Miley Cyrus gets papped without her engagement ring: is it finally over w/ Liam?

Miley Cyrus

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This seems like a sad postscript in a story for which we already knew the ending, but let’s do this anyway. Nearly two weeks ago, Miley Cyrus’ fiance, Liam Hemsworth was reportedly kissing January Jones at a pre-Oscar party, and then they sped off into the night in a shared vehicle. Rumors swirled for a bout a week, and then Life & Style (along with the other tabs) published an alleged breakup story; in response, Miley threw a Twitter fit and claimed that she had not called the wedding off. In the meantime she made sure to get papped still wearing this gaudy engagement ring.

Miley Cyrus

Well, TMZ has a new story with photos (which we don’t have access to) that show that Miley has now removed the ring. Here are the details:

Miley Cyrus made a HUGE statement last night without ever saying a word … ’cause she went out in public WITHOUT her engagement ring … in the wake of rumors her fiance cheated on her.

Miley DID have some jewelry on her hand when she went out in L.A. last night … in fact, she even had a couple of rings on her ring finger … just NOT the giant rock Liam Hemsworth gave her when he proposed.

The timing is interesting … ’cause there have been reports that Miley was angry with Liam … who was recently spotted in the back of a car with actress January Jones.

Just a few hours before she went out in public yesterday, Miley had tweeted that she had NOT called the wedding off.

Then again … ‘lotta stuff can happen in just a few hours.

[From TMZ]

God, poor Miley. It sucks so hard to be cheated on, and it must be even worse for it to happen in such a public way and with a woman who is known to have a hard on for unavailable men. None of this probably meant anything to January, but I guess she probably did a roundabout favor to Miley by helping to shed light on Liam’s true ways. I do feel sorry for Miley’s plight at the moment, but it’s much better that she find out about Liam’s douchey behavior now than in a few years after getting married and having a few kids.

This week’s issue of In Touch claims that not only were Liam and January kissing at that party, but they were actually full-on “making out” im the hallway. Then Liam reportedly told Miley that nothing happened at the party or in the back of the shared car. Miley was reportedly not buying the story and set to leave Liam if she found out he did cheat, and maybe that’s what happened. That is, perhaps Miley was willing to wait it out until Liam admitted something or she finally let her common sense come out to play. There’s simply no other reason that Liam and January were in the back of that car together except to head somewhere for the full disrobing ceremony.

Miley Cyrus

Miley Cyrus

Miley Cyrus

Photos courtesy of Fame/Flynet and Pacific Coast News

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  1. marie says:

    she said she didn’t call the wedding off, but maybe Liam did..

    • Scarlett says:

      THis is so ironic because your entire description of the situation-it sucks to be cheated on and in such a public way and with a woman known to have a hardon for unavailable men-also exactly describes Anniston, Jolie, and Pitt. But this site is notorious for Anniston haters and Jolie ass lickers. Truly hilarious.

      • mollination says:

        That’s true, huh?

        Also, I could buy that Liam and JJ shared the car because they were both going to the same after-party, and maybe they didn’t go all the way. But I don’t buy that it was completely innocent. I could see them drunkenly flirting with that line of innappropriate behavior all night — it’s so tempting and fun. I’ve certainly done it.

      • Kim says:

        Yeah cheaters like Theroux with Anniston are disgusting Poor Heidi Bivens having to read about her ex’s wedding in People magazine

      • evyn says:

        Just like Brad, Jen, & Angie, there’s a lot of gossip and no proof. They have photos of them in the car, but where are the kissing photos? They can’t even get the story straight on who he was cheating with. Was it January or Emma Watson?

      • Jocelyn says:

        Yep, it sounds just like Jennifer Aniston breaking up a 17 year relatoinship because she wanted a man who was already taken.

        So yeah, it does sound just like Jennifer and Justin.

    • Itsa Reallyme says:

      Exactly! And, I’m still guessing it all went down before the Oscar’s since they were both out separately and acting single. Just because they hadn’t made an announcement, doesn’t mean they were still together.

