Jett Travolta’s death is a tragedy people shouldn’t blame his parents for

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Jett Travolta, 16, died after suffering a seizure and a fall in the bathroom of his parents’ vacation home in the Bahamas. His body was discovered on Friday morning. Police sources have him falling and drowning in the bathtub late Thursday night, a claim his parents deny. They say he fell in the morning right before he was found and that he was well cared for and watched by two in-house nannies. Jett leaves behind his parents, John Travolta and Kelly Preston, and sister Ella, 8.

Jett was rumored to have suffered from autism, which often co-exists with a seizure disorder but does not have seizures listed among the symptoms. Jett’s mother, Kelly Preston, has only stated that her son had Kawasaki disease, a rare immune disorder caused by early childhood exposure to toxic chemicals.

In May of 2007, a story came out that John Travolta and Kelly Preston were ignoring their son Jett’s autism. It was based on an interview with one of their neighbors, a restaurant owner who happened to have a four year-old autistic child and recognized some of the symptoms in Jett when the family came in to his establishment to eat. The neighbor told Hollywood, Interrupted that he asked Travolta to get involved in autism fundraisers and was rebuffed. According to this guy’s diagnosis from afar, John and Kelly weren’t getting the proper therapy for their child and were letting him eat junk food and play video games. The neighbor didn’t explain how he knew that John Travolta and Kelly Preston were neglecting Jett, and it seemed to be based on just seeing them in his restaurant and getting handed a Scientology booklet by Travolta.

Scientology does not recognize autism
John Travolta and Kelly Preston are Scientologists. Scientology is a well-documented harmful cult that does not recognize autism as a disorder, does not allow followers to use psychiatric medication, and often blames sufferers for mental illness.

We don’t know if Jett had autism or what his care was like
All we have is rumor and one guy’s questionable assessment that suggests Jett had poor care. We don’t know if he had autism, if he was receiving therapy or treatment, or if his parent’s belief system contributed to his death in any way. From the reports that Travolta’s people are giving TMZ, it sounds like Jett had very good care and that it was a terrible accident.

Jett was on anti-convulsant medication for a long time
According to the Travoltas, Jett was on anti-convulsant medication for years but it eventually stopped working for him. They say they met with neurologists who decided to take him off the medication as it was no longer effective. Even with medication people can still suffer from seizures and accidents do happen. Hunter Tylo’s son died last year at 19 after having a seizure and falling into a pool and no one blamed her or her husband for his death.

There’s little reason to blame the parents and it’s hurtful
Now that John and Kelly have suffered an immeasurable loss, people are making the unjustified logical leap that they must be responsible in some way since their “religion” doesn’t recognize autism as a disorder and preaches against the use of psychiatric drugs. I’m as against Scientology as the next person, but you can’t take some small pieces of information and jump to conclusions. It’s fine to speculate when it involves someone’s love life, but when it involves the death of child it can be hurtful to say the least.

We don’t know all the details surrounding his condition or his death, some early stories have been inaccurate, and even the medical experts among us couldn’t pass judgment without being privy to the facts.

Let’s not blame this suffering family for something we have no clue about. They’ve already lost their son and none of us know the circumstances of their home life or what happened that led to their son’s death.

John Travolta has issued a statement on his website about his son’s death. He says, in part: “Jett was the most wonderful son that two parents could ever ask for and lit up the lives of everyone he encountered. We are heartbroken that our time with him was so brief. We will cherish the time we had with him for the rest of our lives.”

Update: Many of you have pointed out that John Travolta’s brother Joey made a documentary about autism in 2006 called “Normal People Scare Me,” in which John and Jett were not involved. It was thought to have been directed in some way at his brother.

The skepticism about Jett’s treatment is completely understandable given his parent’s involvement in Scientology. Of course there needs to be a thorough investigation and maybe the increased focused on the very dangerous practices of Scientology will finally help bring this criminal organization down. They need to be tried under the RICO act in the US.

All that said, I’m very disappointed at other media outlets’ rush to judgment. Look at what happened with the Heath Ledger case. The initial details were wrong and people condemned and dismissed him as a drug addict. That was a full grown man who had died from a drug interaction, and this is a teen boy who was disabled and suffered seizures. He’s barely dead and people are already saying “His parents are Scientologists, told you so.”

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  1. crazytalk says:

    I agree – while I don’t really understand Scientology or necessarily agree with it, I do think it’s wrong to blame the parents. I feel like the news and/or gossip starts to jump right to blame right after a death. Let the family mourn – dissect Scientology another day.

  2. Tess says:

    I agree completely with C/B.

