Star: Kris Jenner is an alcoholic, Bruce told the kids he’s going to file for divorce

I was in CVS yesterday buying some deep conditioning treatment (sidenote: I may have to switch my hair dye to henna, my hair is beat from Clairol) when I saw the new cover of Star, above. At first I wondered if it was new, because my local CVS gets behind with the tabloids, but I realized I would have remembered it, since it’s genuis. This photo is great, right? Plus it’s on Star, not In Touch, which has run several variations of the “Kris Jenner is a monster” cover. They’ve even done this drunk angle before, and Star must have realized it was working for In Touch so they’re on the bandwagon too. (They also jumped on the “Kim Kardashian pregnancy weight gain” train last week, but In Touch did it first!)

The story inside doesn’t sound entirely new, we’ve heard most of it before, about how Kris drinks in the middle of the day, and how Khloe recorded a video of her mom drunk at a basketball game with the message “My mom is f’king drunk. What else is new?” We’ve also heard that her marriage to Bruce Jenner is on the rocks and that divorce is imminent. Only Star claims that Bruce is ready to file papers and that he’s announced it to their kids.

The Kardashian-Jenner clan spent Easter together as a family this year… but after the festivities, when Kris stepped out for a breather, Bruce gathered the rest of the family for a bombshell of a meeting. He told them he’s divorcing their mom – and already has an attorney drawing up the papers.

“He said he wanted the children to hear it from him and understand why he was doing it,” says a source close to the former Olympian. “He’s so tired of living a lie. Bruce feels like he and Kris don’t even know each other anymore; he compares them to complete strangers living under the same roof.”

After the announcement, Bruce, 65, asked [the kids]… to keep his plans a secret for the time being. But Kris, 57, found out anyway. “Bruce feared her reaction would be bad, and he was right,” the insider reports. She told him she’d make his life a living hell, then packed her suitcase and stormed out in tears…”

“Everyone but Rob was receptive and supportive,” explains the insider. “The whole family was slamming Kris. They’re all thrilled that Bruce is finally filing the papers…”

“The girls have turned their backs on Kris, but Rob couldn’t do it,” the insider adds. “He called his mom and told her that Bruce is filing for divorce – and that the rest of the family is taking Bruce’s side. Kris lost it. She bawled to Rob about how she is all alone now, and Rob told her she would always have him…”

“Kris confronted Bruce – she had been drinking martinis, and she started screaming, calling him a spineless loser for going behind her back. Bruce called her a drunk and said she’s so self-absorbed that she doesn’t know how to love anymore.

“Kris brought up the deal they made about staying together for the sake of their TV show, but Bruce said he’s done pretending,” the source continues. “He straight up said he’d rather be broke and homeless than live another day with her.”

[From Star Magazine, print edition, April 22, 2013]

I don’t see Bruce filing for divorce and standing up for himself finally, he’s put up with this sh*t for over 20 years. Does it sound cruel of me to say I hope this is true though? I would love another Kardashian divorce. They’re not a “normal” family that you should root for, but I know I’m going to hell anyway.

Meanwhile, In Touch has released a collector’s edition of the “Kardashian” diaries, which are the journals of the late Robert Kardashian (Kris’ ex and Kim, Kourtney and allegedly Khloe’s father). These were released by his widow, Ellen Kardashian, who has been selling bits and pieces to In Touch for months now. As we’ve heard, the journals detail how Kris was cheating on Robert with a young, kept lover, and how she alternately ignored her kids and abused them when they were young. Ellen continues to dish the dirt about the Kardashians, and has new interviews on Radar Online too. The Kardashians are currently suing Ellen for copyright infringement, claiming that she doesn’t have the legal right to the journals. Ellen claims that Robert left them to her.

Update: of course Kris has denied all this in an overly wordy statement.

Kris Jenner is shown on April 11, April 7 with Kim and with Rob and his socks on March 16. Bruce Jenner is shown on April 6 with Brody. Bruce needs some bangs, his face looks crazy. Credit: and FameFlynet

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  1. brin says:

    I’m with you, CB…I hope it’s true and I don’t think it’s cruel either. This woman is a monster (and a fame wh0re).

