Chris Brown flew into a rage at a valet over a $10 charge. At a charity event.

At times, I’m hyper-aware of using Chris Brown as part and parcel of the destructive stereotype of “the angry, violent young black man.” It IS a horrible stereotype, and I do think that if Chris Brown was a white man who nearly murdered his white girlfriend (or really any variation on race), the coverage of Chris would be much, much different. But there’s another problem I have: Chris continues to act like a dude with significant rage and violence issues. When is the coverage playing into a horrible stereotype and when is it simply reporting on this young man’s significant issues? Anyway, here’s the latest – Chris Brown raged at a valet because of a mandatory $10 charge. At a charity event.

Chris Brown turned his anger issues on a valet parker at a bowling alley in L.A. last night … cussing at the guy over the $10 service charge … and TMZ caught the whole thing on tape. It all went down at PINZ bowling alley in Studio City … where CB had been attending a charity event with his posse.

But when Chris went to get his car from the valet, the guy working the parking lot asked for the $10 charge … and Chris got PISSED.

After the valet made it clear he couldn’t release the car without the cash … the singer and his posse surrounded the guy … and at one point you can hear Chris say, “F*ck ten dollars.”

Sources at the scene tell us Brown was angry because he was only at the event for 30 minutes and felt like he was getting ripped off by the valet. As tensions grew, someone in Chris’ posse can be heard saying. “We got the money … don’t worry about it.”

But Chris DID worry about it … and in a threatening manner, told the valet, “We gonna turn this whole thing on out.”

A short time later, Brown shouted a last insult at the valet … it sounded like he said, “Funk ass ten dollars” … before walking away with his posse.

Brown ultimately got his keys and drove off — it’s unclear if he ever paid the $10 fee.

[From TMZ]

I’m including the video below – you can see Chris getting in the valet’s face and raising his voice at this poor minimum wage worker who probably (definitely) doesn’t set the mandatory gratuity price. If it was me… I would have complained about a $10 charge, but I’m cheap and I don’t make as much money as Chris. Considering how much money he makes and the fact that he was only parked in that lot because he was at a CHARITY EVENT, perhaps he could have just dealt with it with a raised eyebrow and a droll, “Really? Ten dollars? Highway robbery, dude.” Chris just has that hair-trigger temper and it has nothing to do with race and everything to do with his significant anger issues.

Photos courtesy of WENN.

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  1. E says:

    It’s all been said before. I hate hate hate this scumbag, but the fact that the music industry just KEEPS propping him up…… It’s disgusting.

  2. lin234 says:

    Douchebag! What is ten dollars to him? I feel bad for that valet. This isn’t about money at all. It’s all about his entitlement. People should bend over backwards for him for FREE because he’s famous. He has something in common with Lindsey Lohan.

    • CAM says:

      Yes! This exactly! It’s entitlement. Ever since he beat Rihanna and half-assedly apologized, he’s acted like the public owed him forgiveness right away. Sadly, people like him an Lohan don’t understand life doesn’t work that way. Even more sadly, they might never understand due to the people they surround themselves with. Or they might just not give a fuck either way. Who knows.

  3. annabelle says:

    Kaiser – I am curious, how do you think the media portrayal would be different?

    I don’t think any of the reporting on his ways are racial, but maybe I am naive?

    • Migdalia says:

      Most recently Edward Furlong comes to mind…granted as we know Chris Brown doesn’t have a bad drug addiction, but Edward Furlong has been thrown in jail multiple times for violating probations, getting into domestics, and I think he went to jail for a first time domestic unlike Chris who got a slap on the wrist for almost beating Rihanna to death.

      • MoxyLady007 says:

        I think the big difference with CB is the photos and the horrifying police report. Both are available online. It’s harder to “get over it” when it’s right there for everyone to see.

        If anyone here hast yet, you should go read the police report. It might change some things for you b

      • Samtha says:

        Edward Furlong is never going to get the kind of coverage Chris Brown gets, though, and it has nothing to do with ethnicity. It’s because Furlong was famous twelve years ago and Chris Brown is famous now.

      • TalkyTina says:

        Well Edward has not had major people in the industry supporting his fool ass! Chris has and its disgusting!

      • jen d. says:

        Charlie Sheen comes to mind. Nearly all of his partners have levelled some kind of domestic abuse allegations towards him. Hell, he might have shot Kelly Preston back in the day (although she said it was an accident). He gets press, but it’s not necessarily about his alleged abuse.

        Michael Fassbender also had assault charges brought against him by a former girlfriend. She dropped them, but her description of the attack was pretty awful.

        I don’t think there’s any denying that a huge part of the Chris Brown thing is the fact that the photos of Rihanna were released. Also, he hasn’t exactly been a saint since it happened (but then, neither has Charlie Sheen). I think he deserves every bit of anger directed towards him, but he’s not the only one…

    • T.C. says:

      I don’t know if it will be different since the media report on all celebrity melt downs. We get the reports on ragemonster Alec Baldwin too. Almost all Chris Brown’s anger has been targeted at victims that are Black so it’s not a Black and White issue I don’t think. RiRi needs to move on from this douchebag.

      • Hakura says:

        Sadly, I don’t -ever- see her moving on from him. Not even if they yo-yo-dated/cheat/break up/went to jail for something/put her in the hospital again… At every opportunity, She’ll -always- go crawling back to him. As much as she tries to look & sing about being a tough ‘badass’, strong woman that no man could keep down…But she showed her real colors by going back.

        That’s how that f-ed up twisted abuser/victim relationship thing works. She considers him her first ‘real love‘ on top of it.