    • Jen says:

      I can’t stand January Jones. She may be looking for another baby daddy. Her first baby daddy was never revealed. Does that make her a slut?

  2. Samigirl says:

    This whole thing is a mess. Despite the evidence, I still want to believe Liam is a good guy who wouldn’t cheat. Gahhh. I don’t even particularly like the two of them, but I thought they were cute together.

    • sirsnarksalot says:

      There was a blind on CDAN not long ago about a celebrity couple headed for a breakup. But even tho the woman’s cheating was the reason for it, she was going to make sure the stories planted were all about him cheating so she could look good. It could explain things….
      I’m with you tho. I see him as being faithful so the only explanation for his behavior is that they’re already broken up (as evidenced by the fact that she no longer follows him around like a puppy) and its just not public yet.

      • Samigirl says:

        I see that more as the reason. Is that terrible that I’m blaming HER? Uch. I’m a bad person.

      • thebutlerdidit says:

        Definitely Liam cheating. Its what broke them up in Summer 2010, and again in Oct 2010. Not only did she pick him as her co-star in TLS, her family took him in, made him part of theirs, paid his expenses, but Mama Tish used her celeb contacts to help him get the audition for THG. He cheated on his long time Aussie GF w/ Miley, not even telling her he had one back home, but he’s a repeat offender, esp since his star is rising. Big user.

        The guy Miley hugs in the pool? Cheyne, her asst, one of her BFFs for a long time, very gay, and the inspiration for the gay anthem on her last record, My Heart Beats For Love. Hope this helps dispel that rumor.

      • Really? says:

        Yes, you are a bad person for thinking that. Why on earth would you assume that she was the bad person with absolutely no evidence of her bad behaviour and at least 2 examples of his?

        You’re probably one of those girls who has to hang round with guy friends because “girls are just soooo bitchy” – it makes me sad when young girls rag on each other for a guy.

    • Tiffany says:

      Maybe I am a cynic, but Miley LOVES paparazzi attention, and it wouldnt’ surprise me if she took it off just to stir stuff up. I mean, if she will run braless in a crop top for them, of course she would take off an engagement ring for them and hold her left hand by her face.

      I don’t think they will get married, but I think this part of it is being done for pap love.

      • Apples says:


      • Really? says:

        I actually thought Miley was for once handling a difficult situation with a decent amount of dignity, considering her age.

        Have never been a fan of hers but am liking her more and more with the way she’s been dealing with this. It’s just a shame there are so many of us ready to dump on her for losing her man, when she’s been so loved up with him and there’s no evidence of any wrongdoing on her part.

      • nikko says:

        @Really, I totally agree w/ you in regard to the way MIley is acting. I’m glad they broke up. She’s too young to get married. She needs to stay single and start dating. I didn’t like her much either, but I do like the type of young lady she is turning out to be.

  3. Erinn says:

    Poor girl. As crazy, and difficult as I’m sure she can be, nobody deserves to get cheated on; and it being in such a public way must hurt so much. I can’t even imagine how upset she must be.

    • eileen says:

      I agree-Its SO freaking disrespectful! Not even caring how he’s humiliating her. What an ass.

    • garvels says:

      I really do not think he cheated on her. I think the relationship was over before the Oscars. Why else would Miley leave that hunk at home while she partied with Mummy at Elton’s party. That makes absolutely no sense whatsoever, that they would be at separate parties all night long without even having a plan for meeting up.

      I personally think Miley and her PR team are going to take a page out of the Taylor Swift playbook on victim hood. Miley has a new album coming out and she is going to milk the victim play card for all it is worth to draw attention to her album.

      • scarlett says:

        I also think they probably called it quits before the Oscars and that’s why he was reportedly flirting up a storm with Emma Watson. It’s over and done with no breakup announcement even needed to come to this conclusion. The sharing the car with January Jones is sketchy mainly because the woman is very shady…is a huge drinker and isn’t above getting with a man that is supposedly taken.

