Kim Kardashian: ‘I’ve gained 20 lbs… at this stage Kourtney had gained 30’

Dear Kim Kardashian: I would really appreciate it if you could STOP talking about your weight. Many, many women were on your side until you started lying about your pregnancy weight gain, and for what reason? We have no need to know your actual weight. We wouldn’t care about your weight except you keep talking about it and providing us with an assortment of delusions. So just know this, Kim: while we are making fun of you, it’s because of what you’re saying, not your weight. It’s because you stuff yourself into leatherwear and try to convince us you’ve only gained a few pounds. We’re not buying it.

Anyway, these are some assorted photos of Kim out and about all day yesterday in New York. She did Good Morning America, Live with Kelly and Michael, and she went shopping and some other stuff. Obviously, Kim has given an assortment of quotes to various outlets and now we must parse. Some highlights:

*Kim claims Kanye loves her changing body: “It’s just such an exciting thing, I think, for the guys to see our bodies go through all these different changes. He loves it and just embraces it. And he’s helped me to really feel sexy and embrace it.” A source also told Us Weekly, “Kanye thinks Kim is gorgeous. He just wants her to be happy in her own skin.”

*Sources tell Us Weekly that Kim “doesn’t like being called fat” but she’s “finally accepting her body and getting more comfortable. She doesn’t feel sexy, but she feels feminine.”

*Kim put an actual number on her weight gain, telling Kelly Ripa: “I’ve gained 20 lbs… At this stage Kourtney had gained 30… I will probably will gain those 60 pounds, just give me a couple more months.” So she’s gained 20 pounds…? And she started out as a size 4, correct??? So, what is she now, a size 8? HA. Seriously, why does no one account for boob weight? She’s gained 20 pounds alright – just in her boobs!

*Kim is still insisting that she’s eating healthy: “I want to have those cravings, like cheeseburgers, but I haven’t. Now I eat healthy I don’t know what’s going on.”

*Kim and Kanye are totally like Angelina and Brad! In that they’re considering having the baby in France. Kim told Entertainment Tonight: “We’re thinking of having the baby in Paris, maybe. We’re still deciding.” Ugh. What’s a good French name that starts with “K”?

I’m including some more of Kim’s fashions below, including a butt shot of Kim in that baby-poop-colored leather dress. Meanwhile, have you heard the rumor that Kanye West’s new album already has a title? Kanye, ever humble, is reportedly naming his new album “I Am God”. A source claimed, “Kanye’s ego is something else, so he’s quite serious about the title. He also has a sense of humor, though, and knows how his self-indulgence is seen by the general public. It’s half tongue-in-cheek, half what Kanye probably feels is true.” Cough. No comment. Update: HuffPo says Kanye will have a track on his new album called “I Am A God”. Better?

Photos courtesy of TNYF/, Pacific Coast News, Fame/Flynet and WENN.

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  1. Victoria1 says:

    Worst dressed pregnant woman award. I want to see Jessica Simpson now, she said far more dumb things and is more entertaining. Please Kaiser!

    • BB says:

      Kim is on the front page on the NY Post for one of the outfits she wore yesterday. Really? People are so concerned about what Kim is wearing, how much weight she has gained, what type of shoes she is wearing, etc. All this attention, nonstop attention, daily and multiple post on websites all about Kim. For those that complain, this is why she will never go away. The media won’t let her.

    • BB says:

      BTW – People really believed the British tabloids reporting that Kanye’s new album will be titled “I Am God”? Does anyone fact check at all? One of the singles from his upcoming album will be titled “I Am A God”. The British tabloids, RadarOnline and MediaTakeOut all must owned by the same people.

    • Jen34 says:

      Pregnancy does not become her. It has just inflated her bad taste.

      • Sarcasmo says:

        I think she’s the one that doesn’t become pregnancy. She’s fighting it every step up the way, not realising that’s a losing battle. (Did you notice that KANYE is the one who is excited about her changing body, etc…not HER?)

      • wiffie says:

        as well as inflated her boobs. they have to be at least a G cup. they’re insane.

    • smith says:

      Kaiser: I present to you and the world,

      “Kroissant Kardashian-hypen-West.”

      Bon Appetit.

    • Kris says:

      Kim forgot to tell us that she is using now metric system – 20 KILOGRAMS sounds better than 40 IBS. I found recently her profile on ebay and she is selling there a lot of her clothes. All pre-preggo dresses she is selling are size 8 (42 EU size). She was never size 4. Ok maybe when sie was 15 and before all nips/tucks.

    • Jocelyn says:

      Jessica Simpson would be a relief over this woman.

      I HOPE she is not still wearing spanx with every outfit, but she probably is. What a shame.

      She looks horrible and it has nothing to do with her gaining weight.

      The fact is this woman is still trying to fit her “size 4” body into “size 4” clothes.

      I really, REALLY wish she would just go away, but she won’t. Unfortunately she won’t.

