Johnny Depp & Amber Heard made their ‘official couple’ debut over the weekend

Johnny Depp Amber Heard

On Friday, we covered an Enquirer story that pushed the theory of Winona Ryder
really wanting to hook up with her long-time ex (of two decades!), Johnny Depp. That didn’t seem like the worst idea in the world (for entertainment purposes), but sadly, the story also included details of Johnny (49) being totally enamored with Amber Heard (27), his co-star from last year’s abysmal Rum Diary movie. Details further held that Amber had already left Johnny once and only returned after he promised to go public with their romance.

Supposedly, Amber and Johnny had a hot fling last summer, and the prevaling theory was that Johnny was more into her than she was with him. I sort of think that Amber realizes how much Johnny digs her, and she’s using it to her advantage to get what she wants. She wanted a public outing, and she got one this past weekend. While the Enquirer predicted that their first “official couple” pap walk would occur either at the Kentucky Derby or at The Lone Ranger premiere this July, Johnny made it happen faster (presumably) to keep his lady happy. That is, Amber and Johnny were photographed holding hands at the Rolling Stones concert in LA on Saturday night. We don’t have the pictures, but you can see them here.

Unfortunately, this pretty much quashes any hopes of a Wino Forever reunion, but it also means that all of the endless tabloid stories about Amber and Johnny were true all along. And maybe people will finally stop saying that Johnny and Vanessa Paradis broke up their family because of the nefarious influence of Angelina Jolie. Too much to ask for? Probably.

Johnny Depp Amber Heard

Johnny Depp Amber Heard

Amber Heard

Photos courtesy of Fame/Flynet and WENN

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  1. RocketMerry says:

    Eh. Not liking this couple.

    Johnny is reaaaaally having one rough middle-age crisis, isn’t he?

    As for Amber, she’s cute, though it seems like she only has one
    photo-expression? Weird.

    • hoopjumper says:

      Yup! (Post I was responding to was deleted; oops!)

    • oliveo says:

      I think that expression’s called “Smug as Hell.”

    • Sade says:

      Hmmm. I like this so much more than his previous hookups. His affinity for half-starved half-drugged waifs was worrying. I always wondered how they all managed to stay so twiggy.

      Anyway his tastes have certainly flipped. And hes clearly so into her. I’ll just say it ……I am happy for them.

  2. dorothy says:

    Hate this. I really liked Vanessa Paradis and him as a couple, and a family. Was hoping they would find a way back together at some point.

  3. Lucy says:

    I’m officially disgusted by him, he broke up his family for his crazy mid-life crisis to go bang some younger fame-ho. Vanessa is the winner here she got rid of him and can go have crazy hot romances with hot French men.

    • Shay says:

      That “French” bitch helped him cultivate the happy family man image that finally gave him box office success. Don’t bash her to make yourself feel better about Depp’s decline!

      • mike says:


        That’s complete BS. Venessa did jack for him in terms of his career.

        What has really, really made him was the Pirates of the Caribbean and the role of Jack Sparrow, a once in a lifetime role. Depp would have had a massive breakout regardless of who he was seeing or not seeing or whether he was considered a cad. Heck, at the time not many people even heard of Paradis, given how low-key the couple was.

        Before Pirates but after Paradis, Depp had no better or worse box office success than before he met Paradis. Pirates made Depp, not Paradis. Paradis was neither a help nor a hindrance to his career.

      • Shay says:

        Oh I was responding to a very vulgar post that I guess was taken down! I wasn’t trying to give her credit for his work. It was something in regards to his image and what not, but I apologize for the misconstrued comment.

      • Kim says:

        ITA Vanessa did nothing for his career most people don’t even know who she is.How often was he even seen with family once or twice a year? I find this hilarious because his fans used to criticize Brad Pitt.

      • Emily says:

        You can’t be fans of them both? I used to be. Then Depp got gross and Pitt became way overexposed. Now I don’t like either of them, though I dislike Pitt less, but I’ve had no interest in seeing any movies either of them has made in a very long time.

      • eljeran says:

        yes I feel the same way about both of them. I wish an actor could just do their job and be grateful about it and have some humility in knowing that they just got lucky. there are plenty of actors out there, better looking and more talented who could fill their shoes easy. But no, they act like foolish douchebags in their real lives. It is so gross and embarrassing to see.

      • NM9005 says:

        Depp was a talented hot mess in the 90s. Both he and Paradis admitted that having children changed his life. His films did make more money AFTER Paradis (Chocolat anybody?. He was more approachable and likeable and not so ‘cooky’ and rage-y druggie alchoholic. He was a changed man and it reflected in his film choices (a normal romcom opposed to romance a la Edward Scissorhands).

        Could you ever imagine him doing kiddie films and Pirates after ‘Fear and Loathing’ while trashing hotel rooms in his spare time? That would not be bankable. Disney would not agree, being ‘gay’ would be the least of their concerns. It takes more than talent and looks (see RDJ with Iron Man).

        There was definitely a build-up and only because his image changed for the better, he was at least considered for the part of Sparrow (and they still thought he was too weird in the beginning!). He went from this dark sexy dangerous indie actor to a balanced family man in love with a petite French darling doing blockbusters and artsy films. It was amazing and yes, Paradis did help imo. And then he went downhill, too rich I suppose.

      • Jade says:

        I agree. I never even her of her,i think she looks like a dog.

