Anna Nicole Smith Dead at 39 (update)

This is just horrible news. Anna Nicole Smith has died at the age of 39 after collapsing in her hotel room in Hollywood, Florida.

The blond bombshell — who recently became tabloid fodder all over again after the sudden, apparently drug-related death of her 20-year-old son — was found unresponsive while staying at the Seminole Hard Rock Hotel and Casino, said her attorney, Ron Rale. She was rushed to a hospital.

Edwina Johnson, chief investigator of the Broward County Medical Examiner’s Office, said the cause of death is under investigation and an autopsy will be done on Friday………..

Meanwhile, the paternity of her now 5-month-old daughter remained a matter of dispute. The birth certificate lists Dannielynn’s father as attorney Howard K. Stern, Smith’s most recent companion. Smith’s ex-boyfriend Larry Birkhead was waging a legal challenge, saying he was the father.

Debra Opri, the attorney who filed his paternity suit, said Birkhead “is devastated. He is inconsolable, and we are taking steps now to protect the DNA testing of the child. The child is our number one priority.”

I really hope she didn’t kill herself. After all, she had a beautiful baby girl who counted on her, I can’t imagine how hard it’s going to be for Dannielynn to grow up without her. I hope the two daddies involved in the paternity suit find a civilized way to solve their issues and help Dannielynn have a chance at a normal life.

Note by Celebitchy: Thanks so much to Chic Mommy for covering this. I am on vacation in Spain with my family until Monday, and do have internet access from our room. This is incredibly shocking news. Like a lot of you, my first thought was that Howard K. Stern killed her to cash in on some kind of insurance and to avoid being revealed as a hanger-on who isn’t the father of Dannielynn. It’s possible that she died of a drug overdose or natural causes, we’ll have to wait for the results. There’s also a suspect rumor that her deceased son is the father of her baby, but I doubt that’s true. If there is any merit to that rumor, it would certainly give her motive to commit suicide.

Here are pictures from Anna’s commitment ceremony to Howard.

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  1. Maritime says:

    This news made me very sad. ANS had a very bumpy life. I can’t get the interview she gave after her son died out of my head. She thought she was being Punk’d. Very, very sad. I hope that little girl ends up in a great family and gets a fighting chance at a normal life.

  2. luigi says:

    Wow. I know a lot of people thought of her as trash, but I always kinda felt sorry for her. I guess the recent death of her son and pressure from debts and lawsuits might have driven her to suicide or else she accidently ODed. Pretty sad.

  3. disco says:

    just hear the news in london. yes it shocking – but more so as she was in the public celeb eye.

    her daughter will be fine if a little fkd up come the time she inherts.

    ANS had a bizarre 20 odd years.
    nothing more to say.

  4. frewtloop says:

    Its 8am in Australia – just heard the news. I think its a tragic waste of life and incredibly suspicious too. I hope that little girl’s father is this Larry person and she knows a better life than her sad mother.

  5. Angieeeeeeee says:

    I’m screeming, FOUL!!!! First her son now her. This is toooooooo convenient right at the beginning of a Baby Daddy DNA test and custody case that was sure to follow.


  6. Jaime says:

    Poor girl. She had it rough the last few years, and no matter how trashy she was she always struck me as someone who just wanted to be loved…everything she did was a cry for that.
    I wish her daughter well, and I wish her anonymity in the future.

  7. Anonymous says:

    I am shocked!!!!

    Always kind of liked her and her zany personality. She seemed somewhat sweet and just wanted to be liked/loved. A very vulnerable person.

    I hope her daughter ends up with Birkhead and not Stern…there is something I just do not trust about that guy.

  8. nans says:

    there is one common denominator through all this turmoil. the same current prior to her son’s suspicious death. isn’t it quite convenient that she never recovered from her pneumonia back in nov 06? it seems to me ans was slowly being poisoned….hmmm who did it ?let’s take a guess……………………

  9. itoluso says:

    Oh hell. She was one of the most beautiful and most fucked up women to ever live. I can’t believe she’s dead. I feel for her daughter and seriously hope Birkhead is the dad, as I’m sure he wouldn’t exploit the hell out of the child so he could live off her legacy as the only surviving child of the one and only Anna Nicole Smith. Howard Stern, I believe, wouldn’t hesitate to cash in. He’s a bit on the snakey side, to be sure. RIP, Anna Nicole, RIP…

  10. Anonymous says:

    She always struck me as this overgrown child. Not in a bad way just in the way that she wanted love. I hope her child is put in the best possible hands.
    i agree with nans. Very weird that she and her son die such suspicious deaths. I hope it was not suicide. No matter what people think or say, to me she shouldn’t have died this way, this soon. No one should.

