Farrah Abraham sold her sex tape for nearly one million dollars: way overpriced?

Teen Mom Farrah Abraham has been contradicting herself on whether she made a sex tape or not, but she apparently had no problems cashing in on the “personal” tape she filmed in a studio with a professional adult film star. She’s made a reported “high six figures” for selling her sex tape, which was less than the $2 million she told US Weekly she was hoping to get. It’s still a huge payday for a “teen mom” whose show wrapped last year. She didn’t get a spin off and she’s not a particularly popular star, but she’s still earning close to a million dollars. Adult film company Vivid announced the title of Farrah’s release and it suggests certain sex acts which I question whether Farrah actually delivered on. She probably did or else it’s false advertising. Here’s more:

Elaborate sex tape scams pay … just ask “Teen Mom” star Farrah Abraham who finally struck a deal for her on-camera banging session … in the HIGH six figures.

Last time we saw Farrah she was marching into the Vivid offices with her father and daughter in tow to talk dollars and cents with porn king Steve Hirsch — who’s been interested in buying the “Teen Mom”/James Deen XXX vid from the get-go.

Even though Farrah said she was considering other offers … sources close to the situation tell TMZ, Farrah finally inked a deal with Vivid … for close to a million dollars.


Not only that, we’ve learned the 70-minute-long skin flick will be titled: “Farrah Superstar: Backdoor Teen Mom.”

[From TMZ]

It’s not like she could earn a million bucks doing much else, you know? Her appearance fees are probably barely four figures. If this is her career choice then she may as well get the money while she can. She should sock most of it away though. I have a feeling this is about the last we’ll be hearing from her. Or I could be wrong. Sex tapes have seemed to launch more careers than they’ve ended recently. They’re not the end of a reality career by any means, although Farrah’s probably does focus on her… end.

Is Farrah modeling some kind of career path for washed up reality stars? That’s a lot of money, I bet several “real housewives” are going to go this route. I’m looking at you, Taylor Armstrong.

Photo credit: Vivid and WENN.com

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  1. lori says:

    probably the best career move she could make. Sad but true.

    • Zzz's says:

      It’s TMZ so I wouldn’t doubt if they were embellishing the figure. Let’s face it she was paid for the film BEFORE we ever found out about it (why is no one mentioning this?)so I think it’s shady to announce after “negotiations” (because you would totally bring your dad and not your lawyer to discuss the financial aspect of your porn). They’re just trying to build intrigue and demand…

    • Holden says:

      She’s taking the backdoor to being a celebrity?

  2. Annie says:

    “Backdoor teen mom”? Does that mean what I think it means? Wow. Just wow. And seriously, James Deen films like ten scenes per week. What is so special about any of these two that she got paid this much?

    Did anyone see her on Doctor Phil? For once I was cheering Dr. Phil.

    • Kim says:

      Backdoor and Raw -no condoms.She will probably be a stripper/escort when she spends this money.

    • Sherry says:

      It’s not how much you and I think she’s worth, it’s how much money Vivid thinks they will make with this video. Obviously, they think they’ll make millions from it. Porn is big business and if Vivid ends up selling $20M worth of Teen Mom sex tapes, then paying her $900K is a steal.

      Now if Big Government really wants to make a lot of money, or shut a business down, start taxing the Porn Industry at 75%. They will either rake in the dough, or put porn out of business.

      • nina says:

        I bet vivid actually didn’t pay her half of that sum even, and are just letting her act like she got more, it serves them both publicity wise to embellish.

    • andy says:

      I’ve seen pictures of his peen. She probably had to sit on ice for hours.

    • MonicaQ says:

      I thought that just meant anal? Raw being bareback but backdoor meaning booty time.

      • sarah says:

        Backdoor = butt.

        Bareback = Raw/no condom.

      • MyCatLovesTV says:

        And they say you don’t learn anything reading gossip sites!

      • MorticiansDoItDeader says:

        Here’s the kicker, TMZ approached her about how Deen sold her out (and told everyone it was made for public consumption and in no way private) and claimed he had a small peen!