      • Mary Jane says:

        Vanessa really nagged him to sign up with a big production because she wanted LOTS OF MONEY. Silly woman dug her own grave. You see, although she had had some success in France, she did not have much money, and this was a constant worry to her. She was forever harassing her bank for it. So when she met Johnny, it was Ker$$$ching, open legs, get preggers, demand he provide for the baby, lots of money, huge house, blah blah blah. Become part of the international A-list. He signed up to do the Pirates films, and sold his soul to boot. He became a caricature of himself. Now that he’s got rid of her, and I believe the People magazine special on their split who claimed he had been unhappy for a really long time and dying to leave her, well now that he is FREE, he can maybe recapture some of his soul back and be himself more. The only reason he didn’t make the split official ages ago, was because he wanted his kids to be older to understand. Vanessa has got lots of money now, so don’t think she is upset. She also has or until recently had a younger boyfriend, so she’s certainly turned a page.

    • catwoman says:

      this ^ people need to stop feeling sorry for Vanessa

    • Val5 says:


    • Mazunte says:

      THIS! THIS!

  4. HotPockets says:

    Amber Heard is a beautiful woman, but it disappoints me that Johnny Depp is just like the rest of them, he will ditch his family for a hot and young new ride. Amber seems a Scarjo 2.0. I doubt they will last and I bet she will do the dumping.

    • Hakura says:

      She looks like she could be ScarJo’s little sister… All the way down to her shapely caboose.

      • Me Three says:

        Except, and I cannot believe I am saying this, ScarJo can act, at least a little better than this one. She is just a barbie doll that someone created to fit a certain mold.

      • HotPockets says:

        I hope Amber breaks his heart, so he can see how it felt all those years when he was a ladies man and maybe he will be more compassionate towards his situation with Vanessa.

      • Hakura says:

        @Me Three – This is true. & Lord knows talent isn’t always ‘evenly distributed’ in a family. (She’s obviously NOT her sister, of course, but really does look a bit like her).

        @HotPockets – I hadn’t been keeping up with him for a long time, so didn’t know about that until this post came up. After always hearing he was a ‘nice, decent guy’, learning otherwise is incredibly disappointing. =/

    • Miss Kiki says:

      Ahhh that’s what it is, ScarJo 2.0. So many things suddenly make sense.

    • needsmeds says:


    • littlestar says:

      Yes, spot on with that analysis.

  5. Toot says:

    Johnny was probably messing with Amber while he was filming the movie with Angelina. The “Rum Diaries” was filmed in 2009, but didn’t come out until 2011.

    • Georgie says:

      Actually heard (friends of friends kind of gossip) that she got with a woman overseas and lined up a reunion with Depp for career purposes. That Syrup movie needs attention.

      I feel bad for Depp almost, he seems like he’d be easy to play these days.

      Anyway, my two cents haha. Got the above little tibit as a friend’s working on aforementioned film. Might be just gossip but I can see it being a career move for her..

      • Sarah says:

        Amber’s been open about dating women before. Not a surprise. But her with a middle aged Depp is a surprise.

    • NFL Fan says:

      I have a feeling this so called relationship is just for show they will probably only be seen together for public appearances like movie premieres.It wouldn’t surprise me if they live separate lives, I think Amber might still be dating Marie De Villpin but is doing it discreetly and JD still gets to be with whatever woman he wants to be and not worry about the paps because he can easily buy his privacy.

  6. marie says:

    I didn’t peg her as a fameho’in kind of girl. well then, color me corrected.

    • amilu says:

      I know…me neither. Disappointed.

      I’ve liked her a lot since the first time I saw her (in All the Boys Love Mandy Lane). ๐Ÿ™

  7. moon says:

    Is Johnny still relevant?

    • Bread and Circuses says:

      Depends on how well The Lone Ranger does.

      • c'est la vie says:

        It looks terrible – which probably means it will do well. Draw in all of the Pirates of the Carribean fans, etc.

      • Sade says:

        I cant wait for the premier. Hope they do the red carpet together, firstly coz i like them as a couple and secondly because i cant wait to read the comments here. Fingers crossed for over the top PDA!

      • c'est la vie says:

        My bad – I must call those messy movies Caribbean, not Carribean. Whatever it’s called – they sucked.

        And I’m not looking forward to the Lone Ranger premiere, except for a good laugh.

  8. Dawn says:

    I have no words for Johnny other than buy a car for your midlife crisis and not a lesbian. You’ll be a lot happier in the long run. Everyone knows this will not work for either of them. Sad.

    • brin says:

      Yeah, this is all kinds of wrong.

    • Erinn says:

      Don’t call other posters names, and if you don’t like people gossiping about your idol, go elsewhere, please. I highly doubt he cares about your one person crusade to defend him on every post.

    • candigirl says:

      ITA sad especially for his kids and her longtime girlfriend. Both betrayed for publicity.

      • NFL Fan says:

        Tasya and Amber broke up over a year ago, I have a feeling she doesn’t really care and she still is friends with Amber.

  9. Annie says:

    He’s ridiculous. Look at how he looks at her. He’s so into her, I’ve never seen him like this. Where are your kids Johnny?

    Grow up man. These cartoonish clothes and stage 5 clinginess needs to stop. And Amber dumping her girlfriends for the publicity is no better. You’d get better publicity as the first openly gay young actress.