    • jilly says:

      Why is everyone assuming that he cheated? Maybe they’re just done. Seems to me like they’ve been over for a while but Miley refuses to let go. She seems the type to manipulate with cutting on herself to get him to stay. Maybe he finally had enough.

      • Ailine says:

        Oh boy. If this Liam were a girl and Miley was the guy–role reversal—everyone would be calling Miley a slut right now.

  4. UniqJaz says:

    I already knew it wasn’t going to last with them. I think it’s because of the way she kept talking about the relationship and i never heard him say anything about their relationship. She is too obnoxious.

    Edit: This is if he didn’t cheat on her. I don’t really believe that yet.

    • Jen says:

      Wow, I can’t get over how mild the comments are regarding this couple. Now, if it was Rob and Kristen, my ears would be burning.

  5. sal98 says:

    I just find it so hard to believe that this would happen in full view of other people at the party and that they’d do something AFTER being papped getting into a car together as they were leaving. I just don’t know…

    • Erinn says:

      Maybe they were drunk and were like “well, we’ve been seen anyway, might as well carry on”. Crappy reasoning, but possible.

    • Migdalia says:

      I find it hard too…I mean seriously…he could have broken it off with her before The Oscars. We dont know the whole situation so to just assume that he’s a cheater is just jumping to conclusions. Her still wearing a ring doesnt say anything either. This guy is on rising status so for him to get pap’d with another woman in the back of a car and to kiss her in public when he knew Miley would see it…I just don’t know. He would have to be the densest man alive.

    • alc says:

      Well it IS January Jones after all who seems to not have any morals or understanding of consequences. I never thought Liam and Miley would get to the altar but he didn’t have to do this. Pretty unoriginal though.

  6. KellyinSeattle says:

    I think she’ll bounce back in no time.

    • EmmaStoneWannabe says:

      I dont…I see this girl having a full blown meltdown when she comes to terms with all of it and possibly even a stint in rehab. I mean I really do hope she doesnt fall like that, but she is already so unstable lately. I hope she can rise above it.

      • Itsa Reallyme says:

        She’s been so overindulged by her parents. I think it’s hard for her to be an adult and realize that everything can’t always go YOUR way.

      • Mitch Buchanan Rocks! says:

        Good point @its a really me – folks who are overindulged by their parents sometimes don’t make the best partners because of everything having to be their way – they’re not accustomed to compromising.

  7. brin says:

    I feel bad for Miley she’s young and going through this in the public eye is awful but she will get through it.
    Keep your head up, Miley!

  8. Ms Kay says:

    To be fair, at the time I was engaged, I didn’t always have my engagement ring on my finger; even if we called things off later, I wasn’t always wearing it during good and bad times.

    • j.eyre says:

      My husband has lost 7 wedding rings in 10 years of marriage – the first one was in the Haunted House at Disneyland 3 months after we were married. I am usually more surprised to see him wearing one than not.

      But, Miley is pretty media savvy – she is making some kind of statement by not wearing it, don’t you think? She knows the world is looking at that finger right now, I would find it hard to think this wasn’t calculated – even if the calculation was to f*ck with us. Has she been photographed without before?

      • Bijlee says:

        LOL, that’s freaking adorable. I mean if they weren’t expensive. I don’t want a ring, but I have this weird fanatsy that my future husband will give me a tardis key on a necklace as our engagement “jewelry” and it would be something only the two of us know or get. It sounds really dumb stating it out loud, but some girls fantasize about their wedding dress and rings so I figure this is normal behaviour for women my age.

      • j.eyre says:

        Not dumb at all. When my husband proposed he had no ring so we bought matching watches from a street vendor in New York. We still have them (they don’t work, but we have them.)

        I generally buy him silver rings as it is cheaper. Currently he has one hammered (yellow) gold band that he has kept for about 4 years – a miracle on some level. The other one is a checkerboard ska band that he loves. He’s had Celtic knots, Mayan braids, Aztec patterned bands – you name it.

        Love the Tardis key idea.