  3. blannie says:

    Ugh we’re doomed as a civilization if this is the way we’re going. Fame and infamy have become one and the same and it’s not a pretty thing.

  4. aims says:

    Congratulations hooker, you sold yourself to the highest bidder! Now when your daughter turns sixteen and her horny teenage boyfriend gives you a wink, it’s because he’s seen you naked, and knows all about you.


    • crazycatlady says:

      It’s because he has seen you naked – and he plans on impregnating your precious little girl so she can follow in your footsteps.

      Sad thing is, she’d probably keep the sick cycle turning and go help negotiate the sex tape her daughter will then be compelled to fake for a quick buck.

      You’re right, “Blannie,” what a world we’ve created.

  5. littlestar says:

    This girl just seems so damaged to me.

    • Mely says:

      ITTA. The sad thing is there’s probably no one around her with a good head on their shoulders. They are just waiting to cash in too. Disgusting. I wonder if her dad saw the tape? :/ yuck

      • the original bellaluna says:

        The problem is she’s so arrogant, she refuses to listen to anyone around her.

        She speaks to/of her parents like a piece of dog-doo she stepped in; her friends (when she had some) were just as vapid as she; and friends with “good heads on their shoulders” were either insulted or chased off by her obnoxiousness.

        She’s got no one to thank for her situation and poor choices but herself.

        (Her mother tried to explain to her how difficult it would be to raise a baby, and recommended she give the baby up for adoption. Farrah refused, had a lush room in her parents’ home, and her mother took care of Sophia while Farrah slept in. When Farrah got tired of her mom’s rules, she tried to move out on her own, couldn’t afford it, and ended up moving into a nice place her mother owned. Then she didn’t think she should have to pay rent or follow basic “tenant House Rules” and from there the list goes on…entitled brat doesn’t even begin to cover this rotten human being.)

      • suzy says:

        very sad girl she is.

      • Adrien says:

        I read the dad (and Farrah’s daughter) was with her when they were negotiating the sex tape with Vivid.

    • Tiffany :) says:

      Agreed. And this will be her peak.

      Based on the title, it sounds like she had to really degrade herself and she didn’t even get $1M for it. She won’t be able to do other things because this will leave a mark on her reputation. The most she can hope for it more films which will become even more degrading for less money. She might be able to do a stripping tour like Octomom, but that won’t pay much over the long term and it all takes a toll on your emotional and mental health.

      What a sad road she has chosen for herself and her daughter.

  6. dorothy says:

    What a shining role model she is for her daughter. Sad, very sad.

  7. Pandy says:

    This is so sad and screwed up. Who does this stuff????

    • Hakura says:

      Someone who was raised completely w/o consequences for her actions her whole life. Who doesn’t understand the word ‘No’ & believes herself superior to others who *were* made to pay for their mistakes. Someone who always thinks there’s someone else to blame for her mistakes & downright stupid choices.

      Sometime down the road, she’ll probably blame her Dad for her accepting the offer/deal & releasing this. Because, of course, she never does anything ‘wrong’.

  8. Mely says:

    Backdoor teen mom?! Wtf?! No shame, i guess money is more important than your dignity, pride, your daughter,etc. i usually don’t criticize other mothers but what’s with all these sex tapes?! Im no prude at all,but this is all kinds of wrong. I hate teen mom, but she could’ve used that platform to educate other teens, herself, and use that money for good! Not for new t*ts and a new chin or whatever she did to her face. Oh god just wait for it, probably the other one whats her name, the keisha fan, its going to do it too! Nooo!

    • crazycatlady says:

      Yep. Money is the root of all evil…etc. etc. Insert every cliché statement about money here. Because they’re all true. This girl is proof. Our elected government officials are proof. They’re all whores selling themselves to the highest corporate “donor”…

      What a world. What a world, indeed.

  9. Maria says:

    if you read about std tests in that industry its so dangerous to sleep with one of the performers.

    im almost curious how mankind will evolve, from century to century we have found new lows.