    • Nev says:


    • T.Fanty says:

      yes. All that.

      • MorticiansDoItDeader says:

        To be fair, she’s clearly bisexual and fell in love/lust with a man this time around. So I don’t think she’d be into using her sexual preference to garner attention. She has a type though, her long term girlfriend looked like Depp.

    • Lulu.T.O. says:

      She has identified herself as a bisexual I believe. Other than that, +1.

    • Emily says:

      She’s bisexual, so I can believe that she’d fall for a man. Just not THIS man. Because ick!

    • NM9005 says:

      Depp is into all of his women, it’s his MO. He’s like Pitt in that way: intense. And he was also into younger women too.

      Why are people surprised? He’s always dated women at least 10 years younger than he is so why did he become skeevy just NOW after he split up with Paradis? He was always wild and drunk until his children were born.

      Regardless of his crisis, he’s still a private person and his children aren’t papped often (with or without their parents) so to jump to conclusions about his parenting skills is a bit far-fetched when we didn’t know much before. He loves his children by all accounts.

      I do wonder if she’ll have a positive influence on him like Paradis or if he’ll truly go off the deep-end with her? This relationship is going to be Drama looking at the way they started off.

      Also, it will be so great for gossip if SHE dumps him. He, the more successful one, tends to break-up when women so I’m quite curious of what will happen if she runs of into another woman’s arms and he gets lonely. He’s needy and controlling, you can tell by his past behaviour.

    • terry says:

      His kids live full time with him in LA while Vanessa spends most of her time in France. Shouldn’t judge him on that.

  10. MorticiansDoItDeader says:

    Uugggghhh. I really wanted to like her ๐Ÿ˜”
    Never liked him!

  11. fabgrrl says:

    Amber, you disappoint me. Consider yourself off my girl-crush list.

  12. blueanemone says:

    men will always be men…..and apparently Johnny Depp is just like the rest of them. sad a family had to break up for a stupid midlife crisis. does he really think she’ll stay with him? he looks utterly ridiculous with the pirate of the caribbean costume he always wears, plus he always looks like he smells…ewww and those teeth! please give me a break

    • Emily says:

      I have never known any man to have a so-called midlife crisis irl. Woman, yes, man, no. Nor have I known very many cheating men; I’ve actually known more cheating women. But even that was in my early 20s — at 36, all my friends are boringly happily married or shacked up, as are my parents’ friends. I don’t know what circles anyone who thinks men are all cheating douchebags incapable of love run in, but there’s a whole world out here of men and women who don’t pull this stuff you can join.

      • Erinn says:

        The only people that I know/am close to that were cheated on were men. And they were all great guys. I know far more men who are decent, hardworking, awesome guys, than I know of men who are asshats.

      • storyteller says:

        Couldn’t agree more.

      • Chordy says:

        ITA! When I was a teenager we used to read Cosmo in the dressing room at my dance school, and I started to develop a complex that all men were lying liars that would cheat the second they saw you without makeup. When I told my mom about my worries she just said, “Name one man you know who’s like that,” and all I could come up with was my dad’s loser leach best friend from high school who is always single since women want nothing to do with him. So I stopped reading Cosmo and began forming my opinions based on real life, and I’ve had a great relationship with men since ๐Ÿ˜‰ I would say this trope is an example of how the patriarchy hurts men too.

      • annie says:

        There are many many men who have mid-life crisis. Maybe a bit older than women do, but crisis nonetheless.

      • DeltaJuliet says:

        On the flip side, most of the people I’ve seen have a mid-life crisis have been men who left a shocked and surprised wife behind. And they always seemed to be the ones you never expected. Hell, my Dad is as straight laced as they come and he had one, so…..

      • Decloo says:

        I’ve never known any married man who did not cheat. It’s in their DNA. Even the good guys do it but feel bad about it. They all do it. Some are just sloppier about it than others. Sorry ladies.

      • Erinn says:

        You know some pretty shitty men, then. Sorry. Some people do take marriage vows seriously, believe it or not.

    • Mia says:

      Every man I’ve known, including my father and all my adult male relatives have cheated on their wives and even had children out of wedlock. The worst part to me was that all the women stayed with their cheating asses. But I still feel like this whole “men are constant cheaters” thing is more of a socially accepted norm then a biological imperative. The only way to stop it is to hold men to better standards and stop letting them get away with crap. Hold their balls to the fire if need be.

      • Tiffany :) says:

        “The only way to stop it is to hold men to better standards and stop letting them get away with crap.”

        Agree! Sometimes it seems as if men are treated like animals that we are supposed to tame, and not like adult human beings that are responsible for their behavior.

  13. apsutter says:

    Ugh…this is so disgusting. He looks like he could be her father!

  14. Mira says:

    She looks like a bit like Scarlett Johanasson and also Gwen Stefani.

  15. marcy says:

    I’ll just say that I never liked Vanessa, so whatever. Do what you gotta do. Since dumping her, his film choices have all improved and he might actually make a movie that doesn’t involve Pirates or Tim Burton, so as a fan that’s all I care about.

  16. bns says:

    Winona/Kate/Vanessa >>>>>>>

    Johnny usually has better taste than this. But LOL forever at his midlife crisis.

    • marcy says:

      Winona, yes. But the other two are right on Heard’s level. He and Kate were a trainwreck of a couple with everyone admitting she was just a Winona rebound. I do think he and Vanessa were content and he calmed down a lot, but they were still one of the most pretentious and humorless couples around. At least Amber smiles sometimes.