  11. DarthMommy says:

    I was not a big fan of ANS but I know she is in peace and with her son. RIP Anna!

  12. Alex says:

    This is just sad. She always seemed to be bumping from one disaster to another with nobody to pick her up, dust her off and point her in the right direction. God bless her little girl – hope she has an easier life.

  13. alexi says:

    Very troubled soul. I knew someone who partied with her before she got on trimspa. Lots of substances. Nice girl but lots of craziness, celeb hungry. Not a normal life at all…..

    Best to the poor baby. Lots o drugs is always trouble…

  14. Rho says:

    Honestly, she is responsible for the death of her son, and the little girl does not need a promiscuous junkie for a mother. All of her troubles were instigated by only herself. So no, I never felt “sorry” for her. She was a wasted mess. Other than the Guess jeans ads and the bad movie cameo, everything she did was designed to exploit trashiness.
    It’s too bad nobody thought to put her in rehab before it was too late, but junkies die every day folks. That’s why it’s bad to be addicted to drugs. It kills.

  15. Action says:

    Rho, as harsh as that was (and it WAS harsh) I agree with you. She was really messed up and she messed up the life of her kid and I’m hoping her daughter can get away without too much harm.

    I hope she’s in a better place and that she’s found whatever it was she was always looking for.

  16. alexi says:

    Agreed with Rho and Action, a junkie is a junkie – a tragedy for them and those that love and need them. Same for Pete Doherty. That’s next.

    I wish the best for all who struggle with these demons.

  17. JoGirl says:

    I agree that this whole situation stinks of foul play!

    Yes, Anna was a junkie and for that reason alone she would have been particularly vulnerable to someone who might want to poison her. If she’s constantly putting strange-looking substances in her body, how easy would it be to slip something deadly into her usual concoction?

    Just watch… it will turn out that she died from the same combination of Lexapro and Methadone that killed Daniel.

  18. Anonymous says:

    Hmm…..Howard seems to be a common denominator.

    No ‘normal’ guy would hook up with her. He is just an opportunist who found a very vulnerable woman and went for it. There never seemed to be any affection on his part during her show. Usually he was picking up the pieces and acting irritated. Yup, yup, he is a big shark.

  19. Angelika says:

    I really don’t know what to think of all this.. It’s unbelievable.. I felt incredibly sorry for her when her son died – all of this just seems surreal, like some crazy soap opera! No-one can stand such a bizarre, crazy life – I think ANS was absolutely fucked up in the end, and that Howard Stern guy certainly wasn’t helping her at all..

    However, I’m sorry for the little girl, Danielynn, who’s left now in this big, awful mess. She’s 4 months though, so she won’t even remember her mother – she now has the chance to start a new life, and to get a fulfilled one! Once the DNA test is done, her father can hopefully provide her with a better life – and her father is certainly none other than Birkhead!

  20. Sandrina Phelps says:

    Anna Nicole Smith was not trash…she was a beautiful woman and this is tragic news…it almost brought me to tears…Debts wouldn’t drive her to suicide with 50 millions dollars…it is suspicious and could not have been an overdose as she has a nurse with her…she must have been ill for a while…maybe the wieght gain and subsequent loss put a strain on her heart…or maybe AIDS…there must have been a reason as she had a nurse on hand …:(, any case RIP beautiful Vickie Lynn xoxoxo

  21. Gigohead says:

    May she rest in peace. She was a very troubled woman.

  22. G.P. says:

    That is really sad. I just saw a bit of her last interview and she could hardly put two words together.

    I hope she finds peace and her little girl is O.K.

  23. Toubrouk says:

    I agree Gigohead; she had a really messed-up life. With a little luck, this will bring to an end all the media frenzy about her and will let her little girl out of this.

    Right now, the only thing that really hurt me is the thought of that little baby stucked in that paternity lawsuit. Let’s hope she will end-up in a good family with tons of support and love.

  24. tmi says:

    this is quite shocking news.
    geez, i’m not sure yet what to think. i think that the autopsy will give a lot of answers. she did have some heavy alcohol and drug habits…noone has answered the question as to where or from whom daniel got methadone prior to his death. methadone is a drug that is given to heroin addicts to help them kick the habit, as far as i know.
    i do think that howard is sleazy, but not really any more sleazy than nicole.
    they had a really sick relationship in which they both used each other. anna used howard to be like a father who would keep her act together, and howard i guess got paid handsomely for doing years of damage control for anna. if the “real” father of her baby, danilynn, is infact her no strings attached boyfriend, burkehead…im not convinced that he would be a good father to her…sadly, she is now a little cash cow. i think that the baby should go to one of anna’s more competent siblings to live where hopefully she can have a normal two parent home with siblings.
    its sad, but one could have predicted this…but at the same time its a shock. who the hell will ever know what kinds of secrets they were hiding in the bahamas.
    also, for those who think that anna was just some innocent bubblehead, she was actually quite calculating, in her own effed up way.