    • chopps says:

      Me either…on discussions of Chris Brown I never thought about race…just general douche bag self entitled asshole-ness

    • DreamyK says:

      Lane Garrison, another fabulous piece of crap, has significant issues with violent behavior, also. He killed a passenger in his car due to drunk driving. Jail time was 22 months. He then was seen on security camera’s striking his girlfriend after he was released from prison.

      Both times he made up ridiculous denials in the face of significant documented facts.

      Lane is like Chris, a master manipulator. He does the crime and then we are suddenly showered with “Lane goes to AA”, “Lane preaches to prisoners” and the like. He’s a violent f* up. He refused to accept responsibility for killing someone while drunk driving during the court ordered 90 day psyche eval. He figured out that if he just conned the psychiatrists with false remorse he could get out of jail faster. He then lied like a cheap rug about hitting his girlfriend His girlfriend said it was not the first time he has beat her. It was the first time she finally reported it.

      Horrible man. He and Chris are two peas in a pod.

    • Beep says:

      The difference between the people mentioned above though is that they aren’t exactly these huge public figures anymore. Of course Chris is going to get more attention because he is still huge right now, he has albums coming out, gigs, tours, etc. Ed furlong and Lane Garrison? What have they done lately?

    • Sarah says:

      I think a lot of the coverage too has to do with the fact that the person he was arrested for beating was also a famous singer. If he had gotten in trouble for domestic violence against a girlfriend none of us had ever heard of, the media wouldn’t focus on that as much, if at all anymore. It was just a story that blew up when it happened because of BOTH parties involved, and got worse with the release of her photo taken that night and the police report. So I don’t know that some aspect of some reporting could be racially-motivated, but again, I think if Rihanna wasn’t such a huge star, the scrutiny on him wouldn’t be so tough. Which is sad, because it would be just as heinous no matter who the victim was.

    • lucy2 says:

      I think it gets more coverage because they were both very famous, and he KEEPS DOING STUPID SHIT. He’s the one keeping the story going, no one else. The media would move along to the next big thing, they always do, but not if he keeps behaving the way he does.

    • Sally says:

      I’m curious as well. This smacks of a preemptive statement to quiet all the nitwits that scream racism. It has nothing to do with that, and everything to do with those pictures and what ocurred. A white person would be vilified for those actions as well, rightfully so.

  4. RHONYC says:

    when its over for him it will be so sweeeeet. 8)

    *slow clap*

  5. pfeiffer87 says:

    Oh. And I thought he was calming down. Guess not.

  6. SunnySide says:

    I don’t think it’s a racial issue, so don’t worry. I think it’s a Chris Brown issue. A guy who has never felt any responsibility for his own actions issue. An entitled, narcissistic, rage-a-holic isssue.

    Chris Brown is a violent, mean, horrible a-hole and none of these traits are tied to any race. He brings this coverage on himself and then has a twitter melt down over it.

    People like Chris Brown and Lindsay Lohan need to face consequences for their actions for once!

    • SunnySide says:

      Further evidence, Kaiser, that your coverage is not a stereotype thing, you cover Alec Baldwin’s rages and Mel Gibson’s when they have their meltdowns.

      Celebitchy is an equal-opportunity-temper-coverage place!

    • LadyMTL says:

      My thoughts exactly…for me, it has nothing to do with race. An angry, violent asshat is an angry, violent asshat regardless of the color of his (or her) skin.

    • erika says:

      the troubling part is, who’s going to be the authority to set them straight? Thank God this valet didn’t get beaten up or worse. Really. Doing his job, he didn’t set the rules but probably doesn’t want to get fired for having been a pushover for an abusive criminal. Yeah, I said it.

    • littlestar says:

      I agree that this has nothing to do with race. Kaiser doesn’t have to apologize or make excuses for Celebitchy’s continual coverage of Fist Brown. I think it’s awesome that Celebitchy is such an outspoken website of CB’s anger issues. It’s frustrating and sad that more people (especially the music industry) doesn’t come out and condemn this asshat. He seriously needs to be shunned until he gets the extreme psychological help he needs. Sadly, he is too egotistical and stupid to ever get the help he needs.

    • Thiajoka says:

      I agree–I don’t think it’s racial, either. Certainly not on my part and I don’t see a lot of racism in the remarks about him on this site–some on other sites, though.

      I can’t stand it when people like him, Mel Gibson, Charlie Sheen, O.J. Simpson, Robert Blake, Woody Allen, and Roman Polanski are given an out-of-jail-free card just because they are celebrities. And then they are continued to be considered valuable by the industry. I can’t separate the art/skill from the person once it crosses a certain line.

      • Hakura says:

        @Thiajoka – I agree with you, I was beyond disgusted when instead of my believing that would be the end of his career, he immediately went back to work, even doing collaborations!

        It seemed like celebs all attended a big assembly right after it happened, purely to inform everyone of the facts & how they were to deal with it in public, thus giving them 2 options:
        1.) Accept CB back into the fold w/open arms & provide complimentary weed…
        2.) Have seriously negative, truthful commonsense feelings about what he did, but STFU. Just stay out of it, & keep your head down, so you won’t get dragged into the hole he’s in.

        Option 1. was meant to be sarcastic & joking, but unfortunately it’s one that far too many chose.

  7. lucy says:

    I am not one for violence but someone really has to slap this kid into next year to knock just a timble of sense into him, his sense of entitlement know no bounds I wish he would try his bull with someone who wont take his crap

  8. Zigggy says:

    He’s such a piece of sh*t. I never thought about the stereotype thing- he’s just a bad egg.

  9. MonicaQ says:

    As a black female, yup, coverage would’ve been much, much different. That being said, he’s a douchewallet and he deserves it because of how he acts. The angle’s there but he does himself negative favors.

    You think that valet worker set the price? You think he was taking your money and going to buy whatever with it? If there’s one thing I cannot stand is people taking on workers like that. We park your car. We ring up your food. We take your order. That’s it. We don’t set prices and no, this isn’t our fault.