      • bns says:

        I’m talking about beauty, not personality. And, for the record, Vanessa seems like a total sweetheart.

    • Jenny says:

      I don’t find Kate or Vanessa to be all that beautiful.

  17. Hakura says:

    This is exactly why I sometimes wish I didn’t read gossip sites & celebrity news. I’d have been SO much happier seeing Johnny through rose-colored glasses (that he probably would’ve tried to borrow…), judging him only by his movies/performance.

    This just sucks. People are saying she’s a lesbian? (I don’t know anything about her).

  18. Miss Kiki says:

    Firstly yuck. Secondly, am I missing something, why is Amber Heard a thing? Aside from rumours of her and Johnny boy I barely know this chick, am I just out of the loop??

    Oh and this

    ETA:Now Hotpockets has pointed out the ScarJo thing regardless of who she is I will probably never like this girl.

  19. Shay says:

    So the backlash was pretty unexpected, even his hardcore fans are pissed. I guess for them it confirms that something happened between them while he was still with ‘Nessa. Anyone think the backlash will affect him or is he too far gone? What’s more important to him at this point, his image or sexual urges?

    • apsutter says:

      I think the problem is just more than who he’s dating. He’s clearly having a mid-life crisis what with all the boozing and dressing like a teenager. He used to be looked upon as a sexy, intelligent, and well-read MAN and now he’s acting very immature. Also he hasn’t made a decent movie in years. I stopped liking him when Pirates started. I miss late 90’s/early aughts Johnny.

      • NM9005 says:


        He was always a drunk and drug-user. He used to smash hotel rooms. Both Moss and Ryder have stories about fights and going crazy while with Depp. Both were heartbroken because they were so young and he was so captivating to them. This behaviour is nothing new, it’s recycled.

        The only difference is that he looked hot in the 80s and 90s and because of his youth, he was forgiven pretty fast. That and his children eventually whitewashed his past.

        He was smart yes, but very troubled. He cut himself when he was younger and was engaged to almost every woman he dated. Healthy and romantic? No. Even his first child was ‘unplanned’ (one month after he and Paradis started dating). That made him stick around a bit longer than his usual 4 years when the lust/love phase wears off. He always went onto the next hot young thing within months.

        You sure you want that Depp back. It will not be an improvement, trust.


        Some people still believe JP didn’t hook up on set so why is it proof for Depp that he cheated when only now there are pictures of them showing PDA? Almost 2 years after the film? After Heard was seen with other people for months? After Paradis has rumours about her dating French men? Who knows when they broke up anyway, Depp and Paradis never blabbed to People a lot before that horrible Depp piece came out and it was revealed they split months before. Being private has its perks.

      • Apsutter says:

        Wow…I knew he was wild but I didn’t know he cut himself. When I said I want the old Johnny back I meant his career decisions. He was making good and gritty movies then and now it’s all Disney garbage.

      • NM9005 says:

        Oh I see.

        Well, I think he might try the middle way because despite his obvious talent, he’s a moneymaker now. His old films weren’t that bankable back in the day. Or he might do blockbusters and art films equally balanced out but he’ll never be 90s Depp again: looks and career ๐Ÿ˜‰

    • mike says:


      Who cares what “hardcore” fans think. The days of them mattering passed with the Pirates. He’s now making movies that depend on the general public. If he has to worry about whether obsessed hardcore fans will make or break his movies like they did Don Juan DeMarco, he’s in trouble. Big trouble.

  20. magpie says:

    Wow! I really thought those rumors were false and that she was a lesbien that would never ride smelly Depp.

  21. Emily says:

    I used to have such a massive crush on him. Then he defended Roman Polanski and the crush crashed. Now Depp gives off skeezy douche vibes, I can’t even look at a picture of him without feeling a bit nauseous.

    • doofus says:

      Hi Emily…great minds and all that.

      just posted almost the same thing below.

      • Emily says:

        Ha! Yeah, I almost feel… I dunno, vindicated? Now that he’s all scarves and blockbusters and dating a woman young enough to be his daughter. I wonder if he was always a douche or if it developed over time. I can’t even watch a movie with him in it now, which means bye-bye Edward Scissorhands, which saddens me. I can separate other actors from their characters more readily, but not Depp.

    • JennJ says:

      Me too.

    • Chordy says:

      Same here. In one sentence, my hugest celebrity crush died a sudden and resolute death.

  22. TX Laney says:

    I always thought Johnny would be my forever dong but alas this mid-life whatthehellisupwithallthedamnscarvesandhoboclothes crisis has killed my lady hard-on for him. Sweetie, former lover of mine (not really), I mean really, please, please for the love of humanity and the hotness you seek to wreck, put down the accessories including your cliche sidepiece.

    • operagirl says:


      >>but alas this mid-life whatthehellisupwithallthedamnscarvesandhoboclothes crisis . . .>>

      This part made me spew my tea!

  23. gg says:

    Hm. How bland. This is sort of like living on Pabst Blue Ribbon when you grew up on Bordeaux.

  24. Em says:

    I see Depp has fallen off the pedestal that a many people put him on. And why are people using words like “ditched his family”? His relationship with Vanessa is separate from his relationship with the kids. I’m sure he’s still very much involved in their lives. Besides, he and Vanessa seem to have remained on good terms.

