Justin Bieber’s tour bus just got busted for marijuana in Sweden, but no arrests

Is it just me or is this headline kind of obvious? As in, aren’t we all expecting to see headlines involving Justin Bieber, drugs, bust, police, tour bus and arrest at this point? That IS how it’s going to go down eventually, although today Justin isn’t in too much trouble. The gist is that Justin and his tour bus were stopped today in Sweden and the police conducted a “drug bust” and found marijuana on the bus. I’m surprised it was nothing harder. And I’m surprised that marijuana is any kind of big deal in Sweden? I was under the impression that marijuana was no big deal there.

Justin Bieber is so rock n’ roll — his tour bus was raided by Swedish police who allegedly found marijuana on board Wednesday night … according to a Swedish newspaper. Police reportedly boarded the bus in Stockholm as the bus pulled up at the arena where Bieber was performing … and found a “small amount” of what appeared to be pot.

A police spokesman told the Aftonbladet newspaper … they first detected a “strong smell” of marijuana coming from the bus as they were controlling the huge crowd that had gathered outside Bieber’s hotel. The Swedish report says police also found a stun gun … which requires a permit.

No arrests were made … and it’s unclear if Justin was on the bus, or if he’d already entered the arena, when the raid went down.

Update: TMZ has spoken with a rep for the Stockholm PD, who told us …. Around 7:10 PM on Wednesday night, an officer smelled weed coming from Justin’s bus, which was parked in front of the Grand Hotel.

Cops say … when the bus left the hotel and headed toward the Globe Arena, the officer contacted a special narcotics unit, which issued a warrant to search Bieber’s bus. We’re told cops searched the bus in the parking garage of the Globe Arena — no one was on the bus at the time.

Cops say they found a small amount of narcotics (they won’t say which drug, but local papers say it’s weed) — along with a taser. We’re told cops have not identified a suspect yet … and the bus has not been impounded.

Bieber had been seen with his pal Lil Za in the hours before the weed incident … and FYI, Za is the guy who was seen smoking pot with Bieber at an L.A. home earlier this year.

Cops tell us NO ONE WILL BE CHARGED because they have no idea who was in possession of the drug since the bus was empty. They found the narcotic on the floor of the bus so they have no clue who brought it on.

[From TMZ]

Yeah, so no arrests. YET! But it’s coming. Can’t you feel it? I’m not saying it will be Britney-style, but it will be bad. Meanwhile, there are reports that Justin “threw a temper tantrum” during a photo shoot for Elizabeth Arden this past weekend when he was in Copenhagen. Apparently, he showed up six hours late for the shoot and then when he did come, he “refused” to wear the costume that he had agreed to earlier. A source says, “After showing up six hours late, Justin threw a temper tantrum because they wanted him to wear a bell boy hat — but he refused. This kid is quickly getting a reputation as someone that no one wants to work with. It was disgraceful.” In addition to THAT, Justin also refused to tip his waiter (ON A FREE MEAL) last Friday. He and Selena Gomez went out to eat and a source claims, “even though the meal was complimentary, Justin couldn’t be bothered to tip the hard working waiter. It was very low class and just disrespectful. Selena acted like a true lady, but Justin acted like an entitled punk.” Oh, and he was wandering around Stockholm in a onesie. That kid’s on drugs.

Photos courtesy of WENN, Justin’s Instagram.

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  1. A says:

    Proud of my nation today.

    And yes, drugs is a big deal here and rare in many circles. Sex is our main drug.

    • aims says:

      I got to say, I really admire how your country is run. I love my country very much, but you guys have amazing social system. With the family leave and everything. Bravo Sweden! I sincerely mean it.

      • A says:

        Thanks aims! I love living here. The social system has literally saved my life.

        You can come live here anytime! :)

  2. poppy says:

    hope his monkey finds his way back just to bitch slap this turd.

  3. Niki says:

    He looks like Vanilla Ice in the first pic.

  4. videli says:

    With his crouching posture and corrugated forehead – he reminds me of Gollum – in the onesie pictures.

    • LadyMTL says:

      Corrugated forehead, hahahahahaha! I think that’s the best description I’ve heard of his perma-wrinkles. +1000

      • Lauren Carter says:

        Lol. Jaden Smith and Justin Beiber both have corrugated foreheads 😔 *This is their go-to expression in every picture.

  5. JL says:

    Low. Class. Trash.

    Wait until that little Mofo blows through his cash and has to wait tables – then maybe he’ll get his head out of his a$$.

    I can’t wait for the breakdown, it will be epic and I will LMFAO.