    You know, people believe in all kinds of crazy things…and Scientology is absolutely one of them. But that doesn’t mean that their love for their kids is any less deep and real.

    Rest in peace, Jett.

  3. Elizabeth says:

    Agreed, I have a fascination with studying cults, and am well aware of how harmful and downright disturbing Scientology is. I think it is more then ridiculous that people are immediately jumping down the Travolta’s throats in this tragic situation, and that sort of immediate reaction shows no class or concern towards others. I for one don’t particularly like John Travolta (minus Pulp Fiction), but honestly to be this brutal towards him because of his “religion” in this particular situation, when the public doesn’t even truly know if Jett was autistic or not is just disgusting.

  4. vdantev says:

    I’ll keep my own counsel, thank you clams.

  5. Faye says:

    Rest in peace Jett, and deepest sympathy and prayers to all family and friends. Does it really matter what people say? There are alot of people in the world and if we let everything anyone said negative, even in times of great sorrow really affect us, ESPECIALLY celebrities, we would all be very upset all the time. When someone we love soo much passes as long as you have no regrets in your hearts, as long as John and Kelly have no regrets and they did truly make all the right decisions as parents for their childrens health then all this would not bother them. This is all petty compared to what they are going through. If they have regrets then they have to live with that for the rest of their lives and that is punishment enough. They have lost a child, they say the worst pain in the world and deserve definate privacy and some time before acusations like that start flying around, but No, not society. I am against cults as well and childrens health should never be comprimised by relgion ever, but everyone is entitled to their own opinion though. Regarless I hug my kids a little more tighty tonight…

  6. Baholicious says:

    Nice to see the handlers are making use of Wikipedia. Depakote isn’t the only anti-convulsant medication out there folks, but thanks for coming out.

    Depakote can cause liver damage true, but that becomes a rarer side effect as the child ages. If anything, it was probably the detox quackery they put him through that compromised his liver, especially if he was still on Depakote or had just come off it at the time.

    Suck up the spin babies: Do you folks now see how the focus has come OFF the Travoltas/Co$ and ON to the PSYCHIATRIC medication that FAILED to work and DAMAGED this young lad’s system in the process? Scientology is just loving this…

  7. photo jojo says:

    Any reputable doc who puts a child on depakote checks LFTs on a regular basis. Mine have theirs done every 4 months or so.

  8. MomInNH says:

    So I take it that CB’s opinion is the right opinion and those who DO believe that his parents were negligent at the very least should keep their big traps shut? Mmmkay. Thanks for being impartial.

  9. girl says:

    Seems like it is a bit early to rule anything in or out, if it is our place to do so.

    Prayers for this family. No matter what the circumstances, no one deserves to bury their child.

  10. Codzilla says:

    I also have a seizure disorder and have been on Keppra for the last three years (including two healthy pregnancies). I’ve been convulsion-free since I started the drug. I realize that everyone is different in terms of how their body reacts to certain medications, but if you consult a competent neurologist (preferably one who specializes in epilepsy), he or she can help you find the drug that works best with your system. As corny as it sounds, Keppra has been a blessing. It’s enabled me to live a normal life and enjoy holding my children without the fear of a convulsion looming overhead.

    If one of my sons developed epilepsy, I would start searching for the right medication immediately. Not all seizure disorders can be shut down entirely, but they can be managed thanks to modern medicine. The idea of flushing out the seizure-causing toxins is ludicrous and downright dangerous. I’m not saying the Travoltas did or didn’t treat Jett’s medical issues properly, but Scientology overall is frightening in its stance against medication.

    CB, it’s unlike you to tell us what to think. Did xenu’s lawyer send you a letter or something?

  11. chamalla says:

    Depakote is not a psychiatric medication. It can be used off label to treat some behavioral disorders, but it’s an anti-seizure med.

    Scientology may do a lot of evil in the world, but blaming it or the Travoltas for Jett’s death is irresponsible and downright cruel. By all accounts, this was a horrible accident. If you have or know any kids, go hug ’em and thank whatever power you believe in this didn’t happen to you.

  12. Baholicious says:

    @Mom: Exactly, there’s supposedly not enough information to warrant saying anything negative but by God there’s enough for us to break out the kid gloves and “not blame Scientology.”

    I’ve offered my condolences on this tragedy. That being said, the situation does not warrant stifling discussion or speculation surrounding C0$ and ANY part is may have played in this. Or pointing out the Travoltas are hypocrites for paying lip service as to the ‘evils’ of psychiatric medication while their son was taking this very thing. What about that?

