Christian Bale gets a 1970s combover wiglet for ‘Abscam’: hilarious or hardcore?

These are some new photos of Christian Bale and Amy Adams on the set of David O. Russell’s latest film, which is still untitled, but it’s about the 1970s Abscam investigation. Just drink it in. THAT is Christian Bale. The same Christian Bale who almost always signs on to roles where he has to lose a crazy amount of weight so that everybody can talk about how hardcore and Method he is. I guess Christian Bale wanted to change it up a bit this time around. This time, he wanted a donut with sprinkles and some cheesy fries. My favorite parts of these photos: the pitch-perfect costume choices (my father dressed like that well into the 1980s), the NOT-ironic aviator shades and the absolutely amazing combover-wiglet work. BEST SUPPORTING WIGLET!!!!

Christian and the cast are filming this in Massachusetts, it seems. Amy and Christian already worked together on The Fighter, another David O. Russell film, also filmed in Massachusetts. The film is set in the 1970s, obviously, and it’s about the FBI investigation into the bribery of Congressmen and state officials. The investigations brought down sitting Congressmen and it will probably be a really good movie. Jennifer Lawrence will play Christian’s character’s wife. The film also stars Bradley Cooper, Jeremy Renner, Louis CK and Alessandro Nivola.

PS… Is it just me or does Amy Adams’ beauty manage to work in literally any time period?

Photos courtesy of Fame/Flynet.

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  1. boredbrit says:

    Is it bad I still think he’s hot…?

  2. poppy says:

    omg i have to respect him a little now. i’d like to see ben assflack wear hair like that in a film.

    is that the ghost of steve jobs behind him?!?!?!

  3. Kaye says:

    Love him, no matter what. (Team Bale since Newsies.)

  4. Mia 4S says:

    He looks perfect, which I guess says a lot about the 1970s. ;-)

    This movie has the potential to be soooo great. Fingers crossed.

    • Amelia says:

      I completely agree, it sounds like a brilliant cast. Although I’m trying to work out why JLaw is playing Bale’s wife, the age difference is pretty significant. Unless that’s a part of the plot. Meh, she’s playing Bradley Cooper’s wife in Serena and she’s always brilliant.
      That wiglet is pretty damn tragic, but I’ve got to hand it to Bale, I don’t think a lot of actors would be down with fuglifying themselves.

      • Mia 4S says:

        My understanding is that the real life age difference was 8 or 9 years, so they’ve gone overboard but the young wife thing is accurate. If Bale is playing a bit younger and she’s playing a bit older its not terrible.

        I kind of love that the mistress is the older woman. Nice to see that trope reversed.

      • NEENAZEE says:

        He is 17 years older than she is… Hollywood strikes again. Her character in Silver Lining’s Playbook was supposed to be older than B-Coop’s and he’s 16 years older than she is, too. No wonder old men think they should be with young chicks and most women have complexes about everything from their bodies to their wrinkles.

    • Lauly says:

      This is another proof that CB is a great actor, one of the best of his generation.

  5. Abby says:

    eeew no… just no…. and I’m a huge Bale fan.

    Amy looks so hot though.

    I will of course watch this movie. Awful wiglet or not.

  6. allons-y alonso says:

    I love Christian Bale. Always have and always will. Newsies ftw

  7. Hoya_chick says:

    Isn’t Jennifer too young to be believable as his wife?!

    • bns says:

      Yes, but Hollywood doesn’t care. They’re going to keep putting the same 5 actors in every movie.

    • i'm french don't kill me says:

      O Russel only casts her to see how it works with Bale: O Russel would like that Bale is the male lead in The End Of The End with Jennifer Lawrence but he’s too young and Weinstein (the producer) wants a more famous and older actor like Pitt,Depp …

      • G says:

        That’s the most bullsh-t I’ve read in awhile… there aren’t any talks about The Ends of the Earth yet! All we know about this movie is that Jennifer and David are both signed in – there’s no pre-production date, no other actors not nothing.
        And Brad Pitt or Johnny Depp don’t look in their 50′s, so they should probably look for older actors or do heavy makeup work.
        Either way, never heard about Bale being considered for this, I know Jennifer talked to Bradley Cooper about this in the past.

