Vikram Chatwal, Lindsay Lohan’s ‘boyfriend’, caught with a crotch full of drugs

These are some older photos from 2012 of Lindsay Lohan and one of her main friends/boyfriends/johns, Vikram Chatwal. Vikram was (and is?) married, he’s rich, and he has MAJOR issues. He’s always been known as a shady character, even before he got involved with Lindsay Lohan. The Cracken used him for free rooms at his hotel (The Dream Hotel) and to get into big New York parties (remember these photos of what Lindsay had to do to get Vikram to let her into a Fashion Week party?), and of course, to go shopping. If you’re looking for me to make a judgment call as to who is shadier, the Cracken or Vikram, I simply cannot. They are both disasters. Especially after this new development:

Multi-millionaire hotel owner Vikram Chatwal — who’s been close with Lindsay Lohan since 2011 — has been arrested in Florida … TMZ has learned … after cops say he tried to get on a plane with cocaine, weed, heroin and various prescription pills.

According to the police report, obtained by TMZ, 41-year-old Chatwal was busted on April 2 at the Fort Lauderdale/Hollywood International Airport when the TSA discovered an arsenal of drugs hidden on his person, in his crotch and in his bag.

Chatwal was booked on one count of trafficking (6 grams of heroin) and seven counts of possession … including cocaine, buprenorphine (an opioid), clonazepam (a sedative), alprazolam (Xanax) and lorazepam (muscle relaxants), ketamine (a horse tranquilizer) and weed.

According to the police report, Chatwal admitted to cops that he illegally purchased and possessed the drugs.

Chatwal owns the Dream Hotel in NYC … one of Lindsay Lohan’s favorite spots. You’ll recall, Lindsay was arrested following an alleged hit-and-run outside the hotel last year. Prosecutors subsequently dropped the charges due to lack of evidence.

Lindsay and Chatwal were romantically linked the year before when pics surfaced of them kissing inside Chatwal’s apartment.

We reached out to Chatwal’s people — so far, no word back.

[From TMZ]

I have mixed feelings about this. First of all, seeing as how a young, white crackhead like Lindsay Lohan can consistently thumb her nose at the law and suffer little to no consequences makes me wonder about the racial aspect of this – Vikram is Indian, and God knows, that’s enough to ensure that he’s on a dozen international “Watch Lists”. So it’s “obvious” that he would be stopped for a random (or not so random) search. But beyond the racial aspect… this guy just looks like the kind of sleazy dude who would carrying cocaine lined in his jacket and horse tranquilizers in his man-panties. So, the TSA found something! Shocking.

So, what does this mean? It means crackheads like Lindsay probably won’t get to stay for “free” at The Dream Hotel anymore. Because Vikram will probably do some time. Unless American justice for an Indian multi-millionaire is the same as justice for a young, white crackhead with a half-dozen tax liens.

Photos courtesy of WENN, Fame/Flynet.

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  1. Yellowshaba says:

    Racial profiling aside, the better question is who in this day and age gets on a plane with drugs? And that much drugs? Do you think he wanted to get caught for publicity because that’s just plain ridiculous

    • Neelyo says:

      I thought the same thing. How stupid or arrogant (or both) can you be to attempt something like that?

      • Buckwild says:

        That’s what I was thinking! I’m afraid getting on with like 75ml of liquid and does this gel-cream count as liquid?? Etc. Lol

      • lucy2 says:

        I know! They make you toss shampoo or whatever if it’s too big, did he really think he’d waltz through with drugs?

    • Noa says:

      good thinking! But then anyone who takes that many drugs probably isn’t capable of doing much rational thinking maybe?

    • Leni says:

      I agree. He would certainly never have to carry his own drugs so this does seem really odd.

    • gee says:

      Maybe he was alright high or strung out or something and figured why not.. stupid man.