    Why is nobody saying “see, even the Travoltas know Scientology is full of shit?” The mind boggles…

  13. katyalia says:

    Actually, CB, it is not correct that the autism story started with that restaurant owner.

    It was Travolta’s own brother who publicly accused them of ignoring Jett’s condition. I don’t remember the exact time when this story came to light, but I believe it was before May 2007. My guess is that this is probably what lead the restaurant owner to approach Travolta in the first place.

    And years earlier did Kelly Preston say on camera that they use detoxing as a cure for Jett. I don’t remember which show though.

  14. Baholicious says:

    @Chamalla: and its off-label use is primarily for bipolar and that is a mood disorder, not behavioural/conduct disorder.

    If a medication has a psychiatric application, it most definitely then becomes a ‘psychiatric’ drug. Your citing the drug’s categorization bookends nicely though with the Co$ claptrap – *edit: since Jett ‘wasn’t autistic’*

  15. chamalla says:

    No, I’m using chemistry.

    Psychotropic drugs are different than anti-convulsants. Like analgesics are different than decongestants.

    If you would like to believe the Travoltas killed their own child, that’s up to you. I’d rather err on the side of human decency. I’m a cynic, but I’m not ready to convict this family of murder while they’re grieving.

  16. Baholicious says:

    You’re using chemistry? You know the anti-seizure meds differ from the anti-psychotics (and mood stabilizers) but don’t know how; except that it’s like the difference between and analgesic and a decongestant? That’s some real chemical knowledge there…

    Name me one from each category. I can give you several because I’ve taken them. I know more about these medications than you could ever hope to so don’t you patronize me.

    And nowhere did I say the Travoltas killed their child so get it right. That’s a heinous accusation and totally uncalled for so calm the f*ck down.

  17. Rosanna says:

    I don’t think that Kelly Preston was aware of the risk she was putting her son through, and therefore I do think she should be cut some slack. That doesn’t mean that Scientology stuff played no part!!!
    I foresee John and Kelly divorced in less than a year.

  18. Kink says:

    AMEN, CB, thank you for printing FACTS and the right point of view, rather than insidious BS reprinted from baseless tabloids only to insight accusations and gossip!! This whole thing has me so effin pissed i can’t see straight! HOW DARE YOU PEOPLE make assumptions about shit YOU KNOW NOTHING ABOUT??? HOW DARE YOU even suggest that someone deserves to have this happen to them because of their beliefs????? The fact is that you idiots HAVE NO FLIPPIN CLUE about this boy’s medical history, so STFU!!!! May God not NEVER let you know this family’s pain, you judgemental, thoughtless sons of bitches.

    BTW…One of the reasons Autism is so hard to diagnose is because it’s symptoms are common to NUMEROUS disorders.

  19. chamalla says:

    Klonapin (I may be off on the spelling)
    Phenobarbital (not used as frequently as it was several years ago)
    Carnitor is often given to replace nutrients and minerals depleted from the body while taking anti-seizure meds.

    Haldol – the oldest and nastiest
    Risperdal – a milder cousin of Haldol
    Abilify – the new standard, also may cause several horrific side effects.

    I don’t want to get in a pissing contest, but clearly anti-psychotics and anti-seizure meds are two different kinds of drug. They may be used in a variety of off label settings, but they each affect very different parts of the brain chemistry. It’s been my job for a very long time to know about these drugs and how they are used in individuals with autism and autism spectrum disorders. I may never have taken any of them, but I know what they do.

    I stand corrected if you do not believe the Travoltas are complicit in their son’s death. I clearly misunderstood you when you said: “Suck up the spin babies: Do you folks now see how the focus has come OFF the Travoltas/Co$ and ON to the PSYCHIATRIC medication that FAILED to work and DAMAGED this young lad’s system in the process?” The wording of your statement led me to believe you thought the Travoltas and Scientologists were trying to shift the blame for his death from themselves to the medication.

  20. Kimble says:

    I am the mother of an autistic child and I think that the restaurant owner who “outed” Jett as autistic needs a boot up the jacksie! Why the heck should J & K Travolta and their son become poster children for autism if they don’t want to?

    These effing zealots who think that their way is the right way (cue Jenny McC) and that anyone who doesn’t chelate and restrict their child’s diet is abusive and irresponsible really get my goat.

    Whether Jett was autistic/epileptic or not, I’m sure the Travolta’s loved their son deeply and did everything they as parents thought was right for THEIR son!

    Unless you have full time parented a moderately or severely autistic child you have NO IDEA what it takes, I don’t care how many friends or relatives you know that have an autistic child.

  21. melonie says:

    I predict this couple wakes up to the cult that Scientology is due to this tragedy.