  25. anonymous says:

    there has been this rumor about her son being the father of her baby danilynn, i dont know where the hell that rumor came from, but i hope it isnt true.
    does anyone know where that rumor came from?? i think that burkehead and stern are meeting in court tomorrow. let em do the dna testing already. because when they find out that niether of them are the father, they are going to have a long long list of possible sperm donors.

  26. kailie2 says:

    This is all sad and shocking and just doesn’t sound right. She was a mess, I agree, but somehow we all felt for her when Daniel died and now this.. I hope the baby ends up with Larry, not this sleazy Stern character. What a bizarre relationship that was! I don’t trust him at all and I hope the police gets to the bottom of this. That weird “commitment” ceremony right after Daniel died and her refusal to submit to the DNA testing seem weird. I have a feeling she was so drugged up all the time, she didn’t have any free will left in her and he basically told her what to do.

  27. Betty says:

    This news is shocking and so very sad. I really liked her, despite the fact that she seemed out of it a lot of the time. She had this innocent aura about her. Sad. So very sad.

  28. chic mommy says:

    I agree with nans, there does seem to be some foul play involved. Anna’s sister was on Larry King tonight, and she made no effort to hide the fact that she hates Howard’s guts. I’m beginning to think that Howard did slowly poison her. I hope Birkhead is the father.

  29. Viv says:

    Holy moly. I thought this was a fake title…

  30. Holly White says:

    I am saddened that someone so young has passed on. While I would not necessarily agree with the lifestyle she chose, I am not convinced that she did not necessarily agree with it either. Sometimes our pasts determine our future more than we can control.

    Lost, I’ll agree she was, but innocent nonethesless. I have more respect and affection for a lost child who knows not what they do, than a seasoned adult who makes informed decisions to do wrong.

  31. Caz says:

    You can rage the conspiracy theory all you want but I think you’ll find that AN’s death was a simple case of self-infliction. She’d lost the will to live.

  32. Anonymous says:

    her son is father of her dauther?? what kind of rumour is that?? is it true?

  33. Mr. T says:

    I don’t care. Actually, it is good that she is over with her misery. That woman’s 15 minutes of fame was way overplayed. I wonder if Howard K. Stern buggered her body before they took it off.

  34. Alex says:

    Good grief, some of these comments are hateful. “The little girl does not need a promiscuous junkie for a mother”… are you kidding me? There’s all kinds of screwed up, and clearly ANS lacked the maturity, support or whatever to pull herself out of it, but to essentially say that her daughter is better off with a dead mother – I think you really need to check that.

  35. Action says:

    Alex, I don’t think that comment was hateful. I think it was harsh, that’s for sure. And let’s see, what did Daniel get for spending 18+ years with his mom? Oh, that’s right, he’s dead, too.

    There are some women out there who aren’t fit to be moms. As lost and craving attention and childlike as Anna Nicole was–this is true of her. She just f’s up her kids whether she means to or not, she does. I think, honestly, the baby will have a better life without her mom in the picture. It would have beeng great if AN would have realized what a pathetic excuse for a mother she was and gave the little girl to a grandma or something to raise and take care of. But it unfortunately didn’t come to that. She died instead. It’s horrible this baby won’t have a mommy. But hopefully it will give this baby a chance at having a healthy upbringing, one that Daniel obviously did NOT have with Anna Nicole!

  36. Alex says:

    I appreciate your comments, Action, but we still don’t know exactly what happened to Daniel. Unfortunately, lots of grown children die from drug overdoses but we don’t (and shouldn’t)automatically condemn their parents as being unfit. By saying that the daughter is better off without ANS as her mother, you’re also precluding the possibility that ANS had any chance of turning herself around for her daughter in the coming years. Just me I guess, I still see any wasted life as a tragedy all around.

  37. Keri says:

    For all ANS’s problems’ Daniel seemed to have turned out to be a pretty great kid — everyone had nice things to say about him, and he was a loyal and loving son. The drug overdoes might have been accidental — “accidental” also, in the sense the Howard gave him something and Daniel took it, no questions asked . . . and then he died. It’s not fair to assume that he was addicted to drugs.