      • ALG says:

        @G: Actually, it’s NOT bullsh*t. Who the eff are you, anyway? The poster is right–Russell is doing this to see if Lawrence and Bale have any chemistry for The Ends of the Earth. Why would he cast Cooper in that? That would be the FOURTH movie between Jen and Bradley in about three years, and the third in which they play love interests. There’s no way. And please explain to me why Jennifer Lawrence would even bother with a role that is basically a glorified cameo if there wasn’t an ulterior motive.

      • G says:

        @ALG — umm, because she adores David O. and is very comfortable with Bradley?!
        And I never said David would cast Bradley, I said Jennifer talked to Bradley about this movie a long time ago, probably before they did Serena together – DEFINITELY before David signed on to do this! So calm the eff down.

      • ALG says:

        @G LOL at *you* telling ME to calm down when you unnecessarily attacked another poster. Get a grip before you go after people on the internet.

        Oh, and you must be clinically insane if you think Jennifer Lawrence would do a two-scene movie just because she likes the director. She’s incredibly busy at the moment. It’s all part of her/Bale/Russell’s plan.

    • T.C. says:

      Amy Adams is playing the biggest part as the mistress. She’s the partner in crime and look how smoking hot she’s looking. The wife is a throw away role. He barely spends any time with her.

      • ALG says:

        Precisely. The reigning Best Actress Oscar winner is doing a throwaway role. There is another reason she’s playing Bale’s wife–a future movie possibility if their pairing works.

      • JC says:

        A warming up for the next movie they would probably star together

    • Dee says:

      The rumor is that it’s a test run for how she and Bale would look/work together since Russell wants Bale for “The Ends of the Earth”-
      It makes sense since her role is very small and 90% of it would be with Bale only.

      • balehead2012 says:

        Well, they were already a great pairing in The Fighter (even if Bale and Adams weren’t actually playing a couple on that one) so I say, bring it on :)

  8. GoodCapon says:

    He could pass as the lead singer of BeeGees.

    And yes Kaiser, I agree with Amy Adams. Her looks are very versatile.

    • T.C. says:

      Amy Adams looks gorgeous in every movie.

    • j.eyre says:

      She is stunning her, isn’t she?

      OT – my friend was going to interview Amy Adams at the Santa Barbara Film Festival and asked me if there was anything I wanted him to ask her. I asked him to just thank her on my behalf for being a good role model for me to present to my daughter.

      My friend said she actually teared up a little and that it appeared completely real, not affected.

      • Miss M says:

        @Ms j.eyre: She is adorable! I feel like I should go and find where they are shooting, :) . I am such a fan of hers.

        I mean I would love to see Amy Adams and Chris Bale up close, not that I would say a word to them…hahaha

      • Andrea says:

        That is a sweet story. I think she’s genuine. She had a long road to the top and never coasted on Hollywood nepotism.

        She ::is:: a great role model. She has never sold out by doing any of those cheesy male gaze photoshoots (even though she is beautiful). She doesn’t seem desperate for attention. She just goes to work and does her job well. I love her.

      • Miss M says:

        @j.eyre: By the way, thanks for asking your friend to tell her that, :)

      • j.eyre says:

        @Andrea and Agent MOL – I know, don’t you love when they turn out to be as you suspected?

        A.MOL – you’re in Mass? Go find them and report back!

      • Miss M says:

        @j.eyre: Yes! Apparently…the first scenes they shot were 12 minutes from where I live, :)

        I recognized the place where B. Cooper was…

        I need to get out of this lab! Kidding… :)

      • I Choose Me says:

        I was hoping she was as lovely as I thought she must be. I’ve loved her in everything I’ve ever seen her in even that awful Leap Year movie. I so want to see The Master. Doubt it’s ever going to show up in the movies here so I plan to Netflix it when it comes out on DVD.

        OMG. I just checked out IMBD. Did you guys know she’s playing Janis Joplin?