    • gogoGorilla says:

      Actually, the porn industry is highly regulated in terms of condom usage and STD/disease testing, so they’re probably in better shape than the population at large when it comes to run-of-the-mill STDs (just look at the rampant statistics of STDs among teens – truly frightening).

      Still gross, of course.

      • shannon says:

        This kind of backwards thinking is why so many people won’t get tested. Getting tested is a GOOD thing and I’d much rater sleep with a porn star who is confirmed std-free on a monthly basis than a non porn star who has never bothered to get tested ever.

  10. teehee says:

    What a terrible, sad culture for young women. Not that she is guilt-free on this; but damn, what a change from a few generations ago. To weep for.

    • Emily says:

      What, young women controlling their own sexuality and making money from it, rather than being completely controlled by men who make all the money? That’s something to weep for? Puh-leaze.

      And “a few generations ago” is pretty long. Are you weeping for women having the right to vote, or what?

      • Sam says:

        But most Pr0n isn’t about women controlling their own sexuality – it’s about women comforming to men’s desires. How many adult actresses have surgically altered themselves to look more conventionally attractive? How many of them are actually enjoying themselves on those videos (hint: if you can’t tell when it’s genuine, you don’t do it enough). If you think you’re a feminist by standing up for Pr0n, you’re clearly a newbie at it. Can the adult industry be feminist? Sure, and there are people in it who are trying. But the vast majority out there is not feminist or pro-woman by any stretch of the imagination.

      • MonicaQ says:

        The crazy, overly made up big budget pr0n is being eaten away by stuff like Red Tube and X Tube and the like. Those are mostly real people posting amateur videos made in their own bedrooms. I personally see those as a good thing over say, Pirates or Throbin Hood.

        Women who choose to do big budget pr0n, I don’t know. It’s something I wouldn’t do (that and I’m fat, c’mon now) but I can’t get my pitchfork saying they’re horrifically screwing women (pun not intended) everywhere. What does make me frown is doing this and then lying about it. If you doin’ ho ish, own your ho ish. Don’t front.

      • MyCatLovesTV says:

        I think she is sad for the death of morality and dignity. It wasn’t all that long ago that women put a value on morality. Now it is old fashioned, I guess. I mourn morality, too. Not that I was Miss Priss back in the day. Nothing of the sort. But I always remembered what my mom taught me…even if I ignored it. I always regretted it when I ignored her wisdom, by the way.

        I’m a liberal feminist but I don’t think that means I cannot be against selling one’s body to the highest bidder. We are so precious and of such value that nobody should be ABLE to afford us! IMHO

      • Tiffany :) says:

        “rather than being completely controlled by men who make all the money?”

        Who do you think is incontrol of this tape? It certainly isn’t Farrah! Men are paying her, men will market the film, men will control whether she gets paid in the future. The industry makes tons of money, no doubt Vivid will make 10x what Farrah does from this.

        The idea that you empower yourself by letting men sell a tape of you and a guy you don’t know (and apparently don’t like) getting frisky is just beyond absurd.

      • NerdMomma says:

        LOL @MonicaQ and applause @MyCatLovesTV 🙂

      • teehee says:

        Well Emily it hasnt passed my attention that you love to contradict all of my posts; perhaps we are simply polar opposite thinkers, which is fine.
        I am all about womens sexuality but not for selling a young girls body for a fast buck only to be trashed by the public ever after; and as others correctly pointed out porn is nothing to do with a womans body or desires or her own preferences, it is completely dictated and aimed toward mens desires (unrealistic as they are, too). Maybe if she did a female oriented porn– there is a nearly non existent niche which focuses on the womans desires and fulfillment and slow pace and rhythms, on intimacy and not about being used– then the “liberation” concept could just possibly fly.
        Even one generation ago– granted the generations are getting shorter!- a girl her age would never have dreamed of this happening even less done this on purpose. It is a shame how dignity and self respect are being lost, it is a shame how womens sexuality and liberation is twisted into something that women ‘think’ is for their own good- I will admit, each has to define what is good for them- but I truly, honestly have a hard time believing that this (teen mother porn) is what anyone had in mind when they protested for women to be in tune with their own sexuality. I have to wonder how she really feels and how she will look back on it, and whether she got anything besides a paycheck and wrath for this. And why are girls getting active younger and younger– I don’t think its biological, I think it is purely social PRESSURE. At such young ages they arent even aware of their own body and havent even developed yet– you see stupid questions all the time “am I pregnant” and “what does it mean when” and “is that normal” and “I’m so scared/confused” “If my mom finds out”– they are clueless and absolutely NOT in control.
        Women are at their peak around their 30’s and continue to ripen and improve well into their old age– but a teen?? It cant possibly be right… just not ever in my book. Yes I may sound old fashioned but opinions are not truths, just my way of living, and I cant ever be happy when a young girl becomes pregnant and then further throws her future into jeopardy with such a move.

