Brad Pitt determined to buy photo of Angelina Jolie getting freaky with a horse

Last week, we discussed that photoshoot Angelina Jolie did with David LaChapelle back in 2001, and how one of the “never before seen” photos was going up for auction? You may remember, these are the photos where Angelina was getting her freak on with a horse? Yes, you remember. The photos were done for a Rolling Stone cover shoot, and while the auction house claims that the shot (of a horse nuzzling Angelina’s boobs) has “never before been seen,” everybody had already seen it. The horse photos have been floating around for years. Still, I guess LaChapelle wanted to sell a special copy (maybe it’s signed or something) and Christie’s wanted to attract Brangeloonies to their auction, so this thing was over-hyped. And now Brad Pitt is mad/hot. He’s so mad/hot that he’s determined to buy the photo – no matter the cost! – so that he can be the only one to own the photo. Except for all of those websites using the photo, I guess.

Brad Pitt doesn’t want anyone else to see Angelina Jolie horsing around. Brad is desperate to buy up a photo of Angelina posing topless with a noble steed nuzzling her chest. The photograph, titled “Horseplay”, was never published after being snapped by David LaChapelle in 2001 for Rolling Stone Magazine. But it’s not set to headline a sale at London auction house Christie’s where it’s expected to fetch between $38,071 and $53,330.

“Brad is prepared to pay whatever it takes to get the photo,” a source close to Brad told The Enquirer. “Brad finds the photo of free-spirited Angie very sexy, although he’s not wild about the Billy Bob tattoo on her shoulder… he wants to keep the photo for himself but he’s also out to protect Angelina’s new image as an A-list actress, doting mother and UN human rights crusader.”

[From The Enquirer, print edition]

I think it would be sweet if Brad bid on it and if he got it. I think he knows perfectly well that Angelina had a wild, rebellious youth and that she let horses get to second base (and that’s not even the ninth freakiest thing she did in 2001). Maybe Brad even wishes he saw more of that in Angelina. I know I certainly miss her wild streak. I’m glad that she’s become so serious and such a passionate advocate, etc, etc. But I miss 2001 Angelina. That girl knew how to party.

Photos courtesy of David LaChapelle (all images from the 2001 photoshoot) and WENN.

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  1. nell says:

    her face looks so different now !! she looked better those days

  2. Sammy077 says:

    I’m really baffled why everybody is claiming that it’s never been seen before or that Angelina is sexual with a horse. It’s not even offensive. For whatever reason people really go over the top when come it comes Angelina. This story is ridiculous considering similar photos are already published and all over the internet.

    • Eleonor says:

      Agreed, I don’t see all the “sexual fuzz” in these photos, she has done a lot of more sexy and crazy stuff.

    • Fayded says:

      Maybe its because she has a horse nibbling on her nipple……just a thought. This is not intended to invoke a sense of childish innocence or gossamer beauty. Its intentionally playing on the potential for offence and controversy because dont you know, thats art.

      I think the Loons are trapped in the new image she constructed and have chosen to forget that this is exactly the kind of nonsense she would have been drawn to in those days. (I read an article some time ago suggesting that a decade from now Kristen Stewart will be the new Angie complete with loyal following willing to airbrush her youthful indiscretions, if she plays her cards right. I cant disagree)

      If Brad is trying to buy those pics its because he would rather we forgot her Heroin days and focused on her new Mother-Earth image. That and protecting his kids atleast until they can process her weirder days.

      • Shannon says:

        Thank you. Perfect comment.

      • popcorn11 says:

        Agree with Fayded totally. I hate the shameless hero worship of her. You can like her and still acknowledge how wrong she was in many things she did or does (eg she sometimes exploits the kids and takes herself too seriously)

      • Heathers says:

        YES. to me she’s controversial, at best. I don’t necessarily buy into everything she tries so hard to sell. I can applaud her for her charitable work and dedication to those issues, but she seemed like a more honest and open person in her pre-Brad days. I don’t know why anyone who doesn’t lick her feet should be mistreated or verbally abused on the internet. it’s scary.

      • Sal says:

        False. The haters and JenLoons are trapped in the past and can’t understand that people grow up. The haterloons are obsessed, mentally stunted and living in the past. Since she was only wild for a few years and her so-called Mother Earth ‘image’ has been for over TWELVE YEARS, hardly ‘new’. It seems the hater floons want to concentrate on a brief moment in her time because they don’t want to admit the real her has been for 12 + years. In short, the Loonistons and hater floons are mentally backward and stuck in the past because the present inconveniences their narrow-minded mentally and emotionally stilted agenda.

