Taylor Swift and Joe Jonas spend awkward New Year’s Eve in NYC

Teen country singer Taylor Swift and one of the Jonas Brothers, Joe- the really girly-looking one with the flat-ironed hair, if that helps you distinguish – had a short lived romance last year that ended, according to Swift, with a 27-second phone call from Joe. Since then, Joe has been spotted out with actress Camilla Belle, while Taylor has been openly nursing a broken heart. So you can imagine how uncomfortable it had to be for both of them to be booked as entertainment for Dick Clark’s New Year’s Eve special, live from Times Square. Sources say that both Joe and Taylor did their best to avoid each other all night, but then came the inevitable countdown to midnight, when Taylor, the Jonas Brothers and Ryan Seacrest were all standing together on the broadcast platform, watching the ball drop. Joe coped with the situation by mugging for the camera, while Taylor looked like she wanted to disappear.

JONAS BROTHERS star JOE JONAS and his ex, TAYLOR SWIFT, added to the big chill in New York on New Year’s Eve (31Dec08) when they found themselves on the same stage just before midnight.
The Jonas Brothers had just performed as part of Dick Clark’s New Year’s Rockin’ Eve with Ryan Seacrest when they were pulled up onstage with the TV spectacular’s host to discuss the night’s chilly temperatures and ring in 2009.

As the ball dropped on Times Square, revellers faced a freezing 19 degrees with a windchill of two – but it was even colder onstage as Swift and Jonas attempted to make the most of their end-of-year (08) face-off.
Bitter Swift recently revealed her ex broke off the couple’s 2008 romance in a 25-second phone call.
The former couple refused to make eye contact as they stood at opposite ends of the stage, but they shared a brief hug in the early seconds of 2009 as fans celebrated the New Year.

Swift admitted she was stunned by her first New Year’s celebration in New York: “I have never seen anything like this in my life. This is life changing.”

[From Contact Music]

I watched the live special, and I didn’t see any hugs between these two. Maybe it happened off camera. The only thing more uncomfortable about this broadcast than the tension between these two kids was poor Dick Clark struggling to read the cue cards. I love Dick Clark, and his name is pretty much the definitive when it comes to New Year’s Eve specials, but it is very difficult and depressing to see him in such rough shape due to his stroke.

Here’s the countdown featuring Taylor Swift and the Jonas Brothers:

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  1. Baholicious says:

    Can we call this one the Copperfield Jonas?

    I don’t know about Dick Clark on a personal level, but one can’t dispute that he’s an American Icon.

  2. Christina Bledsoe says:

    I watched this the whole time feeling so bad for Dick Clark. I know he isn’t going to live forever and I for one will be devastated when he passes. Dick Clark and New Year go hand in hand.

  3. Alison says:

    Dick Clark is a rotten, soul-less nothing. It’s unfortunate no one remembers Bowling For Colombine……

  4. Baholicious says:

    @Alison: Oh, I do remember it but Michael Moore can manipulate information too. That’s why I said I wasn’t sure how I felt about him on a personal level. Just because he owns these restaurants doesn’t mean he’s aware of how they’re being run, as long as they’re making money. There again, Hitler had the same attitude in his management style.

  5. Cari says:

    Well I’m glad I wasn’t the only one who noticed the tension in the air during that time with Taylor and Joe (and yeah, I cannot for the life of me differentiate between which one is which). I’m not even going to get into how lousy the brothers sounded when they were singing.

    And my husband and I both think that Dick Clark is either in a state of denial about how he comes across or he knows and he isn’t willing to give it up just yet.

    The parts of the show that I caught were uncomfortable to watch but I grew up watching it so I’ll still watch it as long as Dick Clark is around. Ryan Seacrest sucks though as a replacement.

  6. Persistent Cat says:

    I thought it was nice to see Dick Clark. Just because he had a stroke doesn’t mean he should be hidden away.

    Refresh me please on the Bowling for Columbine thing.

  7. rbsesq says:

    I like Taylor Swift. She’s cute. She’s talented. However, she was very childish and immature with the whole situation. So the guy broke up with your over the phone. You were together for like FIVE MINUTES! In her defense, she is only 18, but she acted like a 12 year old. Her manager should have put a muzzle on her. It’s a tough world kiddo, and if some one hit wonder like Joe Jonas breaking up with you devestates you like that, you have a rough road ahead.

  8. very awkward….yikes

  9. RAN says:

    Probably one of the more awkward moments I’ve seen on television for the last year or so. I actually felt sorry for the girl.

    Dick Clark… ahh… he’s an icon, but it’s time for him to hang it up. Watching him struggle through each of his speaking sequences almost ruined the countdown for me. It was just too… I don’t know… difficult to watch when we should all be celebrating a fresh and new New Year. I know that sounds selfish and self serving, but, dear Mr. Clark, time to consider watching the ball drop from home.

  10. Kink says:

    I am so glad someone finally said something! Watching Dick Clark was just awful….I just had to change the channel every time he started trying to talk. Seriously, who thought this was a good idea? Just let Seacrest have it already you Dick…sheeesh!
    I like Taylor, I HATE the Jonai. Those little boy-whores suck, in every way imaginable. I think Taylor showed maturity in going through with her obligation, good for her. The little boy-whore could have been more cordial considering what he did, but I guess being a little prick is all he knows. Did I mention I hate them? I do, I soooo really, REALLY do.

  11. vdantev says:

    If she wanted to date a girl, why didn’t she just go ahead and do it instead of wasting energy on little Fruitypants? ?

  12. John Fullerton says:

    All the Jonas Brothers look gay but Joe is the gayest. These guys have aboslultely no talent, they must have a great manager!!!

  13. John Fullerton says:

    Joe Jonas and the rest of the “boy” are talentless.

  14. Nancy says:

    I agree joe is a never was and Taylor direves better. Dick Clark will only live so long let him enjoy it as his last wish. His time is short he might as well enjoy it.

  15. Kat says:

    Joe Jonas is a no talent idiot. He brought all this on himself, by breaking up by a 25 second phone call. He and Taylor, probably could have remained friends if he would of broken it off the right way. You just don’t treat a lady that way. What a coward.

  16. Dawn says:

    That was pretty awkward. Joe at least had his brothers and Best friend there(demi lovato)she was just standing there. I don’t like her(her voice is weak and has no range…Joe has more of a range)but I almost felt bad for her

  17. Lila says:

    awkward for all involved. can only imagine how ridiculous Lionel R must’ve felt.

  18. Vern says:

    Can’t say anything about Dick Clark personally, don’t know what’s going on there. But I can say watching his heart monitor go beep will be more interesting than anything Seacrust ever does.

  19. pak31 says:

    Wow, I am not a Jonas Bros. groupie but I certainly wouldn’t call them talentless. They did sound bad on the New Years Eve show, but I don’t think it’s right to make fun of them. Unless you are perfect and have done everything exactly right in life. Name calling and put downs are the sign of major immaturity and ingnorance. As for Dick Clark, don’t know about him personally much but it was shocking to see him on t.v. He did look awful. For years, the guy never seemed to age, now he’s old. He’s done this forever though, how can you take that away from him if he still wants to do it?

  20. Joanne says:

    I have 2 daughters who love the Jonas Brothers so I taped it. Listen to it over and over and am I THE ONLY PERSON who heard Joe DIS Taylor while they were singing their new song? I can not believe this went un noticed.