    • Mia 4S says:

      The TSA is pretty well trained to spot things concealed in clothing, so I’m not sure profiling was even required if he had all that in his crotch. He’s not exactly the first person to smuggle something there! 😉

      If he is not a citizen, that’s big big trouble. He might get a cushy plea deal, but Immigration can be very unforgiving.

    • ronnie1213 says:

      I know! this is so weird. he’s a multi millionaire. Why would he carry his own stash? Wouldn’t you just have a point of contact in every major city? Or does his own personal stash sooo good he literally refused to not have it on his person…. So bizarre.

    • PinkG says:

      Isn’t he a billionaire? He doesn’t have a private jet? Makes no sense.

    • ZinJoJo says:

      No kidding — I travel on business all the time and most of the airports I go through still have the x-ray machines (even though the TSA says they’re going away). Who would ever think that you can smuggle drugs inside your bag or on your person and NOT get caught?

      I guess he’s used to flying in private planes and had no clue?

    • Amy says:

      I hope to god this is re-enacted for that show Locked Up Abroad, even though it’s stateside and not technically abroad. Lmao!

  2. brin says:

    Ugh…actually he’s had worse things in his crotch…Crackie herself.

    • Brown says:

      ZING!! This made me laugh. I’d shove an eight ball or two up my crotch and try to stroll past TSA before I’d ever let LiLo near it.

  3. marie says:

    no one, other than Lindsey, has her luck with the law. If it were any normal day person, they’d have been thrown in jail a long time ago.

    as for Vikram, that’s a lot of drugs to have on your person. He’s a moron for carrying it.

  4. lisa2 says:

    As much as I think Lindsey had gotten away with too much. She to my knowledge has not been caught with 6 grams of heroin; nor the other drugs while getting on a plane. Which makes the trafficking and not for personal use. I don’t think it is racial profiling regarding the drugs. He had drugs on his person. He was smuggling them through an airport. He was doing something illegal. So I don’t feel sorry for him. And I sure it is not the first time he has done such a thing.

    Lindsey will either get herself together or we will see another woman dead from her lifestyle choices.

    • Barhey says:

      I totally agree. The race thing didn’t even occur to me when I read this story. Lindsay obviously does drugs but to my knowledge has never been caught smuggling large quantities of hard drugs in an airport. Doing that is super shady and stupid, no matter your race, and you will get caught.

  5. Mira says:

    Wow. Just wow! What I don’t understand is why would he have a horse tranquilizer among other drugs? The shit these druggies consume…!

    • Lisalou says:

      Ketamine is an extremely popular club drug. Its especially popular in NYC clubs

    • fabgrrl says:

      Known as Special K

    • erin says:

      It’s also commonly used as a date-rape drug. Knew a few girls in college that had horse tranquilizers slipped into their drinks- not the common roofies that you normally hear about. The effects are a little different.

      • Mira says:

        I can’t with this shit. A date-rape drug? I mean, does he have to consume so many of kinds of drugs to get high? What does the special K do that heroine or cocaine does not?

    • LAK says:

      I am with Mira on this one. What does ketamine do for a clubber?

      • Kathryn says:

        I read a biography on the Club Kids of NYC, one of whom used ketamine as his drug of choice, and for humans it’s a dissociative, so it’s sort of like LSD, in that you hallicunate and trip like crazy but your body like feels numb apparently and you just lay there

    • Brittney says:

      I’ve never done ketamine, but I’m a little surprised at how shocked some of you are by it. People regularly disappeared into K-holes when I was in college (graduated in 2010); it was more common than cocaine and infinitely more common than heroin. I’d choose it over both of those in a heartbeat, too, after comparing the long-term results (or lack thereof). None of my close friends did it, but many, many acquaintances did, and it’s akin to tripping on intense acid. It all depends on your emotional state, but those who gravitate toward it tend to have lots of issues to escape (which in turn intensifies their disconnect from reality). It’s pretty scary watching someone peak, but it’s not nearly as addictive as other, seemingly less crazy drugs.

