Duchess Kate feels well enough to work: ‘She wants to stay busy. She’s feeling great’

I guess we can start saying that Duchess Kate is officially out of the woods with her hyperemesis gravidarum (side-eye). She seems to have been feeling better for months now – well enough for a Mystique vacation, well enough for a Switzerland vacation, well enough for a back-breaking TWO public appearances in two and a half months. Kate is putting on weight and she’s forgoing the sausage curls and everything is coming up rosy! So Us Weekly’s sources claim that Kate is “absolutely fine” with the changes to her pregnant body because… of course. Women have to state that kind of thing nowadays. It can’t just be implicit.

Kate Middleton’s pregnancy may not have gotten off to the smoothest start, but the only bump in the road now is the one she’s been sporting under coats and dresses of late. With her morning sickness under control, the pregnant Duchess of Cambridge, 31, is looking and feeling lovely as she prepares for the July birth of her first child with Prince William.

The royal mom-to-be has been happily embracing her new curves in recent weeks and showing off her growing belly at engagements in England and Switzerland.

“She’s absolutely fine with the changes in her body,” a family friend revealed in the March 11 issue of Us Weekly.

Fortunately for the Duchess, those changes no longer include severe morning sickness, for which she was hospitalized in December. “She was saying she had been unwell but was feeling better now,” a patient at the Action on Addiction’s Hope House treatment facility in London told Us of Middleton, who visited the recovery program in February.

Added a source close to the pregnant royal: “She wants to stay busy. She’s feeling great.”

Middleton has indeed been busy. On Tuesday, March 5, she traveled to Grimbsy, England, to visit the National Fishing Heritage Centre, where she seemed to drop an unintentional hint about the sex of her baby-to-be. (Accepting a teddy bear from Grimbsy local Diane Burton, the Duchess said, “Thank you, I’ll take that for my d–” before tellingly cutting herself mid-sentence.)

Two days prior to that outing, Middleton, Prince William, and Prince Harry headed to Switzerland for Olympian Laura Bechtolsheimer’s wedding to Mark Tomlinson. And last week, the Duchess hit up a London Topshop to pick up some maternity clothes. One thing not on her shopping list? Outfits for her unborn child. “She’s not even bought any baby clothes yet!” a source told Us of how the first-time mother is trying to keep the little one’s gender under wraps.

[From Us Weekly]

This was my favorite quote: “She wants to stay busy. She’s feeling great.” That will play brilliantly into the theory that it’s Buckingham Palace who wants Kate to take a backseat lest she overshadow the Queen or Prince Charles. I think that theory is mostly crap, by the way. Maybe Charles is wary of Kate overshadowing him, but I believe the Queen is starting to get annoyed by William and Kate’s work-shy, vacation-happy ways. And I think the press officers at St. James Palace are tired of waging these “Kate is so amazing, she works all the time” PR campaigns only to get taken off-message by Kate and William’s endless vacation schedule.

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  1. Caroline-Vivienne says:

    Considering Kate ‘worked’ all of 65 days in 2012 (including the Olympics!) and she has ‘worked’ for 2 days in 2013 so far….and the British taxpayers despise her.

    I think Lazy Kate/Duchess Dolittle/Kate Littledone may finally be getting a clue….


    • LAK says:

      You are being overly generous to our dear Waity with regards her working days. Her (very *padded) engagements total was 122 for 2012. That’s 122hrs including Olympics. If you break that down into the average 8hr day that regular people do, assuming no overtime, then she worked 15days in 2012.

      *padded = apparently airport exits/arrivals count, ditto Olympics.

      • Angelic 20 says:

        now now lak do you want to be a jealous hater by suggesting that precious, delicate, first snowflake to ever get pregnant princess to work 9 to 5? How dare you? Don’t you know she is a princess and all she needs to do is look pretty, shop, go on vacation every month, enjoy her life while you have to curtsey and pay for her. Why can’t you get this? Please remember your place , get your priorities straight and stop being such a jealous hater by expecting her to work. She is a princess and every time she grace us with her appearance and new clothes, she is doing great amount of good and charity to public and that is why she came out on 65 days and that is hard work for a princess. I hope you get some happiness in. your life and stop being so jealous. I will pray for your well being my friend, may God bless you. This much jealousy and hatred is not good for you.

