Eva Mendes ‘desperate to impress Ryan’, wants a career like Jessica Chastain

Here are some photos of Eva Mendes out and about in New York this week. Eva isn’t important enough to do, like, breaking-news coverage of her street style, but I still enjoy looking through the photos. I really don’t think Eva’s street style is as great as she seems to think – the ankle booties are unfortunate, her prints are too busy and that white dress makes her look like she’s the bride at a shotgun Texas wedding.

Eva’s been everywhere this week because she’s promoting The Place Beyond The Pines, which… I’ve seen some reviews, and they make it sound like the film is completely boring, overwrought and Lifetime-esque. So, chalk up another bad movie for Eva! This shall be one of many bad Eva Mendes films. I know it’s mean to say, but she’s really not anything special as an actress. She’s pretty, she has great hair and she’s sexy and she’s a complete dud as an actress. But in Eva’s mind, she could be just as good as Jessica Chastain, if only someone would hire her!

Eva Mendes is so jealous of Jessica Chastain’s success, she’s ordered her high-powered agent to go after the same roles, according to a Hollywood insider.

“Eva’s been almost obsessed with Jessica since she played the part of Maya in ‘Zero Dark Thirty’, a role Eva wanted for herself,” a close friend told The Enquirer. Jessica won an Oscar nomination and a Golden Globe for the role, and now sources say Eva wants to pursue more serious parts instead of just banking on her sex appeal.

Eva, 39, is taking advice from boyfriend Ryan Gosling, who’s convinced her to chase prestigious parts that can bring her an Oscar. Since Ryan and Eva began dating in September 2011, friends say Ryan has given her a “complex” over her career.

“I think he is very controlling and tells her he thinks she can do better,” said the friend. “It is as if Eva lives to please Ryan and is desperate to impress him.”

To further boost her career, Eva listened to Ryan and signed on with super-agent Hylda Queally – who also represents her rival Jessica.

“It’s no coincidence that she’s now with Hylda… aside from Jessica, Hylda looks after Cate Blanchett and Marion Cotillard, so she knows her stuff. Eva told Hylda to send her to whatever auditions Jessica attends. She’s tired of being typecast as the love interest and wants to be a leading lady. But Eva’s problem is she’s just too sexy. She’s got a real mountain to climb to really get away from bombshell roles.”

[From The Enquirer, print edition]

This is the same problem that I had with Jessica Alba too, remember? The “I’m too pretty to be taken seriously as an actress” problem. There are plenty of beautiful women who manage to “make it” as serious actresses. Many serious actresses are sexy, attractive, accessible, and enchanting. The problem isn’t that Eva Mendes (or Alba, for that matter) is “too pretty” or “too sexy” to be taken seriously, it’s that when they’re given the opportunity to develop their questionable talents outside of the standard, one-dimensional “pretty girl” roles, they fail miserably. Besides that, no one forced Eva to take those “bombshell” roles or to take modeling contracts or to play up her sex-bomb image for years and years.

As for the idea that Ryan is pushing Eva to become more of a “serious actress”… I believe that too. Ryan seems like that kind of guy. He can’t just date a hot girl and own his superficiality (“I’m dating her because she’s beautiful and amazing in bed”), he wants to think that his girlfriend is super-talented too, and that he’s genuinely disappointed in her because she doesn’t have a career like Jessica Chastain.

Photos courtesy of Fame/Flynet and WENN.

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  1. GoodCapon says:

    Eva dear, in order to have a career like JC you need to be a good actress first.

    • Victoria1 says:

      Hahaha boom! She should just milk all the sexy parts now. Or be Cindy Crawford’s double

    • i'm french don't kill me says:

      she’s good when she wants: look her in her last movie with Gosling ,the comedy with Mark wahlberg and the James Gray movie

      • Sam says:

        If a actress has talent it doesn’t take 15 years for it to be revealed… It’s such a cop out when they try to blame their lack of critical sucess because of their ethnicity or looks which lead them to not getting offered the roles, all them were given 2 / 3 serious roles were they could show real talent and were blah.

        Jennifer Lawernce wasn’t offered Winter’s Bone or SLP she had to convice the people in power she was right for the role, on Winter Bone her agent said that she wasn’t what they were looking for and she told her agent screw that and flew to NY and fought for the part and convinced them by her talent… Talent that was recognizable from her first acting, watch a small movie Poker House, not a great movie but she shines in it, one scene is so amazing she lives you speechless and she was 15 when she did that movie.

        Same can be said of Amy Adams, when she was in trusted with a serious role like in the Flighter her talent was undeniable and that changed her caeer from Snow White to serious actress, Anne Hawthaway was the Princess movies or rom coms, given a serious role and her acting was undeniable and now is a serious actress… No one white or and other colour is given free passes.

    • Kasia says:

      haha true! It’s funny to watch all of the C-listers suddenly wanting to have a career. Dear Eva, it takes a lot of talent, personality and hard work to match Ms. Chastain and the likes.