      That said, this guy is pure sleaze, and I’m only surprised he allowed himself to get caught.

  6. DanaG says:

    Could be all the stories of him hanging around with Lindsay got around and they red flagged him? What sort of idiot tries this anyway? Lindsay hasn’t been that dumb looks like she will need to find a new wallet. He will be busy keeping himself out of jail at least that will make a change for him.

  7. Sarcasmo says:

    I’d say I’m shocked, but I’m really not.

  8. Faye says:

    After associating with Lohan, he’s lucky if the only thing his crotch is full of is drugs.

  9. Mrs. Peacock says:

    He should have hid them betwixt his lovley mantittahs

    • gg says:

      Omg lol

    • Evie says:

      Bwhahahaha! Thanks for the laugh Mrs Peacock

    • The Original Tiffany says:

      Mrs. Peacock, you win at internets today!

      I bow to you.

      That is a lot of drugs. 3 benzos, 3 opiods, and even some horsey meds. I bet you he flew out of the Ft. Lauderdale airport instead of Miami was because he thought the smaller airport would be more lax. I find the opposite to be true. I was at both places in Feb.

      • Izzy says:

        FINALLY, Florida has done something I can be proud of…

      • Brittney says:

        True! It’s way harder to blend in at the smaller airports. I’ve been to both, too, and also compared Gary (IN) and O’Hare (IL). Would never, ever try to smuggle so much as a bottle of lotion past guards who only have to screen a hundred people a day.

      • The Original Tiffany says:

        My home is very close to Ontario Int. and I fly out of LAX a lot. They are 100 times more thorough at Ont. I’ve had them pick apart my bags numerous times. I could probably smuggle an elephant into LAX.

  10. smartyparty says:

    ewwww he is so gross. Can you imagine taking all those drugs? He must be disgusting to be around, being all f***ed up all the time. I hate when someone around me is seriously f***ed up on those kinds of drugs, it makes me feel sick.
    I mean, I am in love with a certain herbal pleasure, but the stuff this guy was packing is just nasty. Is this the kind of thing LL is taking on the reg?! SHEESH!!

  11. bea says:

    He looks strung out.

    Was he trying to get on an international or a domestic flight with those party supplies?

    Maybe he & LiLo can go to “lock down” rehab together!!

  12. Eleonor says:

    Lindsay “friend” arrested for drugs??? Astonishing.

  13. anoneemouse says:

    If this dude is not a US citizen, he should be deported immediately and if they think he is trafficking in drugs, they should confiscate his expensive hotels to detract other people coming in to this country from doing the same. Just MHO.

  14. lower-case deb says:

    i still think that if people who smuggle drugs like him (i.e. not entrapped, not forced, not unknowingly; but brazenly and thought they’re above the law) should be made to eat all the drugs they carry in one sitting as punishment.

  15. elceibeno08 says:

    Uh oh, it looks like Lindsey will have to scratch his name off her lists of Johns. I am pretty sure the Cracken has a back up John to fall back on.

  16. Dana says:

    But they weren’t his pants!

  17. Ellie66 says:

    Yuk he looks sweaty and gross they are perfect for each other! If he is so rich where’s his private plane?

  18. TheyPromisedMeBeer says:

    Awww, Vikram, that’s why next time you call Mr. Pink for a private jet!

    • Bread and Circuses says:

      Hmm. Suddenly I wonder if this is why Lindsay is always skipping out on flights and begging people to loan her their private jet instead.

      “I’ve got an eight-ball shoved up my biscuit! You can’t make me go through security; they have scanners!

      • kixendawn says:

        Very interesting point!

      • Ellie66 says:

        Oh I bet she could get a pharmacy up her biscuit. Lol! But excellent point about her always bumming a ride on private planes. I don’t get this guy why carry all that can’t he just buy more when he gets where he is going? What a idiot!

  19. Nicolette says:

    Ironic that Crackie Fire Crotch’s BF gets caught with a crotch full of drugs isn’t it?