      • bluhare says:

        The Archduchess has spoken, LAK!!

      • Dena says:

        Yeah LAK:

        Stop being a mean girl!!!! Princess Sweet Potato Rose is to the royal family what James Brown was to funk and rhythm and blues. Just like he was the hardest working man in showbiz, so too is our precious waity. She is the hardest working Princess/Duchess in well . . . maybe forever . . . and plus she is pregnant too!! She is a modern working woman who will soon have to juggle work, hubby, and baby. So, just stop mean girling her and her wiglet.

        My advice to you (and all the other haters on the board): Don’t hate the playah; hate the game.

        Now. I need to go rise my mouth out with Scope or Listeren. I think I just threw up a little.

    • GoodCapon says:

      Caroline-Vivienne (love your name!) have you read this http://tinyurl.com/bft55v7
      The writer is a member of the royal press pack who receives first-hand information from the Palace (in other words, he doesn’t make up stuff)

      The article title says it all: “Kate is not lazy” That is her reputation right now. Her handlers know it and they are consciously trying to counter it.

      • Mich says:

        I just read the article. What tosh. What exactly is she doing “almost daily” behind the scenes? Knitting booties for children in need of palliative care?

        Does this writer always write positive stories about the royals?

      • LAK says:

        Richard Palmer is such a suck up. He always writes positive stories out of the information he is given which is why they gave him the ‘daily meetings’ information.

        What is interesting to note is that the message of Kate’s perceived laziness has reached The Palace, and they are trying to counter it by padding out the circular with internal meetings which they don’t do for the other Royals.

        And they are making it known that she meets her team almost daily. The question remains, meets the team to do what? She doesn’t seem any more knowledgable about her 4charities, and is apparently unaware of EACH struggling with it’s fundraising efforts despite it being public knowledge.

        However, this is the 3rd time we are being told that she’s returning to work with ‘a vengence’ or is super busy etc. I think they hope that if they keep repeating this, the public will believe it.

      • Angelic 20 says:

        The palace is not saying she is attending meetings daily, the suck up royal reporter whose salary deepens on royals is suggesting that. The palace have shown only 3 behind the scenes meetings known to public and its always some royal reporter, PR suggesting that she works behind the scenes never sjp because I don’t think they want to be caught lying. She attended 3 meetings in 2 two years and they were made public, if she was doing more that would have been made public too as they use what she did in school to promote her so I don’t think any thing she does goes unreported and she is always given way more credit while she does minimum. The school kid distributing papers in. the neighbourhood does more work then Kate. The most amazing part is it’s not even 2 years the the palace is already noticing her lazy image, she is going down faster then I thought.

      • Zimmer says:

        I love how the writer blames the North Americans for being her detractors, because people in England wouldn’t dare be upset with her.

      • Sachi says:

        You know the situation has taken a turn when Richard Palmer also addresses the “haters” and tries to convince us that the “haters” are fewer than the Kate sycophants and everything is still fine.

        Since when has a journalist addressed the detractors of a royal and called them “haters”? So, so juvenile.

        Kate is not lazy at all, y’all! She is a busy little bee. I bet even when she goes shopping several days a week, she’s still thinking of her 4 charities and when she can see them again for 1 hour! ;)

        They doth protest too much. It’s like a coin in a tin can. Shake it too much and it will make a lot of noise, but everyone knows there’s almost nothing inside.

      • LAK says:

        @Zimmer – yes!! Bad Americans!!! Lol.

        @Angelic – that’s what Richard Palmer does. He always spins the information given to him into something positive. That’s why I said he is a suck up.

        The daily meetings suggestion is definitely coming from the Palace because Richard goes into a detailed discussion of a conversation he’s had with them in which they are debating whether a 2hr meeting or a quicky meet and greet either with the team or potential new charity is appropriate to go into the court circular. Richard then expands on this by saying Kate is definitely busy even if it doesn’t look like it.

