Jim Carrey gives Jenny McCarthy a $50 million trust

In Hollywood, it seems like the biggest, nastiest fights are over money and children. It’s the same way with non-celebrities too, just on a smaller scale. Many stars, actors, singers, celebrities and entertainers go to great lengths to hold on to their slice of the pie at all costs. But not Jim Carrey. At one point in his 20-year-plus career, Carrey was the highest paid actor in the world, making roughly $20 million per film (but probably more if he had a back-end deal, ensuring a percentage of his films’ gross). The twice-married, twice-divorced father of one has probably accumulated between $150-200 million dollars throughout his career, if he saved and spent wisely, making the right investments.

In December 2005, Carrey met Jenny McCarthy, Playboy bunny-turned-autism activist. They’ve been together ever since. McCarthy has given numerous interviews about how Carrey is wonderful with her autistic son, and both Carrey and McCarthy have been very open about their relationship, even appearing together on Oprah. They’ve also talked about how they don’t have any plans to marry, but it’s always seemed like Carrey wouldn’t be opposed to it. Now, there’s further proof that this relationship is in for the long haul. Carrey has made a $50 million trust for McCarthy and her son.

Jim Carrey has vowed to give his longtime girlfriend Jenny McCarthy a financially secure future – after reportedly setting up a $50 million (GBP35 million) trust fund for the actress despite insisting they will never marry.

The actor, 46, has earned an estimated $200 million (GBP140 million) with his blockbuster comedies – and is desperate to make sure 36-year-old McCarthy is set for life.

A source tells Star magazine, “He adores her and credits her with his better health and happier outlook on life. (He) wants her to have all the perks in life should anything happen to him.”

[From Contact Music]

That kind of generosity is so rare. While on Oprah, McCarthy talked about how Carrey was with her autistic son, how patient, how decent and how fatherly he is. This is just further proof that Carrey is beyond amazing – that he would take on the long-term financial challenges of his girlfriend and her autistic son, without any sense of obligation. And by all estimation, this trust is probably about a third of Carrey’s worth. Absolutely amazing. I guess there are some decent men out there.

Jim Carrey and Jenny McCarthy are shown on 12/17/08 at the Yes Man premiere. Credit: Juan Rico/Fame Pictures


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  1. Enonymous says:

    I LOVE THEM as a couple and individuals because they seem like fun people you like to keep as friends. What a beautiful gesture, the way McCarthy talks about Carrey, he seems like a wonderful man and they seem to like a great match. I hope they stay together for a long time.

  2. CeeJay says:

    Heartwarming news. I just hope there are provisions to protect the trust if the couple breaks up. I know, I know, I’m a negative anti-romantic. It’s just that this is such unusual news coming from Hollywierd that I’m having trouble wrapping my mind around it.

  3. devilgirl says:

    Now that’s a decent man. Money isn’t everything, but it shows that he wants to provide even if they don’t work out.

  4. cara says:

    Wouldn’t that be free from tax as well, being in a trust?

    smart man.

  5. Leandra says:

    What about a clause in regards to the trust fund that if they split, the trust is Null and Void? Well why not? Seems fair ..or could give her a much smaller settlement were that to happen. Hey – it’s Hollywood – these things happen all the time.

  6. geronimo says:

    Nice. Sounds like he genuinely appreciates what he has and is committed to caring for Jenny and her/their son unconditionally, regardless of how things pan out.

  7. mamalama says:

    All very happy and nice, but if I may be snarky for a moment…are Jenny and Tori sharing the same bad hair stylist?! They are sporting the same ‘do on today’s page!

  8. Kink says:

    I like these two and I like them even better together. Both having had marriages not work out before, I can understand their fear that it would ruin a good thing. Yes, trust funds are tax free, but there are always stipulations. On a side note, I love her hair like that.

  9. RReedy says:

    Trust funds don’t necessarily produce “tax free income”…..trusts vary. Jenny may be getting the full 50 mill OR she could get an income FROM the 50 MIll. Who knows? But I think it is a great thing to do insure her future comfort whatever that might require as well as her sons’.

  10. Syko says:

    Why did I never date men like that?

  11. Maddon says:

    Isn’t he the same guy who had a fit when his ex wife wanted more child support money for his only kid because (she wanted to take up acting classes and such)
    he didn’t want to pay for it.

  12. Baholicious says:

    She looks like Sheryl Crow in a Jean Harlow wig.

  13. Holly says:

    I like them but seriously, what kind of woman accepts that kind of money? I never could. I guess some women like being kept women.

  14. Bodhi says:

    She has her own money. Its not like she is a gold digger for God’s sake.

    Anyway, I love them together

  15. That IS very generous of him especially considering that that is not even his son. They make a fabulous duo. I’m very happy for them.

  16. Elle says:

    I hope he’s done the same for his other children.

  17. vdantev says:

    That’s about a lifetime’s worth of sex on demand as far as I’m concerned.

  18. Lauri says:

    Wow, Vdantev, I used to enjoy your posts, but your “real” self seems to be seeping out now.

    First you post a lot of ridiculous, sexist nonsense in the comments about Jay Mohr taking his wife’s name, and now you think that Carrey securing the financial future of the woman he loves (and her child) means that she should be be his on-demand prostitute?

    I hope you’ve just been kidding around with your posts lately. I’d hate to think that you–or any other man–really does think that way. Anyone who genuinely feels the way you claim to clearly has issues with women that should be worked out with mental health professional. Normal, secure, stable men don’t think and feel that way about women.

  19. Jinxy says:

    What a kind gesture and it certainly does take money out of the equation in their relationship. It also means he wants to provide for Jenny’s son for life, and that must be a great burden lifted from her.

