Kate Winslet says she doesn’t get the “craziness for being skinny”

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Unlike Gwyneth Paltrow’s extreme attitude towards weight control, Kate Winslet has a relaxed and much healthier way of keeping her body in shape. According to a recent interview in Elle, Kate says she doesn’t even go to the gym. Instead, she spends twenty minutes a day doing a pilates DVD, and doesn’t get too crazy with what she eats. And the actress says she genuinely doesn’t understand all the body obsession in Hollywood.

Forget trainers and two-hour gym workouts. Kate Winslet has another secret to her movie-star figure: 20 minutes and a DVD. Winslet, who at 33 is a slim size 6 (UK size 10), tells the UK edition of Elle that “I don’t go to the gym because I don’t have time, but I do Pilates workout DVDs for 20 minutes or more every day at home.”

And, Winslet says, she’s been the same since she had her second child, Joe, five years ago. “I still don’t believe this craziness for being skinny, but I eat sensibly and I don’t stuff down chocolate biscuits,” she tells the magazine in its February edition.

Despite a set of stunning, sexy shots in Elle that show off her body, she is modest about her shape, calling herself “pretty average.” She adds, “I have cellulite, I have a rumply tummy and my boobs have dropped. I did think that post-kids, my sex scenes days were over.”

Far from it. Both her current movies – Revolutionary Road, directed by her second husband Sam Mendes, 43, and costarring Leonardo DiCaprio, and The Reader – contain sex scenes.

[From People]

Kate’s attitude sounds a lot better than other people’s extremes. The press – especially the British press – has always been obsessed with documenting her weight. She’s gone through periods of being a bit heavier than she is now, but Kate’s never been anything close to fat. And she’s been steadfast in her refusal to diet or go to any kind of extreme measures to conform to other people’s ideas of what her body should be. Clearly her focus is on health, not on weight.

Here’s Kate (with Leonardo DiCaprio and husband Sam Mendes) at the Los Angeles premiere of ‘Revolutionary Road’ on December 12th. Images thanks to WENN.

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  1. Alison says:

    I love her, but if she didn’t get it and didn’t care, why the heck has she spray tanned and squeezed herself into that dress and why is her body so different from her early days? Yet – I still love her and think she is incredible. I just hate the PR crap/nonsense.

  2. Zoe says:

    OMG Alison, that’s exactly what I was thinking. She looks totally different than before and although these pics don’t show it, in her recent pics, she looks spray-tanned, blonder and skinny, just like all the others in Hollywood.

    I love her, but I think she doth protest too much, no?

  3. vdantev says:

    Heard this before about 50 times now. She’s gorgeous the way she is, yeah we get it. The bottle tan doesn’t mesh with her “don’t change yourself for Hollywood” attitude however.

  4. Lauri says:

    Ah, I think you all are just jealous. So what if she has a spray tan? What’s that got to do with the topic? Not a thing. Next you’ll be saying she should give up wearing make up, too. Nonsense.

    There’s no reason she (or any woman) shouldn’t try to look her best. Good for her for not falling into that super-skinny mindset that looks so unhealthy and unattractive (such as the absolutely hideous Keira Knightley…ugh!). Her body is different than a few years ago? Well, she has matured and had two children…that’ll change a woman’s body, believe it or not. As for the comment about her dress…I just wish I could pull off something that sexy.

    She looks like a real woman, not some anorexic lollipop head.

  5. jennifer says:

    I love Kate Winslet. But this “I don’t get the skinny thing” is bullshit. Didn’t she wittle herself down to about 100 pounds post-Titanic? Granted she was much younger & therefore dumber, but still.

    Hopefully these kind of statements come from learning experiences and growth, meaning she no LONGER cares about being skinny, and not her trying to sound all “rah rah!” or whatever.

    Still absolutely love her though… ;0)

  6. CH says:

    She “doesn’t get the craziness of being skinny”… what.. now that she is skinny?! Looks like shes been dieting like crazy to get there to me!

  7. Granger says:

    Love Kate, but I must admit, I find it hard to believe she stays so slim by only doing 20 minutes of pilates a day.

  8. jaclyn says:

    Kate is so much more relaxed than Gwyneth too, which definitely makes a difference in weight management. I think the more relaxed and at ease you are with yourself, the easier it is to lose and maintain weight.