      • LAK says:

        @Sachi – note also that Palace was reacting directly to Richard twitting about the shopping.

        I wonder how Kate’s fans will deflect this inconvenient factoid in their continued belief that Kate is working secretly behind the scenes. She’s shopping so much that a royal reporter is twitting about it. A syncophant at that.

      • GoodCapon says:

        I may have to stand up for Richard Palmer here!

        Considering the loads of sycophantic W&K royal reporters out there, he comes off as very fair and always tries to give balanced reporting.

        What I get from the article is a “Yeah you can spin it all you want KP but I’m not gonna believe it” vibe.

      • Dena says:

        To be fair to her she worked damned hard and long to capture and keep the tall lazy bald one (aka Prince William). If you count that as work (and personally I do cause I bet he is a piece of work), then she has been working her proverbial ass off since college.

        Come on, now. You got to give credit where credit is due. If you don’t believe me, or think of it as work, just ask yourself this question: Would I have put up with all that she has put up with (i.e., being cheated on, being kicked to the curb, ridiculed, and personally and professionally under-developing myself and my talents) just to get William or any man?

        I’ll wait. Waiting. Waiting. (Oh, wait. That’s waity’s role. Crap). No. Most of you (us) would not have done that. So, as far as I am concerned the girl was working it. It’s just too bad she didn’t develop any skills that would help her in her public role.

      • WendyNerd says:

        My mother is determined to love this woman. Why? No idea. I think she wants her to be another Diana so badly or some shit. Every time I talk to her about Kate’s latest vacation or whatever she’s like, “Yes, well, YOU DON’T KNOW WHAT SHE’S BEEN TOLD!!!” I have no idea what that means, but I think my Mom’s implying that Kate has absolutely no free will and that the Royal family wants her to be kept as lazy as possible.

    • bluhare says:

      That was a pretty funny read. Most of her haters are in North America? From my very biased (of course!) viewpoint, British people tend to be much more vocal about it.

      Also, I’m a bit surprised Kate’s staff doesn’t know how to include things in the Court Circular. I would think they do know what goes in it, and she doesn’t do any of it which is why they’re now trying to parse what she does do.

  2. Feebee says:

    She wants to “stay” busy? Wouldn’t that mean she had to have been busy first?

    • bluhare says:

      Excellent point, Feebee. But maybe it means Kate would like to stay AS busy as she has been. Which is not busy.

  3. Mary says:

    Holy wiglet! I guess this means will and kate will be off on another vacation soon.

    • Thinker says:

      I need help with this Wiglet thing… I agree that the color seems lighter, but she’s just been in the sun vacationing for some time which would lighten her dyed hair. And I see that it looks so big in the back, but when she bends over it seems have the same terrible roots, like maybe it was just teased badly back there or something.

      Great photo select by Kaiser though of that one where she’s bending over, it’s perfect for Wiglet analysis.

    • WendyNerd says:

      FOr whatever reason, after LAK first brought it up, I kept looking for it and STILL couldn’t see it. Finally, I see it and now IT’S ALL I CAN SEE OMG. You’d think with all her money and status she’d be able to buy something convincing! Where’d she buy this thing? A kiosk at the mall?????

  4. Cool Phosphorescent Shimmer says:

    In that first pic…the round pocket…I know it’s wrong, but it looks like a … oh, never mind.

  5. shelley says:

    “work” ?? “busy”?? Seriously? These words are not in Kate’s vocabulary.

  6. GoodCapon says:

    Kate and work in one sentence… I knew it was too good to be true!

    It’s their PR team who needs a year’s vacation. They work nonstop to remind us that William and Kate are the best thing to happen to the monarchy, yet the two are always finding ways to undermine their popularity. They must be a headache to work with.

  7. Lem says:

    We need more coverage of the ‘nearly royal’ wedding on Necker!!
    Kate is boring

    • LAK says:

      You know, that wedding is probably the best news/gift Kate has received in ten yrs. I’ll put it infront of her own triumph in snagging William because that wedding officially puts a major obstacle permanently (she hopes) out of the way. Now if only Jecca could be wed too, life would be perfect.