    (Still say “our” even though I’ve been out of the service industry for a few years now. I can’t even count how many self entitled Tampa Bay Bucs players or even Madonna before she got on her whatever kick walked into my store/drive through and got on our case about how chicken takes 17 minutes to cook. Some of the players were nice and Bon Jovi was really nice but damn, sometimes famous people forget where they came from).

    Sorry for that rant >_>

    • Babalon says:


      Don’t be sorry. You’re just being candid.

    • Marty says:

      I agree, I think the coverage would be different. Look at Sean Penn, he violently assaulted Madonna and got an Oscar.

      Someone really needs to take Chris Brown and his bratty little boy attitude down a peg or two. A man who makes millions of dollars every year should NEVER complain about a $10 valet fee.

    • Moore says:

      I worked for awhile in customer service. It was so stressful and people treated me so badly I quit as soon as I could.

    • Alarmjaguar says:

      It isn’t just famous people, everyone treats service workers like sh!t. I’ve cleaned hotel rooms and waited tables and people take everything out on you. I personally think everyone should have to work in a service position at some point– there’d be a lot fewer rude people out there if they had actually experienced it.

      • Troubadour says:


        I’ve worked in a service position. It’s incredible how poorly some people do treat you.

        I’m sorry, but people are just people no matter what job they’re working. Please everybody try to remember they’re human beings too.

      • Hakura says:

        Personally, I’ve never worked a service position before (actually, I’ve never had a job before, long story ¬_¬ ), but I’d never dream of being rude/treating someone like they’re ‘personal servants’ of mine.

        I guess my mother just raised me right (Her whole family is from Alabama/Georgia/ect, so it was definitely a ‘Southern’ upbringing). It’s So sad to think that I’m one of few (apparently) who automatically acts respectful (regardless of job).

      • Jo 'Mama' Besser says:

        It’s so awful. I’ve had some bad ones, but the more exhausting (in every single sense) was at an ice cream/candy/chocolate store. I know it sounds like I’m exaggerating, but when I worked there I also watched my one-year-nephew almost every day and that a break in comparison. Less screaming. Man, were we a dejected congress of fatigue and deflation. And our boss, because he wasn’t a service guy so you can imagine how it only takes the slightest motion to turn a person into a supercilious prick. Everyone else there was really lovely and we all got on famously, but him:

        In those moments when he wasn’t spying on us from behind some fake mall foliage to see if we were acting correctly or going on yet another 45-minute break to whatever when the store was busiest, he tried to get me fired in order to take the fall for his catastrophic scheduling mistake. I’m the Queen of making copies and getting signatures, so did he ever get pale when I immediately produced two signed and dated (by him) schedules. Just my luck that I had to be at the mall earlier than my shift and I found him out right there on the spot gabbling about how I probably didn’t mean it but you know how kids these days have no sense of responsibility, or whatever. Very unprofessional.

        Oh, but wait! The corn-fed man cow forgot that I’m not stupid and provided the information needed to clear my name in about fifteen seconds. So there, in front of the entire staff, some customers and other mall employees he got caught in having made the mistake and lying about it and then trying to get me to take the fall.

        Did the mall ever HATE him after that! I mean, he was disliked before, but everyone thought he was a mostly harmless lunatic in the mould of David Brent (he ever looked like him), but after that?

        Woof. It went (proto) viral and I was princess of the corridor. The guys at the next kiosk overheard everything and the one had a passing familiarity with my boss (though he hated him) because they both hung out at the same gay club and I could tell my boss had a crush on him. OH!!!! Was the guy from the next kiosk ever mad. We would have little chats when we could and I was kind of young, so that made my injury all the worse to him. I mean, the guy pulled crap on everybody all of the time, but THIS time it was too far.

        It was outside of mall hours so no one was around to hear or see my boss’ coming humiliation (Oh, had I been that lucky) but even in hushed tones you could tell by the body language that he was laying into him. When it was over, he told me that I was too good and too smart to work for a person like that.

        Three weeks later, I was gone. But honestly, my leaving had more to do with mouth-foaming lunacy the customers, who were the Yahoo! comments section of patrons.

        After that, I went from watching my one-year-old nephew for some of the time to all of the time because I needed the break (HA). And I didn’t eat ice cream for about three years.

  10. Dawn says:

    What an A-hole. Really over ten bucks? This guy should be on bended knee kissing the ground that he is still relevant enough to make money and that he is not sitting in jail somewhere. What happened to our society that we continue to make idiots like this guy famous and rich? He needs anger management and he needs it now and this behavior makes Rhi Rhi look even worse for wanting to be with this jerk. Yuk.

  11. Naye in VA says:

    Ughh. I think he does have some serious anger issues, and they may have nothing to do with entitlement (although he is that) and more to do with having an abusive household. I cant stand him, he waves his douche flag high, but seeing this video reminded me so much of my ex, how everyone is standing around trying to get him to chill out and leave FOR HIS OWN sake, and he’s just up in the guys face, a guy who clearly doesnt want his kind of trouble. It just made me really sad.
    I get what Rihanna was saying about wanting him to get help, but all she has done, and all anyone around him is doing is enabling him. I asked my ex to see a therapist, but I still left his ass. No point sticking around waiting for someone to take their anger out on you.

    • Tiffany says:

      “but all she has done, and all anyone around him is doing is enabling him.”

      Exactly. They are coddling him like a toddler, no wonder he acts like a child.

    • Troubadour says:

      “…and more to do with having an abusive household.”

      I read what went on in his household during his childhood. I don’t think any child who came out of that would be normal.