      • Lurker says:

        I agree. I also think they are confusing Angelina with RDJ, Depp, Drew etc whose drug pasts are sugarcoated and never brought up.

    • Katherine says:

      People are seeing what they want to see. The horse isn’t nibbling anything, there is no tongue and his snout is just below her shoulder and above her breast.

      This is just another take on people thinking they saw a picture of her french kissing her brother – another fantasy that never happened.

      Those who see sex in everything are the ones with issues.

    • maria says:

      it is very silly to assume it is bestiality :P I think I have held my kittens when I was nude I better watch out if I get famous!

  3. don't kill me i'm french says:

    1/who say 2013 Angie doesn’t know anymore to party?

    2/2001 Angie loved heroin(beurk!),kissed her brother with the tongue (beurk!2)and a horse licked her breast (beurk!3)

    • truthSF says:

      Angelina never kissed her brother with tongue. It was always a closed mouth kiss between them. Look at those pictures again. It was weird, but never that inappropriate.

      • teri says:

        Rumors just run wild don’t they truth? Once they get a bit of information they throw in more twisted bits to fit their own sick fantasies. I take AJ from the past or present both hold alot of attention.

      • Heathers says:

        this always comes up and I never say anything about it, but I’m going to here. I’ve seen all the photos of her kissing James (there are multiples) and there isn’t a way to tell if they were frenching. Personally, I truly doubt it. I don’t think so based on what I’ve seen. However, you can’t blame people for throwing it out of proportion, because it WAS out of proportion. While you couldn’t see anything going on in their mouths, there was enough passion and weirdness at play (hand placement, length of the kiss–yes there’s a video–etc) that the vibe was NOT good. So whether you believe it was a “french” or you don’t, to downplay those photos and videos is naive. it was crazy. at the very least, they both thought it would bring them a lot of attention. and it did.

  4. Eleonor says:

    How awful is the cross tattoo??? I wonder if she still has it.

    I’ve loved crazy Angelina, but I don’t miss her, because doing the same stuff you used to do in your 20′s, after 25-27, makes you look stupid.
    BTW I think this is bs, Brad could go bankrupt if he had to buy every single crazy photo of Angie.

  5. bowers says:

    That’s one big dark tattoo.

  6. tracking says:

    Why would he bother? It’s out there.

  7. lisa2 says:

    Oh please this is just another play on an old story. Before it was Brad rushes to by Drug den tape (which was BS) then Brad rushes to by Sex Tape (again BS) now Brad rushes to buy pictures that have been on the net for years. And I know because her “haters’ are forever posting them. seriously the obsession with Angie’s past is funny to be honest. People act like what she did at 20 something is so Outrageous. She is quite tame compared to what I have seen from other celebs. But then they are not Angie.

    Brad has made it clear for 8 years this is the woman he loves and wants. Angie has been very honest about her past. I’m sure Brad knows everything and as she says.. He loves her.

    Old news and BS on top of that. I guess Angie’s is still fascinating to talk about. Even pictures almost 10 years old are news worthy.

    the cross is a cover for a dragon tat she had. And really it is not in a place that everyone would see it. Brad yeah but she is not wearing cloths on a daily basis where she is flashing it. So other then this photo and a couple other shoots you don’t ever see it. So no big deal.

    • Rhea says:

      Poor Brad. In those stories, he’s either running out from the room crying his eyes out after a big fight, or rushing here and there trying to cover and “protect” Angie’s known—and very public past. ;)

      • Linda says:

        I find it weird when you say ” brad knows everything and he loves her”

        You say this so emphatically as if you either live in their household or you are a member of their family. Bottom line is that we do not know these people at all. We don’t know what goes on in their lives. I am not saying Brad does not love her, but to say it as emphatically as you did is just strange.

    • Heathers says:

      you seem very determined to see what it is that you want to see, which is fine by me. I pretend that Daniel Day-Lewis is my boyfriend sometimes. But I will say that the drug den video isn’t BS. I watched it several years ago before Brad or Angie’s people presumably had it pulled down. She was tripping like crazy on heroin and talking about how she’d accidentally killed some animals. I didn’t think it was as shocking as people were making it out to be, sure, but then again, is heavy drug use anything but? let’s get a little perspective here…

    • lisa2 says:


      I was quoting Angie. not me. I don’t live in their house. This is a quote from her. And since she does live in the house with him.. I will take her word of Brad knowing everything and still loving her.

      Now how strange do you find it now????