      • sunny says:

        Those stories are too sweet! Unfortunately with the line of work I’m in I would never wear a nice ring. Plain band maybe, but I often visit clients at home in very bad areas. Two of my coworkers learned the hard way (and surprisingly enough the recovering addicts they were there to see weren’t the problem).

      • Lulu says:

        I love the lost rings story! My husband I wear inexpensive wedding rings. His is silver, mine is silver and CZ. Why? It is the second time around for both of us, and I learned the hard way how ridiculously over priced diamonds are. Plus this way, I don’t have to feel like I’d have to throw myself under a train if I lost my ring (I work in a lab and sometimes take my ring off because it bothers me under my gloves).

  9. Mia 4S says:

    The tough thing is again she was soooo public about the relationship. True love for ever, for sure! We have it all figured out! I’m not coming down on her for that thinking (we all knew everything when we were 20 years old ;-) ); but being so public about it it’s hard to demand privacy during the breakup. Tough lesson!

    • Tulip Garden says:

      I am anti-oversharing particularly with the world via social media BUT it’s hard for me to come down too hard on Miley. I remember being so yound and in love and wanting to tell everyone. If there had been social media at the time maybe I would have done the same thing that she has done. Like you said though it is a tough lesson. The trick will be to see if she actually Learns from it!

  10. Jenna says:

    I may not like her, but I wouldn’t wish that anyone be cheated on. Though I’m still holding out hope that Liam isn’t the epitome of douchebagery. January’s gross though.

  11. T.C. says:

    She’s too young to be married anyway but did not deserve to be disrespected by Liam in public. Makes me really dislike the guy.

  12. MellyBee says:

    To be cheated in is a terrible thing, but methinks that these two were waaaay too young to be getting so serious. Pain and heartache, no matter how hard the lesson, is what helps us to grow.

  13. Iyanla says:

    What is with January Jones and married/engaged men? She’s a total weirdo.

    • Veruca says:

      Serious intimacy issues.

      Chronic cheatees (ones who cheat with married people) tend by threatened by any real closeness besides sex. Married people provide a way to have sexual intensity without emotional obligation. The cheatees rationalize it by saying that it’s not their fault. They are not the ones married, and that it’s the cheater’s choice to cheat.

      What they don’t realize is, regardless of that perspective, one shouldn’t play with someone else’s toys.

      She, like most women who do really messed up things sexually, was probably abused as a kid and needs help. She should get it. She’s got a child of her own now.

      ETA: If I give the impression I’m somehow defending her, I’m not. I can’t stand JJ, but I know people who do what she does. Some are quite honest about it, sadly.

      • Bijlee says:

        The whole abused thing, I’ve seen a pattern (doesn’t mean it’s completely and utterly true) as well. Amoung the people I know that rationalize that they aren’t the ones that are married so it is in no way their fault when engaging with someone involved, they usually have some sort of childhood trauma. I’ve seen this reiterated on several Internet forums as well so there might be some sort of correlation. Even lisbeth slander did it and she had definite childhood trauma but she’s a fictional character.

        And yeah I’m not defending January, I’m just saying what I’ve been exposed to suggests something similar to what verruca is saying. It would be an interesting thing to study.

      • anon33 says:

        Interesting comments Bijlee. I work with medical records, reviewing them all day long, and I have DEFINITELY noticed an OVERWHELMING pattern with women who were sexually abused in the past having issues with intimacy, etc., just like you and Veruca are describing. I would like to do a study myself.

    • TriedTru says:

      Actually, January Jones just comes off to me as someone with no respect (for herself or others). Personality flaw.

      If they cheated, they are both culpable. I don’t think it’s worth it to blame or shame any one person more than the other.

      As for Miley, no one should have their trust betrayed but especially so publically. Poor girl!

  14. Sam says:

    God, I’d break up with him and let everybody know exactly why. It means Liam isn’t only a douche, he’s stupid. Miley Cyrus is a bigger name than he is, even with his movies. She’s probably richer, has more connections in the industry and her family is hooked up too, to some extent. Cheating on her could not only impact his public image, it could actually hurt his career. What an idiot.