      We need another option for these broken people, to fix them while keeping the rest of us safe. The options we have just aren’t working for us or for them. Prison, coddling, therapy, rehab none of them seem to have the type of results we need and often just cause more problems.

  12. d says:

    A: Spoiled behaviour is not really surprising.
    B: 30 minutes at a charity event? How charitable of him. What was the charity?
    This kid really, really needs to learn some life lessons. No one does him any favours by treating him like a special snowflake all the time. This is what he turns into as a result.

  13. dcypher1 says:

    Hes an violent angry a$$hole and a cheapo man riri
    u sure know how to pick em. What does she see in
    That dbag I just dont get it she cray.

    • Hakura says:

      He definitely isn’t a ‘cheapo man’ when it comes to things he wants (since we heard he did pay $65k for earrings for Rihanna, recently). He just thinks his celebrity should bring him everything ‘complimentary’, seeing as his even being there should count as some sort of ‘endorsement‘, because he’s just SO amazing & badass & everything.

      People are sure to go to those places, knowing that he’s touched the ground there with his holy/mighty kicks.

  14. Suzy from Ontario says:

    He is such a dick. He doesn’t deserve the money and success he has. Can’t wait for his career to be over for good.

  15. kw says:

    Um I’m sorry but what kind of rage was that? he didn’t point his fingers in anyones face, he didnt scream, he was just like that’s bull

  16. vvvoid says:

    His poor entourage is doing their best to try and calm him the fvck down, even that doesn’t help, he just blacks out and goes to his Angry Beat Down Place.
    Another blow dealt to the New And Improved Nice Guy Chris Brown Model 2.
    I’m sorry, while I feel that race may play a slight role here, this is mainly a case of SOMEONE nearly killing a very famous and [then] widely beloved pop star, and that SOMEONE happening to be a [then] widely beloved and seemingly harmless pop star. If it were Justin Bieber doing that to Selena Gomez, we would see the same reaction and demonization. Chris just happens to be black in this case, IMO. Chris is not your typical “angry black man” [if such a thing exists]…he’s actually a rage-aholic and true abuser. He perpetuates that image himself.
    LOOK at this footage! He’s not even in reality! That’s a verrrry mild version of the personality snap Rihanna experienced that awful night, without his entourage around to neutralize anything.
    People probably like Chris for good reason when he isn’t angry, I think he changes into an entirely different person in those moments, I’ve seen it over and over with people I know. It’s sad, but my sympathy only extends as far as his efforts to better himself with therapy…which is not very far.

  17. Mia 4S says:

    Stereotype? You’re not stereotyping if you’re telling the truth. His a violent, angry, spoiled, childish, moron. The colour of his skin has nothing to do with it. Yes there are some awful white men who should be getting worse coverage (oh hey Charlie Sheen) but don’t for one second give Brown a break because of that. He’s not worth it and doesn’t deserve it!

    • Petee says:

      I am sorry he is the stereotype of the young angry black man.You can take the boy out of the ghetto but……..Also why does ANYONE need a “posse”?That is so stupid.All those big thug’s around that poor little valet.If all these guy’s were coming at me at a store or gas station I would be calling 911.No I am not racist but I am sick of this ghetto mentality that has become the norm in society.It has just torn it down.

      • Thiajoka says:

        Seriously? I guess the Biebs melt-down on Twitter and his posse at the club is just an example of an angry white-man acting out. You can take the kid out of the ‘burbs but you can’t take the ‘burbs out of the man.

        Puh-leeze! Chris Brown’s issues aren’t indicative of an entire economical/cultural/geographical/racial stamp. He’s just a violent ass who shows out constantly. And frankly, it didn’t sound like his “posse” was trying to back him up since they offered to pay the valet.

  18. SunnySide says:

    P.S. He buys Rihanna $65,000 earrings and then throws a fit over $10 parking at a charity event… yeah.

  19. Nicolette says:

    Surprising? No, not at all. Will it be surprising when he again beats, or possibly kills Rihanna? No. This is not about the money, what’s ten dollars to him. It’s about some deep seeded and dangerous mental issues he has. Let alone the fact that he seems like an entitled douche bag that thinks who he is. His story is not one that will end well.

  20. anneesezz says:

    No, it doesn’t have anything to do with race. Russell Crowe and Alec Baldwin get crap all the time for their tempers. This dude beats on women and the fact that he still has a career is mind boggling to me.

  21. Agnes says:

    Chris is an ass. That much is clear.

    I don’t see why anyone would complain about the valet charge. You don’t want to pay $10, don’t freaking park there. Find a cheaper garage or a street spot. I used to be a waitress, so shit like this is a HUGE pet peeve of mine – you don’t want to spend money on gratuities, stay at home. Ugh!!!

  22. Memphis says:

    Hope Rihanna wasn’t around when he got home in his Valet filled rage…

    He is truly a rage filled a$$hole.

  23. Nance says:

    All that PR in the last weeks for ending up like this. Hope it opens the eyes for those who are defending him. This guy is a douche.

  24. Phat girl says:

    I don’t recall anyone being any different or easier on Alec Baldwin when he called his daughter a rude little pig, and he only verbally abused her. So, no worries. In the end Alec’s reputation recovered because his behavior changed due to the fallout. Chris, not so much.

  25. andrea says:

    I feel bad for the valet. What was Brown’s point in harassing the guy? That he’d say “ok, forget it” and pay for the fee out of his own pocket? He’s cheap, and he’s a bully.

  26. JustJen says:

    Didn’t he just drop $65,000 on a pair of earrings for his girlfriend? (I’m ashamed that I remember that….) And he’s going to yell/rant/rage whatever on some poor, minimum wage making valet?

    I don’t care what his excuse is — he needs a reality check. $65,000 is more than most people see in a year…including that valet! And he spent it in a hot minute. On someone he beats. He is so screwed up, I don’t know that he’ll ever see it…but I’d love to see life try to knock him down a few pegs.