  22. Shannon says:

    I think John Travolta’s brother was the first one to make the accusation about child neglect and autism. There was a documentary to boot. One thing to remember is Scientology requires you to cut contact with your family if they aren’t Scientolgists and maybe the brother is upset. Still, it was a powerful charge for a member of the immediate family to make. Now the child has died and people are right to question the circumstances leading to the death. While I don’t think there should be a rush to judgement, the loss of life requires there to be some investigation.

    My two cents, I don’t think this has anything to do with Scientology, but the organization’s beliefs about mental disorders could have contributed to a lack of empathy from the parents and the child’s handlers. This lack of empathy could be a contributory reason as to why they child died.

  23. tooey says:

    Thank you.

  24. Marie says:

    Back in 2006 John’s own brother Joey felt thathis nephew had autism after he (John’s brother) did a film about it called “”Normal People Scare Me” – so don’t say it was just the neighbor who felt this way.

    Kawasaki syndrome does NOT cause seizures or the other symproms Jett showed. I wish the media would PRINT the actual symptoms of the disease instead of going by what the Travolta’s say the symptoms are. You’re doing a major disservice to parents with kids who REALLY do have the disease.

  25. doodahs says:

    I don’t understand the need for a second thread here… the first one was enough. Can’t we just move on?

  26. Nouvel says:

    THANK YOU CB for writing this article. My heart absolutly breaks for them. It is so heart wrenching. This is a terrible loss and people who judge others always have some type of huge issue themselves, and to think someone would judge in this instance is downright pathetic and ignorant, not to mention heartless and awful. Again, thank you CB !!

  27. bros says:

    boha, you rock. and thanks for keeping it real and not being cowed by other posts about what the verdict should be. youre totally right about the focus shifting to blaming the drugs. and chamalla, anyone can use wikipedia.

  28. cara says:

    I blame the psychotic nanny, the one in the pic above. I saw a live clip of the fam taken, I believe recently in Paris, and the way that nanny above grabbed Jett by the neck gave me the chills.

  29. lee says:

    Please all read this…

    Forget John T. is a actor. Forget John T. is a famous person. Forget John T. is very very wealthy. Forget that John T.’s own brother did a film regarding Autism and John and his wife were “reported” as staying away from this film. Forget that John T. is in a cult.. Forget that parents of all children that have any form of Autism are very surprised that anyone would want to hide a medical problem especially one that could do good for the problem like John and his wife.
    A. Facts surrounding this death of this beautiful child of God MUST be investigated.
    B. Facts surrounding any link to a disorder or medical problem MUST be shown light for all mankind to learn besides the family and friends.
    C. Facts regarding any neglect of known help for this child during his life on earth must be given respect and true honest reporting. Regardless of his parents faith religion or money including and not limited to his parent’s status in the world.
    D. This child’s death must have all honest truth and all the world must know if any cult or religion had any hand in the idea or dealings with how to care or prescribe on a medical conditon that lead to this beautiful childs death then that cult, religion MUST be ACCOUNTABLE to the world. It must be told the story of what happened without fear of anyone being considered rude or not kind. The world must insist that we know exactly what happend to this boy due to the rumours and facts that have been presented about links to Autism and the misguided cult leaders who might have lead this family down a very horrible path.

    Pray for them the family and mostly pray for justice.

    Do not judge John T or his wife until we know the entire truth and then if it is discovered that John T and his wife hide Autism for fear of disgrace from that cult then we must insist on justice for Jett for entire peace.

  30. boomchakaboom says:

    My deepest sympathies to the Travoltas for the loss of their son. I hope they find comfort in the gift of his life.

    Baholicious: I agree. The Travoltas should not be treated any differently than anyone else whose child dies. They don’t get to escape legal investigation, and even public speculation, any more than the rest of us do under the same circumstances. Heartbroken parents go on trial everyday for inadvertently causing the death of their child. I don’t see anyone lining up to offer sympathy and a shoulder to cry on for them.

    And yeah, if the Travoltas make public claims that phsychiatric meds are dangerous or useless, it would make them giant hypocrits since their son was taking something that can be used as a psychiatric medication.

  31. chamalla says:

    Holy pete, my only argument is that Depakote is not a psychotropic medication. Jett Travolta took Depakote for his seizure disorder and his parents decided to discontinue it. I don’t think that can be interpreted to them blaming a drug he took years ago for this accident. If you can, please explain it to me.

    I know a lot of families with kids with special needs, I know several who have lost a child or family member due to a seizure related event or injury. I think erring on the side of kindness and compassion for this family is not only respectful to them, it’s respectful to the countless other families who have gone through something similar.

