Angelina Jolie’s Changing Oscar Style

Angelina Jolie’s sense of style has changed over the years, but it seems she has always favored black and white solids. Everyone was talking about how she snogged her androgynous stepbrother at the 2000 Oscars when she won for best supporting actress in Girl, Interrupted. She had a gothic look with long black straight hair, kohl-rimmed eyes and a Versace dress.

The next year she wore a simple white Dolce and Gabbana pantsuit, muted makeup and pulled back hair for a much different business-like sporty style. She looks much better at the 2001 Oscars because she’s smiling a lot, getting along with her dad, and generally looking happy and upbeat.

At the 2004 Oscars, Angelina wore a memorable white satin Marc Bouwer gown with a plunging neckline that didn’t leave much to the imagination. Her hair was swept up at the top bt down, and gorgeous jewelry complimented the outfit. She was more elegant at the 2004 ceremony and worked it on the red carpet, although there’s at least one picture of her cutting loose and laughing.

And here’s a cute fuzzy clip of Angelina at the 1986 Oscars with her dad, Jon Voight. Voight was nominated for best actor for his role in Runaway Train, but the award went to William Hurt for Kiss of the Spider Woman. Voight has been nominated for an Academy Award four times, and had previous won a best actor Oscar for 1978′s Coming Home.

Pictures from Absolutment Jolie.

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  1. Bex says:

    Gosh, she is so beautiful!

  2. UrbanDK says:

    She sho nuff is

  3. dark faith says:

    really beautiful

  4. Mr. T says:

    She looks freakish to me.

  5. Action says:

    The last picture reminds me of a Barbie doll face. Not in a scary freakish Nicole Kidman way, just in a really beautiful way.

  6. dark faith says:

    mrT go f*** youre self

  7. luigi says:

    Guys, guys no need to fight. Beauty is subjective after all.

    It’s probably considered an Oscar fashion faux pas, but I love that white pantsuit.

  8. frewtloop says:

    Oh come on! Yes, what individuals find beautiful is a subjective thing but there are also standards of physical beauty that cannot be denied and that Ange has in spades. If you don’t think so then I really suggest you go see a trick cyclist to sort out your issues.

  9. Caz says:

    There’s never a dull moment with her, it’d definitely be fun knowing her socially. That’s for sure.

  10. muah muah muah says:

    hey, in the angelina montage, you guys need to include the pics of angelina and her brother slipping each other the tongue. anybody remember her kissing her brother??
    nice to see her looking less like elvira.

  11. Me says:

    Does she ever smile anymore? What happened?

  12. Mr. T says:

    dark faith, sorry to dash your lezbo day. Smile, Jesus loves you.

  13. Mr. T says:

    She looks hellish freakish! Smile DF!

  14. AWWW :) says:

    The childhood pic is adorable. Cute little girl grew up to be gorgeous broad.

  15. dark faith says:

    mr t ignorant ass

  16. daisy says:

    she’s just so creepy…can you really picture her cuddling a crying baby or do you see her ringing for the nanny when one of the kids needs love