adrienne Maloof bringing it this season? Apart from throwing parties, sitting there patiently listening to other women bitch, and bickering constantly with her husband and the help, Adrienne wasn’t that interesting in the season that I watched, the first season. Of course she’s now in the process of getting a divorce, she’s fighting with new castmember Brandi Glanville, and she’s allegedly dating a much-younger fellow reality star, but I doubt she’s changed much Anyway Adrienne is off the show now for the upcoming fourth season, she got fired. People Magazine has the scoop with the details that Adrienne was often late and “producers were sick of her issues.” If only those “issues” were jucier.

Following the news of Camille Grammer’s departure from The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, sources have confirmed that Adrienne Maloof will not be returning for season 4 – and that she was fired.

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“She was let go,” says a source close to Bravo’s hit show. “Producers were sick of her constant tardiness and her issues.”

But a source close to Maloof, 51, disputes that, saying, “It was her decision to leave. Adrienne is very happy.”

Maloof – who is currently dating 32-year-old Sean Stewart – did not participate in the season 3 reunion, citing legal reasons related to her divorce from Paul Nassif.

“The producers were begging Adrienne to come back to the show and the reunion right up until the last minute,” the Maloof source says.

Whether or not she was fired or made her own decision to leave the show, the Maloof source says she’s not looking back: “Housewives was part of her past. She’s looking to the future.”

[From People]

Adrienne has confirmed that she’s leaving RHOBH, claiming “it was time to exit,” but adding off the record that “she doesn’t need that kind of negativity in her life.” In related news, TMZ currently has a suspicious story that sounds straight from Adrienne’s camp – it even takes a dig at Brandi. They claim that there’s some kind of “boycott” of the show and that “Several lawyers and managers in Hollywood have banned together to tell clients… to stay clear of [RHOBH].” Then they get into the reasons why, with this particularly telling quote:

Here’s the gripe — the way the show is structured, cast members can say ANYTHING about anyone on the show and get away with it, even if it’s inaccurate and malicious. Camille and Adrienne have — in the past — complained that other cast members have lied about their business ventures, including Adrienne’s Las Vegas casino, and they’ve had no legal recourse.

As one professional put it, “It’s fine if Brandi Glanville does the show. She doesn’t have anything going for her and the show makes her famous. But for someone who has a real business or career outside the show, they need to stay a mile away.”

[From TMZ]

Burn to Brandi, whom Adrienne hates. Adrienne can’t stand Brandi because about a month ago she revealed the fact that Adrienne used a surrogate for her six year-old twins, and didn’t give birth to them herself as she’s tried to play off. After Brandi did that, Adrienne admitted that it was true she used a surrogate and claimed that Brandi “did destroy our family” and “took away something so precious.” There were rumors that Adrienne was going to sue Brandi for it, but apparently all that happened was that Adrienne’s ex Paul had his lawyer send her a letter about it.

So all this crap about an alleged “boycott” and women with “businesses” getting upset at false allegations hurled on the show is probably just about Adrienne being upset that Brandi called her out for using a surrogate and not admitting it. She’s just trying to make it seem like there’s going to be some larger fallout for the fact that she got fired.

Adrienne is shown on 1-14-13, 11-18-12 and 10-21-12 at events. Credit: She’s shown with her new beau, Sean Stewart, on 2-22-13. Credit:

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  1. K-rock says:

    Thank god! Between that gravelly old lady voice and that cat face that doesn’t move, and the fact the she bores me to tears, I don’t care why she left, I’m just happy she did!

    • Polk8dot says:

      And it looks like she gave herself a parting present.
      In the top pic her body looks just like on the show, but when you look at the 1st photo with the fugly boy-toy, her BOOBS LOOK HUGE all of a sudden!!!!
      Especially compared to her tiny frame!
      It would seem that she decided to up her ‘hotness factor’ by pumping much more volume into her chest. Too bad even that does not make up for and/or take focus away from her fugly jacked up busted face.
      Plus the Hoof’s hands look so manly, ughhh…
      This bit@h got uglier and uglier with each episode of the show, as if all her internal ugliness and meanness were slowly seeping out of her thru her melting face.

  2. Susie Q says:

    She brought a lot of the negativity to the show herself. She’s too busy with her boy toy anyway, maybe all the sex will make her a little more pleasant.

  3. Talie says:

    Even though she’s not back, Bravo is still mad that she skipped the reunion since she and Brandi were going to be the center-piece.