    OH…and for anyone (side eye Kaiser) who doesn’t want to pay $10 to park their car, you have a choice…. self park! You may have to walk a few blocks but, hey, at least you saved 10 bucks. I just cannot handle people who want something or use something and complain about the cost. You have a choice. The worker doesn’t set the cost but he IS responsible for collecting from you. Do you walk into the supermarket and negotiate the cost of milk? Nooooo…. Do you negotiate the cost of a movie? Nooooo….. How about a pair of shoes? Nooooo….. So decide if you want it or not then pay whatever the asking price is and stfu.

    Whew! Sorry for the rant….this kind of thing just gets under my skin.

  27. Meanchick says:

    I never liked CB. When he beat Rihanna, that sealed it for me. His continual rage issues are a signal that he didn’t learn anything and he will escalate again and maybe his victim won’t be a woman next time, but mark my words, there WILL be a victim. Another thing, WHY is he rolling with a posse? What’s up with that? A big-mouthed ignorant posse at that. This tantrum all over $10 that he can afford? And he was at a charity event? Obviously the charity attendance was for PR reasons only. What a punk.

  28. TheOriginalKitten says:

    What did the valet parking sign say? Did he ASK if there would be a fee before he valeted his car? If the answer is “no” then this asshole has no right to complain.
    Not that any of this is surpsrising-I mean, it IS Chris Brown we’re talking about.

    The bottom line for me is not about paying $10 for 30 min, it’s about accountability. If you’re a dumbass who makes assumptions (like “it’s only 30 minutes, I’m SURE it’ll be free”) without asking questions and doing your research, then you get what you deserve. The time to ask about valet pricing is BEFORE you take advantage of valet services, after that, it’s on you. Stop blaming others and take some f–king responsibility for once.

    • Tiffany says:

      You’re right, it is about accountability.

      And the thing is, this is how ALL valets work in LA. It doesn’t matter how long you are there, it is usually a flat rate. Sometimes it can be really expensive. It is realllly suspicious and odd to me that he would be surprised/outraged about this. No doubt he is not a stranger to how things work with valets and how much they cost.

      To me, this seems like a man who was raging inside and needed something, anything, to vent it on. This seems like just an excuse to get his machismo on and use another human being to pump up Chris’s own need for validation. Chris Brown is such a sad human being.

  29. Masque says:

    My parents taught me to be a good tipper. Their philosophy was if someone waits on you hand and foot, tip them accordingly. They also believed that you have to plan for all expenses not just the cost of the meal. So there’s meal, tip, valet service, valet tip and whatever else you do that night. My parents were lower middle income on a tight budget but they were not cheapasses who treated people like crap.

    My dad was the kind of guy who would have stepped in, paid Crybaby’s ten dollars, shook all the valets hands and thanked them for their hard work.

    • stinky says:

      youre so right. CB s/h/b tipping the guy more than $10. … zero grace … zero class … loved by far too many and making boatloads of ca$h …. abused at home – repeating the cycle, called out WORLDWIDE for it, zero penance, nauseating.

  30. Salms says:

    Yeah, I’m always very aware of the different ways the media treat different races. (eg: when 9yo Quvenzhané wallis was called the c-word, it was barely picked up on, whereas there was a national outrage with the much older Dakota Fanning and her goddamn perfume bottle).

    But I have noticed the media is very touch and go on violent aggressors, no matter what race they are and after a few months you stop noticing. And its only the gossip sites that really dig into them, and they aren’t really favouriting one race over the other.

    But yes there *is* an angry young black man problem, just as there is a crime and drug problem with young Asian boys, and just as there is a massive underachievement problem with young white boys. These are societys problems, don’t be scared to address them!

    I would much rather hear intelligent, informed and constructive opinions about these social problems on CB, than read misinformed, prejudiced views from bigots such as right-wing fascist parties who use them as ammo in their arguments.

    (BTW, funny, when I first logged onto CB many month ago to waste time in silly gossip, I NEVER thought that a gossip sight could be educational and positive. You guys always colour the stories with your own stances on feminism, politics, etc and this is why I love the site so much. This site changed my mind on abortion and feminism for instance, so please continue to comment on society, its community service haha.)

    • Mel says:

      I heard about the Quevenzhane Onion thing but what happened to Dakota Fanning with the perfume bottle?

      • RosettaStoned says:

        She did a perfume ad for Marc Jacobs(?) and the bottle has a big flower on it, so the photographer had her put the flower between her legs and took a picture of her holding it in her crotch. When people were taken aback by the shots, she acted all innocent & superior and said everyone was disgusting for thinking the ad was sexual. While I personally enjoy controversy in art, I hate when advertising tries to pass itself off as ‘high art’ in the name of titillation and getting people talking (and thus looking at the ad). I think Dakota knows the ad was provocative and liked the idea of using the imagery to tap into the subconscious sexuality of the Lolita archetype (which helps her career); she just didn’t like being called out on it! She wants everyone to think it’s unintentional and that she doesn’t try to sell her sexuality like everyone else in Hollywood…

    • RosettaStoned says:

      That’s wonderful to hear; it’s also why I love this site. “Escapism can be smart” is a good tagline for Celebitchy. We all can learn a lot from each other here because we come together from many different backgrounds, races, classes, and educational levels to have fun taking the piss out of the ‘poor me’ celebrities — it’s a beautiful thing!

  31. Victoria says:

    Mr. Chris Brown is a pure undeniable first rate asshole. I’ll be relieved when putting his FACE any/everywhere is over once and for all.. “Hey Chris Brown, please go away” He’s like a super bug virus that just won’t clear up! *shields face* PLEASE let’s ALL be DONE with this pantywaste NOW.