  2. marie says:

    if she were happy in her own skin then she’d quit jackin with her face.

    it would be easier to like her if she wasn’t such a huge liar, so in Kim speak 20lbs = 40?

    • FLORC says:

      Of course she’s not comfortable with herself. Her mother can take blame for that. Khloe really came out the best from a mental standpoint.

      • Jenny says:

        Hey guys, quit picking on Kim! She has only gained 20 lbs, way less than Kourtney, she eats like a rabbit, only healthy food like crudités and she feels incredibly comfortable in all the leather and high heels! ** I had better watch it before my eyes roll out onto the floor**

        The thing that tops it off for me is that you simply do not gain this much weight by eating carrots and ranch, and the fact that this lady (I use the term loosely) has the nerve to act like anyone will believe this, is beyond me.

      • marie says:

        ha, yeah I’m not realy sure why she felt the need to throw Kourtney under the bus.

      • Lindsay says:

        why does everyone love khloe so much? Have you watched KUWTK? Khloe is sarcastic, mean, jealous of kim and a total airhead, i don’t know why everyone thinks she is the sane one. She went to jail FFS!!

    • Hakura says:

      @Marie – I really think Kim’s getting procedures like crazy lately are because (I can’t remember where) there are quite a few pics of her (pregnant) looking at the camera, where her face looks JUST LIKE her mother’s. I mean, almost identical.

      It probably sent her into a fit & she panicked, trying to fix it. xD

  3. DanaG says:

    Next she will be telling us her lips haven’t had anything done to them. Delusional is the word. She really needs to stop wearing leather that poor baby. It seems she is pretending she isn’t pregnant what is she going to do in a couple of months when she really pops?

    • Suzanne says:

      That first get-up looks like a lamp shade…Gosh Almighty…it just keeps getting worse with each passing day. Where is she finding these outfits…Has anyone bothered to tell her she a tad too heavy for those things? Just makes her look every heavier…buy loose fitting clothes..PLEASE!!!

    • Kasia says:

      Yes, those lips…she used to be so pretty. Her nose is getting smaller and the lips are getting swollen. And she clearly does not want to stop messing with her face.

      • Sloane Wyatt says:

        I can’t work up enough f**ks to give about Kim’s weight fibs or her fashion impairment. It’s the ever growing expanse of lower face real estate between her overly inflated lips and her last nose job that is so, so unfortunate.

        Is there some kind of surgery where she can add back some nose?

        OK, now I feel a little slimy because this is the meanest thing I’ve ever said online!

      • Hakura says:

        @Sloane Wyatt – If Micheal Jackson couldn’t find a way to ‘add back’ some nose, then I highly doubt a Kardashian will. Maybe the insane lip inflations are her trying to make the space between nose & mouth look smaller.(Watch, she’ll get offers from cosmetic surgeons all over the world, wanting to try for the publicity).

        Her face (what’s left of it, anyway) is what truly saddens me. =(

  4. Lb says:

    She actually doesn’t look like she gained a lot of weight (she was always pretty healthy) so I can buy 20 lbs. But I can’t buy that she is presently 140 lbs or that she was ever a size four.

    • Sherry says:

      I’m Kim’s height and I can buy that she was a size 4 at 120 pounds, because when you look at her clothes (pre-pregnancy), they were all way too tight. So yes, she was squeezing her size 6-8 body into size 4 clothes.

      And why, oh why, won’t she wear pregnancy clothing. For someone like Gisele (tall and very thin), she could continue to wear regular clothing, just a bit larger. For someone like Kim, maternity wear would do wonders!

      Please, someone, get her to Pea in the Pod stat!

      • Bodhi says:

        Hell, Old Navy has some really comfy tanks & skirts & Target has some great maxi dresses!

      • Feebee says:

        There is a post up thread saying her clothes on eBay generally were a size 8… Does that mean she was squeezing a size 10 into an 8?

      • Feebee says:

        Apart from the color I don’t hate the leather dress. The photo without the jacket from the front is actually a good photo of a cute pregnancy. However the one from the back at the car gives the impression the right butt cheek is trying to exit stage south. I don’t know why when women get implants anywhere they don’t think of the consequences of body changes on the area. (Apologies I posted this in wrong spot)

    • bluecalling says:

      i agree

      20 lbs is a lot of weight, sometimes we forget that. her boobs are probably 5-7 pounds bigger, her butt another 5-10 pounds and the today baby weight about 5-10 pounds. she is in the same trimester as kate middleton who is supposedly having a healthy pregnancy (and looks like she fain what? 7 lbs so far?) so yeah, she will gain the 40-60… just not yet.

      i have a theory that this is pent up effect from beyonce not blowing up. she kinda has kims’ body (esp from the waist down) and she NEVER blew up, not even her hips! it was such a let down (for the stans who couldn’t answer why and the haters who were itching for the debut of the BIG girl beyonce naturally would be). so kim is going to get the wrath!

      but just a theory…

  5. valleymiss says:

    Aaaand this is why I can’t defend Kim.