      • MorticiansDoItDeader says:

        @teehee, 👏

      • nina says:

        oh yeah, she’s really “controlling her own sexuality” by spending money on implants and rhinoplasty and whatever else she did to conform to a porn star standard that is driven by male fantasies.

        Female Empowerment! Go team!

      • Hakura says:

        @MonicaQ – ‘Throbin Hood‘… I guess it’s an appropriate title, given what the movie is about, I’m sure. But still. *snort*

        @MyCatLovesTv – “We are so precious and of such value that nobody should be ABLE to afford us! IMHO

        Damn right! No one can buy me in any sense of the word. I’m too good for that BS.

        @teehee – Agreed & incredibly well said. Being ‘in control’ of your sexuality DOES NOT mean showing it or giving it away to everyone who shows an interest. I was raised in that way, shown at a young age (11, when I started my period for the 1st time) what making the wrong choices could do to you, cause others to think.

        True that some young women manage to turn themselves around, eventually, but the percentage is discouraging.

  11. lovegossip says:

    It isn’t a sex tape when you make it the way she did. Hiring people. That makes it a porn video. G.R.O.S.S.

  12. mike says:

    I doubt it was overpriced. With a sex tape, her career prospects have drastically narrowed. It’s now the show biz forever or nothing. If she can’t make it, it’s back to trail park and years and years on welfare. Because…

    I’d be shocked if at the end of the day she personally nets anything even remotely close to 500k. IRS, James Deen, her agent, they’ll all take their cut and the end sum’s not gonna be nearly enough to support her at middle class lifestyle for more than few years.

    And if she goes to town with the money, like I expect her to? Not even a year.

    Unless she can parlay this into some Z-list hosting gig, hello welfare (and CPS)!

    • Grape Soda says:

      The tape is overpriced if no one will buy it. I wouldn’t. She hideous.

      • Hakura says:

        The business is suffering (just like most entertainment businesses) due to people’s ability to access movies/music/books/ect through private downloads & file sharing. (Which means one person buys it, then puts it out there for anyone else who wants it (for nothing), severely reducing profit for the company & workers involved.

  13. cmc says:

    *Shrug* She’s pretty hot and it’s a free country. If she wants to be an adult film star, then whatever. At least she’s (somewhat) upfront about it. Yeah, that’s a crappy career choice for a single mom of a daughter, but she’s free to make it.

    • Decloo says:

      I have to agree. A girl’s gotta make a living to support her child. This sure beats flipping burgers. As long as she’s calling the shots then, more power to her. I also think prostitution should be legalized. I see that as a legit way for women without other skills to make money, same as stripping. Men are idiots and, when it comes to sex, women hold the cards (or should). If prostitution were legalized and regulated, i.e. taxed, practicing safe sex, regular health checks, a lot of single mothers would rise above the poverty line.

      • Isa says:

        You know what beats porn and flipping burgers? Using some of the money she made from teen mom and going to college. Getting a real job.

      • MorticiansDoItDeader says:

        @isa, yes yes yes!