  2. A says:

    Her ship sailed 15 years ago. But cute effort.

    • marie says:

      that’s what I thought. if it were going to happen, it would have already.

    • Nicole says:

      She could still have a breakout role as a real actress. Really. But if her motivations are pleasing her man, i don’t think she’s going to be hungry enough to put the effort into earning it.

  3. Eleonor says:

    AAAHAAAAAAHAAAHAAAHA!!! I am too hot for a nobelprize that’s why the Stockholm academy snubs me every year.

  4. Liv says:

    “But Eva’s problem is she’s just too sexy.”

    Her problem is that she can’t act! Jesus!

  5. Missy says:

    Here’s an idea Ryan, why don’t you just go out with Jessica, and her rich douchey boyfriend can go out with your weirdo famew**re girlfriend, and everyone can be happy, ok?
    …. And now to the unpleasantness of Eva’s clothes, I mean…..shes doing this on purpose so we talk about her right? It’s the only explanation.

  6. allons-y alonso says:


    I’m not a huge fan of Jessica Chastain or Eva Mendes but I recognise that there’s a giant leap (or 3, or 10) of talent between the 2

  7. clare says:

    That white dress makes her look like a sisterwife

    • Sirsnarksalot says:

      Spot on! Someone needs to tutor her in how to dress like a hipster cause the girl can not figure it out on her own.

  8. jinni says:

    I remember Zoe Saldana saying that she was always being told she wasn’t traditonal or mainstream enough for the parts she was trying out for. Which is a polite way of saying since she isn’t white, they don’t want to hire her for the role. Maybe saying that Eva’s too pretty is a pc way for those in power to tell her they don’t want a latina as a lead for certain roles. Since Eva is a white Latina/ Latina of mainly European descent they can’t imply that it’s her race that makes her not right for the role and have to find something else.

    • nina says:

      + 1 Hollywood is very racist.

      • dana says:

        It’s not anything to do with her race, it’s to do with her total lack of talent. Anyone can act better than she does.

      • nina says:

        @dana it has to do with her race. She’s choosing those sexy latinas roles because they’re probably the only thing offered to her.

      • Oops says:

        yes but she’s not very talented and apparently she’s a b*** so it certainly doesn’t help her career

    • Diana says:

      If she had more acting talent, this might be true. As it is, I can totally believe she’s getting rejected based on her lackluster skills. Go google “eva mendes the other guys” if you want to see what she brings to the table. It’s cringeworthy.

      • Amelia says:

        That’s a good way of putting it, Diana.
        Whilst it’s depressing how stereotypical and racist Hollywood can be, Eva is just not a good actress. Mediocre would be generous.
        She’s used her sex appeal to her advantage, and she’s done it well. She’s made her money, and she’s a relatively well known name and face, but that’s where any semblance of acting chops ends.
        Whilst I (unfortunately) wouldn’t be surprised if at some point in her career, she’s been passed over for a role in favour of someone white, it’s certainly not the main factor contributing to the fact that she’s Oscar-less.

      • jinni says:

        Plenty of mediocre white actresses with lackluster skills still make it and have a better chance of grabbing quality scripts than compared to minority actresses (ex. Cameron Diaz). So, her race may still be the reason why she isn’t given as many opportunities to prove herself as an actress.

        Think of it this way, if someone only looked at Matthew McConaunghy romcom career, you’d think he’s a bad actor, but now that he’s working on quailty scripts people are remembering that he is in fact a good actor. Sometimes you’re only as good as the material you’re given to work with.

      • LAK says:

        @Jinni- you do know that Cameron DIAZ is as latina as Eva Longoria ie half mexican despite one turning out light skinned and blue eyed whilst the other turned out dark skinned and dark eyed.

        Cameron is the most successful minority actress hiding in plain sight.

        Cameron Diaz doesn’t tread on her latin roots, and due to her colouring, most people forget that she is infact latina.

        Matthew started his career in well received films that aslo displayed acting chops. The romcoms were a detour, from that career so it shouldn’t surprise anyone that he has gone back to his roots. Ditto Reece Witherspoon when she gets off the romcom detour.

      • jinni says:

        @LAK: I know Cameron is Latina, but because of her blonde hair and blue eyes she’s more seen as just white and gets all the privileges that go along with that label. I guess I should’ve pointed that out.

      • LAK says:

        correction: my bad, Cameron is half Cuban not Mexican. So shares ethnicity with Eva but point remains.

    • Liv says:

      Don’t think so. Jessica Biel is also playing the “I’m so beautiful, I don’t get parts because of it”-card and it’s just not true. Except you call Naomi Watts, Jessica Chastain or Marion Cotillard ugly.

      • jinni says:

        You can’t really compare Biel to Mendes because Biel has had many opportunites in a variety of movie genres to prove her acting skills and ability to interest an audience and each time she’s failed (another ex. of this is Olivia Wilde’s career). Mendes has only really been allowed to play the sexy Latina girlfriend/love interest in most of her mainstream movies (or at least the one’s I’ve seen), so to me she hasn’t been able to show the kind of range that Biel could have due to a lack of diversity of the roles she was hired for.