    • Itsa Reallyme says:

      I don’t really see it that way. I think he has a lot more potential than she does. Her dad was a one hit wonder and his name helped her land a job. She’s not particularly talented. She’s really just a spoiled, indulged has-been. I think he will probably be taken a lot more seriously than she ever will be.

    • Dutch says:

      Life after Disney tween stardom has been such a guaranteed launching pad for adult success. I mean the Oscar, Emmy and Grammy winners … wait … what’s that you say? Really? A lot of bad choices and trips to rehab? You don’t say?

      I guess Liam will do all right in the aftermath of this after all (unless he gets January Jones’ cooties, then the boy is doomed.)

  15. Inconceivable! says:

    Miley has made a point of showing her bare ring finger. She’s begging for the attention. In my opinion she’s too young, and with all the drastic changes she has done to herself recently…I wonder if Liam never quite liked with the new hipster rebel Miley.

  16. Inconceivable! says:

    And all that fame and money does not make you impervious to going through a first break up. Don’t we all go through that eventually?

  17. EmmaStoneWannabe says:

    This is terrible, but it would be way worse than finding out after marriage and/or kids. Could be a blessing in disguise. A lot of times that’s how breakups are. Also, she is changing a lot right now, looks like shes trying to find herself….you dont need to settle down when you, yourself, are not settled. Way too many young ppl do that only to regret it later.

  18. JH says:

    How does anyone know he cheated? I mean, I’ve shared taxis with male friends…am I missing something here?

    • Erinn says:

      Lack of a denial on the reports of them kissing and making out, I guess.

      • Migdalia says:

        To be fair Liam to my knowledge has never made public statements to clarify tabloid rumors. Remember the one about him and Jennifer Lawrence?

    • Dutch says:

      Especially since the reports of them both “acting single” haven’t been refuted either. They may have very well be over but kept that tidbit on the down-low for whatever reason.

  19. Sarah says:

    God I hate January Jones. Actually, I hate all women who go after unavailable men. Ugh….

    • Emma says:

      Yet you have no problem with taken men humiliating their partner by cheating in public?
      Here many people are all… ohhhh well Liam and Miley were too young anyway… nevermind…
      Yet Kristen Stewart is a disgusting soul-less trampire……..?
      I have no idea what is wrong with some people. Does your brain not function properly?

      • Original A says:

        @Emma. Sienna Miller took the brunt of the blame, although Getty was married and his wife was pregnant (which is about as bad as it gets in terms of either party in an affair). Meanwhile. Letterman was blackmailed, was sleeping with an employee young enough to be his daughter, and took her on vacation with his pregnant fiancé. He got about 2 weeks of bad press and people felt sorry for him. Russell Crow had a similar situation to KStew (caught on camera making out with a married person) and had very little blowback; meanwhile, Meg Ryan’s career was ruined. There’s always been major double standards.

      • Murz says:

        God, poor ___. (Insert any female that has been cheated on.)
        It sucks so hard to be cheated on, and it must be even worse for it to happen in such a public way and with a woman who is known to have a hard on for unavailable men.
        None of this probably meant anything to ___, (again, any female that was the “other woman”)
        but I guess she probably did a roundabout favor to ___ (woman A)
        by helping to shed light on ___ (any man that cheated on their partner.)
        true ways. I do feel sorry for ___ (woman A) plight at the moment, but it’s much better that she find out about ___’s douchey behavior now than in a few years after getting married and having a few kids.

        I do not get how some women in this situation get sympathy and others get crucified, for the same damn thing. For gawd sakes — pick a side an stick to it.

        there’s a few that you regularly bag on for the same situation/circumstance. But, today its poor Miley??? I don’t get it.

    • dan says:

      Miley went after Liam when he was engaged to another girl

  20. Dee Cee says:

    Maybe artificial Blonde Miley can hang with sullen, abandoned Kristen Steward and they can secretly girl-gang-bully Justin Bieber’s foolish stunts in hipster-goth prose on Facebook.. for sport..