    “Keeping it real” can easily be misinterpreted as taking gossipy glee in the tragedy of others. You are certainly entitled to think and say whatever you want about the situation, but you can’t sling such callous opinions around without expecting to be called on them.

  32. boomchakaboom says:

    If Depakote is for seizures and parents chose to take their child off of it, then would a death caused by a seizure maybe be connected to that decision? I dunno. But I’ll be reading to find out, I guess.

  33. boomchakaboom says:

    Besides, how do we know Scientology’s not to blame somehow? We don’t, so I don’t get this site’s demand that we not even consider the possibility. Kinda pushy, if you ask me.

  34. CeeJay says:

    I was going to stay out of the fray of this discussion, but condolences are due to the family and friends of Jett Travolta. A young man had died. His parents are grieving.

    Regardless of the circumstances of his death, or decisions made along the way to treat or not treat his disorder, as a parent I know that I have agonized over each and every decision I have made regarding how to deal with my son’s mild disability. I am constantly questioning my choices and worrying that I have made the wrong ones. I never stop looking for evidence that I have done the right thing and keep myself open to consider that alternate avenues should be explored. I’m sure John and Kelly Travolta have done the same with their son. It is never an easy road to travel. If mistakes were made along the way I would hazard to guess that they were not intentional. As parents they made the decision they felt was best for the son they dearly loved. Was it the right decision? Who knows, but I can guarantee you that Jett’s parents will ponder this the rest of their lives. Please folks, give this family time to grieve.

    We’ll have plenty of time later to come down on Scientology and explore the possibility that its teachings were related to this incident.

  35. Riley says:

    To lose a child, tops the list of the most unimaginable horrors a family can experience. My condolences to the Travolta/Preston immediate family, friends and extended families.

    Each child regardless of their learning or physical disabilities is a Gift. The very unique qualities of a special needs child makes them that much more lovable and special. They add so much to the lives of others.

    As for the discussion about Kawasaki versus Autism; my 30 years in the medical field lends me to believe Jett was indeed the victim of a seizure disorder and in all probability a moderate case of Autism. It really is irrelevant now, however; if Depakote was administered, I find it almost impossible to believe it would have suddenly been stopped and another anti-convulsant not be introduced, that in itself would be playing Seizure Russian Roulette. Drug therapy is not handled that way; never cold turkey without a back up plan for a patient with recurrent, chronic seizures. Clearly, Jett’s family loved him a great deal. I hope others seek help for their children if they suspect Autism, know the signs, read all you can, and be proactive.

    Regards everyone.

  36. breederina says:

    Wait, if your religion tells you that anyone born with certain conditions is a “degraded being” and refuses to acknowledge the reality of those conditions AND if this religion prescribes a course of treatment for what they will accept as possibly causing certain symptoms that is not acknowleged as effective therapy by medical experts in that acceptable field then yes religious beliefs and practice play a major role in ones reality and health. CB while it’s true that some posters are over the top mean others are genuinely concerned. You say your self different opinions are welcome here. I would also point out that Jett’s possible autism surfaced way before 2007. As long ago as 1998 or so it was common insider knowledge.
    My own feeling is that the Travoltas were in such deep denial regarging a child they deeply loved that to blame them for bad judgement is pointless and cruel. They’ve lost their child. There are few greater heartbreaks. I hope they can recover intact as a family and cherish his memory.

  37. Celebitchy says:

    No one contacted me, this is an opinion piece. I’ve also done research on Scientology and am very aware of how harmful it can be. It’s very possible many of you are right and this kid wouldn’t have been suffering if he was on the right medication, but how will we ever know? That involves a lot of assumptions and I’ve heard of many other people dying from seizure-related accidents that were on medications. Other opinions are welcome and this is mine. A kid died and there will be an investigation. I agree with Chamalla obviously that we should have compassion for the family and not jump to conclusions. To suddenly blame the family is a logical leap that is not warranted and one I feel is particularly harmful given the circumstances.

    I didn’t know about Travolta’s brother’s documentary though and will update the post, thanks for that information.

  38. MissMara says:

    Thank you CB.

  39. geronimo says:

    I don’t know the facts here and I have nothing but sympathy for the family but I can completely understand those who choose to question the Travolta’s actions as far as their son’s condition was concerned. It is an inevitable and IMO entirely justified response to vocal practitioners of a deeply offensive and dangerous cult. That their son – a downgraded being according to the CoS – has tragically died makes not one iota of difference to the realities of scientology or the intelligence and judgement levels of those who choose to worship at it’s cynical shrine.