      • jinni says:

        Continued from my above comment: So, Biel’s “you’re too pretty for the role” might just be a nice way of saying that they don’t want to hire her because of her track record, while Eva’s might be for the reason I stated in my op.

      • LAK says:

        @Jinni-perhaps you only watch mainstream blockbuster films, but Eva Mendes has acted opposite people that Jessica Biel can only dream about eg Joaquin Phoenix and Annette Benning.

        The only role Jessica Biel has played, that showcased her acting chops was in EASY VIRTUE opposite Kristin Scott Thomas and Colin Firth. Apart from that, she’s not stuck her neck out for different types of roles or different types of films.

    • Lyla says:

      Cameron Diaz (who is Cuban just like Eva, btw) has done some very good work in Vanilla Sky, Being John Malkovich, In Her Shoes. She’s getting buzz for the Counselor. She’s not brilliant but she’s actually underrated and can act circles around Eva. Eva HAS had opportunities in We Own the Night, Bad Lieutenant and Last Night and she still gives the same bland reading off of cue-cards, painful performance. So your excuses don’t fly IMO.

      • i'm french don't kill me says:

        +1 on Cameron Diaz

      • Amelia says:

        Whilst Cammy has a tendancy to partake in the odd (alright, several) fairly crappy romcoms, I was really impressed with her performance in My Sister’s Keeper. I remember watching that during an Ethics lecture and thinking, “Wow, from Knight and Day to this? Impressed.”

      • Win says:

        I agree as well. Plus, love them or hate them, Diaz and Lopez have that star charisma. Mendes is completely bland and has no charisma. THAT’S why she never became A-List like them.

      • nina says:

        Cameron Diaz has blond hair and blue eyes… Most people don’t know she’s a latina.

      • Lyssa says:

        At some point she started talking shit about Joaquin Phoenix, her co-star in We Own the Night. Let’s not forget that offending a friend of a friend (or even offending someone you’d like to work with) will turn you into an outcast (Katherine Heigel).

      • andy says:

        “At some point she started talking shit about Joaquin Phoenix, her co-star in We Own the Night. Let’s not forget that offending a friend of a friend (or even offending someone you’d like to work with) will turn you into an outcast (Katherine Heigel).”

        Eva and Joaquin reportedly had an on-set affair during the making of the film that ended badly. I think that was the reason for that spat.

        I agree with everyone else about her being a boring actress.

    • mercy says:

      I’m not a fan of either (not that familiar with their work, tbh), but you make good points. I wouldn’t compare Eva or Zoe to a fair-skinned blue eyed blonde like Cameron Diaz. Maybe someone like Jennifer Lopez, though she initially broke through with her dancing. She scored a role in a Soderbergh film opposite George Clooney early in her career and that really opened a lot of doors for her. Of course she managed to squander most of that good will with her later choices, but my point is she got a rare opportunity because an unconventional director who thought outside the box gave her a chance.

      • LAK says:

        We are picking up on the Cameron Diaz point because that’s the misinformed example being used as an example successful ‘white’ actresses that get all the good parts.

      • mercy says:

        I get that, but even though both are of Mexican descent that doesn’t mean they will be looked the same way by Hollywood. There will always be exceptions – usually reserved for the super talented – but generally speaking lighter skinned actors get more opportunities.

  9. Anna says:

    Ha. Ha. Hahahahahaha. Ha. As if, Eva, as if.

    Although to be fair to her, The Place Beyond the Pines is actually gathering good reviews, it’s at 73% at Rotten Tomatoes right now. It was definitely a step in the right direction for Eva, working with Derek Cianfrance, The Gos, and Bradley now-a-serious-actor-Cooper in am ambitious film. It’s just more than likely too late, especially since the people she’ll be fighting for roles against are so much better than she is. I don’t think anyone in their right mind would cast Eva Mendes over Jessica Chastain in anything.

    • nina says:

      Yep and she only got the part because Gosling recommended her to Cianfrance.

      • JN says:

        73% is not that good at all. It’s lukewarm/mediocre and barely fresh. I’m surprised the reception has been so “meh”. It’s only playing in I believe less than 10 theatres as well. It’s also another flop for Gosling.

        And she’s not “too pretty” for anything. Though her botoxed new face amuses me.

      • Kate says:

        73% is actually pretty decent. It’s not above 90, but that’s usually for Oscar-caliber movies. So three quarters of reviewers liked the movie, which is usually a fair bet it won’t blow. Funny fact: Gladiator, which won best picture and best actor, got only 77%. Pitch Perfect got 81%. (I actually love them both!)

    • Ranunculus says:

      Some of the top critics are giving bad reviews. Not that this means anything, some of them get it horribly wrong every now and then. RT is a good source but if I only would go by them I would have missed out on some really good movies.