      • Miss M says:

        @I Choose Me: I didn’t know she was going to play Janis Joplin. I was talking to a friend of mine about Amy yesterday and 2 things came up:

        1- she is one of the few actresses that actually look like a Disney Princess;
        2- We see her going the Meryl Streep route.

  9. TheOriginalKitten says:

    I hope these guys do some filming around Boston though…I’ll be the creeper in the bushes taking pictures!

    PS: Massachusetts made $44M in tax credits due in 2011 due to the film industry. Keep filming here, guys, it’s good for our economy ;)

    • Miss M says:

      I know right! They are here and I haven’t seen them yet. I am in an opposite direction during the day, but oh well…

      I am going to walk around The Commons tomorrow, hahaha. As If they whould shoot in a daylight on Saturday.

  10. mkyarwood says:

    This is the best. He is the best. Bale for all time. p.s. my favorite outfit of his is his ‘daddy day off’ one with the under armour shorts and red hat. my dad totally dresses like this, and now my husband is starting to.

  11. mkyarwood says:

    But wait… now I see the ghost of Steve Jobs too. WHAT IS THAT!? Also, Jennifer is my main lady (not really) but she should not be playing anyone’s wife. She doesn’t know how!

    • Shira says:

      And you’ve decided that based on all the movies in which she plays someone’s wife?? Because so far I only know of Serena – and that hasn’t even come out yet – and I’m sure she nailed it.

  12. serena says:

    Isn’t Jennifer Lawrence too young to play Bale’s wife? ugh

  13. kennedy says:

    AMY ADAMS WILL WIN AN OSCAR, I can feeeeel it!! I mean- Weinstein will be behind this movie right?

    She looks amazing with that shade of auburn and gosh darnit if I don’t love her so much!

    • ALG says:

      Can’t tell if this Oscar comment is serious or not. What’s with people handing out statuettes even before the movie is filmed? lol

      • Andrea says:

        I think it’s more just people hoping that Amt will get an Oscar at some point as she is (IMO) long overdue and being excited that she’s out there rocking it with some new potentially great roles.

        Amy is in her late 30′s. She didn’t get famous until she was over 30. I just really root for her. I want her to continue to get great roles.

      • Liz says:

        I think this movie Sony not Weinstein but it does look interesting.

  14. JC says:

    Ugly or awful, will contribute a movie ticket for Christian Bale

  15. Shira says:

    Ugh, they better SERIOUSLY dress down JLaw if they want me to believe she’s married to him.
    And Amy… flawless Amy. She really is an angel sent down to earth, isn’t she???

    • Andrea says:

      She really is.

      And soon she gets Superman. Which totally fits because of course that flawless woman gets Superman.

    • Andrea says:

      Amy has a vintage sexiness about her. She has the appeal of a Golden Age screwball comedy actress as seen in Miss Pettigrew Lives For A Day. She plays period well.

      She looks sexy here. I’m excited to see Amy as Lois Lane.

  16. jc126 says:

    Christian Bale is always hardcore, and always awesome.

  17. Mira says:

    BALE OUT, totally!

  18. Jade says:

    I love Amy, she is a classic beauty so she rocks anytime anywhere. As for Bale, I still want him …damn it.

  19. KellyinSeattle says:

    Miss the ’70s…I love to dance around to disco! I do my “bad ass/fun” dance but probably look like Elaine Benes.

  20. Ravensdaughter says:

    The combover has a certain-je ne sais quoi….Definitely consistent with the era.

  21. Lexi says:

    I love him no matter what!

  22. Ginger says:

    Amy Adams’ look is indeed timeless and she is impeccable. Christian Bale’s look is both hilarious and hardcore. I would expect no less of him. At least it’s a wig and he didn’t actually shave his head…that would be tragic! I love watching him even if his character is crazy looking. I’m looking forward to this film for the amazing cast alone!

  23. Raven says:

    For a second I thought Ryan Gosling dyed his hair brown.

  24. NEENAZEE says:

    Amy Adams looks great and she’s always exciting to watch. Totally underrated, IMO.
    Bale is a fearless actor. I really enjoy him and this wardrobe, hair and make-up reminds me of Sean Penn in Carlito’s Way!! I’m sure he’ll be excellent!