  32. Kaboom says:

    Being a twit isn’t correlated to pigmentation.

  33. Annie says:

    He is who he is. He’s a very damaged and dangerous man. Everytime I see the Oscar Pistorius case, and I read the actual police reports, not the tabloid lies, I see less of the man the media wants to paint. Like Oscar is some sort of South African Chris Brown, yet we still have not seen real allegations or proof of domestic violence against exgirlfriends like with Chris, besides the incident of the drunk girl that was fighting with his then gf that he threw out of his house in 2009. He has not had the ammount of incidents Chris has collected over the years. Rage, violence, alcohol, all well documented and with plenty of witnesses. More and more info has come out on how Oscar doesn’t even seem to have a motive, and the police has now searched the phones and found no text messages that supposedly started a fight between Oscar and the gf? the last text was received at 8 PM. She died at 3AM, but did you read about that? No, because it doesn’t fit into the Patrick Bateman narrative that sells more papers. The tabloids print sick lies because we know way too many crazy famous men fully capable of doing all of that, and we’ve seen it, so we project that on someone who might fit that description too. I’m with the unpopular opinion that Oscar was just an irresponsible paranoid dumbass with a gun, based on what we know from official investigation (so far anyway!) and that there is no proof of the rumors we’ve heard. A violent man cannot be controlled. Even with the best PR team you can’t hide it. I just don’t think he is the murderous boyfriend type, not even the violent boyfriend like Chris Brown is. By now we should have more serious allegations and more people coming out with stories, yet we don’t. Just lies. It’s not true he beat her with a bat before shooting her, it’s not true the police were called earlier in the night for loud fighting, it’s not true he caught her texting another man and decided to kill her then and there. Over texts? Really? He’s been cheated on pretty publicly before and never did anything remotely stupid.

    Yet here with Chris we see all those bad signs and he’s out there enjoying a career instead of being in jail. I always thought Chris was more the type of man who would fly into a murderous rage, and he has earned that reputation as an individual. His race is completely irrelevant. A violent man doesn’t just like extreme sports and fast cars. A violent man doesn’t just get into a fight or an altercation with a man. All men have gotten into a fight a least once in their lives. A violent man doesn’t just have a temper. A violent man doesn’t just own guns and goes hunting. A violent man doesn’t randomly go shooting without motive a girlfriend of only two months. Real, violent, scary, dangerous men beat all their women regularly, start trouble everywhere they go, snap over the little things, they scare people around them and have a whole bunch of well documented incidents with people and the law. They control, they intimidate, they threaten. They are ticking time bombs. Chris is waiting to seriously snap again. He’s not even at a Bobby Brown/Ike Turner level. He’s way worse.

    I see Mel Gibson be this type of person too. I see Charlie Sheen be that type of person. Sean Penn, no doubt. These men have actually pointed their guns at their women, while threatning them. Sean Penn beat Madonna with a bat and shoved her head inside an oven. These men should be in jail.

    Rihanna is definitely in danger with Chris. Everytime I hear of a new violent incident with Chris I just think he’s closer to doing somethng truly horrible again. And that is when his people will finally realize that all this time he needed to be in jail for what he did to Rihanna.

    • TheOriginalKitten says:

      Yeah no, Pistorious is definitely guilty.

      After watching the 20/20 episode detailing the crime, where they made life-size recreations of the layout of the house and detailed all the evidence-yup, he is most DEFINITELY guilty.
      I know it’s a hard pill to swallow..20/20 did a great job illustrating how beloved he is to so many but alas, the dude is guilty of murder, likely premeditated given all the evidence.

      • Annie says:

        20/20 doesn’t have the whole information to make that call though. It’s all theories so far. If the defense didn’t have a case he would not have been granted bail, and if we consider all the police shadiness around this case, I’d reserve from believing all the tabloid/tv extravaganza. The media loves high profile murder trials, so they will sensationalize everything.

        Of course he meant to shoot at someone and potentially kill, I get that. He did it. What I’m trying to say is that Oscar is not really the man the media is playing him up to be. I see no reason for a man who was just planning on opening his foundation that week, who was training for competitions this month, who was about to sign a very lucrative deal with a luxury car company this month, who had all these plans, goals and all the success in the horizon to throw it all away for a girl he only met in November and started dating steady in January. They had no history yet, no passion enough to kill someone out of jealousy in cold blood. The longtime gf he broke up with in October cheated on him a lot (with the man he threatned to break his legs) pretty much has blabbed to tabloids and never mentioned rage or violence. Just how he’s sych a playa. He quietly dumped her and started seeing Reeva immediately after meeting her (those pictures of them in a red carpet and she’s wearing the stringy pink dress, they actually met that day). If anything, that girl would’ve been the one to set him off and I would’ve believe it then because there’s the motive, the long relationship, etc. Why murder someone he had just started dating? There’s no crime if there’s no motive and now we know that the alleged rugby player texts that supposedly started the fight are not real.

        So unless he went crazy and decided he wanted to kill someone that night, which could totally happen, I don’t see him as the abusive man bound to kill his woman like I see Chris. Even an exgf came forward and said he’s not violent or threatning to women and he dated him for 5 years. That’s gotta mean something. A 5 year relationship with a 26 year old is a long time.

        I’m just going with what I know though! We have to wait for the trial, I’m sure more things will come out. But I’m really giving him the benefit of the doubt.

        Chris Brown on the other hand…. I don’t think he’s done being in the headlines for doing something truly awful again. Rihanna is not safe with him. They both set each other off. The relationship is full of issues and not as hapoy as they paint it now.. Drama is bound to happen again. I hope he learned from Oscar!