  25. andrea says:

    I thought that Johnny and Vanessa as a couple were in trouble before he met Amber? I remember reading about how they hadn’t been living together for quite a while at the time their break-up became public. And there was something about him being too close to his publicist? I think there were also blind items, from years ago, supposedly about them not residing in the same country anymore.

    I don’t know that much about this story, but I just don’t think it’s fair to assume that all the “Amber is a home wrecker” tabloid stories are true just because it turns out that they really are dating now.

  26. doofus says:

    sigh…used to like him SO MUCH. he seemed to be so nice to his fans and not at all involved in the hollywood scene.

    he may still be nice to his fans, and an “outsider”, but he lost me when he defended the child-rapist Polanski.

  27. GoodCapon says:

    Oh wow, I’ve always thought the rumors of the two of them dating were just that: rumors!

  28. Gabrielle says:

    I’ve always loved johnny. I never really liked Vanessa. But this is really disappointing. I hope it doesn’t last.

  29. A says:

    Well, I’m obviously in the minority but I think they look great together.

  30. mercy says:

    I got a bad vibe from him on a personal level after Kate Moss, and I haven’t really liked him in a movie for a very long time. I would not be surprised if his marriage was on the rocks, or open, before Amber entered the picture but I still think she could be using him to elevate her career. That’s ok, he might be using her to feel young again. Or maybe they just really like each other and it works for now. I’d rather be Vanessa: two kids, free to pursue another relationship with someone who really cares for her, and all the money she could want minus the stress of being with Mr. Depp while he goes through whatever he’s going through.

  31. Isa says:

    I’m actually surprised. I thought it was all rumors and that she was a lesbian. (I see above that she’s actually bisexual.) so to see them come out as a couple is just weird to me.

  32. LOL says:

    Poor Johnny is trying so hard to stay young. for some reasons amber heart reminds me of a younger scarlett johansson. actresses these days all look alike anyways.

  33. Amanda says:

    This seems like the real deal. Even though they seem a bit mismatched, I’m happy for them.

  34. Miffy says:

    Nope, nope, this is a momentary glitch, Wino Forever should be back online shortly (oh please, oh please, oh please, oh please…)

    I feel ‘meh’ about DeppHeard. Their age difference grosses me out purely because they are the exact same ages as me and my dad, but aside from that, have at it. She’s using him for publicity, he’s using her for what dirty old men generally use hot younger things for. As long as everyone’s aware they’re being used, enjoy!

  35. Mrs. Darcy says:

    I was crazy in love with him from the age of 13 (21 Jump Street), and followed his career since with admiration and respect. As a teenager I adored him in Edward Scissorhands, he just epitomized that don’t give a dang, be yourself ousider spirit that my young self was drawn to.

    I think it is far too easy to idolize people, I always did think his romantic tastes were a bit dodgy (he has always dated younger women if you think about it), so I really don’t have the right to feel outraged or disgusted by him at this point. Yet I am still disappointed somehow. He is just a man, a talented man who it was nice to think of as maybe a bit more special than most actors, and I will always respect his career path regardless.

    But Johnny I think we’re over romantically. For real this time, you know, not even in my fantasies(!). I don’t care that she is young, that she is a famewhoring lesbian who is undoubtedly using him, it is mostly that this girl can not act her way out of a paper bag. That tells me a lot about Johnny’s values at this point in his life. That he is so wrapped up in a young girl haze he can not see that or doesn’t care, it makes me go off him almost, if not completely.

  36. Sumodo1 says:

    Depp has made bad movies before, and will again. The Tourist was horrible, as was Dark Shadows. If The Lone Ranger bombs, he still gets paid. He’s not Sir Alec Guinness or even Alec Baldwin for that matter. He does whatever Time Burton is up to.

  37. Isabelle says:

    Girl knows whats she’s doing. She’s getting her name out there, she’s really not that famous yet, B or c actress as of now. When she gains a little more fame, offered a few blockbuster roles/summer flicks roles, she will dump him. He’ll lose fans but she will gain celebrity. He should’ve been smart enough to keep the relationship out of the spotlight. Dumb move Johnny.

  38. JC says:

    He’s gross and she looks like a Dollar Store version of Kendra Wilkinson…and Kendra Wilkinson is nothing to write home about.

    I think getting back with Winona would have done amazing things for him.

  39. MissMoody says:

    Has anyone seen that Oprah interview with Johnny Depp? It was for Finding Neverland and they were drinking wine. I loved him in that interview and I LOVED him in that movie. I thought he was robbed of the Oscar that year. Wonder if his career choices would have been different if he had won. Either way, it’s sad to see what a mid-life crisis has reduced him to.

    • c'est la vie says:

      Yes I sawi him and yes I agree -I think that was his last good movie.
      No scarves in that one, plus he almost used his actual voice. It was both a good movie for him and Kate Winslet.

    • MrsBPitt says:

      Loved, loved, loved Finding Neverland…and I was hoping JD would win the Oscar that year too…then he started making nothing but crap…I saw Rum Diaries and it was the most boring, snoozefest, I have ever seen, and Amber Heard is one very bad actress…

    • Bridget says:

      He was riding the Disney train already at that point. He makes such a massive amount of money doing those movies, I don’t think an Oscar for Neverland would have changed a thing.