      I will still watch it, I think it is at least an interesting movie.

      Reg Eva Mendes – isn’t she again typecast by BF Gos in his upcoming movie. She is some figure in a fetish club IIRC. I guess the Oscar is not going to happen for her anytime soon.

      • mercy says:

        It seems like everyone and their sister is considered a professional film critic these days. Rotten Tomatoes gives out the ‘top critic’ ranking too indiscriminately, imo.

    • MonicaQ says:

      We’ll know if it’s good or bad based on Armond White on Rotten Tomatoes. If he says it’s good, porkchop sandwiches, GTF away from that movie.

  10. Monie says:

    I thought it was Jessica Biel who said she was too pretty to get work, not Alba.

    • Jenny says:

      I think both have said something to that extent.

      • cr says:

        I’m also thinking of JB’s Elle interview from 2011 when she lamented that there really weren’t any great roles for woman and she never got the roles she auditioned for.

        “On the lack of powerful female roles in Hollywood: “I think lots of roles for women are just not as developed as male roles. That’s just the truth. There are some that are incredible. But there are not enough. It’s not equal.””


        I don’t hate JB, nor do I hate EM, but as already mentioned, neither are really that good at acting. Problem is neither seems to realize it.

    • Lolly says:

      Add Scarlett to that delusional pile as well

    • Monie says:

      Thanks for the correction. Nice to know there are even more delusional, hack actress broads out there. LOL

  11. Eve says:

    Those two creepy dudes checking her ass in the first picture…*shudders*

  12. danni says:

    I can’t remember any major role of her.
    she’s only recognized as sexy and also i think she looks old and not classic.

  13. LAK says:

    Eva Mendes has never played anything but ‘the girl’. There is a place for such roles, and she’s filled it perfectly for years once the previous incumbent,Anne Archer, stepped down from it.

    She’s been in lots of different types of films, good, bad, blockbuster, indie, indifferent and she’s played exactly the same role in all of them. In many ways, she’s as predictable as Jen Aniston, but has managed to parlay her gift for ‘the girl’ into a respectable career whilst also getting lots of modelling contracts.

    Being with a talented, successful BF is what is making her a)insecure about her place b) wanting to stretch herself c) deluding herself that she has the talent.

    It’s not a bad place to be if you are the go-to person for ‘the girl’ roles.

    If she thinks she has it bad, she should look to Jessica Alba and Jessica Biel, who haven’t managed to turn their ‘the girl’ careers into anything permanent or long term like Eva has.

    • moon says:

      I don’t think Eva’s really turned her career into anything permanent, she was fading off the radar till the gosling romance came along

      • LAK says:

        In terms of the ‘the girl’ type of role Eva has held on for a very long time, but ‘the girl’ is always a new ingenue who changes every 2-3yrs. It’s not a way to build a permanent career, but Eva has survived against many ‘new’ girls like Jessicas Biel/Alba or Heather Graham to name afew. That’s what I mean by permanent go to girl. She’s done very well out of it.

  14. Gin says:

    I get the vibe that she is a total cold fish in bed. And same with Gosling, who is as exciting and has the sex appeal of a bowl of oatmeal. Sorry, I just imagine their sex and it’s really boring.

  15. stellalovejoydiver says:

    Are they even still together at this point?

    “As for the idea that Ryan is pushing Eva to become more of a “serious actress”… I believe that too. Ryan seems like that kind of guy. He can’t just date a hot girl and own his superficiality (“I’m dating her because she’s beautiful and amazing in bed”), he wants to think that his girlfriend is super-talented too, and that he’s genuinely disappointed in her because she doesn’t have a career like Jessica Chastain.”
    Exactly, I also get the impression that Ryan wants to be the kind of guy who likes strong, independent women, but in reality he wants someone to wait for him when he gets home and cares for him.

  16. Chrissy says:

    If doing one-dimensional “hot girlfriend” roles and beauty contracts got me the chance to set myself up financially for years to come and work with some cool actors and directors (despite having limited talent myself), I would think I was doing pretty damn good for myself. Eva Mendes certainly won’t set the acting world on fire but she’s achieved financial stability and has a hot boyfriend. That’s nothing to cry over, for sure.

  17. Lolly says:

    To which Jessica Chastain replys “That’s nice daaling but I’m really looking forward to Hitch 2″
    Stay in your lane Eva

  18. Halo says:

    Eva is seriously reaching Norma Desmond levels of delusion. She’s definitely amusing in a cringeworthy way.

    But man, Ryan Gosling has lost anything that was remotely interesting and likeable about him IMO. His acting has become dull and repetitive, his “charm” just comes off as contrived and phony now. Everytime I see his name I roll my eyes now. Maybe this “break” will make me like him again but ehh IDK.