      • TheOriginalKitten says:

        Yes but he’s guilty though. That’s all I’m saying. Oscar Pistorious is completely, 100% guilty, no doubt about it.

      • Jayna says:

        Really? I think he’s guilty, but Dateline on Friday night really showed the weaknesses in the case regarding premeditation. Very slipshod police work. Shocking actually. They released information and then were vague when asked specific questions about some of that information. The judge seemed to come down on them for things. All over the place on how far away the “ear” witness was, which appears to be very far away, wrong on steroids being found as an absolute, missed another bullet, walked all over the crime scene,on and on.

        Even when they tried to show his past as violent there really wasn’t much at all to say this man will kill his girlfriend, and is shoddy journalism, to me, to try to play it up so sensationally regarding his past. I was expecting a big revelation in his past of a pattern and there wasn’t at all (like OJ and his domestic violence). Oscar had an anger problem at times, but nothing that showed me a direct link to be a cold-blooded killer. I would love to hear specifics from his longtime girlfriend, but we probably never will.

        Is he guilty? Yes. But watching Dateline showed me he won’t be convicted of premeditation as far as killing her. I would say a lesser charge. Of course, OJ got off because at the time he was beloved, so don’t put it past Oscar gettng off or pleading to a much reduced sentence.

        When you have an obssession with guns, so much can go wrong in a fit of anger if they were fighting or if he was in a fit of jealousy. I don’t understand why they didn’t release what were the calls on the cell phones in the bathroom at that time. They can release everything else but they are researching that? What’s to research. What were the last numbers on those cell phones?

    • vvvoid says:

      Reading OP’s affidavit is all you really need to see why people believe he is guilty. It defies logic at every step.

      That said, Chris Brown deserved to be jailed and placed into a rehabilitation program for violent abusers for what he did to Rihanna. It might have changed him for the better. I’m not sure he’ll ever pick up a gun and shoot someone, he threatens gun violence a lot, but I could see it happening. At this rate I believe he’ll kill/nearly kill someone he gets into a tiff with on the street before he gets the chance to kill Rihanna. I think she fears him and probably avoids him when she senses his anger flaring. That won’t save her for long but it may be the thing that keeps her from being the next person he harms or kills. I really see him beating someone to death within the next year if he doesn’t get help.

    • Tiffany says:

      TheOriginalKitten, I would like to see the 20/20 segment. Do you know if it is available online?

      • jwoolman says:

        I checked the ABC Player app on my phone and didn’t see any obvious 20/20 episode, but if you get the date then you could look there or at the ABC web site. The app has quite a few 20/20 episodes and they do change them regularly. Sometimes YouTube will have show segments also.

      • MorticiansDoItDeader says:

        @annie, “A violent man doesn’t randomly go shooting without motive a girlfriend of only two months. Real, violent, scary, dangerous men beat all their women regularly, start trouble everywhere they go, snap over the little things, they scare people around them and have a whole bunch of well documented incidents with people and the law.”

        Everything you said cannot be farther from the truth. please read this.

        I buried that young lady in July. Her boyfriend was possessive, but never had any issues with violence according to their friends. No “motive” is needed for these monsters to take the lives of woman. Don’t try and rationalize domestic violence, it’s not a rational thing. Also, what say you about the bullet trajectory analysis? The prosecutor states the trajectory indicates Oscar was wearing his prosthetics.

  34. teehee says:

    Asshat is forgetting that no matter what lengths he goes to to ‘convince people that hes great and make them like him’, nobody is ever gonna like him until he gets a character and some self discipline. trying to apologize or do charity or dress nice or argue your way into the public favor wont do even half as much as just NOT BEING AN ASSHAT.
    Sorry Chris, there’s no shortcut to being a better person. You have to actually be one, not try to just LOOK like one.

  35. Sweet Dee says:

    He needs to take a beating himself, followed by an extensive stay in some sort of rage-rehab facility (prison will also do). He is a menace and a danger to everyone he meets; I really feel bad for the valet, this guy in his face with a history of violence…I would have been scared shitless. On top of that, good people do not yell at those doing their job in the service industry, ever. He makes me sick.

  36. The Original Mia says:

    Why argue over a valet charge when the option to self-park is available? Don’t like the price. Park your own car. Over there.

    As for this jerk, nothing surprises me, he hasn’t changed one but & one if these days he’s going to beef up at the wrong person & become a footnote in music history.

  37. swack says:

    I can see someone getting upset if it was 50 or 100 dollars, but $10 is so minimal. You can’t park in parking garages for much less than that anymore and you do your own parking. Parking for sports events is upwards of $20 or more (unless you are willing to walk and then you can find lots for less). Many places charge per hour and whether you are there an hour or 2 minutes doesn’t matter (again you are parking your own car). Calling this a rip off is just not right.

  38. skuddles says:

    Ugh, what a loathsome piece of wannabe-thug shit. I bet things would be entirely different if he didn’t have his (paid) posse to gang up on people. WHEN is someone going to take him to task?? He’s constantly flipping out and getting away with it, time and time again. Believe me, the fact he is black has no bearing on my thinking whatsoever – you go through life threatening or hurting other people, you’re a complete piece of shit. End of story.

  39. Marianne says:

    $10??????? Really bro, you mad at that?

    I’ve paid more than that for parking in Toronto.

    Secondly, wow temper temper. I thought you were a changed man *snorts*.

  40. Ronnie says:

    I am not a psychic, but I see this guy hurting or killing someone in the future and doing some serious time for it. He’s a loose cannon.

  41. Ellie66 says:

    A douche is a douche no matter what color he is!

  42. VV says:

    Gross. I think it is so gross and classless to fight and spaz over the cost of something. Especially a measly 10 dollars.

    So unattractive.

