Selena Gomez on her youthful baby-face: ‘I hate it now, but I’ll love it later’

Here is a perfect example of an extremely catchy magazine lede: “Selena is sitting in a booth at Hooters, reminiscing.” Meaning Selena Gomez and OMG! Anyway, that’s the way Selena’s Harper’s Bazaar cover profile begins, because why not? The Bazaar photoshoot is by Terry Richardson, which is gross because you know Uncle Terry loves how young Selena looks. But even then… once I get past the grossness, this is a decent photoshoot. I know, I hate myself for admitting that. I guess Selena got the cover because she’s promoting her role in Spring Breakers, but I prefer to think of Selena’s recent omnipresence in the media as her revenge against Justin Bieber. People are beginning to realize how awesome she is and more and more people are #TeamSelena. You can read the full Harper’s Bazaar piece here, and here are some highlights.

Her history with Hooters: “My mom and dad had me when they were young… And when I was seven, my dad would go to Hooters to watch Spurs games. But he started noticing that when I would come, with my little pigtails, all the waitresses would be like, ‘Hey!’ So he ended up half spending time with me but with all those cute girls coming over/ And that kind of became our thing.”

Her fanbase of tweens: “I love letting them know how bizarre this world is,” she says, waving her arms around (and presumably referring to Hollywood, not Hooters), “and that our lives are not better than theirs just because we get to be in magazines.”

Her baby face: “I’m getting older, though I don’t look it at all—I hate it now, but I’ll love it later,” she admits, chuckling.

Her off-again thing with Justin Bieber: “It was, but that’s not a factor for me because unfortunately you can’t control that… To me, love is normal. Of course, you see Jay and Beyoncé and you’re like, ‘Oh, my gosh, they’re perfect for each other,’ but at the end of the day their love is just like everybody else’s love. They have problems, I’m sure, and they solve them, like anybody else. So to make it as normal as possible—in such an abnormal lifestyle—was super important to both of us. Which was great … ” she trails off. “That’s how it should be.”

The single life: “I don’t get asked out a lot. Well, firstly, I look like this all the time,” she says, showcasing her flannel shirt and chunky knit scarf, which a blob of ketchup has landed on, “and when I actually look presentable, I’m at an awards show. It’s not like I’ve wanted to go out and look for someone. I’m not really good at that.”

She’s a romantic: “I believe in love—yes, I’m one of those girls. Most of my friends believe in love. I went out with Katy Perry last night. She’s so fun and awesome, but it’s cool to see someone older believe in love too. She is all about it, and that’s how I will always be. I believe in stories like, ‘Oh, I met him in Starbucks.’”

Dating someone outside of the industry: “I’ve dated people that are not in the industry, and it does get really hard and stressful. My first boyfriend wasn’t, and it all sort of started happening, so—” she says with a sigh. “I felt bad.”

She protects herself: “It’s hard for me to tell myself to trust people and be open, because I don’t,” she explains. “That’s one of the negative things about this industry, that makes you very scared of everybody and their motives. It’s sad, but that’s how you have to protect yourself.”

She has lots of friends: She values her girlfriends like Taylor Swift, Emma Stone, and old friends from Texas. “It’s good to have both. It’s great to just pick up a phone and call Taylor and say, ‘I have people following me, and I’m having a bad day,’ but if I were to say that to someone else, it’s like, ‘Oh, boo hoo.’ But it’s nice to have people back home that grew up with me too.”

Becoming a Fashion Girl: “If I’m going to the MTV Movie Awards, I’m going to dress a certain way, but if I’m going to the MTV Music Awards, it can be a little more out there. I mean, I’m probably the only one that notices, but,” she says faux dramatically, “there’s two distinct Selenas.” Day to day, though, “I do not give a damn what I look like, I don’t,” she says. “I wish I could pay attention because Gwen Stefani, say, looks flawless.” Gomez is also a fan of Rachel Bilson (“the one person I totally love casually”), Gwyneth Paltrow, and Charlize Theron.” She laughs. “Of course, when I’m on red carpets, I’m nervous, sweaty, and weird.”

She doesn’t understand why she gets attention: “I really don’t understand that at all,” Gomez says of the attention. “That said, I won’t lie to you and say I don’t like to see what people are wearing, like, what are the Olsens wearing? At the same time, I feel bad.”