  19. Danielle says:

    I buy it, rumour is that the same thing happened with Rachel McAdams. When they first started dating, she was the IT girl in Hollywood, he “influenced” her to try something with more substance. She took a break, passed on some major roles to do indie type roles like his, those movies tanked ie. Married Life and The Lucky Ones. When it was mentioned that perhaps Ryan is making the decisions for Rachel, his publicist had to come out and deny it saying they don’t interfere with each other’s career. I’ll always blame him for the stalemate in her career just as she was hot.

    • Sam says:

      Agreed, I always felt the same way too. I will never be behind the whole McGosling thing. I get the feeling he wasn’t even good to her at all.

    • stellalovejoydiver says:

      If that was true it was still her decision to listen to him, I doubt he handcuffed her(maybe he did but in another context) and forced her to pass over those high profile roles for indies.
      I am sorry, only a dumbass would pass over The Devil Wears Prada and Casino Royale.
      She still makes stupid career decisions so I doubt he had anything to do with it.

      • Amelia says:

        Rachel McAdams said no to Casino Royale??
        Oof. That’s got to hurt.

      • Danielle says:

        She was a newbie in the business with an indie critically acclaimed boyfriend and she was deeply in love with him. Of course she was going to listen to him, and yes it was extremely dumb on her part turning down the major roles. Her management encouraged her to break up with him because of it. I think that once she did those indie failures, her esteem was shot and she went back to the comfort zone of romantic dramas. I’m hoping she kicks that habit. She’s already started to with A Most Wanted Man, the movie with Phillip Seymour Hoffman.

      • millie says:

        I think Rachel is actually really talented, she’s just made the wrong choices. I hope she will get the chance to show what she’s got in the future.
        I can believe that about Ryan. There’s something very controlling about him, I can’t put my finger on it, but its there and it’s very subtle.

  20. Diana says:

    Dream on girl, dream on.

  21. MonicaQ says:

    In “The Spirit” she was awful–I was so mad at her for taking one of the characters from the comic book (or graphic novel if you’re being ~**~proper) and just making it…flat. Also she was in “2 Fast 2 Furious” but there was Vin Diesel and cars and I forgot she existed until later on.

    And she was bad in “Ghost Rider” too…well, everything was bad about “Ghost Rider” but that’s not the point.

  22. Annie says:

    She’s a terrible actress. In the movie The Women, she has this scene where she’s trying out lingerie and is asked to meet someone and she’s like “Oh, I’m sorry I’m running late” looks at her wrist to check the time and SHE IS NOT EVEN WEARING A WATCH. I mean my God, woman.

  23. Trish says:

    I don’t like her at all, she’s a delusional, vapid moron but I still feel bad for her. You can ooze the panic from her over her career. She’s turning 40, is too old to still be the hot girl, isn’t considered particularly talented, and is probably really scared. That Vulture interview she gave, it’s obvious she’s extremely insecure and unstable.

    • ctkat1 says:

      Yeah- being 39 in Hollywood is probably a pretty scary thing for an actress, and doubly so if you’re not one of the Oscar calibre actresses.
      For actresses in their 20s and early 30s, there are plenty of roles playing the “hot girl.” There are TONS of actresses in that range that aren’t really that talented, but are beautiful and so they work steadily. Eva has worked with some great people; in my opinion, if she had “it” we would have seen it.
      For actresses in their late 30s and 40s, there are roles playing “the wife,” and there are the “Oscar calibre” roles. Eva is too much of a sexpot to play “the wife” and she doesn’t have the chops for the big roles. She’s trying to get into the big leagues now, and she’s competing against some serious talent in her age range:

      Cate Blanchett (43), Rachel Weisz (43), Naomi Watts (44), Kate Winslet (37), Angelina Jolie (37), Amy Adams (38), Marion Cotillard (37), Charlize Theron (37), Jessica Chastain (36)…

  24. Dalovelee says:

    Her and Chastain have two completely different looks and persona. She can chase after all the roles Jessica has auditioned for but Eva has two things against her she’s not likeable. And she comes across as conceited. Her third obstacle is she looks like the sexy Latin woman. More roles are simply written for white actresses… And they can play roles of different eras genres which is more believable.

    • nina says:

      “Most roles are written for white actresses”…because Hollywood is racist.

      • Danskins says:

        +1…there are so many talented actresses of color out here but no know knows about them because most parts are geared toward safe white actresses. So it gives the impression that the Cate Blanchetts and Kate Winslets of the world are somehow supremely more talented than other actresses out there when in fact they’re simply offered more roles due to their skin color not because they’re infinitely more talented than other actresses. They only possess white priveledge which tends to works to their advantage.

  25. colleen says:

    Eva is a legend in her own mind, nowhere else. She comes off as very insecure. I’m not a fan of Ryan anymore either. I think he’s probably just as egotistical and vain as she is, he just hides it better.

    • Jenn says:

      I think he is too. Just little comments I catch in his interviews. How people are always trying to take photos of him, how audiences must be sooo sick of him (even though nobody goes to see his movies). And the fact that they always make separate arrivals and exits these days for “privacy”, like they’re this huge superstar couple even though nobody really gives a crap about them. He is not as big a star as he thinks he is. His casual arrogance and fake modesty shines through it you look closely (but the internet and his fans are completely blinded of course).

