Peter Dinklage’s Playboy Q&A is amazing: dissing Brangelina, DWILFs & more

I don’t want to oversell this or anything, but Peter Dinklage’s 20 Questions with Playboy is the funniest thing you’ll read this week. I know Dinklage was funny, charming, handsome, talented and lovely, of course. I’m a Dinklage Fan-Girl, of course I know all of his strengths. But before now, I did not realize just how awesome he is at giving interviews, and just how funny, witty, dry and lovely he is. I LOVE HIM. You should read the full Playboy piece here because I didn’t have room for the whole thing and ALL of his quotes are gems. Here are some highlights:

Playboy: When you won an Emmy, the announcer said that Game of Thrones is “filmed on location in Awesome Land.” Tell us more about this magical place called Awesome Land.
Dinklage: It’s in Northern Ireland. And Croatia, Morocco and Iceland, but mostly Northern Ireland. We shoot in a studio in Ireland where the Titanic was built. Not the movie but the ship that sank. That can’t be a good omen, can it? I love being over there. It’s like getting paid to be a tourist. Not that we have a choice. You can’t shoot a show like this in New Jersey.

Playboy: There’s a video on YouTube called “Peter Dinklage Gets So Much P-ssy” in which two guys talk about how much you’ve been getting laid since Game of Thrones. They estimate your sexual activity has increased 600 percent in the past few years. Does that sound about right?
Dinklage: It depends. By “p-ssy” do they mean actual p-ssy? Or is it a metaphor, like for gardening? Because if that’s the case, then yes, I’ve been doing a lot of gardening lately. If they mean sex, they might be getting me confused with somebody else. But if p-ssy means wearing old-man sweaters and watering my herb garden, then absolutely, I’m getting so much p-ssy.

Playboy: You are aware that you’re a sex symbol, right? Some might even call you a DwILF.
Dinklage: DwILF, as in Dwarf I’d Like to F–k? That’s very clever. Honestly, I think there’s an irony in all of this. I take it with a grain of salt. They’ll say, “Oh, he’s sexy,” but women still go for guys who are six-foot-two. It’s nice that people are thinking outside the box, but I don’t believe any of it for a minute.

Playboy: Have you stolen anything from a movie or TV set, such as your armor from Game of Thrones?
Dinklage: I wouldn’t want it. We’ve all been hurt from the armor so much more than saved by it. It really hurts. If you fall over while wearing that armor, you could get your throat slashed. We had a guy fall off the back of a horse, and if he hadn’t been wearing the armor, he would’ve been fine. But because he was covered from head to toe, he got banged up. It nearly killed him. That stuff is dangerous.

Playboy: During your Golden Globes acceptance speech, you mentioned Martin Henderson, who was partially paralyzed during a dwarf-tossing attack in Britain. Did you ever hear from him?
Dinklage: No. And he doesn’t need to call me. It’s fine. The whole thing was spontaneous. The morning of the awards my wife and I were having coffee, and she saw a story about him on the internet. She’s the one who told me, “You should say something.” And I was like, “No, no, I don’t want to be one of those actors with their political causes.” But the world is kind of f–ked-up, and sometimes you have to put a Band-Aid on the broken leg. My friends were less concerned with what I said than that I apparently brushed off Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie on my way to the stage. When you’re in that moment and you’re about to accept an award and you have no idea what you’re going to say, you don’t notice that Brad and Angelina are reaching out to say hello. All I saw was a sea of people I needed to get through. Friends don’t care about issues like dwarf tossing. They only care about “Dude, you dissed Brangelina.”

Playboy: Villechaize preferred to be called a midget. Do you consider the word offensive?
Dinklage: It’s like the N word among short-statured people. The etymology of the word is not good, but some of us have made it our own. We add an e with an accent at the end, so now it’s midgeté—sort of a French version. I have a friend—not a dwarf—who’s an alchemist of sorts. He concocted a men’s cologne that he calls Midgeté Midgeté. He gave me a bottle as a gift. I was thinking, We should totally put this on the market. You know how Jessica Simpson and Beyoncé have signature perfumes and make a mint? I’m thinking this cologne could be my ticket to fortune. When this Game of Thrones thing winds down, Midgeté Midgeté could be my next thing.

Playboy: You went to high school in New Jersey. How well did you deal with that?
Dinklage: High school is a funny thing. On one hand you’re so fragile. But I thought I was William Burroughs by the age of 13, so I had this massive ego as well. Everything in high school feels like it’s life or death. I went to a pretty athletic high school, and I didn’t have many friends. I remember once talking to my best friend, and we came up with the idea that we should hang ourselves off the bell tower. “That’ll show them.” We totally had no inclination to commit real suicide at all; we just liked the idea of the whole town responding to this tragedy, how the school would mourn. Oh God, we were so dramatic.