    • Toot says:

      I don’t blame her for skipping.

      • LOL says:

        Why not? Shes a coward for skipping especially since she created all the problems. I guess she was exposed real good since she can’t and wouldn’t defend herself at the reunion.

  4. LAK says:

    Say something nice, say something nice… Her hair extensions are so much better these days

  5. Toot says:

    I know many love Brandi here, but she annoys me.

    Why should Brandi have the right to “call anyone out” about using a surrogate? What was the benefit to anyone by making that public when Adrienne hadn’t told her children yet? Brandi was a straight bitch with that move, and I hate calling woman that.

    • michkabibbles says:

      i know brandi doesn’t have a filter-and that’s no excuse for a grown woman-but i also think that if you have such big secrets that the revelation of which will destroy your family-don’t go on a freaking reality show.

    • LAK says:

      It’s amazing how everyone can watch the same show and yet see different things.

      FYI- for several episodes prior to the big secret being blurted out, A kept telling the ladies about the birth and the C-section. Not because anyone asked her about it, but because she is competitive so that she has to one up everyone. Eg Brandi announces a book deal, so A has to have a book deal. LV has Giggy, A buys Crackpot.

      This season started with very clear lines drawn between A and Brandi. Every cast member kept bringing up their deteriorating relationship including Brandi and A.

      Finally one cast member asked Brandi to explain in detail. Brandi started her explanation by saying A is a liar who lies about so much. The resulting edit showed Brandi talking a lot. Implying that several things were said, not just the one. HOWEVER, Kim said ON CAMERA, that the only thing that she picked out, that was important to HER, that she was going to highlight, was the family thing. Further, Vyle went running to anyone and everyone repeating what Brandi had allegedly said. So much for keeping the secret. All this tends to be lost in the rush to vilify Brandy.

      People also forget the things A said about Brandi ON CAMERA that were not edited out. Specifically that Brandi was a drugged out bad mother who slept all day. Apparently those same words went into a tabloid the very next week during filming of the episode and have now been traced back to A’s camp.

      It has since come out that everyone in Bev Hills knew, so Brandi wasn’t repeating a deep dark secret. It just made A look foolish to have spent the past few episodes telling tall tales ON CAMERA and then causing such a stink about it so that it turned into a longer episode than it needed to be, effectively turning it into the central drama of the rest of the show and meaning the entire world got to know her secret. AND then admitting that what Brandi said was true despite spending rest of season saying it was a lie.

      And finally, it’s very telling that Paul has publicly apologised to Brandi about it all.

      • lem says:

        THIS. there was so much that went on and basically, nothing Brandi said was actually a secret. it was just that Brandi wasn’t going along with the lies that Adrienne stated on camera. the same went for the whole Palms ownership thing– it wasn’t some secret, it just didn’t mesh with what Adrienne had been claiming on camera. and the things that Adrienne said about Brandi on camera, that weren’t censored, were far worse and far more harmful and damaging than anything Brandi stated (especially since what Brandi stated was true).

      • Just Me says:

        YES!!! What she said!! Everything she said! ^^^^

      • Relli says:


      • Stacey says:

        Exactly! Spot on LAK!

      • Dinah says:

        Agree 100%, LAK.

      • Samantha says:

        Great recap! Brandi also apologized for it, while Adrienne has never owned up to anything. And in fact, she continued to lie about several things.

        Brandi blurting that out looked like a setup, to me. Kyle kept asking her about what had happened between her and Adrienne. And then she asked (IIRC) what kinds of things Adrienne lied about. Since the surrogacy was an open secret, she knew damn well what Brandi would/could say.

      • claire says:

        All of that and before the season started Brandi and Lisa were battling against all the false stories that Adrienne’s chef was putting out about them. People seem to think Brandi just blurted this out of nowhere, but they’d been dealing with Adrienne’s nastiness for quite a while!

      • lin234 says:

        Exactly! Brandi actually has a real case against Adrienne. Saying on tv that she does drugs is damaging! But the reality is that if Brandi were the one to sue A, everyone’s panties (Kyle’s) would be in a twist and they would call Brandi a money-grubbing whore.

        Two different standards depending on your bank account. Only Lisa and Yolanda are fair. I think Taylor knows it’s her last season so she doesn’t care about offending her so-called friends- especially since she knows they won’t give her a dime.