  8. Marie Antoinette Jr. says:

    I would be surprised if he bought this. There are so many odd photos/events in her past, a person would go crazy trying to control them all.
    Plus, I think they would rather protect the image they have cultivated of not caring about stuff like this– more than they want to own what is by modern standards, an odd but fairly tame photo shoot.

  9. Esmom says:

    I call BS. If Brad wanted the photo he could pull out his checkbook and make a deal with the photog. And he’d probably pay more than the highest bidder and save everyone the time and trouble of an auction.

  10. marie says:

    either Brad makes a bid, loses and then runs from the room crying or it won’t happen..

  11. Jane says:

    At least it is not a mug shot.

    I think Brad has seen her naked. He has taken more provacative photos himself for that W spread after the twins birth, so just another stupid story to get hits and to try and drag up her “crazy, but not really” past…after all, she is the only actor to have one, if you believe what you read.

  12. Still Wild says:

    Brad was asked by Charlie Rose last year about Angie still being a bad girl and Brad agreed that she was – “delightfully so” (see link below). Angie is still the same kind, talented, passionate person (15 years older, though), which is why the media is so angry. Unlike so many in Hollywood, Angelina never hurt anyone but herself. She never went to jail, rehab, ran anybody over and fled the scene, got a DUI or was otherwise arrested, or even treated a co-worker badly, yet everyone keeps saying how “bad” she is/was. Being a mother of six and going into war zones is FAR MORE WILD than some lady godiva photo shoot. I LOVE that she has no PR but still at 37 has a fabulous career and pick when/if/with whom she wants to work- very well-deserved perks for her.
    would (in one case might not have lived). I hate to say it but may not even be here. And I think of the joy that we have in our family because we are together and I just couldn’t imagine.

    Charlie Rose: There is that kind of attitude.
    Brad Pitt: She’s still a bad girl. (Charlie: Still a bad girl?) Yeah, delightfully so. Well, it’s not for public consumption.

    Charlie Rose: And she’s still a risk taker — being a director, producer, there’s still this shared attitude about life.

    Brad Pitt: Sure. We get one shot at this thing, as far as I know. …I don’t wanna have any regrets when we get to, you know, when the time’s up. We try new things, and the same for our family. She’s such an amazing mother. She’s so inventive at home with them. And I’m just so happy that they have her.

  13. doofus says:

    this was a really funny write-up…bravo.

    as for the story, nah, don’t buy it. as if she needs to “protect her image” from this OMG! NEVER BEFORE SEEN! PROOF THAT JOLIE WAS WILD AND CRAZY IN HER YOUTH! photograph.

    everyone knows what she did back in the day, and it hasn’t stopped the UN from having her on as an ambassador, or stopped her from being able to adopt kids.

  14. lady mary. says:

    Brad doesnt have to buy them, he has Angie by his side and he can get a horse anytime ,he can have have a whole scrap book made out of it ,all day ,anyday any time

  15. Talie says:

    She looked much healthier there…with about 20 pounds on, she’d look fantastic.

    • 14 Years Ago says:

      Well, everyone would look better if they could shave 14 years of aging off. Angie has ALWAYS been skinny- even pregnant, she has VERY long & skinny arms & legs. Her DNA would make any weight gain go to her already pouchy tummy.

      Based on her interviews and her choice of being a mother to 6, she doesn’t seem to want to spend 4-5 hours a day in the gym to look more toned, but, judging by the giant babies she carries around (sometimes in pairs!), she’s still plenty strong. Also, she did amazing acts of athleticism and strength in Wanted & Salt, skinny little (& “old” mama) thing that she is. Look at her father- he’s 70ish and has def lost any roundness in his face (CHEEKBONES for days!) and still has long, skinny arms & legs. Brad is the ONLY person that needs to like how she looks. According to Angie, Brad really loves her body for the journey it has taken, which makes her feel sexier than ever before! Ok,love goggles (how could he love someone SKINNY who is a MOTHER- 6 times over- egad!!), perhaps, but the love is all that matters and their house seems so very full of love & joy for over 8 years now- kudos to them!

  16. Leah says:

    I would rather see these pictures than celeb mugshots. Comparing a wild Angelina with what happened to America’s Sweetheart *shudder* Reese Witherspoon reminds me of what Pink said when XTina got arrested:

    “Out of myself, Britney, and Christina- didn’t everyone think I was gonna be the troublemaker?,” Pink said Tuesday, shortly after Aguilera and her boyfriend, Matt Rutler’s arrest was made public. “LOOK MA!!! No CUFFS!!!”


    Lol gotta love Pink.

