Gary Coleman has problems

Since moving to a small town in Utah for privacy, it seems that Gary Coleman’s life has become even more drama-filled.  Police reports are stating that the cops have been called in to assist with situations involving Coleman 21 times.  These incidents include: a suicide call involving 30-40 Oxycontins; domestic disputes resulting in injuries; domestic disputes resulting in self-harm;  Coleman worried that his wife would send her three brothers to harm him and asking the police for protection; and even a supposed break-in that turned out to be boxes falling in the basement.  This quote from the police report describes Coleman throwing a fit at his wife, Shannon Price, in a parking lot in Provo:

“Coleman was yelling and pounding his steering wheel for approximately 10 minutes before he jumped out of his truck. He ran out in front of his truck and around to the woman’s door, stopping several cars, and then he went to his door and was running around, yelling and screaming and throwing his arms in the air as he did,” the police report says. “Coleman was yelling that he could not take it anymore.” The report says Price felt threatened and was worried things were going to “get out of control they way they did earlier.” The 4-foot-8 actor was charged with disorderly conduct and eventually placed on probation.

[From NY Post]

This is the same Shannon Price who, one month later, he decided to marry.

I understand wanting to get away from the drama of Hollywood, but one recent-ish gig for Coleman was on season two of The Surreal Life in 2004.  He wasn’t a regular cast member and was just featured on one episode, but still. He was being paid by people whose intention was to display him as a has been. You hope that was one fat paycheck. He also went on Divorce Court to try and save his marriage to Shannon Price. You don’t get more public than that. Going on cable television to settle a personal matter is just screaming for attention.

Though he accepts jobs like The Surreal Life, he also likes to bite the hand that feeds him.  A recent incident occurred in September of this year, in which he assaulted a fan who was trying to take a picture in the parking lot of a bowling alley.

I also can’t help but feel bad for him.  Due to his stature as well as his early TV career, it’s hard to think of him as anyone but, well, Gary Coleman.  He’ll probably spend the rest of his life playing himself and he’s just not that likable anymore.

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  1. devilgirl says:

    The brother’s in law were only trying to help the guy out and save him from having to harm himself again by doing it for him. Where is Phil Drummond when Arnold needs him most? Happy New Year everyone!

  2. Rosebudd says:

    My heart goes out to this man because he has no other family members. He was adopted by parents that put him in the “biz” at an early age and supposedly managed his career. He emanicipated himself fr. them & was left w/ no money and a lot of anger issues. I think his medical condition has caused him heartache as well. (kidney-dialysis) He is a mess. He shld. get help before he kills himself.

  3. flour says:

    He is a mess, Rose, I agree. And can’t help but feeling pity for him. You have to wonder if he puts himself so much in the public eye with “any attention is good attention”. The man obviously needs a steady paycheck and of course he’d hope that hollywood might give it to him. Hope he finds some normalcy and peace.

  4. dr.grrl says:

    unfortunately, he is another one of the lost souls child star. besides physical issues, his emotional issues are taking center stage.

    i hope he seeks the help he so desperately needs before any tradgedy befalls either of those two.

  5. Jinxy says:

    At some point you can’t blame everyone else for your problem, lots of people have physical problems – worse than his and don’t behave this way. A woman married him for his D list fame, wouldn’t sleep with him and for some reason he believes he has a real marriage. It’s Gary letting people use him, and then getting angry. Time to grow up, he’s in his 40’s and he acts like a spoiled 10 year old. Sympathy dried up for him years ago. You move on because you have to and Gary is no different or more special than anyone else. Go to it before life is over, and that happens before you know it.

  6. JaneSays says:

    Rosebudd hit it square on the head. With a host of serious medial ailments (kidney disease, short-staturedness being a common symptom of which) he’s never really had a life with people that love him unconditionally – just those that have robbed him blind! I’d be a mess too if that was my “family”. I feel terribly for him.

  7. vdantev says:

    Like the fact you can put your hand on top of his head and let him swing at you all day and never get touched?

  8. 30-40 Oxycontins!? Talk about a flare for the dramatic! What were they trying to do, kill a horse? Two or three strategically placed pills will leave you deader than a doorknob.

    I hope Coleman finds what he’s looking for in Utah.

  9. Apryl Mcphie says:

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