  9. jaclyn says:

    Kate is so much more relaxed than Gwyneth too, which definitely makes a difference in weight management. I think the more relaxed and at ease you are with yourself, the easier it is to lose and maintain a healthy weight.

  10. jaclyn says:

    ahhh, sorry for overposting! computer problems!

  11. Wif says:

    And she’s had work done on her boobs too. Look at the way the curve back in at the top where the dress pushes it up. I’ve never seen an honest set of hooters do that. I like her, but I don’t think she’s 100% honest about how she achieves her look.

  12. Aspen says:

    I don’t understand how primping up and looking your best and really going the whole 9 for an event negates a claim of being relaxed about body image.

    I don’t look the same at weddings or formal events as I tend to do when I’m at the commissary. It’s harsh to judge a woman’s statements based on how she looks at a red carpet event.

    She’s NOT as skinny as the other Hollywood ladies. She’s NOT had extensive work done on her face. Pictures taken of her out and about are generally of a very casually-dressed and understated woman.

    So….yeah, rip her to shreds when you find her dressed like this on a Tuesday afternoon running errands. But these are pictures of a premiere. Give her a break.

    All women lift, tuck, tweeze, wax, spray, and spackle for events like this.

  13. Kelly says:

    @ Aspen…My thoughts exactly.

  14. Christina X says:

    Y’know, not everyone f-king distributes like Kate Winslet does.

    I don’t have curves. I AM FAT.

    Men only like two different kinds of women- curvy ones or thin ones. Men who like fat chicks like me are likened to weirdos with foot fetishes.

    Maybe if Kate Winslet wasn’t blessed with a beautiful body, she’d understand, but she clearly doesn’t get it.

    Try being realistically hideous and “not understanding” the need to be thin.

  15. breederina says:

    Don’t get the craziness for being skinny? It’s probably like the craziness for being blonde. You are a great actress Ms. Winslett but time to give it a rest.

  16. Anna says:

    Wif: I find Kate’s comment also slightly hypocritical, given her current figure. She’s not skinny, but she is by no means “pretty average” or as curvy as she says she is. She slimmed down a lot after her Titanic years and in recent times, it’s really gone down again. However, she definitely hasn’t had a boob job. It’s the dress that hugs her just right and who knows what artifices she is hiding underneath it. There are actresses who wear these full-torso girdles to every photo-op where they need to look more than perfect. It’s quite possible she’s wearing one of those. And if you look at any of her recent more nude pictures, you can see she has natural breasts.

    I think Kate looks amazing in those pictures, though I did like her better with a bit more meat on her bones and with tresses that don’t have that extreme California blonde.

  17. mark says:

    She’s beautiful, sexy and gorgeous.

  18. PJ says:

    The super-slim female body has been fashionable ever since the advent of breast implants made it possible.

    Today’s skinny bodies with very large breasts cannot be achieved naturally (imagine what Angelina Jolie’s stick-thin body would look like without implants!); they are essential to achieving the look.

    Stars like Marilyn Monroe would be considered fat by today’s standards.

  19. pixiegirl says:

    Few people are ‘blessed’ with a nice figure. Many people actually do some kind of work for it, as I suspect she does.

    It is nice to hear constant opposition to ‘skinny’ hollywierd, though. I say keep the criticism coming – I’ll NEVER get sick of that. Nor will I EVER want to look like Gwyneth.

  20. She walks a fine line between “enlightened” and “hypocritical”, but DAMN does she look good strutin’ it.

  21. Ned says:

    She is hypocritical as they can get.

    If she wants to look like another bleached blond- spray-tanned- dieting who shrinked from what she was most of her life- that is fine.

    But don’t pretend to be something different, and don’t pretend not to do those very same things.

    Same with regard to her wearing fur.
    She can wear fur – but don’t claim to be against it and then wear it for a glamourous photo-shoot.

  22. lilirose says:

    I agree with you Ned.I use to like Kate winslet, the last 2 years she changed drastically…she used to be against botox but recently her forehead looks frozen as hell. Not to mention the fillers in her cheeks, the dieting to follow hollywood standarts, the bleaching of her hair etc..
    I cannot stand hypocrisy!
    I admire Toni collette Judy dench,helen Mirren for not following the trends in hollywood I will add susan sarandon and Merryl streep! All of these are amazing actresses to me.

