Tom Hardy, Noomi Rapace & the pit bull puppy are still hanging out: awesome?

Here are some gorgeous new photos of Tom Hardy, Noomi Rapace and that pit bull puppy on the set of Animal Rescue yesterday in New York. We’ve previously covered Tom Hardy and the puppy here and here. For this lovely candid photo shoot, Noomi got more involved with the puppy and it’s still really adorable. This puppy is a star!!

I do wonder if there’s a puppy-handler/trainer on set or if the production basically adopted a puppy and the puppy is a natural actor. I love that the puppy has a little vest too! And he’s SO well-behaved – he’s off his leash in most of these photos, and he stays by his mom and dad (Noomi and Tom). Also: check out the photo where the puppy has found a stick!!! Basically, what I’m getting from these pics is that Tom Hardy and Noomi Rapace should get married and officially adopt this dog.

By the way, People Magazine had a story about some girls who basically traveled to the set of Animal Rescue to stalk Tom Hardy, and they say he was super-nice to them and posed for photos and everything. I’m thinking about going to NY to stalk the dog.

Photos courtesy of Fame/Flynet.

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  1. Miss_Magpie says:

    DAT FACE. And dos feet! With you on the puppy stalking, Kaiser! Perhaps a field trip?

  2. T.Fanty says:

    Kaiser – come on over! I’ll give you a ride to Brooklyn! I drive a mean escape car.

  3. Miss M says:

    Adorable! The whole thing…

    ps: These girls are fast, while I am thinking to go to NYC in the hopes of seeing them around, they actually stalked him?! wow!

    • T.Fanty says:

      But that’s the point about twitter stalking, right? I saw a tumblr once in which someone had tweeter about some girls who had seen a tweet that had spotted Cumby at the theatre and had made it to meet him by the end if the show. I would cry if that were my life.

      • Miss M says:

        @T.Fanty: Teens are weird! They have too much time to waste!

        But seriously… I have been planning to go to NYC for 2 weeks now (first week- snow, second week: got sick, I may go this weekend). I want to go to Broadway show, walk around the city and go to my fave Irish bar there, 🙂

      • T.Fanty says:

        Come!! Which is your favorite Irish bar? My husband owns a couple and I used to work in a dozen Irish places. NYC can be a very small world!

      • Miss M says:

        @T.Fanty: I love “Stout”. But then again, I don’t know many bars, hahahaha. I do love the atmosphere there and it’s near the Madison Square Garden.

        They used to have karaoke’s on Saturday nights, hilarious… It’s packed during game nights.

      • T.Fanty says:

        I know Stout! As well as its proximity to MSG, it’s also a huge longhorns bar. I’ve been there on game day and you can barely get in the bar!

        Come visit and I’ll get you good and boozed up! I know better places than Stout.

      • Miss M says:

        @T.Fanty: I believe there are better ones, but I just love the Texas crew going crazy over a game, hahaha!!!!

        I will let you know if I am going or better saying when I am going. Thanks for the invitation and booze offer (I don’t drink much- I’ m not tolerant to alcohol, hahaha). Unfortunately, I cannot pm you.

      • T.Fanty says:

        Then we shall eat! And possibly you will allow me to drag you to Alan Cumming’s show (or something). Let me know if you decide to/ have free time in a trip and we will figure out how to talk. Twitter, maybe. Miss Jupitero and I regularly chat there these days.

      • Miss M says:

        I found you there.

      • Miss M says:

        I tried to get it removed. Hopefully, it will, but I am not sure. Sorry.

    • Miss M says:

      better saying: Texas crowd*

  4. Rose says:

    Right, that’s it! This is officially the cutest gd dog i’ve ever seen!!

  5. treefingers says:

    Tom Hardy and Noomi Rapace, I would ship that so hard.

  6. Chicagogurl says:

    Jesus. My ovaries go into overdrive every time I see hardy/puppy pics. That dog is adorable but can you imagine Tom with a baby girl. Gah!