      • Bored suburbanhousewife says:

        Like being wed to Parker-Bowles put Camilla out of reach of Charles.

  8. Mich says:

    Oh my! Girl was totally botoxing before getting knocked up.

    I love the line “Middleton has indeed been busy” – I can only imagine how much the writer laughed when typing that!

    • Alexandra Bananarama says:

      Yea… Middleton. Why are they still referring to her by Middleton. Or Kate even. Doesn’t she want to be known as Catherine?

      • Carrie says:

        US Weekly has been doing this for two years. They must think their readership is too stupid to recognize “Catherine of Cambridge” or “Duchess Catherine” is the former Kate Middleton. People have made remarks in the comments, but the writers/editors refuse to change it.

      • Reece says:

        The nice answer would be she’s been known as Kate Middleton for so long that it’s difficult to break people out of it.
        Probably the more common answer (my answer) would be nobody cares. Or really when she earns the fancy regal name then she’ll get the fancy regal name.
        Until then she’s still Kate.

  9. Ms Kay says:

    Yes because waving at them subjects, cutting ribbons, taking flowers, teddy bears and smile is “work”, she will stay “busy” by waving at them subjects, cutting ribbons, taking flowers, teddy bears and smile… And how could I forget shopping?? It is “hard work” indeed!

  10. India says:

    This is the biggest load of crap I have ever read.

  11. Angelic 20 says:

    Did anyone notice with Kate and William it always they are planning to, in near future, intends to, wishes to, hopes to, super secret work involving secret service, will look forward to, might consider in future , would love to but…. etc is always used, never something concrete and solid about their work. While she might do something in near future, Harry who returned from war just a month ago and is reporting back to his base announced his 2 two more charities including Diana’s cause landmines halo trust but these two are still super busy planning what they might do in. future that never comes.

    • Sachi says:

      William and Kate won’t be overshadowed by Harry, Angelic! The Middleton-DoLittles now have another event on March 19th. The announcement came right after, I repeat, right after Harry announced 2 more patronages.

      How convenient.

      Every time Harry gets good press, William and Kate (but probably mostly William) also come out with “work”. It’s funny how they only do something charity-related when a) there’s backlash over another vacation or b) Harry is enjoying positive media coverage.

      If neither of those is happening, William and Kate are happy to do nothing. Their charity work is just for their own PR boost.

    • LAK says:

      Yep. Always intentions. I noticed that awhile back. In retrospect, they started playing this game before the wedding with what Kate’s intentions. We believed them then, now not so much. They are doing the same with William. That decision was supposed to come in December, then January and now it may be summer before it gets postponed again.

    • bluhare says:

      You’re right, Angelic. And it worked for a while too. Problem is, you can only have intentions for so long before people want to see actual action.

      The other thing that chaps my hide is all this “behind closed doors” crap. WTF? Isn’t her job to bring awareness to her patronages rather than all this hush-hush behind closed doors meeting stuff? I get you need to meet to get your plan going, but that’s just it. YOU GET YOUR PLAN GOING.

      End of rant.

      • Alexandra Bananarama says:

        Baroness clearly you’re missing the point.
        Kate is truly so busy and active she would put the Queen’s work ethic to shame if people really knew. So everything must stay behind doors and hush-hush!

        Those vacations are also meetings and it’s all going to come together at some point, but someone else will take the credit because Kate cannot overshadow anyone… I feel for her. Putting in all those hours helping others and being attacked for being lazy. If the people only knew! What a selfless saint.

        And yea it’s total BS that they keep telling us how much she loves to work, but there are no actions.

      • bluhare says:

        I stand corrected, FLORC. 30 lashes with a wet wiglet for me!

      • Alexandra Bananarama says:

        And don’t you forget it!

        Ugh! all I see is that damn wiglet! Still in disbelief others can’t see it.

  12. Sachi says:


    She wants to stay busy. Joke of the day!

    I thought she was going to be choosing some more charities “soon”? That was announced as early as January but nothing has happened yet. Everything is always so vague when it comes to Kate’s work.