    I will defend to the death a woman’s right to not be harrassed and made fun of while pregnant. My credo has always been, try to be as healthy as you can be, but accept that your hormones and cravings are gonna take over. A pregnant woman’s weight and health are between her and her doctor.

    BUT, Kim totally feeds all this sh*t with the quotes she gives. The competitiveness about how Kourtney had gained more weight than Kim at this point…the thing about how Kim says she’s 140…she feeds all of this. If Kim didn’t want all this discussed, she’d say very mild, general stuff like, “I’m having cravings and my body is changing. It’s definitely a weird experience, but I’m taking it day by day!” Instead she’s giving us numbers, specifically responding to stories about her, and just playing this for any attention she can get.

    In fact, I believe that a huge part of why Kim is responding and bellyaching about how the press is calling her fat is because she thinks it will get her some pity and sympathy during the Kris Humphries divorce stuff. Kim is very cunning.

    • LadyMTL says:

      I feel the exact same way. I will never make fun of a pregnant woman’s shape / weight but at the same time when someone like her never SHUTS UP about it, she leaves the door wide open for people to talk about her.

      Kim, it’s simple – if you want people to stop laughing at you, stop dressing like an idiot and keep your over inflated lips closed.

    • lucy2 says:

      I agree it’s all for more attention and sympathy.

    • Annette says:

      Haha, agree. Kim may not be book smart but she is calculating and cunning. If she didn’t want people discussing her pregnancy body she would not be wearing the “maternity” clothes that she is which if anything make it look like she’s gained more than she actually has.

  6. Petee says:

    I am just so sick of her and her family.You just can’t get away from them.They are everywhere!!KIM you look awful.You are not only pregnant you are a big girl now!Please quit trying to be a sexpot and dress for not just your pregnancy but your weight.Stop lying to the public about you and what you have done to your face and body.Enough!!!I am so glad there are some smart people out there and people on this site that can see through her bullshit and lies.It was really bitchy of her to say that about her sister’s weight.Well she might have gained more then you but she certainly didn’t look it.But yet again she doesn’t have a giant fake ass!!

  7. Hannah says:

    Klémence? Klaude?

  8. Pixie says:

    This really annoyed me. Kim ALWAYS does this; remember when she did it to Khloe over the baby thing? Jeez, people gain weight differently when they’re pregnant, no need to bring Kourtney into this. If I was Kourtney I’d be annoyed- Kim’s making it sound like she was a heifer! Kourtney looked great when she was pregnant (in my opinion!) and Kim does not.
    Also, I’m from the UK so we work in stone here and on one of our mags, Kim was saying she’s only 10 stone. Now, I’m 5″4 and weigh just under 9 stone. I know she’s smaller than me, but no way in hell is she 10 stone! I don’t want to judge her for her weight, because yeah she’s pregnant, but if she’s going to talk about it, she should tell the truth. Nobody’s going to judge her for the truth.
    Sorry for the rant, this girl just grinds my gears sometimes.

    • Becks says:

      Kim is very jealous of her sister, who by the way looks much better than her. Kourtney did not get as huge as Kim during her pregnancies. Kourtney just has a better body than Kim period. killing Kim, who will never be smalll no matter how hard she tries!

    • Sarcasmo says:

      Not only that, but she failed to mention whether Kourtney had gained that much by this point in her first or second pregnancy, because there IS a difference.

  9. paola says:

    Poor baby, it must be really sweating under all that tight leather!

  10. Poke em all says:

    ‘I’ve gained 20 lbs’
    Said by only one of Kim’s boobies.

  11. Izzy says:

    So she’s gained 10lbs less than her sister, and that what… makes her better somehow? Ugh. What a narcissistic jerk.

    • Tiffany27 says:

      I didn’t like that either. If you don’t want people talking about your weight why call out someone elses weight gain. 20 lbs? Hooker please. Her boobs and weave alone are 20 lbs.

      • evyn says:

        Kourtney looked amazing when she was pregnant. Her style was very natural and classy. If she did gain a lot of weight, it wasn’t noticeable.
        Kim should dress more like she’s embracing her pregnancy, not maintaining her skankiness.

    • Zigggy says:

      I know, what a weird thing to say!

  12. Jane says:

    At this point, I think folks can just cut and paste the same comments about this woman as they fit every situation with her daily posts. Still don’t understand why she is being interviewed in the first place I guess.

  13. says:

    That’s very nice, trying to make yourself look better by making your sister look worse.

    Does she really think that short hemlines will detract attention from her super large as$ and minimize her chest?