  2. Lucy says:

    She’s a vile disgusting woman who raised a bunch of vapid famewhores and is now trying to pimp her underage daughters, Bruce is an idiot who should file for divorce and seek sole custody of the two girls, if he did so they might have a chance at growing up with an education and not becoming the second generation of Hollywood trash

  3. aims says:

    Nobody would blame him if this is true. This isn’t a normal family, it’s a company. Very cold and run like a machine

  4. GossipG says:

    Preach Starr: its like ima going to church,&its not even Sunday…

  5. Jag says:

    I hope it’s true. As for hair coloring, check out Natural Instincts, which is less harsh.

  6. Lizzie K says:

    I hope it’s true too! And how bad can hell be? Amy Poehler will be there.

  7. dorothy says:

    Bruce should have left years ago before Kris infected the girls with her famewhoring and anything-for-a-buck attitude. It’s a pathetic way to live. I’m rooting for Bruce to get out of this mess. Would love to see Kris and her mini me, Kim’s celebrity world crumble.

    • JenD says:

      He should have left years ago, before he got sucked into the family’s tendency for plastic surgery. He looks like a caricature.

  8. Green is Good says:

    How great would it be if Pimp Mama K had to pay Bruce alimony? Ha ha!

  9. Katie says:

    I hate myself for finding Brody Jenner attractive.

    Topic: I doubt Bruce will file for divorce. I’ve only seen a few episodes of their show, but I think he’s in this scheme deep, and the divorce proceedings would go on forever. Kim and Kris Humphries have been dragging their divorce out as long as they can, and their marriage lasted what? Less than 4 months?

  10. Tasha says:

    The Kardashian clan are on the cover of OK, Star and InTouch magazine coincidence I think not.

    All these stories are coming straight from Mama K her self.

  11. lem says:

    Fair warning on using Henna:
    My henna was a mahogany but it had indigo in it as well. When the salon went to lighten my hair, it turned green. That shit does NOT come out. At all. In the least. You have to let it grow out. It’s also incredibly difficult to get even color with henna and I cannot imagine how you would do the roots only (it’s like mud and not exactly easy to work with) so you don’t layer the color.

    • G. says:

      I dyed my hair straight violet/indigo and the same thing happened to me. You can’t get it out and you definitely can’t go lighter. I’m stuck with black hair until it all grows out.

    • pamspam says:

      My understanding is that henna has some metals in it, and that can cause a bad reaction when you go back to coloring it. Just be careful!

    • erin says:

      ladies!! try Surya Brasil henna. kind of random but I am actually dyeing it as I type this. their products (no, I don’t work for them!) are actually all natural and really make my hair shiny and soft afterwards. they have a pre-mixed cream that goes on so nice and you can store what you don’t use. they have a bunch of colors, give it a try!

    • Leen says:

      Depends on what henna you use. I always henna my hair, but I get mine from the the markets here so it’s pure henna powder (the paste always has additives). Pre-mixed henna tends to have extra additives and stuff which can cause a bad reaction… anyway I DIY my henna and mix it with tea (and eggs sometimes, and i leave it in for 6-8 hours). No bad reaction so far and it’s more natural.

      I think the best thing is to find a spice shop or an international souk to get pure henna and do it yourself. Salon hennas are pretty bad from what I heard (and nothing beats the natural one).

    • tifzlan says:

      I decided to henna my hair slightly brown because i can’t use hair dyes. It has turned out absolutely gorgeous. The henna becomes richer in color with time, and my hair looks better now than when i first put the henna in. Of course, i didn’t do it by myself because i would’ve probably butchered my head. But it wasn’t as expensive as getting my hair dyed would’ve been, and i’m very happy with how it came out.

  12. Dani says:

    OF COURSE Rob will stick with her. He’s the only unsuccessful Kardashian/Jenner. He and his sock line aint going no where.

  13. Murphy says:


    • Brie says:

      TEAM KRIS, without her this family would be broke and forgotten. I wish I had mother like her.