      • dana says:

        Ryan is impressed with himself. You see it in his constant smirk. Him being a jerk is probably pretty close to the truth. And the truth will come out someday. I have a feeling he’s not who he wants us to think he is. There’s something shady and sinister about him. I’ve always felt this way, and I’m glad other people are noticing it too.

      • mercy says:

        There are a lot of people who do take pictures of him, or who would like to. I’m not one of them, but I know there are.

        People don’t have to see his movies to tire of him. In fact, those who only see his movies and don’t read all the other stuff are probably less likely to fall into that camp because he hasn’t done that many.

        They probably leave separately to avoid her being seen with him. His career already overshadows hers, and it seems like she’s not popular with some of his fans.

        As for the smirk, that’s his face. He had it when he was a Mousketeer or whatever. Which brings up the question of child stars… I think they are more likely to grow up to be very image conscious and with an inflated sense of self. They learn it so young that it becomes second nature.

        I say this as an observer, not a fan of either. I do think he is overrated in all departments, and I’m not that familiar with her work.

      • Ranunculus says:

        I don’t know but his overexposure and lame PR stunts and his 3 mediocre movies in which he gives uninspiring performances did it for me. I loved Drive and BV but everything he did after that was off-putting and of low quality.
        I am completely meh about him now.

  26. Val says:

    Oh god please SIT DOWN Eva. You are an insufferable twat.

    I love that even her own boyfriend has cast her in yet another small, supporting best friend role in his movie. Too ironic.

  27. tess says:

    I don’t get good vibes from Eva and I don’t get very good vibes from Ryan either. I think it’s possible he’s a very controlling boyfriend and likes to have the woman cater to him. He also probably likes to feel superior, hence dating somebody who is all looks, no talent, and clearly not very bright. He tries very hard to come off as so humble, but I really don’t buy it anymore, especially over the last year.
    I’m done with Gosling.

  28. frivolity says:

    Eva’s rather a dolt.

    She was on the Daily Show the other night and recalled a role in which they dubbed in a new voice over her own beccause the producers felt that she sounded “too dumb.” It took Jon Stewart all his strength to react as if he were on her side on that one …

  29. mercy says:

    dbl post, sorry

  30. Nae Nae says:

    Does anyone else think her and Jessica biel are one in the same?

  31. HotPockets says:

    I am going to give Eva some credit because she is actually a decent actress. I saw her in the movie, “Last Night,” which also had Kiera Knightly in it and she was really good in it. I think she is underrated and never seems to get the key roles that other actresses get, but I think Jessica Chastain is semi overrated, so I don’t see why they couldn’t be on the same level.

    • Mazunte says:

      “Last Night” was the first movie I saw with Eva Mendes, but I found her performance very boring. I absolutely loved half of that movie – the story between the characters of Guillaume Canet and Keira – but slept through the other half.

      • Klavier says:

        Mazunte, when I read your comment, I thought I’d written it because I completely agree with everything you said. :) Last Night was the first movie I saw Eva Mendes in, and her performance (and Sam Worthington’s too, I felt) was mediocre at best. I have Last Night, but I often skip Eva/Sam part and just watch Keira/Guillaume part. I thought Keira and Guillaume had great chemistry and both of them acted well and made the film what it was meant to be.

  32. Ginger says:

    I really like Eva but hopefully her agent will tell her to stick with what works! She was really funny in The Other Guys. That’s what works for her, looking good and a role as a supporting actress, a little humor thrown in…the girlfriend role…stick with what works. Why mess with success? But if she really wants to be like Jessica Chastain she needs to take more acting classes and get into the craft of it all. For her sake, I hope her boyfriend isn’t a control freak, that’s no fun at all.

  33. Talie says:

    One problem: Jessica doesn’t have to audition… 2 Oscar nominations later, hit movies, Julliard training, hit play on broadway. She and Jennifer Lawrence pretty much own any part for 18-34 year olds.

    • Sam says:

      If a actress has talent it doesn’t take 15 years for it to be revealed… It’s such a cop out when they try to blame their lack of critical sucess because of ethnicity which lead them to not getting offered the roles, all them were given 2 / 3 serious roles were they could show real talent and were blah.

      Jennifer Lawernce wasn’t offered Winter’s Bone or SLP she had to convice the people in power she was right for the role, on Winter Bone her agent said that she wasn’t what they were looking for and she told her agent screw that and flew to NY and fought for the part and convinced them by her talent… Talent that was recognizable from her first acting, watch a small movie Poker House, not a great movie but she shines in it, one scene is so amazing she lives you speechless and she was 15 when she did that movie.

      Same can be said of Amy Adams, when she was in trusted with a serious role like in the Flighter her talent was undeniable and that changed her caeer from Snow White to serious actress, Anne Hawthaway was the Princess movies or rom coms, given a serious role and her acting was undeniable and now is a serious actress… No one white or and other colour is given free passes.