    Also, it’s not fair to assume that, despite all her problems, ANS wouldn’t have been a good mother to Dannielynn.

    It’s all very, very sad.

  38. RealMe says:

    This girl had her demons, as some ppl do, but no one should wish this tragedy on anyone. God rest her soul!

  39. Jay says:

    I have to toss in my 2 pence — I believe that some people are toxic parents. I suffered from that and am still going to therapy and have no self esteem.

    I strongly think that yes, sometimes, it’s better to have a loving, adoptive parent than a drug-addicted, poor role model, just because they share DNA. Break the chain of bad parenting! People who stay high all the time ARE NOT GOOD PARENTS! They desperately need help. It’s extremely dangerous, and “accidents” (like Daniel) can easily happen because there is not mature judgment going on.

    This is why we have Child Services. I totally agree with Action; naysayers should stop and think before actually claiming that having a self-destructive drug-addled mother is better for a child than a mature, responsible loving adult (???).

    Think first, before you say the kid needed to have that “taking care” of her. That was a desperately dangerous situation for an infant.

  40. Alex says:

    last time on this, but I do understand the toxic parent issue. Obviuosly ANS had one of her own that messed her up pretty effectively. My only point is that nobody can or will ever know what kind of mother she might have become. Perhaps she could have turned it around to become a good mother to her daughter. Maybe not. But I don’t know the answer and neither do you folks who say she’s better off dead.

  41. sabine says:

    Ok, so Anna Nicole has been messed up for years. Even though i found her to be silly, obnoxious and not too bright and plainly drugged most of the time, i do feel awful that she died, especially after the horrible heartache of the last few months. Anna Nicole Smith was an addict. Unfortunetly, every day could be the last in the life of a person with that kind of habitt. She probobly felt incredible guilt about the death of her son. Maybe before it was all fun and games untill it became serious after Daniel died.
    I do feel for Anna Nicole and I know she brought it on herself, but still. She obviously needed help but wasn’t getting it.
    I don’t know why the people in her life didn’t intervene in this obvious trainwreck.

  42. Steven Hopper says:

    I totally agree about the train wreck, etc. Way too many questions surrounding this thing.

    Why doesn’t or couldn’t Anna’s mysterious ‘nurse’ call 911 him/herself (no cell phone, room phones don’t allow 911 calls), but Anna’s bodyguard’s wife (the nurse?) could/did call her husband?

    Who was in Anna’s suite before her death and when did any one last to
    look in on Anna after whoever else was in the suite might have left

    Anna last or how long did the nurse leave Anna alone after illness and
    the accompanying head injury?

    What was Anna’s ‘nurse’ doing before apparently only checking on Anna
    midday and after Anna had earlier suffered a head injury in a bathtub
    fall (left alone to bath) when Anna seemingly needed and hired a nurse?

    Is this nurse actually a nurse?

    Was Anna’s bodyguard’s wife this nurse and if not since his wife
    called Mo who then drove across town, arrived, administered more CPR, why was it that ‘Mrs. Mo’ phoned Mo and not 9-1-1 (reportedly after having said to Mo on her
    ‘cell’ phone that she couldn’t call 911)?

    What possible good reason was there that Mo’s wife needed Mo there
    instead of calling 9-1-1 and apparently she only called way after Mo arrived (having stopped his wife’s giving CPR), took over CPR ‘on the bed’, then failing at that, only then was Anna properly placed Anna on the floor to receive CPR?

    And since apparently Mo’s wife was the ‘nurse’, how is it that she
    failed to properly act on so many things (i.e.; leaving Anna alone for
    how long, not recognizing the need to and calling a Doctor, ‘refusing’
    to call 911, and seems fairly incompetent at performing CPR) and/or what duties did the ‘nurse’ perform?

    Why hasn’t the autopsy at least disclosed the actual indicated time of death as it is obvious Anna died before paramedics arrived (how long
    was she dead before the ‘nurse’ did anything)? Isn’t that one of the
    first things usually determined?

    Has the nurse been tested for drugs and what is this nurse’s history
    of drug abuse him/her self?

    How is it that Stern or anybody else assure Anna was being cared for by competent people when she was obviously so ill that she’d then hit
    her head in a bath tub fall?

    Why didn’t someone, anyone help this woman as there are laws about being incompetent and she was so overtly and nearly always drugged and/or drunken so as to support someone, anyone committing her so as to get her help. There was certainly enough money to be ‘watched over’ for her.

    Who or what kind of person do you need to be before these questions
    are asked?

    The whole thing stinks.