Terrence Howard enthuses about making out with Oprah and her ‘tig ‘ol bitties’

We don’t often cover Terrence Howard around here, but when we have he’s done some outrageous sh*t. He’s been accused of assault multiple times, against both women and men, he’s talked smack about producers on Iron Man, and he also has some very well known, very often-quoted, thoughts on female hygiene and chastity. Baby wipes! So his latest interview kind of confuses me, but I guess it’s not that crazy, for him.

The folks at MovieFanatic asked Terrence about his makeout scenes with the Mighty Oprah, in the upcoming movie The Butler. (The movie is about a White House Butler who served for eight Presidents and it’s out sometime this year.) He didn’t just talk about how Oprah is a good kisser or a professional who made him feel comfortable. No, he licked his lips and got all skeevy about how Oprah has big boobs and is sexy. Seriously, he even put his hands out several times to emphasize how big of a rack Oprah has.

This is what he said, from Moviefanatic via TMZ:
Oprah and I had such chemistry. To be able to make out with Oprah and to have love scenes with her and those tig ol’ bitties … She’s such a lovely, voluptuous woman … That was wonderful.”

That cracked me up, I couldn’t help it! He was seriously into Oprah. Have you ever seen an actor get so psyched about a makeout scene? Usually they talk about how awkward it is, how so many of the crew are hanging around, and how it’s totally different than the intimate experience with see on screen. Considering that this guy claims to not have sex outside of marriage (except with “unclean” women who push him into it) maybe titties are all he has. Can you please help me stop thinking about this? I keep imagining Terrence burying his face in Oprah’s rack and babbling like a fool.

Terrence Howard is shown on 2-26-13. Oprah is shown on 2-21-13. Her hair! Credit: WENN.com

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  1. Marjalane says:

    Yuck. That’s all, just yuck.

    • V4Real says:

      Nothing against Oprah; I think she’s a wonderful person but T. Howard is a dick. I used to be so in love with this man and his beautiful green eyes and then I learned what a douche he was.

      After countless accusations of abuse and being an ass to work with, I lost my lust for him. I loved him as Rhodes in Iron Man but he flaked that up and the role went to Don Cheadle who I adore. Terrence was even nominated for an Oscar for “Hustle and Flow” and his star was on the rise. Damn Son; why do you have to be such an ass clown. But you’re still very attractive.

      • FassDaActor says:

        I’ll still see the movie despite the fact that it’s staring, yes, this very attractive ass clown.

        Baby Wipes needs to fix his attitude.

        That’s why Fassy had his woman lol!! He was butt hurt when he saw Fassy having dinner with Leasi. Yeah, I said it. He deserves it!

      • Babalon says:

        Just going to go ahead and tell you all that the scuttlebutt is that he doesn’t bathe…like, for weeks.


      • V4Real says:

        @babalon, if this is true ewwwww, just nasty.
        He was so good in the movie “Crash.”

    • Chicagogurl says:

      Mouth vomit. Nothing against Oprah, but he’s so skeevy and greasy and such a hot mess.

  2. Happymom says:


  3. Bean says:

    I wonder if he baby wiped them down first.

  4. poppy says:

    did he wear those fug gloves? just NO

    maybe he thought he’d get a pig pass he showed love to the larger ladies?

  5. bea says:

    THAT is the best pic of Oprah I have ever seen!

    I used to think he was so fine…until it came out he was basically an alcoholic with a bad temper.

  6. LadyMTL says:

    Oh my…now there’s an image that I didn’t need at 9:11 in the morning. (I don’t care who it is, I do not want to be visualizing motor-boating right now, lol).

  7. Ellie66 says:

    Heeheee! πŸ˜€ that is funny! Now maybe I will see this movie.

  8. JL says:

    I’ll be postive about this,

    You wouldn’t want an steak that’s all bone, why would you want your woman that way.

    Ladies – men like different things, Some men (most I think) like some boom-boom-pow curves on their woman.

    If you got ’em work ’em.

    At least he’s honest and not promoting stick thin.

    BTW, don’t throw any scrawny men my way, I’m not having that….

    • It'sJustBlanche says:

      Right. And at Oprah’s age, it’s probably nice to have someone appreciate those curves.

      • Jackie Jormp Jomp (formerly Zelda) says:

        So because she’s in her 50’s she should appreciate being reference during an embarassing fratboy-esque rant of a co-worker?

        Older women can do better than that. They don’t need to be grateful for it.

    • Thischica says:

      Except both of his wives and girlfriends have been stick thin…

      • Happy21 says:

        Maybe he’s never made out with a full figured woman? LOL, maybe he’s gonna start?! πŸ˜‰

  9. jaye says:

    Yeah…I don’t want to have that picture in my mind. That Terrence Howard is a strange, strange bird.

  10. Mitch Buchanan Rocks! says:

    Bring on the wipes!

  11. DeltaJuliet says:

    Ugh. I hate that expression.

  12. Jackie Jormp Jomp (formerly Zelda) says:

    So he’s gay, right? Because the way he talks about women and sex reminds me of the 40-year-old-virgin… I think he just says things he thinks sound right, but that do not.