    Will she be choosing 4 more charities that she will not see except once a year? I bet the organizations are just jumping and begging to be chosen.

    All of this is just PR and damage control. People are not buying Kate’s paltry charity efforts anymore, so the Palace have to make her sound like some active worker behind the scenes who has always been very interested in royal duties and working. LOL.

    I guess the PR-stunt of Kate as a military housewife is also out of the discussion now, since she probably hasn’t been in Wales since June 2012 for William’s birthday, and her shopping sprees in London every week can’t be denied?

    • That Girl says:

      This. I mean seriously? We commoners (in the U.S. anyway, home of unpaid maternity leave) generally work up until our due date. And not 15 days out of 365, more like 40 hours per week.

    • LAK says:

      Did you notice in the piece posted upthread by @goodcapon that Richard Palmer states flat out that Kate was feeling much better BEFORE XMAS!!!!!!

      So much for the she’s been too poorly to work excuses we’ve been hearing for 3mths.

      And I feel bad for all the people who posted their HG experiences in empathy for her. Emperor’s clothing!

      • Sachi says:

        I read that part, too, LAK. I really don’t get what Richard Palmer was even trying to tell with that article.

        He says Kate is not lazy and the “haters” are from North America (WTF is up with that?! LOL) but he pretty much reveals that Kate’s HG was greatly exaggerated and she’s been fine since December.

        I agree about everyone with the outpouring of sympathy and the many, many people who came out with their own HG stories that sounded truly awful. I wonder if the Palace and W&K were flattered and touched from the compassion, or if they were laughing at how the public was fooled. Both W&K exploited the heck out of that HG card.

        Some people still believe she was actually THAT sick and the only reason she can go out is because she’s under medication.

      • Meerkat says:

        I especially liked: “SJP has been thinking for some time how to record the work she does.”
        I’m sure we could come up with a few suggestions…

    • bluhare says:

      If I were a patronage-to-be I’d be jumping up and down for Harry, not Kate. Then again, I’d jump up and down for Harry anyway so maybe that’s not such a good example.

      • Sachi says:

        We should set up our own charity, bluhare. We need Harry’s help. :D

      • bluhare says:

        Brilliant, Sachi!! Could I ever have fun dreaming up that.

      • Angelic 20 says:

        Count me in too .

      • bluhare says:

        Sachi, why do I think Angelic is not quite as altruistic as we are?

        (adjusts halo)

      • Sachi says:

        I don’t know about you two, but I can definitely use a visit from Harry. I have a lot of ideas for his next charity project and his input is required. :D

        We have to think of a name for our organization. ;)

      • Original N says:

        I seriously love you all. :)

      • bluhare says:

        Thank you N. It is fun to come in these threads. Yes, we can pick at Kate, but I do think most of us really want her to do well and are so frustrated that she just does not seem to be getting it.

        Plus it’s fun getting our own court going. :)

      • bluhare says:

        You’re not going to believe this, but I gave it some thought. I came up with a grass roots committee (consisting of us) to help the royals (and particularly Harry in one on one meetings) with things they could do that ordinary people would like to see. They’re all up there in their ivory towers and they never get us regular people’s opinions. (Not that any of us Royal Celebitches are regular)

        One thing that came to mind was Kate working with a good photographer to help her develop an eye for her photographic work. Maybe he’s recovering from something, but he’s well enough to help her compose her shots, and then she could put something together for that calendar Thinker (was it Thinker) suggested yesterday. Win Win! Kate gets to work with something that she’s passionate about, while helping someone else, and each learning from each other.

        My contribution will be helping Prince Harry with something. Drawing blanks now, been thinking too long!

  13. acp says:

    I cannot believe she is coloring her hair while pregnant. Just look at those roots in the center part.

    • Alexandra Bananarama says:

      She quit smoking for the baby. You cant expect her to stop touching up her roots for the baby too!

  14. phaksi says:

    Has she ever been busy at any time in her life?

  15. qwertygirl says:

    It’s Mustique, not Mystique.