[From Harper’s Bazaar]

Yeah. She’s not incredibly interesting. But I think that’s a strength too – she’s not a whiner. She’s not prone to the “woe is me” thing. I feel like Selena KNOWS her life is mostly great, and that the tradeoff is dealing with the tabloids and stuff, and she’s fine with that. Maybe someday she can sit down with her BFF Taylor Swift and tell Swifty some hard truths about how to do an interview without sounding like a whiny, humorless curmudgeon.

Photos courtesy of Terry Richardson/Harper’s Bazaar.

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40 Responses to “Selena Gomez on her youthful baby-face: ‘I hate it now, but I’ll love it later’”

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  1. Buckwild says:

    Seems like the whole interview is an apology!

    I just want both her and bieber to go awAy

  2. Samigirl says:

    I want that flower umbrella!

  3. Nanz says:

    I like her. BUT! Her life may not be better just because she is in magazines, but she certainly has advantages that her fans don’t thanks to money and fame.

    Also, I met my husband in a Starbucks. <3

  4. Hannah says:

    She seems very level-headed.

  5. elceibeno08 says:

    I just can’t understand why some of us blogging here insist on saying phrases like: ‘go away’ or ‘let’s ignore her/him’? If you don’t like the celebrity and you want them to go away, don’t click on the post! Instead click on a post with a celebrity that you like. If every celebrity that you don’t like disappears, who are you going to hate on?

    • Ms Kay says:

      Ah come one now can’t believe that same argument is coming over and over again… A celebrity will always have pros vs cons. If one celebrity disappears per se another one will take the spot, to either be liked or disliked, never-ending cycle. They all come and go.

    • Joanna says:

      but everyone should have the right to post their opinion, positive or negative. hence, the bitchy part of celebitchy. it wouldn’t be near as fun to read if it was all positive comments.

  6. Jayna says:

    I like this girl a lot. Not a bad interview for her age. A lot of name-dropping, though, but in more of a reverential way. But basically she seems on solid footing egowise. She is right. I am sure it’s hard to know who to trust with so many hanger-ons in that world.

    Goldie Hawn said she hated her round face in her early twenties and that Warren Beatty told her she would be thankful for it when she was older. She said he was right.

  7. elkiddo says:

    That is a gorgeous umbrella.

  8. bettyrose says:

    That’s a really sweet story about her dad taking her to Hooters as alittle girl to get attention from the waitresses… *rolls eyes* . . . but she is a very pretty girl, and it’s a fun photo shoot.

  9. annabelle says:

    These pics are as p0rny as ever.

    Stark background – check
    Lifting skirt – check
    Giant opening “flower” – check
    Wide open red lipped mouth – check

    I cringe every time anyone I want to like gets in front of his camera.

    • EmmaStoneWannabe says:

      +1 He’s the worst. I have a feeling that one day a big article will come out about him and then a biopic, although most of us probably wouldnt be able to stomach the truth of what really goes on behind his closed doors…I’m OK with not know the whole truth about Uncle Terry.

      I dont get why he became and has stayed a “thing” and why some of the best allow him to use them for his “muse.” Ughhhh

  10. Sweet Dee says:

    I really wish she would talk to Taylor, give her some interview advice. For instance, keeping fairy tales out of the narrative…

  11. MonicaQ says:

    Don’t worry, the baby face thing goes away. Eventually. I’m almost 30 and still get carded and got asked for my hall pass when I was substitute teaching a few weeks ago -.- Doesn’t help being 5’4 on a good day either.

    She doesn’t sound annoying here. Wow. And I was expecting her to. Sometimes you’re nicely surprised.

    • marie says:

      I’m still waiting for it to go away. I’m in my 30′s and depending on hairstyle still get carded, I don’t wear a lot of make up-never have.. But I will say, I appreciate the baby face now more than ever..

    • loveisthecoal says:

      Don’t feel bad, I’m in my 20s and still regularly get carded at R-rated movies. It’s incredibly embarrassing!

    • Zada Green says:

      I look 12 but I’m 24. I don’t wear make-up because I don’t want to. It would probably help. I’ll appreciate the baby face later…I hope I don’t age like Gary Coleman (RIP).

  12. EmmaStoneWannabe says:

    Well for a Disney kid she sounds half-normal…she is or was friends w Demi Lovato and is friends w she could have ended up much worse. Hopefully she will not be the norm and actually enter adulthood in a healthy way. Props for ditching the Biebs, thats def a step in the right direction.

  13. Amy says:

    I like Selena.

    However, did anyone else’s heart just sort of flip over and sink when she talked about Katy Perry and how it’s great that “someone older believes in love.” You know, someone older, like… 28?

