Tom Cruise was a naughty little Catholic boy, got ‘kicked out’ of seminary school

Tom Cruise

Tom Cruise wants everyone to know that he visited with Suri last week in London. Now, there won’t be pictures of the alleged meething — because he’s a very private person (cough) who doesn’t want us to reset our “Suri clocks” on him — but Tom made sure his people spoke to People magazine about how he and Suri spent “four to five” blissful days in each other’s arms. According to People, “they kept such a low profile that nobody really knew she was there.” At this point, we just have to take Tom’s word for it, but it’s strange that Suri was pulled out of school for the trip.

There’s also a new story about how Tom was dismissed from seminary school in the late 1970s, and the details come from one of Tom’s old buddies. He wasn’t exactly kicked out, but he got in trouble for stealing alcohol and was known to sneak out and smoke ciggies like a naughty little boy. We’ve heard about Tom’s previous intention to become a priest, but these additional details about how he was discouraged from returning to school (he lasted two years) after he got in trouble for swiping beer from the Franciscan fathers are quite amusing. Here’s some excerpts about Tom’s brief stint as a seminary student:

Tom Cruise

Father Ric Schneider on Tom: “Tom was instantly hooked. He as a typical teenager, trying to find his way in life. We would give them an IQ test, and he just about made the cut. The cutoff is 110, and he scored exactly 110.”

BFF Shane Dempler on Tom: “He had a very strong Catholic faith. We went to Mass, spent time in the chapel and enjoyed hearing stories from the priests. We thought the priests had a great lifestyle and we were really interested in priesthood. In truth, we were too young to make that decision.”

Tom and Shane, bad boys: One night, the duo got the bright idea of stealing some liquor from their Franciscan fathers, who were planning a celebration. Dempler sneaked into the room where the liquor was stashed and threw bottle after bottle out the window to Cruise, waiting below. “(I) tossed about six, most broke, but we managed to get a couple and hide them in the nearby woods. The priests didn’t even realize until some of the other boys found out about our plan and snuck into the woods and got drunk. They were caught staggering down the road to the seminary and forced to confess. The school wrote a letter to our parents saying they liked us both, but would prefer if we didn’t return. So we weren’t kicked out, just preferred not to go.”

Teacher Salvio Russo on Tom: “He was very unremarkable. You would never have thought he’d make it, although he did have a really neat smile.”

[From NY Daily News]

From Tom’s speedy move from Catholicism (where he was apparently very interested in joining the priesthood) to Scientology (where he has enthusiastically risen to the point where many would consider him #2 in charge after David Miscavige) may illustrate a tendency towards religious fanaticism. Tom can’t simply identify himself as Catholic or Scientologist — he has to see himself as the best Catholic or Scientologist. In fact, if he had somehow managed to become a priest and was still in the Catholic faith, you can guarantee that he’d be in Vatican City lobbying for the empty Pope slot as we speak. Scary thought, right?

Here’s some photos of Tom last week on the set of All You Need Is Kill in London. The cameras have been rolling on this movie since November, which feels overly long even for a big-budget action movie. Check out Tom’s combat-boot lifts! He looks slightly winded, no?

Tom Cruise

Tom Cruise

Tom Cruise

Tom Cruise

Photos courtesy of Fame/Flynet and WENN

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  1. kc says:

    LOL — good PR move.

    See everyone? He’s normal! He has a bad boy streak. That little scamp!

  2. NerdMomma says:

    1. I love that I know Tom Cruise’s IQ now
    2. How unethical for that guy to tell the world Tom Cruise’s IQ
    3. Hooray for unethical gossip leakers!

  3. Izzy says:

    Wow. How many ways coud that priet and teacher find to say “not the brightest bulb on the marquee.”

  4. RocketMerry says:

    Shudders. I’m glad he got kicked out, can you imagine him as a priest?! One who could not restrain himself temporarily from a few worldly pleasures?