      • Bridget says:

        Bruce was actually a really successful motivational speaker, as he is also an Olympic gold mentalist. Because like PMK would have married someone broke!

    • Maggie says:

      That was actually kind of funny.

  14. Talie says:

    “…Rob told her she would always have him…”

    The one who makes her the least money? I’m sure that was comforting.

  15. oh snap! says:

    ANYTHING this family does I feel is a stunt. somehow to make their show continue and the money coming in…sorry but Bruce has been in on it from DAY 1. remember the house they lived in from the first season of KUWTK?modest and warm. now they all live in cold massive mansions. This is what they all signed up for and selling your soul will always come with a price. everything will unravel on them. and for the world to see…I hate to sound so sinister but it’s the truth.

  16. Lauren says:


    Try using the salon brand “Satin” for hair dye (purchase at KB Beauty supply, Sallys Beauty Suppy or online). They have many colors to choose from, plus hair swatches for samples. You’ll need that plus a developer; there’s different volumes but you can just ask a sales associate depending on what color you want to go. The dye is very gentle, leaves hair feeling unbelievably soft. I’ve also found that the best leave-in conditioner is loreal natures therapy in a pale yellow container with a green lid. After dying your hair, saturate your hair with the condition (and mix in a little Argan oil; olive oil (heated) will work too) leave on with a shower cap. You can sit under a blow dryer or just go about your business. Repeat this treatment about once a week. I have very long curly hair that’s been dyed (to death) and flat ironed beyond scared straight. This has brought life back to my mane.

  17. karmasabiatch! says:

    I feel like I’m a pretty compassionate person, but no violins for Pimp Mama Kris.

    Anyone who would whore out her own daughters’s sex tape, and all of the incredible parental negligence in between, deserves anything she gets.

    Sorry Kris, look like greed has finally sunk your ship. *shrugs, oh well*

  18. sunnyinseattle says:

    As far as the Kardashian’s suing her for copyright. I find it interesting that they aren’t suing her for making up stories and only “copyright”. If the stories weren’t true, as they say, that’s what they would sue her for not copyright. Kinda proves her right, huh? :-)

    • Debbie says:

      Amazing point! Totally missed it. The stories that woman is selling are so true it’s not even funny.

  19. ilovejapanesefood says:

    Finally! I hope its true!!! I guess he waited until the younger ks got a bit older. The way she treated him on the show was horrible. Bruce, you dont deserve to be treated that way.

  20. Evelyn says:

    This has nothing to do with the story, but when you color your hair, only color the roots. If you color the whole head everytime it’ll trash your hair. I wouldn’t recommend henna, only because if you change your mind and want to go back to regular color, it’s wont take of you used henna

  21. Itsa Reallyme says:

    Kris has treated Bruce horribly for at least as long as the show has been on. She goes behind his back constantly so she doesn’t have to deal with him when she knows he won’t like how she’s whoring out the kids.
    I can believe all of the story EXCEPT the part that says only Rob is supporting her. Kim is her mother’s biggest supporter. In fact, I think she’s a clone of her mother. She never sees anything wrong with her mother’s behavior so I think she’d back her mom no matter what.

    • EscapedConvent says:

      I don’t know if this is true about Bruce divorcing her (hope it is—I hate to see anyone under the thumb of that succubus) but I think Rob will stick with his mom. He needs her; he might be the only one of the kids who really does. He doesn’t seem to have any real career prospects at all (yes, I know about the socks) & what ever hapened to his plans to go to law school? I think he will stay in his extended childlike state & will always need his mom.

      • Itsa Reallyme says:

        Do you think Kim would turn against her mom though? I can easily see Kourtney and Khloe turning on her but not Kim.

  22. Palermo says:

    Hmmm, she has been hanging out with Rob a lot. I hope it’s true, she is vile, can’t imagine having her in my family.

  23. Christin says:

    It is hard to believe what a doormat he seems to be, and how his own achievements are now overshadowed. I wish the younger daughters would break free, but I doubt it will happen.