  34. MsAubra says:

    I don’t get it! Did she piss off some of the top stylists in Hollywood, cuz she is always looking miss when she was going for a hit! I mean she could turn a pair of New Balance sneakers into some Old Unstables!

  35. Lauren says:

    I’m pretty sure Chastain doesn’t have to audition anymore. Back-to-back Oscar nominations and a hit with “Mama” Chastain can pick and choose.

    Eva, Alba and Biel do not have as much talent and should be happy with whatever parts they can get.

  36. Mr.Smurf says:

    My feeling is that her race has something to do with why she doesn’t get many parts, but not much. For one, she isn’t talented at all. I just watched the lingerie scene in The Women…she was just flat out awful.

    Two, she has a reputation for being conceited, arrogant, and stuck up not only to her fans, but professionally as well. That’s a huge thing. You could almost be the worst actor/actress in the world and you’d still get hired because you are professional; that’s the only way Jennifer Aniston still gets hired. I tried to watch The Bounty Hunter…I had to turn it off after ten minutes because it was awful. I very rarely turn off a film because it’s bad…the only other film I’ve done that to is Catwoman with Halle Berry. She has been given a lot of opportunities to propel herself. I think a lot of actors and actresses think that because they have a small part, they don’t have to put effort into it. That’s not what Jessica Chastain did.

    I loved the film, The Help, especially Jessica’s scenes. She was just so funny, and turned her Marilyn Monroe wannabe character into a fully fleshed out woman. Eva Mendes is just a lazy actress. I think that if she went over to Europe, maybe Spain (if she speaks Spanish) and do a few films there, to improve her acting, she wouldn’t be 40 and still being the sexy one.

    I put Cameron Diaz in the slightly higher circles. I’m still mad that she was in Gangs of New York with DDL (with his sublime accent and wonderful mustache) and our modelizer himself (with his great acting, but slightly wonky accent- better than hers), but I read that she has done good films, but chooses the “sexy girlfriend” types recently. Eh.

    I would also say that it’s the producers in Hollywood that are racist/afraid of change. Right around the time that Shame came out, I read about Steve McQueen talking about how he had to fight the producers about hiring Nicole Behari as the main love interest, because she was black. They didn’t think the audiences would get/feel comfortable with an interracial romance….set in NEW YORK CITY.

    This is why we don’t get a lot of roles for anyone who isn’t male, white, and good looking. Because the people who produce films don’t want to take chance on a film tanking because it’s starring a black woman, or a gay black guy, etc. Hopefully that’ll change soon.

    • iris says:


    • LAK says:

      Film financing is a lot more complicated than Producers refusing to cast ethnic characters.

      At the end of the day, it’s about money. Producers aren’t going to have their films financed if the deck is stacked with market negatives. It’s not the fault of the producers that market will not buy films with ethnic actors.

      The only films that are race neutral tend to be action films eg FAST FURIOUS or G.I.JOE partially because their financiers are gaming companies who can use them for their gaming platforms so race of actor is completely irrelevant.

      As a producer (indie or studio indie) you have to make the choice of either raising the finance without going to market and therefore having control of the product but no audience at the end of it or you use the market to raise financing and potentially have a guaranteed audience. Either that or be Megan Ellison with a bottomless personal cheque book that can finance ZERO DARK, THE MASTER or THE GRANDMASTER and all of Hollywood is breaking down your door to finance their projects so will happily hand you a distribution deal.

      Studio’s indie arms are not exempt from market forces so it is a really tough call to cast an unknown actor and explore subject matter that isn’t the norm for audiences.

      People like to complain that Hollywood doesn’t listen, but actually it does. What you see at the cinemaplex is very much what the audience wants to see until they are persuaded to see something different. I always say that if you want to see change, you have to make an effort to support those small, indie films or unknown actors. Even if they are out of the way. That’s how Steve Mcqueen acquires enough clout to make the next film.

      I see so many wonderful films in festivals that aren’t picked up for simple reason that audiences won’t be receptive to them. You can’t argue with audience figures unless you have the marketing genius that raises the visibility of a film so high, irrespective of content that it’s picked up by major distribution and audiences are curious enough to go se it.

      The only way, hollywood can change is audiences voting with their money and supporting every single ethnic actor/smaller film that comes out.

    • ViktoryGin says:


      Didn’t realize that about Nicole Beharie bur can’t say I’m surprised. I was mildly taken aback (in a good way) due to the fact that she was black. A non black director probably wouldn’t have been that progressive. Makes sense.

  37. JB says:

    Eva is delusional if she thinks she and Chastain is in the same calibre. Chastain, as a very good actress, is very instinctive (just watch her movies and listen to her interviews) and has trained at Juilliard no less to hone those skills. Chastain also has that “IT” factor that as an audience you are drawn to her no matter what role she plays. Eva does NOT have any of that.