  16. TalkyTina says:

    Flopping and spreading is the only work she has ever done.

    • Alexandra Bananarama says:

      Damn right that was work too! William does not strike me as a generous man. Very selfish and not looking to improve himself if you know what I mean *wink*.
      Harry however… I think we can all agree… *sigh*

    • Natalie says:

      “Flopping and spreading”? Yuck. I’m not a fan of Kate, but can we please not be coarse about a woman having sex with her boyfriend.

      There are dozens of mock-worthy things about her, and clearly she’s a doormat in her relationship with William, but she’s also clearly obsessed with William. I don’t think it was ever a chore for her to have sex with her boyfriend.

      • Alexandra Bananarama says:

        You can be obsessed/in love/chasing that ring and still not have the best of times in bed.

        And William is her husband not boyfriend.
        Maybe it’s the 10+ years and him constantly getting caught with other girls at the bar, but I just can’t see the chemistry between them or any of that spark in them alone like I can, say, Harry. He exudes it, him and Daniel Craig…imo
        Point is that TalkyTina did the impossible! She found something that Kate did that can qualify as work! 2 more miracles Tina and you can be nominated to be a saint!

      • Natalie says:

        Hey, I think she’s lazy too, and that she and William most likely have a somewhat dysfunctional relationship -but saying she’s working by using graphic words to describe her having sex crossed the line for me into misogyny. You’re calling her a whore.

        Like I said, she has lots of faults to criticize. You can easily talk about their relationship without focusing graphically on their sex-life, which says more about the person commenting than the commented about.

        I get that it’s a joke, but it’s in really bad taste. It doesn’t take anything away from you to criticize her while remembering she’s a person and deserving of basic respect and dignity. And again, I don’t like her.

      • Alexandra Bananarama says:

        Who’s calling her a whore? No one. No one is claiming she has sex for money or for her position. Don’t put words in my mouth.

        Also, if you get easily offended at things you know are to be taken as jokes the internet is not for you.

    • Suze says:

      I will dog Mrs. Cambridge all day long about her work ethic but this is just a disgusting comment.

    • Natalie says:

      To Alexandra Bananarama:
      What do you call classifying having sex as work? Maintaining a relationship is one thing, but specifically and graphically referencing sex as work, and that is what TalkyTina was doing, is inappropriate, hopefully at least on this site.

      If you don’t think that’s what you’re doing, I’ll have to take you at your word. And I’m not generally easily offended, but I’m easily offended by misogyny. This isn’t about the internet, but whether it’s considered funny on this site to joke about a woman working by “flopping and spreading.” And if it is, then you’re right, this site isn’t for me. Here’s hoping you’re not right.

      • bluhare says:

        Natalie, I see your point. I think the choice of words used could have been better, but the bottom line is Kate did wait for William, and she was no stranger to that Killing Kittens woman whose name I don’t remember. I don’t care one bit; consenting adults and all that, but some wording makes her sound like a prostitue which I definitely don’t agree with.

  17. Nancy Blue says:

    Many people on various blogs are questioning whether Kate is using a surrogate.

    This article sums up what so many are now saying.


  18. Fue McCormick says:

    She looks like a “Goodwill” Duchess. Even though I bet I could go to Goodwill and get an outfit that looks a lot better than most of the shit this chick wears. I don’t know if Celebitchy goes out of their way to find the most unflattering photos of this chick but, damn, they are hilarious. Girl needs a facial and some dermabrasion on that face of hers!

    • Alexandra Bananarama says:

      Just an observation i’ve made. In yesterday’s post there was a fans blown up pic of her face. I zoomed up on the pics taken by news outlets and there is major photo shop being done.

      Many things are smoothed over and filled in. Sun and smoking for years are possibly the culprits.

  19. TheOriginalWaffle says:

    She didn’t fake the hyperemesis gravidarum. Why would she voluntarily spend time at the hospital AND have the beans spilled for her in such a lame way?

    • LAK says:

      She may have had severe morning sickness that required fluids.