  14. Lottie says:

    In the pic of the mustard (?) dress (without the jacket) she doesn’t actually look THAT big…. I think her outfit choices have definitely made her look bigger than she maybe is (or she’s triple spanx-ing there)….. Way to throw Kourtney under the bus with that comment btw

    • Jenny says:

      In that dress I can clearly see a line from her spanx under the dress. I feel like it’s probably not a great idea to try to smush your baby so you look less chunky in horrible clothes.

  15. jaye says:

    Why’d she have to throw Kortney under the bus, though?

  16. Eleonor says:

    She has always lied about her weight.

  17. mommak918 says:

    Not gonna touch the Kim K mess…but really disgusted with kanye news about his album and/or song title. It is so offensive to me. Maybe because I’m a Christian…but regardless, I’d never even joke around calling or referencing myself as God. Then again, I’m fearful of God in a humble sense and I would think Kanye will soon be humbled if he follows through with such a title….

    Oh the music “artist” these days. Btw, I’m not some older lady…I’m 26 and grew up listening to kanye and beyonce. Now their music is so ego filled, I can’t stomach it.

  18. mkyarwood says:

    She actually has a nice shape from the front in that baby poo dress. Very fertility idol! However, that whole ‘my sister’ thing is a bitch move.

  19. Lolly says:

    Klaudine, Kassandra, Karmen..she’ll have tons of choices..

  20. Lauren says:

    Does anyone realize how tiny this woman is in real life? I mean TINY, literally a TINY PERSON. Yes, she is wearing clothes that are very unflattering and make her look bigger, clothes that are made for the Amazonian models all over NYC, but I feel like everyone is completely forgetting about her stature! She probably isn’t even lying! Her bottom was already VERY big to begin with, and 20lbs on someone with that stature is like 50-60lbs on an average size woman! Believe me, I know several women who are similar size to Kourtney and Kim and unfortunately for them, they can’t hold any extra weight! 5 extra pounds looks like they packed on 20!

    • Jenny says:

      Well if what she says is true about the weight gain, then you can’t really compare Kim and Kourtney, because further along Kourtney did not look like she had gained as much.

    • OMGsprinkles says:

      It’s true that extra weight looks MUCH more severe on us short ladies (I’m not even 5′!) But I have gained 20 lbs since I met my hubs, and I am in no way KK round. For me to start lookin like her when she is not pregnant, I’d have to gain at least another 15-20. And I have always had a big butt–never been a skinny girl.

      That being said, I feel bad for her pregnant because I know I’m going to be just as wide and round as she is so I plan on going the maternity wear route early. There are plenty of short women in Hollywood who have done it right (and I would even count Kourtney when she did the flowy tops, leggings, and wedge heels!)

  21. Kaye says:

    She knows we can see her, right?

  22. teehee says:

    You know usually a pregnant woman is beautiful and glows on her own. This kid puts so much mkeup and horrible fashion over herself that tehre is no glow, no beauty, no radiance— just tacky and laughable.

  23. Dawn says:

    B.O.R.I.N.G…what more can we say about this twit that we haven’t already said? It time we all moved on to more interesting worthwhile people and forgot about the pee-pee girl. Because all this one does is prance around and give like interviews like about like how like she isn’t like fat but her sister was. She makes Jessica Simpson look like Einstein. Really she is like stunted at a maturity level of 15. How tiring it must be for Kayneeee to try and have an adult conversation with her. I used to feel sorry for the baby which I still do but now I am hoping that Kayne dumps her royal fakeness soon as well.

  24. Banskygirl says:


  25. Quinn says:

    Kill it with fire.

  26. MonicaQ says:

    Ok, lady:

    I’m a big girl. To do my job–well hobby–verses women who are a foot taller and 40lbs heavier than me, I’m going to have to be big. 5’4 and 200lbs +/- a cheeseburger.

    Now come *real* close for this one. That’s it. Now: NO. ONE. CARES.

    Talk about how happy you are to be pregnant, how it’s new and exciting or whatever. I don’t know, I’ve never been pregnant but I thought people were supposed to be happy about it. She looks like the 4 year being dragged to see Santa Claus and to them Santa Claus is a movie villain wrapped in a bunch of “Oh hayle naw” every picture she is.

    Also, leather mini dresses are barely anybody’s friend. Not because of the leather but about 1 in 100 look good in them and the rest of us either look like couches (too tight) or like MC Hammer pants’ budded (too big).

  27. Frenzy says:

    She was wearing spanx under that mustardy dress. Saw it on DM. Poor fetus!

  28. fabgrrl says:

    I don’t care if her sister gained three times as much weight. At least she (Kourtney) had a clue about how to dress herself while pregnant! A 180 pound woman in comfy maternity pants and a pretty maternity top looks a million times better than a “140” pound woman with Kim’s god-awful style.

  29. The Original Original says:

    she was originally alot fatter than we all thought then i guess

  30. Yelly says:

    Her face is starting to resemble a muppet.

