That’s So D’Oprah: Letterman and Oprah Show Some Love

Proving once again that the Superbowl heals all wounds, cures all ills and brings us as a divided nation together again. The Letterman and The Oprah snuggled up on a sofa to let the love flow during that game of games.

Planet Gossip has the skinny:

If you haven’t heard or seen it by now, the two popped up during a break early in the game. Letterman, an Indianapolis native, wore a Colts jersey while snuggling on a couch with Winfrey, who was in a Chicago Bears jersey. “You want the Bears, and I want the Colts, but we both win because we’re in love,” Letterman, with a mouthful of food, says. Winfrey then says, “Honey, don’t talk with your mouth full.”

The long-standing feud dates back to a Pleiestocene Epoch Time magazine interview. Oprah said she wasn’t ever going back on Letterman’s show as previous interviews left her feeling like “the butt of the joke.” To his credit Dave refrained from a slew of big butt jokes, but spent years, literally years, asking Oprah to c’mon on home to Late Night and let the healing begin …The O.P. was not having it and a regal silence ensued. The Queen was not amused. The O.P silence lasted longer than O.C the series. Just ask Mischa Barton who was I think was born and grew to skinny womanhood during this era of silent D’Oprah.

There have been cracks in the glacial freeze before including even brief appearances on Letterman’s show complete with awkward unconvincing public hugs. None have ever been so heartwarming as the two finally spending quality couch time with the nation.

Yes like children of Divorce we have learned to take our closure where we can find it … Mom and Dad aren’t ever getting back together, but if they can make nice at graduation … well that aint nothing. The healing has begun …and that’s just as D’Oprah as it gets.

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