    No? Just me? OK.

    • kim says:

      I laughed at that part too! She kinda sounded like when a little kid is trying to be grown up, it was funny.

    • DetRiotGirl says:

      I’m 28 and it didn’t bother me. There is a kind of cynism that seems to happen to a lot of people towards the end of their 20s regarding love. I think for women, anyway, our biological clocks start ticking around this time and the reality that we haven’t got forever to start a family starts kicking in.

      Personally, I am still not interested in kids and I’m happy not being married to my boyfriend. But, I do have a lot of girlfriends who have settled into that whole “I need to get married and have a baby by 30 no matter what” way of thinking and in some ways it does seem to have cost them their belief in love (or at least in grand romances).

      But, hey, maybe those friends are just being more practical and mature than me! Love is a pretty nebulous concept, after all. At the end of the day, it’s not worth waiting forever for fireworks and rainbows (that may never live up to the fairy tales we were sold as children) if the thing you want most in the world is to be a mom.

      I’m not saying you can’t have both or judging people either way, btw! I’m just saying; priorities do tend to change between 20 and 28.

      • Amy says:

        I’ll just say that 28 doesn’t sound “old” at all to someone who’s 39 :( Although yes, Katy is older than Selena. Makes me feel like dust!

      • DetRiotGirl says:

        @Amy (that’s my name too!) 28 is definitely NOT old. Shoo, neither is 39! I’m just saying my priorities have changed a bit since I was Selena’s age. I expect they’ll change again in ten years as well. There’s nothing wrong with that! :)

        Honestly, I think I’d be kind of disappointed in myself if I didn’t have at least slightly different priorities now than when I was 20. I couldn’t even legally get into a bar at that age!

  14. Bijlee says:

    I dislike her so much. I don’t think she’s awesome and think she’s very much invested in this game. Girl cannot act or sing. She’s where she is because she’s a pretty Disney face and j buebers gf.

  15. yeahright says:

    Im 32. I love having a baby face now! It sucked when I was pregnant though. I felt like wearing a shirt saying “I am 28. I am married. I have a career. I am not a teenage mother please do not hand out advice.”

    • jwoolman says:

      My mother had the same problem. When she took my then six year old brother into her new parish church after a move, the curmudgeonly pastor kept glaring at her. She finally found out that he thought she was an “unwed teenage mother” (oh, the horror) when actually she was married and in her thirties. It’s genetic, since in my late twenties I was definitely getting treated like a student (not well…) by staff who didn’t know me at the college where I taught. Security was especially suspicious when they would find me working late in the lab trying to set up equipment for classes the next day. Being female didn’t help the situation, I doubt the male professors would have had the same difficulty. A t-shirt with a copy of my Ph.D. diploma emblazoned on the front might have helped a little, especially at faculty gatherings where so many people assumed I was some professor’s wife rather than on the faculty myself. Same problem at scientific conferences, except the choices there were secretary or some scientist’s wife who for some inexplicable reason was going to all the research talks. At least I usually had the rest rooms to myself (never had to wait in line like the guys).

  16. Grace says:

    This girl is confused. She looks like a candy apple on a stick. By the time she’s 30 her face will start to do the caving in thing. Her ears, cheeks, chin, and nose will get bigger and her eyes will get squinty.

    She needs to work this look as much as possible. Her 30′s aren’t going to be good to her.

    • taketwo says:

      Wow, an expert in our midst. You must have a lot experience. Could it your family members?

  17. KellyinSeattle says:

    Leo thought the same thing about his baby-face.

    • Itsjustblanche. says:

      Thats the first thing I thought. Lasts for some but a wrinkled baby face is not cute.

  18. Happy21 says:

    Love this girl!

    She seems so sweet. I saw her in concert with my 8 year old niece last year and she won me as a fan. I think i had heard maybe one song she sang ever and I was skeptical but she was fantastic. She was so appreciative of her fanbase and did nothing that was inapprpopriate for the age of girls that were at the show. She performed her ass off.

    She is talented. She can sing. She can dance!

    I just wish she didn’t do that stupid spring breakers movie :( I think that one will haunt her for awhile. Not because she’s breaking out of the little girl norm but because that movie looks so creepy.

  19. april says:

    She gave a nice interview and these photos today look much more natural than the ones of her yesterday. Her eyeliner in yesterday’s photo put her in the hooker category.

  20. emma says:

    She’s got a good head on her shoulders. Especially the part about love.