        One of the things I’ve always found funny is that when I’d read the comments to Adrienne on her blog in earlier seasons when she kept her mouth shut, everyone would be praising her for being soooo gorgeous, smart businesswomen, etc. Ummmm her dad made all the wealth, she just inherited it. And seriously people?! she’s beautiful? Adrienne’s personality is as dull as a brick. She doesn’t have anything interesting to say and picks the dumbest fights.

        Lisa has done a great job maintaining everything but Yolanda seriously needs to get a darker hair color that doesn’t wash her out or fry her hair and say NO to botox.

    • LAK says:

      The other thing to consider which is also largely forgotten is that as A had threatened to sue Bravo, the network could have not aired the episode at all thus sparing A’s blushes without the public ever finding out.

      They shoot a lot of footage from which they edit snippets that form the drama.they could have found an alternative storyline to use.

      Clearly Bravo decided to sh!t on A by airing and causing drama around the very thing she didn’t want aired thus making sure the world found out anyway.

    • LOL says:

      The thing is Adrienne spread lies about Brandi being a bad parent before Brandi even said anything. So if adrienne can dish it out she better be prepared to take it. Adrienne got exactly what she deserved. Its karma for all she did to Brandi.

    • Mia says:

      What I don’t understand is why Adrienne lied about her surrogacy on the first place. Camille used a surrogate and I haven’t seen any cast members on the show speak negatively or be judgmental about it. She didn’t just keep it to herself, but LIED about it. When all the ladies were volunteering their stories about giving birth to their children she could have stayed silent like Camille did during that discussion because it made her uncomfortable, excused herself, or even just simply said she didn’t feel like talking about it. But instead she chose to spin a web of psychotic lies about having an having to rush to the hospital to have an emergency c-section. Does she have Munchausens? She didn’t just lie over something ridiculous, but had the nerve seek sympathy for a medical emergency that didn’t even happen? If she had just been honest a lot of people would have sympathetic towards her plight. And then to call Brandi a liar and then threaten legal action against her? A single woman with 2 young children who has been struggling financially? What about her bleating all last season about friends not suing each other? Adrienne is a hypocritical, lying wretch. She has brought this on herself. If she’s that phony and over sensitive about having her lies and double standards exposed, she shouldn’t be on reality tv.

      And her cat face and bad extensions…wtf? She needs to take the money she’s using to sue people people who speak truthfully and fix that stringy, badly dyed hair.

    • Mia says:

      And Brandi is the one who could have seriously been effected by Adrienne’s comments (lies). On national tv Adrienne said that Brandi is too busy abusing drugs and sleeping to supervise her two young children when they are in her custody! CPS visits people’s homes for less. And to make allegations that could effect Brandi’s custody and maybe even get her in legal trouble for drug abuse and child neglect…because Brandi told the truth about her in a tacky way? She should sue the remaining 2% of the Palms and bad hair weave off of Adrienne for defamation.

  6. Bernie says:

    She is 51 years old spoiled brat. She didn’t even come to reunion. She doesn’t have balls to face her lies.

    • Relli says:

      Exactly! What a cry baby, oh no someone doesnt like me and I dont like what they are saying better be able to sue them.

  7. brin says:

    She won’t be missed. She and Camille bring nothing to the show, imo, so they are both leaving.

  8. crab says:

    I never really liked her on the show and I don’t like the new woman either, I forget what her name is! She’s the dutch blond ex-model whose way into healthy foods, doesn’t drink, blah blah blah, boring!

    • Jaana says:

      It shows you don’t watch the show. Or else you would have seen her drinking tequila in Vegas.

      • Just Me says:

        Yes! Not only this, but the way she & Lisa throw shade is pretty effin epic. They aren’t pulling hair; no, no – instead, they’re pointing out at a crowded fancy party that you leave orange stains on everything you touch! Much more subtle, but twice as effective!

    • Sandy Pandy says:

      YEah, the new one is totally bitchy. I haven’t seen many episodes of RHOBH but I did see the one where she had them over for dinner and then had hubby David Foster play the piano. The housewives started to sing along and they both shut it down. Music is about participation and moving people to want to sing and dance – not listen to a concert by the show off with all his grammies on his piano – her idea apparently. Just sit in reverential silence then get out. Cripes.

      Having said all that – would have LOVED to have seen her bringing Sean around to the couple parties LOLLLL.

  9. Trudy says:

    Adrienne got herself fired. She was throwing around lawsuits left and right, even at Bravo! And everyone knows you don’t threaten a network you work on with a lawsuit. I am so happy she is gone!