    It’s doesn’t dilute the sympathy I have for the Travoltas but they have only themselves to blame for this unwelcome intrusion into their personal grief.

  40. geronimo says:

    Edit: *degraded* not downgraded.

  41. Bo says:

    Autism is not a mental illness and is not discredited by Scientology. And just because death from complications are rare does not mean someone did not have it. The actual cause of death was a head injury due to a fall sustained during a seizure, not the actual seizure itself so deaths such as this are not included in the statistics. Epilepsy is just one condition that causes seizures, and in fact most seizures are not caused by epilepsy.

    I am sure that Jett was very well cared for and loved whether he had autism or not, and if he did have autism and his parents didn’t accept it, this would have made no difference at all to the outcome. My thoughts are with the family at this sad time and I think they need a lot of support, not a lot of criticism, about what religion they choose to follow.

  42. Carrie says:

    I agree totally CB. But it just seems to highlight the evils of the Scientology cult (I wont dignifiy it with the word religion) that in the event of a tragic accident, the “S” word has to raise its ugly head immediately. Surely it sums up Scientology’s negative effect on people’s lives that it’s being linked to this poor boy’s unfortunate death?

  43. Kim says:

    Thank you CB for this article. I am glad you are the sound of reason in this mad world.

    It is distressing that at a sad time like this any one would choose to take advantage of this poor family for their own propaganda. Last year, a mother of twins dies because her beliefs could not allow her to take blood from another person. She was Jehovah’s witness. All her family and even her husband consented to this. Travolta and Preston were trying to do what they theough was best for their son. Believe it or not, he loved that boy more than you or me.

    Most importantly, you do not have all the facts to make any judgements.

  44. Ellen Smith says:

    On many occasions Kelly stated that Jett suffered from Kawasaki’s Disease caused by excessive use of carpet cleaners and other chemicals. It makes no sense to me, then, to see her in print ads for Karastan carpets (which are made with chemicals). While it is tragic for any family to lose a child, it must be a relief for them to finally not have to make up crazy stories to explain away their son’s disabilities. I truly believe their son had some form of autism and that because of Scientology they fabricated a huge web of lies to cover up his condition.

  45. Hel says:

    The fact that Jett had 24 hour care with nannies and nurses shows that that his parents were aware that he needed special help. No need for them to make his medical issues public – its no one else’s business.

  46. MomInNH says:

    I don’t think I’m jumping to conclusions about this child having many seizures previously which obviously makes it a fact that his parents at least KNEW about the seizures. My issue is with the fact that $cientology doesn’t allow them to treat, medicate or even admit that a person even HAS a medical or mental illness. THAT and THAT reason only is the reason that I believe that the parents and their horrid religion have played a part in the child’s death.

    Do I know for certain that medication could have helped Jett? Obviously, not.. But am I out of line for suggesting that perhaps medication for a medical problem would have probably helped? Absolutely. Are his parents negligent? Absolutely. Could Jett’s death have been prevented? Probably.

  47. MomInNH says:

    What I mean to say is that I feel like CB is passing judgment on those who DO believe that John and Kelly were at least partly responsible for their son’s tragic death. If that makes my opinion out of line so be it. Next time CB, just post the news. For you to push your side of things and make those who feel otherwise out to be heartless is just wrong.

  48. Jennifer says:

    LEAVE THEM ALONE! Unless you have lost a child, you can not imagine the pain they are in. Regardless if he had autism or not, their pain is real and horrific. LEAVE THEM ALONE! All you all are vultures and trying to feed some conspiracy theory. Right now who cares what religion they are. They are parents that just lost their son. So back the f*** off!

  49. vdantev says:

    He just needed more vitamins, exercise, mineral oil and steam baths.

  50. Paloma says:

    Scientology + big name celebrity with handicap child who lost his life = a disaster waiting to happen. I feel tremendous sympathy for the family. Whether or not their beliefs and practices played a role will be addressed by them within themselves. They have already suffered the worst punishment there is.

  51. Kelly says:

    CB, did zenu pay you to scold us?

  52. Someone's grandma says:

    I am reading a great deal of opinions on the subject of this child and his death. I read that the parents “hid” him away, did not care for this child. Did not want to talk about this child and his medical issues. Ok folks let me tell you what it is like when you take a clearly disabled child into public.

    My 6 year old granddaughter was born 3 months to soon, at 3 pounds with 17 differnet birth defects. She will never be typical. She can not speak, walk or eat normally as you and I do.