  40. nj says:

    I think it is very sad for his kids and former wife (even though they never honored themselves or their family by marrying).

  41. madpoe says:

    huh? I thought Depp was into waify-elfish women with big eyes.

  42. Agnes says:

    His midlife crisis is really unattractive.

  43. storyteller says:

    Not even a Johnny fan but why is everyone chalking this up to a mid-life crisis? Not every break-up or hook-up with a younger woman is because of that. The way I see it, he and Vanessa have probably been disconnected long before the public found out about it and he met someone he’s into. That’s that. That’s the problem with these stars that keep up a happy home image. The ‘home’ often isn’t happy and when they do meet someone they want to be with, it comes across as a sudden, shocking split when in reality it’s anything but. Same thing happened with the Pitt/Aniston marriage.

    Anyway, Vanessa isn’t at home crying, I read recently she’s seeing someone so I’m not seeing where there’s a problem. Amber’s hot and though I don’t see this lasting a lifetime, they’re free to do whatever.

  44. SamiHami says:

    He certainly traded down, didn’t he?

    • WM says:

      Absolutely! I don’t get why anyone thinks she is pretty or hot or anything (other than the “bisexual” thing that guys always drool over, how original). Her looks are a dime a dozen out here in California and I thought she was TERRIBLE in Rum Diaries.

      And Johnny needs to drop at least half of those accessories.

    • alfalfa says:

      oh please. have you seen vaness or even kate moss? they looked like drugged half starved preteens, at least his new sidepiece has curves and is actually hot for a change.

    • Val5 says:

      Sure! Vanessa is a very talented singer and actress , with a fascinating personality, i’m a fan of hers.

  45. Alexandra says:

    Deep down inside I knew it, ever since they were filming The Lone Ranger, she had been seen entering his car. Also, she flew with his plane from Las Vegas me thinks (Cinema Con) and such. While it wasn’t obvious that they were a pair, it was that they were having contact. You want believe that the newspapers are rubbish, but at one point, when they all claim the same, something has to be true.

    I feel a certain disappointment, he could do so much better. I feel that she is using him as she wishes; smells like a famewhore to me. Must feel awful to be a man replaced by a woman from time to time, if those reports were true as well. She seems to be using him like a puppet, disposing of him whenever she needs a break and I hate to see him like that.

    I don’t have the right to invade someone’s private life, but as a fan and resident loonie, I wish Johnny the best and I am not sure this is the best. I hope it is, but he looked so different when he was with Vanessa – there was this spark in his eyes, he seemed happier, more fulfilled. I suppose Johnny and Vanessa weren’t together anymore since 2010 and that he must have more than a year going on and off with Amber.

    Johnny is a great actor and human being all around, but for his own good, he needs to get his sh*t together, because his private life seems to be a mess at the moment. If this really is a mid-life crisis, Johnny, build a bridge and get over it, please!

    • alfalfa says:

      and he’s not using her? if you were truly a fan of his, why can’t you just be happy that he found someone new he wants to be with? if he was satisfied and happy in his relationship to vanessa, he wouldn’t have separated from her. amber didn’t force him to hook up with her, he saw something in her that he liked and thought she was worth pursuing. he’s a grown man, not a kid who doesn’t know what he’s doing.

    • alfalfa says:

      and fyi, how do you know johnny has changed? prior to his relationship to vanessa, he was crazy and wild, an alcoholic druggie who couldn’t keep a relationship. then he met vanessa and they kept their private lives away from the media. maybe he never changed and continued to cheat and do drugs, act drunk, but we didn’t know about it coz he kept it away from public eyes.

  46. c'est la vie says:

    I miss the old hotel smashing Depp…

    At least he was interesting and gave good performances then.

  47. Lenore says:

    She kind of looks like his daughter, Lily. Also, he is looking at her the way you would at a sports car or a booby mag. I have loved this man since his days on 21 Jump Street. But, fuck it. He’s Johnny-fuckin’ Depp. Not even he is safe from his own ego ๐Ÿ™‚

    Seriously though, totally pervert old man creepy vibes…

  48. TXCinderella says:

    She is very pretty, but not what he usually seems to go for. His women all look the same to me. Brunette waifs, and in their younger years, they all looked like one another:

    Winona Ryder
    Kate Moss
    Vanessa Paradis

    He certainly seems to have a type.

  49. terry says:

    Before the official announcement, Vanessa for some time kept flying back and forth from Paris visiting her new bf. Depp is on her new album so they are at least still friends.
    I don’t care for the way he dresses but he can wear what he likes. He should be smarter and realize Amber is using him for more fame but I guess he is afraid to be alone.

    Also it is amusing to see people talk up about how great Vanessa is now when before they split. Most people posting here and other sites kept saying nasty things about her looks, now she is so beautiful to them.

  50. Mia says:

    I can buy that Johnny’s more into Amber then she is into him. Look at him in these pics, he looks ridiculous. Her previous girlfriends are much more attractive and sexy then this walking mid life crisis.

    • Felicia says:

      I agree with this so much. I’m a straight woman but I think Amber’s ex girlfriend is much more attractive than Johnny. He’s always been a little eccentric but he was hot too. Now he just seems buffoonish.

  51. serena says:

    Dear god Johnny, why… sigh

  52. onegirlup says:

    Um I wouldn’t hit it with him anymore..he’s TOTALLY lost the sexy luster for me. I was smitten with his looks for a very loooong time.. but I haven’t drooled over him in many many years.. probably since just before he did the movie Blow. Vanessa got the sexiest best of him… for sure.