  23. cassie says:

    While she’s not ridiculously thin, I’ve never understood the assertion that Kate Winslet is the poster girl for “thickness.” I’ve heard, on multiple accounts, people call her a “plus sized actor”.
    She’s got a more rocking body than most people I’ve seen in real life.

  24. Alexa says:

    Christina X:
    GREAT COMMENTS! I appreciate the points you made and identify with them completely.

  25. Geekluva80 says:

    “Y’know, not everyone f-king distributes like Kate Winslet does.

    I don’t have curves. I AM FAT.

    Men only like two different kinds of women- curvy ones or thin ones. Men who like fat chicks like me are likened to weirdos with foot fetishes.

    Maybe if Kate Winslet wasn’t blessed with a beautiful body, she’d understand, but she clearly doesn’t get it.

    Try being realistically hideous and “not understanding” the need to be thin.”

    Think of it this way, it’s all in how You see Yourself.
    Don’t compare yourself with all the other people who are not you.
    I compared myself against my mother for years and it was very detrimental. And I love my mother dearly, but she’s an anomaly. 4 feet 9 inches & never weighed more then 100 pounds unless she was pregnant. Three children and has absolutly no stretch marks. At 10 I thought I was huge.
    We are all different for a reason. You’ve gotta love yourself first. All of it.

  26. Geekluva80 says:

    *edit* I think Kate is beautiful in these pictures.

  27. lilirose says:

    I think kate look like every other hollywood actresses…she was more real in Titanic.

  28. andy may says:

    i adore her, and i agree that her voicing her stance against fad dieting is a great thing. i can’t believe that people ever called her fat, but i do see how she’s slowly matured into a woman’s body, rather than a young lady’s. see her in “heavenly creatures” and you’ll see that she is still very close to the same size as she was then. baby fat does slowly go as we age, i don’t think that should be held as her being a hypocrite.

    people! she’s just asserting that with sensible eating and a “no yo-yo” diet you can stay as fit as your body should be without all the stress about micromanaging your body’s shape and nit-picking yourself! plus, “20 minutes or more” somehow got dropped to “20 minutes” which is reader comprehension not kate being a hypocrite.

  29. Aspen says:

    Well, I am not fat. I am, however, curvy. There IS a middle ground. There is a healthy place between dangerous excess and dangerous deprivation. My middle ground is hard come by. It’s not because I distribute well. I have huge knockers and German hips. Trust me. I don’t distribute well. I’m healthy because I bust my ass to be so.

    Kate Winslet is a woman who has always lived in that healthy medium during her film career. She obviously feeds herself, but she clearly works out and watches what she eats…because look at her. I’m not as slender as she is, but I work hard to keep myself on the right side of too heavy…so I’m pretty sure she works at LEAST as hard as I do.

    Her POINT is that we have wonder bras, spa facials, supportive undergarments, control top panty-hose, miraculous firming creams, and–in her tax bracket–the best hair, makeup, and wardrobe that money can buy.

    All these things are available to women as an alternative to surgery and anorexic eating habits. She doesn’t “get” women who use surgery to stave off aging and who live their entire lives fearing food. I’ve never heard her say anything that contradicts her lifestyle.

    She’s not a hypocrite just because she isn’t fat and she looks good in a little black dress at a premiere. I swear, the comments I see about this woman are basically saying that unless she shows up in torn sweats looking like a bag lady, then she’s a lying liar with flaming pants.

    I find her refreshing.

  30. Sickitten says:

    Ned is right. She is saying one thing and then doing another. I just died when I saw topless photos of her on this site. NSFW.


  31. HANNAH says:

    Was that Kate Winslet herself??? OMG I almost could’nt recognize her… She looks so different indeed. I think the last time I had a look at her was after her movie next to TITANIC (I forgot the title… And I was so surprised to find out that she has changed a lot physically. By the way, she is in Hollywood, and it’s very normal for a celeb to make such a move like that. Well, she still is beautiful and she will always be beautiful….

  32. HANNAH says:

    @sickkitten, was that really her??? How come she looks so different and old there…

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