      • nhmej says:

        She made the decision to make the film. Because she doesn’t adhere to your idea of an honest living, that makes her a bad person. Believe it or not, people have sex. And some people (more than you know) enjoy having sex while watching other people have sex. And adult film stars are there to fill that demand. And they get paid damn well to do it. Are there people in that business that take advantage of the women (and men) in that business? Absolutely, just like every damn job or corporation in America. But just because you think sex is degrading doesn’t make her the bad girl. She has her own ideas of her life path, and maybe she believes she is talented at sex. To that, I say follow your dreams.

      • Hakura says:

        @Decloo – While I still find it a very sad business for anyone to be part of, I’ve always felt that prostitution should be legalized. This would allow the law close regulation by way of specific laws meant to protect everyone involved.

        I never understood how the law figured it was constitutional to tell women/men what they could & couldn’t do with their own bodies, & what someone couldn’t do with their own money.

      • Lexa says:

        In Germany we have a law legalizing prostitution. But it is not working, at all. Germany has become the biggest brothel in Europe. The simple truth is, that there aren’t enough women to satisfy the demand. Why? Because nobody with a clear mind would want to do this as a job, the reasons have been discussed here. That is why we have the problem of illegal trafficking. So women are forced to work as sex-workers and too afraid to go to the police or tell the police. So the police has no power whatsoever.
        Legalizing is not a solution, it only makes it worse.

  14. lisa says:

    close to 1 M after taxes is what, $600,000. she buys a car and a bunch of clothes and a fancy apartment and she is back to zero in no time.

  15. RN says:

    I just have to take a deep breath and remember that there are more good people in the world than someone like this. Many people don’t have this kind of soul sickness that leads them to take these actions that devalue them as a person and as a parent.

  16. MrsB says:

    Disgusting. I’m just about over all reality TV and the filth that it breeds.

    • CariBean says:

      “Just about”?? I’ve never watched Teen Mom – I’m older than that genre and frankly believe they’re glorifying teen pregnancies.

      Look at what happens to these girls when their 15 minutes are up. One is in trouble because of heroin and beating her boyfriend up, this model of a mom is shooting pr0n.

      What a sad society we’ve become.

      • Hakura says:

        It really is glorifying teen pregnancies, now that you mention it.

        Makes me wonder how many teenage girls decided to try to get pregnant, just for a chance to get on the show. (which would be totally heinous).

  17. Emily says:

    If Vivid thinks it can make enough money for her to be worth that much, they are likely right. One thing the porn industry is not, is stupid about money. Also, she didn’t just do a sex tape with some random. James Deen is probably the most popular male porn star in the world. Women — who account for 42% of porn sales and rising — tend to find him especially appealing.

    Good for her for making as much money as she can out of it. Most Hollywood starlets get screwed by old ugly jackasses without making a cent. She got screwed by a handsome, polite (seriously, Deen’s a good guy) professional, and made a mint. Nice work if you can get it.

    • Erin says:

      I’m loling at your 42% statistic. ladies of this site, is this true? I’m no prude but the thought of spending actual money on porn is just laughable. Do you work in or for the industry? sounds like it.

      • Tiffany :) says:

        “the thought of spending actual money on porn is just laughable.”

        Completely agree!
        Men or women, I don’t understand why anyone would PAY for it in this day and age when there is so much for free!

      • DeltaJuliet says:

        Yeah, pr0n was never my thing so, count me out.

      • anon33 says:

        Yeah, do not know a single woman who PAYS for porn. I myself have looked up “sexy” pics on the ‘net, but nothing that I would have to PAY for. I can invent some pretty good porn in my head for free 😉

      • nhmej says:

        Lol all you want but that stat is probably close to the truth as more porn is being made to appeal to females by companies and imprints within major production companies that are run by women. And yes, there is free porn on the internet, just like there is free music and movies, but there are alot of people who believe in paying to see peoples work. And the majority of free “porn” that you can see by just googling it is low quality, short clips, and maybe enjoyable for an underage kid trying to jerk off in four minutes before his mom checks on him.