  31. CC says:

    Quoting Mean Girls: “I don’t hate you because you’re fat, you’re fat because I hate you”. Describes Kartrashian no matter what she does.

  32. Annie says:

    Way to throw her own sister under the bus. Kourtney was never this big. Who’s she fooling?

    I don’t get how these women attack each other like they do. Just stop talking about your weight.

  33. Fatkid says:

    She stayed at the trump soho. I’m just here to say it’s a beautiful hotel with the best bathtubs, ever.

    That’s all. I’m not getting involved in this other mess.

  34. serena says:

    She’s so petty ‘Kourtney gained 30..’ so so petty and stupid.

  35. LadyL says:

    She is such a catty bitch. I hate her stupidity. I could care less about her weight. She’d dress any figure poorly. Her taste level is ZERO!!!!

  36. decorative item says:

    Way to toss your sister under the bus.

  37. margie says:

    I wonder how Beyonce feels about Kim stealing her maternity style- didn’t Beyonce do some fashion shows or something in a short tan dress cinched under the boobs to sort of hide her bump?

  38. Fleurthefrenchy says:

    I have never watched any of the Kardashians’ shows, but I will admit to following almost every article about her posted here on Celebitchy (ah! guilty pleasures!)…. but it seems like Kim is often very critical of Khloe. Is there much rivalry going on between the two on the shows, or is Kim just criticizing her sister to feel better about herself?

    • Nina W says:

      I watched the show when it first started and Kim was such an unbearably awful person I had to stop watching. She is shallow and vapid and mean.

  39. Sugar says:

    it is only going to get worse because the baby I shall call Kruton is only gonna keep growing. It’s a freaky thing Kim but you are going to get bigger & bigger because lil Kruton is getting bigger. At some point you will have to surrender to loose & flowy & we will forgive you for it. Happy Baby happy kimmy.

  40. HH says:

    KK is still working a decent schedule despite being pregnant. I know it got her into some trouble a couple weeks ago(so I hope she cut back), but at least she has a leg up on the Duchess of Cambridge and isn’t acting like pregnancy is a handicap. Altough the DoC could give KK advice on pregnancy style, well… style in general really.

    • Nina W says:

      Yeah, it would be better if Kate were out vomiting in public, it’s what the people want.

  41. Kcarp says:

    Some people are cute pregnant and some people are WTF pregnant. I was a WTF pregnant and I was miserable. Kim is WTF pregnant and she is miserable that is why she keeps talking about her weight. She is trying to reason with herself that it isn’t as bad as it looks.

    If she happened to get hot and sweaty in that leather outfit can you imagine peeling that off. YUCK

  42. janie says:

    Denial is thy first name! If she was’t such a liar, no one would care or say anything. Anything to stay relevant? So pathetic.

  43. erika says:

    oh God….this poor child, will it be born w/out a functioning brain as well?

    “Like, gaga goo goo Mom. like, i’m like so totally cute, like OMG(Gurgle…) Ooops! I literally pooped my diaper, Bible!!! Can you like pass me off to one of like my 15 nannies who know like, how to change a diaper? Bible!”

  44. Daisybell says:

    The difference is that Kourtney gained the weight on the belly and Kim is just gaining it all over the place :/ EW. Stop lying.

  45. Gina says:

    Kimmy give Kirstie back her scale…..

  46. Maria says:

    I hate how she dresses but I refuse to even comment on her body; she is pregnant.

    I know she puts her ass out there for the world to see, I realize that as a reality star EVERYTHING is subject to criticism, but as a woman I refuse to make laugh or critique her figure.

    If she wants to lie about her weight, she can. I don’t even care, there are enough people tearing her down to last a life time; hell, there are so many things you can rag on her for, her body just isn’t one of those things for me.

  47. Deedee says:

    I think Kim has some real issues with kourtney. She tells kourtney she’s going to lose Scott ( no loss there), when kourtney gets bangs, she follows suit 1 week later, and then compares herself to kourtney in terms of their pregnancy. I don’t know how much kourtney gained during either pregnancy, but she always dressed well and looked like she was glowing. Kim doesn’t seem to handle it so well ( hey, it happens), but she could get a better stylist and stop acting so dramatic. That would help her tremendously.

  48. Palermo says:

    What a close loving family, way to throw your sister under the bus Kim. She always looks better than you do though.

  49. Dimebox says:

    Kloaca Kiki.

  50. tifzlan says:

    Maybe, but Kourtney looked so much better during her pregnancy than Kim does now. In fact, she looks better than Kim any day of the week, no matter what. So……

  51. Nicolette says:

    She doesn’t get it does she? Too tight and too short don’t work for her at all. That pink dress is ridiculous. And Kourtney looked so much better during pregnancy, she had that glow and her face had softened a bit.

    One thing I’ve noticed that has bothered me in every pic of her is that you never see her touch her bump. You never see that embrace that pregnant women give their growing belly. The way her arms are always out to side looks like she’s trying to avoid touching it. When I was pregnant both times I would constantly touch or hold my belly, it just felt natural to do so. Maybe it’s just me but it seems odd that she never does.