  17. lamamu says:

    It’s just such a silly picture. She just looks attention-seeking, which is what those early Angelina years were.

  18. nuzzybear says:

    Anonymous bidder (Aniston/Handler) suddenly pushes the price up into the millions…

  19. LL says:

    I don’t see her being so skinny as people say. I recently saw pictures of her at the G8 Summit without the coat and looks fine to me. She didn’t anorexic or anything like that. Most of the time she looks so small b/c she wears loose clothing like at the Women in the World summit.

    • Kroll says:

      Did we see the same pics? The coverage on entertainment outlets focused heavily on how twig-like her limbs looked. And there was speculation that her outfit was intentionally bulky to conceal her frame. Somethings up with this woman. Either some pill addiction or eating disorder. A woman who is repeatedly reminded that she is too skinny and still “forgets to eat” is strange. Wouldnt she eat with her kids anyhow? Atleast most days of the week or does she forget to feed them too?

      • LL says:

        Like I said above, I saw some of the pics from that summit in her dress and she looked healthy to me.

        Also, I love these ‘concern’ people who care so much about her weight. At the same time, they regurgitate tabloids like its the truth. Especially this: And there was speculation that her outfit was intentionally bulky to conceal her frame. Somethings up with this woman. Either some pill addiction or eating disorder.

        Her haters love bringing these lies and try to make them seem like the truth but get upset when their favorites have tabloids write lies about them.

      • popcorn11 says:

        Yeah, i dont think its a natural thin either. The guys on datalounge say she abuses painkillers, who knows with celebs. Forget to eat, my foot!

  20. Wish she wasn’ t so skinny but she is seriously the most beautiful woman ever…..

  21. Aud says:

    She does have some of the most ugly tattoos. On the surface, when she is dressed, she is very stunning. But when the clothes come off, she is all bone and bad ink.

  22. G. T. J says:

    whomever said the horse is “nibbling” on her nipple might need some anatomy lessons… he is near her shoulder, not her nipple. It’s not something I’d do or want to do, but it’s also not as lewd as many people say (want) it to be. It’s simply not a story.

  23. phlyfiremama says:

    It’s a beautiful picture. I can’t blame Brad for wanting the original~digital images only have so much resolution. The horse isn’t licking her nipples in a sexual manner, fer gosh sake~it is just putting its muzzle where a good 30% of the male population at least in America would absolutely LOVE to stick their noses! Horses smell wonderful, I would probably look that happy if one was doing that to me too~

  24. emma says:

    If this is the photo, it’s not that risque. If he gets it, it’d be cute, not because he doesn’t want others to have it…

  25. Ravensdaughter says:

    She was a wild child, everyone knows that and don’t tell me that doesn’t keep him hanging around for secret trysts with thee wild child who remains. Still, I could see him getting possessive every now and then. These photos are pretty hot.

  26. Mrs Odie 2 says:

    I don’t get the point of paying tens of thousands of dollars for a photograph when it’s already on the internet where anyone can download and print it for free. Prior to adopting Maddox, every photo of her was like this. She lived to be a sex object. Remember the famous story of her jumping into the pool in her gown at the Golden Globes party? She was Lindsay Lohan with a Hollywood pedigree. I’m sure Cambodia, seeing the plight of orphans, and becoming a mother changed her. Motherhood changes a woman. If we’re lucky, we get little parts of our former selves back, but we’ll never be the same. I liked her when I, too, was a wild young thing.

    I recently read Peter Dinklage’s Playboy interview and he said the biggest focus about his winning his Golden Globe was that he didn’t properly greet/acknowledge Brangelina. I sort of hate them now. That was HIS moment, but everything is about YOU when you’re a narcissist.

    • lisa2 says:

      That Lindsey comparison is way off. Angelina has never had a reputation for not doing her job. Or being unprofessional. There are not pictures of Angie falling out of a club drunk or drugged up. Everyone that has ever worked with her has only said positive things; I don’t think you or anyone can post a negative story about her on any set.

      and regarding Peter Dinklage’s Playboy interview, how do you blame Brad and Angelina for what other people were saying. If you saw the video of that night they were not “reaching out to him” they were clapping and he was making his way to the stage. Angie was facing Brad talking and he kind of brushed by them. She turned and was a bit surprised because she didn’t see him. So “hating” them because of some silly story is a bit over the top.

      Again I’m sure you can’t provide an interview where Brad or Angie have ever said anything negative about anyone. They don’t name drop. Others drop their names.

    • Lurker says:

      Was Dinklage complaining or joking? Seriously people are always looking for stupid things to bash the Brange.