Legless, Broke-Nosed, Mouthy Keira Knightley takes Break from Acting

piratespre9.jpg The slender, strong jawed (her jaw has its own blog) young actress has decided to take a break from her flourishing careerbecause the back to backfilm load hasn’t left her much me-time (via Ananova.com).

Personally I date this very healthy lifestyle insight to her Interview on ’The Daily Show’ with everyone’s favorite mensch Jon Stewart.

Stewart gave her some fatherly advice along the lines of ”Spend more time alone on the internet.” and ”I would suggest you smoke pot and watch Gilligans Island … start wasting more time.” Well who can avoid the siren song philosophising of America’s new Thoreau … not Miss Knightley or her lovely jaw.

As additional motivation while the jaw may be lovely some say the other bits are rubbish

She said: “I do think I must have a nice face because I’m completely aware my face gets me work.

“But the problem is that if you happen to be someone who people think of as pretty, you also get so many people whose business it is to comment on your looks.

“I’ve been to photo shoots where the photographer has told me he’d kept my legs out of shot so I don’t need to worry about them – that of course makes you worry.

“Then I’ve had make-up artists who’ve told me they need to shade the top of my nose so it won’t look so broken. I also got rejected for a job once because someone said I had a funny mouth.

What in the World must she have been acting like to get away with a very reasonable ingenue imitation these last four or five years. Clearly the Oscar for best performance by a Quasimodo in a gown and corset goes to Miss Knightley.

With comments like that no wonder she goes out dressed only in gauze and bandages. piratespre7.jpg

Here’s hoping she has a nice little break with Gilligan, The Skipper too, Ginger, Mary-Ann, the millionaire and his wife … and maybe a little romance with the Professor.

Images via Yahoo Movies

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13 Responses to “Legless, Broke-Nosed, Mouthy Keira Knightley takes Break from Acting”

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  1. pinknblack says:

    Don’t care. I think she’s gorgeous, intelligent, funny and, HEY, not self-obsessed like too many of the young starlets out there.

    Plus, I once read an interview with the interviewer commenting on her chestsize. She responded with something along the lines of: “I don’t have breasts, I have pecs.” Which I thought was cute :)

  2. UrbanDK says:

    I agree she rocks … she clearly took these silly comments in stride … lots of centeredness for a young’un

  3. aneurysm says:

    i absolutely love this gal. she is at the top of my favorite female actresses atm.

  4. Other Karen says:

    I like the outfit–it emphasizes her disgustingly nice waist.

  5. UrbanDK says:

    Everybody loves Keira … and her jaw

  6. frewtloop says:

    She’s starting to give me the shits actually. I think her whole self effacing routine is a bit of an act and she’s actually got quite the attitude. Don’t roast me, its just a feeling.

    Why is there a picture of a hotel room in the main pic?

  7. miss luigi says:

    Hey now DK, I’ve always loved that gauze top.

  8. miss luigi says:

    Oh and yeah, why are there hotel rooms and holiday photos in the articles today? Not that they’re not nice.

  9. alexi says:

    She is absolutely gorgeous. Prob a big ego – hard to imagine she is only 21 my god. She’ll be doing another film shortly. If she thinks she has bad legs, god help the rest of us. Kiera and Charlize are breathtaking – perfection on earth.

  10. anonymous says:

    this was a funny article… i laughed at the jon stewart suggestions. maybe if she smokes a little kind and gets the munchies, she will develop more of a normal, sexy womanly body, not that of a prepubescent teenage boy.

  11. Rho says:

    I like her. I am not loving the constant fakey pouting she does in her movies, but she is gorgeous, her jaw is an asset, her nose is fine, she has a lovely speaking voice, and I hope she eats more soon.

  12. Anonymous says:

    Hotel and Holiday pics let us all know the Mighty Celebitchy is on Holiday enjoying levels of glamour and luxury that mere mortals must tremble before

  13. FF says:

    Did it ever occur to her that if the photographers and make up artists imply that she has a congenital fault/flaw then they get let off the hook for bad work?

    People say crap all the time, taking it all on would make anyone schizophrenic.

    Not to mention that a lot of photographers, make up artists, and people in that scene are full of crap. Oh, and sometimes, people just don’t like you.