  7. Joanna says:

    omg, that puppy is cute!

  8. Ms Kay says:

    I looooove Noomi Rapace, she is so nice!

    I still have a hard time getting around Tom Hardy but I know it’s because I haven’t met him in flesh and bones and only appreciate very much his acting skills so far. Anyone has seen Bronson? He is amazing!

    I came across a couple of interviews of Noomi Rapace and Michael Fassbender during their Prometheus promo… their body language and chemistry was just sizzling wow!

    • Pixie says:

      Bronson was FANTASTIC! My boyfriend made me watch it and I was a bit unsure at first, but wow…Tom Hardy is amazing in it.
      My friend knows his girlfriend and has met him a couple of times; his girlfriend’s from Yarm and he’s always in the local supermarket apparently!

      • spugzbunny says:

        Yarm in the UK? Teeside? I used to live there a couple of years ago. I would have wet my undercrackers if I had seen the Hardy in Yarm!

    • eileen says:

      She was seriously the whole reason I liked Prometheus! She was BAD ASS in that movie! I thought I was going to love Charlize and she was ok. but Noomi took it.

  9. JH says:

    Are they dating?

  10. Marty says:

    Does anyone know if he’s still with his fiancé?They haven’t been photographed in a whole, and I can total see the Noomi thing happening.

  11. Jenna says:

    For the record, that’s not me stalking him……yet. -_-

    Besides it’s my hometown, in my home borough that they’re filming in. If I HAPPEN to see the Hardy and ride that, so be it. It’s not like I planned it. Gosh! *kicks away rope and duffle bag* I mean…seriously!

  12. L says:

    That dog jacket is ADORABLE. Hopefully that puppy’s been adopted into a great family already, or else he’s mine!

  13. Aria says:

    They look so cute together!

    Noomi is so beautiful in an unconventional (not Hollywood) way. I love her and her acting. We need more posts about her and less about Kim K pregnant ass.

  14. Ginger says:

    Oh my it’s too much! Gorgeous people and cute dog!!!

  15. Zigggy says:

    This will be the greatest movie in cinematic history.

    • T.Fanty says:

      The plot of the movie is actually completely irrelevant at this point. Maybe they just need to show Tom Hardy playing with the puppy for two hours.

      • loveisthecoal says:

        I’m well aware that this makes me pathetic, but they could release a movie that had no plot, just Tom Hardy playing with a puppy for two hours, and I’d still go see it.

  16. Lulu.T.O. says:

    OMG, the puppy in the coat photos make me so happy! Love the bully breeds. Seriously great family dogs if they are bred properly.

  17. videli says:

    Is this a romcom with the puppy as a pretext? Is it the biggest piece of cheese in the making? I don’t care! I’m so going to watch it.

  18. Nancy says:

    Tom Hardy and that puppy cuteness overload.

  19. Holden says:

    Is that puppy old enough to be in a dog park?

  20. Helvetica says:

    I love that pup’s hoodie sweater so much!

    Tom Hardy can get it.

  21. Nessa says:

    I guess I never realized how pretty Noomi is. Her smile is gorgeous!

  22. Agnieszka says:

    But these are two different dogs! Both cute, but still one is blue with white dots and blue eyes, the other is brown.

  23. Frankie says:

    They’re filming around the corner from me today in Windsor Terrace! There were some teenage looking stalkers waiting for him, but just a few.

  24. The Original Mia says:

    Okay, the coat is too damn much. That puppy is adorable! And I totally agree about Noomi & Tom getting married and adopting that pup. Instant family.

  25. Agnes says:

    Cutest puppy ever!!!

  26. danielle says:

    Aaaack! The puppy has a little coat now! I am SO in love! That is a ridiculously cute pup.

  27. lisa says:

    i want to eat that dog! he’s so cute

  28. bettyrose says:

    So, uh, what happens to the pup after filming? I assume there’s already a line of takers, but just checking.