    • Bijlee says:

      James deen is groooooosss. He’s unbelievably fugly and not a good guy. The boy is a sex addict with serious issues. You have to be pretty effed up to want to do porn since kindergarten. He’s not the nice sweetheart nor is he intelligent. I’m shocked quite frankly at how sex positive feminists will jump all over the Internet to tell me how intelligent and well spoken he is. Boy is dumb. I’ve seen the guy and do not find the appeal. Him and all the other pron stars trying to make porn seem like this oasis of safe sexuality are for the most part products of publicists and marketing.

  18. Sam says:

    Well, considering that she initially asked for 2 million, she took a reduction of at least 60%, by my estimation. And she’s probably taking a lump sum payout, as opposed to a percentage of the royalties. After you factor in federal and state taxes, she’ll probably be looking at a gross of 500K, give or take. A high sum, sure – but not enough, at least for me, to sell your dignity over. I have no objection to professional adult actors, because at least they are honest. It’s this “I made it private but if you wanna buy it okay” gimmick. Honey, you’re screwing for cash. At least have the dignity to admit to it.

    ETA: Does anybody else notice that her eyes never, ever change in any of her pics? They;re always frozen in the exact same way. I wonder if that’s how she looks on the tape too.

    • MorticiansDoItDeader says:

      Yup. Deer in headlights. I can’t tell if she’s dead inside or if the lights are home and no one is home.

  19. Eve says:

    I was going to post my real opinion on this but then I realized I really didn’t care about this person and her porno (or any other “celebrity’s” sex videos, for that matter). But this post reminded me of these videos — and for that I’m thankful:


    My favourite version is this one though:


    • the original bellaluna says:

      Hahaha! The South Park version is my fave, too!

      • MorticiansDoItDeader says:

        I forgot all about that! Lmao. The chocolate starfish with lips was my favorite part of that video.

        Also, I probably shouldn’t have watched that with my 2 year old in the room. He’s running around asking to hear “the butt song.” 😳

  20. erika says:

    omg….did some rabies lidden animal pee on that shirt of hers? good lord….wth! that is the UGLIEST shirt i’ve seen in recent years!

    I bet this sex tape is laughable. she’s icky looking and ceeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  21. A says:

    So, backdoor? Well, if she ever wanted a career in porn she pretty much gave it all away on the first try.

    • MorticiansDoItDeader says:

      There’s always DP 😖

    • nhmej says:

      Thats what I’m saying. If that means she does anal, that was a pretty big mistake on her part. You gotta build anticipation for that stuff so you can get paid.

  22. Reece says:

    In answer to the title: Yes.

  23. Mia 4S says:

    This is pathetic. Obviously she doesn’t actually want to be an adult film star or she wouldn’t have tried the silly, “it was a private tape, woe is me!” crap. She wants to be like that worthless waste of space that starts with a “K” (they who shall not be named). It’s not going to happen and whatever does happen won’t be enough. My guess is we are headed for an eventual very unhappy ending.

  24. Masque says:

    She looks like she’s trying to be a Kardashian. The face, the hair, the sleazyness.

  25. HappyJoyJoy says:

    How come this “teen mom” looks 35? I don’t follow the show… IDK who she is, I’m just going by the title on the tape.

  26. Stoner says:

    I don’t believe for one minute that this entirely too huge payday was for this particular tape – I believe Vivid was “investing” in a commodity/her future career in the industry. This will NOT be the last pr0n we see from this girl – TRUST.

  27. ms. deneuve says:

    just when you think human kind can’t sink any lower….

  28. Barbara says:

    What a messed up world we live in when this airhead gets paid that much money for a trashy sex tape.

  29. Zooyork says:

    She’s not even attractive, (I think she’s ugly.) Who would even want to watch this?

  30. Vanessa says:

    Farrah has completely ruined her life and daughter life with this porn tape if she think this will sky rocket her to fame. She dead wrong this tape will follow her for the rest of her life she will forever be know as the teen mom porn star. Farrah is a poor excuse for a mother the emotional scars she has inflicted on her daughter is unbelieve Farrah is a classic Narcissist she so wrap up in her own world she doesn’t see how far she has gone off the deep end. Farrah is now vivid play toy they will user her and abuse her make money off her and then Toss her out when they are done with her.