Playboy: You played Tina Fey’s boyfriend on 30 Rock. She reportedly wrote the part for you because she wanted a “show-mance” with you. How do you politely tell Tina Fey, “I’m sorry, but I’m married”?
Dinklage: Well, she’s married as well. And also, this is what we do for a living. You’ve blurred the line here, buddy boy. Seriously, though, even if she were single, I wouldn’t have a chance. The line of people who want Tina Fey’s attention is already way too long. We shot most of our scenes on the street in New York, and this was around the time she was doing her Sarah Palin impersonation on Saturday Night Live. She was like royalty at that time. I mean, she’s always royalty, but especially at that time. You’ve never seen somebody more beloved by an entire city. Strangers were constantly walking up and saying hello or telling her how much they loved her. It was insane to watch. I’ve never seen anything like it.

[From Playboy]

There’s also a hysterical exchange about how he used to “do puppet shows for mother and father” (LOL) and at one point he says, “Shut up, young me.” I also learned that he’s from New Jersey! And his mom met Bruce Springsteen when Bruce was a teenager. Magic! This is my new favorite interview!

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  1. David99 says:

    I can’t help but like him. Very smart person!

    • Becky says:

      His recent interview on the Daily Show was so good! He’s my favorite on GOT. I’m so happy he got the opportunity to play a character like that, of substance, rather than just play a “little person” role. I’m sure such roles are not abundant in Hollywood. Abundant feels vey out of place in this sentence.

      • Cherry says:

        YES! I love him in GOT, he’s wuch a well-written, complex character. It’s a pleasant surprise to see that he’s such as clever in real life 🙂

      • fabgrrl says:

        I’ve started ready the books and I think that Peter Dinklage does a great job portraying Tyrion’s intelligence, honor and humanity. The only problem I see is that Peter Dinklage is too damn handsome! Tyrion is supposed to be really, really ugly.

      • SageM says:

        He’s also got a great role in A Death at a Funeral (the British version, not the US one).

      • littlestar says:

        I agree 100%. Tyrion is such an amazing character – funny, complex. GoT producers really lucked out having such an incredible actor to play the role of Tyrion.

      • Kristine says:

        @fabgrrl I agree! I’ve read all the books and Tyrion is supposed to super ugly but Peter is so handsome.

    • Bex says:

      Yes. I love it when people can talk about etymology! He has a great way with language.

    • Ajanni says:

      Okay my comment won’t make it to the site but I would f**k the s**t out of him.

    • bigt says:

      Intelligent, quick, clever, and handsome. Awesome man.

  2. Ginger says:

    LOVE him!

  3. Mom2two says:

    Peter’s a great interview. And he does come across like a nice guy unaffected by fame. I do think he is a handsome man, but sadly he is right that women probably do go for the 6’2″ guys. I am sure he had some experience to that before he married.

    • mike says:

      I’ll have to agree. I’m sure he can get women these days if he wants to, now that he’s rich and famous. I mean that little guy on the Fantasy Island snagged a decent looking blonde for a trophy wife and Dinklege is thousand times better than that guy. But back when he was a nobody? I doubt it.

      I don’t know about 6’2″, but women do seem to prefer men who’re at least at the same height as they or just few inches shorter if it’s true love. But for a simple bootycall? Taller the better.

    • GoodCapon says:

      This is one of those rare times I’ve actually read a celeb’s entire interview. He seems very sensible and honest.

  4. Toot says:

    I like Peter and his interview. I’d take him in a minute over RDJ.

    • TG says:

      Me too. I like RDJ but he comes off as too feminine for my tastes. Love Peter in GOT. He also is my favorite character and he better not die in it.

  5. Lizzie K says:

    I’d love to see him star in a film adaptation of “A Prayer for Owen Meany.” He’d be too old for a lot of it, but reading about his high school experience made me think he’d be an awesome Owen Meany.

  6. Bijlee says:

    I’ve never seen game of thrones but Death at a Funeral(the british one)! Omfg SUCH a funny movie. Seriously hysterical and he gives the character so much depth in that movie. In the American version he plays the same Role, but changes it up completely. The guy is a really talented actor (and the ONLY good thing about the American version).

    • Cleo says:

      I love this movie!He was really good in it. I’m surprised to hear that there is an american version.

    • Thiajoka says:

      Exactly! Don’t even bother with the American version of that movie, LOL. Go for the one with Peter in it.

      • MollyB says:

        Doesn’t Peter play the exact same role in both the British AND American version?

      • GoodCapon says:

        Ha! That’s true MollyB. I’ve only watched the British version, everyone else says to stay away from the remake.

    • booboocita says:

      If you’re in Minnesota, try to visit the Minneapolis Institute of Arts, which is now showing an exhibition called “More Real? Art in the Age of Truthiness.” One of the pieces is a video installation called “87 Seconds at Alcazar,” derived from Diego Velasquez’s “Las Meninas.” Dinklage plays a nanny in a grey dress, and is one of the best parts of the video. The video is from 2004, and I love that while most actors start in sitcom walk-ons and commercials, Dinklage made art in his salad days.