  52. Agnes says:

    I don’t care how much she’s gained. I’m just really enjoying the awful, horrific, horrendous fashion choices. The poop-colored leather (?) dress? She should wear that every day. Hahaha

  53. Marigold says:

    I don’t buy only 20lb and I’ll tell you why. There are many ways women gain weight during pregnancy. Not all the weight gain will be obvious (breasts, butt, stomach). There’s a growing placenta (a whole new organ, by the way, that ends up being huge by the end) to consider, which draws from two other hidden weight increasers-maternal fluids and maternal blood stores. Those are going to be a decent amount of weight in addition to breast tissue and maternal fat stores. Many people in this comment section are arguing they can see that she’s only gained 20lb but they are only thinking about what she has visibly gained. So if she’s visibly gained 20lb, chances are she’s gained a solid 10lb in fluids. And many are arguing she’s short. Yeah, I’ll give you that she’s a little bit short but she’s not a dwarf. Let’s not give her that much leeway. Fact is-she’s pregnant and she’s gaining weight. Should she be shamed? Of course not. But she SHOULD do herself a favor and stop talking about her weight. All it does is open her comments up to criticism and interpretation. It’s like she doesn’t know HOW to keep things private because she’s so used to vomiting up everything about herself. It is perfectly acceptable and expected to remain mum about your weight while pregnant. Hell, it’s no one’s business no matter what your body is doing.

  54. Helvetica says:

    She is sick of people talking about her weight yet she won’t STFU about it.

    She looks ESPECIALLY stupid in the second outfit. This woman cannot dress to save her life. I still can’t believe Kanye took up with her, though I guess it’s not a surprise since he has The. Worst. Taste. In. Women.

    She is sooo bottom of the barrel. It’s gross.

    Her face is going to look like a straight up wax figure at 40. It’s already morphing that way.

  55. JL says:

    Push out a healty baby, tell the world “F” you and worry about the weight later.

    Not a fan, but all this weight speculation is unhealthy for the baby if she tries to stay slim and feels pressured.

    Hell yeah to Jessica Simpson – Yeah She adimtted to everyone “Hell yeah I eat butter pop tarts”, yep I put on the pounds, then she took the weight off for a killing making bank – Oh yes she did. She was just who and what she was…Good for her.

    • Nina W says:

      As long as the baby is healthy, yes but buttered pop tarts was not good for Jess or the baby. Moderate weight okay but what Jess did was not healthy and was hard on her body. I hope she has a more healthful 2nd pregnancy for her own sake.

  56. Axis2ClusterB says:

    What the actual HELL is she wearing?

    Good grief.

  57. Alida says:

    She certainly is delusional.

  58. Hillbillyinthecorner says:

    She looks like a Kiabasa sausage tied too tight in the middle so that its ready to burst…can’t wait till the real baby weight hits at about 7 mos…at her height she will look like a bowling ball with legs…..I know I a short also….Who ever said she was a style setter and style icon needs their head examined….She and her lover can’t call him even a common law husband have atrocious taste in fashion and style they look like they are dressing for the Circus or something all the time….all they need is a Ringmaster to announce their performance…or a Barker to sell tickets to the worst dressed in the fashion industry…..

  59. Dorothy says:

    She’s the OMLY one still talking about it. PS: when you can see the outline of you belly button, your dress is too tight!!!

  60. Audrey says:

    At least she’s finally owning the bump instead of trying to hide it.

    It’s progress

  61. anneesezz says:

    Way to throw your sister under the bus. Klassy move, Kim

  62. Shelly says:

    She is nothing if not competitive with her sisters. FYI, Kim – Kourtney looked way better than you while pregnant, because she knew how to dress her pregnant body without looking try-hard and ridiculous. And I hope that Khloe is secretly enjoying Kim’s pregnancy-outfit ridiculousness since you know…at one point Kim called Khloe fat and ugly.

  63. Grace says:

    She’s completely delusional.

  64. juju says:

    ass at least 20 lb, breast at least another 20 lb gain, so where does she get a 20 lb gain?? maybe her lips ??

  65. Maria T. says:

    Anyone else think she looks like Hannah Simone from New Girl with her hair like that? Well, a funhouse mirror version, of course…

  66. Alana Fajina says:

    I thought she’d soften up a bit and I’d really start to see a new side of Kim, but this pregnancy is making me dislike her More.
    WHY is she dressing like she’s just gained some extra weight and not that she has an actual life growing inside of her?? I had a friend who was so adamant about not wearing maternity clothes as if it meant she was somehow superior to women who needed that extra room. WTF?!?!! You have a child brewing inside your womb, it’s not a curse or a huge pimple on prom night FFS!! High waisted skirts with shirts tucked in, shoes that are obviously not fitting you properly, Sheesh Woman! Think about the child for once!
    Commenting on Kourtney’s weight just goes to show (again) the lack of maturity this woman has. Do we need to point out that they are built differently, as are All Women, so some will gain more than others, some less?!
    I have tried really hard to not comment negatively on her lately, but she is just goin off the deep end with this.
    I Really hope she reads CB.