  43. Cazzie says:

    Okay, is anyone else getting more and more creeped out by this guy’s tattoos? He just keeps getting more of them…I feel like maybe they’ve acheived their own independent consciousness at this point.

    Like, some mornings, CB wakes up and he just *has more tattoos* because they’ve mated and reproduced during the night.


  44. anoneemouse says:

    Ain’t nuthin but a thug

  45. garvels says:

    When I think Chris Brown…race doesn’t even register…what registers are the pictures of Rhianna after the beating. That girl is kidding herself if she thinks she is safe with Chris Brown.

  46. KellyinSeattle says:

    He wasn’t mad about the money; it was his ego. I used to teach junior high and he reminds me of a boy I used to have in class, but he has hope whereas Chris is stuck in dickdom.

  47. anne_000 says:

    I live in Los Angeles so I am well aware that there are valet-only parking lots. They usually have a sign in easy-to-see view with the price listed. But if you don’t see the sign at first, you’ll still know you’re in a valet-only parking lot when the valet comes up to you, puts a valet tag on your windshield & asks you for your key. So I have no doubt that Chris Brown or his entourage knew that this was the case at this parking lot. Maybe he thought he should get free parking just because he’s famous and thus feels entitled? But if he’s that worried about $10, then he should have had someone from his entourage park his car somewhere else. Or if he’s feeling that angrily entitled to free services, then he should have had the balls to walk back into the event location, & ask the charity organizers to cough up ten bucks for him out of their coffers which would have otherwise gone to more needy recipients.

  48. Rux says:

    At this point, Brown will use any excuse to get angry….let’s hope it does not turn into another disaster.

  49. Sara says:

    I live in Bermuda and his private jet had to make an emergency landing here today. Word on the street is there was an altercation bt him and one of his bodyguards.

  50. grabbyhands says:

    I’m sorry, it wouldn’t have mattered if he was only at the event for just five minutes. He’s a fucking MILLIONAIRE. At a charity event. Jesus.

    But you know-it’s nobodies business. I’m sure Rhianna will be posting several pictures on Instagram any day now showing her comforting his hurt feelings because no one understands the poor thing.

  51. AustinMJ says:

    Wasn’t this loser JUST saying how much he had changed? Eventually he will kill someone and end up in prison. there i said it.

  52. minime says:

    And what’s worse, this scumbag or the industry that still continues inviting him and making him a celebrity??? He’s just a big ego (the ego just inflates all over him) because he never had to deal with the consequences of his acts…disgusting.

  53. Jaded says:

    He is one dangerous ticking time bomb. One of these days either he’ll snap and kill someone or he’ll become the next victim of a drive-by shooting. It’s a dangerous world he lives in both physically and inside his head.

  54. Sarah says:

    And this is the guy urban youth are idolizing. He’s such a pos

  55. Buffoon says:

    Those glasses sure make him seem like a kind and thoughtful man, don’t they?

  56. Mook says:

    smirky little turd needs an ass whuppin..

  57. judyjudy says:

    Who complains about $10 to park? That’s a bargain where I come from.


  58. jwoolman says:

    He’s never struck me as a racial stereotype, more of an abusive man stereotype. He was so young when he nearly killed Rihanna, I can understand the reluctance to just toss him in jail. He looked as though he had a chance in life if he got control of his temper. Here we are several years later and he still doesn’t have control. His talent and fame won’t help him avoid prison if he kills someone or does enough damage that even LA courts can’t overlook. He has too many people in his life telling him he’s just fine, that so-and-so deserved it, the court and media were unfair etc. Even his mother seems to be in that category, so he pretty much doesn’t have anybody he respects telling him to drop everything else and fix himself or else he’s going to waste most of his life in prison. He really doesn’t have a clue.

  59. laylajanelovesgossip says:

    Are black men seen as angry? I thought it was just us black women….lol Anywho, before the Rihanna beatdown he was seen as a good guy. He did this to himself, he has serious control issues.

    Rihanna, please RUN before he accidentally kills you!!!You gotta love yourself first before you can love anyone else. Run Robyn Run!!!!

  60. Dragonlady Sakura says:

    Fist Brown is a major a hole! He probably wipes his butt with a measly (to him) ten dollar bill. Black or white, this immature man-child needs to grow the hell up.

  61. Shelley says:

    I disagree – I think if he were white, public and press reaction would have been much stronger. I think people are afraid of calling him what he is for fear of being called racist themselves. He is what he is, which is loathsome, regardless of his color!

  62. Annemarie says:

    I’ll never understand what women find appealing about douchebags like him. I don’t have the patience to deal with man-children who whine about paying 10 dollars, ESPECIALLY when they’re worth millions upon millions of dollars. Also, any delusional fan who defends him by saying he’s a good guy because he goes to charity events can kiss ass. He’s only doing it to prove to people that he’s a good person.

    Of course, he fails at that all the time.

  63. TheOriginalWaffle says:

    Props, Kaiser, for being attentive to stereotyping. So long as we ALSO see positive attention given to young black men, Celebitchy isn’t contributing.

    • vvvoid says:

      I say we should see more articles about Wiz Khalifa [?]. He seems like the antithesis of Chris Brown.
      I love black men as much as white men, never bought into the stereotype because I actually know, am close with, and have dated many, but I do believe that the generational effects of slavery and a society that denigrated the black race contributed to PTSD on a generational level that still persists today in many [but not all or most]. It’s something we as an American family need to help heal.
      I don’t think that’s the case with Chris, though. Chris has rage problem all his own.

  64. lisa says:

    im ntt a rock star (although im equally untalented) and i live in philadelphia. $10 valet is a good deal at anyplace decent.

  65. sauvage says:

    If I can afford a ten dollar fee, Mr Brown surely can, too. That guy must make about a hundred times the money I earn in one month.