    People stare, people ask stupid questions like what’s wrong with her? did she have an accident, poor little thing, what are you doing for her? and the one that almost she me to jail for assult “how dare you bring a child like that out into public, you should put her in an institution” Oh yes did I mention, she has sizures that with all the best medical minds and medication can not stop, not just a sizure every once in a while, but every day, every single day of her life.
    So if this is the reaction to our little girl and we are just everyday people why would you think that the Travolta’s who can’t blink without camera’s in their faces would want tell the rest of the world anything about their children or family life. These people live in the spot light.

    Someone said that they let this child sit in front to the tv eating junk food. How would that person know unless they were spying in the windows, I think I have an idea why they would say it, the child’s over weight appearence. It could be autism, it could have been so many different things and how does anyone know what his parents did or did not do for him. What, because these people are famous that they should open up their whole life to the public? Would you?

    I will say that while I may not agree with the practice of Scientology I agree that they have a right to practice it. Our country was founded on and a war fought for our freedom of reliegon. Remember that one, you should have at least heard about it.

    These parents will suffer for the rest of their lives, not because they did anything wrong but because the rest of the world will constantly bring up the subject. The funeral will be a media feeding frenzy. Never again with either John or Kelly be able to go out into public where some disgusting person does not stick a mic in their face and ask them the stupidest question of all “How do you feel?” I give the Travolta’s the highest respect for not taking a baseball bat to these vultures.

    Thoes of us who have these special children know and understand the gift that they are. We understand why these children are given to us and not others. We know what these children teach us about love and tolerence and what we know for a certainty is that that are only on loan to us for a very short time. We know that we must cherish each day they are with us because we know that they can be taken home the next day, hour or minute.

    As for did these parents love and care for this child. Anyone with any small idea of what Autism is knows that they live in a world we can’t touch. They rarely smile or are able to return affection. It is clear fron photo’s I saw that this child was loved and returned that love. You don’t get that reaction without some work involved.

    And on one point I must agree with the parents, there is far to much chemicals in our lives that we have no idea what they can do to the body. Unless you have a special needs child you have no idea what life can be like.

  53. Please! says:

    MomInNH – Given your very insensitive, I highly doubt you are, in fact, “mom”. For the sake of keeping my post from being promptly removed, I will leave it at that.
    Now, I know i am starting to sound like a broken record here but I am shocked that a lot of you are jumping to so many conclusions. Has it been confirmed that they did not “recognize” his seizure disorder? Has it been confirmed that
    he had not been followed by a neurologist recently? Has it been confirmed that he hasn’t been on any medication recently? Has it been confirmed that he was not treated because their belief in Scientology told them not to?
    I believe the answer to all of the above is a NO.

    Finally, as for your heinous comments insinuating the Travolta’s negligence and the thought that this tragedy could have been prevented had they parented differently…I am in pure disbelief that there are people as narrow-minded and irrational (not to mention uneducated)as yourself.

    I realize I may seem like I am attacking , and I apologize. This blog has just made me so mad/scared to realize what kind of individuals are out there in cyber space.

  54. Baholicious says:

    I’m in my livingroom, actually.

  55. Faye says:

    no one else was looking out for the child, thoes were his parents and they should have done everything possible to help his medical condition, if they did not then unfortunatly they are somewhat to blame. It’s like blood tranfusions, when kids are sick everything must be done to save their lives regardless of religion!! C’mon people, this is a wake up call!! Can someone please tell me what Tom cruise has to say about this, after all he wants 10 more kids…Tragically Yes a child died, that is why people are upset, The question is…did the Travolta’s have him on proper medication and was he properly diagnoised or did they turn to a cult for answers and use their methods?

  56. lee says:

    I am now wanting to know exactly why the autopsy may never be opened due to the family as reported an hour ago.

    WE must demand to know the truth about what happened and if Jett did in fact have Autism! We need to make everyone account for this death on what happened.

    Also what if Jett took some drug himself and it is being ruled an accident will we ever know the truth. Many times Autism can lead teenagers and adults to suicide. Will we ever know the truth…

  57. Susie says:

    Such ignorance is astounding!

    If this had been a poor family who had taken their child off of insulin since it wasn’t “helping” his diabetes, they’d be in jail right now for negligent homicide.

    I have epilepsy, and work with neurologists. If an anti-seizure drug is not effective, pick one of the other 75+ ones or get surgery. BUT DON’T IGNORE THE PROBLEM! Letting a child continue to damage his brain with Gran Mal seizures on a weekly basis is child abuse. ALL AVOIDABLE. Now the boy is dead. These people must be held accountable EVEN if they are rich and famous.