  20. Sam says:

    He’s probably gonna do time by virtue of the fact that it seems like he was dumb enough to not only carry drugs, but carry a sizable amount. In most states, if you have above a certain amount of drugs on you, the law presumes you are a drug dealer and they charge you with trafficking – a serious offense. Lindsay has always been smart enough to never carry more than what she needs, so she’s only ever been popped for possession!

    • ronnie1213 says:

      The only time the words ‘Lindsay has always been smart enough’ were spoken.

      However it is true. This is an entirely different and more serious situation. He was caught with drugs in an airport. Its not like he can pay off EVERYONE involved in this like Lohan pays off her accusers.

    • Sarcasmo says:

      I think she probably ingests what she “needs” and only brings back enough to maintain her high.

  21. Dee Cee says:

    The world has gone mad.. it’s nothing but demonic gossip, cruel shadows of the past and future haunting and oppressive rejection sadness following her.. all her friends and enablers are becoming offensive, selfish, mean, accusing.. she’s strangled by so much injustice and lies.. see’s her talented career value slowly fading away by their often rude and savage ways.

  22. Jada says:

    Where was he flying to with all those drugs? Florida, very close to Brazil.

  23. Madpoe says:

    Enter the Fire Crouch!

  24. fabgrrl says:

    Isn’t this what rich people hire assistants for? To carry their stash?

    I knew a guy who was Dennis Hopper’s personal assistant for a while, and that was part of his job.

  25. TG says:

    Are these federal or State charges? Because the sentencing guidelines for Federal crimes are much tougher and a judge doesn’t have leeway to be lenient and give him rehab. He could be looking at 20 years

    • Sarcasmo says:

      If it’s Federal, it could be 5 years minimum per charge. I’m curious to see what happens with this, as he’s got money to burn.

      • TG says:

        From what I undestand of the Federal Sentencing Guidelines is they are very strict and it does not take into account the fact that you are wealthy or a celeb or other lame things that LA thinks about. There are people serving long sentences for lame drugs like weed. The judge has to follow the guidelines. I am not a lawyer and I could be way off base this is just from working with lawyers and all that ID Channel I love to watch.

  26. WendyNerd says:

    Gross grossness of grossosity. And yes, he is grosser because he was stupid enough to be caught with so many drugs at the fucking airport. Crackie still hasn’t managed to pull of THAT level of dumbassery. Which is actually kind of surprising to me now that I think about it. I can’t believe I’m saying this, but kudos, Crackie.

  27. OhMyMy says:

    Rich john down. Repeat: Rich john down! Enabler emergency!!

    Poor Lindsay. So inconvenient.

    • Sarcasmo says:

      bwahahahahahaha! “Rich John Down!” 😀 But it’s not like she doesn’t have (at minimum) a few others on the line.

      You just know this ruined her whole “coming home from Brasil” thing!

      • Sugar says:

        and I was thinking cochella but she’s got her west coast Johnny Supplier after all she is a *rockstar* with a dealer on crackdial.

  28. Lee says:

    Airports in South Florida conduct far more searches than any other state I’ve flown into. I fly into South Florida about 4 – 5 times a year and I always get searched (the full pat down, etc at the Miami, Fort Lauderdale, and Tampa airports). Other states just don’t seem to search as heavily (CA, NC, VA, SC, AL are other states I’ve flown into a few times).

    For the record – I’m a white girl. I’m not saying racial profiling doesn’t exist (it does), but S. FL just seems heavily into searches.

  29. Izzy says:

    And in related news, absolutely no one is the least bit surprised…

  30. echolocate says:

    This comment isn’t necessarily related to Vikram’s situation, but I have often wondered if Lindsay is treated leniently because she (perhaps selectively) cooperates with authorities pursuing bigger fish.