    • NorthernGirl_20 says:

      Really makes you wonder what kind of mother she is going to be .. Baby is not like a kitty that you can give away when you get bored of it. I just really think she is way too self absorbed and selfish.

  67. randand00 says:

    I can’t get over her fat little sausage feet, squeezing out of the strappy black shoes. So swollen, SOOO sexy.

  68. Birdie says:

    Kim doesn’t seem to enjoy her pregnancy at all. All she talks about is her weight and how it is harder than she thought. Poor Khloe. She longs for a baby. I would be mad if I see my sister not appreciating her pregnancy.

  69. Daahling says:

    Who says things like that about their sister. Wow. I’m no longer posting on KIM posts (I posted this earlier, and I think someone took it personally? Because it was removed. LOL). I think it feeds the monster, and I don’t want to encourage this anymore.

  70. skuddles says:

    “Many, many women” were on KK’s side? Are you sure about that?? I can only think of one.

  71. Dawn says:

    She just looks ever so happy to be getting all this attention for a bit part in a movie. Whatever will she do when everyone stops carring as I hope they sood do. Poor Kanye. I think the title of Kanye’s next song should be: “Be careful what ya wish for”, because he seems to be over her and her lack of a brain. Yes I bet she is thinking of having the baby in France since Kanye seems to have gone their to ditch her.

  72. TheOneAndOnly says:

    Now if she could only gain a few brain cells – Nah, it will never happen.

  73. MrsPatrickBateman says:

    Ugh. How about KaKa Kardashian-West? She is just something else, why does she need to bring her sister into it? Kourtney never had the hate Kim is getting, if Kourtney gained more than Kim she at least dressed well enough to camouflage it. I would be pissed if I were Kourtney and my sister was talking about my weight. Also even her feet look like stuffed sausages, she can’t handle any part of her outfit. Also I want Kim’s scale.

  74. Mich says:

    Her stiletto heels always look like they are straining and about to break. Either that or she is about to twist a swollen ankle.

  75. Kells says:

    Why on earth does she feel the need to bring her poor sister in to this?

  76. your mom says:

    that nude dress made me say ‘WHOA’ out loud!! wow. she really isn’t fat or unattractive. she just wears the most ridiculous outfits. when you are pregnant your body changes, and you should bear that in mind when dressing yourself. skin tight leather tube dresses are not so hot on a 5 month pregnant lady. you can dress to flatter your changing figure and still be attractive, young, glamorous, modern, chic…whatever it is she is looking for. but she is magnifying every unattractive feature and it is pretty overwhelming.

  77. Esperanza says:

    Listen, you can’t say you would never make fun of a pregnant person’s weight..and then make fun of their weight. All I see and hear is a bunch of people putting her down for her ass size and I think that’s pretty mean-spirited. Women will never get ahead in this society if other women continue to bash them for what they look like–regardless of how many pounds she says she gained. Maybe she’s telling the truth, maybe not, but this is still all fat shaming.

    • Kim says:

      No its lie shaming. If Kim said yeah Im pregnant and Ill gain all I want for a healthy baby no one would be commenting. Its the fact that she is lying & throwing her own sister under the bus that is pathetic! Many female celebs own up to their weight gain when preggers because who cares – they are pregnant for goodness sakes. Its killing Kim that she has gained all this weight because she only about superficial things. She is more concerned with the public not thinking she has gained weight than her actual baby!

    • Nina W says:

      Nobody cares what she weighs except her. She is so shallow her focus is on what number people think she is rather than the health of her child, of course she is going to get ragged for it.

  78. Lux says:

    Wow. Is she seriously wearing a leather dress? I don’t even know where to start TBH.

  79. KellyinSeattle says:

    My guy friend just said, “She’s not becoming”. That sums it up. Kermit. I’ll be they’ll go w/ Kasey, girl or boy. How about Kahnstant Lee a Kardashian.

  80. Izzy says:

    OK, I can be nice about the fact that she is heavier because of pregnancy. Fine. I get that.

    But first, don’t lie about the weight. It’s just silly. Second, stop comparing yourself to other pregnant women. Every pregnancy is different, even for the same woman! And third, WHAT is up with that maternity style?! (Or lack of style.)

    However, though she looks ridiculous teetering around in skinny heels while pregnant, I LOVE those nude colored shoes. I WANT those shoes. I have a big birthday approaching, so maybe I should buy some as MY birthday shoes! (I confess, I am a total shoe wh0re.)