  13. Shira says:

    I just vomited into my mouth.

  14. ZigZagZoey says:

    I have always hated this guy. He thinks he is so wonderful. He is totally OVERrated.
    And a huge Ahole.
    I don’t even think he is that good looking.

  15. Dizzybenny says:

    I wonder if he motorboat her? πŸ˜‰
    I keep seeing Vince Vaughn in wedding crashers.

  16. Cazzie says:

    Soooo….what does Oprah have to say about the encounter?

  17. Jayna says:

    He was so good in Hustle and Flo, but has managed to sabotage his career. Oprah probably hasn’t had a man hit on her in ages. So the girl in her is probably secretly flattered, even though the comment was couched in such a crude manner. It was obvious he was drunk in the interview, anyway.

    • Jackie Jormp Jomp (formerly Zelda) says:

      If someone I knew professionally went to a public outlet and discussed my “tig-‘ol-bitties”, I’d be pissed. I’d think anyone other than a Real Housewife would be.

      • JanMa says:

        This brought to mind a video I saw recently of Silvio Berlusconi verbally harassing a female executive on stage at some presentation, asking her to turn around and show him her bum and making highly offensive “joking” remarks about her in front of the assembled crowd. She tried to laugh it off as he and the men surrounding her on stage leered at her and laughed, but later demanded an apology. If you don’t draw the line somewhere, you end up with women constantly being made to feel uncomfortable and harassed by treatment like that.

        There may be public figures who ask for and appreciate this kind of objectification – and to each his or her own – but Oprah has never come across like that. He should be criticized for this. If he can speak this way about her and get away with it, what’s to stop any male co-star of any actress doing the same? And where to draw the line? It doesn’t matter what job you have, someone who is essentially your co-worker shouldn’t behave this way. Oprah may laugh if off also so as not to make a fuss but it should never be ok for a man to speak about his co-worker like this, whether they just made a movie together or work in an office, a construction site, wherever…

      • Runs with Scissors says:

        Completely agree with you both. Why do men think women should feel flattered by shit like this? It’s degrading. As if Oprah needs some kind of ego boost from anyone? Please.

    • Macey says:

      @jayna. Are you kidding me? of course men hit on oprah. Rich, powerful and influential. She could probably have a new toyboy every week if thats what she wanted.

  18. lucy2 says:

    Classy as always, Terrence.

    Quite amazing how he has tanked a once promising career.

  19. PinkG says:


  20. Britt says:

    Hasn’t he got a really tiny penis? I’m positive I saw something years ago about him being super tiny!!

  21. Sweet Dee says:

    Um. WTF? Glad I clicked on this.

    [NBC jingle]

    The More You Know.

  22. JC says:

    I said this on DListed when MK ran this yesterday, but there is no bigger turnoff than a grown-ass man who says “tig ol’ bitties.” If you’re a male, and you’re over the age of 16, you should be denied any and all vagina by women everywhere if you utter that phrase.

    It makes me stabby. Just call ’em tits if you must.

    • DeltaJuliet says:

      Yes, yes, and yes. I expressed my disdain somewhere above but you worded it much better πŸ˜€

  23. michiem says:

    I watched him on jimmy kimmel and he was saying he has a doctorate in some science field. he started a company “growing” diamonds. whaaaaat?
    I guess this happened after he shot himself in the foot with Iron Man.

    • ??? says:

      He’s delusional. PhD my @$$.

      This is the same dude who said that if he were ever jailed, he’d break out by using the acid from his own sh*t.

  24. Chordy says:

    You know you’re a misogynist when you can’t even show respect for Oprah.

  25. bizzyb says:

    He is really good looking or sexy or something, but what a freakin’ creep.

  26. KellyinSeattle says:

    I can’t get over the pic of Oprah…love it!!!!! Look out, Stedman!

  27. Gemini08 says:

    That’s so gross. Everytime he opens his mouth he confirms what a douche he is.

  28. Patrice says:

    I love it when Oprah acts! The Color Purple is a movie that will always be really close to my heart and Beloved-though incredibly difficult to watch-was really well acted too πŸ™‚ As for Terrence? Well, I don’t have much to say about him other than I liked that movie he made with Taryn Manning and Taraji P. Henson years back. The comment he made was weird but idk, was pretty harmless in general, but I kind of feel like you don’t go there about Lady O, you know? Maybe it’s just me…

  29. emma says:

    that would be pretty awesome. Oprah seems pretty untouchable.

    yikes though.

  30. Jane says:

    I like tig ol bitties….but Oprah is like…this asexual being to me. Not that she isn’t a lovely woman, I just have never sexualized her ever. It’s like sexualizing your….mom or aunt. *shivers*

  31. sashavice says:

    I am NEVER the one to say TMI, but oh my god!! I don’t want to think of Oprah like that.


  32. Meanchick says:

    He’s the creepiest, douchiest, assclown I’ve ever seen.

  33. Francesca says:

    Skeevey mess!