  21. KP says:

    Does anyone else find the combo of January and Liam just totally bizarre? She is 12 years his senior – same age difference as T-Swift and John Mayer.

    • Migdalia says:

      Nah…a lot of men like older women and it seems more so with foreign men. Look at Aaron Taylor Johnson and his wife!

    • Dutch says:

      In many ways she’s the anti-Miley. Older, quiet demeanor, seemingly free of white trash tattoos, doesn’t say “y’all” every 10 seconds. I could see why he’d be drawn to JJ if he and Miley were on the rocks.

  22. jelly says:

    Miley is young she doesn’t need to get married right now anyways. Shes just barely figuring out who she is right now. I think she will be fine shes smart and she has her family behind her. Shes not gonna have some meltdown and end up on rehab.

  23. serena says:

    What a douche.. poor Miley..

  24. Lexi says:

    I dont know what is real and what isnt, iam waiting for a reliable source to confirm if he really did cheat and if the wedding real is called off, she said on twitter that it was just rumors and she didnt call the wedding off

  25. me says:

    I know she’s young and still finding herself but I can’t help but think the hair and the behavior is just such a cry for help and something’s completely off with her. She’s not exactly the same as when they first met. People change. They’re young, thank god they haven’t gotten married yet.

    • Lucky Charm says:

      I just don’t get how changing your hairstyle/color means it’s a cry for help? She’s 20 years old, and experimenting with different looks. I did it, hell I still do it! All it means is she’s trying a new hairstyle or color, nothing more.

      //Confused self going off to make a hair appointment now… :)

      • Blenheim says:

        I agree. Even if she was 40 years old. I’m not sure if you have any sort of hairstyle other than long and princessy that means you are effed in the head. :)

    • nina says:

      I think her behavior is just indicative of her age group(everything is done publicly via social networking, she just gets paps and media attention on top of it). And I think the haircut is just her team tactically changing her image for a new sound/album.

  26. k says:

    Miley’s team is working overtime to paint Liam as the cheating douche but what if they were already done?

    • Dutch says:

      To me that is the $64,000 question. Unfortunately there were no tweets or press releases about a breakup, so the assumption is that it’s a matter of infidelity

  27. Chordy says:

    Hollywood rules: if your man can’t attend a party with January Jones without putting is tongue in her mouth, it’s time to dump him. The good news is that if you’re over 25 and at least a solid B lister, you get to bang Lenny Kravitz on the rebound. The bad news is if you’re younger or less famous, you’re stuck with Wilmer Valderama. Sorry, Miley!

  28. Andrea says:

    I looked at those TMZ pictures and what she is wearing on her ring finger looks like the two bands which are a part of her engagement ring. So maybe she just didnt put the big stone on for a day.

    And by the way where is freaking Liam coverage, he is the one supposedly doing the cheating!!!!!! Why is he not chased by all those papz!!!!

  29. TheOriginalKitten says:

    *waits for the torrent of rage against January Jones*

    ….I don’t get it. Is it just because she’s not Kstew? Or is it because everyone dislikes Miley?
    Ah, celeb gossip…gotta love the highschool-ness of it all.

    • Chordy says:

      I know! When it’s KStew people are all flipping tables like [redacted] angry. HOLD ON. I just found the perfect solution to Miley’s Wilmer Valderama conundrum. She needs to date KStew. It would be a full on celebrity gossip mic drop.

      • Chordy says:

        Aww. I got redacted for a Teresa Guidice quote.

      • TheOriginalKitten says:

        Yes! They both enjoy herbal refreshments, they are both “angtsy” artists, they’re both super-punk rockers (*coughs*) and they both like dating teen heartthrobs.

        I smell a love connection.

        No Mini Cooper, though, these two are riding off into the sunset on a Harley.