  81. Kim says:

    Kim and Kourtney have the most contemptuos relationship. They compete with each other & throw each other under the bus as often as possible. With sisters like that who needs enemies?!

    I cant stand either of them but Kourtney looked way better preggers than Kim regardless of how much weight she gained. And that is killing Kim. Ive never understood siblings who compete with each other. I think its really sad.

  82. Jane says:

    Lord…can’t we send her to an island somewhere never to be seen or heard from again?

  83. JFerber says:

    Call me insane, but I liked the light brown puffy dress.

  84. la chica says:

    Klamydia Kardashian. Perfect baby name.

  85. lisa says:

    her problem isnt pregnancy wt. it’s the warpage of the artificial ass, the constant procedures on the face, the sideshow bob clothes and the crackhead comments. but she’s cagey. she doesnt care what we say about her as long as we say something.

  86. abbizmal says:

    Bullshite, heffa is huge, 20 pounds my ass. Leather looks uncomfortable even on a non-prego day. Bitch is lyin’–there is at least a 10 pound gain in those lips. She was so pretty before messing with her face. It’s tragic.

  87. fallen says:

    I think I could believe her, remember when the fug girls saw her in person and said that she was tiny. I dunno lol

  88. Lexi says:

    She weighs more than 140 and she has gained more than 20 pounds, she is such a liar! This website makes everything funny, that why its my favourite

  89. crtb says:

    ha ha ha, stop! you’re killing me! Nooooooooo, pleze, I’m going to pee on myself. You’re cracking me up. Too funy!

  90. Andrea says:

    Those dresses are just AWFUL, and please buy shoes that fit your feet!

  91. Jarredsgirl says:

    I don’t mind her fashion choices, I think people are just worried that it is not appropriate. I don’t really understand what is wrong with it, it’s not hurting anyone and she doesn’t look that bad.

    What I am more concerned about is her suitability for motherhood and her weight obsession. It really does seem like she is trying to surpress this baby (or the weight that comes with it). Kim, if you didn’t want a baby, you should not have had one! I haven’t heard her say anything about how she is excited about becoming a mother. Kim and Kanye are not parent material, in my opinion. I feel sorry for this baby. And can you imagine if she had a baby with down syndrome or something like that? She would probably abandon it!

    • Nina W says:

      I beg to differ, she looks horrible in these clothes. I don’t even care if she dresses for maternity or not but at least dress attractively. On your other point, I agree completely, it seems as if these two are narcissists and I feel sorry for the baby because I doubt they will be able to fulfill their role as parents well.

  92. RdyfrmycloseupmrDvlle says:

    Her in that “little girl” style dress is full on “whateer happened to baby jane.” She lloks straight up crazy/delutional to be wearing that its so, SO inappropriate. Hello you are full on pregnant! Wearing a dress a first grader should be wearing? Who is styling her?? Very very few women can pull off a dress like that, you need to be a certain age and no bigger than a REAL size 4…a reed!
    Kim, you look about 190 lbs and are about to BURST!!!! Wear something appropriate!!!
    I cringe to think shes always going to be one of these mothers that MUST be SEXY at all times??
    In that baby doll dress she looks grotesque and ready for the looney bin. embarrassing!!

  93. Kristine says:

    I don’t really care. She’s narcissistic and self-conscious. She’s also beautiful and has a great body even now. Her boobs look amazing. Theres nothing wrong with her body now or before the pregnancy. Her clothing choice has always been ugly. Imo theres nothing wrong with still wanting to feel sexy even though you’re heavier than you once were.. And that’s what I feel Kim is doing. She’s showing off her curves because why not? She’s still beautiful and her body is still curvy and sexy. I wish she just wouldn’t talk about her weight. Who cares.

  94. SydneySpy says:

    Aaah, what the hell….I am no fan of any of the people on these sites. I only come on here to rant at their vanity, stupidity,over- inflated egos, shallowness, idiotic and undeserved status etc., with no arguments…! Fact: Sisters can be bitches to each other. No biggie. Her weight is a non-issue. Her clothes are what she likes to wear, so, good for her. What she should stop doing is messing with her face. Golly, she used to look exotic and very attractive. Now, with fillers, surgery, Botox, too much make-up etc., she looks like a ventriloquist’s dummy. My 34yo friend with 3 young kids looks 19, another, 42, looks less than 30 and she battled cancer for 4 years and has 3 kids, yet another, with 4 kids, is 40 and looks 30. None has had any kind of cosmetic enhancement. My point is that KK has obviously had a lot of “work” done, and she is younger than these 3 ladies, yet looks not only much older than them, but far less attractive than she used to. These “enhancements” have made her look worse, not better, and she must have spent a small fortune to look this creepy. I wonder what she sees in the mirror? It’s really rather sad. You’ve been had, Kim. Stay away from those charlatans and that shit. That’s my advice.

  95. Memphis says:

    Bitch Please…

    20 lbs. my ass.