  58. sandy says:

    most people posting have never experienced themselves nor seen a family member suffer through a grand mal seizure.
    those of us who have, know better. we know that no neurologist would try one medication on a boy and stop trying others bc the 1st one was ineffective.
    i have been reading conflicting stories on the amount of time jett was alone in the bathroom. the police report says that he was alone for 10 hours but the parents are denying that.

  59. mars says:

    lee – why must WE demand to know the real cause of death or the results of the autopsy? Are we part of the Travolta family? No. They are a family first, and celebrities second. We do not own them so they do not owe us anything, least of all the results of the autopsy.

    You might want to read about consent, confidentiality, and privacy, especially when it comes to health care. All information about a patient is CONFIDENTIAL. The reason why the autopsy report may not be published–nor should it be published, IMO–is because the family wants privacy in this matter. It is their business and we shouldn’t “demand” to know the truth.

    Besides, why should they tell us the cause of death? So we can find out if we are right in our speculations? I don’t think parents like John and Kelly would purposefully neglect their child. From the pictures I’ve seen, Jett seemed like a happy child, and John and Kelly seemed to love him very, very much. If the case is actually the opposite, then John and Kelly are damn great actors to look that happy with Jett while thinking that their child is a “downgraded being”.

    Do I think they may be hiding something by not having the autopsy published? Maybe. But they are within their rights to keep the autopsy private and there is nothing we can do about that.

    Susie: you’re right, they could’ve changed the medication if it weren’t working for Jett. But sometimes seizures still happen even if you are on the best anti-convulsant meds. The seizure that took Jett’s life could’ve happened anywhere, anytime, with someone supervising him or not. He could’ve hit his head on a table or on concrete floor, and it still would’ve been as fatal as Jett hitting his head on the bath tub.

    We all have the right to be concerned. But I think being so concerned as to hold the family accountable for this tragedy is a bit much. I’m afraid our society is past the days of being able to trust and give others the benefit of the doubt.

  60. lee says:


    Child abuse is child abuse. John T. and his wife are in a cult that does not treat medical problems!!!!!!!

    Autism is not a medical condition that should be left untreated and if John T. and his wife did not treat Jett the way anyone should treat a human going by what that cult told them to do then they and that CULT must be accountable! It is illegal to abuse a child!

  61. Please! says:

    Do you even know what the DSM-IV-TR criteria for autism is? Do you even know what the The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends as treatment for Autism? I suggest that that you go and educate yourself before you say anymore. You are making a fool out of yourself, not to mention making completely inappropriate & very vicious comments that are uncalled for.

    Autism had nothing to do with Jett’s death. And, even with the best of medical treatment, this event could very well of happened. In fact, it does happen every year.

  62. Trashaddict says:

    FYI Depakote is also used for bipolar disorder.
    Kawasaki disease – cause unknown. Many possible causes but usually preceded by a viral or bacterial illness. Symptoms: higher fever, especially if persisting for more than 5 days, REALLY irritable kid, peeling skin on hand, cracking or fissured lips, white of the eye are pink (a child may not have all of these).
    NOT CAUSED BY CHEMICALS, there is absolutely nothing in the medical literature about this. I have by no means any bones to pick with the Travolta family about Jett (and I don’t think any of them are wasting their time reading this site right now, if you see what I mean), but Kelly Preston is being incredibly irresponsible to be spreading absolute claptrap like this. Main risk of Kawasaki is coronary aneurysms if it’s not treated properly (the aneurysms leading to heart attack in later life). Parents please note: if your child has a fever persisting 5 days, definitely seek medical evaluation. There is treatment for Kawasaki syndrome.
    Seizures themselves do not cause death but associated accidents like falls and drowning do. The scenario is completely believable. Which is a separate issue from Scientologists being completely whacko.

  63. Susan says:

    How can scientologists say that it is the person’s fault if they suffer from mental health issues? You cannot convince me that it is a new born baby’s own fault if they have Autism or any other mental health illness.

    Secondly, why do scientologists acknowledge physical illness, but not psychological illness?

    It’s interesting that the leaders of scientology oppress psychiatry, but then seemingly teach psychology to their members.

  64. Tom Grimes says:

    This boy and his parents are VICTIMS of Scientology. But blaming the parents for following the utterly ridiculous tenets of this criminal organization makes no sense. They are no crazier than the folks who sincerely believe that Jonah lived for three days in the belly of a great fish. This boy’s death is a terrible tragedy. I feel sad for the whole family.

  65. mspjs says:

    We will never see either of them in a court room or anywhere for that matter having to answer for there childs death weather or not they should we let clebs get away with everything these days weather or not or if they did or didnt wont matter they will never have to answer to any of it