    Alas.. ALL I think of now is CUMBY CUMBY CUMBY…. *sigh*…c u m b y…..

    giddy up!

  53. madchen says:

    I may be off base here, but wasn’t he just banging his publicist? Whether this is for real or not, on some level, it smells like a publicist set-up. He doesn’t do anything for me these days (still find most of his work cool though) and I don’t really care who he dates but a little romance with a hot young blonde, opens him up to a new demographic, same for her. As for the hand holding, I don’t place a lot of stock in it and they knew there would be cameras everywhere that night.

  54. BooBooLaRue says:

    Used to love Johnny, but now. Ugh. As for Amber, saw her on “Top Gear” and she was a total idiot.

  55. Jessie says:

    I am physically ill. Seriously, Depp is ruining his reputation on a global scale. Everybody in Hollywood knows this already, but in case some of you guys on this post don’t, I will clue you guys in. JD has been banging Amber since she auditioned for him and got the part in The Rum diary in 2009. Amber was 22 at that time. They have been off and on again since then. And YES Amber was one of the reasons JD and VP split. VP found sexy text messages from AH to JD and flipped . They had other problems like JD’s drinking but Amber was the last straw for VP. JD thinks he is in love with AH. AH is using JD for publicity and money. Friends of Johnny’s keep trying to warn him but he wont listen. VP doesn’t want AH around her children at all. JD has been trying to keep the relationship with AH on the down low because it upsets the kids and he knows the fans and public do not approve at all!

    • Life in technicolor says:

      How do you know all of that?

    • Jade says:

      yes how do you know? Do you know him? someone jealous.

      • Jessie says:

        I know because I am an actress/model and live part time in Hollywood. Although it is elite, it is still a small town, and every body knows everybody. It is just common knowledge here. I have a publicist and a manager and everybody just knows. It is very gossipy here, almost incestuous. If you know what I mean. The older execs do not want Johnny to do this with Amber because they are afraid he will lose his appeal to family audiences. His publicist Robin Baum has tried to talk sense into Johnny but he just wont listen. You guys get the picture I am sure. Peace, Jessie

  56. lulu says:

    very beautiful woman,off course he fell for her.
    We should all just drop scar jo of her position,she is way better,always was better.

  57. Agnetha says:

    He looks over the moon happy. She doesn’t look so happy. Whatever, this doesn’t change my opinion of him, I will still see the movies he is in that interest me. He has been in some great movies, whether by chance or choice. I doubt this relationship will last very long anyway.

    • Jade says:

      yeah he has been in a FEW good movies. whens hes not making a fool of himself :/ example dark shadows jack sparrow has a vampire. lone rAnger jack sparrow has a indian with a bird on its head

      • Agnetha says:

        Yeah, unless my husband or kid wants to see The Lone Ranger, I am taking a pass on that one in the theater. I am sure they will eventually play it over and over on one of the movie channels eventually. However, Edward Scissorhands will always be one of my favorites!

  58. TG says:

    Has Johnny completely lost it? He used to be so cool. Vanessa is lucky to be rid of him. From the photos it is obvious that Amber is in this relationship to get as much attention as possible. Look at her posing? She has zero interest in him. It is all about her. I could never date a guy who was bisexual. I guess Johnny is like the ladies who date Clooney. He actually thinks he is going to change her mind.

    • Miffy says:

      In her defense these photos are from when they weren’t supposed to be together, this was around about the time rumours of his split with VP were just circulating. She’s just doing a much better job than him of playing cool… which, given the fact that he’s the better actor between the two of them, makes me think that he’s drooling deliberately. Given the timing.. that’s pretty toolish, JD.

  59. Jade says:

    it isn’t she gay? this story is doubtful.If it true hopefully she can make him take a bath. and get some clothes without holes in them. Has for the pirates of the Caribbean movies comment noting wrong with the first 3. four sucked.

    As for the lone ranger ugh can you say trash? lol I can

  60. Simone says:

    I have no respect for Johnny Depp. He put himself in the category of every man who leaves his loyal woman for younger tail just because he’s going through a midife crisis. Amber Heard is an attention whore who poses for paparazzi proudly! Johnny Depp is supposed to be so private, but I guess midlife crisis is a powerful thing on a man’s ego. He’s trying to do what every rock star he worships does. He’s pathetic and his movies suck now.

  61. nina says:

    I was so in love with him circa ’90. But everytime he opened up his mouth and there was always a weird mixture of pretension and ignorance. He’s never been particularly clever, it’s more about him being hella pretty when he was younger more than anything, and maybe a lot of us just filled in the blanks ourselves for the rest of it.

  62. ronnie says:

    Heard is one of the most striking beauties going round in hollywood. Its like the old actresses that were unique and breathtaking. Compare her looks to Jen Lawrence or an Alba or even scarlett Johan. I mean i get it.

    Shes using him otherwise she wouldnt be pushing being official so much. Like who cares?

    ps anyone else think she suits brad if Supercouple ever break up?
    She will TOTALLY be with Bradd Pitt when Jolie dumps him and moves on to Ewan Mcgreggor. you heard it here first!