    I mean, I know priests who happily drink a few glasses of wine, but defying authority like that about such a small requirement as “don’t bring alcohol in dormitories/don’t drink/DON’T STEAL” really showed a huge lack of understanding of how priesthood works on Tommy’s part.

  5. Nanz says:

    OMG those shoes! They look ridiculous! I like the teacher’s comment that “he was unremarkable.” Made me LOL.

  6. Lolly says:

    That was so tame. My cousin was a seminarian too & lemme tell you his exploits would render this thread PG 18. Also that IQ comment made me laugh & laugh! On the other hand this kinda allowed me to see that Tom’s actions with co$,wives & movie choices come from a place of insecurity.. Makes me feel a little sorry for him..

  7. lilred1 says:

    Should be no surprise that the catholic seminary held particular interest for Tommy-boy.

  8. Eleonor says:

    Oh God Pope Tom I ??? Can you imagine?? LOL!

  9. CC says:

    Is there anything sadder than a 50 year old pretending he’s 35?

  10. Anne says:

    Wow, he looks way too old to be in this movie he’s doing.

  11. Neekie says:

    I thought the he got kicked out of a Catholic high school, not seminary school…

  12. Amory says:

    I’m pretty sure he had some learning disabilities, so the IQ thing is probably bogus. I don’t know, it seems pretty pathetic to be reaching back to some story about his high school days. I get that everyone hates this guy, but a little perspective about this would be nice.

    • SusieQ2 says:

      Cruise said in past interviews (we’re talking years back) that he suffered from dyslexia. But wouldn’t you know it? CO$ cured him! Of course it did!

    • NerdMomma says:

      I don’t think this is an anti-Tom story. Not at all. But in regard to learning disabilities, they are diagnosed when achievement is significantly below that which would be expected based on IQ. So people of all IQs may have learning disabilities. Tom, in particular, I believe has stated that he had dyslexia, which can happen at any IQ level.

      • Cece says:

        Right, but in his day, learning disabilities were not always recognized, and they can significantly impact an IQ test. If you struggle to read the test, you’re not going to be able to get too many answers correct.

        Remember the time period — many people with learning disorders were told that they were stupid or lazy. We know a lot more now. In his days as a student, not much. I just think people take way too much glee in these stupid stories.

  13. flor says:

    There are many form of intelligence though. I still like him, I cannot hate on the man :/

  14. GossipG says:

    Ohwwwwwww he’s just punishing the Catholic church for not making him a priest..So he tried out S.C..he’s just mad at God, for making him::LOLZ!

  15. GossipG says:

    I wonder how Katty is looking @ him now, LIKE DAFUQ?

  16. heyu says:

    Meh about COS and all that bullshit related to it.

    I still like him as an actor and celebrity.. I guess he hasn’t pissed me off enough lol

    • SusieQ2 says:

      Spend some time at the Underground Bunker or the Ex-Scientology Kids websites and I guarantee you will not leave there feeling ‘Meh about COS and all that bullshit related to it.’

      The abuses of this cult are horrific and real. The ‘celebrities’ who remain wilfully silent are undeserving of our support or our sympathy.

      • NerdMomma says:


      • Cece says:

        Can I add bashing all Catholic actors for the horrid abuses of the Catholic church? The church knowingly allowed the rape and abuse of thousands and covered it up and allowed it to continue by moving around the offenders to fresh territory. Hard to believe that any actor could practice that faith anymore either. And there’s actual real-life proof of those allegations.

      • RocketMerry says:

        The Catholic Church has apologised profusely and tried to make amends. The co$ does not recognize any error, ever.
        The Catholic abuses very many, but they are recognized as sins that condemn to Hell; the co$ abuses are approved of and considered correct actions.
        The Catholic Church DOES NOT have exclusivity on the abuses: many religions, including Islam, has had these horrid stories told about them.
        The main reason why the Catholic Church’s horrors are, luckily, brought consistently to light is that there is a clearly defined chain of command and authority to correctly blame: other religions are not a centralized organization that allows for more visibility and continuity.
        Hopefully we can rid the Catholic Church of the abusers, once and for all; but I don’t see how condemning a Catholic for believing in Catholicism can help in that. This line of thought makes no sense; it’s like saying “let’s condemn all Islam for the massacres of extremist terrorists”, when in fact the religion itself isn’t the one who incites them: it’s the religious leaders. But how can you blame them as a group, when they aren’t part of a centralized organization, right?