    It would make sense if Lindsay traded a little information in exchange for better outcomes for herself, and the need to keep the arrangement quiet would mean it wasn’t publicized. Thus, Lindsay is regularly picked up by the cops for her transgressions (giving her a reason to cooperate), and the charges are later dropped, dismissed, or she receives a light sentence.

    The information she provides wouldn’t have to have anything to do with the charges she faces, after all. A young woman who constantly runs afoul of the law would be a gold mine for investigators looking to catch bigger fish.

  31. erika says:

    those pics…puke. and the one w/ her face all..’wacked’ so sad. so gross.

    florida airport? huh…florida is the main hub for flights to SOUTH AMERICA, at least the atlantic ocean side of the continent. maybe he was goinog to brazil perhaps?

    i assume this guy will get jailtime, facts are facts, no matter how rich/fab lawyer you can get.

    maybbe they can go to the same locked down rehab together! how sweet!! they could be roommates!

  32. Alexa says:

    Ugh – I wish this ridiculousness would STOP ALREADY!! With so many truly criminal acts going on every minute – could we just ease up on the severity with which we punish non-violent drug users! If we all look just a little more carefully, we will see that hunger, poverty, and domestic violence is everywhere . . . so we’ve much more immediate problems to concern ourselves with.

    • TG says:

      Really? You think carrying a horse tranquilizer is okay? I agree that carrying a little weed is no big deal but those other drugs are serious and dangerous. There is a lot of violence involved in drugs even if this one person isn’t violent somewhere down the line violence is involved. So you wouldn’t mind having drug dealers in your neighborhood? Hanging around your child’s school?

  33. mar says:

    He is ready to PARTY!

  34. KellyinSeattle says:

    He looks like a real twerp; I’d like to give Lindsay a slap to wake her up, but it wouldn’t work…she’s such a smug person, and it’s tough enough for an addict to admit they are an addict, but she’ll never get there because she thinks she’s better than others just because she’s live…a boyfriend? Please, the girl couldn’t have any kind of relationship with anyone until she cleans up herself.

  35. This Lindsay Lohan “boyfriend” thing is perfect fodder for this quiz I just found:

  36. Sonny says:

    Its his father that is a billionaire not him. His father seems hard working and decent a true immigrant success story. Vikram seem more like a spoilt playboy wannabe.

  37. Carolyn says:

    Anything to do with Lindsay is just exhausting.

    “Mean Girls” was on telly the other night. She was so fresh, vibrant, beautiful & talented way back then. I was shocked at the change to how she is now.

  38. dcypher1 says:

    He has money we all know hes going to pay his way out of jail like all rich people do. Cracken dosent even have dough like him and she always gets a pat on the back just cus shes a white female celebrity. Thats how america works.

  39. Kathryn says:

    I’m sick of the racial profiling commentary, yes it happens but that is not present in this case at ALL. If he was like in a crowd of white guys and was the only one who got picked for a pat down? Yes. This is just a case of a dumbass with a crotch fills of drugs and pocket full of pills. TSA are trained to spot things like this. Also, I think he should be immediately deported. If an American did this in any other country, god knows what would await them…

  40. Maya Memsaab says:

    So, these pictures of him are from 2012? Interesting because he was in a small role in a 2007 Hindi film called ‘Honeymoon Travels Pvt. Ltd’ and he didn’t look anything close to this. Not so gross and shady, anyway. Seems to have gained a LOT of weight since that film, too. Yeah, dude’s clearly been abusing his body.

    Incidentally, he played an American Indian who is gay and comes to India to find a beard through arranged marriage.

  41. Shelly says:

    So Lindsay called up TMZ to tell them she attempted an intervention on Vikram sometime last year. Um, except not really, she just thought about it and didn’t actually do it. Of course. She was probably high off of Vikram’s drug stash when she had the thought and then realized she’d have no more drugs or free housing if she rehabbed him. Not to mention, Lindsay doing an intervention on anyone is just laughable! He might be scum but she is scummier. She would never hang with some older dude unless it was benefitting her in some way.

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