    • Bijlee says:

      Hasn’t January been crucified already over all the rumors regarding her pregnancy? Without any proof whatsoever, just speculation and circumstance.

      With Kstew there was undeniable proof and utter disbelief that she would do it because it seemed openly and enthusiastically done. plus no one liked Kstew to begin with so it was just “YES we get to hate on her because her behaviour is horrendous.” People just know January is like this and are probably disappointed by Liam. He seemed like a dream guy. Loyal, supportive, etc. plus it’s Miley and their young. I don’t know there’s just so many factors at play here.

      But January is raged against regularly. Either way I don’t know. I do think people should lay off Kstew. She seems like she’s going through some pretty scary emotional problems considering her personality and the publics reaction to her. I read something about JLaw and how people were getting sick of her. Someone commented “I can’t help but feel that it’s like that episode of south park where they sacrifice Britney spears for the harvest and JLaw is just the next one. ” I think it’s more likely to be Kstew.

    • Dutch says:

      Miley and Liam didn’t appear in four movies as the angsty Romeo and Juliet of the 21st Century — now with sparkly Vampires!

      That is the primary difference in the gossip consuming world.

  30. TheOriginalWaffle says:

    I’m all for Lainey’s Emma Watson angle. Wouldn’t Liam and Emma look amazing together? (But, of course, poor Miley. She should pull a Taylor Swift and get some hit songs out of it.)

  31. Lisa says:

    I’m actually hearing rumors that this is an intentional insider set up because Miley’s actually gay and they want to spin the breakup on Liam’s side.

  32. Maxx says:

    Meh….two tears in a bucket-f-k it

  33. Hannah says:

    I’m not sure this has anything to do with cheating. They both attended parties separately. Is it a Ross Rachel thing? A break perhaps and within the same night he goes home with someone?

    They appeared to be on the outs since the big family holiday. Maybe things just didnt work anymore.

  34. Tessa says:

    I don’t think he cheated. I think they’re over, were over, and Liam did what a lot of 22 year olds do when they’ve just had a breakup… he got drunk and “coped”.

  35. Jade says:

    So many possibilities lol 1) they are over anyway so Liam went back openly with JJ. 2) however it’s near impossible not to be papped when you’re leaving an Oscar party, maybe they are just sharing an innocent ride home?? Do they live near each other? Why cheat at such a highly exposed event ? 3) something did go wrong between them and Liam took this opportunity to show off to Miley? 4) Miley simply forgot to wear her ring which made things look worse in a dramedy sort of way.

  36. bluecalling says:

    poor january jones. people dislike so much that she can’t ride a cab with a guy without being accused of destroying his relationship. it must be so hard to find a date. no wonder why she wants to keep her life (esp. the father of her baby) private. either way, she’ll get crucified… and right now i am sure she is going “heffas please. that child? i think not.” while sipping her man-tini by the pool getting massages from pool boy, and rocking xander to blissful sleep.

  37. Luxe says:

    I gotta ask, when has this guy ever been a sharer about his relationship? I don’t know if he did cheat (for all we know they were single Oscars weekend), but I don’t get why people would think he’d speak to the rumors. She’s the attention-craver, not him. Every story is pro-Miley for that reason, imo.

  38. Gemini08 says:

    Am I the only one who thinks these two had already broken up by the night of the Vanity Fair Oscar Party? After all that same night Miley was a completely different party- ALONE- acting single herself. Perhaps the truth is that it just looks better for Miley if she plays the victim rather than the truth being that these two were simply two young to be attempting such a huge commitment in the first place.

    • Sam H x says:

      Your not the only one Gemini08, I think these two were finished prior to Oscar weekend. They both got drunk, drowned their sorrows as a way to cope with their break up, flirted with others and he shared a car with January Jones. I think her people are gonna use the JJ angle to spin in her favour so MC comes off as the victim and Liam is the bad guy. She does have new music coming up. Liam is doing quite well in his career which is said to be promising and I doubt it will suffer.