    Also, apparently, Ryan Gosling took Eva to see Jessica in The Heiress so maybe that just rubbed it in! LINK: http://www.nypost.com/p/pagesix/hunk_in_hiding_t6IylEjSEgQFKfJUpnEasO?utm_medium=rss&utm_content=%20%20%20%20%20%20Page%20Six

  38. luls says:

    Even though her clothing style sucks, I will say something nice, she looks very pretty in these pictures! Seriously, she needs to always leave her hair down, it softens her face.(Her hair color is a nice shade too)

    PS: Iv seen her in a few movies, and I dont think shes a bad actress at all. Certainly better than Megan Fox, Jessica Alba or Jessica Biel.

    • HotPockets says:

      Hey Luls, I don’t think she is a bad one either. She isn’t amazing, but certainly not in the same league as Alba or Megan Fox.

      I feel like women get called out all the time for being bad actresses, but the men never get called out, i.e. Nicolas Cage, Vince Vaugn, Justin Timberlake, Keanu Reeves and Arnold Schwarzenegger, but hey, they still get leading parts!

      • LAK says:

        Nicholas Cage is NOT a bad actor. Look up his films upto and including 1996. All good/great films with serious acting chops. His oscar for LEAVING LAS VEGAS was very deserved and long overdue.

        I don’t know who wasn’t shocked when he turned up in CON AIR, and he plays it as a ham. Clearly the money was so good he has stuck to the same formula of money/types of films.

        Every so often he puts in a performance that reminds you of his acting chops and his earlier range eg THE FAMILY MAN or KICK ASS, but he can never ever be in the same category as Arnie, Keanu, Channing etc. Those are all wooden actors despite their success. Nicholas Cage is not, and he is playing some sort of joke on the audience to great $$$$ effect.

      • HotPockets says:

        Lak, some of his older movies are good, but his most recent movies make me feel like his acting abilities have faded, like, National Treasure and Ghost Rider, they were BAD movies, but his acting was so cheesy and made it worse.

      • LAK says:

        Hotpockeckets: all his films after 1996 bar one or two are terrible. His first film was early 80s, and he was consistently good and picked good projects right up to 1996. For the most part, they were mainly indies and he a serious actor, someone who could give DDL or Sean Penn a run for their money. He is the definition of selling out since 1996 ie signing up for any film just for the paycheck, and not bothering to show any acting skills. People who aren’t familiar with his work before 1996 really do think he can’t act. That’s a shame.

  39. ViktoryGin says:

    Regarding Cameron Diaz…

    Cameron is for all intended purposes a WHITE GIRL. I really tire of these hair-splitting racial debates. “Hispanic” is a language group, not an ethnic one….until you come to the US where the categories become conflated. A person who seems to come from Amerindian ancestry who speaks Spanish is deemed “Hispanic” or “latino”. There are
    problems with this, but it’s just the way it is and has always been due to a anglicized conception of “white”. Because Diaz is blonde and blue-eyed people don’t PERCEIVE her as Latina. I don’t give a damn who her father is. If her last name weren’t Spanish, this wouldn’t even be a debate because people wouldn’t question her ethnicity. Why? Because she looks like a WASP, and WASPs don’t speak Spanish natively. And neither does she, for that matter.

  40. Mazunte says:

    The “I’m too pretty to be taken seriously” seems a nonsense to me, since Jessica Chastain and, especially, Cate Blanchett and Marion Cotillard are much, much more beautiful than Eva Mendes. So, a stunning actress can be taken seriously if she’s talented and smart enough.

    • Adrien says:

      Yeah but Chastain, Blanchett and Cottilard didn’t have careers as babes on comedy films or FHM covergirls. Jennifer Connelly was packaged as a hot, girl next door type before she re-launched her career as serious dramatic actress. It wasn’t an easy route for Jennifer to achieve that. I thought she had breast reduction so that she would be taken seriously.

  41. blunt talker says:

    I was talking to a person I worked with when Diaz and Carrey movie the Mask came out. I said I think Cameron is of latin descent. This person who is white said If only all latin people could look like her it would much easier to welcome them in America.

  42. Tessa says:

    She looks so ridiculous in her clothes sometimes. She’d be so hot in sleeker clothing. She is the type of girl that can rock the shit out of jeans and a t-shirt, but wants to dress like Zooey Deschenel instead.

  43. vera says:

    I’ve always wondered if this is a bearding relationship. She is allegedly a lover of the ladies, and it’s not impossible that Ryan could be closeted.

  44. Breee says:

    If Ryan Gosling is really disappointed with her for not having career like Jessica Chastain then he’s a prick and doesn’t deserve her. Eva may not be the best actress in the world but she’s decent and that’s perfectly fine.

  45. JAmes says:

    Well, according to this post by extras on the set of her movie, she’s not a very nice person to work with. Maybe that’s another reason why she isn’t given good parts(aside from the talent issue) nobody wants to work w/ her whereas Chastain is well loved by the industry by both cast & crew of her movies.
    LINK: http://tinyurl.com/ckry4ov

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