  24. Izzy says:

    @Celebitchy, slightly OT: you should try a hair glaze. It’s a semi-permanent color with no peroxide, and it leaves your hair nice and glossy too. I occasionally have it done; they also have clear if you want your natural color but still want the shine of the glaze.

    • EscapedConvent says:

      Agree with Izzy about hair glaze/glossings. I loved Sebastian Cellophanes. I used to get them during my golden age of Hair.

      • Izzy says:

        “golden age of Hair” – LOL! I’m not sure which brand my hairdresser uses, but when she does a treatment and puts me under the heater for a while, the results are spectacular.

  25. Celebitchy says:

    I was kind of fishing for hair advice here, and I appreciate it!

    @jag – I use Nice ‘N Easy but maybe Natural Instincts is a good compromise!

    @Samanthalous – ooh I love that heat cap, thanks!

    @lem and G. – I was going to use henna as I have strawberry blonde hair but I am worried about using it now. I’m sorry that happened to you! Hair problems are the worst. I do need something to cover my grey.

    @erin – that is a cool coincidence. I will check out that brand.

    @Satin – I will check out that brand too, thanks!

    @Evelyn – I do just dye the roots but my hair is getting trashed anyway. You guys are making me worry about using henna I will probably take a pass for now.

    • JD says:

      I agree with Lauren on the Loreal Natures’ Therapy.
      It works wonders on my hair, and I’ve been coloring mine for several years now.

  26. lucy says:

    Have never watched a Kardashian show, but I would totally watch a takedown of their disgusting garish obnoxious senseless empire!

  27. lucy says:

    Is KJ sticking out her tongue or wetting her lips on the Star cover? Is she making the “th” sound? Because if that is not her tongue, what in the h*ll is wrong with her lower lip? Looks like weirdly inflated balloon with a wrinkled pinched border.

  28. taxi says:

    Poor Bruce. Remember when he looked like Brody?

    • sunnyinseattle says:

      Uh. No. I was alive when he was big and he NEVER looked like Brody. Ever. Sorry. Lol Google him

  29. Carol says:

    Makeup and hair stylist here- henna is a big no if you want to change colour anytime soon. Boxed dyes are the devil! They usually cone with 20-30 volume developers which is far to high a level of peroxide for most people. I tell everyone, go to Sally beauty and find either a demi-permenantng, a high-lift or other dye and do it yourself for pennies. I recommend either the Clairol demi color in the purple bottle, the Wella demi in the blue box or the Clairol high lift colors in the black and red box for lightening hair. I’m my opinion, high lifting is fast safer and more effective than bleaching. And for colour depositing you can use a ten volume developer, for lightening either a twenty or no more than a thirty. The higher the provide in.the developer the worse damage. If you do ends up using henna, Bigen powder is the world’s best, very nice, but do a soon test as there can be bad reactions. Happy Colouring!

  30. EscapedConvent says:

    CB, I just spoke with Hell, & you’re not going there for this.

    Hell won’t even have them.

  31. sunny says:

    is anyone else bothered by the fact that annE hathaway is #9 on the most-hated list, while chris brown is only #20? i mean, i find annE annoying as all hell, but realistically, that’s A LOT less terrible than, you know, beating a woman & leaving her for dead…

  32. Holden says:

    I f’ing love it when they are sitting there posing with socks.

  33. Beatriz says:

    As much as I would like for Bruce to “break free”, I think he realizes it would be worse for the Jenner girls. I think Kris would make it impossible for him to see them and put them against him. Also, at this point she has a hold of all his finances. Let’s face it, it’s easy for someone who is independent and young (or even middle-aged) to say “get the hell out of there”, but Bruce is 63 years old. I think he realizes he’s stuck and just has to live with it.

  34. lindy says:

    I never thought I’d find anyone I dislike more than Kim Kartrashian, but she has edged Kim out. From everything I’ve ever seen or read about her, she is one disgusting piece of fame wh… trash.

  35. MisJes says:

    I never click on stories about these Kardashians, but I am SO glad I did today, or else I wouldn’t have had that nice LOL at AnnE Hathaway being on the most hated stars list. Lol!