    • FINA says:

      Johnny made the comparison of her looking like one of the old days movie stars. She did look like that in TDR , but her acting was really poor.
      Take a look at her at one of her “documented” Shopping trips and you will see her looking very average. Come over this stupid remark he made,although it might be what he sees in her.

      For Pitt and Mcgregor: thumbs up!

  63. Ally8 says:

    They went to a concert together.

    I doubt she broke up with Marie de Villepin for this walking scarf collection.

    • NFL Fan says:

      I think Amber and Marie could still be seeing each other,she dropped out of sight last October and then showed up again right before NYE’s and they celebrated it together. She could easy show up again at anytime but this time they would be more discreet.

  64. Blenheim says:

    I see it as double bearding, he’s bearding for her sexuality, she’s bearing for his career (?)

    • NFL Fan says:

      I thinking she is bearding for him, I don’t think he is gay but I think maybe he is seeing another woman who he doesn’t want anyone to know about. He was seen kissing a mystery woman at a resturant amonth ago and it was confirmed that it wasn’t Amber.

  65. I love Johnny Depp’s work. He’s such an amazing (and amusing) actor.

    I was, however, so sad to hear his marriage had broken up a while back and that he’d taken up with a young starlet. His was one of the Hollywood marriages I admired for its longevity.

    Too bad.

  66. peaches mcdooby says:

    god another middle aged man that dumps his family for a role in the sack

    he’s a creep and she’s a homewrecker

    they deserve each other

    hope vanessa gets the island and a good settlement

    what an a hole

    • Miffy says:

      I read he’s named one of the beaches on that island after Amber Heard. I hope Vanessa Paradis wins it… and turns Amber Beach into a giant septic tank. Just a suggestion!

      • KD says:

        It’s so weird ’cause he named a beach after Vanessa too (and his children)! Why the hell would she want that? I know it’s a private island, but regifted from the mother of his children…

  67. Val5 says:

    Men are so predictable and pathetic when they get to middle age crisis … it’s not because you dropped your wife, the mother of your children for a young starlet who is half your age you will rejuvenate and time will stops flowing, silly!

  68. Eileen says:

    They are so hot together!! Paradis got him long enough! He’s the best actor out there and he needs a hot young thing!

  69. Mary Jane says:

    I am glad there is so much negativity towards Johnny and his new relationship. Hopefully now Johnny will just realise that his fans (or most of them) are just a pile of shi.t with hypocritical views who only liked him as long as he was goodlooking and playing the family man role, even if that meant faking happiness.

    Johnny liberate yourself from any obligations to these shi.ts and GO FOR IT!!!!!Not just for the love you feel for Amber or any other woman you may be with in the future, but also in terms of your career. This negativity has LIBERATED JOHNNY and I’m so glad for him.

    Good shi.ts don’t go and see his films. Oh wait, you didn’t anyway, even before the breakup with Vanessa. Johnny doesn’t need you fake hypocritical losers.

  70. mimi says:

    She could be his daughter.

    It just emphasizes how OLD he is and a bit pathetic.

    These men go on these mid-life crisis and look so pathetic.

    If I though Brad Pit was pathetic with his mid life crisis, well J Depp is really taking it to a new level: at least Angelina is closer to Brad’s age group.

    I don’t think whatshername is anyway interested in Depp. Perhpas interested in becoming famous, or hoping to get some work out of it.

    The guy seems so shallow and sad.
    He can’t act as an adult and deal with becoming an older man, and has to break up his family and leave the woman he claimed was the love of his life, so what is he worth really?

  71. binturong says:

    @ alfalfa:
    “oh please. have you seen vaness or even kate moss? they looked like drugged half starved preteens, at least his new sidepiece has curves and is actually hot for a change.”

    Haha, so true! I don’t understand the 1950’s mentality of some critics of Johnny and Amber. “Homewrecker”–really? sheesh, they’re adults, relationships go wrong, get stale, etc, etc. Both he and Vanessa are taking care of their kids, so why can’t he find a new lover? so she’s younger–imo a 20 yr old woman is equal emotionally to a 40 yr old man anyway ๐Ÿ™‚

    I’ve always thought Paradis was the kind of woman who used men to social climb: look at her relationships. She hit the top with johnny, but it looks like he got tired of her, and of domesticity. I don’t think that necessarily means he doesn’t love his children, at all, just that he may very well have found the mommydaddybaby scene stifling. Who wouldn’t?!

    I do wish he’d dress better, though…:)

  72. eljeran says:

    Bisexual=self indulgent. so she will screw anyone, including a married guy….ahhhhhh actresses are so classy. And Depp is a Hollywood royal so what do you think? she was on her back with her legs spread in faster than you can say Angelina Jolie. Dream come true. And he is in the throws of a midlife crisis. it seems that everytime some actor wants to cheat, they do it on the set of a movie that sucks really bad. Rum Diary was HORRIBLE!

  73. eljeran says:

    suspenders all hanging off, scarf hanging out of pocket, pocket chain, blue nail polish, rings and bracelets, an ascot and a scarf, a hat and glasses. GEEEEZ! If my hubs ever tried to walk out of the house with all those accessories I wouldn’t be seen with him. a drag queen doesn’t even swag that much.

  74. NO LONGER A FAN says:

    Johnny depp has been sticking it to Amber since 2009, she was only 22 0r 23 at the time. He is sick in the head! She could be his daughter, just creepy! I guess that was already mentioned but I had to vent!