  10. Skipper says:

    How can she be tardy if they are filming at her house and stuff?

  11. Cinnamon says:

    adrienne was boring and awkward anyway. you cant be throwing legal letters around to castmates OR producers (she sent one to Bravo to keep the surrogate thing off camera) and expect to stick around.

    Joining a reality show when you have something to hide is stupid and then repeatedly lying about that something is even more dumb. It wasn’t Brandi’s responsibility to keep Adrienne’s well know family issues a secret, the minute Adrienne told anybody it was bound to come out sometime.

    My mom always told me never tell a soul anything unless you are okay with the world finding out eventually. Adrienne obviously thought she was more special than that.

  12. southernbell317 says:

    no one got Adrienne fired but, Adrienne… sending lawyers after your boss and then doing a no show at the reunion got her fired… all her doing!

  13. LAK says:

    Oh come on Cbers…..That’s not nice!

  14. Jessica says:

    So you are saying that is a woman?

  15. Relli says:

    This is really going shear up the budget for RHWBH, think of all the money they will save on Temptation cat treats.

    The only sad i have over this news is that we will not be able to bear witness to some of Sean’s sweet vocal stylings, hes got the hand moves down!

  16. Melma says:

    I didn’t realize Adrienne admitted to the surogacy. Did she have a fake baby bump and all that jazz during her “pregnancies” or is it just recently she’s been claiming she had them herself?

    • Susie Q says:

      From what I got she did the whole fake pregnancy thing, she was even talking about her labour on one show when the women were talking about childbirth.

  17. judyjudy says:

    Her nipple in that sparkly black dress….aack!

  18. Sarah says:

    Is no one else seeing the nipple in the first picture?

  19. Dinah says:

    She really, Really, REALLY looks like a man, especially in the second shot in black one shouldered dress.

  20. Gemini08 says:

    This woman is such a phony- glad they got rid of her. She turned into the Jill Zarin of this show.

  21. Samantha says:

    She was barely on this season anyway. And when she was on, she just bitched at Paul or lied about Brandi. Boring.

  22. anne_000 says:

    “Camille and Adrienne have — in the past — complained that other cast members have lied about their business ventures, including Adrienne’s Las Vegas casino, and they’ve had no legal recourse.”

    IIRC, Brandi said Maloofs owned only 2% of the Palms. This is not a lie:
    “Shuffle leaves Maloofs 2 percent of Palms Casino”
    “Palms Casino Resort owner George Maloof said Tuesday that management of the casino west of the Las Vegas Strip won’t change as an ownership shuffle reduces his family share to 2 percent.”

    So Camille shouldn’t have reacted like she did by then wrongly saying that the Vanderpumps don’t own Sur, as if this was some kind of retaliatory insult.

    These BH ladies are really wound up tight. You can’t say in all honesty that a family doesn’t own 100% of a casino, (even though it’s been reported in the news), because that’s the fake image of wealth & power they’re trying to maintain. You can’t say someone had a surrogate pregnancy even though that someone has told others & didn’t spend 4-5 months wearing a fake baby-bump prosthetic (presumably). It’s all about keeping up with lies & fake images. They really need to take that stick out of their butts.

  23. doofus says:

    Man hands.


  24. junegorilla says:

    Adrienne and Jill Zarin are two surgeries away from being twins. Why do women want that look?

  25. DAFFY says:

    all the money in the world and not a lick of sense

  26. cocobug says:


  27. Shelly says:

    I liked Adrienne the first season or so, but by the end of last season I thought she was a huge liar and pot-stirrer. She’s barely been on this current season, and I don’t miss her. At all. Good riddance.

  28. Cletus says:

    I watch this shit with my mom, and I gotta say we pretty much hate Ol Adrienne. She’s just SUCH a dick. Kyle and Mauricio are also kind of dicks, and Kim is also a DICK. Taylor is a dick, too. I like Lisa because she is British and awesome, and I guess Brandy is okay. I have no feelings for Yolanda at all. Of course, we need all those dicks on the show or else Lisa wouldn’t have anyone to work off of, but Adrienne sucks too much. If she’s really going, I am glad.

  29. janie says:

    Bottom line… Who cares?

  30. adrianne lover says:

    I HATE BRANDI and loved Adrienne, I’ll never watch real housewives again, they always fire the good people and leave the trash, evil.

    • MintMoose says:

      Adrienne was the evil trash and she was taken out like the garbage that she is. No one likes her. Everyone loves Brandi because she is the good guy.