  31. e.non says:

    well, this does appear to be the career move of choice for un/ill-educated, no talent famewhores…

    and it’s clearly very lucrative.

  32. scarlett says:

    Sad to think that this girl would sell her soul for a little money and 15 minutes of extended fame. And $1 million is actually not all that much after taxes are taken out and she pay her handlers. This whole thing is really degrading. Hope she uses at least some of the money to get an education so she can support herself in later years. She will never make it in mainstream HW is that is the goal.

  33. KellyinSeattle says:

    She was SO annoying on Dr. Phil.

  34. Mia says:

    I could never stand this chick. She was always one of the most vapid, bratty, and stupid of the teen moms. Not to mention that her voice is like nails on a chalkboard. I’m not surprised that her dumb and annoying ass sunk to this level. It’s her daughter that I really feel sorry for.

  35. TXCinderella says:

    She’s just like most young people today, it’s all about the now and the buck. If she is wanting the fame, she should have never gone down this road because the stigma of doing porn will be with her forever. If she were a smart girl, she should have taken her Teen Mom money, gone to acting classes, and tried to get regular roles. She’s a known person, I’m sure she would have been able to get a few roles in Hollywood. If her tape sells well, I’ll bet she will do more porn.

    • MorticiansDoItDeader says:

      Good point. That dude “Steven” from “laguna Beach” got a reoccurring role on that CW series “one tree hill.” not exactly setting the world on fire, but much more respectable than p0rn.

  36. KellyinSeattle says:

    She was soooooooooooo annoying on Dr. Phil.

  37. Isa says:

    Her body looks amazing.
    But yea gross Farrah. Gross. That’s not something you do with just anyone.
    Who would want to watch her? Can you imagine, I bet her ugly crying face is very similar to her O face. Lol.
    And my dad would never go with me to negotiate. He would disown me. I should probably go thank him for making that clear.

  38. spaz says:

    i feel so sorry for her daughter.

  39. Ginger says:

    I used to think people like her were “damaged goods” and that’s why she has no problem selling herself for a big pay day but now I’m wondering if its more about the easy dollar and a possible reality stardom akin to Kim k?

  40. Cirque28 says:

    All I get from this is that in the future, apparently the most powerful people in the world will be in porn. And we will all be porn stars.

  41. Ron says:

    I find it interesting that men would find her that attractive. She’s not a dog, but seriously? I in no way even find her remotely interesting enough to bother. Although I felt the same way about Kim K so what do I know. Now Pam and Tommy was fun….

  42. Becky says:

    Ugh This bitch eats whatever she wants non-stop. I know she’s young but god damn it. I wish I could eat that much. And maintain my figure obviously.

  43. Bil-Inga says:

    Classless bimbo, disgusting. Wait til her daughter gets old enough to catch a look. YECHHHH!!!!

  44. Bridget says:

    Her new face weirds me out. Something about it looks off to me – she didn’t have cookie cutter features before, but she was striking. Now with the new nose and the chin implant she looks so strange, like she’s got a cartoon face.

  45. dana says:

    I don’t agree that sextapes have launched a career when its obviously been filmed as a porno to be released publicly.

    Jenna Lewis from Survivor and Montana Fisburne, Lawrence Fishburne’s career, tried this route and who’s heard of them since they released their sex tapes.

  46. Anastasia says:

    She was going to culinary school at some point. Whatever happened to that?

  47. Quinn says:

    I am far from a prude and not that much older than this woman…but the death of pride and personal decorum does make me sad. And for all of those women claiming p0rn empowers females, go talk to Jenna Jameson about that- if you can fish her out of the gutter first.

  48. Holden says:

    She reminds me of one of those porn spokesmodels SNL makes fun of. I love that she’s a backdoor superstar though, lol.

  49. Meanchick says:

    Okay, the pic with the flowered headband. WTF? Snakeskin and daisies?