  17. Lem says:

    His feet must be a mess, easily rivaling Posh in the amazing ability to do stuff tipped toed.
    He should celebrate that – maybe run that high heeled 5k with Kelly Ripa. He’d look tall next to her and it would play nicely to the non gossips.

    • Auscha says:

      How can you tell the shoes are lifts? I keep looking to see them because I believe they are there, but I just can’t see them! It’s frustrating, so give me clues!

  18. Annie says:

    I know people like to sht on Tom but I think he was so lost and needed so much spiritual guidance that when one church turned him away, the one that would get more from his vulnerability found him and extended its claws to him. That is scary. I hope the rumors of him trying to get away are true, but they have so much dirt on him that he’s probably scared.

    I wouldn’t want to be in his position. He’s not free.

    • TrustMeOnThis says:

      I thought the same thing. He is trapped. But he’s trapped in his life of luxury while others suffer to provide it to him, so I stop short of feeling any sympathy.

    • SusieQ2 says:

      Rumors of him trying to get away? That’s all they are – rumors. Started by the cult to improve his PR.

      Don’t forget, he has a career to save and lawsuits to fight. Gotta keep making the $ for the CO$

  19. shewolf says:


  20. Bodhi says:

    I seriously doubt that he’d be a Cardinal by now & only Cardinals can be elevated to Pope. But thats the religious scholar in me talking

    • PortlandJan says:

      Actually, it is not necessary to be a cardinal to be elevated to Pope. If a man is an ordained priest in good standing with the Catholic Church, he is eligible with or without the Cardinalate. In the late 13th Century, the College of Cardinals was in such disrepute, that they could only hope to satisfy lay members by electing someone outside the College. They selected an 82-year-old hermit, Peter Morrone. Morrone had been a hermit with Church permission but was an ordained priest in good standing. Morrone was consecrated as Pope Celestine V. He was bullied into resigning less than 2 years later, and murdered about a year after his resignation.

  21. KellyinSeattle says:

    I don’t think he’s the Anti-Christ but we’ll see.

  22. Nanea says:

    He may have been a naughty little Catholic boy back then.

    Now he’s still little but a crazy member of a fascist, money-grubbing cult.

  23. Jack says:

    sorry but i hate this man all around. co$ this is a pr move to make him look good.

  24. Nicole says:

    Tom is an insecure man. In film always poses as action heroes more, privacy acts like a boy hiding behind his mother and sisters. It has to do with the abusive parent. In the first picture, looks like a gay king sitting on the throne. More ….. is the most beautiful man in hollywood.

  25. jwoolman says:

    I wouldn’t try to see anything too serious in his junior seminary days. I knew several guys in a similar era who went to a local high school version of seminary run by Jesuits but never went on to become priests. One was very open about it being a way to get a really good classical education without having rich parents. A girls’ version operated at both my high school (run by Dominican nuns) and my college (run by another order), where the girls interested in joining the order ( called postulants) lived in the convents but took classes with the rest of us (both boarder/resident students and commuters like me). Only a few ever continued on to actually join the order, but typically they were from very unrich families or even poor families and also generally from the boonies. There is no way they could have received such an education otherwise in many cases. They were seriously interested in the religious life but it was also a way out of the limited avenues available to them back home.

    I don’t know how common such things are now, but it was pretty much a kind of scholarship system with the expectation that only a small percentage would go the whole distance to become priests or nuns. So the kids got to try out life in a religious community and get an in-depth religious education without making a permanent commitment, and benefited from the good secular education that came along with it.