      Her pregnancy was to be revealed on the day it was infact revealed. Who gave it this timeline? A pap known to be on the middleton favoured people list who started hinting about the big news from the couple to be revealed on that date on twitter for at least a month prior.

      The fact that BP found out a shade earlier (when she was admitted despite having a 2hr drive from her parents’ home) is why the news became public knowledge in such a lame way.

  20. Andrea says:

    I lost respect for her when she seemed to have no friends outside of her family once she became engaged, no work ethic to speak of (waity kate) and now “works” for charities that she never sees. I volunteer to tutor a lady in her 60′s twice a week for 5+ hours a week. That’s the least she could do I would think.

  21. msstreeet says:

    Really? The Queen is upset about this?

    More likely HM is remembering her own first two years of marriage. Which she spent with her new husband where he was stationed in the armed services. And did – Not. One. – public engagement. She wasn’t second in line, either: she was the heir apparent.

    Could it possibly be that she wants to give her beloved grandson the same spend-as-much-private-time-together-as-you-can start to his marriage?

    Nah. Kate’s just lazy. She forces her husband to go on vacations all the time. Yeah. That’s it.

    • My2Pence says:

      @msstreeet Again with that fallacy about HRH Princess Elizabeth ever having a solid two years off. Ever. Much less Her Majesty giving William and Kate Middleton two years off to get used to being married, when they’d basically lived together for a decade.

      Princess Elizabeth and Philip Mountbatten were married in November 1947. He was stationed in Malta 1949 – 1951, not for the two years directly after their marriage. And she didn’t live there full-time, and when she was there visiting she still had official duties, paperwork, etc.

      But let’s let the official website clear up your confusion, since you don’t seem too fond of the facts:

      “Princess Elizabeth also visited Malta four times while Prince Philip was stationed there on naval duties, and enjoyed the life of a naval wife and young mother.”

      The Official Website of The British Monarchy, Accession and Coronation

    • bluhare says:

      I don’t think the Queen would ever say anything publicly about Kate and her work. (Other than trashing the wedding dress exhibit that Kate helped curate as Kate was leading her through.) Behind the scenes she might have plenty to say. I truly believe that the quote released by her office last week where she said “I have to be seen to be believed” when asked to slow down might have been a dig at Kate and maybe William. I could also be reading too much into it too.

      • My2Pence says:

        @bluhare I thought that was a great quote too! And I think it was a reminder, even a subconscious one on HM’s part, to all members of her family.

    • My2Pence says:

      Here’s a job for a royal reporter, one who is based in the UK and is avidly reading comments on this site looking for an angle:

      Go to the Royal Archive at Windsor Castle. Request access to the Court Circular, and any notes about changes and substitutions of the royal who attended what event, every year from the time of the engagement of Princess Elizabeth through the death of His Majesty.

      Record the number of events and meetings, who did what and for how long (minutes, hours, travel, location). Pay special attention to January 1949 – December 1951. Record the number of engagements everyone did, especially Princess Elizabeth – including the number of times she substituted for her ill father at events in the UK. Because she did NOT live full-time in Malta during her husband’s deployment.

      Put this fallacy of “two years off whilst in Malta” to rest. Permanently, with the evidence from the Court Circular.

      • bluhare says:

        I will never ever fault the Queen for her work ethic. Never. And at 86 she should be slowing down.

        And as an aside I’ll be in London for a couple of days in June and I’m going to try like hell to get tickets to The Audience where Helen Mirren plays the Queen again.

    • LAK says:

      You are completely wrong about The Queen’s time in malta. There is photographic evidence in newspapers and newreels of the time as well as the court circular evidence that she worked during the time Philip was stationed on malta. And as has been pointed out by @my2pence, she wasn’t stationed there full time nor was it in the period directly after their wedding.

      Further, the idea that she granted WK a couple of years off is an urban legend started by the media at a time WK were riding high in public opinions to explain the 180 kate did after months and years of selling the public the idea that she was a hardworking woman who couldn’t wait to get started and was simply waiting on her wedding.

      The idea that HM didn’t work whilst Philip was stationed in Malta is more misinformation put about by media to make Kate look better or on a par.