  20. hatsumomo says:

    Maddon-I think when that happened, he was already paying close to $15,000 a MONTH. Or somewhere around that figure. For a while, he was paying twice what Diddy was paying child support. And his ex was still sueing for more. I thought it was about time he put his foot down to her, is in when most of these cases, the money only goes for the mothers ‘lifestyle’ and not the kid.

  21. bliss says:

    He’s a wonderful man. And such a talented actor! He doesn’t get enough credit for his acting.

  22. MomInNH says:

    Love them both.

  23. Bud M. says:

    I’ve never been an overly big fan of Carrey’s work,(I’ve liked some of his movies however),as a person I’ve always admired him and always thought of him as a good role model. This latest action further validates my opinion of him. Way to go Jim, you are a very honorable man!

  24. Rebecca says:

    I saw yes man the other day, it was better than I thought it would be.

  25. Shay says:

    I don’t blame him for doing that if they don’t plan to marry. God forbid something happen to him even with a will legal fights go on for years eating up what he left.

  26. CB Rawks says:

    Love him.
    Did anyone see him proposing to Jenny on that episode of Ellen? I totally fell for it for a moment, and then I guess it was just them all jerking our chain. 🙂

  27. GimmeABreak says:

    @ Holly…whatever! People who say that have never had anyone offer them $50 million dollars. And probably never will. If anyone ever does, I’ll be happy to accept it for you!!

  28. elisha says:

    I knew someone was going to bring his other children/family. Simple math will tell you there’s still between 100-150 million to give his daughter.

  29. Tanya says:

    He is a funny man.. Love all his movies Fun With Dick and Jane is a funny movie. what a generous man, now that is LOVE.

    All the best with them 🙂

  30. Sleepy says:

    I, too, love this couple: they seem perfect together. I was engaged to my fiance for 6 years and we were perfectly happy with the situation – our marriage was actually prompted by a legal matter so I have no problem with Jim and Jenny not getting married. Oh, our marriage has lasted a loooong time, too (26 years in February), so a long-term commitment-only relationship is perfectly feasible. Other than the legal ties, marriage is truly a societal convention and not necessary for a genuine, committed partnership.

    Some food for thought: the Trust may avoid nasty support wrangling if the relationship dissolves. After all, many State courts now find the “custodial” father figure responsible for support regardless of the biological link between father and child (lots of step-dads and long-term boyfriends must pay support for children they raised but aren’t blood-relations because the men have acted in a “father” capacity for most of the child’s life). Jim may have real love for the child and want to care for him even if he and Jenny don’t stay together. He could also understand the challenges Jenny faces in her career having to cope with an autistic child, along with the cost of caring for the child. Educating autistic children can be astronomically expensive and the medical care is really pricey.

    So, there could be a number of reasons for providing the Trust.

    Also, only a man or a *very* cynical woman would suggest Jenny’s being “kept.” That’s a demeaning and relatively mysoginistic (sp?) way of looking at things.

  31. vdantev says:

    Ah Lauri, humor is till so alien to you.

  32. caroline says:

    I just read this article,, it made me cry,, in good tears,, That is the most non selfish,incredible thing ive heard of anyone doing in a long time,,Jim Carey is one of the funniest men alive,, i hope he makes more comedies like ace ventura i couldnt stop laughing ,, soooo sooooo funny,, god bless you Mr carey,,, love is alive and well.. a true movie fan and admirer caroline in Indiana

  33. yourself says:

    I am glad that he is not a jerk. I read somewhere that he was one of those ‘funny on screen but nasty in real life types’. Like Martin Lawrence. He seems decent.

  34. EvilRed says:

    He’s Canadian. ‘Natch. We’re just born polite and considerate. (Insert tongue in cheek).

  35. Amen, Sleepy.

    Good on those crazy kids. May they grow old on the same pillow.

  36. Autumm Leaves says:

    love them both. wishing them happiness always.

  37. jiggy says:

    Jenny McCarthy blames her child’s autism on the MMR vaccine which is not supported by any real science. While admirable that he would give money to a noble cause, this is likely to end up spreading pseudoscience rather than helping anyone 🙁

  38. h00bdice says:

    This is very interesting to me. I read an interview from Carrey’s ex-wife, Lauren Holly, years back where she lambasted him for being a miser. I recall her saying that immediately after they were married he wanted her to pony up for living expenses – rent, food and such. And, one thing was for sure, her earnings were no where near as lucrative as his were. Interesting. I’m wondering just what exactly this $50M is buying…his name on some hugely, immodest foundation that would seem much more “importy” if someone else sanctioned it on his behalf. Hmmmmmm…

  39. Carl says:

    This makes me sick!!! He should donate 50 million money to people who have no money who are struggling to raise a child with autism. Not to Jenny McCarthy who have made enough money with her BS books that she is pushing down peoples throat’s!!!

  40. MochaNthaMiddle says:

    I used to hate Jim Carrey movies because they were so STUPID and so far out there but I absolutley LOVE them together. I even love him now, knowing what kind of MAN he is.

    You don’t come across men like that everyday!

    Congrats to Jenny and her son for having him in their lives! 🙂

  41. Steve says:

    There have been plenty of comments posted here about JMcC’s dangerously misinformed anti-vaccination stance, until they are taken down by the moderator (leaving only the neatsy keen comments about what a cute couple they are). Protect our children – stop Jenny McCarthy – and keep posting those skeptical comments. At least we can educate the moderator!

  42. Ann says:

    I think his daughter Jane hate them!!!

  43. KER says:


  44. jim says:

    he should donate the $ to salvation army or something. not like jenny mccarthy is hurting financially.