Samantha and Lindsay start 2009 with another airplane argument

Hollywood’s most publicly volatile duo, Samantha Ronson and Lindsay Lohan, managed to kick off the new year with another airline blowout. Witnesses say that Lohan was seen on a return flight home from Miami to Los Angeles yesterday in hysterics, to the point that airline staff asked if she wanted to disembark.

2009 didn’t start out well for Lindsay Lohan and Samantha Ronson. Our airport spies say they got into another nuclear fight — this time at Miami International Airport.

We’re told it started in the American Airlines Admirals Club. Once on the plane, as one person put it, “Lindsay was so inconsolable the flight attendants asked if she’d like to disembark.”

We’re told there was lots of crying, tears, etc.

It comes a few weeks after another epic fight Lindsay and Sam had at Sam’s Hollywood Hills home. The screaming (and glass-crashing) was so loud it kept neighbors up.


Meanwhile, In Touch is reporting that Sam’s relationship with Lindsay is the direct reason she was admitted to the hospital for exhaustion just before Christmas.

“Their constant fighting fighting stresses Sam out,” says one pal. “One minute they’re screaming at each other, and the next they are kissing and making up. They are so co-dependent.”

What’s more, the pal says, Sam’s eating and sleeping habits have gotten worse since she’s been with Lindsay: “They are out almost every night. Sam never ate much to begin with, but but it seems like now all she eats is junk and Red Bull. We saw them recently in New York, and Sam looked like she hadn’t eaten or slept in days. She has circles under her eyes and has lost so much weight.”

[From In Touch print version, Jan. 12, 2009]

I do feel badly for Sam, but let’s be honest: she is not a child. She’s 31 years old and is free to walk away from the unpleasant chaos at any time if she wants to. I can’t help but believe that Lindsay Lohan as a girlfriend, friend, or otherwise is an absolute nightmare to deal with – but it’s not like Sam didn’t know this from day one. And then there’s the insanity of the entire Lohan clan, from Dina and Michael on down. But Ronson is getting paid between $25,000 and $50,000 per night to DJ at clubs all over the place- no doubt because these club owners know that Lohan will most likely show up too. And if the two women have a vicious lovers’ spat that fuels tabloid mention of that club, all the better. That’s a lot of money for a few hours of playing CDs. I would have a hard time walking away from that. But then again, if the price I had to pay was non stop dramatics and hysterical screaming, perhaps working as a clerk in a record store somewhere might be a little more appealing.

Lindsay Lohan and Samantha Ronson are shown at club Mansion in Miami on New Year’s Eve. Credit: Johnny Louis/WENN. Lohan is also shown on the red carpet that night. Credit: Mavrixonline.

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  1. KDRockstar says:

    If Sam is “working,” why is LiLo there? Or is that the only way she gets DJ gigs?

    Anyway, I’ve got a fiver that they’ll be over by March, with LiLo back to the other side of the bi-fence.

  2. Kate says:

    Lindsay needs to grow up already.Samantha loves her and feels very protective of her,Samantha has money,she always had money./I cant help but believe if Lindsay continues like that Samantha will drop her.

  3. CeeJay says:

    Drugs, alcohol and hang-overs. Nuff said.

  4. rohan fan says:

    it seems like tmz has been “breaking” these exclusives every week, but have nothing except the word of spies to support it. Inside their house – fine, no audio/visual, but in a public airport? Besides, what tmz spies could get into the admiral club and get reports from the plane crew? Hmmm…sounds to me more like someone in aisle c seat 3 wanted to find some cash to pay off their Christmas credit cards and found the suckers to pay them!!!

  5. Kink says:

    I think that people who wrap themselves up with “celebrities” do so for a reason, they just have no true idea what they are really getting into. Then they spend so long in denial, the outcome just ends up worse. It is hard for me to see most of these people with feelings, because they tend to treat everyone around them like “fans” instead of like people they care about themselves. They view everyone as “replaceable”, and are really the worst kind of users and abusers because they never appreciate anyone or anything. There are few exceptions, but these two aren’t it.

  6. MSat says: has posted video of Lindsay yelling at Sam while she’s in the DJ booth on New Year’s Eve.

  7. Heather says:

    On a different note- I like that Lindsay is “all natural” in the chest department, but the woman’s got to invest in a bra. That low-cut dress really highlights the sagginess of her girls. Not flattering!

  8. Syko says:

    Heather, I was thinking the same – the girls are getting pretty long and saggy.

  9. Baholicious says:

    There’s a reason for the stereotype of lesbian relationships being really clingy and co-dependent.

  10. aleach says:

    im pretty sure that addicts learn in rehab or NA that its not a good idea to jump into a relationship the moment that you get “sober”. its like another addiction, being so dependent on eachother.
    not that i believe she’s sober!

  11. Bodhi says:

    This is going to end badly

  12. Zoe says:

    oh, I just thought she had a really natural-looking boob job, no?

  13. Claire says:

    I have to agree with ‘rohan fan’ – how come TMZ is the only ‘so called gossip’ site that gets these stories – they never have real evidence and no one else can find where the stories come from or any ‘eye-witnesses’ to corroborate them….if you look at all the versions of this story they all only quote TMZ. Leads me to think this is all utter crap.
    As for the video – you really can’t tell anything and the guy shrugging his shoulders may be doing just that to not being able to hear what they are saying…we all know how many people will make up a story for a few bucks, and lets face it Lindsay and Samantha stories probably get the most money and least amount of scrutiny.
    When Samantha has reacted to these types of stories, she has always been able to prove them wrong, but I guess that is not so easy in this case although the pictures from Mansion seem to show a loving couple, and I don’t think Samantha would depict that unless it were true…she doesn’t strike me as that kind of person, anyway I wish them the best for 2009 and hope they go from strength to strength and give the gossips no reason to write about them except for the wedding photos.

  14. look at you. all naked up under that dress. you’re lucky i wasn’t there, or you’d have to explain that wet spot on the floor, and that white creamy stuff dripping down your pretty freckled legs.

  15. Codzilla says:

    Why does she have the tits of a 90-year-old?

    Herman: You’ve likely just described the everyday state of Lindsay’s nether regions. Too many STDs stockpiled under one roof.

  16. vdantev says:

    Djing is not a real job. Period. I don’t are what anyone says. If you waste money having someone else play your stereo for you, you are crippled mentally and need to be put into a home.

  17. Shona says:

    Well going to a club to dance in front of a stereo rather than a live DJ isn’t really that entertaining I imagine.

  18. Linda says:

    Why doesn’t anyone care that samantha ronson looks like Miss Hathaway from the Beverly Hillbillies. Only Miss Hathaway knew how to dress.

  19. Sally says:

    What is wrong with Lindsay’s hair? It looks horrendous. Sam looks more attractive, at least she looks clean and isn’t smothered in trashy pink lipstick…