      • Redheadwriter says:

        I’m in Minnesota and I will definitely check that out. Love me some Peter Dinklage! The Station Agent is awesome.

      • Alarmjaguar says:

        Oh, the Station Agent. Definitely awesome!

  7. Denise says:

    He’s awesome, he deserves every drop of praise he gets.

    • Chicagogurl says:

      And lets hope the praise keeps coming. After Game of Thrones and in-between seasons I hope he gets to do some really interesting work.

  8. spinner says:

    Oh, how I love me a bad boy from New Jersey. Peter is an exceptional person that comes in a package that you don’t quite expect. Love him & love GoT.

  9. Mia 4S says:

    Adore him on Game of Thrones and I’m so pleased he seems awesome in real life. I had to pause my DVR during Sunday’s episode when his squire, umm arrived back from his gift. I was laughing too hard. Amazing.

  10. FirstTimer says:

    He is a great guy and his interviews are always very interesting read.

  11. mkyarwood says:

    PFFFFT, he’s never met me obviously. Height has nothing, nothing, nothing to do with anything. Also, he is married, so what’s he grain of salting about?

  12. Doofus says:

    Jersey?! Had no idea…represent!

  13. Tessa says:

    Love Peter Dinklage! He has a really sexy speaking voice and killer eyes. I do find him sexy, and he is making women think outside of the box for sure.

  14. Lb says:

    Don’t watch GoT yet but saw him in the Station Agent. love that movie! Love him!

  15. embertine says:

    Dinklage, you are on my Freebie Five list so don’t make me come over there and prove that women would really go for you. Second thoughts, do make me do that. Seriously, please.

  16. fabgrrl says:

    Peter Dinklage and Tina Fey would be such a hot, smart, funny couple! :^)

  17. Carolyn says:

    The English version of Death at a Funeral is very very funny. Recommended. Love him as Tyrion.

  18. wolf says:

    Wasn’t he in Nip/Tuck towards the end, when the series got really bad? He played Sean’s kid’s nanny, the baby was born with webbed fingers or something.

  19. Agnes says:

    I’ve loved him since The Station Agent. Now it turns out he’s from my home state! He’s clearly awesome. 🙂

  20. Kelly says:

    That interviewer sounded like a condescending idiot though.

  21. Merman says:

    Funny,smart and self-aware=hot.

  22. Jen34 says:

    I think I mentioned this before, but my brother met him backstage when Dinklage was doing an off Broadway play . He said Dinklage was very modest , self-deprecating and a great guy.

  23. Stubbylove says:

    Love The Dinklage. Favorite part is he doesn’t believe for a minute about the DwILF image.

  24. Jess says:

    My love of the Dinklage began after watching the Station Agent, and has continued unabated ever since.

  25. pwal says:

    We’ve gotten too used to the term diss meaning smack-talking when it could also mean not acknowledging someone when they approach you, whether deliberate or not.

  26. I Choose Me says:

    I wished more celeb interviews were like this but then they can’t all be Peter Dinklage. (I love his Tyrion character so much that I had a series of sexy dreams about him after watching the first season of GOT). LOVE, love, love this interview.

  27. lurker says:

    He’s hilarious! Almost fell of the chair laughing at the “Midgete Midgete” part, and still chuckle minutes later.

  28. gefeylich says:

    Jesus, could this guy be any MORE cool? He was hilarious on SNL a couple of weeks ago (as “Peter Drunklage”), so why the hell hasn’t he been asked to host the show? He lives in freaking NYC.

    I love that Fey wrote a role for him which was highly reflective of his real life personality. I’ve loved him since his cameo in “Living in Oblivion” and lead role in “The Station Agent,” and I’m so happy GoT has made him wildly successful.

  29. Michelle says:

    I so love him! My little boy has dwarfism and Peter gives me hope that my little man can do anything he wants.

  30. Lana says:

    How did he diss Brangelina? If you see the video he walked right by them and they looked and clapped lol something that happens every time someone wins. The winner gets up and walks by people clapping. And actually in the video Angelina wasn’t even facing him and looked startled when she felt him move past her.

    • lisa2 says:

      I was going to post this exact thing. I recall that video too.

      but hey if it is possible to put Brad/Angie in a post it has to be done. Silly really.

      I find him very interesting. But it seems the mention of Brad/Angie gets anyone more attention. Even when it is not necessary.

    • Nina W says:

      Re-read what he said, he said his friends gave him a hard time for ignoring Brad and Angie, why do you have to spin it into some weird fame whoring?

  31. alxandra says:

    I have had a crush on him since The Station Agent movie back in 03. He is so sexy

  32. ohiogirl says:

    Dinklage is handsome but I can’t enjoy it because many years ago I dated a guy who looks very much like him and is just a little taller than him who turned out to be quite controlling.

  33. elllalt says:

    Holy crap Batman! An intelligient, clever, well-spoken actor! Will wonders never cease? He must feel like an alien whenever he’s in Hollywood.