  39. Jennifer12 says:

    Um, remember when she was photographed in that pool hugging that guy and with his arms wrapped around her? She kept saying that a guy and girl can be friends and why are people making such a big deal and she would never be unfaithful to Liam.

  40. Edie says:

    Liam and January — a dramatization.

    Just kidding, it’s from Australian tv in which he bangs an older woman. Seemed apropos.

  41. Dee Cee says:

    She’s been alone.. partying with her gal pals and select boy

  42. LZ says:

    Why isnt anyone commenting on the huge age difference??? Liam is 23 years old! January is overly 30 with a baby. If this happened then it was completely inappropriate. Why is an adult getting involved in this tween mess? Yes I know Liam is technically an adult but he’s engaged to Miley cyrus for Gods sake. Enough said.

    • Alexis says:

      Er, because it’s a nonissue? It didn’t occur to me the first couple times I heard about this. I don’t think the age gap is really that much. Early twenties and early thirties is pretty normal imho, regardless of the genders in the couple. It doesn’t seem that JJ has a much higher maturity level than an early 20something and she is attractive and so is Liam, so it makes sense.

    • Dutch says:

      Like I said earlier it’s only an issue in the scenario of January as the anti-Miley. I see this as more of a bar hookup type thing. Liam and JJ were looking for the same thing and their planets happened to be in the same orbit.

  43. Moi says:

    Well I’ve already stated my case about this, but with the Brange issue, I feel it was meant to be. Was I pro-(not Jen, but pro-not cheating) for years, Yes. But I think it was all meant to be at this point. But this? Take it easy on Miley. She’s so young! If this is true, and friends with her, we would be there feeding her ice cream and Pinot saying what a dick Liam is.

  44. Nikki says:

    If this is true, then January Jones is a freaking terrible person.

  45. K28 says:

    She didn’t wear her ring for publicity! Obvious!

    If she didn’t want the publicity she would have worn it regardless if she and Liam had broken up!( Every celeb knows that their every move could be photographed! Especially if there is a scandal going on in the Tabs ) Now that she chose to not wear her ring everybody is OMG!*!*!*!*! Miley and Liam broke up! OMG!*!&*!&*!**!!!

    She likes the attention!

    Who knows maybe they did break up! I doubt they broke up recently! She’s changed a lot in the past year!

  46. dan says:

    haha miley got what she deserved

  47. Alexis says:

    I think it was done before the Oscars (and it was a mutual breakup, too much too early type thing), but Miley is trying to get publicity/pity from the “woman scorned” market.

  48. ozcat says:

    There was a story in an Oz mag of Miley and some tv show actor zEd hooking up weeks ago and she wasn’t wearing the ring. She is the first one caught out not him.

  49. Carolyn says:

    That’s a great photo of Miley (the first one).

    Oh I don’t think either of them are going to be crying a river. Fingers crossed for a Liam/Emma Watson hookup.

    They’ve been apart for a while now. Just waiting for the right PR moment.

  50. Lol says:

    Nice to see the posters here are still full of it lol There is no proof they broke up prior to Oscars but folks here are clinging to that just to save a man. LoL Typical females. But seriouslyl Mileys family set this guy up in so many ways for his success so I for one hope they were done prior so he wasnot an *SS.

  51. Amy says:

    I’m not a huge Miley Cyrus fan. I could barely watch two minutes of Hannah Montana before changing the channel and watching an interview with her grates on my nerves!

    However I do feel sorry for her, though I never in a million years thought she and Liam would actually get married. I always suspected Miley would get bored and move on to someone else. For some reason I always figured Liam was a bit of a wimp and Miley wore the pants in the relationship. She does all the talking and he just seems to stand there looking a bit clueless. I guess I was wrong!

    Probably just as well. They broke up once or twice before they finally got engaged right? Probably a sign they shouldn’t have done that in the first place. I hope Miley can move on in time and not feel too bad about this. She’s still young, she’s got time!

  52. Jeffrey Swanke says:

    The silver hair would shrivel any man’s….desire. She’s too young and hot to be sporting granny hair.