    Unlike Brittany whose parents stepped in, Beiber’s parents apparently are related to Dina Lohan and don’t give a sh*t.

    Yes, it will be epic
    Yes, I just can’t wait!

  6. logan says:

    Don’t care if anyone was arrested all I want to know is did he cry?

  7. Agnes says:

    Piece of trash. On so many levels.

  8. lem says:

    his breakdown/downfall will be more a la lohan than britney. britney had/had legitimate mental health issues that were exaccerbated by drug use and exploited by grifters. beiber is just a whiny spoiled b*tch who has no one to blame for his inevitable problems but himself.

  9. Sam says:

    A Taser? That’s certainly not approved for children!

    Please, God, if you really are up there, please let Bieber get stunned at least once. Please let TMZ be there to get it on video. And please let it be strong enough to cause his balls to jump back up inside of him so his voice is a permanent falsetto. That’s all I ask for. Thank you, Amen.

    • Hakura says:

      What ‘balls’? Everything I’ve ever seen/heard about him would indicate that he doesn’t have any.

  10. lucy2 says:

    The classic crash and burn – usually takes most “rock stars” a decade or two, this kid will be washed before he’s old enough to buy beer.

  11. Gabriella says:

    So he’ll wear that baby onesie but refuses to wear a bell boy hat? Oh, Biebs…

  12. popcorn11 says:

    TMZ cant seem to write a negative Bieber story without name dropping a person of color that hes been spotted with. Apparently white teen pop stars only get in trouble under the influence of their black buddies. God i hate TMZ and their endless race baiting.

  13. Catlady says:

    Justin Bieber is a Behind The Music episode waiting to happen. And it will be a two hour special presentation!

  14. rianic says:

    He makes me think of a young Cory Haim, but I give him less sympathy. CH had demons, this kid is just entitled

  15. Mia says:

    Why does Justin have the same haircut as Vanilla Ice? Good god. And he already looks like he’s 12, can’t he just be a professional and act like something approaching an adult?

  16. Elceibeno says:

    Entitled, conceited, spoiled, bratty, arrogant, monkey-abandoning little twerp! Good job America in creating these arrogant pop stars. Americans’ reputation overseas keeps getting downgraded every time because of celebrities like him.

    • pop! says:

      He’s Canadian. The US and Canada are two different countries, as I’m sure you’re aware. And no one made him, he’s just an entitled little asshat who would act this way whether he was flipping burgers or selling out concert halls. Beyond your blanket statements, I agree with you about this little brat.

    • Zwella Ingrid says:

      Can’t blame us this time. He’s Canadian.

  17. bowers says:

    Karma’s still coming.

  18. Grape Soda says:

    I’m just surprised they didn’t find any harder stuff.

  19. Jenny says:

    Onesies and temper tantrums go together perfectly. At least for once his fashion choice is on point: no saggy diaper problems when you put baby Bieber in a onesie ;)

    • Hakura says:

      I was just disappointed there were no good pics from behind. I wanted to see if it had a little ‘flap’ in the back for bathroom issues xD If not, he’d have to be wearing a diaper (unless he was fine completely undressing at every bathroom break). xD

  20. SydneySpy says:

    “Entitled, conceited, spoiled, bratty, arrogant, monkey-abandoning little twerp!”

    A prize wanker.

    On the countdown to his downfall. Cannot wait.

  21. pop! says:

    I don’t know why everyone seems to think somehow he’ll learn his lesson, because he won’t. His empire will crumble, but he’ll still be the same entitled pos that he it’s now (see Lohan, Lindsay). I doubt he’d have any change in character if he had remained poor, he’d still think he was better than everyone because he’s just an asshole.

  22. the original bellaluna says:

    He already looks like he’s wearing a bell-hop’s jacket (in that pic w/ the sweater mask w/ Mickey ears) – would it have killed him to put on the matching hat?

    He also kept fans at a concert waiting for 90 minutes, because he was playing a ping-pong game backstage.

    His fall from grace will be positively Blohanesque!

  23. Jade says:

    lmao I cant stand this little toad.

  24. Crackberry says:

    why couldn’t selena tip?
    did she tip?

    • Hakura says:

      I’d already lost complete respect for her for going back to this little shitnugget, but now my opinion has gone into the ‘negatives’. Really, Selena?

  25. Hakura says:

    The little dickhead has started to pull ‘Chris Brown’ shit with employees he encounters. Only difference is unfortunately, I don’t think CB has ever been THAT late to a concert. (Not that THAT puts him ahead by any standard). Just hope for Selena’s sake that he doesn’t become more like him.